Ankhepith's 3rd On-Camera Flight

Ista Weyr - Plateau

The low volcanic plateau stretches out around you. From here, one can get a clear view of the ocean, the corral and forests that surround the small bowl of the Weyr. Several sets of wide stairs lead down to the beach at different points. The gates leading into the Weyr are near the corral. Well, one of them actually leads into the corral and the other makes use of a new fence, cutting a path along the southern edge of the corral. From the Corral, there is a small, thin and rocky stream flowing its way over the edge of the plateau down to the beach.
A large expanse of more than a hundred acres, the fenced-in Corral sits on the plateau, half in the bowl, half out of it. There are entrance gates in the fencing. Half in the Corral, there is a watering pond for the animals that's fed by pipes from a set of underground tunnels. For an overflow, and to keep the water from stagnating, a little stream has been cut at the western end of the pond, that flows across the plateau, and down to the beach below. The nutrient-rich grasses are kept trimed fairly short by the grazing of the animals, and look like a rich, verdant carpet.

What else is there to do first thing of a morning but to sit on the plateau and look at the sunrise over the water. While the weyr remains mostly in darkness the clouds are streaked with pink and white near the horizon. Leslyn's position is one of relaxation, leaning back on her hands as she watches the sky.

Dragons> Ankhepith is not as relaxed as her rider, in fact she seems to have decided that her morning rest and relaxation would take the form of snapping at anything or anyone that comes near her. A firelizard drifts too close, taking its chance with some leftover meat from someone else's feeding, and very nearly comes away without a tail for invading her space.

R'miel only wanted to visit his brother this morning before work! But there was all this… commotion in the air, and Arinith insisted on being let off to the feeding grounds, so… off he went. And Ram knew that that meant. And that meant he also didn't exactly want to be off with his brother right now. So he's wandering about Ista aimlessly, and ends up at the plateau. Ah well, at least the view was nice, right?

R'dy comes trudging up the plateau, dragging himself more than really walking. Eyes are lifted appraisingly towards the sky and the young man puffs out a sigh before continuing towards the lake on the far side. "Whoever decided to smack this weyr in the middle of this island was nutty." He grumbles.

Dragons> Dhonzayth has the survival instincts of his rider, apparently, for while L'ton is happy enough to flirt with anything female, Dhonzayth is willing enough to do the same of anything shiny. Even if that shiny object happens to be snapping at anything and everything. Besides, what can make a morning more interesting than if it involves an angry gold, who he happens to know quite well? It is with quickly whirling, faceted red eyes that Dhonzayth descends upon the grounds, trumpeting to the Istan gold before toppling over a beast, spreading his wings to protect it from any interlopers, trumpeting once more before dropping his muzzle to its neck. He must be prepared for the great hunt.

Leslyn doesn't move, though apparently was close enough to hear R'dy's complaining. "Close enough to the water, don't want to have it actually in the water or the cooks would never get the stoves going." Finally she turns, grinning at him, and giving a quick wave to R'miel in the distance - someone's feeling friendly today.

Dragons> Arinith thankfully knows better than to get himself all mixed up by trying to force Ankhepith to be friendly. That's a good way to go home bleeding, and while there would probably be plenty of blood soon, he didn't want any of it to be his. He is drawn to the majestic gold, bathed in the early morning sun, and flutters down rather delicately to the feeding grounds. There's only a low croon to announce his arrival, no undo attention… yet. At any rate, he was feeling rather peckish and begins to stalk a rather fat herdbeast. There's a quick leap, then a fast downward swing to lash at is throat. He wouldn't be needing all of it.

Dragons> Ceth lands like a wallowing werry in the hatching grounds, no grace or ease to this rotund bronze. With a few hopping skips he barely avoid Ankhepith's bubble and hops onto the back of a squawling herdbeast. Not that the dragon looks like he really needs more to eat, but it's tradition, and he never passes up a meal, flesh, blood, or otherwise.

Dragons> Ankhepith is on her feet in a second, hissing angrily at Arinith. He dares to eat before she? The scandal! Well there's definitely outrage at least. Perhaps luckily for Ceth his landing on a herbeast is missed. Wings flare, teeth are bared, this one is not happy.

R'dy gives Leslyn an unexpected and lopsided grin, shaking out his shaggy hair and blushing faintly, "Wouldn't do for the cooks to complain." He agrees and clears his throat uneasily, shifting his weight.

