Tejath's Flight

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Late afternoon provides a nice bit of warmth for a certain glittery green who's just woken up. Tejath is all stretches and yawns for now, talons digging deep gashes in the black sand as she wakes herself up. An equally sleep fuzzed Aisling has decided to not stretch and instead sits far away form her lifemate and decides to feel miserable instead. Tejath gives a little trill to the air before she goes running off to stretch herself out. She has plans for today, and they don't include the work she was supossed to do later on.

Aryll is strolling down the beach, the blonde swinging a small picnic basket as she spies the perfect spot to settle down. Pan and Talaimon are gliding about the blonde, the flitters waiting for the feast to start. Tejath's yawning and stretching catches the teens eye, a tilt of the head when she notices something funny about the green's hide. "Heya Ais." She says with a wave, moving over to the green pair. "Want a bite to eat?"

Out from the forest comes a big looming shadow that had been watching… Zaruath! Well, he was just recently watching the smaller Tejath while his lifemate made a little bonfire in the confines of the trees. "I kinda like the smell of soot," she grumbles to her lifemate, wiping at her blackened hands on her dirty clothes. She had been off duties that day and spent it doing Faranth knows what with fire or black powder… The brown trudges out slowly, low to the ground as was usual for him. Fy finally turns to glance around the beach, her face only scrunching up at the sight of Aisling before she waves to get Aryll's attention. "Hey, Aryll!"

Aisling manages a smile when Aryll catches her attention. "Hey. No thank you. I'm not really in the mood to eat." She says, rubbing her forehead with her fingertips. When she hears F'yr's voice though she half dreads the next while. She knows the brownrider is still upset with her, and here they are with Tejath being the way she is. She does turn though and give a little wave, looking a bit apologetic. Tejath on the other hand is not going to apologize for how she is and when she notices Zaruath, she trots straight over to him, chiruping and fluffing her wings up a bit to look pretty.

Aryll watches Zaru's approach with a wrinkled nose. Her least favorite brown just /had/ to make his way over to where she was during her break. "Heya Fy, wanna join?" She asks the brownie with a grin, holding up her picnic basket before dropping it down next to Aisling. "Aw, that's too bad. I got some pretty good stuff." Aryll says to Ais, pouting a bit as she starts digging through the basket. She pulls out a half empty bottle of white wine and a glass. "How 'bout a drink? You look like you might need one." She simply eyes the proddy green behind Aisling, hoping that Tejath wasn't thinking about heading up any time soon.

Zaruath at least wasn't focused on making Aryll miserable! He's got his little lady to please, first. And he's just as happy to rumble warmly, keeping his head bowed, and admiring Tejath from snout to tail-tip and making sure that he does a good show of looking her up and down too. "Whatcha got there with you, Aryll? Anything sweet?" Of course that's what she was thinking! She moves closer, frowning at Aisling for a moment when she realizes that's where Aryll went to first. But she shuffles her way to the other blonde's side, crouching down with her sooty hands to peek into the basket. "Shells, Aryll, you sure did plan this out. Now I'm starved /and/ thirsty and I didn't even know it."

A drink is exactly what she needs, maybe it'll dull the non existant sun-burn all over her body. "A drink would be fantastic." She says, looking greatfull for the offer. "Thank you." When Fy shuffles over, Ais sighs lightly. "Hey Fy." She hesitates a bit. "You might want to rethink staying." She's not trying to get rid of her, honestly! "I think Tejath is getting close." She glances over to the pair of dragons. Tejath puffs her chest up in pride at the attention she gets from Zaru. She gives him a little nose rub before heading off at a trot down the beach and away from the people. They're not important right now after all.

Aryll snorts loudly at the sight of Zaru being all whipped. "Sharding brown." She mutters darkly, shaking her head a bit before pouring herself a glass of the wine. "Hm? Oh, actually I do. I got some petite fours they made this morning." And she offers up the little plate they were all arranged on to F'yr before taking a sip of her wine. "Well I en't really /planned/ it out. I just kinda stopped by the kitchens this morning and helped myself. I wanted a break from the Sands food. Help yourself, more than enough for us." When Aisling accepts the offer she passes over her glass. "Unless you want to drink from the bottle, I en't got another glass." Yup, it was going to be a picnic for one. Until she met all the riders. "Uh, you think so? I mean, should I head out too?" Aryll asks, biting her bottom lip a bit as she watches the friendly green prance away.

