Teloriith x Dhonzayth Hatching

Ista Weyr: Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always opressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.

From the Galleries> Moyrel, current Masterharper of Pern, comes up into the gallery with a notepad in hand, and strolls up to the front, standing at the railing and looking down, admiring the eggs and giving approving, encouraging looks to the candidates below, and then moves back to take a seat up near the front, waiting expectantly.

From the Galleries> Ash cheeples a greeting to the harper and flutters down to settle in her lap, and receives a few scritches from his humanpet.

From the Galleries> Dynome makes sure to arrive on the scene early for the anticipated hatching. Firelizards were left at home, but she did meet up with a few people arriving here at Ista. The mother and father of Kalton, Kora and C'hon, his twin brother C'ran, and his aunt Emmura. Together, the four riders and nanny make their way to the galleries to find themselves seats. "He'd better have combed his hair," Says Emmura, who is quickly scolded by her sister Kora. C'hon is quiet and downright serious, while Dynome is busy punching C'hon in the arm. "He will so too impress! Just you wait and see!" Says the slightly portly woman with a scowl to the bluerider. "Yah right… he hasn't yet, what'll make this time different? The hatchlings'll take one look at him and his thermometer and run."

Public Announcement from Jeriah: The dragons and firelizards of Ista Weyr have begun their humming! Come and join us all to celebrate the joining of Dragon and Candidate! ((@tel #9752 for a direct entrance to the Galleries!))

Teloriith's voice echoes neatly off the surrounding stone, as if her voice alone will coax her otherwise indolent children from their shells, from their slumber.

From the Galleries> "Well, looks like I better sit down somewhere this tanner finds himself sitting on the floor." Barashyn makes his way through and settles down in a vacant seat because…well. Sitting in someones lap would be quite awkward indeed. He peers down at his coat with ashen eyes and beginst to dust it off a bit. Everyone else is settling down already but there's just enough time to peer over the edge. He raises up, slowly walks over to the railing and glances towards the sands below. "Well, here be go. Hope all is going well for you, lass." Who could he be talking to? With a closer seat spotted, he settles there instead and watches in silence.

Lisle stands to the edge of the sands. She is not center stage today, it is her junior that holds that honour. Occasionally she looks up to the dragon ledges at her own lifemate who watches with avid attention.

From the Galleries> Dynome is settled in with Kalton's entire family close to the front, all of them watching with rapt attention the sands and awaiting the arrival of the candidates as the humming begins.

From the Galleries> Meibhan watches intently, drawn in tight to herself. Alternatly she nibbles on a lip nervously, as if it were her own fate being decided down there today, and fiddles with the hems of her shirt or skirt. "Oh do they always take this long?" Granted, as she's saying this, the candidates haven't even arrived yet. If anything, the humming's only just started, but it's almost like she's been here the whole day, dressed for the party, but she just wasn't winded from the full on charge across the bowl.

From the Galleries> Denna looks up from the corner where she's sitting, and smiles at Niva. "Bakercraft's duties to Xanadu. How are you doing, Niva?

From the Galleries> Moyrel continues to pet her sandy brown firelizard as she looks out at the sands, fidgeting in her seat and in general looking impatient.

Jeriah watches with an odd, proud and some how nervous look on her face. All these people. Her eyes dance from one to another as seats are found. "Were there this many when Teloriith hatched?" It's almost asked rhetorically.

Lisle smiles at her junior and nods. "I think so..though I imagine it felt like I did at my impression. Just you and the eggs and nothing else." Lisle looks around the stands for a moment before looking toward the sands entrance and the eggs.

From the Galleries> And there's a Pi running into the galleries, panting as she reaches a seat, though her hand rests on the back instead of her actually sitting yet. After all, you have to din a good seat for watching, not just any seat. The beastcrafting wingleader smells like stables at the moment, and there's even the telltale signs of hay in her hair. But she's here! Now that she's recovered a glance is sent around, where to sit.

Jeriah giggles silently with a wriggle of her shoulders. "Aye, and the other candidates. I hadn't noticed that there were so many people." She takes a deep breath, looking towards the entrace the candidates should be pouring through at any second.

From the Galleries> The tanner leans back in his closer seat and just tilts his head back with a sigh, it's been an early morning for him. Sleep now is definately not an option! Barashyn takes another glance over the edge of the railing, trying to see either of the golds on the sands… Where's Teloriith he wonders…since. It's the only one he knows…here in Ista. The galleries are getting fuller now.. "Is there an animal in here?"

From the Galleries> T'vis sits at the Dragon ledges, craddled between the forpaws of his small Bronze. Itineranth's attention is upon the shells which are half-burried within the black sand. "I don't know, Iti. I suppose Mellonath'll Clutch when she's good and ready. The Flight wasn't all that long ago yet." The man quiets and shift for a better look as the first of the Candidates begin to file in.

Visions of the Night Egg seems to blur for a moment. A slight tremor of the shell that draws the eyes to the sands for a moment, then perhaps dismissed as a figment of the imagination. Once looked upon it seems still as before as if that movement never happened.

Nik'i steps casually out on to the hatching sands at the head of the line of candidates. He steps closer to the wall after a few steps in, gesturing loosely for the candidates to do what they're supposed to so he can go lounge against the wall.

The entire group of Candidates, shaking, smiling, stand together and, clasping hands tightly, bow deeply to the clutchparents, the sea of sparkling white bending as one. Up they come, out of that bow, and in twos, they drift out loosely into a circle, surrounding the eggs in an ocean of white.

From the Galleries> The Masterharper puts a bugle to her lips and plays a fanfare for the candidates as they come marching in. She then moves the brown firelizard a little aside in her lap, incurring a reproachful cheep from the critter as she opens her notepad.

From the Galleries> Meibhan tenses, if that's actually possible when the candidates enter, her eyes searching for one in particular. And when her eyes fall on the shy tanner she yeeeps mostly under her breath, trying to contain her excitement and theirs all at the same time. Their's being the Candidates, of course.

From the Galleries> "Oh, there he is!" Dynome blurts out as she spies Kalton enter the sands, followed by encouraging cheers from his family and a laugh from his twin, blueriding brother. "He looks downright terrified, yet he still found time to press his robe just right."

From the Galleries> Psylenith is already on the ledges, but Pi happened to be in the middle of work, so didn't arrive with her dragon. Spotting an empty seat in the front row she quickly moves to plop down in it. Must have a good view after all, her cousins out there after all. Barasyhn might note that the animal smell is much closer now… actually, right next to him and coming from Pi. Ah well, he's a tanner, he can deal. As the candidates arrive she just gets a grin, though her hand clinches and unclinches on her pantleg.

Leslyn managed to grab hold of Artien's hand somewhere on the way across the bowl. Once the bow's over she pulls him towards her favourite egg while motioning for Connor and Wyoh to join them. Apparently she's making a human shield of candiates. "This is the worst bit. Well actually it's not but it's the start of the worst bit. Wait till you see the talons on them, I nearly fainted at Western." Yes, she's babbling - nerves y'know.

