Ankhepith x Dhonzayth Hatching

Ista Weyr: Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always opressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.

A deep thrumming echoes around the Weyr, dragons and dignitaries arriving from all over to watch a hatching that has potential for disaster. Though having long stopped coughing Ankhepith is still quite weak, slower in her pacings than at previous hatchings, but still keeping a wary eye over eggs that are ready to burst.

Dhonzayth is lingering on the Istan Sands with his mate, the brassy bronze settled out of the way, touching his muzzle to Ankhepith's hide as she strides past him time and time again, offering a soft croon, before swinging his head to watch over the eggs, returning to his humming.

In the Galleries, Leona makes her way into the galleries freshly dressed, and with still-damp hair. She finds a seat down near the front, and peers over the sands, waiting for the candidates to come out. "Lakareth, /yes/. I'll /tell/ you when. No, they're not out /yet/ either. And they did not just come out in the intervening moments. Keep your wings on." she's muttering under her breath.

Ankhepith stops to give Dhonzayth the briefest of attentions, but her eyes are on the sand now rather than her mate. As Leslyn appears the gold lifts her head, then immediately resumes pacing. When the candidates arrive they will be her next focus, but for now… she walks.

The curtains begin to fall on the Overhead Critics Egg, the golden tiebacks and tassels wobbling and rolling, beginning to become dislodged from the rich backdrop.

L'ton is appearing on Leslyn's heels, appearing just as the first of the eggs is starting to wobble, proving the hum of the dragons is for a good cause. Pausing to watch, he's hurriedly moving to the platform, offering a friendly arm to Leslyn as they prepare to watch, attention drifting to keep an eye out for his niece and daughter.

The tiebacks of the Overhead Critics Egg fall, the cracks breaking them away, small holes beginning to appear here and there. With the show nearly over, the last act of the performance, the time draws near.

The Contours of Light Egg shifts slightly, a shimmer of movement upon the sands, sands as dark as a night sky. A hesitant movement that stops only moments after it begun.

A'tien idly leads the candidates out into the hatching sands, allowing himself a curious look about the sands. "Been a while since I've been out here." The bronzerider says half to himself, looking over his shoulders as the candidates file in. He says off to the side, ready to shepard in the new riders.

In the Galleries, Chaise is part of the general throng that makes their way into the galleries. She clings to the edges of things, hovers in the shadows, and finally steals the nearest empty seat without much apparent preference for location. Her expression is a bit too carefully neutral, but her teeth brush her bottom lip and show there is some emotion in there about witnessing a hatching.

In the Galleries, A bundle of blankets, lumpy and pink in color, begin to stir in the Galleries. The blonde curls of Will the healer appear from one end of the mass as she's moved around by others looking for a place to sit. "Whhhhaaa?" Quiet warm laptime is over. And thus the sleepy healer sits up, yawning while looking down on the sands.

Zipalla arrives at the sands in the company of Zorya and Shandraive, if they kept up and she stops, looking around slowly. It takes her breath for a moment and she has to inhale, smiling, a fond gaze to Dhon then a bow to the Queen and her gaze falls to the wobbling, cracking eggs. "Oh…" she murmurs. Her eyes lift to L'ton and Leslyn, then around to each face in turn, she takes in the whole of the scene, or tries, memorizing the moment as best she can.

Ankhepith stops dead as the candidates appear, eyeing them warily, some a little angrily. Her wings flare for a second, nerves awrring against annoyance that they're here at all. Leslyn closes her eyes for a moment, offering L'ton a quick hug as she settles to waiting.

Dimitri, as always, is always right in the thick of things as the candidates move out on to the sands. At least for today his mischievious smile is held back to be replaced with one that rings of nervousness instead. A few glances here and there before he settles into his place in the white ring, offering what he hopes are nods and smiles of encouragement to the candidates to his left and right. His eyes swing right to the eggs that are already moving and cracking, his teeth capturing and holding on to his lower lip as the worry begins to show on his face.

Zorya shuffles out onto the sands among the group of candidates, notably near Zipalla and Shandraive as the line enters the cavern. A short curtsey is given the gold and bronze as her turn comes, a nervous half-smile sent towards her uncle before she's following the group to find her place in the ring of white-robed candidates around the rocking eggs.

Overhead Critics Egg shakes and shudders, and then there's a loud, angry crack. Another quieter one, and the shells falling to the sand sounds almost like laughter, before there's a bronze hatchling left where the curtains once were.

Tempered and Tarnished Bronze Hatchling
Muted bronze, aged metal crafted by a master, is carefully formed into the lean but oddly twisted body of this bronze. Long and tall, bronze fades even further over his head, over his headknobs, before it darkens as a stripe down the ridges on his back, which move over the odd hump at his shoulders. Wings are equally as pale, sails speckled with copper age spots, while his talons seem overly long for his feet.

Dhonzayth croons some to Ankhepith, fluttering his wings a bit, trying to reassure her as she glares at the candidates. Though, he is giving them a look of his own, though its not the same angry one as the gold. L'ton nods as he notes the appearance of those he's keeping an eye out for, before he's returning Les's hug, and leaning against the railing. "Dun worry, Les… Ah.. It's gonna be alright, Ah know it."

Shandraive is making a conscious effort not to squeeze Zorya's hand to an uncomfortable degree, but the efficacy of this attempt is dubious. He's all smiles and confidence on the outside, but those close to him might be able to see the tell-tale tension around his eyes and the faint tremor in his hands. Despite this, he immediately fixes his eyes on the eggs, to see with delight (and some trepidation) that a few are already rocking. Looks like this is getting off to a fast start!

The Contours of Light Egg begins to move again, this time the movement not stopping so quickly. Cracks start to appear along the lighter lines of the shell, almost seeming to follow those brighter streaks across the surface.

Lear had began to follow C'nor when he heard Iroha's call. Looking back he almost stumbles. Catching himself and continuing into the sands he focuses on the view before him. Bowing to Ankheptih and Dhonzayth and their riders. Lear then finds a place on the sands. "Iroha…Mipsy…they're already shaking!" he offers, as if this is needed. His hands remove hair from his face before he anxiously looks around himself.

Ankhepith trumpets as the first egg breaks completely, though the gold is not ready to settle just yet. Someone near the end of the candidate line draws her attention and there's a disgruntled rumble directed at them. Leslyn nods to L'ton, "Got to be. Right? best parents they could have. Biased? Oh yes.

A'tien can't help but chuckle as he watches the clutchparents, his own eyes flickering upwards in thought, "One of these days, it'd be interesting to see how Cereth handles being a clutchfather…" And he will offer a little wave to Leslyn in greeting, but then his attention is quickly stolen by the new bronze on the sands. "I forget how fast this tends to go by."