F'yr grunts. Hey, that's a greeting there, right? She shakes her head at Aisling and then focuses on the basket and then grinning when the sweets are offered. "Aw, thanks Aryll! And I bet it all goes real great with that wine." She eyes that, too. "I should go a sneak food out more often during the day. More choices and all. But I don't blame you for wanting a break." Her nose wrinkles up at the greenrider, though and she rolls her eyes. "Way to be subtle about wanting me gone," she mumbles, but then she stops mid-bite. "What?" Her head swivels around towards her brown lifemate who was rubbing the green right back gently, whuffling her affectionately, and then running along the ground after her, almost slithering. "Y-you're kidding, right?"

Aisling happily takes the glass and downs about half of it before handing it back. "Thanks. I guess I won't keep your glass if it's the only one." She says, whiping her mouth with the back of her wrist. The bit of wine turns out to be nice after all, definately going to make sure to have something to drink the next time she's feeling all miserable like this. "I don't know for sure. But if she takes off into the sky, you might want to make a run for it Aryll." She rubs the back of her neck as she answers the both of them at once. "You could probably make a run for it now Fy. Lock yourself in a room somewhere." She's trying to be helpful, because Tejath is being more flirty than usual, if that's really possible. The green definately has some wickedly selfish thoughts if nothing else as she prances around the sand a good ways off now.

Aryll watches the grunty F'yr silently, taking up a petite four of her own while she waits for her wine glass. "En't nothing and yah, they've always got better stuff in the morning. Nice and fresh too so the bubblies are nice and gooey." When the brownie finally realizes that her lifemate is already way into the 'ooh, shiny!' phase she can't help but smirk a bit. Pre flight F'yr, priceless. She takes the glass back before passing it over to F'yr. "You'll probably need some of this too." She just listens to Aisling talk on about the brownies options, her eyes darting between the two riders. "Scared you'll do it again?"

It's a sweaty Dels who disembarks from Inimeth's back and swings down onto the ground a little ways away and doffs his helmet and riding jacket before starting to pull straps off of the bronze. Oblivious still, he whistles as he works, though Inimeth is swinging his head right over Tejath's way and observing intently. « Hellooooo there, » the dragon greets brightly, sunlight dappling a wide field of lavender.

Zaruath is happy to follow along to the green's every move and of course humor her with compliments. The arrival of Inimeth makes him falter, snapping his tail in that direction before he hunkers down lower close to the little green. F'yr's blue eyes look from wine to dragon to proddy greenrider before she reaches out to take the whole bottle from her friend to get a nice gulp. "I /ain't/ scared, but… it's just not right!" She jumps up to her feet and waves her arms up towards her happy brown, who was intent on ignoring her. "You flew her one too many times already, you lug, so get back over here already!"

Aisling makes a face at Aryll for that remark about them doing it again. All talk of food kind of goes in one ear and out the other so she's really only half in the conversation. Distracted. "I'm not scared either." She just knows it really bothers Fy, she herself isn't thrilled, but really isn't in a potision to complain herself. She's the one with the attention loving green. Speaking of, Tejath's attention is caught by the brightly cheery Inimeth and a warm croon is sent out to him. «Hello Inimeth.» A sassy lilt of pinks and purples in her own mind. She brushes against Zaruath and rumbles lightly, before changing her course to head towards the bronze. Aisling breaths a small sigh of releif when she sees her lifemate headed in Inimeth's direction. "You might just be saved Fy. Maybe Inimeth'll catch her." She raises an arm and waves as she calls out to D'son. "Dels! You may want to get out of the line of fire!"

