Janneth's Flight

Ista Weyr: Function Room
Large double doors open out into a large high ceiling excavated cavern. Again the walls are the natural black volcanic stone, but in this room the walls have been smoothed out. The floors are again the black stained wood as seen in the entry way. Electric light globes are 'hidden' behind ornate glow baskets along the wall to give the room an old fashioned feel. Fans hang from the ceiling keeping the cavern cool even in the height of summer.

The room is designed to serve as either feast hall, meeting room, theater or dance hall. At one end of the room is a stage with dark orange curtains for performances. Small speakers are set into the wall at intervals to provide even sound for the entire room.

Zh'ae went back to his corner to sit and eat more after a while. Zhil went to nap on some ledge somewhere. So, of course Zhay's bac in action. Yes he is! Whoo-hoo! And Munch, munch, munch he digs back into the plate that was left where it was. Hey, its good.

Anvi looks rather hurt as some people decline the klah, and sighs 'Oh well. More for me…' she guesses, taking up another mug to drown her sorrows in the highly concentrated, hot-sauce-flavored caffinated drink.

Leona enters the room with one of her wingriders, chatting away about various wing plans and drills and such, while the younger rider is trying to arrange an extra day off or two, and not quite succeeding. Finally, Leona says, "Go." and the other rider grins, and bolts, having gotten what they'd wanted.

Well, enough with the lingering about and the delicious klah… time to be social and stuff. The greenrider is doing surprising well since he's a little bit on the proddy side. Thankfully it's nothing more than a little bit of anxiety on his end, so far he's managing. As for Janneth, she's doing what she does best. Flirting up a storm outside and demanding snuggles from all males out there. Silently… he hopes she doesn't take to the skies while he's here, he'd rather hide. Ta'sin clears his throat and calls out to the former weyrlings, "Don't stay up too late, you're going to have a bright and early morning tomorrow." Order's already? Maybe…

Turning now to the new people, ANvi perks up again and zips to Leona's side, somehow the klah staying IN the huge decanters she had them in "Hello! Want to try my latest brew? Its GREAT!" she notes with delight "And on the Weyr, of course! And good day to you too!"

A'tien looks up at Tali, "Not in your wing." A'tien notes to the other rider, tapping his new knot and wingbadge. "I'm in Pi's wing, she'd flagged me down ages ago." He grins happily at the thought. "I can't wait to get back to tanning again." And then he spots Leona, waving at the other rider, "Leona!" Yay, someone he can talk to.

J'io looks in A'tien's direction, and just lifts a brow. "Geez. You might not be in his wing, but that don' mean you won't have to get up pretty early too. 'Sides, I don't think he went 'Hey Atty! Get up for drills with me tomorrow!'" The bronzerider gives a mild shake of his head then before his grin returns bright and cheerful for Ta'sin, giving the greenrider a large thumbs up. "You got it, man! Ytroth's as good as an alarm clock, so we'll be up all early 'n everythin'." He grins still, munching on a meatroll as he heads toward Zh'ae, tossing the plate down near him. "Hey there, buddy!"

Leona raises an eyebrow. "Brew?" she asks, with a chuckle. She seems a bit disappointed when she realises it's klah, but she shrugs and says, "Sure, I could probably use a cup. Three of my riders out, for various reasons, and a few more just wanting 'time off'…" she does look kind of worn out, actually. Leona tilts her head at A'tien, and grins. "A'tien! Looks like those lessons sure paid off." a pause, and then, "Hmm, has anyone seen Lomare?"

Zh'ae snickers softly as J'io plops down near him and he shrugs. "Ah def'nitly ain' stirrin' me butt til after noon t'morra…" he comments, sighing as he leans back in his chair after scooping that entire heaping plate of food into him. Just wait til he gets seconds too…

Anvi smiles at that and nods "Let me know what you think. Its a new type I'm trying." she encourages Leona, turning now to go and offer some to the others, pushing it more than an illegal drug dealer.

A'tien pushes himself up to his feet, turning towards Leona, smiling simply, "Yeah…fortuantly…figured I'd be the one dissapearing between. Probably should have been anyway. I'll see you tomorrow in drills? I'm going to go see if I can find Mei. I want to talk to her and Leslyn, maybe have some fun together."

Leona frowns uncertainly at the mug. "New, eh?" she says, staring at the mug for a long moment, before allowing herself to be distracted by A'tien. "Oh, leaving already? Well, you know where to find me." And she raises her mug in a kind of toast, then takes a sip of the klah. "Hmm, seems a little hotter than usual." she murmurs, "Not bad."