Raining Flowers Egg shivers and shudders, a single point poking up like a spear at the weak point in the egg. But after a moment, the little one inside the smallest egg seems to tire. This is a lot of work, you know.

Marian had latched on to Mahdemaske for several different reasons. Simple one, he's next to her in alphabetical order. Also, he just happened to be where she could latch on to someone. Plus, he's a bit cute. Regarding the eggs with wide eyes, she beams happily after the bow. Sorry Mah, your arm will just have to have no blood flow.

Artien files out onto the sands, his head quickly jerking around and fumbling rather nervously with the hem of his robe. His slightly-dyed hands wringing the fabric. He's clinging rather tightly to Leslyn's hand, squeezing it rather harder than he probably should.

Mahdemaske didn't actually manage to get his shoe on quite in time, so is actually more hopping to stand after the bow than anything else, fixing his shoe back on and almost losing his balance thanks to Marian. Obviously not as interested in having her cling to his arm as a young man probably should, he attempts to discreetly pry her fingers off of him without actually pushing her. Please, release mine limb, woman!

Vesvesris is the last to emerge onto the sands, watching for a long moment as the candidates bow and drift into the semicircle. Chewing furiously on her lower lip, she slowly makes her way toward the wall where Nik'i is, taking some comfort from the other young rider's presence. Her gaze briefly flicks to both sire, dam, and their riders, and a small smile briefly appears. And then she simply waits there, eyes moving swiftly toward the twitching clutch. This should be interesting.

Jurio stops after a moment, one sandal digging into the heated sand as he just looks at the eggs. "They're /movin'/." Well, that tends to happen during hatchings, now doesn't it? He turns to look at Zhayne, who'd latched onto him from the beginning, and gives his arm a little wiggle. "Not so tight there, Zhay.."

Jeriah bobs her head to each pair of candidates to show that indeed, she and her queen recognize them as deserving to be here, on their sands. She tries to keep it small, but a smile stays on her face the whole way through the lot. She can't help it, Jeri's just that excited for them.

Raining Flowers Egg wobbles once more, renewed by some inner need to see what lies beyond its hardened border. Again, that spear like projectile pokes, though now it is testing this place and that. Large noticeable cracks form all along the surface with this effort. Perhaps it will not be long now?

Vioterin walks in without holding anyone's hands or clutching to anyone. He ended up in the double-file line right next to someone he didn't care for;Telia, the beautiful-but-snobby Ista Hold fosterling. Neither of them look particularly happy about it, and as soon as he reaches the semicircle where the others are ranged, he moves pointedly *away* from her. He also keeps a distance from the eggs, although peering at the movement curiously. "They certainly are rocking," he observes, to whomever happens to be nearest him. It certainly isn't Telia, not anymore.

Zhayne is clinging to Jurio's arm after the bow, and the youngling drifts after the older candie nervously. He's probaly more on edge than he should be, I mean come on… He used to be afraid of the eggs themselves, and now suddenly they're going to be spewing out Hatchlings? This wasn't in bold print, really! "Sorry!" He squeeks and loosens his clutch a bit.

From the Galleries> Moyrel sounds a resounding fanfare.

Kalton makes his way out onto the sands with Connor, wearing a large smile upon his face. As he pauses before the dragons, he gives a formal bow towards them, offering his respects to the Gold, and Bronze. As he takes a deep breath, he gives his fellow candidate a nudge, then ambles over to stand along with Leslyn as well, giving the familiar, fellow candidate a grin, and a soft whisper of 'Good luck.'

Visions of the Night egg seems to blur once more, but this time the movement can not be denied by any that see it. In its dark wallow of sand it rocks back and forth, tremoring with the effort of the dragon trying to break free from its shell. The tremoring increasing so great that the egg falls over on its side and it is then that the first cracks appear. The cracks spread quickly across the surface of the egg until slowly bits of shell seem to fall away like the last mantles of dream. Through one of these holes appears a grey nose trying to push away the shell from its path.

From the Galleries> He's used to worse smelling things, he is a tanner afterall. And this one is here to cheer on the Journeyman skitting out there. "Poor lad, hope he lasts through the whole thing," he mutters with a sense of pride. Barashyn turns towards Pi and nods his head towards her in greeting.

L'ton is late, as usual, and comes tearing out onto the sands, brushing his hair back and attempting to make himself presentable as he picks his way around the candidates and eggs to stand near Jeriah. "Sorry… Ah wasn't expecting.." And he gives up on an explanation as it becomes obvious the eggs are moving, and a lot.

Wyoh is kind of slow to figure out where exactly he's going to go after the initial bow. There's several moments while he just stands there, looking at some of the wobbling eggs, the riders gathered, and the other candidates. Beads of sweat are already forming and Wyoh fans at himself before moving towards Leslyn and standing sort of off to the side and behind her. A brief smile is tossed before gaze once more drifts to the eggs.

Vergil freezes in place when he reaches the hatching grounds, staring at the moving eggs for a while, before he's shoked into motion by his partner, taking up position within the circle of canidates, surprised at the arrivale of the hatching

From the Galleries> Moyrel notices the disheveled Pi coming in and gives her a wave of greeting. "Hello," she greets, and grins just a bit. "Came in a bit of a rush, did you?"

Raining Flowers Egg halts all motion for a moment before the fragile shell seems to simply fall away to reveal the small, yet still impressive Warrior in Miniature Brown Hatchling. He shakes from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, trying without much success to get rid of the rest of the gooey bits of shell stuck to his hide in the odd spots behind his knees.

Connor comes on to the sands walking next to Kalton, he looks nervous and rightly so as he shuffles in for the bow and sees Leslyn waving him over as well. A light nudge from Kalton sends him moving in the right direction. "You promise that was only a story about them eating a candidate." He whispers softly, scared in case he gets heard.

Warrior in Miniature Brown Hatchling
While he is small, there is little doubt that this little one is still well formed. He is well drawn, soft definitions of muscles already showing through his infantile physique. Pulled over this is a deep burnt umber, fading into raw sienna along his underside. Almost like freckles, spots of brilliant rouge are splattered across him, over his face, his chest, the forelimbs and his wings. However they are wholly absent from his narrow, spearhead shaped tail. Interestingly enough, his foreclaws are tinged in red, as if hes already done battle, and his back claws are stained with tips of black, as if theyve dug into the volcanic soil to hold his position. Courage and confidence exude from every flick of the wing or comic shake of his body.

Ok, so Marian lets go of Mahdemaske's arm, but doesn't mean she doesn't hover nearby. She looks about to see where Vioterin got himself off to, but then a dragon Hatches. Sorry Vio, that's more important. "A brown."

Jurio shakes his head just a little bit, and throws a grin at Zhayne. "Don'worry 'bout - Hey! Lookit!" He can see…a nose. r part of a nose, really. Or maybe it's just a hole in the egg. "Don' forget ta /breathe/.." Is that for Zhayne..or himself?