Aryll eyes D'son as he arrives, the blonde taking that as her cue to start packing up. She hands F'yr the remaining petite fours before stashing the plate in her basket. "Something to keep you going while um, he keeps going." And she jerks her head towards Zaruath. She's grabs the wine bottle back from F'yr, ready to stash that too when she thinks better of it. "Here, you lot will need it more than me." Is that a /smirk/ on the blondes face? No, of course not! "Hmm, he en't seem to think that I guess… have fun." That's said to everyone. And with that the blonde heads back to work. Maybe she'll be able to help the loser drown his or her sorrows with some nice cocktails!

Turning about as he's hailed, D'son focuses in on first Tejath since she's headed his way, then Aisling waving, then F'yr and departing Aryll. "Heya!" he calls over and then blinks a few times. "Oh, seeya Aryll and uh — OH." He eyes Tejath, eyes Inimeth and hastens to finish getting those straps off, bends to pick up his gear. "Uhhhhhhh, yeahhhh," he backs up a step or two, grins wanly and then turns to join the others. "Hey Fy. Hey Ais." And it's Aisling he leans in to kiss when he arrives, while Inimeth spreads his wings wide and makes himself look pretty for Tejath, bright colors of wildflowers in a field playing through his mind.

It's not odd to find Sari in Ista, after all the brownrider had been brought up in the island weyr. After a day of who knows what unsavory activities the brownpair are ready for a nice dip in the cool Istan waters. Tiqueth comes in for a landing, the brown eyeing the beach carefully before picking just the right spot. After landing gracefully he allows his rider to dismount, the red headed Sari letting out an 'oomph!' as she hits the black sands. "Go get yourself a bath firs', ya shardin' stink." She says to her lifemate, giving the dragon a good whack on the hindquarters before she moves over to spread out her towel. Yup, it was time to sun bathe! Though Tiqueth starts heading out in the direction of the water the flirty glowing Tejath catches his eye. He lets out a low croon in greeting before sending hisses off to the males.

F'yr turns to complain when the wine is stolen back, just having gotten one drink from it. "Wait, Aryll, you're leaving me? Wait for me!" But her eyes keep darting back towards her lifemate, well entranced by the flirty green. D'son barely gets himself a glance from the brownrider puts her sooty fists on her hips. "Zaaaaru!" she half-whines, half-shouts. Zaruath has tuned out the complaints from the teen, doing whatever he wanted to now. And that was spreading his large dark wings, trying to look more threatening for the bronze and now the other arriving brown dragon. But his voice, a musical croon, is all for Tejath. «Getting crowded here, all for you, my dear.» His smooth red silk voice threads its way in and out of the more flowery green's thoughts, seducing with musical hums deep in the background. Fy shakes her head a few good times before she takes several steps back, grabbing the wine left behind and even a treat before she looks around for an escape.

Aisling is happy to return that kiss. "Hey." She says, with a softer smile, really more at ease now that Dels is there. She waves off to Aryll when she decides to make her run for it. "Bye Aryll!" Though that's all she gets since really it's probably wisest for her to go back to work now. The appearance of that new brown as Tejath all in a tizzy. She always craves this much attention, but is never quite sure what to do with it. She trills lightly at the new comer, fluffing her wings lightly. Oh the displays of manliness, whatever will she do? «Ah, I love having all of your attentions.» Her own rumble mixing into her thoughts as she decides to slip away from the men and into a sunny spot where everyone can see how pretty she is right now. Her tail swishes as she looks them all over and tilts her head, looking quite at ease for a moment.

Inimeth? All distracted by pretty, pretty, /glowy/ Tejath. He watches her as she moves, weight shifting from one paw to the other. Zaruath's grouchiness is ignored. He knows how his clutchbrother is and he doesn't let it bother him. « And they're well worth giving! » he tells her, a single purple posy offered up at least in his mind, for the lady of the hour. D'son winds an arm around Aisling, hugs gently then lets her go. "So um. Yeah. Tejath is uh .. proddy?"