Anvi beams "Yes, but it doesnt burn your tongue!" she notes. Maybe all the caffene has scrambled Anvis' brain a little. She looked quite happy "I am not sure what to call it yet…"

A'tien nods his head, wiggling his fingers, "Yeah…I want to talk to them. 'Specially Mei…we need to catch up on things." He smiles faintly, rubbing the back of his head before ducking outside.

Leona tilts her head at A'tien as he leaves, and chuckles. "I should probably visit Karell, later." and now she's grinning. "He's been gone almost a whole week now, it's been far too long." Meanwhile, she continues to sip at the klah. "So, no-one's seen Lomare lately? Thought as much." and she shrugs, and takes a look around. "So, what's up?"

Ta'sin turns towards A'tien with a brow raised in question but he drops it for now. He must've simply misheard those words so he offers a departing wave towards J'io before pulling on the collar of his coat, unbuttoning and unclasping to breathe. The temperature is starting to rise to uncomfortable levels, couldn't be the klah. His coat is shed and draped over shoulders as he glances about for something cooler. Isn't summer long since over? He's muttering silently to himself, pacing even with eyes searching… and then he stops dead in his tracks. The color from his rider's face begins to fade and those blue eyes roll in annoyance as his silence is finally broken, "Shardit! Go! Go on already so I can get some peace!" What a bellow…

On the heels of that bellow Navi enters, only to find that she's completely missed the event. So much for being fashionably late, huh? The recently transferred brownrider looks around puzzled for a moment before she head straight for Ta'sin, one of the few familiar faces at Ista and the best known to her. "Having a little trouble getting used to the time here," she offers by way of excuse. "Anything exciting happen?"

Zh'ae eyes J'io a moment and then shrugs, "Music's goin'. Wana dance J'io?" Hey, the bluerider is bored and he's not above askin' his best friend to dance with him, kay? Good.

"Janneth… feeding grounds." All the answer she's going to get as he wanders over towards a nearby seat and plops himself down, putting his face into his hands and lowering his head. Ta'sin takes one long deep breath after another, wincing slightly and waving a hand towards Nav's. "Uh, aside from that there hasn't been anything different going on than now since the graduation. I came in just in time for the last weyrling to be knotted. Tas glances across the room, he needs a strong drink right about now.

J'io gives a little blink at all the commotion going on, before he finally registers that Zh'ae's speaking to him. Blinkblink. "Uh..I don' think now's a real good time for..aw damn, Tro!" He tosses a look toward the bluerider then, before he gives his head a shake. "Prolly better to book right now instead." He's already off, in fact, heading for the exit.

Navi blinks at the answer given to her and remains standing in place, watching as Ta'sin takes a seat. Right. After a moment of silence on her part, combined with a confused look directed at the greenrider, she finally says, "Oh. So I'm not the only one who missed it, then."

Leona frowns slightly at Ta'sin. "Something the matter?" she asks, keeping her distance cautiously. Well, gee, I think something might be 'the matter', Captain Obvious. She seems vaguely distracted, though. "I have a day off coming up… Karell…" pause. "Feeding grounds?" Ohhh. "Is… is that /Lakareth/ I'm feeling?" The whole wanting-to-hook-up-with-Karell thing. "That's … unusual." she frowns, and flops into a nearby seat. "Shardit, Lak, Karell isn't /here/. Go find a cold lake or something."

"No," he responds quietly as he tries to relax where he settles. Eyes shift up towards Leona and he overs a little wiggle of fingers in greeting. Hi, rider to blame here or rather his lifemate who's currently being one little attention fiend. Ta'sin straightens up where he sits and shakes his head. He can sit through this, this isn't the first time… "Not at all, I was late. Rhalin had to run off… Got new wingmembers at the very least. That solves one of my two problems."

Zh'ae didn't even notice that suddenly Zhil was in the feeding grounds, now suddenly he does. Its like logging on to a web cam, where the cam is in the feeding grounds and a sudden surge of electricity shoots through ya. Well, now he just nods at J'io. "Oooooh." He's off right after J'io, almost at a run even.

Beneath that Igen-tanned complexion, Navi manages to turn pale as she listens and stands there awkwardly. Never gained much social aptitude, this one. "Mmmhmmm. What was that other problem again?" At the moment, Navi just can't remember. Imagine that.

J'io doesn't quite make it all the way out. No, instead he stops and heads in a different direction. Which direction is that? Well..it's toward Ta'sin, definately. He walks right on over though, taking a peek at his wingleader before pointing at him. "Ytroth's drooling over Janneth, isn't he?" Just to..clarify, obviously. A quick look around is given before he just settles for grabbing a chair, and straddling it. Hm.

