The Dos & Don'ts

Thinking about applying to Ista for search? Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind!

The Do's

We can’t stress this enough. The entire point of candidacy is the RP, and if we don’t see that interest, it’s not going to make us interested in searching you. The best way to get our attention is to get out there, be active, and post the logs to the wiki. If you are unsure how to do this, ask any member of staff. Logs are the easiest and best way to show that you are active and interested in RPing.

Be Active!
Remember, this is a game, which means participating. While the OOC aspect can be fun, sitting in your room and chatting on the knot is not considered activity. If you are situated in an area other than Ista, feel free to be active there and log your RP before you are searched. Post them somewhere and put the link to your logs in your +sheet under notes.

Confirm With Your IC Leaders When Going For Search.
It's a nasty surprise to get up in the morning and find your apprentices scooped out from under your nose. It also makes for poor relations between areas, and can cause all sorts of OOC headaches for everyone. Even if your area doesn’t seem active, make sure to drop a note to the IC leader anyway, just to give them a heads-up and cover all the bases.

Give details in your search/candidate questionnaire.
Put thought into your application/candidate questionnaire, and be as detailed as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a new character or one that has been around for awhile. Your application is an excellent chance to let us know all about you and your character. Take advantage of it. Remember! Many times, applications are our first impression of your character; make it a good one!

Submit Plot Ideas To SearchCo/Weyrstaff.
You don’t need to be on staff to think up unique and creative ways to get people together for some RP fun. It can be as simple as a rumor that gives people something to talk about when they’re sipping their morning klah, or as complex as a multi-stage plot involving days or weeks of RP leading to a conclusion. Remember: the Number One thing Co looks for is stirring up RP.

Talk To Us If Issues Arise
If there is a problem, be it with a SearchCo member, another candidate, a Weyr resident, anything. We cannot deal with things if we don't know about them, and sadly, none of us are psychic.

Ask Why, If You Weren’t Searched
There is a reason. The only way you’ll find out is if you page a member of SCo and ask. Don’t be afraid to do it, we don’t bite. There are many reasons why we might choose not to search or Impress someone, most of which are listed here under the 'Don't' section.

If you aren’t searched, or if you don’t impress, we encourage you to stick around and try again next cycle. If you’re upset, take a few days to calm down and consider this option before leaving the area, dropping the character, or quitting the game. We all do things we later regret when we’re not so upset anymore, but if you still feel like leaving after you’ve had time to think with a clear head, no one is going to hold it against you. Do what’s right for you.

The Dont's

Don't Brown-nose
This will often weigh upon whether you are searched or impress. There is no real polite way to put this. We, as members of SCo, are not impressed when someone goes out of their way to try to randomly get our attention either OOCly or ICly. Brown-nosing is a huge turn off, and will count against you. Saying hello on the knot to everyone and joining in the fun is one thing, but we know when we’re being catered to.

Don't Randomly Page SearchCo Or Weyrstaff
This is another of those deciding factors. There is absolutely no need for you to go out of your way to personally page us with a hello, inquiries on our well-being, or otherwise trying to make sure that we see you online. More often than not, we’re probably busy preparing for the cycle, discussing SCo related topics, or building dragons. There is a lot to do in a very short span of time. No need to fret, we are watching you. We do notice how often you connect and get out and about, your level of active RP, and even how well you mesh with others on the knot OOCly. If you do have a question about the game, the theme, or anything not covered in the search FAQ, we encourage you to contact any member of the weyrstaff. That’s what we’re here for.

Don't Go Hunting For Searchriders
They will come to you. Sometimes, a rider will specifically reserve someone they want to search, and this could be the reason why you’ve sat around and not been searched yet, despite other riders being out and about. Inserting yourself into the search of another candidate will not mean you will be searched as well. Just because someone else was searched right in front of you, and you were not, does not mean that you won’t be searched by someone else. If you are to be searched, it will happen at some point. Just make sure to be in a public setting and make sure you are not set unfindable. Not everyone is a searchrider, and poking every online rider to find one could be construed as harassment. Just be patient, and have fun RPing.

Don't Constantly Ask About The Status Of Your Application
The information you’ve written shows up to us the second that you answer the question. If you're worried about how to best answer, feel free to copy and paste the questions to a word document and flesh them out before submitting.

Don't Only Write What You Think We’re Looking For
We’re looking for honesty, first and foremost. Filling your application in with a bunch of stuff you think we want to hear is not going to guarantee that we search or impress you.

Don't Apply For Metallic If Your Only Goal Is To Be A Ranked Rider
Wanting the highest positions of IC power in the Weyr is fine and can absolutely be one of your character’s IC goals. But it shouldn’t be the only one. We’re a co-op of players working together as a group, so the old-school concept of Sr. Weyrwoman and Weyrleader having absolute control over every aspect of the IC and OOC isn’t how Ista works. If OOC staff is your aim, you don’t even have to ride a dragon at all to contribute to the weyr. The only IC positions that require metallic are Senior/Junior Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. Chromatic riders can, and oftentimes do, hold every other ranking position in the weyr. And there any number of non-rider ranked positions available to those who are willing to be active and involved.

Don't Set Your @doing/Desc/+sheet/+info/pose Saying How Much You’d /LOVE/ To Be Searched/Impress
If it’s your character’s lifelong dream, keep it subtle. Overwhelming enthusiasm oftentimes makes SCos wary, and makes you look desperate. We realize that you are excited - we’re excited too. Not just for search to start, but to get out there and RP with our potential candidates and riders.

Don't Ask About Anyone Else’s Application, Chances Of Impression, Or Anything Else Confidential To SearchCo
Asking for secret and confidential information, or anything really that might potentially give you a leg up on the competition will do nothing but harm your chances of being searched or impressing. It makes YOU look bad.

Don't Set Yourself Unfindable Or Spend All Your Time In Private Rooms/Cots
We won’t be able to ICly find you, and would make it impossible for a dragon to get to you. The best place to get searched is a public room. Outside, in the open somewhere a dragon might wander by and find you. Just go about your character’s day as normal, there is no need to sit and be idle. Whether you are in another area or settled at Ista already, we’ll find you when the time comes. Just remember to log in and be patient. Remember, we ICly can't get to you, we can't search you!

Don't Disparage Other Candidates/Players OOCly
Not everyone gets along OOCly, and sometimes we all need to rant, but there's a difference between being annoyed for something someone does and attempting to smear their name to up your chances. Those who obsess over such things generally don't have much fun during candidacy, and they ruin the game for everyone. Yes, there are limited search/impression slots, but competitiveness is a definite turn-off to SCo, and something we strongly avoid in potential candidates/riders at Ista. If you have an issue with someone, by all means, let us know so that we can work towards resolving it. But this is a co-operative game, and if you aren't willing to at least make the effort, we aren't inclined to search or impress you.

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