Leslyn gives Kalton a nervous grin, "This is just…wait tillyou see. Seriously." She's babblin at none in aprticular, though does make a slight attempt to peel Artien's hand off her so she can get blood flowing again, "I mean you just… oh crap."

Changing of the Seasons Egg gives a wobble, the shell shifted slightly, as if some internal force is looking to put a stop to the continuous cycle upon its shell. Shifting in its sandy hollow, the shaking stops, the internal struggle over for now.

Artien blinks as he feels his arm moved a bit and quckly blushes, "Sorry." He mutters quietly to Leslyn, "I'm just nervous." He releases his grip, and starts to fumble idly with the hem of his robes again. "Brown first…"

Visions of the Night Egg continues to fall apart as the nose pushes away the fragments of shell, then a talon appears puncturing through another part of the shell. There is an intensity to its movements, it has its taste of freedom from its nighttime prison and it will not give up intil it is free. Then with one final great effort the dragonet pushes out of its cracked shell and promptly tumbles out onto the sands in a blurred grey vision before the Shimmering Mist Blue Hatchling stands and shakes it head before looking about the sands.

Shimmering Mist Blue Hatchling
Shrouded with the glossy goo of a fresh egg, this pale hatchling seems to ripple and gleam as he steps from his shell. His hide possesses an indiscernable quality to it that seems to defy any and all attempts at placing his color. Gray seeming, it is deep and foggy, rolling through various lights and darknesses in the manner of smoke from a flame. This smoke blurrs lines and accentuates subtle curves, making anything more subtle than the dimensions of a limb difficult to focus on. An awkward ghost of a dragonet he is, his neck appearing kinked and overly long, wings laughably short and stubby feet that betray him at nearly every step. As air reaches him and he begins to dry, the drifting patterns of light and dark shift and twist as windborne smoke, gradually blowing away to reveal ever-more about him. His long neck finds a face with features that almost seem too understated to be pretty, the gray-toned color fading to a near white atop his slightly-too-pointed headknobs. Glacial talons peep out from dull gray feet and it is there that one can finally see the beginnings of the faintest swirls of the most pale blue, scarce possible to tell from white. As he dries, it intensifies across face and wings — never fading from pale and forever leaving the impressions of a passing ghost.

Kalton holds his breath as he watches the brown break through the eggs, then bursts into a large smile. "Oh, he's handsome. He looks quite healthy too." He says, his eyes becoming analytical as he watches him move about. He wrings his hands together for a moment, swallowing tightly in his throat.

Vioterin grins brightly as he sees the egg hatch. "A brown!" It's not a bronze to start the Hatching off, but it's not a bad sign, is it? "He's very… red," he observes, thoughtfully, as he regards the small brown. The heat hasn't yet soaked through his sandal soles, thanks to having gotten a special pair. Good old Igen. "Wonder who he'll go to?" And then, "Look, a blue!" As if it weren't obvious.

Jeriah tries to make her smile reproving, but she's just not going to be good at that today. "Rarely do new lives come when we expect, eh?" She tries to take a deep breath, but it's jagged and stops suddenly at the brown that chooses to present himself first. "He's a handsome lad…."

From the Galleries> Pi frowns as her other cousin (well, there's still lots more, but these are the ones that count) arrives on the sand.. that'd be the wonderful Weyrsecond. But then at the comment from her neighbor she manages a little smile. "Who ya here fer?" Moyrel's call is semi-heard, but mainly her attention is on the sands, Barashyn gets just a little of it. A "Yeah.. hurry…" is managed to the masterharper

Warrior in Miniature Brown hunts for his ally, the one who will know how to take off these annoying bits of stuck-on-shell. After some time of this rushing this candidate, or that candidate, the small brown finally settles himself panting in front of what many would call the least likely of all candidates. « It is starting to itch! I do not know what is worse D'nes, the hunger or the shells. Help me get them off so that I might enjoy my first meal? » Whooping in shock and joy, the ever scheming pair head towards the waiting weyrlingmasters, already discussing their Great Plans.

Zhayne squeaks at the arrival of the brown on the Sands, and all the color drains from his face. He glances up at Jurio a moment and then attempts to shuffle himself /behind/ the older candi. Without letting go. And still so he can watch them hatch. "Scary!" he replies, those glittering brown eyes of his sparkling with a little bit of fear.

From the Galleries> Dynome chuckles quietly as she sees the newborn brown, "Fierce looking youngster, he looks like he'll be a handful." Next to her, C'ran gives a satisfied chuckle, "And a rather unique blue too, always good to see a new one." Kalton's parents and aunt are busy speaking amongst themselves, keeping a close eye on the candidate.

Nik'i interlocks his fingers behind his head, slouching just comfortably aginst the wall of the hatching cavern. He couldn't look less concerned without a labotomy. Not even distracted, just sort of lost in a half-waking, dreamily fuctional state. He is atleast looking at the hatchiing goings-on, nodding to Vesvesris as she end up next to him commenting, "Weird to be here second time, ya?"

Mahdemaske responds to the release of his arm by rubbing feeling back into it, though the sudden sound of people responding with more vigor than even before causes him to lift his bright blue eyes in the direction of That Which May Maul. He blinks twice at the brown, then glances aside at Marian and sidles off to one side, inevitably placing himself over by Leslyn and Wyoh. He reaches over to pluck the back of the older man's robe, giving him a grin afterwards, probably because they're both now officially hiding behind Leslyn.

Vergil stares at the little hatchlings now striding across the sands towards the canidates, a slightly startled look in his eyes, "They are bigger than I thought they would be" he murmers

Marian blinks as another egg hatches. "A blue…" she says. "Wow, they're going by fast." she looks around. "I think they were in every bit of a hurry as we were." and then the brown….impresses? Blink.

Changing of the Seasons Egg cracks, a single streak slashing across the snowy portion of the shell, a crevice that separates the beginning from the end. As small cracks continue outwards, the other colors are affected, and the rift widens.

From the Galleries> Moyrel smiles a bit. "Well, I'm here for achivistic purposes partly, but I'm also rooting for" she points toward Vioterin on the sands "him."

Jurio gahs a little bit as his attention is diverted from flopping dragonets to the Zhayne crowding in behind him. "Z..Zhayne what're you /doin/?" He shakes his head a little then, and turns to pull the other boy out by the arm. "Stay /here/. They're not gonna see ya if ya just hide like that." And..impressions already? "Wow..that's fast.."

Vesvesris almost grimaces a little at the first impression, and it's with a sigh that she replies to Nik'i, "It certainly is. Watching that brown hatch reminded me of Odeleth, and — " Here, she coughs. "I er, I guess I should guide them toward the barracks. Shouldn't one of us be back there to show them what to do and uh, stuff?" Despite her uncertainty, she carefully makes her way toward D'nes and his new lifemate, gesturing toward an exit off to the side, and the new weyrling pair follows.