Leona smiles weakly at Ta'sin's finger wiggling greeting, and shakes her head. "Lakareth." she says, clearly blaming the brown. "Sharding never-chases-unless-it's-awkward Lakareth." she snorts, and tightens her grip around her klah mug. "It's stupid, I'm /Weyr/ bred, I didn't care who my parents slept with, or my siblings, but me? I've been with Karell since I was fifteen. Lakareth is a sharding nuisance." She's sort of rambling over here, yep. But she's watching Ta'sin the whole time.

Zh'ae continues to the door and thats where he stops, acutally in the middle of the doorway, between the party and the outer room and then he stops there, leaning there to stare wildly around. He's not prepared for this, but thats what makes it fun.

Feeding Grounds> Janneth lifts her head from her kill, her muzzle completely glossed over by rich sanguine hues while eyes of comparable hues peer across the way. She rumbles deeply, moving to the side and bobbing her head slowly while eyeing the others. They want to play with her? She's done savoring her drink and now a little dance is in order. The green croons out, swaying her tail from side to side as she begins to slowly wander in a circle with wings flickering in agitation…

Feeding Grounds> Ytroth is..well..new at this. Keeping still is definately a problem at this point, with most of his body crouched low to the ground and haunches wiggling as though he were a feline about to pounce. He seems rather agitated..although it's more directed at the competitors that show up than anything, his glitter-spackled body shifting and edging in a crab-walk away from them in order to get more room. Away! SHOO!

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth seems to be fighting with himself, or more likely his rider. He moves forward jerkily, as though every step is a struggle, and not just because of his limp. Finally, he is in a position to take down a beast, and he does so, roaring in defiance. At first, it seems as though he's going to eat, but the dragon asserts himself as the dominant partner, and soon his muzzle is red, and the beast before him is dry.

"The other problem is getting a…" What was it again that he needed? Janneth is nothing making rational thought entirely possible and it's starting to grow to annoying proportions. "I need a responsible and experienced wingsecond to help run Ocean Sapphire. I can't do it all of my own and though I've tried, I'm not going to convince myself that it's entirely possible. We're on call…all day… all night." Ta'sin begins rubbing at his shoulders and leaning his head from side to side. Sweat begins to form at his brow.

Feeding Grounds> Andrith is all sleek muscles and well-timed movements. This one has the art of flashiness and display down pat, and he'll certainly use his naturally good looks to help attract a green or two. He's just shameless like that. The brown struts into the area, leaping into the air and gliding down to clear the little fence. Excessive? Yeah, but what's your point? It looked good, which is really all that matters in the end. To Janneth the brown offers a deep croon before he puffs himself up to look bigger and bulkier. Time to strut his stuff, oh yeah.

Feeding Grounds> Zhilinith is dark and stealthy! As the night! So he slinks along, sneaking through the darkening (is it darkening? Real;ly? Looks fine to me.) landscape, intent upon his prey! Her! The Wholly Lady! Whoooooot! Yaye for youth!

Ta'sin isn't the only one hot in here, though Navi has more of that pale and clammy look to her than the red and sweaty look. Which is worse depends on your personal preference. "Mmhmm," Navi replies absent-mindedly as she tilts backwards a little. Oops, forgot she was standing for a moment. Stumbling back she glances around to find the nearest chair. It's much easier if you're seated, sometimes.

J'io tilts his head a little bit, looking around at the way a few people are acting, before he groans. "Guess so.." He gives a small sigh then, ruffling a hand through his hair as he rocks in the chair he's got himself straddled. Hey, this is a first for him, he's a bit unnerved by the feeling Ytroth's starting to share with him.

Leona seems to be fighting something now, shutting her eyes tightly and muttering to herself. Though, she is locked out, and she sighs. "If you insist." she retorts, though not to anyone in this room. At some point, she's put the klah down somewhere, and is now gripping tightly to both arms of the chair she's sitting in. "Good wingseconds are hard to find." she mentions, only partially here. The rest of her mind is with Lakareth right now.

Zh'ae is trying not to react. Not working. The first girl around his age to walk in front of him and give him a cute little look is tugged into his arm and then he settles into a corner and a chair before he pulls her down into his lap, for now… he just holds her there. Who knows why.

Feeding Grounds> The stained glass green bellows towards those other males around her, they're in her way but wont be for long. She begins to stalk back and forth in short paces, rumbling and hissing towards the newcomers. Janneth will have her dance soon enough, instead she returns to hoard her previous kill. There's still some blood left in it though not as hot as this girl is getting

Feeding Grounds> Ytroth doesn't seem interested in the blooding process. He's young and quite full of energy, after all. He turns his scarred head though, tilting it first one way, and then the other before he moves again, crawling in a rather..unstealthy..manner across the ground. His jaws open slowly, the bottom nearly touching grass as he lets out a growling hiss, and then clacks his maw closed again. His wings twitch, light glinting and shining off the metallic glitter sheen on his hide. Waiting..waiting.. He can do that.