In the Galleries, Leona tilts her head at the sands, and frowns. "Bronze first. That's good, I hope…" There's concern on her face, as she notices how exhausted Ankhepith is looking. The flu… She looks a little worried, peering over the eggs, then blinking as candidates file out. "Still don't see Shandraive… Oh! There he is! Yes, Lakareth, he's here, now /shush/." she mutters at the brown, glancing apologetically to the other folk in the galleries.

Of Mazes and Monsters Egg lies in wait. It might have never moved at all by the way it remains so silent now

C'nor comes out at the back of the candidates in time to see the first hatchling appear. "Here we go." He murmurs as he makes his way to the weyrling staff. "Everyone ready?" He asks. "When you see someone, head out and get them off the sands, just remember try not to touch anyone, unless you really need to."

Tempered and Tarnished Bronze Hatchling stretches slowly, though never fully straightening, before he's moving from the remnants of his eggshell. Its time to show everyone how it's done, and leave the comedy to the bears. Slowly meandering down the line of white robed candidates, he's pausing to look here, and there, before it's with a disdainful snort that he's passing a group of girls. Only then does he pause, turning to look at long time candidate Statler, giving the man a long look. And then, it's a nudge to the stomach, and the man in his last chance at the stands is looking surprised. "Waldorth" And then a chuckle at some unheard remark and S'tler is turning to escort the bronze off the sands. "Of course, we don't need to watch their pathetic show anymore"

With a triumphant cry the Tempered and Tarnished Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Of Mazes and Monsters Egg lies in wait. It might have never moved at all by the way it remains so silent now; maybe its earlier display was all a trick of the heat and the rest of the rocking eggs? Yet while it doesn't move, spidery cracks have begun to follow the trail of the labyrinthine shell, camouflaged. Only appearing more obvious when bits of shell finally start flaking off and the breaks widen.

Dimitri quietly watches as they eggs begin to move and grove, cracking and so forth, his hands rubbing against the sides of his robe. The bronze is stared at for a time, "Guess I should be glad about not making the bet on just which color would hatch first."

Iroha stumbles more than walks out onto the Sands, the girl unfortunately looking somewhat deranged with her flyaway curls framing her pale, nervous-excited-scared face. "Oh…." A small squeak as she finds eggs already cracking and indeed even hatched! Hearing a familiar voice calling her name, she scuttles across to stand next to Lear. "I can't see Mipsy … she's probably hiding behind someone."

Zipalla sucks in a breath and glances to Zorya, eyes sparkly bright, cheeks flushed, a smile only held in check by the entrapment of her lower lip in her teeth. She looks back to the eggs, breath..just breath.. her gaze flicking from egg to egg, every sound of a crack, every wobble, stealing her attention from one to the next. She glances to C'nor then legs go of hands she was holding, clasping her own before her, rocking on her heels.

Zorya bites her lip as she glances towards Shandraive. "Good luck," she offers quietly, giving the boy's hand a squeeze in return. Zipalla receive similar words just in time for the cracking of the shell of the Overhead Critics Egg catches the harper's attention. Just remember to breath and everything will be okay. Right?

The Contours of Light Egg continues to vibrate and crack, until faint fissure lines cover its entire surface. Then it stills again for one breath…two breaths…three breaths… until the bronze shells seem to burst away from a creature like an explosion of fire. The 'fire' dies down and the shells settleat the feet of Brilliant Display of Verdent Green Hatchling.

Brilliant Display of Verdent Green Hatchling
From her snout to her tail tip this dragon is a beauty to behold in the variegated greens that adorn her hide. Her snout is an emerald green, flecked like brushstrokes of paint upon her hide. though her head knobs rise forth as the darkest of greens almost black, long and elegant. Her long neck and chest carry the same emerald yet also flecked with brushstrokes of darker green and almost bronze colours, giving an almost iridescent look to her hide. Her wing sails look dark when tucked against her hide, the shading from shoulder to tip going from the variegated emerald green out to the darkest of greens at the wing tips. Her tail is marked with little specks of blue all down its length giving an striking appearance. In contrast to the colourful nature of her hide, her talons are a pale earthy brown, long and slender.

Aisling never really thought she'd be out here on the sands again, but here she is. "Ah, yeah I think so." She says, nodding lightly as she watches the hatchlings making their way out of their eggs.

Lear caught Dimitris note about the bet and chuckles. "your right, through Bronze is supposed to be lucky…er.. is it?" the bronze had not looked too lucky, with its rather twisted look. As iroha stands next to him he looks to her and smiles. "She'll be ok. Hopefully she will be spotted by a dragonet though eh?" This is the most he has said in a long while but his flow of words stops as he watches the bronze Impress. It seemed so quick, and then there is a green. "Oh a green Iro!" he offers suddenly.

In the Galleries, Lorena has found herself a seat in the front. She leans her arms upon the railing, gazing out into the mass of candidates and eggs. Her eyes fall on the bronzeling as he makes his appearance and impression so quickly. "That was quick." And no sooner has she said it than a richly arrayed green hatches. Lorena's eyes rake the small hatchling before she turns to gaze through the gallery crowd… looking for someone.

Shandraive's eyes are drawn to the source of the loud noise, and his stomach turns when he realizes that the first hatchling is already on the sands. "It's moving so fast!" he whispers to Zorya and Zipalla, a little bit awe-struck. This is his first Hatching, after all, and it's no surprise that he's a bundle of nerves. "Look, Statler got bronze! Would'nta guessed that." He peers across the panorama and is surprised to see that a green has hatched in the brief moment while his attention wandered. "Look, a green!"

Dimitri calls out his congratulations to the new bronze pair and looks back to the clutch to see the green hatch. "Look at that little lady, real nice." he works his way down the line toward other candidates he knows.

In the Galleries, Chaise drags her eyes from the sands to glance over at Leona. "Is bronze first good? I thought that was an old wive's tail." She says it lightly though, a hint of a smirk touching her lips. There's a pause as the bronze finds his 'mate and the little green hatches, but then she looks back over at the Istan rider down the bench. "Is she going to be alright? Ankhepith I mean."

Zipalla does manage to breath, but it's not so much apparent, her chest rising and falling in a shallow rythm as she watches the bronze totter off to his mte. The green draws a smile and Zip watches her for a moment too then her attention once more falls to the eggs…hatchlings..eggs..candidates.. oh my.

Brilliant Display of Verdent Green Hatchling stands in the remnants of her shells, looking about her curiously before lowering her head and nudging one of the shell fragments till it topples from the mound. She takes a step to follow it which causes her to stumble forward a few feet and that is when she notices the many creatures in white surrounding her. The little Hatchling just sits down and looks over each candidate curiously from her place on the sands, moving to none of them but examining each one with an intense look of appraisal.

