Isanath's Maiden Flight

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the lush and verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their color into the wide ocean, the beach is nothing short of striking. The heat of Rukbat reaches into these sands by day, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, spilling down from the plateau, a small waterfall empties into a catching pool that runs off toward the sea through a furrow of dark sand and pebbles.

Noon. The perfect time to take a break from the busy duties of the day, and head to the beach for a brief respite. Of course, from the pink tinge that already resides across S'u's chest as the bronze rider sprawls haphazardly on a towel, and the soft snores that escape from Tzettenvonth's nose where the bronze is curled up safely above the high tide line, perhaps it can be assumed that he has been out at the beach for far longer than a short lunch-time break. One arm is draped over his face, hiding his eyes from the sun, while the other is folded behind his head.

Aliona is in a rush to get somewhere, or perhaps away from somewhere… regardless she's she takes the steps to the beach as quickly as is possible and then begins to stomp down the beach. It's more by luck than judgement that she finds someone to take her frustrations out on and it's poor S'u that she heads towards. Stomp, stomp, flop. She grumbles her way across before flopping down on to the sand next to him and declaring, "It ain't possible t'play hide'n seek with a DRAGON."

Stomping, one can ignore. However, there's movement quite nearby. And then, there's a voice. At least it is a familiar voice. The arm is pulled away from his face with a soft groan, and S'u is turning his head to peer in Aliona's direction. "Well, sure it is. If they don't cheat. She's cheating, ain't she?" He asks with a little smirk, before scooting over to at least make some space on the towel.

Aliona crosses her legs and rests her elbows there, leaning forward to prop her chin on her hands and just adding even more petulance to her current sulk. "She ain't now, she's sleepin'. Yesterday she was jumpin' waves, gigglin' like a little, then she seen Oszarioth an' tried t'hide! Behind me!"

S'u lingers for a moment before slowly pushing himself up, first to his elbows, then to a seated position, one hand reaching to absently pat her shoulder as she sulks. "Well, if she's sleeping, you could hide no problem." He grins a little, before he gives her a longer look. "Ain't normal you know. She eat anything funny, lately?" He teases, just a little.

Aliona snorts out a little laugh, tilting her head up a little to look at him, "Nah, she just got a dose'f the crazies. An' she ain't good't hide'n seek, jus' looks'n knows where y'are. An' she's got a crush on Oszarioth, big crush. Kinda like me when I were a kid, 'cept it was my best friend's brother an' he weren't worth the wait."

"Of all the ones to have a crush on, really?" At least the words hide the pout that appeared on S'u's face for a split second, though his shoulder do droop a little. "Whatcha mean, weren't worth the wait?" He asks, and then shifts again, leaning back on his hands, eyes drifting past Ali to the sleeping Tzettenvonth, quietly ponder his own bronze - and perhaps why *he's* not the lucky crushee.

Aliona simply rolls here eyes and lets that serve as her initial reply, then adds, "He kissed like a fish. Only twice as wet an' he weren't cute enough t'make up f'r it. Proberly didn't help I used to could outrun him easy so he really had t'work t'catch me.

It is a loud snort that escapes S'u at Ali's explanation, the young man shaking his head as his face turns lightly pink, laughing softly then. "With Teba, or without?" He grins, before leaning to gently nudge her shoulder with his, a soft sigh escaping him. "Why'd you have a crush on him, then?"

"Without." Aliona grins, "Ain't fair t'make a runner try t'find a tree root t'trip over when y'get sick'f runnin'." As for why that simply leads to a shrug before she leans against him, "Dunno. Guess it were really jus' cause he was the first guy I spent a lot'f time aroun'. An' he were older an' drank an'…." Another shrug follows, "Coulda forgived him a lot'f thing, but not the fish lips."

"Suppose so. Sometimes though, I think you should just keep running. Better idea." He teases her softly, moving to gently wrap and arm behind her as she leans, tilting his head to rest against hers before lifting it again. "I guess that's fair. Everyone makes mistakes." He teases, even as he seems ready to duck, just in case.

Can't duck an elbow, and that's what Aliona pushes S'u's way at high speed. "Ain't s'much fun t'never be caught, an' y'can't complain! I don' do much runnin' these days." At least not that she'll tell about. "He weren't a mistake he were… a BIG mistake." Finally her sulk breaks, and there's laughter following the comment.