Feeding Grounds> Andrith follows the movements of the green before him, taking each opportunity to try and catch her eye with a pose. When the green's attention slips elsewhere, the obsidian brown dragon takes his opportunity to pounce upon a herdbeast. The unfortunate animal is bitten into with a snap of bones followed by the dripping of blood that escapes Andrith's maw. Shaking that herdbeast as he struts across the feeding grounds, Andrith once again begins to approach the proddy green.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth is in complete control of his own actions by now, as he snags another kill, and tears a hole in it with his stronger front leg, talons dripping with blood as he buries his muzzle in the now gaping hole. More blood. More! He's only slightly more experienced than the much younger dragons, and no doubt less experienced than any older than those, so he'll take all the help he can get.

Feeding Grounds> Zhilinith dosen't feel like blooding either, but he's kinda goofy that way. Instead, he offers to Janneth. »'Ey there purdy lassie, m' rider'n Ah gots some /gorgeous/ stain' glass in ar place…« Yeah, he's… so not smooth.

Ta'sin presses his fingertips into his eyes, and groans in frustration as he pushes himself from his seat. Pacing back and forth with fingers wiggling and knuckles cracking one by one. The greenrider grinds his teeth, he doesn't have the patience for this at all. "Hard to find, hard to train, hard to place. I'll find someone… /soon/," he hisses.

Navi slouches forward and leans her elbows on her knees, propping up her head in her hands. Her dark eyes move back and forth, following the movements of the frantic, pacing greenrider. "Sit down," she mutters, though if the greenrider can hear her mumblings is another story. A glance goes to the exit of the celebration area before she looks back. "No one said you had to find one /now/," the brownrider points out. Someone at least has retained a sliver of reasoning and sense.

Feeding Grounds> The green rumbles and begins inch herself away from the others, rumbling towards the other before standing on her haunches and letting out one ear splitting bellow off the top of her lungs. Wings unfurl and the green launches herself into the sky, quickly gaining altitude from the others. If they want a chase, they better get going as there's nothing bust dust in her wake.

Leona grunts, and shakes her head. "No." What is she saying 'no' to? Who knows. Of course, this is the moment when Lomare enters the room. Yep. /Great/ timing there. If Leona was more with it at the moment, she'd probably be rolling her eyes. Of course, Lomare freezes when she sees what's going on, with a mixture of confusion, disgust, and fear. Seems someone's told her just what is happening.

J'io wraps his arms around the back of his straddled chair, and just rests his chin on it as well. He breathes lightly though, a tiny grin touching at his lips. "Heh, this is a pretty cool feelin' really..ya know..when ya think 'bout it." He does keep an eye on the other people around though, shiftily glancing back and forth before peering at Ta'sin again. "Heh..now..yeah now prolly ain't a good time."

Ta'sin shoots her a stare and growls, "It's been put off long enough! Last thing we need is for something to happen and I lead Janneth between into the darkness because I'm too tired to tell her where to go! Woth Faranth knows whom else following me! We've lost too many now, I don't want anyone else to fall with them. I've alot I'd like /not/ to lose." HISS. Alot being his little brother and his lifemate. There's no love in his life other than that of his duty and his wing.

Feeding Grounds> Ytroth jerks in a bit of surprise when Janneth bellows and takes off. Whoa! ..Oh. Wait a second. That's the flag to /go/, isn't it? After taking a moment to collect himself, the bronze takes a leap from the ground, wings lashing at the air as they spread wide to lift him after the fleeing green. Maw opening again, he rumbles as the air whips past, eagerly spurring himself onward and away from the ground below.

Feeding Grounds> With a final mighty shake of his well-sculpted head, Andrith tosses aside the carcass that has been mostly drained of blood. Fluidly he leans back on his haunches, tenses, and then launches into the air, snapping out his wings and uttering a loud roar in reply to her challenge. The play of light, his gorgeous hide… it would be a spectacular show for the green if she had eyes in the back of her head. Alas, his audience consists only of males who can't hold a candle to him and should just bow out and let him win. Clearly he is the best of this motley pack. Heh. Off, off and awaaaaay…

"It can wait until tomorrow," Navi replies pointedly and firmly, though her voice is not raised. "You're not going anywhere until then. At least," she adds. Shifting from side to side the brownrider fidgets a bit. There's far too much going on to stay calm. Finally she says, in a louder voice that's tinged with just a bit of irritation. "Just sit down already! You're making me dizzy." Of course that could be Andrith and the whole flight, but still!

