Gender Female
Current Home Ista Weyr
Place of Birth Wilds of Southern/Sea Cliffs Hold
Occupation Weaver Apprentice
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Dragon N/A
Played By Anna Sophia Robb

Zilisa is considered a woman of average height, with a slender body that's made of more straight lines than curvy. She looks young, about late teens, with fair blonde hair that falls to her waist when untethered, but often it is kept up in a stylish chignon or artful braid. Her skin is pale and smooth, the complexion of one both youthful and unused to spending long hours in the sun. Lucid green eyes, of an almond shape, are fringed with pale, dainty lashes, and her eyebrows are softly rounded, following the rise and tilt of her eye shape. A short nose sits above pouty pink lips and a pointed chin, all set within a pleasantly oval face, high of cheekbone and rosy of cheek.


Sea Cliff Hold is a minor Hold along the coastline of Ista Island. It is a beautiful sea holding, full of colorful people and vibrant traditions. This is the place that Zilisa calls home. Journeyman Healer Creshia is her mother, the sister of Sea Cliff's Holder, an aging man named Haider. Her father is another Journeyman Healer of no Blood and background. They married shortly after they walked the tables as Journeymen, having met at the Hall and engaged in a love affair. Creshia's family had considered her apprenticing a dailliance, something that would be overcome by time, but her willingness to marry an inconsequential nobody made her the black sheep of the family. Truth be told, the pair didn't mind, and were happily posted in the wilds of the Southern Continent.

It was only after Zilisa was born that her mother questioned her lifestyle - raising a baby with no family and little means, in the jungles of the South wasn't the ideal scenario. They made a decision, though it took some convincing of Lozeon, to foster their daughter to Haider at Sea Cliff Hold. She would enjoy a rich life, full of family and the luxuries they could provide. Haider and his wife Brona were happy to hear the news, they could also add another addition to their fold. Loyalty to one's family was as important to Haider as breathing was.

Turns went by and Zilisa knew nothing more than the comfort her family provided. She loved her uncle and aunt as a daughter would love her parents, and her cousins as she would love her siblings. Rarely did she see her parents, who were always traveling to some new place or another. It bothered her some - she was a child, and she did desire to see her mother and father - but she knew she was lucky to have the affections of her extended family. They saw to it that she was educated, trained in appropriate manners and etiquette, and always dressed in the latest fashions. It was a privileged lifestyle, one she grew, over time, to take for granted and feel entitled of.

Talk of betrothal started when she was young, around the age of twelve. It reached her ears the way most things do when you're an adolescent: from eavesdropping. She was instantly aghast and felt betrayed. Her cousins assured her it was okay, it would be fine, it was "normal". Zilisa couldn't shake the feeling that she didn't want to be shackled to some old man when she was still young and free! That was about the time she started dreaming about escape. How could she get away, escape matrimony, but still be able to live a good life?

The idea came to her one evening when the posted weaver was fitting her for a new day dress. Why, she loved fashion and design! She could become a crafter, a weaver even! It was such a glorious idea, she almost the weaver! Telling her uncle of her plans, however, was another matter. He didn't want to hear it - it was some little girl's fancy, and she would come to see the light soon. But after months of pleas and threats to run away, he caved and gave his permission. To Haider, it was still a flight of fancy, and maybe hours of toiling away at the loom and patching rags would better groom her to be the future wife of some worthy holder.

At thirteen, Zilisa became a Weavercraft apprentice, taking up official residence at the Hall near Southern Boll. She spent a tiresome five years there, hardly ever seeing her family, until she was promoted to Senior and posted to Ista Weyr. Zilisa has some suspicions that her uncle had a hand in the posting - being so near to home - but she's happy enough with the assignment. Even if weyrlife is less than desireable. Even if weyrfolk don't quite get the notion of fanciful hats.


Name Relation Location Position
Haider Uncle Sea Cliff Hold Holder
Creshia Mother Southern Journeyman Healer
Lozeon Father Southern Journeyman Healer
Brona Aunt Sea Cliff Hold Holder
Doisle Cousin Sea Cliff Hold Holder
Arwinne Cousin Sea Cliff Hold Holder
Kontar Cousin Sea Cliff Hold Holder




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