Ankhepith x Troyseth Hatching

Ista Weyr: Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always opressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.

This Is The Moment Egg ripples, the liquid like colouring at its base appearing to develop bubbles which burst with a faint cracking noise as they reach the corked tip.

Gotta Have a Gimmick Egg shifts tremously in its spot on the sands. A hesitant motion that does not at first seem to draw attention to itself.

Xelleen strides onto the sands with her usual self-assured demeanor. Head high, she pauses to survey the sands before stepping forward to make her bows to cluchdam and sire. This completed, she makes her move into the half-circle forming around the eggs that have been largely elusive beneath their sandy home.

Fillip follows briefly after Xelleen, he copies her bow, dipping his head to the Dam and Sire of the hatchlings to be. He sucks his breath in, settling in his position within that circle, glancing around for his friends.

Delynni takes in the whole of the grounds almost in shock for a moment, before walking forwards boldly and bowing to Ankhepith and Troyseth. Then she turns up to the crowd, spotting three lizard dots taking a seat near a group clad in beastcraft yellow. The little candidate looks towards the eggs again and follows the other candidates to the half circle, stanidng with Fillip.

Faenar drifts gently down to the sands with all the inherent grace of a hippo in ill fitting jackboots, thumbs tucked into the belt of his oversized robes, and clomps to try hard to look inconspicuous at the end of the semicircle, head ducked low.

The tip of the This Is The Moment Egg stretches, flakes of the shell beginning to fall from it but not yet enough that it would reveal the mysterious contents.

Ankhepith watches as the candidates file out, wings flaring slightly as she spots certain candidates that have earner her ire over the their time here. But the eggs are wobbling and there is little time for her anger to win out over curiosity.

Early morning has just begun at Ista Weyr - and what a morning it'll be. The all too familiar humming sound that generally heralds the start of a Hatching has no doubt been heard and word sent out. Troyseth is keenly watching as the first few eggs begin to move and the candidates begin to file out. G'rism arrives shortly sometime afterwards, looking slightly rushed but otherwise calm as he approaches his bronze.

The Gotta Have a Gimmick Egg seems to get over its initial shyness and starts to rock quite eratically on the sands and with almost a swirl of movement it taps against the wall of the cavern and cracks appear on its surface. One crack seems to grow larger than the other and it is not long before a claw pokes through followed by a front leg as it pushes its way through.

Fillip reaches one hand to Delynni, he then looks up as Ankhepith displays herself. He shudders a second, then glances around, his eyes searching out Parra. He waves her over his eyes swivelling to look at the breaking egg. He gazes at the claw, his eyes transfixed on the new life struggling to get out.

Parra comes out and bows, going to stand at the back of the line of candidates.

Faenar eases back just a half pace, eyeing the eggs warily, and shifting his hands to behind his back. Out of gnawing range. Just in case. You know.

With a sudden shudder the top of the This Is The Moment Egg explodes outwards, the colours on the shell seeming to swell upwards and then form into the shape of a rather odd looking bronze dragon.

The Monster Within Bronze Hatchling
A veritable patchwork of bronze coats this dragon, giving him a rather hastily put together look. His wings are overly large, his chest a little too small, his legs unbalanced. It's as if he's not quite grown into himself yet. His colour darkens as it sweeps back over his form, brighter colours tending towards the more 'normal' front and his tail tip verging on black.

The Gotta Have a Gimmick Egg continues to shimmy and crack as more limbs appear through the cracks until finally the egg splits open and a bright green hatchling stands there in the a nest of her egg remnents. Out from this mess stares this Lit by the Limelight Green Hatchling.

Lit by the Limelight Green Hatchling
Limelight seems to play over the features of this green dragon, seeming to illuminate her hide from tip to tail. Shades of pale, but bright green surround her giving her a glow that is seen in most dragons only when about to rise. Only her dark talons and wingtips hold a darker shade of green as if they are just out of the spotlight that brightens the rest of her. Her body is long and lean from the long sensual curve of her neck, down to her back and along her tail that just flickers teasingly back and forth even when she is standing still.

