Tejath's Maiden Flight

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

It's a warm afternoon for the season and the sun is shining brightly. Perfect weather in the opinion of a certain green dragon who happens to be all shiny and glowy. Tejath has picked the beach to hang out, preening and attempting to look like the prettiest peice of jade ever, because she stands out so well against the black sands. Aisling however, is not so happy. Thanks to her lifemates current condition, she's been forced to dress all pretty too even though she feels like she's got a massive sunburn all over her body. "Uhg, I hate this so much." She complains from her spot under a tree at the edge of the forest as Tejath rumbles warmly at her.

Cinrath is sitting on the beach, near Candia, who's here one of her frequent visits to Ista to see her father and sister. He's been quietly eying the glowing green, but not making a move towards her. As for Candia, she's been laying out most of the afternoon, but has gotten up, and headed to the younger greenrider, noticing the discomfort. "Let me guess. First time?"

A little ways away, D'son is just finishing up a good scrubbing of Inimeth when the bronze informs him that he'd better find his shoes and stuff soon. Like very soon. Like now. Dels shoots Inimeth a hairy-eyed look and then retreats back up the beach to dry off, at least jam his feet into sandals. He shades his eyes, spotting Aisling and heads that way, hands stuck in pockets, his gaze curious on Candia as he passes her. He clears his throat, nods. "Hey there. Um. Ista's duties. Need s'more cool water Ais?"

F'yr was very unaware of a certain green that had been glowing recently. In fact, Zaruath was actually the one leading the way to the beach and she wasn't even questioning this behavior. "If you wanted to be scrubbed so badly, Zaru, you could have just asked. Didn't have to rush me down here." She stretches her arms above her head, yawning widely, obviously just up from napping somewhere around the Weyr. As they approach the others, she blinks towards her fellow clutchmates and offers them a lazy smile and a wave. "Hey Ais, D'son," uh… foreigner she waves at, still. Zaruath doesn't continue into the water, though, and stretches out in the dark sand with his eyes on Tejath, rumbling a warm greeting to her.

Aisling nods to Candia and looks absolutely miserable. "You hit the nail right on the head." She says to the unknown brownrider. When Dels makes his way over she smiles a little to him and shakes her head. "No, thank you." She says, fanning her face with her hands. Tejath knows full well there are males watching her, but is she going to be the first to say anything to them? No way. So when Zaruath greets her, she sends the most pleasantly warm greeting back at him, rumbling as she gets up from her spot to move over closer to her brown clutchbrother. She stops a good dragonlength away though to stretch, fanning her wings out so they can catch some sunlight. When Ais realizes F'yr's there on the beach along with Zaruath, she can't help but laugh a bit. "Hey F'yr. Fancy seeing you down here." She says brightening up for the first real time that day.

Inimeth stretches his wings wide, fanning them to shake water droplets off before he wanders on up towards Tejath. His croon is bright and sweet, good-natured and frank as always. Dels just nods for Aisling's refusal, digs his hands deeper into his pockets and his shoulders roll forward a little, one foot digging into the sand. He looks uncomfortable too, though not nearly close likely, to how Aisling feels.

Candia nods, and smiles up at the other riders. "And Ierne's duties to Ista and her queens." She turns back to Aisling. "Just relax. You're going to be all right." Cinrath stands up, and moves over to the green, warbling slightly at her, as though he's trying to both flirt and comfort her.

"Zaru" Yaaawn "Made me," F'yr says, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Her hair was all tousled up, though she didn't really care so much. Cachucha, her firelizard, was at least missing. The smart one of the trio, obviously… Zaruath watches the green's wings stetch out, never tearing himself away. He doesn't say anything else, though, just laying there and keeping out of the way. Fy grunts and shakes her head at her dragon, kicking sand in the brown's direction. "Go get in the water, then, or I'll—" She's cut off as her pale eyes finally spot the bright glowing thing… right /there/. In front of her face. How could she miss it! That's when all the color drains out of her face.