L'ton is at a quick jog, having slowed at some point to snag M'iken's hand, leading her halfway across the weyr to the Plateau, where he practically skids to a stop, looking left and right before spotting the seemingly still calm Leslyn. Well, at least /that's/ good news. That, and he's got a M'iken. Even then, though, he's turning to glance towards the feeding grounds and his lifemate, shaking his head, and muttering to himself.

R'miel gives Leslyn a return wave. He didn't know her, but he /knows/ it's her, so to speak. He grins to her. "Morning. It's gonna be a beautiful day here today. Maybe I'll spend a bit of time at the beach before we head back." He stretches out a bit and cracks his knuckles. But then he suddenly looks distracted as his lifemate is being hollered at. He misses L'ton and M'iken's arrival.

Dragons> Dhonzayth escapes unnoticed by the wrathful hunting queen, for he's just as eagerly settled upon a beast as Arinith, and he's not stupid enough to look a gift horse in the mouth. And so when the first beast is drained, Dhonzayth attempts to make a bit of piece with the flared-winged, bared-teeth gold, for a herdbeast is brought down and abandoned close to her, for her own enjoyment, like a good little hunting dog would do?

M'iken is not much of a runner, so is panting a little by this point, grateful for the leading hand L'ton had been for her. She looks down at the feeding ground first then at who's there when she hears R'miel's voice. She even smiles lightly before she notices Meluth's feelings over Arinith being 'yelled' at.

Dragons> Arinith just got here! How would he knew she hadn't eaten yet! He warbles lowly at the gold, then backs away from his herdbeast in a rather defeated fashion, his muzzle low to the ground. Here, take it! It, uh, was for you anyways! His fat herdbeast… he had wanted it so much too. Arin moves himself away from the gold… he'll wait until she's properly distracted before trying a second time. At least he hadn't fluttered off in a panic.

Leslyn grins up at R'dy, "Or put things in your food." She adds, mostly teasing. She leans back a little further, looking at R'miel upside-down, "Always a beautiful day here, if you don't mind it being an island. This is…." She doesn't know him, make something up, "Cyril." Cyril? It'll do, poor R'dy. A quick shift in position and L'ton and M'iken get a quick wave. "Ton! Come and meet Cyril and F'red!" F'red? Yep, that would be R'miel.

Dragons> Ceth isn't the type to give up his kill anyways. But he is at least polite enough to wait until Ankhepith is distracted before blooding. Yeah, he's a fat pig like that, what can you do. He keeps his eyes on her, following her form as he drains the beast slowly dying beneath his crushing weight.

Dragons> Meluth was never one for pouncing a heardbeast upon landing and was so saved from that particular bit of misfortune, but only just. A soft warble is sent his sibling, not wanting to attract too much attention and let the gold have her fill before claiming a heardbeast for himself. That was the most he could do actually.

R'miel chuckles a bit. "Nothing wrong with an island.." Then he blinks and looks around. Who was F'red? Oh, she was talking about him. He laughs then. "It's R'miel." He turns to Tonny and M'iken, giving them a wave. "And we've already met. Hey you two." He grins a bit. "This should be fun. Mel actually chasing today, Mai?"

L'ton has to fight the urge to laugh outright at Leslyn, shaking his head and pulling the slighty winded M'iken possessively to his side, assuming she lets him. "Good ta see ya, F'red." Ton replies to Ram, having decided that despite his partial distraction thanks to Dhonzayth, that its a new, wonderful nickname for his fellow bronzerider.

M'iken waves to R'miel and smiles before she's pulled closer to L'ton, who gets a slightly puzzled look, but she doesn't attempt to pull away. "Hey. Yeah he's chasing today, or we'd be gone already." She says, pushing wet hair back over her shoulder. It was quite irritating when it was down actually.

Dragons> Ankhepith ignores both 'gifts', settling slightly as Arinith sees sense and backs off, and turns her attention to the others. Luck or timing means Ceth is still in one piece and his disrespect unnoticed, the snarls slightly At Meluth taking a step towards the brown but pausing and turning her head towards the sunrise instead. Frozen like that she waits, everything else ignored. From her throat comes something vaguely akin to a song, a note at least, a greeting to the sun as it finally finds a break in the clouds. Now the game is really afoot, now the slate has been wiped clean. In one bound she is on a beast, tearing at its throat.

