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Gender Female
Current Home Ista Weyr
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Occupation Junior Weyrwoman
Hair Brown
Eyes Golden Hazel
Dragon Eulweth

A thick plait of medium brown hair falls past her shoulder blades, only an occasional wisp escaping as its confines to curl around her face, defined by an unexpectantly strong jawline. Her Hazel eyes, thin eyebrows and full lips do little to counteract that or her sharp nose, while her great height certainly is no feminine advantage either. Her build, however, is nothing out of the ordinary - curves where curves should be, while toned muscle gives her a lean form.

Her leathers are rather unremarkable in appearance, though careful examination will note the attention to detail in the piping, the stitching, and the trim that lines them to fight against the chill of *between*.


Angharad's life was rather unremarkable, the daughter of a Kitchen Worker and a Healer posted to High Reaches Weyr. The youngest of three, with two older brothers, she was often found participating in the less dainty of activities - preferring to be out on the runners, running through meadows, and generally causing havoc. However, in time, Angharad reached the age at which she was expected to become a viable member of the Weyr, and after trying this and that, her attention turned to the job as an infirmary aid, where worked side by side with her father for some time.

Shortly before her seventeenth turn day, Angharad was asked to Stand by Nu'ar and his brown, and after a bit of worrying, she agreed. Luck was with her, for the girls huddled around the gold egg, and when it hatched the bright yellow dragonet made her way to Angharad, making her the newest Junior Weyrwoman to gold Eulweth. Somehow, she made it through the trials of weyrlinghood, along side of her blue riding "boyfriend", and became a full rider.

Things were well, for a while, shortly after finishing training, Angharad found herself pregnant, and eventually had a daughter - Aevagalia. However, things were not meant to be, for it was a fluke accident that sent Eulweth south to Ierne to heal under the watchful eye of the Dragonhealers, and Angharad, her weyrmate, and her daughter are left to adjust as they hope she'll regain full use of her wings.


Name Relation Location Position
E'on Weyrmate Ista Weyr Wingrider
Aevagalia Daughter Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Valeryn Son Ista Weyr Weyrbrat


Gold Aerin

Bronze Tor


Gold Eulweth


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