All ready to duck, S'u is caught off guard by the elbow as it catches him under the ribs and sends him toppling backwards, wheezing. "Ow!" He whines, remaining sprawled on the towel, fingers gently running along his side before giving her a long look, nose wrinkled. "I'll catch you whenever you want, Ali." And then he's covering his side lest another elbow come flying in retribution for that one, despite her laughter.

Aliona makes a fist, mock-threatening him with it. "Y'll catch this'n a minute if y'ain't careful." Fist is unclenched, dropped back to her side, "Y'better get trainin' if y'want t'race me, pretty sure I c'n still run fast if I want to. Just… don' always want to."

S'u cowers a little, though there's still a smirk on his face as he peeks past his fingers, sticking his tongue out at her as she unclenches her fist, and the 'threat' passes. "I bet Tzet can beat Isanath though. Just like I bet I can beat you." Oh Faranth, someone shut him up.

"Ha!" Aliona replies, with a snort, "Ain't no chance!" There's a pause, an obvious mental prodding, but whatever the reply is she doesnt' say. "The both'f you better get in trainin', cause when we'll wipe the floor with y'both!" Girlpower! "What y'gonna give us when we win?"

"Sure there is! I know he's faster. Isanath's too… careful." He grins, and then sticks out his tongue. "I dunno. What are you going to give us when -we- win?" A multi-faceted eye is open, by this point, as Tzettenvonth just watches his life mate boast, lingering on the beach without a sound - for now.

Aliona eyerolls again, "Laugh it up, y'ain't got a hope." She does consider the 'payment' though. "How bout I don' give y'a punch? No?" Poor Tzet goes unnoticed, Ali too focussed on S'u. "How 'bout… I dunno. Anyway, I asked you first."

"*Not* giving me something isn't fair. You gotta give me something.. You tell me what you'll give me, I'll tell you what I'll give you." Pausing, he tilts his head to peer at her. "I dunno, what would you want? I know a dress would go to waste, and flowers would probably be forgotten." He pauses, shrugging a little. "Uhm, something pretty for Isa?"

From the sky above Ista weyr the form of Xtzaltuth appears from between bugleing with his appearance, before circling downwards to come in for a landing on the beach. From his back S'ic slips slowly down removing his helmet and gloves, "Smooth flight Xtz…I will see if I can get those pigments quick and we can get back to Eastern." the young harper turned rider say to the bronze not having noticed the others on the beach as of yet.

"Oh no y'don't, I ain't fallin' f'r that one!" Aliona grins - she and S'u are sitting on the sand, a slumbering bronze nearby but no sign of Ali's Isanath. "You got t'say first, or I ain't makin' a bet. Oh an it needs t'be a present each so Tzet c'n get Izzy somethin' and you got t'do suff f'r me for a seven." Inadvertantly she gives terms for the bet, attention wandering as someone else appears on the beach.

Tzettenvonth is at least aware of his surroundings, one large facetted eye open, though at the arrival of another bronze, he is actually lifting his head to peer at him and offer a low rumble. S'u, meanwhile, lets his gaze wander to the newcomer for only a moment before he's realizing that Ali just gave terms, and he's reaching for her hand to shake on it. "Deal. When we win, you have to come with me to Nerat for a seven. And wear a dress. Tzettenvonth says he wants something manly."

S'ic glances about and smiles as he hears the low rumble and gives a wave to the pair near by, "Oh sorry about that, I hope we didn't kick up sand when we landed. Eastern's duties to Ista." he smiles, as Xtzaltuth returns the warbling greeting to Tzettenvonth.

Aliona's hand is taken and shaken before she realises what's going on, and by then it's too late and the deal is sealed. "Dress?" There's no mistaking the horror in her tone as she says the word. It's almost relief that spreads on her face as she spots S'ic and reclaims her hand to wave at him. "Ista's duties, an' don' worry 'bout the sand, we're use t'it." Not the most formal greeting she's ever given, but the smile that accompanies it seems genuine enough. "What brings y'to our fair shores?" Over on the plateau Isanath wakes moving across to peer down at the beach below.

S'ic smiles as he moves to approach Aliona and says, "There are some flowers that grow hear about that can be uses for dyes and pigmantes for paints." he smiles, "I was coming over to see if I could perhaps get a suply." he smiles, "I am a painter by trade." he says in way of explaining, as if the harper knot along with the eastern knot didn't explian." he glances about, "But I must admit, I was looking forward to spending some time here, it is quiet lovely."

