Tejath's Flight

Ista Weyr - Tejath and Inimeth's Ledge
Tucked away behind an outcropping of rock that makes for a shady awning, this ledge is rather wide, consisting of a wallow easily large enough to fit all but the longest of dragons. From here, a lovely prospect spreads out below; the lush greenery of Ista's jungles and the clear waters of the ocean are clearly visible from this vantage point.
Although this spot is relatively quiet, the ambiance includes the regular call of firelizards as they swoop overhead; many find the overhang to be an ideal perch.

Aisling is being all miserable this evening, and she's gotten to the point that she knows exactly /why/ she's so miserable. And it definately helps that Tejath is glowing like a little glow in the dark night light. She's just glad D'son and Inimeth will be back soon. "Why must you make me feel like I've fallen asleep in the sun and burnt all over?" She shakes a fist at the green who is ignoreing her and standing out on the ledge, calling to Zaruath no doubt. She's crooning to the sky and looks most decidedly happy.

It's a breathless Dels who turns up, Inimeth eyes all a-whirl. The bronzerider hops off the bronze dragon's neck and sends him off with a look after pulling off his straps. Sighs a little and makes a face. "Ais … hey, got here as soon as we could though . .." he eyes Inimeth again. "I don't know how much his heart will be in it. He's very fond of Tejath but …" he trails off, sheds his jacket and kicks off boots, piling gear all up together.

F'yr is one /very/ unlucky brownrider. Like, super unluckly. Because she was just going for a flight out with Zaruath, thinking of taking a camping trip, when the brown decided to double back and head towards the green's ledge instead. "No, no, no! You're going the wrong way!" whines Fy, but she has absolutely no choice since she's not the one flying. It seems she decided to leave a little to late, and the brown tries to shrug her off after landing so that she nearly falls from him, with her pack over her shoulders. Zaruath immediate starts crooning to Tejath happily; nothing can keep him away.

Aisling makes a sigh of relief when Inimeth wings onto the ledge. "Hey." She gets up from where she's sprawled out on the floor and heads for D'son. "I know his mind is probably else where. I imagine he's being quite the dotting gentleman over there." She says with a small smile before leaning up to kiss him lightly. Tejath welcomes Inimeth to the ledge with a warm rumble and Zaruath as well when she catches his ear and he lands. Zaruath's arrival and the dumping of F'yr brings a small laugh out of Aisling. "Ah, Fy, you might want to move away from the gathering dragons. Though, I did at least try to help this time by demanding she stay up here rather than go down to the beach." She says waving the brownrider over, welcome, if not unexpected.

D'son winds his arms around Aisling and hugs her tight, kisses back when she leans up into him and smile down at her. "Yeah, he has. He's probably going to lose this," he warns. "But … he's willing to try. For Tejath. For me. For you." His hand slides to her cheek, cups it gently then he steps back as F'yr arrives and his smile goes sunny for that too and holds out a hand to her. "So … wait, it's just us?" blinking at Aisling.

Zaruath tries not to look smug being there in time, but he can't help it. The very fact that he managed to be at the Weyr still for Tejath's flight puts him in a good mood, even though he still manages a short glare towards Inimeth. Huff. He's here for the green and the green alone, of course. F'yr listens to the warning and steps away backwards, still staring at her lifemate. "You can't be serious," she grumbles, and then finally turns to the couple, dumping her pack on the ground and kicking it. "If we only managed to get /further/ away," she grumbles, her blue eyes glancing from one to the other and then the offered hand, crossing her arms instead. "This isn't awkward at all."

Aisling winces lightly at the tight hug and curses her imaginary sunburn, but she hugs him back. She nods lightly at him. "It's fine, I'm just glad that you're here." She nods lightly then. "Yes it's just us up here. I really didn't feel like being in range for anyone else who might chase after her. Just you. And now, F'yr. Though I told her earlier Tejath was getting close. So I assume you were trying to make a get away?" She asks the brownrider, gesturing to the abused pack. Tejath is more than satisfied now that she has her two favorite males here for her so giving a sharp trill followed by a rumble she launches herself off the ledge and into the sky.