Delynni takes Fillip's hand and squeezes it briefly. But when the This is the moment egg splits she removes it, tensing slightly as she takes in the patchworked bronze and almost glowing green.

Ankhepith trumpets triumphantly as the first eggs crack. Urging each of the new dragons forwards to find their matches on the sands. She look almost smug as she surveys the rest of the rocking clutch, leaning forward to give one non-moving egg a 'hurry up' nudge with her nose.

Xelleen stands at apparent ease on the sands, her eyes gazing up into the stands of the gallery, looking, searching for something or someone. Her attention certainly no where near the eggs on the sands or the hatchlings that crack out of thier shells to the triumphant bellow of Ankhepith.

The Monster Within Bronze Hatchling is fast to his feet, lurching towards the candidates with an ever-growing growl of anger and frustration. With a surprising turn of speed he launches at one particular candidate, knocking Bhanmeial from his feet. There's barely time for the boy to choke out "Jelkyth" before the bronze tries to drag him off to the side.

Lit by the Limelight Green Hatchling looks around the cavern, her whirling hungry eyes touching upon each candidate in turn before she finally makes a step forward. A step with ungainly long limbs that end with her flat on her face. She is still for a moment before she picks herself off the sands and gives herself a shake before looking along the line again and taking a more careful step forward. Each step is careful and measured as to not repeat the first fall. Her tail flicks behind her leaving a snake trail in the sand behind her as she walks first to a young man from the mines. She leans forward and sniffs before huffing in distaste and moving along the line. Sniffing and disregarding several more candidates. Finally she steps in front of a Mousy haired girl from Harper hall. Not a girl that stands out really, nothing remarkable about her. She does not even look up as the dragon stops in front of her until the green nudges her ever so gently. Louise finally looks up with eyes bright with emotion, "Oh me? " The girl squeaks in surprise before finally stepping forward into that limelight, "Alright Roseath…lets get you fed…" She murmurs still unbelieving as she leads the dragon off the sands.

If I Were a Gold Egg has started a slow shimmy, and slowly the colors of its shell become visible.

Fillip looks at the boy who impressed the bronze, and smiles a little dryly. He returns Delynni's squeeze with one of his own, an almost wistful sigh escapes his lips. He then watches the green impress, and shakes his head. He brings his free hand up to his hair, brushing a non existant stray lock behind his ear in a habitually nervous guesture as another egg starts to move

Delynni covers her /ears/ at Ankhepith's trumpeting sort of yell. "My ears…" She keeps alert to the sounds and movements of the grounds. And there it is, the first hatch and impression is a bronze. The second is a green to a mousy girl she doesn't know too well. Her eyes scan the sands shrewdly, eyes on the eggs in turn."

Crumpled Pages of Liberty wobbles ever so slightly. Thats always how these things begin you know. Small pockets of localized discontent are mishandled and the population as a whole becomes the target of unwarranted restrictions, unfair laws, and heavier taxation. So the discontented population grows, shaking of fists and stomping of feet comes in waves. The growing chant of "Independency for all!" seems to be the rhythm of the drumming this one is doing upon its shell.

Parra bites her lip and shifts from side to side, trying to keep herself to the back of the pack. At the bright trumpet, she winces.

Troyseth seems rather smug with himself as well, his humming picking up both in volume and tempo as the first few eggs hatch and then Impressions made. Briefly, the dark hued bronze turns his attention away from the rocking eggs and towards Ankhepith, his head cocking slightly to the side at her nudge to one egg. He interupts his humming to rumble to her, almost sounding puzzled.

Faenar catches the eye of the young boy from the mines, deemed unsuitable by the green, and just shrugs in mutual sympathy.

Faintly at first, but unmistakable amongst the other noise of the sands, sounds of movement come from inside the Eve of the War Egg. On and on the sounds come — the being inside hammering and stirring. Sleepless. Indefatigable. At work on the shell that is their prison.