Sarisia is just unhooking her top, getting ready to settle in for a nice tan session which wouldn't really do much for her ivory skin, when she catches F'yr's whining. "Shard it all, can ya keep it down? Shells, ain't no way ta get some peace an' quiet anymore." She mutters the last, reaching for some lotion when she catches sight of Tiqueth making friendly with one of the locals. "Shard it all Queth!" She says darkly, hooking up her bikini top again since it seems she won't be getting any tanning in just yet. Tiqueth watches Tejath's display with vivid curiosity, the Iernite slinking his way closer to the proddy green. He rumbles his approval, flexing his own muscles. «These herdbeast don't know how to treat a beauty as yourself. Come, let me show you what true strength and form look like.» He sends out, obviously wanting the others to hear.

Zaruath hangs just outside the sun, leaving the green to her proper spotlight as he stalks the edges. All his loving attention was turned to Tejath, though he did get distracted to give the other males a glare or a tail-snap, his wings twitching in his anxiety to fly or fight. «Watch who you are speaking about, brute,» he hisses quietly as he moves closer to Tiqueth, then away and back to focus all on Tejath. «Not just true strength and form, but true beauty lies before us.» Zaruath, poet, was laying it on thick for the little green this time. F'yr makes sure to keep some distance between herself and the couple, her eyes narrowing just slightly as she looks their way. "Not just proddy," she grumbles to D'son. "Just about ready to take off, by the looks of things and…" Whine. "Zaru, I hate you." And she whines even /louder/, sending a glare over towards Sarisia. "You're at the wrong place if you're looking for quiet." At least she had the wine bottle, which she takes another drink of, and then hugs it to herself protectively.

Aisling leans in to that hug and nods lightly to Dels. "Very." She says rubbing her forehead. "Just glad it all came on today instead of her dragging it out like she did last time." She catches that scolding Fy gets from the other brownrider and grins a little. "This'll be another interesting flight." she mutters to herself. Tejath is all fuzzy happy when Tiqueth puts in his two cents and catches a good deal of the greens attention. «Ooh, you think you can show me something I haven't seen?» Tejath was about to slink on over in Tiqueth's direction when Zaruath retorts and makes her happy she knows him so well. «Zaruath, you know just what I like to hear.» She gives out a trill before leaping into the air and propelling herself through the sky, a happy trill trailing through the air.

"Oh, well, that would explain Inimeth then," D'son says a litlte sheepishly and looks over at F'yr sympathetically. "Hey Fy, just … hang in there," he offers over, voice fairly steady though he's distractedly loosening a button or two on his shirt and a moment later, just goes ahead and peels out of the wherhide riding pants he had on, piling them up with the rest of his stuff, which leaves him in shirt-sleeves and shorts. D'son offers Sarisia a little wave and a polite: "Ista's duties." Then he falls silent, head tipped up towards the sky as Inimeth takes off after Tejath with strong, swift wingbeats. « And don't you look lovely cutting through the sky … » he tells Tejath, long tendrils of greening vines following after her.

Tiqueth lets out a dry snort, the brown's eyes turning red as they lock onto Zaru. «I'm talking about you, forehead.» Oh, low blow. He seems satisfied enough by that comment to turn his focus back on Tejath, his tail twitching quickly behind him. «Naturally you big oaf. And beauty isn't meant for the beast. She's meant for the /best/.» Sari watches the spectacle unfold, the visiting brownie reaching into her bag and pulling out her trusty flask. There was something other than wine in this one, that's for sure. "I'm never at the wrong place, tiny." She sends over to F'yr once she's had her fill, giving the smaller brownrider a toothy grin. She catches D'son's greeting and sends him a nod. "Ierne's duties and all that." «Of course I do. These oafs don't know how to show a lady a proper time.» Tiqueth retorts, the brown taking a few steps forward to close the gap. When Tejath turns back to Zaru he hisses, his tail smacking into the sand harshly. There's no time for witty comebacks now, though. She's airborn! Hunkering down low the Iernite takes a moment to calculate something, in the blink of an eye his airborn, making his way towards the glowing prize which is Tejath.

