E 'on


E'on (Evegilson)
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Gender Male
Current Home Ista Weyr
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Hair Light Blonde
Eyes Light Blue
Dragon Izyamth

E'on is a tall man, standing at nearly six and a half feet (if you include his hair, of course). He's thin, with a bit of muscle and broad shoulders. His hair is a very pale blonde and is cut in a short mohawk style, with the sides shaved down and just a spikey mess on the top. His eyes are a pale blue, and he's almost always caught smiling except for those rare serious moments.

E'on generally wears loose clothing made of good material. One almost gets the feeling that maybe he was teased growing up for being too thin or too heavy and uses his clothing to shield himself from torment. Of course, if you as him he'll simply claim it's much more comfortable. He's also seen carrying a leather-bound notebook most of the time on the ground.

E'von's knot indicates he's rider to blue Izyamth.


Evegilson grew up as a typical weyrbrat. The son of the greenrider Evegale and the brownrider W'son, Evegilson was the result of a flight and not of a planned event. In fact, W'son didn't even live in Benden at the time, he just happened to be visiting during the flight. Why Evegale decided to keep that particular baby and not the other ones isn't known for sure, but it's likely she didn't care for some of the male dragonriders that were around and didn't want one claiming paternity over her child.

Evegilson spent most of his childhood years in and out of foster families, until he was old enough to be of some use to the weyr and moved off into the resident dorms. He still saw his mother on a regular basis, but wouldn't see his father regularly until W'son moved to Benden when Evegilson was just about to turn ten. Evegale had encouraged an education for Evegilson; she had recognized his aptitude for reading and writing soon after he'd learned how. But the greenrider never had the proper time to invest in developing his skills, and it wasn't until his father finally moved that he was introduced to the right people. W'son managed to land the boy a job working with the weyr's archivists. He started out as an errand boy, but it wasn't long before he began to take on more serious work like organizing, filing and restoring the records kept.

When Evegilson's mother made the transfer to High Reaches Weyr when he was sixteen, the teen thought it would be a good opportunity to get a look at another weyr's records and learn its history. Once he was sure he could secure a job, he followed his mother off. Even though Evegale did not end up staying at High Reaches very long, the teen lingered behind.

It was at High Reaches where Evegilson was searched. During the cycle he impressed blue Izyamth, becoming E'on.


Name Relation Location Position
Angharad Weyrmate Ista Weyr Jr Weyrwoman
Aevagalia Daughter Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Valeryn Son Ista Weyr Weyrbrat



Blue Izyamth

Midnight cloaks this dragon, leaving him wrapped in that darkest shade of blue from his broadened muzzle to follow along his back, caressing each neckridge and hollow to the final sharp angles of his tail spade in a color just above ebony. He is somewhat stocky, and rather thick in build with a wide broad head, that seems oddly foreshortened and balanced on a thick, fighter's neck. His stance is somewhat bowlegged, his legs stolid and heavy and he balances easily, only using the thickly curved portions of his talons for a bit more grace in walking. His wings are that same deep blue, only the color more revealed in the membranous wingsails, and starred across the surface in reflection of pale white that seems to float, eventually even above the thicklines of his wingspars that are in slightly brighter hues. The underside of his body, is that same deep color, although fractured here and there with what seems to be an impossibly deeper shade, although it brings his upper half into a curiously brighter dark relief.


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