If I Were a Gold Egg continues its dance, and slowly cracks begin to form under the strain of the movement, and the colors that had been intermixed slowly find themselves being spread out.

Delynni is slowly relaxing, though the two parents are kept an eye on. But she also looks carefully among the eggs, one of them's rocking quite a bit, then another's shimmering and shaking.

Crumpled Pages of Liberty pauses in its quest for freedom. How quiet, how quiet the chamber is.Oh this wont do though, it needs the dragons roar, the pageant and pomp and parade thats waiting just outside the shell. No taxation without representation! Once more a concerted effort to push through and pull itself away from the Dam, free of the oppression of the shell. Like the struggle for independence, cracks appear in the surface of the egg, the glass of the windows shattering and falling off.

With a triumphant cry the Lit by the Limelight Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Sharix stands next to her dragon, watching the whole scene with a grim, stern on her face. Arms folded, she simply watches the candidates, making sure everyone stays safe and respectful.

Suddenly the top of the Eve of the War Egg begins moving, rotating, unscrewing. Almost impossibly the shell seems to elongate, stretching towards the sky and appearing to glow dangerously brighter by the second.

From the Galleries> Danewt comes in with a Will on his arm, the two wincing and whispering at their lateness. Eventually though, Danewt finds the pair a seat and settles in with a few 'sorries' and 'excuse me's for good measure.

Fillip shivers slightly as he watches the eggs rock and crack. He glances over at Parra again, and waves her over once more. He sucks his breath in, shutting his eyes briefly, opening them to see even more movement on the grounds.

Xelleen makes a terrible face as the eggs cracks, glancing aside at the person to her right. It seems she is more interested in scanning the stands for a familiar face rather than watch the eggs.

Delynni shakes her head. "That one looks like its going to explode." Delynni remarks of the War egg. "What's in there, color I mean…" She asks Fillip. "Whatddyou think?"

If I Were a Gold Egg has come to a not-entirely-unexpected end, for as the shell crumbles to the grounds, a new life begins, and a new cycle is created. For, in place of the multicolored egg is a dark green hatchling.

Concealed Masterpiece Green Hatchling
Dark greens dominate over the small body of this new hatchling, seeming to leave little room for anything else. Yet, flecks of light green are sprinkled across her, as if an artist simply flung his brush at her in irritation, each spot seeming superimposed on the darker background. Only her wings escape from the dappling, as a spot as even settled on the tip of her muzzle. Yet, faceted eyes reflect the hues around her, and short limbs are prepared for the search.

Fillip smiles, and nods his head. "Err… Brown," he murmers quietly, looking at Delynni, a slight shrug on his shoulders, "Though I think we're about to find out for ourselves."

Crumpled Pages of Liberty would love to burst through in a fantastic shower of exploding shell fragments, like fireworks across the night sky. But independence is never won in fine, sparkling array. A wing pokes through and then a goo covered tail. The shell itself pulls apart rather than falls as sherds of shattered oppression. What is left is a small bundle of dragon, exploring itself for a moment, creeling in the most obnoxious manner. The others around him pull back and go back about their business revealing him to be the Obnoxious and Disliked Brown.

Obnoxious and Disliked Brown Hatchling
Obnoxious and Disliked Brown seems to be made up of a patchwork of browns, in a neat variety of shapes, ranging from pale cream to deepest umber. There are ruddy, invitingly warm browns, dark and menacing in their cold tone. Hes short and stocky, from his dark, squat head knobs to the broad cream coloured claws. This earthen toned motley gent knows precisely what it is that he wants and he creels noisily when it doesnt present itself directly. Independency! Finally!

Parra continues to dance about on the hot stands, pulling at her robe since it seem to be riding up. There are little soft, barely audible sounds, an ooo! here or an ahhh! there. But for the most part, there she is, angling to keep several others between herself and the eggs and the hatchlings.

Eve of the War Egg stretches almost to breaking point till, suddenly, the lid falls off. Two luminous, disc like eyes appear above the rim, followed by a huge, rounded bulk that slithers from its previous home, glistening like wet leather.

