Weyrling Rules

This is a very significant time of development for you and your character, worthy of your time and energy. Learning about your dragon and how you and s/he relate to each other is vital for weyr integration. Weyrfolk will be anxious to see you and your new dragon. They can't come into the barracks so the only way they have to greet you and oooo and aahhh over your lifemate is if you are out and about.

The Weyrlingmaster staff is here for you. We put in a lot of time for this, but we're doing it for nothing if you don't participate and enjoy it. Please let us know if you have any problems, concerns, hesitations, constructive criticisms or even compliments. You can always approach the WLM staff with anything. Nothing is too stupid or ridiculous to ask about.

Barracks Visitors

No visitors at the barracks at all. This is the only place you really have for privacy away from curious people. You may talk briefly to friends in the Living Cavern at mealtime, but you would be eager, ICly, to return to your dragon. Others may watch during training but they are not to interfere with training sessions. They may help with oiling or bathing your dragon. Who may visit in the barracks? Only someone with the word 'weyr' in his/her title, such at Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, etc. may enter the barracks.

Leaving the Weyr

You may not leave the weyr until late in your weyrling training. It will be after your dragon learns to fly. After your *between* class, you'll be able to roam farther. Wait for the Weyrlingmaster's permission. No Betweening until you have your lesson.

Sexual Relations

Sex is prohibited until after the mating flight lecture, the Weyrlingmaster will tell you when this restriction is lifted. This means that while close friendships and feelings aren't banned, there should be no consummation of romantic relationships.

The IC reason is that you are working on the developing bond with your dragon and they are not mature enough to handle the resultant emotions and sensations. They get rather excited about sharing the emotions and tend to broadcast them quite loudly within the Weyr.


There is to be no drinking alcohol during your weyrling training, period, until after the flight lecture has been completed. For those under 16 turns, alternative methods of coping with flight loss will be covered during the lecture as well. Outright drunkenness, however, is still frowned upon, and any drunken disturbances, flight or no, will be dealt with accordingly. When in doubt, remember: ICA = ICC!

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