Trip! Fu - ow! Ma'deske is here! Albeit, not completely upright, the tall blonde tripping, tumbling, rolling, and then coming up back on his feet, dusting himself off, "What'd I miss?" He looks around curiously, mussed hair falling loosely over his eyes, puffing it away from them quickly afterwards. He brushes it aside and soon enough lets his attention fall on Ta'sin, canting his head to the side only to find somewhere to throw himself, settling in for the sake of comfort only to wince and twitch when the green takes off elsewhere.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth is startled mid-blooding by Janneth's abrupt rising, and immediately takes off after her. With the beast still in his mouth. Whoops! He snarls, and shakes his head, tossing the beast to the bowl floor with little to no regard for where it might land. No, he's got more important things on his mind. Like Janneth. Mmm. Such a beautifully patterned hide, and gorgeously proportioned. Not like him, all dull autumn browns and long limbs.

Feeding Grounds> Tuliculath has been here the whole time. Why? Because he's less of an idiot than his beloved rider, to be sure. He was sitting quietly near the fence, feasting slowly but intensely on a large herdbeast, holding it tightly enough in his claws that blood was seeping and pooling around them. He doesn't dash off after Janneth the second she's left the ground but instead takes a second, barely a few heartbeats, to follow her movements, track her direction. Then, with one neat flex of those long hindlegs, he throws himself into the sky at an angle, wings snapping out and tilting delicately to the side as he remains below her, but hardly out of the running.

Leona is frowning to herself. "Lakareth, you dolt." she mutters, as if she actually wants him to succeed. Well, it seems he's got her attention now, and she'd much rather it end well for him than the alternative. Even if, as she claimed earlier, she'd rather be with Karell. Lomare looks a little lost, and then immediately bolts, she's not sticking around for this.

J'io glances in Ma'deske's direction as his other friend…stumbles on in, giving him a rather bleary stare. Whoduwhatit? "What were you doin' on the floor?" Ah well, that doesn't really matter, now does it? He moves his hand a bit in the air, waving at the brownrider to come closer. Clooooser! "We're…havin' a party." A party full of sweaty, anxious-looking people and an irritated greenrider. Woot?

Ta'sin continues his pacing until he stops before Navi and growls, "Can it? Where will we all be tomorrow, Navi!? I'm going to be at the beach first thing in the morning to begin the first rotation of drills of the day since I have to carry on two! I'm almost doing all three if it weren't for the need to sleep!" Rhalin can attest to that, his brother is one cranky man when sleepless and proddy. "Ja! You better get this over with!" he bellows towards the ceiling. That's right, dragon. You best move it. Ma'deske is given a stare….

Well, some folks might consider it a party. It depends on what you're looking for in a party, so this one could be either a good one or a bad one. In Navi's opinion, it's a bad one. From the looks of it, Ta'sin thinks so too. But surely there's some pervy old man or woman out there who is enjoying it. Or will be enjoying it, whatever the case may be. Navi shakes her head at Ta'sin and … says nothing and pinches the bridge of her nose. There's nothing to say to a hysterical greenrider.

Feeding Grounds> Reaching her desired height, the green begins to dart quickly across the sky, dipping down and across the availible thermals with one loud bugle towards her chasers. They can't have her, none of them was able to keep up with her… Janneth rumbles as she turns on wingtip, if it's her hide they want, she's not going to make it easy at all as she begins to barrel towards them! Wait… shouldn't it be the other way around? Claws are extended, this isn't going to be a clean fight.

Ma'deske is stared at and makes sure to offer Ta'sin a playful wink for it, though that's hardly brought on by Flight madness. Despite the fact that the young man does seem to be a bit loopier than usual, he appears to be fairly aware, perhaps an offshoot of his lifemate's careful nature. He shifts into a proper sitting position and watches the greenrider and, to an extent, Navi, curious about this upset but ultimately speaking to Ta'sin, be it out of anticipation or simply to poke a slumbering bear, "You know, you're not making as much sense as you could." He's smiling the entire time, but that's just the way the brat is.

Poking crabs is more fun than poking bears.