Azaeth is moving across the bowl and down to the beach. K'ael is run-hopping behind him, finally catching up when the bronze steps onto the black sand. He's sporting a nice black eye and some lovely scratches down his arms. The bronzer grabs hold of the bronze's tail as he moves over towards the other dragons, including the proddy Tejath. And K'ael is dragged along behind him. "Noooo Az! I can't take another flight right now. I'm in no condition for that!" Whiney whiney bronzer.

Tejath could probably die quite happily if she got attention like this all the time. She croons happily to all around puffing up and standing rather proudly. Honestly she's not quite sure what to do with all this attention, so she ends up prancing on her forelegs a bit. Aisling nods a bit to Candia and shrugs ever so lightly. "I'm not really worried about this." She says waving her hand at Tejath and her shiny. "I just wish I weren't so sharding hot." She sighs a bit. "I'm Aisling. If you didn't catch the shortened version from F'yr over there." She reaches up and pulls on D'son's pants a bit. "Sit down. or go catch F'yr befor she dies of shock and falls over in the sand." The greenrider grins as she watches K'ael get drug through the sand by his lifemate. "K'ael! You're not gonna win, may as well come relax over here." She uses the hem of her dress now as a fan since her hands weren't working.

Inimeth sits back on his haunches, openly admiring Tejath as she prances, the way the sun gleams on her hide. D'son jumps a little at that tug. "Huh? Oh. Um. Hey, F'yr, it'll be okay," he tries to reassure awkwardly. "Uh — don't pass out." And looks over at Aisling again, looking sheepish and drops down to sit, legs folding under him readily.

Zaruath remains quiet even as the green goes through her graceful prancing. His eyes are fixed on her and her alone, even if others were giving compliments. The arrival of the Azaeth, though, makes his tail twitch just a bit. He wasn't about to turn his attention away though, even if it was to glare at the other male dragons. F'yr rests a hand on her dragon's hide for support at first, though it immediately causes the brown's snout to furrow up. "Zaru! Zaruath, you sharding trickster, you stupid lug, get up already!" Little did she pay attention to K'ael, trying to pull his own dragon back. When that only gets her a deep growl, she gives him a swift kick before stepping back and swaying on her feet nervously.

K'ael blinks at Aisling. "No? How do you know?" He chuckles a bit. "You say that now, then later I'll wake up with another broken rib." Mike then hobbles over to give F'yr a pat. "Ready for your first flight?" He grins to her, then moves over to lower himself rather painfully into the sand where Aisling and D'son were. He digs through his pockets and pulls out his little flask. Ah, booze. Azaeth moves over to croon lowly to Tejath. His brown brother completely ignored.

Cinrath moves a bit closer to the green, crooning softly, a glance directed to the other male dragons. He's pretty easy going about them, at least for the moment, not minding the closeness. Still, the majority of his attention is on Tejath, eyes starting to go blue-green. Candia smiles, and settles down next to Aisling. "Well, if you've layered, you could take something off." Of course, this is one of those riders who's rather notorious for wearing clothing only about half the time, so take that as you may. "I'm sure you'd feel better if you did. It is rather warm today.

Aisling grins at the group, a little of Tejath's happiness rubbing off on her. "I ment you're not going to win against Azaeth." She says with a little snicker. "And how would I break your rib? I'm not strong enough for that." When D'son sits down she breathes a little sigh of relief for having him closer. Then she shakes her head at Candia. "It's not the weather, it's her. I just feel burnt all over." Tejath is in such a good mood when Azaeth makes it over to her that she feels compelled to give them all nose rubs and bugling at them before she takes off bounding down the beach before spreading her wings and taking off into the air.

