Gender Female
Current Home Ista Weyr
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Occupation Weaver
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Green
Played By Ali Tate Cutler

Although she may not be the pale and slender picture of beauty, Maehri's dark hair, green eyes, and unapologetic curves can be just as appealing to those that prefer zaftig to lissome. At a little more than five and a half feet tall, somewhere in the neighborhood of seventeen or eighteen Turns old, her figure has eschewed slimness in favor of softness - not chubby, but definitely not skinny, either. Although she seems to have her woman's figure already, there are still traces of winsome youth in her features: the wideness of green eyes touched with only a trace of blue, the softness of her jawline and cheekbones, and the slight overbite that makes her smile seem brighter - highlighted by faint dimples in her cheeks. To compliment her dark hair, her complexion is medium rather than fair.

Although vibrant in color - rich aquamarine fading to softer sky blue - the soft cut of Maehri's summer-dress keeps it from being too elaborate for everyday wear. A straight bustline with thin straps is partially obscured by a sheer, elbow-length jacket of cream-colored lace, further softening the bright blue of the dress. Its A-shape flatters a fuller figure, and it drops to calf-length in a soft fall of light, airy cotton that starts in bright blue-green and gradually washes into a pale blue at the hem, paired with simple cream-colored leather shoes that match her jacket. She wears her dark hair pulled back from her face by a pair of simple barrettes, the loose curls falling down around her shoulders.


Born to dragonriders, a creche-child from High Reaches Weyr, Maehri spent her formative years in the snowy north, raised primarily by the Weyr's nannies and with no complaints on her part. Her mother was a barely-out-of-weyrlinghood brownrider when she was born, and her father was a significantly older greenrider from Telgar Weyr; their coupling was a chance, one-off occasion, and - while they weren't heartless people - neither of them had any particular interest in raising children. Despite how she came into the world - or perhaps specifically because of it - Mae had what she would call a happy childhood that saw her come of age to apprentice to the Weaver Craft at the age of thirteen.

At the Crafthall, Maehri blossomed from a fun-loving child to a free-spirited young woman, turning her eye for fashion into a clever career as an apprentice tailor. She walked the tables just after her 17th Turnday, some say a little hastily given her youth (and some say the reason for that haste is an affair with a Master whose wife would not appreciate his transgressions), and she was given a posting to Ista Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Zesara Mother High Reaches Weyr Brownrider
G'varn Father Telgar Weyr Greenrider




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