"Yeah we got plenty in the garden. Guy here use't make perfume'n stuff from 'em too. Y'need t'speak t'the headwoman though, or Cenlia if y're feelin' brave. She loves the gardens." The hand that so recently shook S'u's is now extended upwards towards the Eastern rider. "Aliona, gold Isanath's." As if on cue the gold in question drops down from the plateau, gliding to a stop on the beach a little away from everyone where she carefully sits upright and proud, coiling her tail around her feet.

S'u is more than happy to let Aliona take the diplomatic lead - after all, that's what gold riders are for, isn't it? A little smirk as he glances up at S'ic, he shakes his head. "If you see someone with a big shovel though, don't ask, just run. It's not a gardener, and she has a rather bad bite." This Istan bronze rider at least has never quite gotten over his mistaking Cenlia for a mere helper. As Isanath appears, it seems that Tzettenvonth is finally truly and completely awake, for he's stretching and straightening up as she appears, his nose stretched towards S'u and Ali with a snort, and a mental reprimand to his life mate before he's attempting to look at least passable himself.

S'ic smimiles and takes Aliona's hand and says, "It is a pleasure to meet you Aliona, Im S'ic, bronze Xtzaltuth's rider from eastern." he looks curiously to S'u and says, "You got someone around her dangerous with a shovel?"

Aliona's mouth moves, trying to wrap itself around Xtzaltuth's name without mangling it too much, and eventually she settles on, "Nice t'meet y'both." S'ic's question makes her grin, "Ain… haven't y'heard, we got lots'f scary people here." With Isanath awake and paying attention there's a tightening of her words, a vague attempt made to quell her accent from mangling the language too much.

"Oh, she's dangerous enough without a shovel too. But -with- one she's downright deadly." If you happen to be a plant, at least. S'u can't help but smirk, even as he sits a little straighter and lifts his hand to rest lightly on Ali's back, between her shoulder blades, as they sit on a beach towel and chatter with the visiting S'ic. A glance at Tzettenvonth, and there's another shift, his own shoulders shifting back at a silent prod from his life mate, the effect of looking composed ruined by the pale outline of a hand visible on his pink-tinged chest.

Another Eastern bronze also seems to be in Ista, and his large figure is loping up the beach lazily. I'ro, while usually a search and rescue rider, often plays cookie delivery man for a little old baker lady in Eastern. But one can't stop by Ista without enjoying the beaches, right? As they draw closer to the group that's gathered, I'ro raises his hand in casual greeting. "Eastern's duties…though I guess you've gotten those already?" His lilac tinted eyes moves from S'u, to Aliona, and then finally to S'ic as the rider smiles crookedly. Wait, did someone say shovel? "Ah…the rumored shovel wielding Istan Weyrwoman?" I'ro's heard of her.

Aliona twitches a little, as if S'u's hand on her back makes it itch, but it's I'ro she replies to, "Shh, don' tell everyone'r they'll all want one." At least she has enough sense to add on, "Ista's duties. Again. Y'ain't come t'raid the garden as well have you?" her accent comes and goes, the tight hold that Isanath usually has over it wavering and snapping as the gold calls out a bright tease of « Can't catch meeee! » and leaps into the sky, making her way quickly towards the feeding pens.

The hand is lifted for a moment from Ali's back, S'u giving his friend a long look, before he's nodding at I'ro in greeting, again allowing Aliona to be the diplomatic. "You might stand better odds, though, if you attack it together. Two against one, and all." He grins, but then Isanath is off, and Tzettenvonth is half a second behind her, folding quickly out of his proper pose to take chase. "Shards." He hisses, hand dropping back to rest against Ali's back, fingers pressing slightly as he tenses up, eyes narrowing at the visitors even as he leans closer to the gold rider at his side. "Remember… Nerat." He whispers, meant for Ali alone, even as he looks rather defensive.

I'ro laughs softly and brings a finger to his lips, "The secret's safe with me, but no…I don't plan to dig around in the garden." The last bit is said with raised eyebrows and a glance towards the garden area. And while his rider's attention might be elsewhere, Tiwazth's remains solely on Isanath's. It isn't long after the gold has taken to the skies that strong wing beats and muscled legs are bringing the canine-like bronze into the air to chase. The sudden rush in Tiwazth's head as I'ro glancing upwards in momentary disbelief, "Hah…here we go again…." I'ro's apparent relaxed state doesn't last much longer however, and the bronzer's muscles begin to visibly tense as his conciousness begins its slow merge with Tiwazth's.