Wyoh doesn't look so hot, swaying a bit in place as he reaches down to push his palm against his belly. Ow. He's so distracted that when he looks back up that brown who's hatched has already impressed and Wyoh's left blinking in confusion. "Last time it didn't go this fast-" He pauses as he's tugged at and turns to peek over at Mahdemaske. "Hey, did you see that brown hatch? I totally missed it." Hand pushes a bit harder and Wyoh squirms.

Kalton offers a big smile to the rider who impresses the Brown, giving a quick round of applause, before trailing his gaze after the Blue which stalks the sands. He worries his left foot into the sand a bit, until giving it a shake as the hot grains settle between his toes. Ouch!

Leslyn's group is growing apparently, though for the moment it goes unnoticed. "Denes!" Her voice is practically a squeak as the first Impression occurs, "Not him. He'll burn down the barracks. I changed my mind. I want to go." She turns and nearly bangs straight into Mahdemaske. "Um… hi."

Shimmering Mist Blue Hatchling looks around the sand as the egg goop drips from his pale hide. He then takes a step, a second step, and …down he goes. This awkward hatchling does not seem to have his feet beneath him yet. He pushes himself from the sands and tries to shake off the sand sticking to his gooey hide. He then looks around the candidates from his current location. A vision from a distance. Who called to him? Is that person in that sea of white.

Artien continues shuffling in his spot, moving closer towards Leslyn and ignoring the group of people that seem to be surrounding them suddenly. His eyes are on the dragons. "Did that brown impress?" He breaths to Leslyn.

Connor comes to a halt and watches the first of the hatchlings emerge with a wide eyed expression of awe, "I've never been this close before." He murmurs more to himself than those around him. "It's so different than being stuck in the bowl because it's too busy." His gaze follows the hatchlings progress, flicking quickly from one to the other, fingers toying with the hems of his robe.

Vioterin blinks several times as the brown has already Impressed. "That was very fast." He doesn't seem to know where to look first—but he does spot Marian and Mahdemaske over to the side, and wanders a short way in that direction. He's sort of -behind- the other Candidates now, not really in the semicircle with the rest. But, that at least puts him out of the way of the ravenous, confused, and clumsy hatchlings… right? "Hi." Then he watches the blue, and the shifting Changing of the Seasons Egg. "So very fast…"

Zhayne peers up at Jurio with his all too pale face and shakes his head a bit. "Ah don' want 'em tae find me. They're all bigger'n me…" he comments in a whisper meant only for Jurio. Of course, then the eggs hatch and he's standing stock still beside Jurio, rather than behind him now. Just watching the brown impress, and the blue stumble around. Hmmm.Watching is okay…. At least they're not coming closer… Yet.

With a triumphant cry the Warrior in Miniature Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Marian notices Mahdemaske walk away from her, so she goes on the hunt of someone else to latch onto. Where did Vio go? Oh look, there he is. Coming this way. "Hi."

Changing of the Seasons Egg changes no more. With only the beating summer sun upon golden fields left unstreaked, there's little resistance that can be given. And so, the force within completes the destruction of its container, ready to face the Istan Sands.

Mahdemaske nods his head affirmingly at Wyoh, though he eyes the Impressing brown a bit uneasily as he says, "Aye, and saw it take someone." He makes it sound like the brown just ate the kid or something. Looking back to his friend, his brows arch and he says, "Y'all ri - oh." He lifts a hand, catching Leslyn's shoulder as she backs into him, though he laughs and pats it afterwards, "Howdy. Don't mind me. You're my shield from the hungry ones." Heh.

Fading Days of Summer Bronze Hatchling
Golden bronze slips effortlessly over the entirety of this bronze's large body, rolling and dipping like fields of ripening wheat over the hilly plains. Tan-hues creep in under his ribs, like shadows in the valley, before they turn brighter again over haunches, settling down to an even tone along the continuing length of his tail. His belly is a rich, almost copper-bronze, like a deep puddle tinted by the reflection of the orange sky at dusk, a color which drops down his limbs, pooling above long, ebony talons. His head remains a dry field, blunt muzzle a darker bronze, tinted with brown, the color of the fields at the end of the growing season. The same color is mimicked in his ridges, which start atop his wide head, settled between the short, blunted head knobs, and then continue down the rest of his body. It is in his wings that all the colors are pulled together, coppery hues along the spars, and light and dark bronze mingling on the sails, the seasons together

From the Galleries> There no change in the tone or speed of his humming, but as the first two Eggs hatch Itineranth seems to deflate slightly. "Oh, suck it up, Iti." T'vis chuckles. "With ten eggs I'm sure they'll be a few tails that you can chase in a few years."

From the Galleries> Menea moves into the galleries, quickly finding a seat in silence and watching the sands.

Kalton oohs quietly to himself. "Look, a -Bronze-." He states rather excitedly, giving Leslyn a quick nudge, then a point out into the direction of the young tyke. "He's a big one also. Already you can tell that he'll be one of the larger ones in the sky."

Marian sees the bronze hatch and leans close to Vioterin. "So much for that one being gold!" she hisses at him. "I told you it wasn't!"

Jurio grins..even if it /is/ a bit nervously. See him sweat? Oh yes. "Heh, don' worry 'bout it. Things'll be just fine..'n all. Yeah." And another one! "Well lookit that one, eh?"

Leslyn is thorougly embarassed, and still clinging to Artien's hand. "Hi. Um… yeah, hi. I was just… never mind." She steps back forward again and grabs hold of Artien's arm. "Do not dare leave me cause if one of them comes this way I might make an idiot of myself and then you'll get the blame." Gaze finally rests on the bronze, "Look't the talons on him!"

Vioterin blinks as a bronze hatches out, then arches an eyebrow at Marian and shrugs. "What hatches, hatches. I'm more curious who they'll Impress to so I can hurry up and get back on the trails," he says in a quiet voice. "My feet want to do some walking."

Vergil looks around at the different dragons now hatching, bronze, blue, brown… "Their all males" he murmers to his partner, shifting from one foot to another, the sandles he had been wearing when the ballon went up not really enough protection

From the Galleries> Meibhan awwws softly as the first impression is made, rocking very slightly in place. Then the blue and the bronze follow and she all but twitters in her place, eyes on her pair of friends, Leslyn and Artien.

Shimmering Mist Blue Hatchling finally settles on one section of the line and cocks his head ever so slightly. Yes…that way. There is a calling there. He takes one slow tentative step after another and three steps in he trips over his feat again. It looks like we still do not have this walking thing down yet. He rights himself after a few moments, not seeming bothered by his clumsiness. He takes just three more steps and he is before the group his chosen resides in. He looks at the boys before him before he takes a final step, and falls landing at the feet of a shy blond lad.

Artien is practically clinging to Leselyn's hand now, his face whitening even more, "Leslyn…there's a bronze." He points out, lifting up a finger to mark out the newly hatched dragon. "I'm not about to move…I don't think I can move my feet."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Shimmering Mist Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Fire in the Darkness egg wriggles in place, impatiently. Why doesn't anyone pay attention? Hey! Hey, I'm trying to hatch here! Look at me! The egg rotates very slightly while it wobbles, bringing the bright patch into plainer sight.