Thunder Child Green Hatchling
This young green would look almost comically proportioned were it not for the poisonous shade that her colouring takes. Every bit of her appears to have been stretched, pulled out of form, menacing almost, and all a thick venomous green. A flash of near-white lines her chest, while her wings are tinged with a shade nearer blood - the colour growing over the sails like some sort of red weed.

Delynni doesn't care what order she's in, she just seems to fall to the middle of the candidates, standing stiff and stubborn, eyes still scanning the sands for trouble. Like the Thunder Child Green that's just come out.

Fillip looks at the two eggs that just broke out of their shells, he then blushes, looking away… then he feels a tug, and follows Delynni to the middle of the candidates, stumbling and shuffling slightly, quite to oppisite of the stiff tall and stubborn one who he follows

From the Galleries> Danewt murmurs to tbe blonde healer, "Oh isn't he the democractic chap." And then, "Yeah, but still not as deadly and dangerous as you, love." Smirk.

The young green wanders here and there, exploring, and looking to find what she can, before she finally comes to stare at a small girl who, in turn, can't help herself, eyes on the hatchling. A few seconds pause and the hatchling begins to bounce up and down. This is it! You're mine! The girl breaks into tears of joy as she falls to her knees and hugs the green dragon. "Oh Barufureath, we'll never part, ever!" The two leave together, Barufureath and her rider Fran.

Delynni spots Fillip's blush. "oooooh, let me guess…. for you, you think that if you get a green dragon it makes you a giiiiiirllll…" She teases. "Well, if that's the case… one of your two problems is solved." she smirks.

Ankhepith nudges once more at an unmoving egg. This one vexes her and she rumbles to Troyseth to come and make it do something.

Obnoxious and Disliked Brown creels, trying to work his way up and down the line of candidates. There was that one, that sung back to him, that pushed back when he demanded saltpetre. His perfect match, his equal in all things. Oh that this body were built for land manoeuvres! Obnoxious and Disliked Brown trips, this is not a smooth and easy process you know, and some help would be appreciated. « You will help me, wont you Zvia? You dont find me obnoxious and disliked, do you? » The sixteen turn old girl giggles and shakes her head, "Oh Quinzath, Ill always love you even if you are obnoxious and disliked!" Then the pair of ushered off the sands by the Weyrlingmasters to the stifled congratulations of their peers.

Fillip returns the tease with a playful poke, "Actually, I got the eggs mixed up. Honestly!" He looks up at the parents nudging the egg, then leans over, and whispers to Delynni, "Do you think she's going to do something drastic?"

From the Galleries> Danewt hrms. "They're all going so fast…." Then again, last time he watched a hatching, he came away from it with blisters on the bottoms of his feet.

Delynni shakes her head. "I don'…. That brown… the one who just went for the girl. Did you hear him?" She asks, confused, pointing to the brown. "They only talk for their riders, but he was addressing somebody else. I heard him." She lets go of Fillip's hand and tries to stand on tiptoes to see if she can spot the pair.

Crawling, belly dragging on the sands, Thunder Child Green Hatchling makes their way inexorably towards the line. A harsh cry torn from her throat as she moves, each step apparently paining her. Abruptly the sound ceased. Suddenly there was desolation, solitude, an unbearable silence eventually broken as Carrie rushes forwards. "No, Ullath. On no. There must be something worth living for."

With a triumphant cry the Concealed Masterpiece Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

With a triumphant cry the Obnoxious and Disliked Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

With a triumphant cry the Thunder Child Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Xelleen nods her head as the little dragon Impresses, "Congratulations." she calls to the new pair, hunting her brain for the new rider's name and coming up short. Never mind. Turning her eyes back towards the eggs finally, she shifts her weight carefully, her frame more casual than any one person deserves to be in such chaos.

An Egg-Apple for You! Egg shifts beneath the pile of sand, dislodging portions of it, and sending it tumbling downwards, a portion of the shell peeking out, uncovered.