Leslyn keeps on with her introductions, "Ton, you didn't bring anything to drink did you? Just Maireen?" She's definitely getting into the swing of this naming lark, and at least the beginning is right this time. As things build in the pens she begins to fidget, sitting up and tapping her fingers in her lap. Fun is slowly replaced by concentration, focus, fists slowly clenching.

"Ah can't say Ah did. Ya and yers got Mi and Ah right outta the hot springs." Thus Mi's wet hair and L'ton lack of a shirt. Stupid dragons, causing everyone to rush around like chickens with their heads cut off at their whim. "Ya gonna be okay, Les?" He asks rather softly, before looking to M'iken, as if to ask the same thing of the brownrider, though he does nod at R'miel with a bit of a grin. "Ya're good ta lean against, Mi.." He offers absently in whispered explanation of his hold on her

Dragons> Dhonzayth leaves the offered beast where it was, after all, if its not fit for the great queen, why is it fit for him? The firelizards can have it, if any of them brave the feeding grounds after their giant gold guardian has taken to the air. As Ankhepith greets the dawn, and makes her own first kill of the day, the Istan bronze hesitates only a moment before taking a second beast of his own, raking a talon across its belly before dropping his muzzle to its throat greedily, taking in the warm treat.

Dragons> Arinith mentally woos! as the gold finally takes to her own herdbeast. Even though she's ignored his gift he lets it sit there for her. He moves to a spot hopefully just on the edge of Ankhepith's peripheral, and restarts his own hunt. There wasn't any herdbeasts as big and plump as the one he'd caught, but that just means he'll have to slay twice as many now. And so, let it begin! Arin begins the hop from herdbeast to herdbeast, slashing then draining. And making a lovely red carpet of the feeding grounds while filling his bottomless pit of a tummy. Okay, the gold was a bit… angry, but that was okay! It's certainly make things plenty exciting.

R'dy stands there, looking awkward, and makes a decision! He's going to sit down, yep. Just sit. Right here. Good old terra firma. He glances at Leslyn and offers lamely, "So, ah.. good day for a flight?" Blush, babble, "Don't slap me, sorry, that was dumb."

Dragons> Meluth takes a step back, lowering his head slightly when he's snarled at. Then when she busy with a heardbest of her own he knocks the closest one down dead, pinning it to the ground so he can rip at it. His eyes stay on the queen however, keen to not be caught off guard. He does allow himself momentary amusement at his clutch-brothers ever apparent empty stomach, before finishing off his first and moving onto another poor beast.

Dragons> Ceth burps loudly, plowing over the deflated herdbeast and hop-skipping after another one. It's given to wondering if the dragon can even actually fly given his mass and girth, or if he's just that lazy. Another herdbeast is flattened with one paw and drug off away from the rest of the pack for consumption.

R'miel wanders more Leslyn-wards as L'ton seems to have staked a claim over M'iken. "Mm. How are the springs here, I haven't been he says absently." His venture towards Leslyn seems to have a purpose as he produces a flask from one of the inside pockets of his riding coat. Tonny will recognize it as the one he was so heavily nursing from during a previous flight. At any rate, it's offered up to Leslyn. "Here. It's Igen Firewater, so try not to take too big of sips." There's a brief grin to her before the bronzer seems to settle into a distracted stare off into the sky.

Dragons> Ankhepith drains one beast, throwing back her head and howling another note at the sun oblivious of the blood now staining her neck and shoulders. Another beast is felled, drained, and discarded. A third following soon after. This one she takes her time over, eyeing the lurkers in the pens across its belly.

Leslyn nods in reply to L'ton, though for a moment seems to have lost her voice. "Sure. Sure, we're fine." Her gaze makes the trip around the group and she nods - possibly finding them acceptable or possibly just deciding there's enough, who knows. R'miel's flask comes as a relief and she practically grabs it from his hands, yet for some reason she doesn't drink. Not yet. "Thanks." Now her fingers have a flask to drum against. "I…." No, not that thought. She shakes her head, trying to clear the fog that's lying there. "We should move. Move. Moving is good." No panic, no worry, common sense prevails.

Dragons> Dhonzayth lifts his normally pale muzzle, now darkened with blood, revealing in the golden idol revering the golden sun, and taking in the bloody sacrifices that have been made to her glory. And then as the gold lingers after her most recent sacrifice, Dhonzayth readies himself, blood thirst quenched, wings spread wide, ready to escort the goddess on her hunt amongst the breaking daylight.

