Pretty Boys Wear Pretty Things (Underwear)

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands Patio
This is the patio for the Sable Sands Nightclub and Bar, what would on a regular weyr be the dragon's ledge. The ledge's surface here, however, has been filled and leveled, leaving a smooth floor upon which are set a number of small, round wooden tables and high-back chairs, all painted a glossy black. The tables are arranged to take advantage of the view, looking out over the broad plateau to the ocean beyond, a perfect frame for sunsets on a clear evening.
Small speakers set deep into the corners of the ledge's overhang relay an assortment of quiet tunes from inside, either recordings or live entertainment as the day offers. The entrance to the weyr proper has been walled off, and a wide set of double doors have been built into the wall. Mounted above the doors is a electric-lit gas sign, the blue letters spelling out the club's name: Sable Sands.

The early afternoons are usually a good time for Aisling, just before nap time, usually a good drink in hand (or table) and knitting to get comfortable. Yes, the weaver greenie is relaxing out on the patio of The Sands and knitting another baby blanket for her oldest brother and his next child on the way, though who can tell the gender with that yellow and purple pattern.

If Ashiira is supposed to be doing some sort of chore..well. He's likely skipping out. And who wouldn't, when he's been stuck with giving /tours/ yet again? Thankfully, he did manage to find another candidate willing enough to take his place. He moves though up the steps and onto the patio of the Sands, eyes searching.. The fact that they fall on Aisling and completely light up should really be attributed to mere coincidence, since his expression falls almost immediately. But then the candidate is shuffling, heading on over to the greenrider with averted eyes. "Um.. Hi there ma'am—er.. Aisling. Do you… Well. Do you have a minute?"

Aisling didn't notice Ashiira's initial recognization of her, so all she sees of him is that he's looking somewhat, nervous? She arches a brow at him then and sets her knitting down in her lap. "Sure Ashiira. What's going on?" She asks, leaning on the table and looking up at him. She doesn't really have that comforting sort of face on, but she does give him her undivided attention. "Want to sit down?"

Ashiira does look rather..relieved when he's asked to sit. He turns though, expression faltering out of it's somewhat dour look before falling right back into place as his bottom hits a chair. "Yeah..thanks." He clears his throat though, most definitely not making eye contact with the rider. "I kinda..wanna ask you something. And, I mean.. you're a rider. So it's not like it's probably..too weird to you." Because, of course, riders are all sorts of /weirdos/.

Aisling looks somewhat curious now. "Oh? You'd be surprised what I find weird." She warns, but when he's looking all kinda embarassed and stuff, how can she turn him away? He may be one of her weyrlings in the future, so it wouldn't do to alienate him or anything. Especially with such a pretty face like that too… "But, go ahead, I doubt you can really surprise me all that much." Dragonriders /are/ pretty weird after all.

"And you can't laugh!" Ashiira huffs that out a bit, tossing a look at Aisling. No laughing at the poor boy! Though after a moment, he clears his throat, and just looks straight ahead as he speaks. "I keep thinking about it and I..would really like to try Um. Womens. Things. You know..underthings." Oh yes, he's fighting hard not to break down. ..Break down laughing? Break down crying?

Aisling promises not to laugh, but when he admitts to what he's wanting to do… The greenrider has to cover her mouth and not say anything for a little bit. Though, that's a definate flush to her cheeks popping up. Oh she's trying not to laugh, but it might not work. After a long moment, she takes a deep breath and manages to contain herself with a broad grin. "Do you now? And you came to me with this, request? I can honestly say, this is the first time any man has ever told me that they ant to wear women's underwear." She thankfully keeps her voice down, who knows the stories that could be passed around if anyone heard. The girly boy really /does/ wear girly underwear!

Ashiira does in fact look..severely embarrassed. A hand even comes up over his face, staying there as he tries to fight down the flush in his own face. "Yeah you /have/. Geez, what was I supposed to do, huh? I're a girl. You have that sorta stuff..right? I can't just go ask my /sisters/."

