No Trouble

Ista Weyr - Records Room
Naturally rounded, this cavern extends deep into the volcano within which the weyr has been built. Bookshelves line the walls, right up to the high domed ceiling, spectacular in size and breadth, although it is nowhere near as large as either the living caverns or the hatching grounds, not to mention the weyrling barracks. Down either side of the room, runners have been put in place so that tall, wooden ladders can be rolled along, providing access to the higher shelves. Occupying the center of this chamber is a huge, wide oak table - large enough to accommodate meetings between perhaps up to twenty people, and equally large enough for day-to-day business and work. Smaller desks have been tucked further along between some of the shelves, for those working by themselves, with ample glowlamps bear each one. Various books and hides are scattered about, some in the process of being recopied. One of two massive doors leads out toward the queens' ledges, whilst a second opens to a corridor which winds downward to the bowels of the weyr. Several much less impressive doors provide access to the meeting chambers and various offices.

Afternoon finds Eshaimik in the records room, looking a little overwhelmed while one of the assistants is running around, working off a list of apparently requested volumes. She's dropping off a handful of things on a table, while he stands beside it leafing through a couple of pages.

From the entrance to the records room, N'talya walks slowly in carrying several large volumes. As she approaches the desk she sighs and places them down and glances about. The young wing leader smiles a bit as she spot the harried looking candidate and gives a pleasent wave.

"Uh, hey," says Eshaimik, jerking his fingers back and letting the book shut with a mild thump. He looks almost a little guilty for his nosiness, and shifts his weight. "The headwoman asked me to pick up something," he explains a beat later. "Because, well." A tip of his head marks his knot: a candidate's, errand boy for everyone.

N'talya nods and says, "Well then you had better be finding it." she smiles and steps around the desk, "I know candadacy can be a trying time with the chores but it can be well worth it." she smiles, "Though you best be careful how you address folks, you can get in trouble if you don't show the proper respect for someone in a postion of authority."

The recordskeeper is still floating about, finding what she needs much faster than Eshaimik could on his own; he nods toward her briefly in indication. The correction makes him clam up slightly, though, mouth pursing. "I'll be sure to remember that, ma'am."

N'talya smiles and says, "Oh I am pretty laided back about it, but the weyrleader or the weyrwomen, or even any of the other wingleaders might freak out on you." she smiles.

Eshaimik, considering, nods once again, the unconscious tension of his shoulders dimming: he's not in trouble here. "The Weyrleader doesn't seem very…" he begins slowly, trailing off while he hunts for the word, or maybe waits for N'talya to fill it in for him.

N'talya nods and says, "Still don't forget, because the one time that you forget that you will get jumped on."

"Sounds like you know?" ventures Eshaimik after a moment, blue eyes narrowing slightly as he studies the other young woman.

N'talya smiles and says, "Well I wasn't allways a wingleader you know." she smiles, "Not that many turns ago I was a candidate just like you are now." she smiles wistfuly.

A tilt of his dark head, a lift of expressive brows, and Eshaimik prompts, "Yeah?" He's curious now.

N'talya smiles and says, "Lets just say I got in some trouble when I was a canadidate.

Nosiness suits Eshaimik, who leans in to watch the woman with intent blue eyes. "Doing what?"

N'talya giggles and says, "Oh all kind of stunts, I swam out a goodly distance further then we where supose to, not saluteing when I was supose to.."

"That makes trouble?" wonders Eshaimik. Now he just looks dubious, drawing back from her. "Sounds like a lot of—. Fuss."

N'talya says, "Well going that far out was outside the range for being able to get back quick for the hatching.."

"Huh," says Eshaimik to that. But the assistant is back then, dropping the last volume with the others and dusting her hands off. "I should get going," says the young man then, reaching over to pick up his things.

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