Zhayne shivvers a little and looks up to Jurio with a nod and a grin, albeit a shaky one…"Uhm, yeah." and his brown eyes turn out towards the bronze. "Promise things'll be fine?" the short, young lad comments as he almost peers over his shoulder to get a look at the hatchlings. Well, he is stnding rather sideways….

Fading Days of Summer Bronze Hatchling is suddenly free of the darkness, and instead in the light of the Hatching Sands. The bronze sits on the sands for a moment, examining his surroundings, before carefully stretching. An encouraging rumble is given the stumbling blue, before he follows slowly in his footsteps, preparing to be social.

Wyoh's brows crease and he has a less than fun expression on his face. "I'm okay I guess. It's not something I haven't dealt with before. No worries." A faint smile is given before his eyes drift over to the blue and then the bronze. "Oooh, they're pretty. My bets are on.." His eyes surf the crowd of white and fall upon Jurio. Him maybe? Or perhaps Leslyn, or..

Mixed Messages Egg wiggles in its spot then comes to a sudden stop. It is still for long moments before, once again, the little one inside changes its mind and it starts to shake, more violently this time. Alas, all it succeeds in doing is making the sand around its snug bed ripple.

Nik'i pushes off the wall as Sves heads out with the first pair. Not just a spectator. Right. He remembered that. A subtle bob of the head marks feeble attempt and keeping his mind somewhere, "Blue, brown, bronze.." is the result. His eyes follow the bronze and then the blue to his impression, peering curiously over to see who he's supposed to call over, "The food's over here."

From the Galleries> Blink…right. Back to Pern. Barashyn blinks and turns to Pi. "Huh? Sorry lass, I was out there in the sands rather than here in the galleries. This is just…something else when there's people you now and care for out there. Ye know what I mean?" Bad Tanner, if you can keep eyes open, ears need to be open, too.

From the Galleries> Moyrel scribbles a few starting notes in her notepad. Brown. Blue. Bronze. Scribble, scribble as she adds a few more notes. Those who can and would watch her might observe it to be something about the usual nervousness of the candidates.

From the Galleries> Pi has her eyes /glued/ the Zhayne even as she talks with Barashyn, though even that is scarce at the moment. Instead there's a "Oh.. stop hidin'…" Right, her troublemaking little cousin is hiding. Not that she /really/ blames him, but she'll definitly tease the boy later. Finally she manages to add a "Yeah… Ah got tha' boy down there, the one hidin' behind the other… he's meh cousin, been livin' with meh."

C'nor is stunned into silence as the hatchlings move around the sands on thier ultimate search of a lifetime, eyes widen as the blue stumbles and lands at his feet. "Oh Caerith." He says blinking down at the blue. "Get up and i'll see if I can find something." He looks round for someone to help him. "Please get up."

Marian notices the blue heading towards someone, and she blinks at who it ended up being. "Congratulations!" she says, waving excitedly at Connor.

CRACK! The bright spot on the Fire in the Darkness Egg seems to have a small hole in the middle of it, now, with bright pieces of egg shell littering the sands in front of it. The egg is still wriggling impatiently, as the hole widens slightly, and a darkly coloured leg pops out through the hole, longer and skinnier perhaps than a hatchling's leg should be.

Vesvesris makes it back out onto the sands just in time to see Connor - no, make that C'nor - Impress to a blue, and the girl's uncertain expression blossoms into a full-out beam. Witnessing such a glad event does that to you, it seems. "Caerith's a lovely name, " she calls as she hurries toward him, gesticulating wildly toward a nearby exit. "Follow me. We'll get him fed immediately."

Leslyn nods to Artien, "It is, yep. Definitely bronze." Her eyes are more fixed on the blue heading their way, but then it stumbles and falls at Connor's feet. "Con! Watch out!" or… perhaps don't. "Wow. Congrats."

Jurio gives Zhayne's hair a quick ruffling, and just nods with a laugh. "Promise!" That is, unless no dragon-baby mauls the poor boy. But shhh. "Oh, well hey, look it that. Connor, huh?" He nudges the other boy to look in that direction.

Artien blinks as he turns towards Connor, "Congratulations…" He says quietly, trying to shift away and still managing to cling to Leslyn's side. "That's a nice name."

Vioterin rolls his shoulders, then starts shifting from foot to foot, slowly. No need to actually dance, as amusing as that might be. "Who do you think the bronze is looking for?" he asks softly. And then, with surprise, he registers that Connor has Impressed. "Congratulations!" he shouts out, loudly, cupping his hands around his mouth. And then the Fire in the Darkness Egg starts cracking. "Wow, now… what's going to happen next? I bet the bronze goes to Mahdemaske!"

Vesvesris steps off of the sands.

From the Galleries> Dynome leans closer to the edge of the galleries, worrying her lower lip as she watches impressions, but mostly just Kalton. "…come on now, don't get worried or give up, you. They wouln't look to you then. Be confident, stand tall." She murmurs as if he could hear her, but of course, he can't. "He's probably gonna punk out again." Mutters C'ran, Kalton's twin.

C'nor calls to Caerith and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Nik'i walks over towards C'nor and his blue, "C'mon. Let's get Caerith fed." He nods towards an alcove just off the sands.

Mahdemaske eyes Wyoh thoughtfully, obviously concerned for his friend but ultimately shrugging and returning his attention to the Sands at large just in time to see Connor, someone he doesn't quite know, get beset upon by the blue. He blinks rapidly, ruffling his bangs away from his eyes before they stick to his forehead. He remains partially hidden by Leslyn - or at least as hidden as a six foot two man can be behind someone shorter than he is - but he makes sure to clap for those that have Impressed, little of it as may be heard.

The hole on the Fire in the Darkness egg widens, and the egg's shell crumbles away, peeling like a bad sunburn. At first, all that can be discerned of the hatchling is a dark blobby shape, though soon it stretches, unfolds, and steps out of the shadows, revealing herself to be a Wise Old Crawler Green Hatchling.

Wise Old Crawler Green Hatchling
This tiny hatchling's body is a very dark hunter green, just a few shades away from black, except for one spot of vivid green right in the middle of her back. Her oddly rotund body is large compared to the rest of her, and her long spindly legs seem barely able to support her weight. Her tail doesn't share the length of her legs, nor does her neck, both being fairly short and stubby, though she manages to hold her wide head up well enough. Her pale green wings are large, and near transparent, a faint silvery tint brushing lightly over them.

Zhayne grins and nods his head, "Good fer Connor…" he drawls, and with that, Zhay's feet move uncertainly in teh Sand and he shuffles an inch to the side, which makes him only slightly behind Juri now…but still to the side, so he's still in the open. Just…Juri's in front of him. Makes him feel a measure better. Although his face is still quite pale. Ack, then a green! Hide. Okay, not really… He didn't really move.

Mixed Messages Egg wobbles a little more, as if it is teasing any that might just be waiting to see what lies within. Paitence is a virtue, after all.