Feeding Grounds> See? Others agree — Janneth is a pretty green. Therefore, it only makes sense that she should choose the loveliest of the males. That would be Andrith, hands down. It also means that greens should not use their talons to mar such a lovely hide! Nooo, those leave /marks/! Andrith rides a thermal down, coasting as he swings his tail around to turn him about in the opposite direction. Green still behind him? At this moment, yes, though the distance is rapidly closely. With a thrust of his wings he pushes himself up, gaining altitude to come up right above the green. Coasting, he assesses the green's current location. Hopefully his plan will work out and he'll be hitting it all night long…

Feeding Grounds> Well if they want her hide, all they'd have to do is skin her, wouldn't they? Really, that's easy enough. Ytroth doesn't seem very inclined to do that, though, especially with the way Janneth wheels in the air. Being as big as he is..doing that would be just a tad difficult. So he doesn't bother, instead tracking the glowing female with his eyes and tilting his wings to angle himself differently. There's a low hiss of frustration though from him, and he shifts, wings curling against the air as he pumps himself after her.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth seems to get a little cocky when Janneth flies towards the males - and in Lakareth's self-centered mind, towards him specifically - but something doesn't seem right… Claws? He bellows as if wounded, and rolls to the side, though he doesn't want to get /too/ far out of Janneth's way. Not at all. Something about her hide seems to have turned off the logic center of his brain, as he tries to get closer again.

"I'll be having words with you later when I get the rest of my sanity back," he growls towards Ma'deske before turning back to his chair and finally coming to a halt. Time to sit, time to reflect on this unforgetable moment but to some if only it could be forgetable. Ta'sin lowers his face into his hands once more, breathing in and out like someone who just run a marathon. It doesn't help when proddy lifemates are making things feel as such.

Feeding Grounds> Tuliculath is well out of the way of the other pack members, flitting below Janneth as he is, each wing movement precise and clean, keeping him where he wants and sending him where he wants to go with the least amount of energy wasted. His lean shape lends him a certain extent of flexibility, something he uses to the full extent of his abilities. He doesn't immediately twist around when he sees Janneth turn back, instead rolling over and around once he's certain that's the direction she's going in, his tail slashing through a cloud as he catches a belly of sun, a sudden flare of multi-faceted light that quickly dies away. He does not attempt to speak to her, or bugle his dominance to the others, simply keeping his gaze focused, his body in check, expending as little energy in his movements as possible and attempting to keep the upper hand simply by keeping to another point of view.

J'io just tilts his head..and then bursts out laughing for a moment. "Oi..ya know, bein' graduated an' all.. We can /drink/ now, right?" He wants some alcohol! He continues to snicker though, looking at Ma'deske with a growing grin. "Ooh, you're gonna get in trouble later, Mahde. How /lucky/ you are." Trouble with the Ta'sin!

Ma'deske folds his arms over his middle and leans back in his chair, finding something useful to prop his feet up on while he stares at Ta'sin, fidgeting momentarily in place but ultimately settling back down, "Have as many words as you want, sir." Wholly unabashed and unapologetic, the blonde glances at J'io for a scant few seconds only to laugh casually and roll his shoulders, "Think I'll get a spanking?" Bwehehehe.

Navi must be one of the few in the room fortunate enough to not know what getting in trouble with Ta'sin entails. Though if it's just incoherent ranting, as she's just seen, it can't be that bad? Brains leaking out the ears due to illogical rantings is a relatively painless death compared to flogging or strangulation. With the greenrider done ranting about his wing at her, Navi goes back to looking pale and awkward in her chair. "Hurry up," she murmurs under her breath. Sooner this is over with, the sooner she can crawl back under her rock and hide.

Leona scowls at something or other, and gets up to pace as well. Pacing helps? Well, maybe. "Grrah." Right. Of course, it doesn't help that Ta'sin's workload is hitting home for her as well. "Shardit! I was going to run some night time drills tonight, it's not always a convenient time at both ends, when it comes to transport across Pern."

Ta'sin finally pushes himself upright and begins to stalk his way to the door with hands balled into fists. "I'm going to take this outside… We'll talk later Navi.. but /you/," his said with such a tone! Tsk, tsk. "Come on outside, I'm going to have a little word with you." Or series of words in various pitches. The greenrider stalks outdoors finally, not even paying attention to whether or not Ma'deske will follow after that lovely scene. It's likely he wouldn't notice if he doesn't as the need for hiding tends to win out at the end.

J'io just lifts a brow as Ta'sin goes off, and then looks at Ma'deske again. "Jeez, Mahde, look what ya gone 'n did now, huh? You're in for a tannin', 'n I betcha it'll be a good one, huh?" Does that mean that they get to watch, too? He whistles after the greenrider though. …He really can't help it. Ytroth's having a fun time staring at Janneth's tail..he can darn sure enjoy looking at his wingleader's!