"I really shouldn't be here," whimpers F'yr, but then her face is rounding back towards the tall unfamiliar woman, her lips pulled back in a snarl. "Who're you calling /tiny/?!" Oh, hey, look! D'son's getting naked… That seems to catch the teen's attention instead, even in front of his weyrmate, and she stares with wide eyes and looking as freaked out as she normally would be about this time in a flight. She finally shakes herself out of it and looks up to the sky, cupping one hand to give a quick and hopeless shout of "Come back down here, you stupid beast!" Zaruath is happy to ignore the other brown, though there was a snapping of his teeth at him quickly before he turns back his loud warm crooning onto Tejath when she approaches him. «To make you happy, my dear. It's all I care to see…» And to catch her, of course. His wings audibly snap to their full length before he leaps off after her, catching the ocean's breeze which he mirrors in rippling gentle mind waves towards the green, too focused on gaining height.

Aisling is too busy to really notice Dels' stripping. He's still got clothes on! As far as she's concerned anyway. Her attention is on Tejath, trying to make sure she doesn't pull anything to dangerous. Tejath is ziping as close to straight up as she can manage, rumbling all the while. She urges them onward as she takes a moment to corkscrew and look around to see where everyone is. Trumpeting brightly she takes a more horizontal route out to sea. « Come catch me if you can! » She calls out turning up again to pull a big loop de loop to try and get behind them and go back the other way.

No nudity involved. Not yet anyway. Just shorts and a shirt and no more heavy leather. Since it'll need getting out of later anyway if Inimeth catches and Dels will likely be taking a long dive in the sea if he doesn't. Both of Dels' hands lift after a moment, to scrub through his hair, pushing it back and up into funny tousles and spikes as his eyes follow the green, two browns and Inimeth out over the sea. The bronze is flying strongly, not putting on that much speed yet. He's at a bit of a disadvantage, bigger than the other chasers and a lot bigger than Tejath. Her loop-de-loop means he has to do some maneuvering to get turned around to follow her back the way they just came and he looses ground in the shift, but keeps doggedly onward after her. « I'm right here! » he answers and gives a little flip of his tail as he aims to rebuild speed.

Sarisia watches as Tiqueth springs after the Istan green, the redhead letting out a sigh. "Shardin' Queth." She mutters again, moving a few strands of hair from her face. When F'yr rounds on her she cocks a brow, a large smirk forming on her face. "Certainly ain't you, tiny." She says the last slowly, enjoying this a bit too much. "What's this yer firs' time? Ya look as scared as a wherry before bein' turned into lunch." She does catch D'son's stripping, a wink sent over to the bronzer before she returns her focus to her lifemate up above. «Oh, I'm shaking in my straps.» Tiqueth says to the snapping Zaruath, the brown snorting a bit more before utilizing an updraft. At Tejath's daredevil move he trumpets, happy to see the green enjoying herself so. He doubles back, utilizing his smaller frame as best he can to try and round on the green. «Trying to lose me so soon?» He croons, tucking into a barrel roll in order to try and cut off Tejath from the other chasers.

F'yr raises the wine again, this time to lay the cooler glass bottle against her forehead as she slides a few glares over to Sarisia. "I ain't scared," she huffs, partially distracted as her eyes start to unfocus. "And it certainly ain't! My Zaruath has flown and flown good before." The awkwardness is dispelled for her to be defensive instead, one of her hands fisting at her side. She looks from one to the other, finally resting on Aisling instead. There was no need to watch the show above, since she was pretty much involved in it… Zaruath's pace was even, always parallel with the ground once he reached a suitable height to watch the green to his heart's content. The sky was her stage and he was her audience— forget about the others! «Anything for you, my dear,» he says with a wicked laughter deep in his melodious voice. When she turns, he flips about, his wings needing to fold against his body as he drops to turn as quickly as he does. And then there's furious beating of the skies, straining the muscles now to cover the gap.

Tejath is definately enjoying herself as she wings sharply to the left. It wouldn't be much of a chase if she made it to easy to catch her. « Good good! I don't want to lose any of you! I want one of you to show me you can keep up and catch me!» Her thoughts are full of her own laughter. A happy, good natured laugh; yes the fun is being had and she's going to make it last as long as she can. With the gap being closed again she zips up and then down again, trying to challenge her suitors. Aisling can't help but smile when Tejath is in such a good mood. Though she's getting sick to her stomach watching the chase so she decides to sit down so she doesn't start swaying and fall on her face or something.