Dhonzayth turns his head to follow the path of his bronze offspring, crooning as it finds his lifemate, before his attention is settled on the little green instead, and now that's who he's encouraging, letting Ankhepith settle herself.

Iroha offers little more than a tight nod in agreement with Lear. She's got a double-fistful of robe already twisted into nervous grip, and, for her, is standing most unnaturally still. A small gasp as the newest hatchling draws points and exclamations. "Oh, she's beautiful…"

Of Mazes and Monsters Egg starts having a difficult time breaking out, its progress stagnating. All attempts at rocking itself to pieces are a frustrating failure. Claws appear sticking out through the already made holes, clawing at the tougher surface to weaken it. Claw, shake, and finally a muffled creel as the dragonet inside refuses to be kept trapped by this prison. With one last effort it pushes a second claw through and /rips/ the egg right in half, emerging out into the world with a mighty cry.

Dreams and Schemes Bronze Hatchling
In mottled burnt bronze and polished brass this large dragon embodies a predator; though short in snout, almost flattened, the inky black tip curves downwards into a sharp point. Several pearly white teeth peek out along the side in a fierce display of pure carnivore. Overly large rounded eyes, always a-whirl with absorbing intelligence, are fixed in a permanent glare from dark angled eyeridges, sweeping back into near-black headknobs that match the sooty broad sails of his wings. The most brazen part of his hide fills in the rest of his head like a copper mask, before being suffocated by the lesser metallic sheen of dark sepia in a splotchy pattern as it falls down the regal arch of his neck and into the rest of his body. Brushing his short thick rudder-like tail and lightening again down elegant legs that end in wickedly sharp onyx talons.

In the Galleries, Leona shakes her head at Chaise. "Bronze first is generally a good sign for the health of the clutch. If there's bronze first, odds must be good for even more bronzes, given the odds of any given egg hatching first." No, she's never been a part of betting in her life, why would you think that? Cough. "And look, a second bronze already." See. That /proves/ her theory. Or… Something.

Zorya blinks, blue eyes shifting toward the newly made pair as they're pointed out by the boy beside her. One hand caught up by Shandraive, the other clenches a fistful of her robe. But as the bronze pair are lead off the green makes her appearance the blonde gaze once again shifts. A glance being sent towards her cousin and then back to the sands. "So fast.." she mutters in reply to whoever'd said it first.

Dimitri looks this way and that, chuckling at the green before jumping back at the arrival of the second bronze. "Very fast." he agrees with Zorya when her comment is heard. "Look at him, bet he's a handful to be sure." he notes but not with a frown but with a grin.

In the Galleries, Leona adds, "Hopefully, they're healthy in /other/ ways than just colour." with a grimace.

Ankhepith paces some more, finally having to accept that she cannot stop this from happening no matter whichof the candidates she disapproves of. Settling down beside Dhonzayth she still, a little, head still swinging to and fro to watch everyone and make sure they behave.

Brilliant Display of Verdent Green Hatchling sits still for a bit longer once she has examined all the candidates. Working through all the day she has received and looks up to her clutchmother for a moment. Then it looks like a decision is made and she turns to look back to the candidates and starts to move forward to a small group having narrowed down her choices. Her movements are slow and deliberate, nearly hiding her youthful clumsiness just by moving so slowly.

C'nor starts directing members of his weyrling staff out onto the sands proper to collect the first few. His jacket doesn't last very long though in this heat and it's removed and thrown over towards the wall of the cavern. "It's always so hot in here, there are times when I think back and figure a candidate robe would be better."

Gol Darn Ball of Yarn Egg doesn't move. Nope. Not a shudder. But there's a distinct noise coming from its direction, a faint tap-tapping that is beating out some sort of rhythm, or perhaps the hatchling inside is just pausing to listen after each blow.

Lear nods, his motion echoing Iroha's nod though his fingers continue to pick of dust. "ewww.. look at the goo.." he offeres as he watches another egg crack. "The slime.." its not good for this candidate. Lear seems to swallow a few times as he gets over the ick he feels. "I shouldn't have eaten that Pie.." His words trail off though as the egg that cracked now has a bronze standing in its place. "They seem to be inspecting us.. look at that ones eyes!"

Shandraive can't seem to decide what to look at. His gaze flickers back and forth between the green and the brown, eyes wide in an attempt to take in _everything_ in this mass of movement. "Is she going awa- No, back toward the Candidates, good." It's not really said to anyone — just a running monologue to keep his mind too distracted to be nervous. That's the plan, anyway.

Dreams and Schemes Bronze Hatchling sits on his haunches in the middle of the remains of his shell, head arched high as he glares around the hatching sands. Left, right, head turning almost around to peek back at his clutchparents. And then it snaps forward, his eyes whirling red as they focus on his prey. Ah, those lovely white things, fidgeting about! He sets his forepaws down on the ground and stalks forward, stepping silently around his eggshells with his gooey wings held out for balance.

Dimitri doesn't seem to mind the goo on the hatchlings, nope not him as he sees messy as a good thing. "Ain't they supposed to do that? Inspect us? That's how they find just which one they're supposed to bond to right?" He's guessing for the most part. "That bronze is a movin', he's got me a tad bit worried already."

Dhonzayth turns his head to regard Ankhepith as she finally settles down, though as she swings her head, he's pulling his own back to keep it out of the way, a rumble at her, even as he's keeping his own eyes on the proceedings.

Gol Darn Ball of Yarn Egg sways a little this time though there is no visible damage to the shall that would hint at it hatching soon. In fact, other than that sway and tapping from inside it would be hard to say it was doing anything.

A'tien makes his way to one of the newer pairings, leading them off towards the barracks. His own jacket doesn't seem to stay on for very long, in fact, it soon vanishes when he returns to the sands. "You'd think we'd learn by now to dress for the warmth." A'tien says, laughing over towards C'nor.

Zipalla darts looks at her fellow candidates, excited looks, wondering where each little dragonet will run, or wobble, as the case may be. "They all look healthy and fine…" she murmurs mostly to herself, certainly not loudly, just an observation, and one that makes her smile in relief.

Iroha finally unstatues herself, the heat of the Sands causing the ages-old "Sands Dance" to begin. Hop, shuffle, hop, though all without moving a single step in any direction. An elbow is softly nudged towards Lear's ribs as he starts nattering about the goo. "Hey, Lear, look here," she says sharply. Then, deliberately, she forms circles with thumb and forefingers, and holds them up to her eyes as she blinks at him. "Just ignore it!" Nervous grin.

In the Galleries, Chaise nods slowly, turning from the brownrider to eye the sands. "They all look… normal? To me." That's not saying much as she's never actually seen a hatchling in person. "Were they really worried that the flu would cause them to be unhealthy? I thought they had that all pretty much taken care of." Then again, her gaze slides awkwardly to the coughing gold and she shifts her weight on the bench. Apparently not entirely taken of.

