Candidate Chores

Ista Weyr has a chores command - a little extra RP fodder for its hard-working candidates. The chore groups, and type of chores, change each day, putting candidates with different people and widening the potential pool of characters one might run into in the course of RP.

Chores occur only during the first half of the day. The afternoons are set aside for craft work, or other lessons, and the evenings are generally left as free time. Candidates also do not have chores on their first day after accepting the white knot.

+chores - displays the choreboard.
+chore <chorename> - displays the description associated with that chore.

Note that chores are OOCly optional, and can be avoided by setting RP in the late afternoons/evenings, but that ICly candidates would have done them earlier that day. Descriptions are provided to give an idea of just what the they have been doing.

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