"Oh … okay," D'son says, maybe looking a little dubious. There might be other males who pick up on her rising after all. His gaze meets Fy's and he keeps his hand held out. "C'mon Fy. It doesn't have to be, if it's just us. We all know each other. You've done this before …" referring to the other time Zaru's caught Tejath. "I — other than this being a little odd, I feel pretty comfortable," Dels says gently and looks between the two women with just a trace of pink in his cheeks. Tejath leaps skyward and after watching for a moment, Inimeth takes off after. In the end, it's his Tejath, his friend, his clutchsister and his most recent mate prior to Kilaueth. He still cares about her and she glows so beautifully. So he goes.

F'yr's face flushes red and she shakes her head quickly at Aisling. "Obviously not fast 'nough. I /knew/ I should have just taken the day off earlier and— aw, shells," she whines again, kicking the pack again and moving closer. Just a hesitant step, eyes moving from Aisling to D'son. "Yah, but who said I wanted an audience or… or /be/ the audience." She swallows hard, looks over her shoulder, and tries to give one last pleading look to her lifemate. But Zaruath is ignoring his lifemate completely, in the same manner she ignores him when she's with D'son. Because the only thing he wants to care about is his Tejath and the way she moves. His wings unfurl and with an echoing bugle and a snap of his tail, he leaps after her. His skinny body is quick in take off with the height, wings already catching a breeze.

Aisling has never had Tejath go up for a flight when the light is so nearly gone before. It's a little odd that the sensations arent quite the same to her. Tejath is liking the dark for, the simple reason that her chasers have to work harder to find her should she dart a different direction suddenly. Which she does, though the faint glow she puts of probably acts more as a beacon than anything else. "It'll be fine Fy." Aisling nearly falls over when Tejath makes another sudden turn at the rider wasn't really paying attention, trying to may the turn also, despite trying to stand still. "Whoa!" She exclaims grabbing onto D'son's arm to steady her. "I think I'm going to go sit down." She says heading for the bed. "And maybe /I'll/ be the audience." She says, almost flirtatiously as she glances back at F'yr and Dels and grinning almost wickedly.

D'son steadies Ais when she grabs on and nods. "Uh yeah … sure …" his words slur a little then he blinks and looks between the two women, color heightening. "I ah … um … maybe no one has to be the audience … or be watched we could just …" he makes some random motions with his hands and then clears his throat a few times, steps towards F'yr, attemptng to slide a hand up her arm. "It'll be okay," he tells her softly, eyes sincere. Inimeth meanwhile is undaunted by the darkness. He has other ways to find Tejath. Sound. The sense of her mind, all her colors. He threads after these with light green tendrils unfurled to find her.

Zaruath lives for the darkness and it shows in his increased energy as he gathers altitude, his hide own murky hide a good camouflage. Not that all the other times he has chased Tejath were half-hearted, but this is his element. He rumbles warmly, mixing the sound with his beating wings to make sure she knows he was still there, his lustful whirling eyes never sliding off from the faint glowing form of his lovely green, his body twisting and bending to match every one of her movements. With the flight going on, F'yr's feet have no doubt been shuffling towards Aisling and D'son. "That's very unlikely, Ais," she says, eyes locking onto her for a moment before she shakes her head and blinks up to D'son. That's when her eyes go wide, and her mouth drops open at his suggestion. "I… I think /I/ need to go lay down, too," she says in a squeaky voice, shivering at his touch. But it doesn't stop her from stalking off after Aisling, the real prize.

Aisling sits down on the bed, just intime for Tejath to make a sudden drop. "Oof. I wonder why it's more difficult for me to tell what she's goign to do when it's not bright out." She wonders to herself. But then she's watching Fy and Dels quite intently. "I'm getting a rather nice show already." She replies to F'yr then. She smiles at D'son and pats the bed on either side of her, unconsiously patting in time with Tejath's wing beats for just a moment as the green soars back up into the sky. Tejath bugles loudly and strings her warm red thoughts out to wind around Inimeth and Zaruath's wanting one to catch her, even if she's is technically trying to outrun them.

D'son takes a breath and watches Fy step over by Aisling. His face is starting to lose any semblance of his usual cheer and politeness, gaze settling on each of these women he loves so much in turn, affection there certainly, but naked lust has its place in his regard too. It's every man's dream right? Two women at once? And since Ais is talking about shows, he cuts to the chase and unbuttons his shirt partway, then shucks it off over his head, tosses it into the corner, then unbuckles his belt and peels out of the longer pants he wore over here. Down to his shorts, Dels pads over to the bed to join them. Once there, he flops back onto the covers with a low groan as Inimeth slip-slides through air currents and drops down after Tejath, wings spreading wide again to make up the distance between them.