Marian points at the green. "There's a female!" she says to no one in particular. "Not entirely boys here." she laughs a little to herself, nervously.

Kalton stands up a bit straighter as he watches the next egg hatch, letting out a low whistle at the sight of the Green. "Ah, a pretty lady." He says with a dancing smile upon his face, half lidding his dark eyes some. "I wonder who she will be for." As Connor Impresses, he gives a quick whoop to him, waving a hand in the air. "Congrats!"

Leslyn suddnely has a gap beside her as C'nor and his blue move off. Still hauling Artien with her she heads for Wyoh. "Hand? Please? I swear this is faster than Westerns, that was nothing like… Green!"

Wise Old Crawler Green stalks out towards the candidates, surveying each in turn. No, this one is too cocky, this one is too shy, that one is too fussy… She stops before one holdbred girl, shakes her head, and moves on. She never even considers the males. One candidate says "Ew, it looks like a /bug/!" and draws the green's attention. Her? Yes, unfortunately, /her/. The tiny green moves deliberately over to the woman, and looks up at her. The woman, Lomare, cries out, "Hausisth! Oh, I'm so sorry, let's get you fed!"

Fading Days of Summer Bronze Hatchling is fairly steady on his feet, pausing to tilt his head at a hiding candidate, offering a croon of comfort to the boy before continuing down the line. And then, there it is. The one that needs him, and the one that he needs. The one he'd go the lengths of the world for. And the bronze looks up at a curly-headed, dark-haired young man, a soft croon escaping him.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fading Days of Summer Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

With a triumphant cry the Wise Old Crawler Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

C'nor spots Nik'i approaching and nods his head, motioning quickly to Caerith to come alongas well. "Come on lad, lets go get something done about you, is that you doing that to me?" He asks out loud as he rubs his stomach before leaving.

C'nor steps off of the sands.

From the Galleries> "I've got a Journeyman out there standing…and someone else." Though that someone else isn't standing. Barashyn unrolls the sleeve of his jacket and crosses his arms at his chest. "Artien was…there. Ah. Nevermind, there he is. They need to spread out more." Yeah, so all could see how much of a lazy target they all are. "Aye, there goes another."

Vioterin arches an eyebrow at the green. Evidently he doesn't think it's all that pretty, but he wouldn't dare say that at all. "Wow. LOMARE! GO YOU!" he shouts, cheering her on wholeheartedly. And then… did the bronze just go to… was that possibly… could it be… "Hey, did that bronze choose who I think he chose?" he asks Marian and Mahdemaske, nudging each with an elbow.

Artien quickly grabs for Leslyn's hand, squeezing it tightly "It's so fast…" He murmers quietly. And then he practically pales, turning towards the bronze that is now standing beside him, his lips opening and parting. He slowly reaches out a hand to caress his muzzle, "Forever Cereth? Yes…Forever…"

Jurio chuckles as Zhayne at least starts to hide a bit less, and takes the time to look around a little bit, taking in what he can of the hatchlings still bustling about. "That' many down? I'm losin' track 'ere!" There went a green, right? "Whoa..Hey, go Artien!"

Ship of the Innocents Egg shivers with a mounting excitement. It is time for the *real* journey to begin! Moment on moment this visible excitement builds, and the shiver turns into a shake, the shake into rumble. There's no real order or organization to the violent movement, it's just going because it knows it has to, even if it's not really sure how to go about doing it. Nevertheless, it's on a mission.

From the Galleries> Meibhan jumps up, whooooooping loud enough that her voice echos across the cavern and back again. Turning a rather violent shade of red, she sinks back down into her seat and tries to die on the spot to save herself from the embarassment. Yet, she can't stop smiling for some reason.

Wyoh isn't doing too much foot-switching since he's preoccupied by other pains, hand kneeding his belly. Ow. And then Leslyn inches closer and he extends his non-used hand to her. "I'm not really a hand holder, but if it makse you feel better." Is offered with a wiggle of his fingers before Artien is snagged and Wyoh pushes on his toes to peek over at the boy. "Grats!"

Marian blinks as both dragons impress at the same time. "This is going by….so fast!" she says in amazement. Then she blinks at who the bronze went to. "He went to….Artien? Congrats!" she says loudly to him.

Nik'i moves back to his general standing area, eyes up for the bronze impression shortly to come and the green impression. "Lomare, head for the alcove. There's food for Hausisth inside." He wanders over to direct the woman in proper direction, seeing her off properly before his turns back to see the bronze has chosen Artien, "Lead Cereth this way, ya?"

Kalton looks almost shocked as the Bronze chooses Artien, though a wide smile splits across his face. "I told you, confidence would be the key!" He says in a joyous manner, giving his friend a bolstering grin. "Congratulations!"

From the Galleries> Itineranth spreads his wings and trumpets as a Green Hatches. Craddled upon his forlegs, T'vis gives him a look and the Bronze returns to humming, if rather smuggly.

Journey to the Mountain Egg shudders, and then falls over. Must it hatch? Now? But the world is so big! Maybe if it stays perfectly still, no-one will notice it.

A'tien calls to Cereth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Vioterin grins broadly. "ARTIEN! WHOOOOOOO! GO ART!" His shouts are very loud and happy. "I told you you could do it!" He keeps whooping and shouting so that he really doesn't seem to notice that the other eggs are popping and cracking, either.

A'tien steps off of the sands.

Leslyn's shield is crumbling. Suddenly Artien isn't there any more, and she looks round. "Artie." This time it more or less takes her breath away. She doesn't manage to get out the 'congratulations' before the pair leave. If anythign she looks dumbstruck.

From the Galleries> Pi blinks at the comments from her neighbor, they're not making a whole lot of sense to the rider… but then again he's only getting a couple braincells. "Oh ya mean tha' one?" She points to the boy who just impressed bronze. "Talked ta him some." THere's a definite grin there, though her eyes keeping going back to ZHayne.

Ship of the Innocents Egg stops it's volatile motion entirely. Simply put, this little one has all but exhausted itself with trying to get out of the shell and now it's still for a breath before every single angle and point the miniature dragon has tries to push out as if competing against itself to see which one will win the game of the first crack. Then, before you know it, cracks are everywhere, like a crazed old piece of pottery.

Mahdemaske stumbles a few feet away from Leslyn and Artien as the hatchling gets so close as to claim the younger man. To cover up that moment of nervousness, Mahdemaske proceeds to fold his arms in a manly fashion and clear his throat, tossing his hot bangs from his eyes, "Congratulations, Art… Ah… uh. WOO!" There. Ahem.

Zhayne squeaks faintly as the bronze comes near him, croons at him and Zhayne almost faints. "Oh did he go away?" the boy's eyes are hidden in Jurio's sleeve. "What? Artie? Yaye." And his brown eyes come out from hiding. Good thing he didn't faint there on teh Sands, eh? Yes. "Okay, /that/ was scarey!"

Kalton looks over to Leslyn and smiles, giving her a nudge. See, she's not alone. "Hey, don't worry, we got dragons out there for us. I'm sure of it… right? Second time is the charm."

