Bonding and Mind Exercises


The first weeks and months are among the most critical, when the bonds between riders and dragons are forged. The bonds between all weyrlings and dragons are also extremely important, so it's encouraged to use the initial sequestration period as a time to properly get to know the other riders and dragons in the weyrling group.


  • Exploring the limits of the bond and strengthening it
  • Learning how to tell when you're hungry/tired/itchy and when your lifemate is
  • Speaking to your lifemate
  • Young dragons speaking to other dragons
  • Caring for your dragon
  • Learning dragon anatomy
  • Learning how to administer a purge for thicktail (under supervision)

General Care

  • Feeding - Meat will be provided, but weyrlings will be expected to cut the meat up for their lifemate to consume. Overfeeding and its effects will be treated as necessary.
  • Cleaning - Weyrlings will be expected to clean their areas, which includes (but is not limited to): making their beds, cleaning any messes left by their lifemate, and tending to the weyrling areas.
  • Oiling - Weyrlings are responsible for washing and oiling their lifemates as necessary. They will be growing rapidly, so this will consume a fairly large part of a weyrling's day.
  • Sleeping - This will take up the rest of a weyrling's day. Weyrling dragons will sleep for a significant portion of the day - and riders are likely to find themselves doing the same.


  • Weyrlings are limited to the barracks and immediate environs. They are expected to stay close enough to the barracks that they can easily get back if their lifemate shows signs of exhaustion.
  • Meals for the weyrling riders will be brought to them for the first few weeks until the location restrictions are lifted.
  • Weyrlings - both rider and dragon alike - will be encouraged to stretch and exercise when possible.
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