"I ain't… I ain't showing nothing," squeaks F'yr again towards Aisling. Her shoes go flying off at some point, her boots loosely tied as she makes her way towards the bed and not really caring where they land, and she has no problem taking a seat next to Aisling, eyes intent on the greenrider. She's definitely starting to loose her mind, but that doesn't mean she doesn't catch D'son undressing from the corner of her eye. Oooh, naked Dels. "Faranth," she groans herself, rubbing a hand fiercely over her face. But she's long gone. Zaruath's in control, and he's definitely determined in his flight. Pulling out every musical note his throat can produce, satin crimson ribbons winding around with Tejath's own thoughts, and his wings beating hard and fast as he tries to close the gap. Inimeth is out of his mind, not nearly as competitive with his smaller bronze brother.

Aisling licks her lips slightly as she watches D'son's clothes come off and swallows kind of hard. No one can really blame the girl for getting that way over her weyrmate, especially during a flight. When F'yr sits down beside her, her eyes slide on over to the younger girl and she smiles at how close she is and then when D'son lays on the bed, she has to take a very deep breath. She starts to move further onto the bed as Tejath starts to make her final ascent, straight up, further and further, higher still; wanting as much time with the one who catches her as she can get before her wings start to tire and she slows, down.

Inimeth powers onward, rising as Tejath does, intent on her path, though he gets a little distracted for a moment. Perhaps a touch from his queen at Xanadu? And though he gets close, after a moment, he lets out a bugle and leaves a last green-hued caress behind and breaks off. He blinks Between a few moments later and D'son lets out a soft gasp, one hand curling up in the covers. "Shells …" he breathes out and lifts a hand to rub at his face. Stranded. Half-naked in bed with his lovers. It's not really a /bad/ fate. But there's no escaping it now. He's either going to have to watch or join in when the inevitable happens.

F'yr starts fanning her shirt, panting just a little. Hot in that bed with all three of them together, wasn't it? Her hazy eyes don't stray anymore from Aisling, and seeing that D'son is on the bed as well she might be eyeing him over the greenrider's shoulder as well. Zaruath's height is to is advantage, and while Tejath starts climbing he makes sure to give her room, every last minute in the skies until she is ready… And with a triumphant bugle at catching Inimeth drop away, the slim brown darts forward with one last burst of speed, talons latching onto his Tejath with a warm caressing croon, gently twining necks with her and eager to descend from the heights together. And in the weyr, F'yr was already shucking off her shirt, crawling onto the bed, and trying her very best to get a pounce in on Aisling… D'son, well, her pounce might have been a little too much and if he was going to join she definitely isn't going to fight him off.

Tejath gives an undignified squawk when Inimeth suddenly goes between, though her emotions are quickly put back on a positive note when Zaruath catches up and wraps around her. Her tail entwines around his and she croons happily to him, trusting him completely. Aisling can't deny that moment when Zaruath catches her that she only has very blurred eyes for Fy, but when the brownrider is actually comming after her she turns lightly and puts her hand out to brace her and touches D'son. All that sunburn that sits on her nerves while Tejath is proddy turns into such a delisiously hot passion inside of her at the feel of his skin. She leans back, laying down so that she can be touching the bronzer while she welcomes Fy to her with a strong kiss.

A little disoriented for a moment, D'son barely registers what's going on around him until Fy pounces Ais and then his weyrmate is reaching back for him and he rolls up on his side to drape an arm around them both, lips cheatingly pressed into the curve of Aisling's neck while his hand travels up Fy's thigh.

Zaruath is sure to make Tejath forget completely that Inimeth was ever there. F'yr, on the other hand, doesn't seem to realize or care for Aisling's attention on D'son or even the bronzer, all she cares about is kicking off the rest of her clothes and joining the pile. Following her lifemate's example with Tejath, she's nearly on top of Aisling as she kisses back with a mix of flight lust and passion possibly meant for D'son. Limbs all over the place, hand reaching for D'son, she doesn't really seem to notice when it's the greenrider and when it's the bronzerider. Either way, it's definitely a fun, hot time in that weyr that evening.

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