"She's got a point there, Mike," D'son tells his friend, leaning over to give him a little nod. That sigh from Aisling draws a sympathetic look and he tries to smile at Aisling reassuringly, but he doesn't try to touch her. "HOpefully — well that'll pass hopefully," he says a little unsteadily and then catches his breath as first Tejath touches muzzles with Inimeth and the others briefly and his bronze returns the gesture affectionately, then as she leaps into the air and he follows. Bright bronze wings stretch for the sun, INimeth crouching low and springing high, winging after his clutchmate nimbly. His thoughts wind out towards her, deep plum and forest green twining and scented with the wildness of lavender blooms on a windy moor.
Cinrath bugles as his eyes change color almost immediately, then springs into the air, wings working hard as he moves to follow the rising green, his attention completely on her. He stretches out, then catches a thermal off the sand, allowing it to help him rise, gaining as much altitude as he can, the deep brown of his hide a contrast to the bright sunlight.

F'yr jumps a bit when the bronzer touches her shoulder, eyes turning wide as she stares after him. "N-no! I'm not! Zaru!" The brown was now thoroughly ignoring his rider, all attention on Tejath and only for Tejath. His cape-like wings unfurl out as he lets a low growl out when she gives the other males when they get their nose rubs. He turns his own deformed snout up, giving the green the lowest of croons just for her as he gets his own. His wings ripple in excitement even as Fy lets out a low moan and flops to the ground, not quite in the circle of sitting riders. Zaruath doesn't spare a second to power off from the ground, sending sand out and even over his own lifemate who has to shield her eyes. His dark wings give a few beats, taking after the smaller green with a fierce possessive growl that was directed to those rising up beside him. It's the ocean's breeze that helps him lift off, elevating high above the water.

K'ael nods a bit. "Oh.. well, yeah. That's true." The bronzer sighs a bit, though he's already given up. He does chuckle a bit to F'yr. "Well… you best be getting ready as soon as you can. Want some booze?" He raises the flask her way. Then he smiles to Candia. "Hello, don't think we've met. I'm K'ael. Er… Weyrleader." That title still sounds strange to him. Azaeth meanwhile rumbles lowly to Tejath when he gets a rub. The growl from Zaru is greeted with a snap of the jaws. When the green runs down the sand to take off, he runs with her, his enormous wings unfurling to lift his massive weight.

Tejath lets off a happy buggle as the chase begins, making her the center of attention more completely without their riders around to be distracting. She leaps and frolics through the air, intent on being just in front of them, teasing them as she barrel rolls and swerves through the air while gaining her altitude. She projects a bright sunny laugh to them all as this is play time for her. And Aisling is laughing along with her, losing herself in the pure joy of her lifemate for a minute untill she can shake her head clear of it and sit back down in her own head. Though a smile stays planted on her lips. "Who needs booze? This is great!" the greenrider says, her previous uncomfortableness forgotten.

D'son smirks a little at K'ael's little fumble of his new title. Then again, could be that Dels isn't used to it yet either. "D'son," he offers over, since he forgot before and clears his throat. "We're all uh- clutchmates," his finger points around to F'yr, Aisling, K'ael, himself. He grins over at Aisling as Tejath's happiness seems to affect her and his knees draw upward making a platform for his chin. Inimeth meanwhile is busy. Very busy flying after the lissome temptation of Tejath's tail as he pumps his wings for added speed and height, ignoring Zaruath's growling and any other possessive behaviors. In fact, he seems terribly cheerful in the air, though focused, certainly on Tejath. All those acrobatics of hers draw out similar enthusiasm in the young bronze, though he's clever enough not to try to match /every/ move. After all, there's those two nimble browns in the pack. Her joyful air-play seems to just make his mind blossom in turn, sun-on-leaves and growing things echoing greenly in his thoughts. It's just like when they were all little dragons just getting out there to test out Ista's winds.

