Candidacy at Ista Weyr

Here at Ista, we're pretty relaxed about candidacy - but that doesn't mean that there aren't rules, let alone chores! All candidates will be required to do chores from the day after they are searched. For the most part, chores are done in the morning hours (unless otherwise specified, such as Dinner Duty) with part of the afternoon dedicated to discussions/lessons on life at a weyr, duties of riders and residents, harper lessons, craft lessons* etc. It is the domain of the Weyrlingmaster and the Headwoman, and their staffs, to manage and assign the duties and lessons for the candidates ICly, and of Searchco OOCly. A candidate's rank is equivalent to that of a craft apprentice, and while they are expected to show respect and complete chores, they are not drudges and therefore cannot be ordered to do work outside their assigned duties, unless by the Headwoman or Weyrlingmasters, or in rare cases, the Weyrleaders.

*Those candidates that are crafters are allowed to continue lessons in the afternoon block or their free time. Obviously, the times for the lessons will be curtailed and the candidates' duty is foremost to the weyr, but we do not wish to hold a candidate too far behind in their studies.

The candidate knot is threaded orange and black, to signify Ista Weyr, on a cord of white, to signify the rank of candidate. This should be worn at all times, unless bathing or swimming.

1. No leaving the weyr without a rider escort (can be NPC, and not at all once nearing the hatching date).
2. No sex. There are no exceptions to this rule.
3. No alcohol. Drunk candidates will not be allowed to stand, and breaking this rule is grounds for removal from candidacy.
4. No physical fighting, with no exceptions.

1. Don't set yourself unfindable - we need to be able to find you!
2. No TS as a candidate - obviously, since sex is not ICly allowed.
3. In all that you do remember ICA=ICC, if are unsure of the consequences of an action please ask.
4. All TPs and pranks must be approved by the searchco/weyrleadership.
5. Have fun! Oh, and try the peach cobbler. It's good. Reaaal good.

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