Tangled Yarn and Disguises

Ista Weyr - Gardens And Orchard
A large, oval expanse, these gardens have been planted to give an illusion of both space and privacy. Gravel-lined paths meander between the beds, bordered by gnarled driftwood. While there is much that is useful within the garden, the plantings have been chosen and arranged for beauty. Smaller plants line the edges of the beds, while the larger, leafier bushes and blooms sit to the rear or middle. Spaced at intervals around the area's outer edge, a few cozy bowers have been created. Trellises are covered by a broad-leafed vines, the flowers when they bloom drooping in fragrant clusters of pink and orange, arching over small benches. At the far back of the garden, a much larger trellis arches over a bench swing. The center of the garden opens into a clear area, a small circle of ground covered only with grass - a perfect spot for larger groups to sit and enjoy their surroundings. When night falls, light is provided only by several glowbaskets nestled within the flower beds, their covers colored in muted shades of blue, purple, red and green.

Early morning at the weyr brings a breeze from the ocean, thin wisps of cloud drifting across an otherwise pristine blue sky. In the orchard things are quiet. Insects float here and there doing their thing, a firelizard or two appear and disappear seemingly at will, and a young woman sits at the base of a tree struggling with a tangled skein of yarn. There's some obvious frustration as a stick, in reality a knitting needle, is pulled from her hair and jabbed at an offending knot. Her hair, now held in place by one stick, begins to uncurl slightly and she pauses to push at it, knitting needle now firmly clamped between her lips and skein dropped into her lap where it can tangle some more.

Early morning also brings with it a bit of repreive, at least for Angharad, as Eulweth is just beginning to stir on the Sands, and the demanding representatives of upset holders have not yet made their way into the Weyr, loudly voicing their 'need' to be heard immediately. And so, it seems, Ani has taken this bit of time to slip away and enjoy a peaceful walk through the gardens and orchard, humming off-key as she meanders, lost in her own thoughts.

Kaylis' hair is fussed with, ending in some being held in place by a needle and the rest being gathered up in a vague attempt at a braid. This achieved she turns back to the knot that so offended her, jabbing at it with the needle, poking, prying, and eventually just shaking it in frustration. As Ani's meandering brings her closer, Kaylis stays mostly unaware of company. Unaware, that is, until she lets out a growl and shakes the stubborn knot even harder. Only then does she look up and immediately blush. "Oh. Sorry."

Suddenly, there is a noise - a noise that is not Ani's awkward humming, and the goldrider jumps, eyes darting to identify the source, shoulders dropping as she visibly relaxes upon spotting Kaylis. A half smirk and what could be easily called a snort soon follow, and she waves a hand, laughing a bit more completely then. "Don't be." A hand is waved, and she moves closer, eyes dropping to the offending knot, wrinkling her noise. "How in Faranth's name did you do *that*?" And then it is the goldriders turn to look vaguely apologetic. "I mean.. That's quite a knot."

Kaylis opens her mouth to voice another apology, but Ani's moving forward stalls that and instead she just lets out a bright laugh. "/I/ didn't. I mean, someone did, it's not like the yarn tangled itself or anything, but it wasn't me. They were going to throw it out and I thought I could fix it. Stupid really. I might just have to cut it and then keep untangling the rest. Free yarn, couldn't really say no."

"Well, that is good news. I thought I was going to recommend you take up a different hobby, if that's what your knitting looks like." Angharad glances once over her shoulder, eyes slipping along the orchard as if searching for something, before she is moving to kneel near Kaylis, holding a hand out. "Want a bit of help, before you give up?"

"You haven't seen my knitting." Kaylis replies with a grin, "I can make a passable scarf, but I tried something more intricate once and… it looked pretty much like this." The offer makes her blink in surprise. "Sure! I mean, if you have time. Can you have a poke at that big knot and I'll ball up the bit I've released?"

"So, should I be recommending that you find a different hobby?" Angharad counters, smirking a little as she settles down, sitting back on her feet, reach for the offending knot, fingers used to turns in the infirmary - though turns in the past - beginning to poke at the knot, in an attempt to identify any week points. "You just need to tell me if you hear anyone coming. Knowing some of them, they would rather corner me out here, than where Eulweth is." Her comment is rather odd, and no further explanation is offered, as she continues to peer at the yarn, squinting a bit.

Kaylis tilts her head to one side, making a show of thinking, then replies with a simple. "Probably. It's fun though. Soothing. And you get something to keep at the end of it. Can't say the same about cooking, 'cause once it's eaten it's gone." A brief pause follows as quick hands begin to wind a ball from the free yarn. "Anyone in particular I should be looking for, or just everyone?"

"Anyone with a holder's knot.. they will probably look rather angry - Most of the time by the time the make it to the office, they are the color of a redfruit, but I don't know about out here.." Angharad replies almost absently, attempting to tug more yarn free from the knot as Kaylis begins to wind it up. "Of course, I am assuming we will hear them long before we see them." A bit of yarn is freed, but then it stops quickly and a frown appears on her face.