Cinrath warbles, almost to himself at the moment, as he works harder, chasing the lovely emerald form. No attention is paid to the growl of the other brown, he's only got one thing on his mind at the moment. He's higher than her, at the moment, so best able to keep an eye on her. He doesn't fall to the temptation of the aerobatic tricks, prefering to save his energy for when he needs it, wings stretching out to catch another thermal, to sail the air currents.

F'yr was rather lost at what to do, but something tingles at her mind. Well, beside her lifemate and his sudden influx of feelings that has her shaking just a bit. "Booze?" she says, half-distracted now. Trying to get Zaru down still, perhaps. She crawls her way over, managing to scowl the good old Fy-scowl when she hears the word 'Weyrleader' before she snatches the flask from him. Giving glares all around to the other chasers, she takes a long swig. Even as dark as her face looks, she can't help but peek curiously towards Aisling's laughter. Zaruath all but ignores his brother's snapping maws or even his competition. His thin body undulates in the skies, cuts through clouds higher up than the green before spilling air from his wings and dropping a level where he barely rakes his claws against the biggest of bronzes, wings flapping again to gain some more altitude. Pressing forward, twisting just enough to match the green every step without snapping this big brown in two, all the while hoping his smooth crimson waves push out to carress the green with soft tickling tendrils.

K'ael chuckles a bit at Aisling, before falling somber and silent. And nursing his flask heavily, at least until F'yr snatches it away from him. Then he just pouts. Azaeth meanwhile is in battle-mode. He gives a loud trumpet, challenging the other chasers. Then he gives a croon towards Tejath, reminding her that he's here, and if she's not careful, he'll catch her. Then suddenly his brother is clawing at him! The bronze backwings a bit and lashes out rather nastily at him with an oversized black claw. Once that's taken care of, he moves quicker to catch up to his nimble clutchsister.

Tejath takes a dive then, making a big loop-de-loop under the males chasing her to fly back the other direction. Playing a game of not quite tag as she wacks someone with her tail when she rights out to streak across the sky, chortling at her own cleverness and the battling she glimpsed while beneath them. Aisling on the other hand is frowning up at the sky at Tejath's acrobatic tricks. "She's gonna get someone hurt up there." She murmurs.

Cinrath doesn't miss a trick, and quickly wheels about, more experienced likely than most of the other dragons. He's not the one nearly hit, as he's a good several hundred feet up above everyone else. Slowly, he starts to dive, pulling his wings in closer, gaining speed.

Avoiding the tussle between Azaeth and Zaruath, Inimeth seems utterly uninterested in getting embroiled in a tit-for-tat in the air. Tejath dives, he rises to avoid his bronze and brown clutchmates, then angles downward after her, fast enough that he's in the path of that whacking tail and catches it across the nose, which seems to daze him for a moment. He falters, then regains speed, arrowing after Tejath determinedly. His thought reach out again, conveying his admiration for that cleverness, how much fun it is to fly freely like this, even if his nose is smarting. D'son yelps, reaches up to cover his nose with both hands, eyes gone all hazy and vague now, half here, half there. "Uh —" is his eloquent response to Aisling.

F'yr needed the booze more than the bronzer, which is why she was going to protect it with both her hands and her glaring eyes. "Shardin' Zaru. Shards, shells, and Faranth's arse," she grunts as she takes another swig, this time scrunching her face up completely as the drink burns down her throat. So this is why people do it… It helped. But it didn't stop her gaze from continuing to slide towards the green's rider, one of her good friends. While Zaruath was usually quick to avoid conflicts, he still kept his main focus on the pretty jade-Tejath. He jerks, but his massive wings do not pull out of reach in time as he lets out a tremendous roar as the claw rakes one of his sails. With a his, he whips his tail back at Azaeth and puts on height from the heavier bronze dragon. Fy on the ground gasps and winces, holding herself now as she closes her eyes tightly. But that didn't stop Zaruath. He continues, adrenaline and dragon-lust pumping as he surges forth to gain his distance lost.