Brilliant Display of Verdent Green Hatchling finally moves to stand in front of two candidates, looking over each one intently before sitting down in front of the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks the girl over, examining her even more closely before giving a little nod and pressing her muzzle to the girl's chest.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Brilliant Display of Verdent Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

A rather round young candidate seems to be upset that the Verdant Green hatchling has found her lifemate, and that it's not her! There's a bit of sniffling from the girl, then some outright sobbing. It continues until the candidate standing next to her gives her a nudge in the ribs and points to all the other eggs left on the sands yet.

Zorya nods in agreement to… well to something someone said. What exactly its hard to say. "At least you can see them this time," she notes idly, her tone hushed as she's almost forgotten to keep taking a breath once again. A breath that's caught in her throat even longer as the green settles in front of… her? and the girl just stares. "Ahh.." Blink. Nod. "Of course Ixophenth." Blink.

Dreams and Schemes Bronze Hatchling approaches the line closer, swiveling his head from one to the other. It's the girls he seems to approach first, giving them a displeasing growl in the back of his throat. He stops near a small cluster of them, as if sizing them up. Wrong in every way! He starts padding away slowly until suddenly, at the last second, he twists and jerks forward towards the girls as if he was about to ram through them. But his feet sink into the ground, and he just stares to watch their reactions. Finally, with a snort, he starts down the line again with a more pleased hop to his steps.

Lear had been trying to lift his feet to stop them getting to hot, but had been rooted to the spot until he was nudged. Suddenly, at the action made Lear Laughed out loud. A rather odd sound to be heard, considering the circumstances. His laugh is suddenly cut short as the glaring red eyes of the stalking bronze is noted. "hey, he's abit..oh!" the statment is lost as he turns to see who had impressed. The cry had told him it had happened. "Oh! Zorya! Congrats! Iroha did you see??"

Gol Darn Ball of Yarn Egg rolls! One moment it was there in its hollow, the next it's making for the candidates at surprising speed. The tapping from inside is gaining intensity, gaining volume, and suddenly the egg unravels and a chubby green hatchling is left to survey her work.

Dance Your Cares Away Green Hatchling
Squat of body, thick of haunch, the unkind would call this little green dragon fat. The kind would be hard pushed to call her anything other than chubby. Her colouring is a mostly pure forest green, paling over her stumpy headknobs to a rich yellow, a colour which also tints her stubby tail. Her legs are short, almost too short for her body, yet her feet are delicate and tipped with slender ivory talons. An odd rough patch of hide circles her belly, this uneven belt an oddity when compared to the perfection of her wings. Though the spars are plain, the sails themselves are shot with lines of silver - a delicate secret plan sketched out over their surface.

Dimitri watches as the green impresses, trying to look down the line to just where and to who but with all the moving bodies and all it's hard to see. "Congratulations…Zorya and Ixophenth." finally comes as he hears the name called out over the noise on the sands. He watches the pair for a moment longer before turning back to watch the bronze and another egg that moves then hatches out another green.

As Zorya speaks, A'tien's head swivels to the source. "Ah, Ixophenth, is it? If you could do me a favor and follow me? We'll get your pretty little green all fed up." A little grin is offered as he leads the new greenrider towards the barracks.

Zipalla eyes the approaching green, inhaling and then her face breaks into a wide smile, "Zor!" she yelps, beaming at her cousin. "Oh Zor, congratulations!" she calls out, clapping her hands to her mouth. Beam!

Weird as a Wherry Egg is trying to escape! Trying to escape by boring a hole through the center of Pern, it would seem. There's no rocking going on here, simply a twisting motion, back and forth, causing the egg to move itself deeper and deeper into the sand. Hopefully it won't get too far down, or it'll be buried!

Iroha's laugh had joined Lear's, the girl pleased to have suitably distracted her friend. Then she whipping her head to the side, clapping excitedly, "Zorya? No, I missed it! Oh, that's wonderful!" Bounce bounce. As he points the bronze, she sidles a bit closer to him. Speaking a lower voice, "I don't like that one…."

There's a rather unprofessional woot coming from the platform as the green finds Zorya, and for almost a moment, L'ton looks sorry, but then he's clapping happily, even giving Les's shoulder a squeeze. "One down, one ta go!"

In the Galleries, Leona frowns a little, and nods at the green, "Well, she certainly looks … 'healthy'." Cough. She turns to Chaise, with a shrug, "I, honestly, I don't know if the flu has had any effect on them, or how you'd even /tell/ in this chaos. But … it's a worry."

Dreams and Schemes Bronze Hatchling is determined in his steps, forward march, snorting and grumbling lowly at each different face that he passes. Again he pauses momentarily to shake off some sand from his egg-gooey body, in the direction of the candidates of course. But then something moving catches his attention, and his head swings about as he focuses on it. Fixed on a specific candidate, he finally drops his head and starts moving with more certitude. Close enough, and then /pounce/! Right in front of tall boy, his victim claimed with a croon.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dreams and Schemes Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dance Your Cares Away Green Hatchling sits for a while and considers… herself. It's only when she's ready, when her plan is fully formed, that she stands and looks around. Let right foot = forward. Good, it moved. Now if she planned correctly then a twitch here should… her wings flicker. Excellent. Another cautious step is taken, the mechanics worked out carefully, meticulously, as she makes her way to the line of candidates. If candidates = here, then let Mokey = the one. Poor M'key had been in a dream, her usually state, staring off into the distance. It's not often dreams actually come true, but for this candidate and her Dhozeth they have.

Leslyn can't help but laugh at L'ton's reaction. "Don't count your eggs, Ton, you know how this goes as well as anyone." She casts an eye over the sands, "Was that another?"

With a triumphant cry the Dance Your Cares Away Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Dimitri stops and stares, rubbing a sweat dampened hand a cross his face before reaching out to touch the hatchling before him. "Rixaith?" There could be a tear or three upon the teens face as he strokes the dragonet a few times. "How about some food, Huh? I heard they're serving up some good chunks of meat just the right size for you, and then you're right we've much fun to plot out and have." Then with a more beaming grin he turns around, "Hey y'all this is Rixaith and I'm..M'tri" Bewilderment causes him to shake his head a few times, "I hope your sure about this Rixaith." he whispers to the bronze before looking around. "Food, Food. He wants Food."

Shandraive becomes more and more tense as the green draws near — is this it? Has it happened? — but relaxes visibly when Zorya speaks. He drops the girl's hand. "She's beautiful, Zorya," he says by way of congratulations. Although he knows his eyes should be on the bronze still on the sands, it's hard to stop focusing on the tiny dragonet near him. They're so.. entrancing. And by the time he pays attention to the clutch again, it looks like the bronze is staring up at someone (can't see who, too much of a crowd), and a green he hadn't even seen _hatch_ has already _Impressed_. Shan still looks a little dizzy from the speed of everything.