Faenar digs underneath his robes, wrinkling his nose as his hand creeps down to… well… they itch. They need to be scratched. He looks furtively around to make sure the attention is on the eggs, scratches again, then withdraws his hand and his posture of expectant hope.

One Short Day Egg tilts dangerously across to one side, a sudden earthquake caused by the other eggs cracking shaking its very foundations and sending it towards its doom.

Nights of the Round Egg has been concealed by fog - er, sand - for long enough, and it starts to twitch this way and that, trying to rid itself of the concealing bother.

Fillip glances around at the pair, leaning forward a bit to see the pair. He nods to Delynni, murmering softly "I… I don't know…" then a new sound attracts his attention, the cracking of egg shells… and his attention is once more fixed on rocking dragon eggs.

Delynni stares as suddenly three eggs rock at once, and leaves Fillip, as she tries to wiggle her short frame through several other very solid candidates to see the new eggs when they hatch. "This is soooo going to be chaos, of the fun kind."
An Egg-Apple for You! Egg has continued to shift, and freed itself from the heavy covering. And, just in time, for small cracks have begun to criss-cross the shell, much like its own pattern.

Nights of the Round Egg is free of the sandy pile that had hidden it from view, and the golden spot is left free to shine once more, a beacon in the night. Yet, even as it becomes visible, cracks begin to feather upwards, spreading across the shell, threatening a end.

With a terrible cracking noise an obvious split forms on the shell of the One Short Day Egg. Slowly but surely the mysterious emerald splits, the illusuory walls beginning to crumble thanks to the onslaught from within.

Troyseth is both curious and clearly puzzled now by Ankhepith's worry over the one egg. He can only give her a mental reassurance that maybe it'll move over time. He knows full well that there's nothing more that he can do - she's already nudged it and nothing has happened.

Ankhepith pokes at the egg again, huffing an angry breath over it. The one beside it gets the same treatment before she scoops a footfull of sand up over the shell.

Fillip takes a step back, sucking his breath in, trying to create one little ball of calm so he can sort everything out around him. However, this is not to be. Once he notices Ankhepith scooping sand over one of the eggs, he gasps, his eyes transfixed by this behaviour

Delynni looks first at the rocking eggs, then at the drama between the parent dragons. "Sorry…" She whispers softly before she's jostled, by smelly boy elbows, eeeeeew. "Hey, hey, don't squish me! I'm little here and I want a view too!" She says urgently, though not raising her voice. And then her black eyes turn avidly to the eggs, the parents and the sands.

An Egg-Apple for You! Egg seems to be covered with cracks from top to bottom, as the careful set that had been constructed falls apart, shards of shell falling like a stage curtain to the sand beneath it. Yet, as the curtain closes, its time for an encore. And, this time, its a large, pale blue hatchling who finds himself suddenly with nothing to hide behind.

Parra murmurs, "What is she doing?" temporarily distracted by the odd behaviour of the Dam before she remembers that there are still eggs exploding and dragonettes creeling and her feet are really really burning!

Heavens and Beyond Blue Hatchling
Perfection is evident in the crisp hues that slip effortlessly upon this dragons form, pale sky blue stretching across the huge expanse of his back, uninterrupted by even the shadow of clouds. His color darkens slightly as it reaches the centerline of his stomach, a richer Mayan blue that spreads out along his belly, brushing in limb in imaginary shadows. Yet, despite the perfection of his hues, it is not mirrored in his form. Wings, traced with light blue spars across each darker sail, seem oversized even for his large frame, while serpentine neck seems to lack its expected length. Even each headknob, brushed with the midnight blue of a fading day, seems more knobby and stumpy than anything else, as they sit atop his short head. His ridges seem to be the only thing truly proportioned for his frame, each one a steely blue, set squarely down the length of his back.

No matter how mighty the structure, eventually it will come tumbling down. Nights of the Round Egg is no different, and as the cracks continue to spread, its only a few moments before the shell is completely gone, the golden light shattered upon the sands, and a shadowy blue left to continue the search, without a guide.

