Sample Search Application

NOTE: This application is merely for reference - all applications must be filled out on game by typing SEARCH ME. A second application and/or OOC interview may take place after a character has been Searched.

1. What is your current email address?

2. Please list the three letter knot alias of all areas to which your character belongs.
For instance, a minecrafter posted to Telgar Hold should enter 'MIC TEH' and a resident of Fort Weyr would put 'FOW'. If you do not belong to an area, please put 'NONE'.

3. What colors do you wish to Impress? Please rank the colors and be as detailed as possible about your preferences.

4. What is your character's sexual preference? Valid answers are Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual. This is only relevant if you are applying for a metallic dragon — metallic dragons will not Impress to homosexual characters.

5. Why have you chosen the color(s) above for your character? And if more than one, why in that particular order?

6. How much experience do you have with Pern games? How familiar are you with the setting? Do you currently have any rider alts? (You do not need to reveal names.) Please be aware that you can only have two metallic dragons at a time on Pernworld. If you're applying for a metallic, would this be your second?

7. Tell us a bit about your character. Is your +info/wikipage up to date? If not, please give us a brief summary of what they are doing currently. What are their goals? What sort of person are they?

8. What are your plans for your character should you not impress? What sort of goals do you have in mind if you do impress?

9. How stable is your internet access? Are you likely to lose it for a significant amount of time in the next year?

10. Is there anything you'd like to add?

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