Tears actually come to the eldest Shipton's eyes as she watches Zorya and her mate toddle off, "She's waited so long.." she says, fanning herself a bit. She hears the 'woot' and glances to her father with a sort of giggle then she turns back to the sands. Zipalla turns a congratulatory smile to another pair then back to Shandraive, "Still breathin?" she asks him, though her eyes move to Dimitri and she gasps. "Ohhh!"

The drilling, it is complete! And Weird as a Wherry Egg has finally stopped the twisting motion, with at least the bottom third or so now rooted in the sand. All of that drilling seems to have given it a firm base though as it moves into the next stage: excavation. Tremors shake over the egg as the life inside seeks to spring out. The shell of the egg strains at the pressure being put on it, until it finally gives way and cracks spider downwards from its peak.

Lear is glad his friend had distracted him and as her actions and for a moment seems to grin with a silly expression, the nerves he feels making the smile stick. As Iroha's words reach his ear about the bronze he nods. "Rather scary i agree!" It makes Lear look towards the bronze so he actually sees this impression. "Mit! Congratulations!" He calls though is sure his voice is lost in the throng.

Electric Mayhem Egg gives a shimmy, dancing to some inner music that only it can hear, wobbling away on the Sands.

Shandraive nods mutely at Zipalla's question, then adds, "Only barely. You?" It's mostly sarcastic, which is a good sign that he's not quite as nervous as before. As the Electric Mayhem Egg does its dance, he recalls that the eggs are probably a good thing to pay attention to, too. "I'm happy for her."

Aisling guesses she's up now! Moveing across the sands towards to lead M'tri and his new lifemate properly off the sands. "This way. I'm sure he's plenty hungry."

Weird as a Wherry Egg seems to be just about finished with its tremors when a claw pops out the top. It grabs around the broken edge of egg, seemingly trying to pull itself out. But instead all it's getting is fragments of egg falling into and outside of it. Then a snout appears, still covered in bits of egg and left over egg goop, it's color for now indiscernible. Tiny dragon teeth grab the side of the egg… Is it trying to eat its way free? The teeth had the same effect as the claw, only destroying the outer shell more and more. Then finally the egg, out of balance and freed from its sandy prison, topples over. And out rolls the hatchling contained within!

Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Hatchling
The underbelly of this beast is a deep and rich brown, like well fertilized moist soil. This dark brown wash covers all the way from his chin, down the underside of his neck, over his belly and right to the tip of his tail. Sturdy hind legs with paws a bit larger than normal also bear this very dark brown, save for the claws which are an ashy orange color. The top half of the dragon is covered in a swirl pattern, not unlike a marbled chocolate and vanilla cake. The majority of the dragon is a pleasant yellowy cream color. Mixed throughout are swirls of a burnt umber color, dark towards the bottom and fading into a lighter red towards the top. The wisps melt into the cream like a mix of paint after the first few stirs; starting big and thick over his back and thinning out on his head and tail. While they maintain a chaotic pattern down his neck and back, on the dragon's head the markings are perfectly symmetrical. Two pointy swirls taper down his face over his eyes, and two stretch from the end of his gently tapered snout backwards into a ring.

Big Blue Wet Thing Egg rocks gently from side to side, mimicing the movement of the sea that it so resembles. Gently. No rush. Just washing about in its sandy home.

M'tri looks to Aisling with a nod of his head, "We're right behind you." he mutters as the bronze is moved towards the area off the sands.

Iroha can't help but laugh again, "Oh no! Mit's a terror already!" She's clearly delighted for her fellow, even if his lifemate -does- look like something straight out of a nightmare. "M'tri … I'll have to remember that." She looks around at the contained mayhem of wobbling, cracking eggs and hatching dragonets. "I wonder who's next?"

Electric Mayhem Egg continues to dance, the silent beat visible as the shell rocks. And, as it rocks, it cracks, the internal music simply too much.

In the Galleries, Chaise leans back, crossing her arms at her stomach and letting out a slow breath. "It's all happening so fast. They are… lovely in an akward, gawky, egg bits sort of way aren't they?" She seems to be pulling the smile onto her lips, but it's there. "I'm glad they seem to be alright anyhow. Ooh, that brown's coloring is really nice."

"Well, Ah know how these things can go, but Ah know my Zip." An overly proud father? You betcha. But then, the second bronze of the clutch is Impressing, along with another green, and he's offering continued claps, though they are a tad more subdued than the earlier outburst for Zorya.

Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Hatchling is free! Free at last! His limbs start into a full gallop as he rushes across the sands! Or at least, he would be rushing across the sands. If he were rightside up. But right now he's still on his back from the tumble he's taken, and his legs are flailing in the open air. After a bit more "running" he seems to be out of breath, legs flopping over to one side. Then with a mighty effort from all his muscles, the brown hatchling gets all four legs on the sand. Ta da! Forget what's just happened before.

Leslyn applauds everyone, she doesn't have favourites, just shaking her head at L'ton and refrainign from teasing any more. "That brown's gorgeous." is finally declared, "Although… he's a bit… flaily."

Shandraive can't suppress an, "Oooh" of admiration at the beautifully patterned hide of the newest brown on the sands. "Look at that guy," he laughs to Zip. "Mix a'tween a baker's culinary dream and a bug's highest aspirations, wrigglin' like that." He's still keeping an eye on the clutch, but this brown is such a show-stopper!

Electric Mayhem Egg is definitely rocking and rolling now, and as the silent song seems to reach its peak, the cracks have spread too far. With an audible crash, the shell shatters, leaving one very surprised hatchling behind.

Crazy Awesome Drum Solo Green Hatchling
Vibrant neon green clings desperately to each and every inch of this hatchling's body, curving gently around her rounded and pudgy form, untouched by the shadows that seek to darken her hues around her wing joints and haunches. Electric green ridges storm down her back, her appearance becoming even louder, as speckles of grass green touch her fat nose and stubby headknobs, before dancing over her wingsails in turn. However, even the forest green that attempts to cling to her tail and limbs can do nothing to mute the bright, boisterous hues of this one.

"Ah'm sure he gets that from Ankhepith, Ah mean, just look at her." L'ton winks at Leslyn, teasing her in turn, even as Dhonzayth is still attempting to avoid any of the gold's movements, and still keep an eye on the hatchlings that are continuing to hatch.

The wind is picking up around the Big Blue Wet Thing Egg, rocking it harder and harder from side to side until it bumps against another egg and stays there.