Chasing an Illusion Blue Hatchling
Like a disappearing shadow, deep navy cloaks this dragon's form, twisting and concealing from his elongated muzzle, to slip along his sleek neck, and settle in heavy folds upon his back, the shadow casting shadows of its own upon the pattern of his hide. Yet, a bit of light seems to touch his form here and there, as patches of sapphire and ultramarine flare up along his haunches, just different enough from the backdrop to cause doubt about their existence. A lighter touch just brushes his chest, anchoring his form around it as the azure spot feathers outwards, diffusing into the darkness. Wings and sails are proportioned to his body, the same precision noticeable in the gentle curve of each headknob, and the angles of his ridges along his back, as if this dark shadow is only mimicking the form of an ideal model.

One Short Day Egg is nearing its final collapse. Each shudder brings it a step closer to destruction until it shatters, sending shards of shell flying in every direction. Slowly a pale blue dragon rises from the remains of this once great city, head held high as he surveys his new domain.

Nothing Really Matters Blue Hatchling
What he lacks in size, this little blue dragon makes up for in colouration and presence. His tiny head, muzzle slightly flattened, is highlighted in cobalt, darker over the crown and with a pale, powder blue streak that encircles his muzzle and trails down his throat. His torso and legs seem to be larger than the proportion of his body might recommend but are shaded in such a pure sky blue that such an oddity does not matter. A short tail, too broad for elegance, is streaked with darker hues, the tip bordering more on midnight, a feature reflected in his wingspars as well. His wings themselves are a different matter - as elegantly formed as a tailored cloak they fall in ever brightening swirls, shading to almost white along the trailing edge of the small sails.

Fillip gasps as two blues burst out of their eggs, he looks around for someone to talk to, and settles near another of the candidates. He sucks his breath in, "Wow…" he murmers softly, his eyes wide in amazement

Delynni gapes as suddenly one, two, three blue dragons break shell at once. "Cripes, big fat cripes on a plate…" She jumps back in surprise, but is just as quickly struggling back into her hiding place to get a good look at them again. "Wow, wow, wow, wow…… the three of them popped at once. Fillip get over here! Fillip? Fillip?" She looks behind her to see if the other candidate is there.

Fillip steps forward, a few steps, and his hand in on Delynni's shoulder. "What would you do without me?" he murmered with a soft humour.

Faenar subtly reaches into a pocket for a cracker crumb. It's not exactly cheating. It's… encouraging the dragons. Yep. He surreptitiously tosses the handful of crumbs down in front of him.

Heavens and Beyond Blue Hatchling wanders around a bit, a little confused as to what he should do in this new world. The young dragon stops in his tracks and looks around. First at the candidates, then his mommy and daddy dragon, then up in the stands. Such a scary world! The dragonet shakes a bit then starts troting off to a group of boys, sniffing the air around them. Stinky! This isn't what /I'm/ looking for…

Chasing an Illusion Blue Hatchling finds himself suddenly.. somewhere else. In a different time? Nope. A different world? Perhaps. As he sits there, amongst the shattered pieces of his past life, he creels slightly. Then then, swinging his wedged shaped head around, he spots the ring of white - Its a sign! And so he manages to get to his feet, headed for his proclaimed destiny.

Nothing Really Matters Blue Hatchling glances around him, taking his time to inspect the little things before him - the sands, the shell. The line of candidates draws his attention, but only for the briefest of moment before something shiny draws it away again.

Xelleen watches the trio of dragonets as a pair shamble near, one even rejecting the boys, she grins a bit. "Nothing wrong with looking." she philosophises to herself. An eyebrow arches as the dragon moves on, but that is the end of it. She goes back to feigned nonchalance.

Delynni is watching the trio carefully. "Look at them, they're triplets… I mean really…" She whispers to Fillip. Then she straightens up and is squished between elbows again, accident, really, she's just that small. Delynni pushes too hard and suddenly she's in front of the two candidates. This won't do, she wiggles back behind the two big ones again.