K'ael peers at F'yr and can't help but chuckle at all her obscenities flowing from her cute little lips. Especially that last one. But he's soon snaps his head back to stare off into space. Azaeth just injured Zaruth! And the bronzer looks… dark and scary right now. He was feeling the flames put out by his lifemate, and the deep reds his mind was projecting. But Zaru wasn't the only one getting injured! His other clutchbrother takes one across the nose. And Azaeth just pushes closer to Tejath. Probably in harms way, but such was the way of love and war.

Tejath project a bright red at them all and bugles. Hey! Pay attention to her! She decides it's time to kick up the speed. No more messing around. Catching the first thremal she can find, she beats her wings faster, shooting up higher into the sky. Aisling's grins at them all, a rather sly grin indeed as Tejath's mood slip back over her rider. They'll see just who it is that can catch them and prove they're worth the effort.

Cinrath immediately starts to chase more closely, sensing that now is the time to put more effort into the flight. Quickly, he spreads his wings again, catching the same thermal, wheeling upwards after Tejath. He stretches out as long as he can, working to try and become even more aerodynamic, pulling his legs in close. Once more, wings are pulled in closer to his body.

Inimeth has been nothing if not focused on Tejath and that bright red just reels him in all the more, green and purple reaching out to meet that more vivid hue. Here. He's here and /definitely/ paying attention. Thermals! What fun. He knows these pretty well from all the flying they do around the immediate area in his wing. He doesn't take the first though, but skips forward to the second just after. It has more lift and propels him upward with minimal effort from the bronze. Wheeee! How about them apples? D'son grins back at Aisling, cheeks a little flushed, something bright gleaming in his eyes. He seems pretty relaxed otherwise, a stark contrast to some other flights he's been in.

Even with her eyes still closed, F'yr knows what was happening in the skies. She was shaking a bit, favoring one side over the other, and occasionally the flask finds its way back to her mouth. If only for quick little sips. K'ael might not be getting this back… Zaruath was through with his brother, having been distracted long enough. Even with the pain throbbing in his one wing, he still managed to elevate himself above the green, crooning down in pleasure at the sight. As she starts rising towards his height, he makes sure to push forward again, talon joints cracking as if in anticipation. This time he wholeheartedly kept his focus on her, every beating wing made his eyes whirl faster with violet lust and his voice was a musical quiver as he continues his chase. Wounded, angry rider, whatever, nothing's stopping him from this chase!

Azaeth was paying attention to her! Really, he was. Zaruath could have been any dragon at that point in time. He was just another enemy on the battlefield. He swoops in close to Tejath, until she swings upwards. Azaeth's weight never let him make good use of the thermals, so he has to rely on his own wings and muscle to get to her elevation. Up and up he goes! His own reds mix with her brighter ones as his form slowly rises into hers. With a great bugle he's pushing the air below him with all his might, hoping to be the one whose neck intertwines with Tejath's when the battle concluded.

Tejath can see them closing in on her, impressed that they'd caught up to her so quickly. That's right, not easily, quickly. She warbbles brightly, pulling one last corkscrew to get herself as high as she can before pulling her wings in towards her body and fully expecting someone to catch her. Aisling's stomach jumps into her throat when Tejath stops the chase to let someone win. The greenrider stands up then, starring up at the sky but not really at the sky.

Cinrath almost seems to grin, as he dives in close, closer. His wings are still close into his body, almost completely pulled in, as he gains speed. Suddenly, he unfurls them, almost coming to a dead stop as he starts to wrap them around the green, legs reaching out, neck moving to twine with Tejath, intent only on her…

Inimeth lets out an answering warble, happy and bright, rising and rising on that thermal he picked and then with a great heaving of wings, breaks free of it to swoop forward as Tejath pulls in, seemingly willing them all to her. He brings all of his remaining energy to bear to push on through, be /the/ one to be there, to hold her fast, lift her up, mind full of all the clever tricks she just pulled, full of /her/. Inimeth's whole body strains forward, aiming to twine with her. D'son's breath whooshes inward, held and his eyes go glassy and wide, fixed on the sky.