M'iken blushes lightly, but smiles at her 'new name'. With Meluth being on edge M'iken couldn't help but feel a little bit of claustrophobia in her own skin but she nods to L'ton, holding his hand a little tighter, she'd be fine. Her eyes stay mostly on the dragons below, but she sis look up at L'ton and blush at what he'd whispered. "You would say that." she says suppressing a grin. "Hot springs are amazing. I might consider moving here just for them." She says lightly, trying to keep her mind in order and not try to jump out of her skin. Leslyn's mentioning of moving certainly sounds like a good idea and attempts to gently push L'ton into moving as her feet didn't quite want to let Meluth get out of view.

"Ya should move here, sweets.." L'ton agrees absently to M'iken, gaze flicking to Leslyn, and then's nudged into movement by M'iken, and surprisingly his feet haven't become rooted to the ground. And so he's teetering a bit, still holding onto M'iken's hand, towards the weyr, and the logical place to go, as to not cause a stir.

Dragons> Ceth looks surprised when the gold lifts her head in such a feral challenge and snorts in a sort of wry amusement, a doting concession for the peculiarities of some that he must put up with to get laid. His tongue snakes out, flashing across green muzzle slicked with coppery blood. His body tenses as she goes for the third, wings fanning out in anticipation and then he settles back down, contemplating a third kill.

Dragons> Arinith looks to be more comfortable now that his belly wasn't grumbling at him. Even though his stomach is bulging a bit compared to the rest of his slender body, this bronze only stops for a brief moment to look around. He gives a short distracted warble to his clutchbrother, then his whirling eyes focus on the statuesque gold. The sunlight seems to make her lovely hide glow, and Arin is entranced enough to take a break from eating. He snaps his jaws a bit to lap up the bits of blood dribbling down them.

R'dy doesn't want to move, noooo. That indicates involvement in all this, and he's certainly not involved. Right? Wrong! With a sigh, he heaves himself to his feet, walking like a hunch back after the group of bronze and brown riders and Leslyn.

Dragons> Meluth keeps his eyes ever moving between the others on the feeding grounds, as he drains a third beast himself. The blood is almost unnoticeable on his dark sandstone hide, if you didn't know his marking well anyway. The sun reflecting off the queen was dazzling, but he wasn't about to look away, she was probably the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, with the blood covering her.

R'miel blinks a bit as his flask is snatched. He tilts his head a bit as she decides not to drink. "Ah… yeah… moving is good." Then he turns to M'iken and raises an eyebrow, then grins. "Just for the hot springs, hm? You know Ierne has her own set…" He turns to Leslyn to lead them to their destination.

Dragons> Ankhepith leaps to fell a fourth beast, though this unlucky one is to be left behind and very much alive. Her whole weight is on its back, grinding the squealing creature into the ground as she launches towards the sunlight. Up, up, racing the dawn.

Leslyn makes another grab at R'miel, this time aiming for his arm to haul herself upright. It falls short however as Ankhepith chooses that moment to launch and Leslyn, for all her calm and acceptance of the flight, bolts for the weyr.

Ista Weyr - Ankhepith and Caerith's Ledge
Roughly oval in shape, the cavern's dark walls are decorated with twists of ivory and cinnamon marbling the curving gentle walls in whimsical display. The aged shelf provides a rocky outstretch of space for a basking dragon in the heat of summer, while the coolness of winter is kept at bay with a length of heavy burgundy cloth, kept tied to the walls until needed by a thick strap of weyrhide. Turn after Turn of use has carved a comfortable wallow of the resident queen, the deep concavity lined with yard upon yard of soft, woven rugs. A second, much newer wallow has been carved towards the front of the weyr, and is likewise lined with soft rugs. A short passageway in one corner leads into the inner weyr.

M'iken is thankful that L'ton was moving because she couldn't have done it on her own. Then she looks at R'miel, a bit of Meluth's internal aggression showing up in her eyes has she smiles slyly at him. "They're not as nice." She says, flicking her eyes back out towards the feeding grounds just as Ankhepith shoots into the sky.

Dragons> Dhonzayth trumpets loudly, sounding the hunter's horn to signal the start of the chase, as the huntress becomes the hunted, and the race for the goddess's glory and guidance is set in front of the coming dawn. The pitiful creeling of the maimed beast goes unrecognized as he gains altitude, attempting to lead the pack, lead the race, lead the hunt, with each downbeat of his wings a sign of reverence to the golden Ankhepith.