Aisling allows one of her brows to arch as she nods her head slightly. "Very true on the sisters thing, they would just blab it to everyone." She says, getting a serious consideration look on her face. "So I'm going to assume that you want to try on /my/ things." She looks him over and then galnces down at herself. "Well the panties might fit you, but that's about all I have in the department of undergarments." She says, giving him a look, like he'd better not say anything about that.

"No complaints." Ashiira is, if anything, fairly honest. Hey, if there are no other..underthings, he's not going to complain at all. In fact, he'll likely stare a bit. He does fidget though, looking positively mortified for a moment. "..Well yes. That's..that's the idea."

Aisling grins slightly, and then at his moment of mortification she tilts her head to the side. "If you don't really want to, I'm not going to force you into it or anything. It /is/ a little weird. Especially with you already looking so, fair." She says with a twitch of her lips.

Ashiira eyes Aisling for the mention of his looks, lips thinning into a line. "I just wanna make sure you don't go /telling/ anyone." Because then there would /really/ be embarrassment. So much of it. "You won't tell, will you? I /do/ want to!"

Aisling smiles a full, pretty smile; looking truely innocently pleased. "I promise not to tell anyone you asked to try on my underwear, if you promise not to later on tell people that I am the one who gave you the underwear to try on, should it some how get out that you tried on womens' underthings." She says holding out her hand for him to shake.

Ashiira just looks at the hand for a moment. Yes, he looks at it. There's even a faint…little tiny frown to go with it. But after a moment, he reaches out, clearing his throat a bit, and shakes the offered hand slightly, nodding. "Right! Yeah, I won't tell." Hopefully, anyway.

Aisling grins and shakes his hand back before gathering her things. "Good then. I'm glad I'm out in the forest and not around in the bowl, it would look weird, me wisking you off to my weyr." She says, Tejath landing not to far from the patio in the bowl. "Tejath says she's glad it's the pretty one that wants to come over." Ais gives him a sly look. "Though you're not as pretty as she is."

Ashiira groans just a little bit, lips twisting into a slightly pouting frown. "Alright already! Enough with the whole pretty thing." He can't help the way he looks, after all. But he does rub the back of his neck, getting up from his seat. "Really. /Really/. Thanks for this..and all."

Aisling makes a face of mock innocence. "I was just relaying a message. No problem, really." She says, slinging her bag over her shoulder as she leads the way over to her lifemate. The trip is short and sweet as is the leading into the weyr. The pair of them live on a large enough ledge, much larger than the one they'd started in. "Alright, come on over here." She says, waving him over to the bed area and to the trunk at the foot of it. She pulls out a pair of underwear and hands it to him. They're purple, and look like they hug close to her hips. "Ok, these should fit… though honestly, I'm not sure. I've never been good with the delicate side of weaver craft." She admits. "Just, stay behind the curtain." She says, pulling the curtain across the area so he's hidden, and leaving him there.

Ashiira does continue to look completely embarrassed, although intrigued. He tilts his head and as those underwear come into view. "Nice…er.. Nice..and comfortable looking." Of course that's what he meant. He clears his throat though as they're handed over, and he ends up behind a curtain. Giving a faint groan, he does move around a bit behind the protective screen, and when he tugs it back there's a distinct /lack/ of purple underwear in sight. "They..they fit good." Though he'll likely never return to his natural color. There's no recovering from a blush that red.

Aisling just grins as she goes to lounge on her sofa after tossing her jacket over a chair. When he emmerges and looks so completely mortified as he admitts to them fitting well, she can only shake her head. "Keep them then. If they're comfortable. Though don't expect me to give you any more or anything. I just, can't see myself wearing them again, now that you've tried them on." She stands up then and tosses her curls over her shoulder and just shakes her head.

Ashiira opens his mouth a little bit. "Hey, it's not like I'm dirty or something." Well. Maybe not physically. Still, the candidate clears his throat a bit, nodding. "Well…erm..thanks. Thanks a lot." Is he backing up? Yes, feet take him back..and back again. And then he bolts, quite hurriedly heading off. Of course, it's likely he gets a small lift down by a rather kind dragon. But he flees all the same.

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