Search FAQ

Who are the parents of this clutch?
The next clutch at Ista will occur between January 3-17 in 2015. Clutchparents TBA!

Do I have to live at Ista Weyr to be Searched?
Nope, most definitely not. By all means stop, by the weyr to visit and say hello once or twice, but living here is not a requirement. We'll come to you - after all, we're much more portable.

How many PC Impressions will there be?
There will be no more than 6 weyrlings out of any clutch. There may be less, but the absolute current maximum is 6 (this may be subject to change depending on whether a random hatching occurs, but for now, as far as we know, the maximum is still six).

Will everyone who applies be Searched?
Not everyone who applies will necessarily be Searched. If you have already been Searched to another weyr and choose to apply, then your candidacy will be transferred. All other applications will be discussed and a consensus decision reached.

Will you tell me if I am not going to be Searched?
It may seem rather harsh, but no. The reason for this is that it prevents the scenario of, "Well, X and Y got a note saying they weren't being searched. I didn't get a note, so I will be searched. YAY!" If you are not Searched, please do @mail the SearchCo to ask why - we're not at all scary!

Do I have to spend a lot of time online to get Searched?
No, we're not asking you to drop everything in your life and exist only at Ista weyr. However, keep in mind that if you only connect for 5 minutes in the middle of the night on a Sunday, there's not a very good chance that the search people will get a chance to see you and get a feel for you. We do have people online at all hours of the day and night, so don’t worry if you're in a different timezone, we should be able to find you.

I'd like to be Searched, but I don't want to Impress. Do you allow 'stand only' applications?
Most definitely! You still need to fill out an application, but be sure and note in the color section that you wish to be Stand Only.

What do you look for in candidates?
This is a sticky question. We look for a lot of things, both IC and OOC.

We look for the ability to RP, to be able to listen and work with others to create scenes everyone can enjoy, and to communicate effectively. Within that, we look for staying IC in an IC area, not always being the center of attention, not picking OOC fights because of IC occurrences, and the general ability to remain civil OOCly. For metallic applicants, especially, we look for the ability to get along with, and work with, the current Weyr staff. We look for a strong sense of the world of Pern (both book and game canon), a good sense of character background, and players who are interested in helping others and the Weyr. We want people who are willing to give back to the Weyr and the MUSH as a whole, not just a notch on their computer monitor for collecting another rider. We realize you want to be a rider, that's why you're applying, but we also would like to know that you're interested in the game as a whole.

The most important thing is to be on when you can and play your character. There's no need to live online (certainly, if anything that is a detriment), but getting to know you OOCly and ICly is important.

Do I have to know someone at the Weyr IC or OOC to impress?
No, we will be basing our decision on your application, RP logs, and anything else we can see of you while online. We try very hard not to let offline and off-MUSH perceptions color things, and anyone closely connected to an applicant OOCly is asked to abstain from voting on that person.

I'm not very good at typing. Is this bad?
Typos happen to everyone, but there's a line between casual typos and utter disregard of the English language. While we won't get out the red pen and give you a quiz online, it makes a big difference in how you communicate and the way people perceive you. (If English is not your native language or you have a disability that affects your typing prowess, you may wish to mention this on the search application.)

I can't code, is this a problem?
RP ranks much higher in the scheme of things than code does. While code is fun in its own way, it's not what the heart and soul of the MUSH is based on. We're looking for people to RP, not hide in an OOC room and pop out numerous code bits. If you need to know some code (for example, setting up your dragon), we'll be happy to show you.

How old should I be as a candidate?
A female character who is between 14 & 30 turns or a male character who is between 12 & 25 turns old can apply. Any younger and then your dragon (if you should impress) is mature long before you are, and older Pernese tend to be already too involved in their lives (crafts, jobs, families) to make such a dramatic change.

I'm an apprentice, is that a problem?
No, it is fine, as long as you get permission from your craftmaster (if you have one) and/or area leader where you are posted. We don’t mind if they don’t mind.

It's okay that I'm engaged, right?
Unfortunately, no. Candidates may not be engaged or married, nor may female candidates be pregnant. Candidacy and weyrlinghood are both quite physically demanding and could be dangerous for someone expecting. If you Impress, weyrlinghood occupies all of your time and effort, making relationships very difficult. Either put the relationship on hold, or don’t apply for Search.

Will everyone who gets Searched Impress?
Not everyone who gets Searched will Impress. Even in the books, there is the anticipation and uncertainty of Search, walking out onto the Sands and hoping and wondering. The best way for the MUSH to mimic this is to not tell the Impressees who they are to be before that critical moment of a hatchling speaking to you.

Will there be a PC gold in this clutch? How about bronze?
There is always a possibility of a gold and bronzes from a leadership flight or any gold flight sired by a bronze. However, depending on interest and number of applicants, it remains to be seen if there will be a gold or how many bronzes (if any) we will have.

Will there be funky colors in this clutch? How about women riding bronze?
No, there will only be the traditional colors of green, blue, brown, bronze, and possibly gold in the clutch. No sport dragons, no white, no red, no purple. Women may ride any color except bronze, and men may ride any color except gold.

I didn’t Impress, does this mean I will never have a dragon?
Definitely not! Every Weyr is different and even within a Weyr, every Search committee is different. Not only that, but from one clutch to the next, your character and his or her experiences and perceptions have changed.

Once I'm a candidate, I have to do what anyone else says, right?
No. Candidates are only subject to direct orders from the Weyrleadership, Assistant Weyrlingmasters, and Headwoman unless someone else is given specific control for a lesson or chore. This applies both ICly and OOCly. If you feel someone is mistreating you in either context, but especially OOCly, feel free to contact staff or SearchCo about it. ICly, candidates are about equal to apprentice crafters in rank.

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