Xtzaltuth dives into the pen a moment after Isanath, taking advantave of the golds attack to land squarely on the back of a large herb beast, raking it back with his claw and snaping out iwht his jaw to begin to drain it of its lifeblood. Tossing the beast aside his gaze travels to the nearby but not to close gold before diving for his next target. S'ic takes a setep closer to Aliona his gaze focused only on her as he gets caught up in his dragons thinking.

In the pens Isanath's playfulness apparently does not extend towards the beasts that live there. She's straight in the middle of them, though it oculd be said she attempts to hide as she flattens herself to the ground for a moment, swiping out almost lazily with one foot to rips the side of one terrified beast open. The beats bellows with fear and pain, but she leaves it to dash off towards the other end of the pens and instead bunches herself up, bottom wriggling as she prepares and then pounces on another beast. This one she kills, this one she drinks from, and from here she surveys the other participants in this epic game of tag.

On the beach Aliona leans forwards a little from S'u's touch. "Nerat?" She's almost forgotten the deal so recently made. "Um." It's almost clear how her mind is working at the moment. Brain. Think. Remember. Gardens! "Gardens are nice. Mind me t'show you later." There's no mistaking the flirt in the look she gives to I'ro, though as she turns her head it extends to S'ic as well.

At least Isanath seems to have no signs of reverting to her disgust with blood, as one beast bleeds and she quickly corners another. Tzettenvonth is soon landing in her wake, snagging the mortally wounded beast, a quick twitch of his neck putting it out of its misery before he claims its energy for his own. Tongue slips out to slide over his muzzle, cleaning it briefly, before he's snarling at the visiting bronze who dares come to close, and then he's turning to give a little hop on another beast, draining a second in as short of order as the first, and with no extra energy spent. He will need it all, if he is to win the bet.

S'u's hand hovers as Aliona is leaning away, fingers curling into a fist as he mimics the snarl of his own life mate, the sound originating low in his throat. Though, for now, he makes no move to stop Aliona, nor to prevent the others from approaching, aside from the sharp looks they both receive. "Ali.." He hisses a little, unwilling to take his eyes off the Easterners. "Stay with her.." He offers, possibly unnecessarily.

Tiwazth circles the feeding pens for a moment, swirling red eyes scrutinizing the beasts below. He's a step behind the others when he finally chooses one of the larger beasts, but what lacks in speed he perhaps hopes to make up for with strength. His target in sight, the large hunter falls upon it and lets out a satisfied rumble as the sound of breaking bones fills the air. Even as he drinks from the dead corpse, his attention remains on the glowing gold form. As do I'ro's. The bronzer treads through the haze that has begun to fill his mind and catches Aliona's talk of gardens. "I'll hold you to that promise…" Other men? They are hardly glanced at or even acknowledged. This pair certainly possess one-track minds.

Xtzaltuth dispatches his next victim rapidly taking very little time to drain it before moving on to the next, with each movement though he perpairs to take flight, his attention divided between his pray and the lovely creature here in the pens.

Far from disgusted Isanath seems of an urge to play with her food, though a sharp rebuke from Aliona has her hissing and batting an offending organ (something purple and knobbly) away from her. Her anger at the denial of fun is directed to a second, and then a third beast, hopping towards each of her foreign suitors and felling one near them in turn but still managing to keep her space.

Aliona grins, stretching one leg out in front of her. "Just' be sure y'remember t'collect, ain't nothin' worse than bein' forgot." Forgotten. She's forgetting something. It takes S'u's reminder to clear the fog in her brain and the confusion from her face, but even then it's momentary, enough to fight control back for a brief time. "We should move'r somethin'." But she makes no effort to. Not yet. There are games still to be played. For no apparent reason she laughs.

Tzettenvonth crouches low over his food, wings spread wide, neck extended and muzzle pointed at the offending visitors as Isanath dares dance closer to each of them in turn. She belong in -his- court, not theirs. Tail lashing, Zet hisses loudly, before swiveling and darting after another herd beast, skidding into it and dropping his muzzle to drink, watching Isanath from every moment, not daring to take faceted eyes off the golden beauty, should she decide to flee while he is distracted.