R'miel blinks again as his arm is made a grab for. He barely has enough time to make sure Leslyn actually gets to her feet before she's bolting off towards her weyr. The bronzer gives chase! Like he could help it, anyways. His eyes don't even bother with the feeding grounds, all he can hear in his head right now is 'Catch Catch Catch!' So that's what he bolts off to do. There's only a split second grin to Mai before he's off.

Dragons> Ceth was prepared this time, go him! Well, as prepared as a sinking barge that's about to become airborn. Somewhere under all that fat is a wealth of muscle, and this he uses to piston into the air, wings spreading to catch the wind and for a moment he looks nothing like a bronze so much as a green on steroids that hasn't been washed free of dirt for a few weeks. And then the sun hits him and he becomes a bronze once more, a bronze that is angling after the beautiful Ankhepith. She's graceful, she's tricky, she's not afraid to get some blood on her claws. Just the kind of girl he goes for.

"Besides, there's a cute bronzerider at Ista." L'ton replies, as if to build up his own ego, even as Dhonzayth is attempting to do the same as the dragons launch themselves into the air. And then Leslyn is taking off for her weyr, even as her lifemate takes off after the dawn, and M'iken is once more being dragged across the weyr as L'ton pursues Leslyn.

Dragons> Arinith shakes his muzzle out a bit as Ankhepith leaves the ground. He's feeling bold today after having his life threatened earlier, and joins Dhon in the trumpeting as he unfolds his wings. There’s a spring upwards from the bronze and his wings unfold to lift him into the air. He moves after the shiny golden prize like a thin shadow moving after the sun. His wings beat and his heart races, the chase was on!

R'dy looks like a man going to his execution as he trails into the weyr at a much slower pace than Leslyn entered it. He shuffles towards the far wall and leans against it, eyes seeing yet sightless as he tunes into Ceth and his world and less that of his own physical one.

Dragons> Meluth is trumpeting along just as loudly after Dhonzayth before he to is taking off into the sky and giving chase to the gold, a bit of fierce competion flaring up inside him with every beat of his wings. Despite the bulk of his upper body, he's quick, just trailing Dhon and full of determination to beat him to the prize at the end of the chase.

M'iken isn't so much being dragged along this time as she's following for lack of knowledge. She really needed to get out more, but that was neither here nor there at the moment, as she smiles at L'ton in agreeance. "There's that too." She says softly, her eyes following Leslyn, even as she holds onto L'ton's hand tighter still.

Dragons> Ankhepith has no mind for the men, not yet, she changes her course to lead them out over the water and towards Southern. With the burgeoning dawn at her side she begins to rise once more, dipping one wing and flying in a quick spiral as she does so. She climbs ever upwards, barely pausing for each move of this intricate spiralling dance with the sun. Without conscious effort her direction has changed, the sun now rising behind her.

Leslyn gets up the stairs and onto the ledge, making for the weyr and pausing as she reaches the entrance tunnel. Something stops her, the observant would have likely seen a glimpse of a blue leaving, and she turns back round once more to eyes those that followed. R'miel's flask now seems to have become some sort of symbol, and she holds it before her as if it will provide some protection.

Dragons> Dhonzayth works hard to keep the pace, the warmth of the blooded beasts contrasting the cool morning air that rises from the ocean below, pale bronze wings beating in a quick rhythm as his body rises and falls with each downward stroke. And then as the gold spirals upwards, Dhonzayth is doing much the same, though in a corkscrew that is hardly as neat or tight, as he's left lifting his bulk by himself thanks to the lack of warm thermals in the cool dawn air. And as the gold changes direction, fleeing from the sun, he pulls out of his climb to chase after her, to pull the curtain of the dawn across the heavenly dome.

L'ton pulls M'iken back to his side as they reach Leslyn's weyr, and eyes dart this way and that. Yet, even as his attention is held by the goldrider, he seems quite hesitant when it comes to releasing his hold on M'iken, as he silently urges his lifemate on above. More than one person may need what's in that flask before this is over.

Dragons> Ceth saves his breath and spares no bugles in reply to this queen, perhaps the urging of his rider for he is not the sort to spare himself on fanfare. He hedges in on the other bronzes, easily the largest of the chasers, and more than willing to bully his way through the competition. First Dhonzayth, then Arinith, and finally Meluth are considered as he works to maneuver his girth through the patterns Ankhepith has set.

