We encourage everyone at the weyr to post their logs here!

Logs provide interested players a chance to see what RP at the weyr is like, and provide a way for current characters to reference things that happened previously. RP is your character's history, and the logs you create are like an active journal!

Please label any logs that are above a PG-13 rating with a WARNING label. Anything containing adult language, violence, or sexual content should be labelled appropriately. Otherwise it is assumed the content is PG-13 appropriate.

If you would like to add a new log, use the box to the left and be sure to follow all of the instructions on How to Add a Log.

Title OOC Date Cast
B Is For... Beard? February 12, 2015 Kaylis, S'an
Eulweth x Suldith Hatching February 14, 2015 Angharad, E'on, E'shik, Kaylis, Miarene, S'an, Zilisa, Zi'on
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