"Have as many words as you want, sir," Ma'deske says with a shameless grin, looking up at Ta'sin through heavy gold eyelashes only to glance aside at J'io as he rolls languidly to his feet. He tucks his hands into his back pockets and says, mirthful and while his eyes adjust to Ta'sin in order to watch the older greenrider's backside while he's walking out, "Shut up, Ji." It's not malicious, though, just casual and off-hand as he moves to stroll along after his superior.

Feeding Grounds> Janneth bellows once more as she darts ahead quickly, not even looking back at her chasers as she begins to gain altitude once more before whipping around and beginning her charge. The green hisses with claws extended, tail extended out before her. No one is going to leave this flight unscathed if they have any desire to entertwine with his lady of this coming night. Eyes whirl between violet and crimson as she climbs towards the fading light, tilting her body from side to side…

Feeding Grounds> Ytroth already has a scarred up face. He can stand to earn a few more, right? That charge earns an almost enraged bellow from the bronze, body stretching out into a straighter line. His wings snap outward, stretching wide as his claws grab at the air in a preparatory fashion. The half-light of the setting sun glints across the glittered portions of his hide. Sparkle time!

Feeding Grounds> Tuliculath has been able to conserve energy he may have otherwise expended, able to keep an eye on Janneth, to gauge her movements by keeping just a little further away from the knot of other dragons chasing after her. As she dives back through them yet again, he goes in the opposite direction, catching a rapidly rising thermal beneath his wings and arching into the sky above the knot of people. When she bursts free once more, he twitches his tail and angles his wings, using his aerodynamic shape as much as gravity to try and rocket himself towards her like a mica speckled rock sent towards a pool of clean, cool water. There is never a sign that the dragon has any particular fear of injury, his caution extending only as far as his mind will allow. Melded with his rider's as it is, this last sudden bolt of fire and energy is as much Ma'deske's move as his own. C'mere, you.

Feeding Grounds> Oh, silly green! If you injure your suitors, the fun afterwards doesn't last as long and isn't nearly as good. Damaged goods just don't function that well, darlin'. As the green rockets forward and evades his attempts at being all sneaky in a masculine way, Andrith swipes at the sky with his own talons before he takes off after Janneth, backwinging slightly to slow himself so that if he does collide with talons, it won't be with quite as much force. It's all about damage minimization. He'll chase her up and down, as she apparently wants to be chased. Just like he'll service her the way she likes it afterwards. Bwuhahaha.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth rumbles, and flicks his tail, and generally tries to seem like he's not at all interested. Which is /clearly/ just not true. The large brown twists in the air to follow Janneth, bellowing as he pushes himself, helped by a sudden rush of adrenalin. It's make or break time now, if he doesn't make this, he's out. He surges forward, wings stretched out, eyes on the prize. That shiny glowing patchwork-like green called Janneth. Lakareth rumbles determinedly to himself, or so he believes. « I must have you. »

Rhalin has been scampering around barefoot and causing problems this whole time really. Well, maybe not so much on the trouble side of things, though he's gotten in the way a bit, and hid under the table. At least his clothes are clean, right? Until that bubbly got on his shirt. Ah well.

Ta'sin stops and turns on his heel before taking one step after another towards Ma'deske with a finger out there wagging like your mother does when you've spilled on the rug. "Let me tell YOU something, young man. If you ever intend on having a decent future as a rider there's some things you need to work on. Standing for instance, falling all over the place when you first get in as a good way to MAKE a first impression." That's right, you did it. You broke the greenrider so now there he goes on some wild tangent. No one is safe… "That is definately going to be something we're going to work on young man, whether or not I'm your wingleader." The greenrider is toe to toe with Ma'deske, peering at him with narrowed eyes. Blink, there's another target about and those cold blue eyes narrow in. "RHALIN will you PLEASE get some shoes on?!" D'oh.

Most 11 turn old children do not scramble around the place like a little furry monster. Leave it to Ta'sin to be related to the only one that actually does that. The distraction is a welcome one, though, giving Navi something else to look at as she fidgets uncomfortably. Flights are just generally unwelcome and unhappy affairs, there doesn't need to be loud, nonsensical ramblings to accompany them. Whimper.

Feeding Grounds> Ytroth's face has been scarred since the day he hatched. Those talons aren't about to frighten him at all. Though a somewhat surprised noise curls out of the bronze's throat, he plows on forward as Janneth charges in, his own large body ready and willing to be a buffer against the force..and perhaps those talons. His own wings snap outward before coming along his sides in a rush of air to push himself forward in a last ditch attempt to outrun the group all vying for the same target. Stained glass would break if too many of them ran into her at once, wouldn't it? It wouldn't do for that to happen. Claws extend, flexing against empty air as he readies to grab and drag the green away from her other persuers, back legs giving a twitch of the claws present there. They may be of use.. Just a little more..