As the flight progress, D'son gets more and more … lost. There's less of him to find in his eyes and his arms drop loosely to his sides, the bronzerider letting his mind spool out with Inimeth as the bronze chases after Tejath. That sharp turn is loosely matched, Inimeth still can't quite turn at such an acute angle, being so much bigger. « Oh that would be fun, it would, it would. » Still chipper as ever, even if he's really having to pull out all the stops to keep up with Tejath. He tries to fly smart though, not dipping as low as she goes.

"Sure you ain't, tiny. You jus' look 'bout ready to faint is all." Sari comments dryly, the visiting rider indulging in some fire whiskey. She doesn't mind the burn anymore, turns of drinking the stuff will do that to a person. Her icy blue eyes flicker over F'yr's stiff and defensive state, a chuckle breaking over the waves. High above Tiqueth is snapping at Zaruath, the brown not pleased that the larger dragon was trying to get nearer Tejath. After a few warnings he turns his eyes back on the green, his wings beating harshly against the sky as he tries to get closer. When the good natured green darts off yet again he's quick to follow, the dragon straining his muscles in order to keep up with the more agile dragon. «Beautiful, the parties over here!» He says rather playfully, hoping to win the lady's favor.

F'yr is there, is not there, is there… She actually growls over in Sarisia's direction, bristling some more at the unwanted nickname. "Keep talking, lady, and you'll get a knife in your gut," she threatens lowly, her hands twitching. But all her anger is starting to fuel Zaruath's own, his teeth flashing at the other brown angrily as he is thrown off course to avoid being bit by him. Just a swerve and then he pushes forward again, tail cracking at the older dragon. He doesn't quite manage the quick-paced green's actions, keeping to a steady pace to admire instead. With some space between the other males, he focuses fully on keeping his strength and making sure his rumblings can reach Tejath. «You'll never lose me,» he calls out confidently.

"No need to get so angry." Ais says softly as she rocks lightly in her seat. Tejath warrbles warmly to the sky, happy with her chase, and turns up again to gain altitude. Her wings beat harder than before, determined to get as high as possible before they can give out. « Ready or not, here we go. » Her mind voice more of a caress against a cheek than her bold declarations before.

Tilting his head Aisling's way a little, D'son focuses back on the here and now, looking between F'yr and Sarisia and he gives his weyrmate a weak little smile, before his concentration is wrapped back up with Inimeth, feet re-settling a little more widely apart in the sand. His head falls back, eyes closed as he breathes in and out as steadily as he can. The bronze responds to that caressing thought of Tejath with an answering one, a single tendril unfolding, extended her way gently along with the pungent scent of freshly picked lavender. Up he can do and his wings stretch for the wind, seek out a thermal to help him rise as she does, though he still has a lot of ground to make up.

"I'd like ta see ya try, tiny." Sari growls back at F'yr, the visiting brownrider finally becoming consumed in the flight. She takes another swig of whiskey before her eyes watch her lifemate above. She's not really watching him closely, if anything she's just sort of staring off at something. Tiqueth responds to Zaruath's anger with a roar, egging him on. He snaps his own tail in the other brown's direction before moving to cut in front of Zaru, just to try and make him veer off again. He's got Tejath in his sights, his eyes whirling rapidly as he tries to close the gap between them. When Aisling speaks, Sari spies. The older rider looks over her fellow redhead, her lifemates emotions starting to take over her own. Yup, she was totally leering.

F'yr grips the wine tight enough to make her knuckles turn white, though she doesn't return her eyes back towards Sarisia anymore. No, instead she grits her teeth, trying to drill a hole into the ground in front of her with her eyes. She doesn't catch D'son's glance and especially doesn't dare look at Aisling at the moment, or she'd be leering all over her too. Zaruath's thin body slices through the air pushed back from the other chasers, his teeth looking to rake Tiqueth's tail when he suddenly moves forward, not intimidated to be moved away. Though with the sudden brown skyblock, he is forced to use muscle again to gain altitude, his legs extending in hopes of getting a scratch into the smaller brown's wings before he catches himself a helpful wind. And just in time to catch Tejath climbing as well, forcing him to push onward even more, raising his much heavier bulk after her with his satin touches just at the edge of her mind.

