Gender Female
Current Home Ista Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Occupation Assistant Headwoman
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue

Blonde hair that lacks body frames Mia's slender face and softens her pointed nose. Her hair is cut short to fall just to her shoulders in a loose tousle and has side-swept bangs to match. Standing at just above five feet seven inches, her lean body is dressed in flattering, if non-descript clothing, but it's her excess of confidence that is conveyed in her posture, the saucy, upward tilt of her chin, and the spark in her deep blue eyes that is attention catching.


Born and raised at Ista Weyr to lower caverns workers, Miarene became an assistant to the Headwoman at twenty turns, where she's known for her strong work ethic as well as her even stronger sense of play. Work hard, play harder seems to be her life motto. She has a younger brother who went off to apprentice to the tech craft and sends her random little beta testing doohickeys to play with on occasion.


Name Relation Location Position
Renevaren father Ista Weyr Handyman
Amaremia mother Ista Weyr Recordskeeper
Varmaren little brother Tech Craft Apprentice




Title OOC Date Cast
In the Living Cavern January 12, 2015 N'talya, Miarene, Gerazal
Fried Foods and Acrobats January 15, 2015 Wakua, Makoto, Miarene, Stephane
Objectified January 20, 2015 Miarene, Stephane
Choices To Make January 22, 2015 B'haal, Makoto, Miarene, Stephane
Eulweth x Suldith Hatching February 14, 2015 Angharad, E'on, E'shik, Kaylis, Miarene, S'an, Zilisa, Zi'on
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