As Aliona's leg is stretched, S'u reaches a hand out to brush it briefly over her knee, perhaps in an attempt to reassure her that he is there - for whatever it is worth as she slips into a dragon induced fog - the Istan making no motion to move until Aliona herself does, unwilling to lose her, just like his life mate.

Tiwazth swiftly finishes off with the first beast and raises his muzzle to watch the gold fell a beast when she draws near. There's a rumble of appreciation for the games she plays, but his own rampage is far from finished. The bronze lashes out with his tail, flattening one of the foolish prey that had drawn to cloose. Tiwazth makes no move to close the distance between himself and Isanath however, patient in his wait. I'ro himself shares a similar disposition. As he sees S'u's hand brush against Aliona however, a low grunt escapes his throat and the sound is quickly echoed by his lifemate.

S'ic eyes track down to Aliona's leg as she extends it and swollows hard before looking back up to her and mummers softly, "Probably should go…before things get outta hand…" Xtzaltuth finishes his final sacrifice and shakes his head and bends low, his wings at the ready as he now focus all his attention on the nearby gold.

Three apparently is enough, in both beasts and suitors, for Isanath lets out a burst of mental laughter to echo her rider's and is airbourne with a twitch of her tail, trailing it temptingly after her as a carroty… well… carrot on a stick. « Too slow! » She teases as she climbs higher, gingery wings carrying her far above the weyr and even taking a second to do a quick barrel roll of pure joy.

Aliona sinks into the flight-fog, control releasing as ther lifemate takes to the air, staring through and beyond those around her. Whatever she's seeing at that point in time it's not the beach, and it's an almost dreamlike state that she's in as she rises from where she is, crooks a finger to the men, and wanders off in the direction of the trees.

Tzettenvonth snarls as Isanath takes to the sky, taunted by the orange-hued gold, wings taking that first all-important down-sweep, launching him skywards. « So you think, little one! » The local bronze has at least some knowledge of the thermals and patterns around the weyr, and it seems that he hopes to use it to his advantage, using the upbeat gold's momentarily distraction to attempt to close some of the initial distance. There is no need for a carrot to keep Tzettenvonth on her tail.

S'u is scrambling to his feet even as Tzettenvonth scrambles into the air, and he's trailing along after Aliona, managing to avoid stumbling as he goes, despite a hand outstretched after her, not touching, but definitely trying.

Xtzaltuth launches upwards flowing in Isanath's wake, like a bloodhound on her trail he follows like a streak into the sky. The joy of the chase of the hunt taking over as he focuss solely on his prey, all other forgotten. S'ic blindly follows along after Alions an her crooked finger, lost for now in the bond with his lifemate, he slips amoungt the trees silent as a ghost. «We shall see.» Xtzaltuth croons.

Tiwazth wastes no time in abandoning the drained beasts and moving into the sky. His squared snout and the brushlike colorings on his body create the illusion of a wolf on the hunt. The bronze spares a fleeting glances for the others in the sky, but the carrot tail draws his gaze to Isanath once more. Rather than respond with words, Tiwazth lets out a deep throated howl. The consciousness that I'ro had fought hard to keep alive begins to drown as his mind merges with Tiwazth's. Follow. The single word is all that remains of his thoughts when he registers her movement. The Easterner follows after her mutely, but the intensity of his gaze speaks for itself.

Whilst Aliona seeks trees and cover, Isanath seeks the sky and freedom. The young gold stays on a vaguely upwards trajectory, though now and then sips to the right or left laughing with joy at letting go for once and just having fun. She bunches up once more then practically leaps higher, bouncing off a thermal and spiralling to the left, one dipped wing taking her down for a second before she catches another updraft and soars once more.

Amongst the trees Aliona goes, though if she is intending on leading the men a merry dance it's done far too slowly to really have any effect or for her to disappear from view for very long. In a vague echo of an earlier tale she trips on a root, one hand steadying her against the offending tree.

Certainly, seeing Isanath throw caution and manners to the wind and simply play seems odd for Tzettenvonth, the Istan bronze aiming to remain every above her, watching her as she plays freely in the courtyard of the Istan sky. Slipping from thermal to thermal, Tzet continues to climb, making no move to stop her as of yet, simply letting her enjoy her fun. Slipping sideways as she suddenly climbs, he lifts his head to watch her soar, and then is hurriedly in pursuit, aiming to inch every closer to the fleeing princess.