Smoochie. Ma'deske, fully himself or not, has never been of any particular tendancy to act as though he wanted to keep his head neatly on his shoulders where it is, and now is no exception. Rather than quail away from Ta'sin or take the lecture with some degree of concern, the young man remains relaxed throughout the tangent, his hands still in his pockets and one of his knees slightly bent, wholly lax. When Ta'sin is finished, though, rather than allow him to go off yelling at poor Rhalin, Ma'deske tilts his head forward and plants a big kiss right square on Ta'sin's partially open mouth. Smooooooooooochie. He doesn't give the man time to bite him, of course, but he kisses him as long as he can and still have a chance at survival. Bwahaha.

Leona has stopped her brief pacing, and has returned to the relative 'safety' of the chair, where she now sits with the arm rests in a death-grip, and her face an annoyed scowl, although her eyes are not at all focused on anything. Oh, and she's muttering constantly, just low enough to be unintelligible, or perhaps she's not muttering real words at all. Though it does seem as though she's saying 'Lakareth' and awful lot. And she has quite an impressive repertoire of other words which should not be repeated around ones such as Rhalin.

J'io shakes his head a little bit, and huffs once he's told to shut up. Nah, that just makes him get up to follow right after Ma'deske. "Heeeey now! Whatcha doin' tellin' me to shut up—-ooh." Well. He just sidles right on up to the older riders, peering in for a better view of /that/ bit of lip-locked action. Brows lift, and he grins, folding his arms over his chest. "Oooh.. /Tongue/, Mhade! Give 'im tongue while you're in there!" Because who doesn't love a good bit of tongue action? "Woohoo!"

Rhalin is a wild and crazy eleven year old? Anyhow, with Ta'sin being proddy often enough… he gets to have plenty of fun running around crazily. He'll grow out of it… really… maybe. The boy spins on a foot at the yell though, body going stiff. Stare… and wide eyed stare as Ta'sin gets full fledged smooched. Stare. Lots of stare. He's forgotten to be worried about the yelling even.

Feeding Grounds> The flight was quick, there were many strong and fierce chasers but only one managed to get her attention and one alone. The green begins to descend to the ground below, gliding and pumping her wings furiously as she loses the strength to continue… Janneth bellows once more as she gives up her chase and lets her slender body entertwine with a brown of her choosing as the pair falls from the sky…

Feeding Grounds> Andrith is not a poser, not really. Especially not if he manages to snag himself the girl. Swooping in from above, using the force of gravity to give him speed, the obsidian brown fairly plucks up Janneth, entwining with her form as he spreads his wings to catch her and allow the pair to glide. Ohhh yeah.

Ta'sin just stands there and completely dumbfounded as he /glares/ at Ma'deske… Nevermind about Rhalin! J'io is given a glare as well but luckily he isn't within grabbing distance. The greenrider grabs Deske by the arm and literally lifts the man off his feet and onto his shoulder. As his arms move about to clutch at his legs dangling before his chest he turns towards the rest, "Excuse me, it seems that I have some training I need to do with /this/ one." There's a scowl on his face as he turns away to leave the room, grabbing a bottle out of the ice bucket before the chilling container is carried out, too. The wine was cold enough anyway. "Rhalin, camping tomorrow!" he bellows. Least he never forgets about his brother during these frustrating times…

Rhalin scuttles in that direction for some reason or another, peering more at the kiss thing. who knows why he's fascinated? Well, his brother is being kissed and dragging someone off, that's interesting in a disturbing way… maybe. Perk. Camping! Okay, so that distracted him, but only momentarily. Now time to peer around as his brother has disapeared.

Leona is staring into space. Lakareth is off losing another flight, and she looks fairly uncomfortable, but it could be worse. Is she smiling? Well, actually, it seems she's more snickering, at Ma'deske. Oh yeah, she's herself again. Though, she's still less than happy. "Shardit, Lakareth." then a pause, and she rolls her eyes. "Well, you'd /better/ not. If you do, I'm disowning you." Better not what? Ooh, look, new subject! "Hey, didn't I see Lomare in here a while ago?"

Ma'deske is distinctly startled by suddenly being lifted, especially since he isn't even the one that won the Flight. He gives a startled yelp, flailing mildly only to clutch at the back of Ta'sin's hips in order to try and keep up some semblance of balance. Gack! "Training? …kay," Ma'deske says in a decidedly non-argumentative fashion, though being picked up by someone shorter than him does give him some awkward body issues, so he can't help but twitch where he is, "What training? Where are we going?" He's going to diiiiiiiie.

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