Kaylis keeps on winding. "We could probably make you a disguise. If they're that angry they might not notice if I just draped you in yarn and denied I'd seen you." Whether she's serious or not is masked by the fact she's paying so much attention to what her hands are doing. "Things aren't getting any better?"

"I am the great yarn monster?" Ani laughs softly at the idea. "Could always just make some thick, chunky yarn braids and wear those. Maybe they'd be distracted." Fingernails are used to pull at the knot, tugging it loose before she is motioning to Kaylis to pass the ball back through to untangle the knot further. "Maybe they were. But now we want candidates, and not just tithes.." Her mouth lingers in a frown, small creases marring her forehead, her eyes darting to the young woman's shoulder then. "Where are *you* from?"

Kaylis grins, "Maybe we could knit you a mask or something. Thick yarn, chunky needles, shouldn't take more than an hour." With the ease of the conversation she's slipped happily into informality, but as soon as the question is asked she suddenly tightens. "Me?" It's nearly a squeak, and is quickly followed by, "High Reaches originally, been here for turns though. You don't need to worry about me shouting at you, Ma'am. Not at all."

"Probably would get rather itchy, and be a bit too warm for the sands, though." Ani responds to the mention of the mask. "Though, if they saw it, they would probably begin using them so we didn't know who to be mad at. As Kaylis squeaks, Angharad looks up hurriedly, blinking at the young woman's reassurances, before she is laughing, sitting back on her heels and letting the yarn fall from her hands. "Shards, I wasn't implying that." Angharad laughs a bit more, shaking her head again, as she reaches for the knot. "I was wondering if I could offer you a move into the barracks, without anyone accusing me of other motives."

"Could start a fashion. Can just imagine the next time anyone has a party and everyone turns up with knitted beards or something." Kaylis frowns slightly, brain registering what was just said but her mouth already in action. Apparently it takes a second for the two to come in line. "I wonder if you could do that easily. Could be fun for the little… Ibegyourpardon?" She runs it all together into one and then laughs once more, "Me? You're kidding, right?"

"I don't know, you are the knitter." Ani replies and then as Kaylis is laughing and all the words are running together, she is laughing as well. "Why should I be kidding? Its Eulweth's clutch, I get the prerogative. And I'd rather have some candidates that aren't going to be kidnapped back under the cover of darkness." A tilt of her head, and the Weyrwoman is watchign Kaylis. "You don't *have* to say yes, but. If you want to."

Kaylis blinks, openly staring at the other woman. "You're actually serious." The pause that follows threatens to drag onto awkward silence territory, but slowly she nods. "And if I happen to overhear anything I suppose it might be useful too?" Her hands fidget, some sort of internal war going on before she finally accepts. "Alright Weyrwoman, you've got yourself a candidate."

"I am actually serious." Ani repeats with a laugh, and then offers her hand to Kaylis as she finally accepts. "Congrats…" And the Weyrwoman trails off, realizing that she is missing the appropriate name to add. "You should still have a pretty good choice of the cots. And we can find you a knot.. Other than this one." The yarn is waved a bit as she gives it another long look. "You may have to cut it.. I am not sure I actually helped any."

"Thanks." Kaylis shakes the offered hand, and then utterly fails to add her name into the appropriate gap. "It's fine, at least we tried right? At least I won't lose miles if I snip the knot. Oh, actually, um… do you mind if we hold off on the cot moving just now? I have a sweater drying in my room, and I don't want to move it before it's dry otherwise it might lose its shape." She laughs at herself, gathering a bit more of the yarn to her. "And that sounded really pathetic."

There are a few blinks at Kaylis as she offers her explanation for delaying the move, before Ani chuckles and nods, waving a hand. "Of course. If you catch the headwoman, she can give you the appropriate knot - And I promise, Eulweth hasn't taken any nips at candidates, so you should be relatively safe. If you have anyone you need to let know, or need me to let know…" She waves a hand, offering the knotted mess of yarn over.

Kaylis grins, taking the yarn carefully, "Of course you mention that now after I've accepted." She eyes the knot for a moment, then looks bakc up at Ani, "She doesn't /actually/ do that does she? Faranth, what have I gotten myself into."

"Promise, she isn't some of the others, who won't let anyone near. If I let me daughter on the Sands, you don't need to worry about it." And Ani hopes that is reassuring enough. "Promise." She repeats, letting the word serve as punctuation, as she groans softly as she gets to her feet. "I suppose I should get to the office, though, before people are in the way of me getting there."

Kaylis nods, dumping the tangled yarn back into her lap and once again picking at the knot. "If you do decide on a beard let me know. I think I have some yarn scraps that might match your hair. And thanks, for the help and… everything." Eventually it'll sink in that she's been Searched, but for now it's just a little thought in the back of her head that should be much more important than she's treating it.

"I may take you up on that. Depending on how the next few days go. Though, I'm not sure if a bearded woman would draw more attention or less." A wink, and Angharad is turning back towards the Weyr - where anything but the peace and relaxation of the orchard waits.

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