Straps and Unmanned Flight


As the dragons grow, their needs will shift slightly; they won't be sleeping quite as much and the riders won't feel as inclined to sleep at the same time. Their growth is slowing somewhat, so oiling and washing might not be as frequent. Bonds are still being forged and strengthened - a necessary thing, now that they're going to start learning how to fly!


  • Continuing to strengthen the bonds between rider and dragon
  • Continuing to build bonds between fellow weyrlings
  • Assessing leather to determine usefulness
  • Creating a functional set of adjustable straps
  • Learning how to repair straps (and when a new set is necessary)
  • Putting on and removing straps
  • Unmanned gliding (under supervision)
  • Short unmanned flights (under supervision)
  • Long unmanned flights (under supervision)
  • Learning to identify wing strains and sprains
  • Getting fitted for riding leathers

General Care

  • Feeding - Meat will be provided, but weyrlings will be expected to cut the meat up for their lifemate to consume. Overfeeding and its effects will be treated as necessary.
  • Cleaning - Weyrlings will be expected to clean their areas, which includes (but is not limited to): making their beds, cleaning any messes left by their lifemate, and tending to the weyrling areas.
  • Oiling - Weyrlings are responsible for washing and oiling their lifemates as necessary. Their growth will be slowing at this point, but this will consume a fairly large part of a weyrling's day.
  • Sleeping - Riders are not as likely to feel the need to sleep when their lifemate does. The young dragons will be staying awake longer - which is both a good and bad thing!


  • Weyrlings are free to explore the Weyr, but should remain aware of their lifemate's limitations.
  • Weyrlings - both rider and dragon alike - will be encouraged to stretch and exercise when possible, in addition to morning exercises.
  • Generally speaking, the rough routine for weyrlings for the next several months will be:
    • Morning exercises and lessons until the midday meal.
    • Additional lessons until the evening meal.
    • Free time after the evening meal.
    • Curfew is before dark.
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