As Ali trips, S'u stumbles to a stop, instinctually stepping forward to try and steady the young woman, as he has in the past. Lost amongst the trees, lost in the mind of his life mate, he freezes a short distances away from Aliona, afraid of scaring her off.

Xtzaltuth croons softly to Isanath as he glide along her trail diping off the thermal and spiral upwards climbing higher and higher after her keeping to her trail. S'ic steps froward as well as he spots Aliona stumbling, attemtping to steady her as well.

Tiwazth follows closely after the gold. Rather than attempting to climb above her however, the Eastern bronze continues to fly low. He remains a beat behind the other bronzes, conserving his strength like a hunter that waits to spring upon his prey. He glides through the currents and thermals of the air, swirling eyes ever locked on the Istan gold. A free spirit? It makes Isanath hard to predict in the bronze's eyes. Tiwazth abandons any attempts to analyze, losing himself in the thrill of the hun—chase. His path is steady, lacking unnecessary movements and clearly lacking in showmanship.
When the goldrider stumbles, I'ro also stops in his path. He reaches out as if to hepl, but instead lets his hand freeze in mid air. For a moment it simply hangs outstretched, and then the limb is once more falling to his side.

Isanath's wings catch in the air, a twitched turn overthought and overcompensated, a mental root tripped over. There's a moment of panic, her course suddenly not the one she had planned and right there are her chasers! This was her game! Hers! With a sudden twitch she turns and aims straight for them, her intentions clear - to bust through them and out the other side. She laughs as she moves, turning in a slow spiral that can only invite a catch.

Aliona grins, leaning her back against the tree that tripped her, looking at her own pursuers with clear amusement. "Sometimes y'jus' gotta trip." It's her voice for sure, though the thoughts perhaps are not all her own, "More fun that way."

Tzettenvonth is there in just a moment, as soon as the gold seems to stumble, dropping down towards her, limbs outstretched, ready to envelope her, to support her, and to steady her as her imaginary world comes crashing back down. Each and every motion is smooth, planned, careful, and he's there, making his attempt to save her from the outside invaders who would do who knows what with her - his princess.

"Will always chase you…" S'u murmurs as Aliona turns to face them, biting his lip and taking a step forwards, lifting a hand up to the side, as if to stop anyone from sneaking past him. Will he win?

As Isanath trips in the air, Tiwazth suddenly surges upwards. The strong beat of his wings sending the bronze hurtling towards the gold even as she charges towards them. He keeps well away from the other males chasing after her, eyes swirling red as his animalistic nature takes over. At the last moment, Tiwazth beneath Isanath, rolling over and reaching out for the gold with outstretched claws. It is time for his hunt to come to an end.
I'ro's eyes close as he steps forward, sheer willpower all that keeps him from reaching out towards Aliona. It is not yet his time to spring, but should the time come his muscles are tesned and at the ready.

S'ic says softly, "Everything will be ok…." nodding to Aliona, "Just come to me…." obviously speaking from his dragons point of view. Xtzaltuth rolls and extends his forclaws, attempting to pull her to him, his tail lashing out to attempt to entertwine with hers.

Tails are easily swatted aside, talons and limbs far less easily avoided. For a moment there's confusion in the skies, a dragon sandwich in the making that could wall have brought pain were it not for the speed of one particular suitor that sweeps her up and away from the others. Necks twist, tails twine, and this particular game of tag leaves Isanath in the clutches of a foreigner as Tiwazth snatches her from the safety of the Istan sky.
Aliona laughs, holding out a hand, but it's not as would perhaps have been expected. "We call this a tree." The same as the rest of the planet, but she had promised I'ro a personal tour of the garden. Eventually.

All that time, and she's been snatched away by someone else - an interloper, an intruder… Alas! Another loud hiss, and the smooth facade falls away from Tzettenvonth as the bronze veers off, his life mate on the ground doing much the same, swearing loudly as he stumbles backwards, shaking his head, muttering something about women as he runs, attempting to weave his way back out of the forest without any major mishaps.

The claws that close around Isanath are surprisingly gentle cnosidering the predatory movements of Tiwazth. He pulls her to the safety of open air, strong form winding around her. The hunt has finished, and it went as well as the bronze had hoped. The bronze howls tirumphantly into the skies while I'ro himself steps forwards and takes Aliona's hand. "A tree you say? How interesting…do tell me more." Though by the smirk on his face, the Eastern bronzer doesn't really need that explained to him. Either way, it'll have to wait for a bit.

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