Mixed Messages Egg rolls back and forth, the motions of the creature within the egg managing to make its ovoid prison spin on one side. Finally a few hard won cracks appear here and there. What ever is inside seems to be both spinning and punching from the way the surface of the shell bulges and shudders. Not the most efficient method of extracting oneself, but an apparent lack of patience is at work here.

Leslyn blinks. "He left me." Suddenly her free hand is reaching for Kalton, "He left me." Babbling has ceased, panic has set in.

From the Galleries> Barashyn stands up and peers down at Artien and new mate leave off! "Aye, congrats lad!" That's one more he has to break to their Master. Sniff, another one flew the coup. He turns back to Pi, nodding and he takes a seat. "He's a good man."

Nik'i combs a hand back over his hair in a lazy attempt at brushing his hair out of his eyes. A quick glance for more hatchlings has him egg watching, waiting for his next weyrling.

Jurio blinks at Zhayne again..and sighs, trying to pry the younger boy off him. "Nobody's gonna /eat'cha/ or anythin'." He gives Zhayne another wide grin though at that, patting the other candidate. "C'mon man, show me just a little more backbone. Little bit." He even makes the 'tiny' gesture with thumb and forefinger.

Kalton reaches out and takes Leslyn's hand, giving it a firm squeeze as he chuckles. "Don't worry." He says in a soft voice, offering her up an encouraging, infectious smile. Though, he looks a bit nervous himself now.

Vioterin rubs his head slightly as he watches the eggs pop and crack all around. "This is about the most exciting thing I've ever seen," he says toward Marian. "It's so much different when you're actually on the Sands." Then he peers around. "So which egg do you think will go next?"

Journey to the Mountain Egg rocks about indecisively. Fall that way, no that way, no, /that/ way! Wait wait wait! Not yet! Little pieces of the shell crumble away and fall, like the first snowfall drifting gently to the sands. And still the hatchling within remains within.

Mixed Messages Egg never really ceased to move…until now. All inner turmoil halts suddenly, the egg standing on its tip in frozen pirouette. One breath passes. A second. The third is greeted by and explosion of energy and shell fragments begin to fly. A muzzle, a foreclaw, a tail, all burst from the ovoid in a flurry of angry movement and the hatchling's frenetic momentum sends the little ball of egg bits, goo and hatchling spinning across the sand a few feet. With a hiss of fury and a thorough shake-off (duck and cover near-by candidates!!!), Moonlit Marble Queen of the Hunt Gold Hatchling stretches out her wings, arches her neck and turns her ruby eyes to regard those about her.

Moonlit Marble Queen of the Hunt Gold Hatchling
She walks in beauty, like the night… The classic image of the gold before you could have coined this famous line of prose, but darkness is not what surrounds her. She is bathed by a glow reminiscent of moonlight, starlight, kissing the soft, suede hide far more gently than the harsher rays of Rukbat. From the chiseled wedge head, crescent moon eyeridges and regally upright headknobs, to the slightly larger than normal spade-tip tail, the lines of her body flow like a river, a strong and all-powerful force. Marbled swirls of caramel ripple along neck and shoulders giving rise to a pair of pale, shining wings, the smooth, carved ailerons keeping the papyrus linen between them taut and ready for flight. Muscle and sinew gather in simple, natural curves, accentuating the lemon yellow bow of her belly and lean, well-balanced haunches. Finishing off this understated picture of loveliness are bright, white talons, half moons of shining bone that seem to keep this lithe form from floating back to the ancient depths from whence she came.

Marian shrugs at Vioterin. "Not sure…." she says to him. "Just because they're moving about doesn't mean they'll…OH LOOK!" Marian grabs Vio's arm in a stranglehold, pointing at the gold.

From the Galleries> Pi leans foreward some more. "Seemed like.. boy needs ta have more confidence, though." And now her chin is resting in her hands.. still watching her boy, yup.

Isenian steps down onto the sands from the Foyer.

Vergil ducks instinctivly as a hiss reaches his ears, glancing over at the gold that hatched realitivly close to him. What at first looks like a step back almost turns into a stumble as Vergil moves away from the golden creature

From the Galleries> Moyrel scribbles in her notepad; next to 'blue' she appends 'Caerith'; to 'bronze' she appends 'Cereth' and 'Artien'. She'll have to get that other candie's name somehow or other. And that other dragon and Impressee. Wait, more hatchlings. Green—and a gold? The harper perks and leans a little forward, surprised.

Zhayne allows himself to be pried off a little again and, /quite/ nervously, he takes a stew off to Juri's right…. and miraculously lets him go. "Kay…" and there's a tremor in his voice, but he's at least standing on his own now. He points. "Look, Juri, gold." And gaze shifts elsewhere… He /is/ a boy.

From the Galleries> Itineranth croons in appreciation and T'vis gives him a look. "Give her a chance to mature before you pounce there, Iti."

Vioterin gacks. "Hey! A little looser, will you?" he asks, eyeing Marian. "Yes, yes, it's a gold." So? "You better hope Telia doesn't get in her way or something. Wonder who she'll seek out?" He rubs his chin, thoughtfully. "She's really pretty, you know."

Journey to the Mountain Egg is crumbling rapidly now, pieces of shell falling to the sands like an avalanche, or perhaps more like the tumbling of rocks down a mountain. Then, with a resounding cry of 'I'm not ready!', the lanky brown hatchling tumbles out, hiding behind his own wing.

Leslyn is breathing, she makes sure of it. "He left me." Hand closes tightly around Kalton's and she steps back to beside him, "You're not allowed to move, okay. No Impressing." Gaze drifts to the gold and she takes another step backwards, moving a little behind her new shield.

Hiding from the World Brown Hatchling
Physically this brown is long for his colour, though quite well proportioned. Everything is long and slender, from his almost delicate head and long neck to his fit body, slender legs, and his tapered tail. Natural hued browns attempt to cloak this large dragon, to hide him, mottled in a pattern vaguely reminiscent of forest camouflage. Crisp browns, the colour of autumn leaves, settle on his head and neck, drifting down to his body. Here he takes on a darker shade of brown, in such markings as to make the smooth skin look rough. Towards his legs the colour gets lighter slightly, with odd spots of green here and there on his feet, like tiny blades of grass.

Nik'i grins as he sees the gold, "Two in a row." before he makes note of the brown. He flicks attention between them, waiting for the cue to move.

Kalton feels his breath taken away as the Gold is born, quietly going 'wow' to himself. "She is beautiful." He says softly, giving Leslyn's hand another squeeze in return, then turns his eyes towards the Brown on the sands. With a hard swallow in his throat, he focuses his eyes on the pair in the sands, working his bottom lip slightly with his teeth.

Isenian hasn't been particularly impressive, standing amid the candidates as he has been the entire time. He's adopted the normal sands shuffle and eyes are keeping a wary look for any wayward hatchlings. Thankfully the gold isn't as much his worry and although curiosity has him keeping half an eye out on it, he seems more interested as the remaining eggs continue to wobble and eventually release their occupants.