Crazy Awesome Drum Solo Green Hatchling arrives with a crash, wings stretching out wide for balance, as she holds her head up high, trumpeting her first notes. And then, in a flash of moving limbs, she's on her feet and rushing towards the group of candidates, charging at one young man who has just been told by his friend to 'break a leg' - after an impact, the green moves on without a second look, though it seems that luckily the boy's words weren't taken quite literally. Without a second look, the green is on the move towards a pretty girl, Malani, and is quickly bowling her over as well. "Tieth, Tieth Yes, I'm right here, it's okay I'm right here" Eventually able to get to her feet, Malani and her new lifemate follow the Weyrlingmasters to the side of the Sands and the waiting food.

Lear chuckles. "M'tri the terror! i think you have just given him a name already…" Again his sentense drifts away as fingers pluck at his robes and eyes seem to look everywhere at everything that is happening. His eyes spot the brown on its back and grins before he realises that it really should be getting onto its feet. "Its it Ok.. Oh yeah, its up.. oh Iroha, another green Too many!!" And so it would seem, Lear's words all run into each other as his mind is working over time. "So fast!"

With a triumphant cry the Crazy Awesome Drum Solo Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Hatchling has found its lifepartner! Or he seems to think he has. Right now he's chasing a small blonde haired boy, barely old enough to even be on the sands, back and forth across the row of candidates. Then suddenly the boy trips over the back of another candidate's heel and goes tumbling into the sand face first. The brown simply moves over, gives his hair a sniff, then moves back to the row of candidates. Nope. Not that one.

Iroha reaches to clutch Lear's arm, if she can. "Oh, oh, look at that little green!" she says excitedly, having completely missed the undignified arrival of the brown that seems to have captured the attention of most.

Zipalla is raising up onto tippity toes to see where one dragonet is going and then she's looking over the scene again, making sure she's not missing anything. The brown catches her eye and she blinks, "Wow, he is pretty.." she murmurs, "Or..handsome.." she says with a laugh. A green shows herself and Zip smiles, watching that pair, then the brown races through her field of vision and she giggles some.

In the Galleries, Leona looks rather lost, frowning at the sands. "It's crazy. Fast. Crazy fast." she mutters. "Didn't seem this fast when Lakareth found me. Everything sort of … slowed down. And there he was." No, it was just as fast, it just /felt/ slower.

Use the Force Egg seems to sink slowly into the dark Sands of the Hatching Grounds, the murky swamp slowly disappearing, slowly engulfed by darkness. A wiggle, and it only sinks further.

Lear Jumps as Iroha grabs his arm. "Whaaa!" is echoed, but at least not loud enough to be noticed by many. "Green.. yeah.. brown…chasing!" is all he actually manages to get out after that. He looks from the different candidates around him and back to Iroha before his eyes are focused on the eggs once more. "They all seem to be wobbling now!" where to look where to look! "Is the boy ok?" Lear suddenly asks.

In the Galleries, Chaise nods slowly with a frown that grows as she struggles to keep up. "Once again I find myself happy to be on this side of the railing. It all seems rather… chaotic and even dangerous." Her shoulders lift in a shrug and she shakes her head. "I suppose that's a fitting way to begin the life of a dragonrider though, even today when things are less dangerous than they used to be"

Shandraive can hardly keep track of what's going on at this point. "Brown's impr— no, he's still moving. Green's gone to Malani, though, see?" Again with the commentary as a calming gesture to himself. His eyes dart to the Use the Force Egg, which seems to be.. sinking? "If this goes on much longer, I'm going to have the mother of all headaches," he confides to Zorya, gesturing broadly to the pandemonium.

Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Hatchling has gotten a bit of sand up his nose. After several attempts to blow it out it appears he's going to try and scratch it out… with his back claws. He hops around a bit, twirls, spins, nearly takes out a row of candidates with his tail, before he finally lets out a sneeze. The sneeze, coupled with the fact he was only standing on two legs, cause him to capsize. He rolls onto his back with his head at the feet of one particular candidate and looks up. Then he slowly rises to his feet once more.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Big Blue Wet Thing Egg is happy to rest washed up against its clutchmate. It doesn't last much longer, a slight hiccup sends shards flying in every direction and a rather drunken looking green staggers from the wreck.

Professional Pirate Green Hatchling
A snaggletooth and a dark patch over one eye give this little green a rather fearsome look, as if she's already been through a lifetime of battles and already come out the other side. Her hide, in the main, is a rich sea green, sunnier speckles dusting her flanks and buffetting up against sandy talons. Her tail is long and thin, banded like a rope, a colourful oddity that is also echoed along her wingspars. Her wings are pale, almost white in places, the bones within adding ropes of drab olive that secure the sails in place.

Zipalla looks around the area again then tilts a gaze down at one egg, slowly burrowing into the sand. She frowns a little worriedly and glances up to L'ton then back to the egg, then up to L'ton, then over to anyone who might know if that is…normal? Can't be normal.. the others aren't doing that. "Uhm.. up, lil one not down.." she says sort of pleadingly on the dragonet's behalf.

Iroha chokes down a giggle, "Sorry!" She doesn't let go of Lear's arm though, leaning forward to peer around him in an attempt to see what's going on. "Chasing? Oh … that looked like Dalion! Is he alright?" She chews worriedly on her lower lip.

Use the Force Egg continues to shift, the sides bulging outwards, and the shell beginning to crack from the strain. It settles deeper into the black sands, the swamp disappearing behind the cracks.

The blonde boy knocked over from the recently impressed brown is helped to his feet. He seems to be fine, if sandy and a little… jarred. He shakes some of the sand from his hair, then gets right back in line. This time tightly grabbing hold of the hand of a nearby candidate.

With a sudden violent motion the Fulfil The Prophecy Egg jerks to one side. It wobbles at the side of its hollow for far too many heartbeats as if deciding whether to fall over or not. It's with a very slow deliberation that the egg rocks slowly back to an upright position again.

Dhonzayth is turning his head this way and that, watching the path that each young dragonet takes, watching the candidates should any step out of line. A whuffle is given to one yet that has not yet begun to move, nudging Ankhepith to do the same.

Lear was about to cheer about the green impression when the brown impression catches his eye. "Oh Congratulations!!!!…. " he calls before he notes the deep blue egg hatch a green. "Oh! I thought that one would be blue. I lost that bet!" he offers with a light shrug. Lear is very glad that Iroha is holding his arm and with his other hand places his hand over hers. "I'm sure he is ok, though I'll be glad to tease Dalion about that stumble! Oh, its Jarred! can't tease him.. he's nice!" Lear suddenly adds. "Oooorrr its another green!"

Shandraive muffles a laugh as the brown snorts and scratches to relieve the itching of the sand. "Is he goin-" And spins, and twirls, and sneezes.. to topple over in front of him. For a moment, he prepares to step away… and then goes completely calm. "I think it's that way, Oraddokath," he says, pointing toward where the weyrlings are being ushered. And finally it seems to sink in. "Sh'drev, of Oraddokath!" he announces, with a sweeping bow. Arrogant? No. Just painfully excited.