Parra blinks at the three and tries to hide all the more behind Delynni and Fillip.

"Watch out," Faenar hisses at Delynni as she buffets her way back and forward from the line. "Just stand still, huh?" he suggests, elbows going out in front of her. Just a coincidence that leaves him at the front.

Ankhepith apparently has given up on one egg, burying it deeply. The other she nudges once more, expecting something. Anything.

Heavens and Beyond Blue Hatchling meanders a little more, sniffing each candidate as he steps from one to another. There's nothing here worth going for. But then the dragons nose perks up and he wobbles himself over to a smaller group of girls and stares at each one, looking for something deep with in them. Maybe he's found what he's been looking for after all?

Chasing an Illusion Blue Hatchling seems to practically gallop upon the sands, hurriedly closing the distance between himself and the goal, his head tilted as he looks up at one girl, before turning. That is not the true one. Now, which one is a the true one, and not merely a falsity, left to throw him off? Another young girl is examined, before she too is discarded, and he continues along the line, gallop slowed pass even a trot.

Nothing Really Matters Blue Hatchling takes a step or two forwards, turning to eye his parents before moving on a little further. His wings ruffle, a pose deliberately made to show them off to the galleries that he might gain his due adoration. Again his head slips towards the line of candidates, perhaps focussing on one in particular, but he's still so far away.

Fillip's mouth drops slightly, "I.. yeah…" his whispers. He reaches forward, catching Delynni's elbow, and pulling her back in line. He then turns around, and notices Parra, he smiles, and tries to make a gap next to him for her. "One united front?" he suggests

Delynni shakes her head. "I can't help it, I'm just excited." She hisses. "Uhoh, one's coming, get ready." She squints and looks around for a good way to see. She's being blocked by two big candidates who are ignoring her for the most part. "Fine with me." She tells the other candidates in her group. "Fillip, Parra, Xelleen, the four of us walk forward on three, alright?"

Parra pulls in a deep breath and bites her lip some more. "Oh. Okay." Though she looks less than certain.

As the impressions take place Lyn and the other members of the weyrlingmaster team ushers each toward a small opening in the cavern, toward much promised food and relief from the hot sands.

Xelleen turns as she hears her name being called by something other than a dragon. "That's not our instructions? those things are dangerous." She replies in her usual way.

Delynni sighs. "Fine. But I want to see, and I'm little, and I can't see." She makes it that simple, again trying to worm her way through the taller candidates for a good look. "There they are…"

Fillip shakes his head, "No, they're dragons," he murmers softly, looking at the three hatchlings, "I…" he shakes his head, "I don't know… I thought the hatchlings chose…"

Troyseth only watches as Ankhepith buries the one egg, keeping close but still distant enough so that he is not in the way of her or the hatching in progress. The second egg under the gold's observation is given the same curious glance before the bronze's atttention refocuses on the remaining hatchlings and candidates on the sands.

"Oh for… somebody lift her up or something, but… shut up!" Faenar asides irritably to Delynni. "Just stand still and be quiet and wait! Don't ruin it for the rest of us!"

Delynni shakes her head. "We're not trying to make them choose, we're trying to get a good /look/." She insists, trying to look /around/ one girl, who makes a humph and backs up. "And I'm excited, I can't hold still…"

Heavens and Beyond Blue Hatchling jumps up a little bit and trots over to Parra and looks up at her with big watery eyes. Could this be the smell? A few more wiffs and the blue does a little semi-spin before looking at Parra again. Then, it takes a few steps closer to the candidate and headbutts her lightly in the stomach. Hello! Look at me! I'm looking at /you/!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Heavens and Beyond Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Chasing an Illusion Blue Hatchling seems to carefully consider each option, before a sudden movement, and a stuck out elbow catches his attention. And so, while some candidates are jostling for position, and others are busy staring in some other direction, he's hurrying up to his chosen, straightening to look the grey-eyed teen in his face, snorting. /This/ one, is the one he wants. And his should pay attention to /him/, not some girl!