Dragons> Arinith seems to rather enjoy the lazy swirling motion the gold is flying upward in. The bronze's slender figure made him quite good at the detailed sort of flying, and his wings shift to allow him to swirl upwards after her. He overshoots her length, completing another full swirl or two before swooping to continue the chase. His wings beat hard, fighting a thermal that wants to push him away from that lovely golden hide. He won't become separated from her!

R'miel fidgets a bit. He notices something leaving the weyr as they arrive, but it's soon forgotten. His eyes are fixed on his flask, though he's so distracted from the flying he doesn't even realize he's staring at it. He pulls on his jacket a bit, fixes his glasses, digs through his pokcets… then he looks around for someplace to sit maybe? Nah, he doesn't feel like sitting.

R'dy might need some, yep. Poor guy looks white as a sheet. He finally gives up on standing and slides down the wall, knees compressing against his chest as he does so. Leslyn is eyed in much the same fashion as Ceth eyes Ankhepith, those others surrounding her glared at jealously.

Dragons> Meluth follows the gold's flight patterns rather well, but can't make any headway in passing the other bronzes in that upward spiral, he even falls behind slightly which only makes him angry at himself and when they level out to fly west not his wings beat only harder and bugles out his frustration.

M'iken stops along with the rest of the group and looks between the flask and the goldrider's face a couple of times before having to look away and shake her head to concentrate after Meluth's fit of anger washes through her. She presses a clenched fist against her forehead, trying to block out some of that anger so she doesn't take it out on someone around her.

Dragons> Ankhepith sweeps on to the west, still swirling in gentle spirals as the mood takes her. With a flick of her tail she angles sharply upwards, almost standing upright in the air for a fraction of a second before shooting of once more. Her path is again upwards, the sun on her back, the sky spread out for her to dominate. And back there, somewhere, well she'll not think of that just yet. She needs height before she can choose a new acolyte.

Leslyn's fingers drum quicker and quicker on the flask, then she tugs at the neck of her shirt which has suddenly become so very tight. Is it hot in here? She sways slightly, eyes drifting skywards, and takes a step back towards the wall. Slowly she places the flask down in front of her. Look! A distraction!

Dragons> Dhonzayth trails the golden goddess that is trailing the golden sun on her wings, bringing light to the oceans of Ista, rising as she rises, banking left and right, to and fro, rather than falling into the gentle spirals of Ankhepith. And then the great idol is shooting upwards, and Dhonzayth is left behind her, left in her wake, as he struggles to get close to her, to worship her, perchance to touch her and revel in her full glory. And so he's surging after her, as if baying hounds are at his heels - the hunt is not yet over.

Dragons> Ceth adds her vectors and takes the sum of her coarse, gaining height and distance without anything so fancy as what she does. Eyes are fixed on the golden radiance she has become with the sunlight gleaming from her bold hide. His wingstrokes carry him eagerly forward, and though he may not be as agile, he makes up the difference in brute force and determination.

Dragons> Arinith emits a loud trumpet rather suddenly. Everyone was being so quiet! He wanted to make sure the gold still knew they were back there, fighting for her attentions. This gold certainly wasn't bumbly like some of the others he'd chased, she was powerful and in pristine shape and condition for such a monumental task, and even he was having trouble keeping up with her movement. When she changes direction his wings suddenly tilt upwards bringing him to a rather jerked stop. He was losing his desired position of slightly above her! He beats his wings as hard as he can, following Ankh's shadow immersed in sunlight.

R’dy looks for a moment like he might steady Leslyn, but the she finds her center again and he reclines once more against the wall. The flask is eyed, and then R'miel, as if the man expects the other to make a flying pounce for the coveted Firewater.

L'ton half ponders dodging in, to try and claim R'miel's flask for himself, but then M'iken's pressing a fist into her forehead, and the Istan is distracted, even though his is already, trying to unclench her fist and try to add some sort of steadying anchor for the Ierne rider. After all, what does he have to fear, a punch? Been there, done that.

Dragons> Meluth takes off straight up into the air from where he is, not bothering to try and keep near his opponents. Granted now there's a gap where the gold is above and beside him rather than just above him, but he takes a moment to swing sideways and rejoin the group of males chaseing the golden idol. When Arinith trumpets, Meluth answers in turn, trumpeting for all his voice is worth, letting his sibling know he wasn't going to give up anytime soon.