Professional Pirate Green Hatchling staggers from her shell, blinking around the sands blearily, not knowing exactly where she is or which way is up. Her drunken wanderings take her towards the candidates and she all but falls into a short caverns girl from Boll. As Polly sets her Siliveth upright again she can't quite hide her grin. And as the two lean on each other and stagger off towards the weyrlingmasters they begin to chatter away happily.

With a triumphant cry the Professional Pirate Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Use the Force Egg suddenly ceases sinking, ceases moving. And then, suddenly, the shell is no more, the pieces pushed outwards as if pushed by a significant blast from within. And, rather than an egg, a brown hatchling is left in its place, slowly uncurling and straightening up.

C'nor moves out into the sands to collect the next new pairing. "Sh'drev and Oraddokath was it?" He asks politely, "If you'd like to come this way we have food all set up for you to feed them." He explains as he waves them over towards the exit to the weyrling barracks.

Hidden Strength and Wisdom Brown Hatchling
Fallow brown creeps up the limbs of this lean and limber brown, like dried vines sprouting from the ground, using his body as a trellis. The muted hues branch outwards across his stomach, like flat leaves tickling his hide, curving around the shape of his torso, conforming to his thin sides. And yet, try as the fallow brown may it is unable to climb further, unable to overcome the bole hues that have settled themselves on his back, like heavy bark upon his body. Bole is what dominates his long, thin neck, growing heavy over his long, almost pointed headknobs, while khaki is what dominates his muzzle, giving him an aged look well before his time as it tickles his nostrils and chin. Rich cordovan - almost burgundy - dyes his ridges as they work their way back down his back, a wealthy addition to his otherwise neutral coloration, a hue that is carried to the tip of his long, lean tail without spreading. Even his wings lack particular emphasis, as tan sails stretch between fallow and bole-spotted spars, khaki speckles here and there along their large expanse. And yet, despite his lean appearance, there's a certain strength inhabiting his form, emphasized in the smooth, clean lines of his body.

In the Galleries, Leona snickers a little, and shakes her head. "Aw, the other side's not too bad. I was out there once, up at Telgar. Walked away with my brown Lakareth. Not an experience I'm eager to repeat, but that's never going to happen, so." she shrugs, peering over the sands. "It's /hot/ down there. I remember /that/. "Oh, Lakareth, /look/!" she grins, pointing to Sh'drev, as though Lakareth can hear. He's not even /here/. "That one you searched, Shandraive, impressed a brown!" she chuckles, proud for her dragon. He only searched one this cycle, because he fell ill, but it was a /good/ one.

Fulfil The Prophecy Egg stays still for a long time, until just on the edge of hearing a tapping noise starts to emerge from within, growing louder and more intense as time goes on until a claw bursts free for a moment from the strange shard area on the shell.

Hidden Strength and Wisdom Brown Hatchling stretches as he stands, tail twitching slowly as he tests his wings, slowly furling and unfurling them, turning his head this way and that to check out how they work. A look to the clutch parents, and then to the emptying Sands, and he stretches his wings out once more. A final flip of them to his back and he's moving quickly towards the ring of candidates, a bit of a bounce to his step.

Iroha is agreeing with Lear, "I thought for sure it'd be blue, too. Guess it just shows you can't judge a hatchling by its shell!" She turns her head to smile at him, but is quickly back to peering around as another voice calls out the name of a new dragon. "Oh, I missed another one! Who was it? Did you see?"

Zipalla beams over at Shandraive, "Ohhh! Congratulations!" she calls out to the pair then her eyes flick back to the sinking egg. She literally jumps when the brown dragonet appears and then exhales, a hand to her chest, "Thank goodness!" she says excitedly. She looks around slowly at the broken circle of candidates, another moment frozen in her mind, shells all over the place, goo, excited mates, rushing off the sands, pawprints here and there mingled with dug out imprints of candidate feet making haste.

Once the claw withdraws inside the shell the Fulfil The Prophecy Egg goes still again until a series of cracks start to fork out from the hole in the egg to the accompaniment of a very deliberate tapping. Once the egg is completely covered in cracks there is a pause before the egg collapses into tiny shards as its occupant cowers in the hollow with an angry hiss.

The young girl that had broken into tears earlier has now broken into a sneezing fit. Is she allergic to dragons? Who can say, but thankfully the fit subsides before she's escorted off the sands. She does look a bit embarrassed though.

Time of Testing Blue Hatchling
Crooked and twisted, the form of this dusky blue dragon is far from visually pleasing. His head is elongated, top lip drooping down to a beaklike point tipped with grey, while his eyes are sunken and seem permanently lidded by the excess folds of hide around them. His steel blue shoulders hunch forwards making the overgrown points of his neckridges flare out like spikes, and though his forelimbs are crooked and almost unnaturally thin, there is no doubting the sharpness of his obsidian talons. His stomach is lean, though it seems to have extra hide that hangs in folds along his length. His rear limbs and tail are somewhat thicker, though they too seem wasted and pale, his tail tip shading more towards bleached bone than a true blue. Even his wings have not avoided this blight; they hang limply from the spars, seemingly tattered along the trailing edges and tinged with rotted brown and black.

Hidden Strength and Wisdom Brown Hatchling continues to bounce, his lanky body stretching out as he skids to a halt at the white ring, wings opening slightly to keep his balance as he looks this way and that. His muzzle is shoved at the short, round Miripala, before with a soft nudge and a snort, he's on his way again, tail tip flicking all the while.

Lear agrees and smiles. "Can't tell a shell by its…oh what another one?" his eyes look about and then he nods. "Shan Impressed!" the joy for his fellow candidate obvious before he then adds about the green who also found his life mate. Suddenly he stops whittern and looks to the brown. "He seems to be actually thinki…eww.." Lear stops and without thinking uses his free hand to point. "I think the flue affected that one.." indicating the blue for a moment. Looking back to Iroha he then chuckles. "I said that outloud didn't i, about the flue!" once again whittering!

Time of Testing Blue Hatchling musters enough courage to lift his head up over the lip of the egg hollow he's still sitting in and looks around. There's nothing immediately that seems to catch his attention enough to make him move though and he remains where he is while he checks out everything that's there.

It's been a while, but there's a shuffling from near the barracks as A'tien makes his way back from the barracks. "Shards, and I thought Cereth and I were bad." There's a shake of his head, a hand swooping through his hair momentarily as he waits on the outskirts of the hatching sands to collect the newly impressed.

As the last egg hatches, Dhonzayth is left to stare at the empty shards, as the last hatchlings are meandering the sands. Turning his head to look at the platform and L'ton, he's crooning softly, and then his gaze is back on the few candidates still in their white robes.

