Fried Foods and Acrobats

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl
The three walls of the weyr caldera rise upwards toward the tropical sky, the tightly packed ground black with the volcanic sand Ista is famous for. Northwards is a sprawling plateau where the missing section of the bowl once stood, having been blown clear away several millennia ago, leaving an unobstructed view of the vibrant jungles, sprawling boardwalk, and the seemingly-endless ocean beyond. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run northwest to southeast, the bustling epicenter of the weyr. Several enormous entrances have been carved into the remaining sidess - northeast are the hatching grounds and south the living caverns - the two largest caverns in the weyr. To the east, a smaller entrance leads to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westward is yet another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmaries are located to the southwest, the massive dragon entry making it easily visible amongest the smaller tunnels that surround it. To the west, just at the edge of what is left of the bowl wall, the feeding grounds are located, nestled close to the training grounds to the southwest, and the weyrling barracks to the east. Above, the Star Stones are visible, as are the pockmarks of ledges and weyrs that line the bowl walls.

The three are gathered around a bunch of trader wagons, mid day. There seems to be other activities about too, like carnival games! Makoto just frowns and nods.. The whole situation just seemed unfair to her. "Y-Yeah I think we should probably change the topic though… Wakua, keep reading and don't give up." She smiles

There is a gathering of wagons off to the side of the bowl. It's mid day, there is a small stage in the middle with games and trading to the left, dancing and food stuff wagons to the right. It seems to be lively with quite a few people. The center stage is abandoned aside from Makoto, Stephane and Wakua.

Light of step with a merry tune hummed beneath her breath, Mia exits the living cavern. A deep, appreciative sniff takes in fresh air and what tangible sensory sensations the gathered wagons have brought with them: the smells of fair-esque foods, the music, the dancing. It all evokes a crooked smile to Miarene's lips and she slows her step in approach of the wagons, deep blue eyes watchful, curious, and finally lingering on the nominally abandoned center stage.

Stephane looks up towards a young woman wandering towards the stage. He hops up and bows towards her, flipping off the stage and landing onto the ground onto his feet. "Welcome, welcome. We've got loads of goods and lots of toys, fun for all the girls and boys." He singsongs

Makoto laughs a bit when Stephane springs infront of Mia. "… Do you do this for every girl you see, Stephane?" She says with a grin as he goes through his song and dance.

Wakua smiles, "Well the food looks delicious, come on I'll buy everyone something smallish." She says as she starts over towards the food.

A look of askance flies fleeting across Miarene's face when someone, Stephane, lands in front of her. "My, my, aren't you forward," says the weyrbred girl of all people. There's that quick, wry smile shaping her mouth once more, a look that sets her dark blue eyes aglitter with amusement. "What, he didn't do this for you?" she asks of Makoto, though her eyes shoot past the black-haired woman to the teenager headed for the food.

"And of course I am." Stephane says bowing again. "I've got to be to make sure everyone feels quite welcome to our troupe." He tells her, nodding his head before he looks back towards Makoto and sticks his tongue out at her, laughing. "Maybe." He winks before he motions around. "I'm Stephane. Welcome."

"… And by everyone you mean pretty girls, don't you?" She teases and nervously smiles at Mia. "Y-Yeah he kinda just did it to all of us… Put that away!" She laughs as he sticks his tongue out. When she notices her eyes drift, her head turns. Oh right, Wakua! Oh right, food!

Wakua nods, "He did make me feel very welcome." She says as she goes to stand in line, "Mmm all the fried food smelled really good."

Mia considers Stephane a long, long moment, the deep of her gaze studious in a way that is at odds with the continued warmth of her features; the look flickers to Makoto turning less studied and more accepting. Finally, she decides, "You can call me Carine," and those brackets about her mouth deepen. "You lot here for long?" Wakua garners another look, this time paired with a light laughter. "Fried foods always smell good. I bet you could fry just about anything and it'd smell delightful, though taste-wise…"

"I may call you that?" Stephane says, giving a bit of a barking laugh before he looks towards Wakua and Makoto. "Uh huh? I do it for everyone.. IT just works better on pretty women." He winks at Makoto before he looks back to Carine. "Just some vegetable skewers for me, thanks."

Makoto's big blue eyes widen a bit at Mia… or… Carine's gaze at Stephane. When her eyes peer over, the nervous girl visibly jerks for a second, though she relaxes quickly and manages a smile. "M-Makoto…" She says. "I-It's a pleasure. Yeah I should be here for awhile…" She looks over at the fried food and gets her something greasy and meatie before sighing. "… I shouldn't be eating stuff like this." She says before taking a bite. "But.. mmph… it's so good…"

Wakua gives a little wave, "I'm Wakua, it's nice to meet you." She gets a small basket of fired potato wedges and she mmms as she takes a bite out of it, "Mmm yes it's really good." She says as she stands off to the side.
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"You may." Miarene/Carine winks at Makoto first, and then Stephane. "If I had known-," that there was a caravan here? An outrageous flirt? People dancing? It's all left up in the air with a delicate shrug and hands that wave whatever thought she might have had off into the distance. Instead of finishing that thought, Mia's stepping forward plucking two skewers of vegetables off the grease-soaking trays and hands both to the man. "Since the other two seem absorbed in their own food…" And then, "Well met, Wakua. Makoto. I didn't think Ista was so large that I'd forget a face. Visiting, or somehow missed my attention?"

Stephane bows his head to Carine/Miarene and takes the two skewers and munches on one slowly, seemingly happy to do so. "I'm new, of course, but.." He gives a shrug. "That point should be obvious. I know Makoto's just transfered here." He says, munching on the skewer again. "Mmm, so good." He looks towards the others. "Come sit? you too, Carine."

Makoto had to get wedges now! Thanks Wakua! "… Ugh, I'm going to get fatter…" She mutters to her self as she eats. Her big eyes peer up from her food to Carine. "… I… I just transferred here. Though I was… also born here. But it's been… a number of turns since I've been here." Makoto felt a bit of relief that Carine didn't know who she was. Rumors weren't really flying afterall.

Wakua happily munches as she goes to find a seat with the others. She sits down, "I'm a trader too although not with this group. I'm independent."

"Ah, independent." It's Wakua's words that has Mia curious, though it's thinly masked by a layer of feigned understanding, in that 'sure, independent, I know exactly what that means'. "Oh, and you're from here?" A slanted look takes in the stammering woman more sharply, but comes up blank. "Well, in either case, welcome to Ista Weyr. And, ah-," the pretty, not handsome, face of a young man catches her attention as he waves her way. "I see a friend who knows how light my feet fly when there's music. I hope to catch you all sometime later." And off she goes, those feet definitely light as she steps towards that friend who then leads her to where the dancing is.

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