Zaruath enjoyed being the looming shadow, the green's guardian that follows her every step, not letting her pull away from his line of sight even for a second, rumbling in appreciation of her last little stunts. His injured wing was off in its beating, and he twists them every which way to catch the wind as much as possible. Every little bit helps him follow her, keeping his height instead of falling back and failing. The very thought of her falling to another burns through his veins, mixing with the flight lust for the green, and giving him the last gust of energy. As she folds her wings, he is stretching his own out as far as they can go, swooping down to the space where she dropping. His lean legs extend, whipping tail hopefully knocking back any that might interfere as he aims to snag the small body out and pull her into his possessive embrace. F'yr, lost with Zaru, still manages a groan as she refuses to move from her spot.

Azaeth rises slightly higher than Tejath, his shadow engulfing her for a split second before she folds in to fall. There's a split second where time seems to slow down as the green moves away from him, but Azaeth is quick to twist around and give himself a push towards the green. The glowing hide, the red colors, the flower that needed picking on the bloodstained battlefield. There's another hefty push as the bronze intends to knock the other competition out of the way in order to claim the prize. K'ael meanwhile hasn't changed his expression much. He's got an intense look on his face, and his brows furrow slightly as things come to a close in the skies above.

And it seems that Tejath isn't quite ready to let just anyone have her and she reaches out at the last moment, grabbing on and wrapping her neck and tail around her brownclutch brother Zaruath. Trusting him despite his injured wing. On the ground Aisling's eyes lock on F'yr and she as intent on gtting to her as Tejath is to Zaruath.

Zaruath's vicious attacks to those closing in only increase as the green was just a breath away. As she reaches back, he trumpets in triumph, wrapping around her with a surprising gentleness. His trumpet turns into more soothing croon. The throbbing pain in his injured wing is ignored as the large sails lock to help glide them down gently, nice and slow and smooth for the green's comfort as well. F'yr, on the other hand, was still in catch mode, and she opens her own fogged eyes to lock back onto Aisling. Her win! She's quick to jump to her feet, flask and all thankfully, for Aisling.

There's a moment when it looks like Inimeth might cause a collision but he manages to break away, winging down towards the beach rapidly. It's the ocean he splashes down into though, not the sand. Beside Aisling, D'son kind of wobbles visibly, leaning towards the greenrider, starts to lose his balance and one hand drops to hold him up. Hazel eyes snap open, pupils dilated and he blinks a few times as something like sense starts to trickle back into his gaze. "Um —" is what, predictably makes it out of his mouth as he pushes awkwardly to his feet, staggers off towards the surfline.

Ista Weyr - Empty Weyr
Lacking all of the personal touches of a permenantly occupied weyr, this echoing cavern contains only the basic essentials - it has a bed, a table, a chair, and a small wardrobe in one corner. Upon the wall, a great tapestry has been flung, picturing a green and blue dragon in flight above what is obviously intended to be Ista Weyr. Though not obviously in proper use, the weyr is nonetheless dust free, and clean, complete with fresh linen upon the tidily made bed.
A short passage leads out through the weyr to the ledge beyond, which rests just a few metres above the weyr bowl floor. Large enough, although only just, for a queen dragon, it is nonetheless more than ample for even two smaller dragons. Talon-marks have been gouged into the smooth volcanic rock, beaten down by the elements over thousands of turns of use.