Hidden Strength and Wisdom Brown Hatchling practically prances his way down the line of candidates, pausing now and then to eye a candidate, testing them, before moving on. And, it is in doing this that he nearly passes by a dirty-blonde haired girl, before he's turning on his tail, and shoving his muzzle in her stomach. And this time, there is no moving on, as he croons softly, lifting his head to meet her gaze.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Hidden Strength and Wisdom Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

One of the older candidates on the sand, a big burly guy with lots of facial hair points to the most recently hatched brown. "That one has to be mine!" He explains to a weasely looking kid next to him, who snickers, then adds, "Yeah right. You're going to impress a green, I'll bet!" The burly candidate just furrows his brow at the other candidate, turning his eyes back to the brown… just in time for it to impress to someone else.

The blue catches Zipalla's eye for a moment and she smiles, "ooh look at that he is a fierce one.." she says of the tough looking dragon, well they all look tough in their own way but…but… "Oh.." she murmurs, staring at the dragonet before her, ooofing softly at the prod to her belly. This time her tears are for her own mate and she smiles, touching his face softly. "Yes, Adereth..I am yours.." she says, "And you are hugnry!"

Time of Testing Blue Hatchling eventually starts to move, it's a strange shambling gait that he has as shuffles out of the hollow and onto the sands proper. His wings flutter out ineffectually spraying some stray bits of eggshell around before he folds them back against his sides again. Settling into a slow sort of shuffle he makes his way towards the line of robed candidates, eyeing each in turn.

Iroha covers her mouth with her free hand, eyebrows quirking into a dismayed expression. "Oh Lear, don't be mean! He just … needs some good feeding, that's all!" Her voice is rather doubtful, however, even muffled behind her hand as it is.

Aisling comes back quickly to the sands, looking a bit ruffled at all the candidates turning weyrling. She smiles at a passing pair as she heads back out onto the sands to see how's left.

A'tien will look towards Zipalla's direction as she ends up with the newest dragon, "Adereth is it? If you would come this way so we can get him fed, there's lots of things to eat." He nods in the direction of the barracks as he starts to walk off, pausing every now and then to make sure the pair was indeed, following.

Time of Testing Blue Hatchling comes to halt a fair bit away from the candidates and tilts his head to the side in a very wherry like way as he eyes one particular candidate. A taloned claw rises and points towards the candidate in question, the big blue seemingly focusing really hard on that one teenager.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Time of Testing Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

In the Galleries, Chaise's brow creases at the sight of the little blue, and her breath escapes in a rush. "He certainly doesn't look quite as… healthy as the plump green one anyhow. I hope he's alright." The words are trite and a bit lame, but the feeling behind them is true enough as she leans forward to watch his progress. "I'm sure if you walk away with a dragon it all seems well worthwhile but the process does not seem terribly appealing." She's murmuring this to Leona, only half her attention on her own words.

Lear is about to say something about the brown when he catches Zipalla's words. "oooo congrats.." Lear suddenly shudders. "Look at the goo!!" With that he is about to say something else when he chuckles at Iro "He does need alot of feeding…he..he…" Lear falls quest then as he shudders as a claw, he realises is being extended in his direction. "Sisketh…um.. L'ar… yesss.. feeding… yess…" Lear blinks a few more times as he realises he has been chosen. "I'm not afraid, honest!" he adds suddenly, not looking about him.

In the Galleries, Leona snickers and shakes her head. "Well, I hardly find the idea of /childbirth/ appealing, nor children in general, but women all over are just about dying for the little brats. It's something you have to /understand/ to understand, I guess." she shrugs a little, with a fond little smile for her brown.

Iroha drops Lear's arm and skitters sideways a few steps as the sickly-looking blue singles him out. Both hands covering her mouth now, tears welling in green eyes as she watches the two of them together. "Oh Lear … congratulations …" The words not really loud enough to be heard. Clearing her throat, she lifts her voice, "Sisketh … take care of him!"

Aisling is quick to walk on over to Lear and his new lifemte. "Ah, L'ar, Sisketh?" She says with a smile. "This way. We'll get some food into you." She says holding out a hand and gesturing off the sands.

Lear looks to Iroha and blinks a few times before he catches A'tiens words. "Um, ok.." The blue beside him is looked over again, and amazinly L'ar smiles broadly. Who would have thought considering the look the blue was giving him.

There's another woot from the platform as Zipalla Impresses in turn, a woot which continues for Lear. And then, with the realization that the last hatchling is gone, L'ton is glancing sidelong at Leslyn, before stepping forward on the platform. "For those of ya who didn't find yer lifemate here today, know that it doesn't mean ya dun have one. The dragons saw something in ya fer a reason. Yer more than welcome ta stay on here at Ista, or if'n ya have somewhere ya'd prefer ta go, we'd be happy ta help get ya there. But, fer now, everyone's invited ta the feast, ta celebrate our new weyrlings!" And another round of applause, and then the bronzerider is moving to his lifemate's side, Dhonzayth offering his own trumpet of approval at the newly made matches.

In the Galleries, Chaise lifts her hands as if to applaud as the final hatchling finds his match, but as she'd be the only one they end up falling back to her lap. Right. "I suppose you're right about that. Most people would rather do anything than sit in front of a computer screen all day, so to each his own." Her eyes flit back to the happy weyrling pair heading off the sands. "Not to say that end result wouldn't be a lovely one. It's just pretty far outside the realm of my experience." She grins over at the brownrider. "I'd rather stand than have a baby though, I'll tell you that much."

In the Galleries, Leona grimaces, and glances down. "You're telling /me/. Sharding brats." she mutters, hand automatically going to her still quite flat stomach. "Nothing but /parasites/ if you ask me." But, you know, no-one /did/ ask her. "Standing was the best thing I ever did. Lakareth… Keeps me sane. I was drifting a little before I impressed, I admit." Okay, drifting a lot… But still.

Iroha blinks bemusedly as L'ton's voice carries across the Sands. Looking around in a bit of a daze as she realises that all the eggs have hatched and new weyrling pairs are all gone. "Is it really over?" she asks of no one in particular. Hands falling to her sides, she takes a few steps before, impulsively, leaning down to scoop something off the ground near her feet. Cradling whateveritis carefully in her palm, she wanders back down the tunnel leading to the Barracks, along with those others left behind.

In the Galleries, Chaise shifts on her seat, eyes directed away from Leona. "Hmm," she offers noncommitally. "Well I'm glad you found each other in that case." She lightly wets her lips, then stands, smoothing the front of her trousers unneccessarily. "I ought to be going and make sure I don't miss my ride. It was nice to meet you… brownrider." No names had been exhanged so she just offers the title before slipping away into the crowd.

In the Galleries, Leona nods absently at Chaise, grimacing at some unrelated thing and glancing over the sands absently. She'll head out in a moment. Probably.

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