R'miel's eyes shoot towards Leslyn suddenly. The bronzer's breathing has increased slightly and he seems much more serious than normal. Thankfully she's spared his piercing stare at her, as it's hidden behind the wall of his dark glasses. Then he switches to look to his flash. Ooh, sweet firewater. The bronzer indeed makes a pounce for his own liquid, unscrewing the top of the flask and just basking in the scent of what was inside before taking a long draw. Ahh…

M'iken didn't even notice the flask being put down as she was dealing with some things on her own that she wasn't used to having to deal with. The outside force of someone pulling her hand back though is a bit too much to handle, though instead of lashing out and hitting L'ton she pulls back quickly, blinking a bit in bewilderment and nearly falling over in the process. Her balance had been shot all day, but thankfully she's able to catch herself before she falls over completely.

Dragons> Ankhepith climbs and climbs — no more acrobatics, just a need to get up and away. There's a falter in her wingbeats just before she flips over, head over tail, and plunges forwards. On towards the sea, back into the sun, time to complete the worship that she demands.

Leslyn's eyes linger on M'iken for a time, something almost predatory in the look she gives her. But then that look travels around R'dy, L'ton, R'miel. Her gaze lingers on R'miel for the longest, watching his throat as he drinks from the flask. She licks her lips, but doesn’t move. Yet.

Dragons> Dhonzayth climbs after the fleeing gold, chasing her as she rises further and further unto the heavens which are her true domain. And then she's falling, falling back to the earth, falling back to her worshippers. And so the Istan falls with her, wings folding as he plunges as his true idol does, into the sun. And then, with wings extended, he stretches - neck, talons, tail - stretches to offer himself fully to the goddess Ankhepith, as the hunt in her honor draws to a close.

Dragons> Ceth is there, talons outstretched, wings spread to their widest, determination in his eyes and his rapidly beating heart. With the object of his (albeit admittedly fleeting) devotion tucks under and comes back towards the group, he gives in, voicing a roar of challenge fit to shake the socks off the bugles of his fellow chasers. He reaches for her, every fiber of his being arching forward into the sun, or is that Ankhepith?

Dragons> Arinith only gets more excited as he hears his clutchbrother is still in the chase with him. But there was no time for celebration yet, and the bronze falls into a rather intense focus. Ankhepith wasn't going to let him use his normal set of tactics, so he was busy devising a new one to put him at an advantage over his golden trophy. He stays as close as he can to her, and when her direction changes again he wastes no time. He gives one last mighty pump upwards, and does a full twist and flip to put himself in the right direction. With his wings tucked back against his body, he splits the air like the tip of an arrow. All he can focus on now is sinking his claws into the golden wonder before him.

Dragons> Ankhepith spirals through the sky towards the pack, arrow seeking arrow. Ducking bronze, dodging brown, choosing one who will be taught the ways. Arinith disrespected her in the pens, now comes his education. Poor thing.

Dragons> Dhonzayth is once more left to worship Ankhepith from a distance, and so the bronze heads back towards the weyr, and perhaps someone willing to console him.

Dragons> Arinith gives a triumphant bugle to no other in particular. The arrow has struck the prey! He'll accept his lesson like a proper bronze ought to.

R'miel looks down at the flask. He's very tempted just to down the rest of the firewater, but then his eyes meet Leslyn's. He gives a cursory glance around the room, then moves towards her in a rather hurried manner. He offers her the flask, but if she declines its top will be screwed on and it will be discarded wherever.

Dragons> Ceth is disappointed, but such is to be expected when you're the fat ugly kid. Spiraling downwards to land in the bowl, he picks up his dejected rider so they can go find greener pastures.. and a certain gold who is much more ameniable to Ceth's weird brand of lovings.

Dragons> Meluth lets himself continue to fall, only opening his wings once he's lower to let the wind carry himself back to Ista and his rider.

Leslyn's eyes never really leave R'miel's neck, and it's a pretty good guess she'll be chewing on it later if he's not careful. But as he steps forwards there's only one thing on her mind, and it's no longer modesty. This grab isn't going to miss.

M'iken looks at L'ton nearly in the same pitiful fashion though, it's more Meluth still overrideing her own thoughts at this point, and lets herself be lead away to his weyr. Yeah, she'll go console him, only if he pormises to do the same for her.

L'ton clearly has no issues with that, for Leslyn and Ram are the last thing on his mind, and he's hauling M'iken off.

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