Waking up in a weyr not your own and not your boyfriends is a little disorienting. Aisling sits up in the bed and scratches the back of her head and looks back down on the bed and freezes. Her eyes turning round as dinner plates as she looks at naked self and back down at F'yr before quickly pulling the sheets up to cover herself before reaching down to shake F'yr's shoulder. "F'yr. F'yr wake up!"
From afar, D'son snugsabunch :)

F'yr didn't want to wake up. Because waking up would mean realizing what just happened. Thankfully, she was mostly gone herself through it all, being all Zaruath, but that didn't mean… Well… F'yr completely tenses at the touch, and immediately springs up, sheets and all. Her pale eyes stare at Aisling, and then she promptly bursts into tears. "I'm gone! Sorry! I'm gone, seriously… Shells, Ais- I…" She sniffles, wipes her eyes, and then curls up.

Aisling is a bit startled when F'yr suddenly sits up like that and jumps a bit. But then she bursts out crying. "Ah F'yr. Don't cry. What's wrong?" she asks, awkwardly rubbing the girls back while trying to not be to touchy incase she lashes out at her or something.

F'yr can only tense up even as she runs her arms over her eyes, though that still didn't quite stop the tears at all. "I didn't… I mean, Dels. And I didn't want to do anything, but Zaruath…" She trails off, eyes doing their unfocused bit again, though she drops her head. Somewhere, Zaruath was gloating over the fact that he beat his brothers. Not only his brothers, but /Azaeth/. And he was smugly laying stretched out next to the little Tejath, even so far as ignoring his injury. "Zaruath's hurt now, too." Fy, stubborn Fy, has suddenly turned into a little girl again.

Aisling sighs a bit and reachs down to pull up some of the bottom part of the sheet up to wipe F'yr's face. "Come on now. You know you didn't do anything wrong." She says soothingly. "And according to Tejath Zaru's just fine. And, at least he won and didn't get hurt for nothing." She tries to rationalize. "And we have good dragon healers here. He'll be all healed up good as new in no time." She tries to reassure.

F'yr flinches away from Aisling and turns her head away, making sure she was curled up nice and tightly. "I just… I saw you /that/ way, Ais. That's wrong." And she will now suppress any thoughts on the fact they were both naked in bed. "He won cause Zaru's a good flier," she grunts, knowing fully well people had talked. Not to mention people had talked directly to her. She buries her face into her knees and groans. "He won't fly now for a bit, I'm sure of it. If only we were gone!" Whiine. Her pale face was starting to get some color in, unfortunately it was turning a very interesting shade of red.

Aisling sighs and doesn't know what to do. She's never really been one that was good at consoling other people. Especially when she doesn't quite understand why they're so upset. Well, she understands /why/. She just never understood why this all bothered F'yr so much. "Well, it's not like you could help it really. Not like I ever imagined seeing you that way myself. Nor do I really want a repeat of this. But.. Tejath is just so happy right now, it's kind of hard for me to be upset." Now shes babbling. She crosses her legs then and leans forward onto her legs.

F'yr was just confused. Not only confused, but terrified She looks up at the same time as she raises a hand to her head, sniffling all the while. The tears had stopped falling, at least, but her eyes still looked hazy. "If I'd been stronger, I could've stopped it. I'm sure of it." She groans again and fiercely shakes her head, giving her body a squeeze together. "No, not 'gain. And Zaru is…" Going to be radiating smugness for the rest of the week, plus some. Even if he was going to be grounded. "I think… I've had too much to drink," she says, chin sinking down.

Aisling shakes her head and glances over at F'yr. "I think if you had, Tejath might have gone after you with the way she demands attention. And besides, Zaru's Tejath's favorite." She sighs and slumps back onto the bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. "I think if dragons were to fall in love, Zaru would be the object of Teja's affections." She can tell and fully accept that even if /she's/ picked D'son she knows Tejath's attatched to Zaruath. "Would of been nice if she'd picked Inimeth, for us." she says waving a finger between the two of them.