Aisling isn't really paying attention to what's happening on the ground, she's more tuned into what's happening in the sky. She can tell Tejath is getting tired. Turning tricks in the air gets tiring and the green is ready to be caught. So she does one last corkscrew for the fun of it before tucking in her wings and making a dive for the boy bellow her, trusting one of them to catch her like they've promised to.

That extension of Inimeth's thoughts sweeps Dels away and he stands stock still, sweat beading his brow as the bronze speeds onward, wings stretched wide to cut in from underneath to intercept Tejath, should the two browns ahead of him let her fall that far. His energy, kept in reserve all this time is spent on that burst of forward momentum to bring him in line with that falling green star. There's no words in his thoughts, just the warmth of sun on grass as an ephemeral promise, should she fall to him.

Tiqueth dangles his tail right in front of Zaruath, well sort of, before lifting it out of the brown's reach. He rumbles his pleasure at causing the other dragon to have to exert himself more. Those eager claws of the Istan brown miss him just barely, but Tiqueth doesn't seem any worse for wear. He tosses a snarl Inimeth's way, just cause he didn't want the bronze thinking he was letting him off the hook. Instead of continuing his taunting he finally sets to spreading his wings out, catching a thermal that propels him up towards Tejath. It just so happens he does this right when Tejath decides to indulge in one final corkscrew. He tries to place himself right under her, his claws extending in hopes that he'll be able to snap her up from the other males that are after the same prize. Either he'll shoot right past her or collide, hopefully not /too/ roughly, into the tiny dancer.

The failure of wounding the other brown only makes Zaruath's adrenaline pump faster, a slight burst of speed that he is thankful for to keep up above some of the others. Large wings strain to catch every bit of air, pumping until the muscles burn, and a warbling call escapes from him as he watches his wildfire Tejath suddenly change course and plummet. It was time to sweep in there and take his little green back to the skies, to show her off against his dark hide… but first his claws outstretch, wings flaring to slow his pace, and finally striking forward when she comes by his way in hopes of keeping her to himself, unless she were to fall past him instead. The moment has F'yr biting down on her lip hard enough to draw blood, her eyes finally looking away from the ground to the skies.

Tejath keeps her claws to herself this time around, determined to leave the catching up to the boys this time. For a moment there's that flurry of movement all around her as grabs are made at her until she collides into the warmth of Inimeth. She reacts immediately, grabbing onto him as best she can and trusting him as she croons brightly at him. On the ground Aisling's eyes turn up towards D'son, a posessive lilt in her eye as a smile tugs at the corners of her lips.

Tiqueth is almost there! He can see Tejath's whirling passion filled eyes even. His claws are inching ever closer when, BAM! Inimeth scores! A furious roar escapes the brown before he turns sharply in the direction of the beach, diving down to crash loudly into the waves. Sari curses sharply as well, the brownrider wasting no time in heading off in the direction of the weyr proper. Lucky for her she had a bronzerider fit just for these occasions.

Zaruath's claws make a grab, and another grab, and then one final one before she was well out of his reach! His own fury can match Tiqueth as he backflips out of the game now that it was over. There's a grown from F'yr as she hugs the wine bottle back against herself, and without another look to the others she's running off to go find someplace to hide further down the beach, following the lazy glide of her lifemate as he aims for waters.

Inimeth's surprised warble breaks free as Tejath plummets past the others and hey, yeah, there he is to wrap himself around her happily. The scent of lavender in bloom might spread far and wide even as bronze and green meet. On the ground, eyes wide, D'son turns, just the faintest thread of sense remaining and he staggers a little as he swings around to scoop his weyrmate up and carry her off into the trees, murmuring her name over and over again as he goes. And hey, who could blame him if there's a lot of smooching on the way too.

Tejath rumbles warmly to Inimeth as he wraps around her and her own warm fiery scent mixing with his lavender. Aisling happily clings to D'son when he scoops her up, and she definately won't be complaining about all that kissing on the way back. Infact she's probably encouraging it. Poor Dels, having to try and walk with her attacking him like that.

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