Faenar mutters, barely audible, "She should have gone before she came."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Chasing an Illusion Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Nothing Really Matters Blue Hatchling Has had enough of this moving thing. He settles down quietly on the sands and, for a moment, appears as if he might yet fall asleep. But his head snakes forwards, contact made from afar as he focuses most definitely on one of the boys in the line. With a slight shrug he gets to his feet again, inching closer before lying down once more at a young man's feet.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Nothing Really Matters Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Fillip steps aside, allowing Parra to get through. He smiles, then he looks aorund, and kneels by the small hatchling. He reaches a hand for its eyebrow ridge. "Oh… Of course Ferioth!" he murmers, "Yes, of course…"

Parra stops. She simply stops. And then slowly her eyes come to fix on Chasing an Illusion Blue Hatchling. "I'm not afraid Himmelorienth, not anymore." She pulls herself towards him, "Yes, we should get something to eat!"

Faenar blinks, stepping away a bit from the dragon. "Uh… Camoloth… huh. Uh. Hey." Before a broad grin spreads across his face and he reaches into his pocket for another cracker. "Here… we'll go find some more. I mean… if you like crackers, right?"

Lyn can not help but grin as a series of blues decide to impress at the same time. "Look at that, like a set of triplets." She says with a laugh before stepping forward to herd these last few off the sands. "Come now kids, lets get them fed up before they start eating ya." (barracks)

Delynni slips aside for the three blues and looks over at Xelleen and the others. She avoids all the incoming blue dragons and turns to eye the two eggs that are lying dormant. "Come on you guys… you can make it… come on…" She squeezes her eyes shut as if to mentally wish the two dorment eggs to hatch. "Come on and hatch, just hatch…" She urges them. The triplets are already forgotten as she focuses on the remaining two eggs.

Sharix unfolds her arms and stands away from the group and little bit. Holding out her arms, she addresses the galleries. "We all welcome you to Ista Weyr, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for attending our hatching, on behalf of Troyseth and Ankhepith, and their riders Leslyn and G'rism. There will be a feast of food and drinks in the living cavern if you are inclined to join us. Please congratulate our new weyrlings!"

Ankhepith hasn't given up on this little egg, though it appears to have given up on her. Another nudge produces no result.

Delynni grunts and lets her hands drop to her sides as she lets the others go. "Oh well… either back home or stay here… I guess I'll just have to drink a little and then pick." She sighs as she gives another look to the forlorn Ankhepith. "poor girl."

Troyseth has been silent for some time now, having turned his attention away from the last three hatchlings the moment they Impressed. For now, he stands nearby, looking down at the second egg whose lack of movement has no doubt concerned the riders. The bronze can only, once again, offer some form of reassurance to Ankhepith.

Xelleen raises her eyes to glance at the remaining two motionless eggs before she settles her attention on Sharix. She dips a bow to the senior goldrider of the weyr and takes a few demure steps back then she turns concealing a small sigh before she starts the walk off the sands to get changed, her expression mostly unreadable.

Delynni turns towards the two parents. "Hey… is it going to hatch?" She asks quietly, she looks up at the two parent dragons and then at Sharix. "Isn't it going to hatch?" She asks.

Sharix head nods to Xelleen and looks at Delynni. "Somethings are not meant to be, Delynni. No one can ever tell if a dragon will hatch, or simply cease trying." She turns to look at the egg. "We can only hope for the best, and perhaps the winds will favor us."

Delynni nods quietly and turns to leave. "Yes ma'am, thank you for having me at Ista. I'm glad to have been here." She says simply as she takes steps to go.

Ankhepith takes time accepting this… failure. Once the sands clear she instructs Troyseth in his duties, each taking one of the unhatching eggs and dropping them between.

Troyseth is quick to follow the instructions given by Ankhepith, not lingering or hesitating in his part of the quiet disposal of the one egg he was charged with. With nothing left to keep him to the sands, he returns to Ista long enough perhaps for his rider to give his farewells, perhaps a few shared condolences, before the pair of them are called back to Eastern Weyr.

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