"Zaru's… weird," is what F'yr says about that dragon 'couple'. Why her brown enjoyed being around Tejath more than any other, she would never know. Their personalities just somehow worked with each other. "I didn't want him to chase, though," she says with a low voice. "I thought he'd pay more attention to me." Her sheets were made sure to be wrapped around completely against the front, but the position she was in left her whole back bare. Not that she seemed to care much, since it was her front she was most concered about. "Sharding bronzes… if only they were quicker." Grumble. While Zaruath was going to hold that over his bigger brothers, Fy was going to hate it. She rubs at her temple and blushes darkly again. "One of us has got to…" She gazes around the unknown weyr, completely confused now. "Where's my pants?"

"Well, he /is/ a guy. I mean it was like a girl hanging out on the beach in practically nothing, prancing around in the sand to get attention." Aisling's not sure how well that particular explination'll go over concidering how F'yr feels about stuff like that. "And tejath reached out for him at the end so we can't completely blame Inimeth or Azaeth." She sits up then and scans around the weyr. "Uh, I don't know. I'll go look for them." She says, climbing out of the bed and grabbing her dress to slip over her head since it's the easiest thing to spot with it's bright tealness.

F'yr squeezes her eyes at the mental picture Aisling was putting in her head, but she rubs her forehead against her knees. "Zaruath ain't a perv, though." At least, that's what she expected most 'guys' were. She sniffles again, though that was mostly over, and turns towards Aisling with her lips pressed tightly together. "Sure we can," she says in an even tone. She didn't want to blame Zaru, and she didn't want to blame Tejath. But as soon as the greenrider gets up, Fy's head goes snapping towards the pretty foreign wall of the weyr. "Just… throw everything you find on the bed," she says quietly. "Shards… hope nothing is lost." She groans just at the thought.

Aisling shakes her head to herself when she finds F'yrs' pants she throws them over to her. "I didn't say he was." She finds Fy's shirt and tosses that over too. "Going down to basic instinct, our lifemates are still techincally animals. The urge to mate is one of the most basic instincts next to eating. That doesn't make him a perv, it makes him normal." she says, searching for their shoes.

With free reign of the covers and Aisling looking for her stuff, F'yr quickly shoves her legs into her pants. She listens to Aisling, half-aware of her. "Hmm," she starts, tossing the shirt over her head now and tugging it into place, though still looking quite red in the face over the whole thing. With herself covered up decently, she throws her legs over the side of the bed to look at the floor. "I guess in that way… yah, it makes sense. And Zaru's far from normal. He's better then them all." The smirk on her face is forced, but at least it's there. She slips off and scans under the bed, where she reaches in and throws a shoe in Aisling's direction, only to pull out a boot next.

Aisling grins back at F'yr when she manages to smirk. "I and Tejath totally agree with that." she says with a nod and somewhere out in Ista's land Tejath rumbles in agreeance as well. "Ah, found my boots." She says from somewhere near the entrance of the weyr.

F'yr looks up when Aisling finally finds her shoes, holding up her own second boot finally. She purses her lips and nods towards her… friend. "Ah, that's good. It ain't lost at least, I mean. I mean…" Er. Fy busies herself with shoving her feet in her own boots and then stands up, walking around the bed to look for any of her stuff. Seeing nothing to distract herself with, she finally turns to look at the wall just over the greenrider's head. "I'm gonna go… somewhere now, I suppose. And thanks for the—" wince "talk, Ais." She runs a hand through her tangled hair and makes the first steps towards the exit.

Aisling nods as she ends up back at the bed, looking for the scarf she keeps tied on her head. "Alright. And try not to think about it too much." she says, waving the to the girl as she runs away. Ais is lucky she at least has a boyfriend to replace F'yr with later on. She feels kinda bad for Fy in that respect.

F'yr just gives Aisling a puffy-eyed look. Before she leaves completely, she finds K'ael's flask on the ground just outside, closed miraculously. And she grabs ahold of that, giving it a slight shake to confirm there was booze before she nods towards the greenrider. "Er… Sure… " Booze. Plenty of it. This brownrider had a date with the bottle and the baths.

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