Jurio laughs faintly as Zhayne finally lets him go, and tilts his head to peer at the gold, grinning slowly. "Well now, ain't she queen o' the world!" But indeed, his attention veers off as well, grin still playing at his lips. "'Nother brown over there, mm?"

Ship of the Innocents Egg rolls, the shell peeling off as it goes to reveal a spinning mass of dark-light-dark-light. Waitaminute, this cant be right, the wings are under and the legs are over? Mooooooommmmmmy?! Easily Distracted from Adventure Blue seems to laugh to himself before awkwardly rolling over into his pads and claws. He tries without much success to shake the egg goo and sand off his back and wings. Then something wiggly and white catches his eyes. What is this?

Wyoh misses the gold hatching - however who can miss the murmings from the galleries as well as the other candidates - he does however look up just in time to spy the brown. "Wow, look at him, he's got some interesting color, look at the green on his feet!" Point, aim, fiiire. "What do you think, Mah?" Blue eyes flicker over to the other candidate and a grin is given.

Easily Distracted from Adventure Blue Hatchling
Painted of water colours on silk in broad brush strokes of cobalt, cereulian and teal hues bear only a few details that have been outlined in India ink and navy blue. The paler colours pull over his wings, and pool along the underside of his chest and childishly rounded belly. The darker colours bump along side one another over the rest of his frame, safe for the translucent pthalyo blue of his wingsails. All of his shapes are rounded with his youth, from the shorter head knobs, to the roundness of his shoulders and haunches. Even his ridges seem soft and almost cuddly. Large eyes are wide with innocence and wonder, whirling an ever brilliant spring green.

From the Galleries> Dynome chuckles softly as she takes note of the new brown, "Nice to see even the hatchlings are scared sometimes. That gold's a beauty, and that blue's pretty colorful too. And cute! Eirimenth's like him." She says, casting a wry smirk to her emerald and shamrock lifemate who snorts from her viewing ldge.

From the Galleries> Barashyn nods, "There's another beauty, takes after her mother." He slowly rises from his seat once more and peers over the railing. If only he could see their faces at that. Probably just as surprised as the others in the galleries but this is the sands!

Vioterin shifts from foot to foot, watching as hatchlings pop out right and left and every other direction too. "Well, it certainly is fast," he says idly, as he shifts from foot to foot and back again. "But the gold - who's she going to Impress to?" That's the important thing, of course.

Hiding from the World Brown Hatchling lets out another thin bugle as he steps from his eggs. Yes he is coming into the world loud and letting his presence known. He stretches out his neck to look at candidates left before him. Were there not many minds before? No matter , none of those minds were HIS! He takes a few cautious steps toward the line of white, his intent gaze falling on each face. Searching, ever searching.

Moonlit Marble Queen of the Hunt Gold Hatchling stands perfectly still for a moment, as if posing before she inspectes her own form. Limbs are glanced over then each wing in turn as they are stretched for the very first time. With a regal twist of her neck, she looks to her proud mother before turning the other direction to look at the little white things. Supplicants? Playtoys. A brilliant whirl takes into her bright green eyes.

From the Galleries> Moyrel chuckles and points toward the blue. "That one's got some personality about him to be sure," she comments. "He's going to be a load of fun, I bet."

Zhayne folds his arms around himself and shrugs faintly. "She's def'ntely a Queen." he comments, leaving only that inch seperating him and Juri. You know, jsut in case. And then his eyes are taken by the brown, then blue and he actually offers a bit of a smile. "Heeeey, lookit thems…" he comments quietly, his brown eyes losing the fear in them, becoming more curious that anything. "They're poppin' open like… I sunno what.."

Easily Distracted from Adventure Blue wanders around aimlessly, as if having forgotten the entire point of being here. There're faces in the distance, and he's confused at the need to have them there. Do they have to have an audience? That just makes it worse doesn't it? Though, a loud and almost visible rumbling of his not so inconsiderable stomach refocuses his attention on those bobbing white things. There's something familiar about them, isn't there? He weaves his way in and out and around, making a game of finding that right one, the one that'll know just what to do. It's from behind that he sneaks up on Korastyn, tripping her up with his tail, before he all but pounces on the girl. « Tag! Your it, which means you get to get me something to eat Kora, I'm starved! » "O-okay," she stammers, and then heys, "What's your name anyway?" « Buhaodoith, of course! » She aught to know, right? After a moment, he moves off over her so that they can amble off together, prepared now for the journey into the unknown, the rest of their lives.

Bleak as Night Egg begins to shift and turn upon the black sands, the speckles upon its surface seeming to rotate like the stars in the night sky. And then, the motion ceases, and time freezes.

With a triumphant cry the Easily Distracted from Adventure Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

From the Galleries> Pi actually rolls her eyes as the gold hatches… no murmeres there.. just a mumbled "Good fer Dhon.. but Pal's gonna be more insufferable." Frown…. ah well, let her be grumpy, doesn't harm anyone. Well, grumpy in what she says, there is a litle smile.

Marian sees the blue hatch, naturally, but the gold draws her eyes like a magnet. "I don't know, but I hope….oh, no point in that."

Jurio gives a slight start as the blue trips a girl and nearly /pounces/ on her. "What the..oh. Kay then." Let's just hope Zhayne didn't see that stunt. The boy does give a rather nervous laugh though, reaching up to rub at the back of his own sweaty neck. ..Ew. That damp hand promptly gets rubbed on his robe.

Kalton lets out almost a disappointed breath as the Blue Impresses, and then gets marched away. ".. I really liked that egg." He says softly as he licks his lips a bit, cutting a quick look to Leslyn, then back out over the sands. "Oh well, I hope he has a good time." He says, forcing up a quick smile and shaking his worry away.

Nik'i nods towards Korastyn and her blue, "Over here. C'mon." Nodding and smiling just enough to be encouraging. The pair make their way off the sands just as the others before them.

Leslyn bounces about a little, bending over to scratch at her right leg before straightening once more and looking over the sands again. Deep breaths, calming breaths, "I feel sick." Somewhere off to her elft a blue Impresses and Kalton's words cause her to look up and smile slightly, "So long as the good time doesn't involve our entrails, right?" it's an attempt at a joke. A bad one, but an attempt nonetheless.

Vioterin watches the blue Impress rather quickly. "That was so fast." He rubs his chin, watching the gold and the brown who are still searching, still seeking. "Dragons, dragons, everywhere," he quips amusedly toward Marian. "Well, then." He shifts from foot to foot—he's as sweaty as some of the others, but he doesn't seem too bothered by burning feet. Ahhh, those sandals are really working well.

Zhayne's eyes drift over the Sands as the Bleak egg starts to move and he takes a cautious step forward, putting himself in the same general place as Jurio. Well, excepting he's an inch to the right and trying not to get in the way… Hatchling dodging! New sport. He saw that. "Didja see tha' blue trip 'er?" And he takes two steps back because of the playful blue. Noooo way. "Ah tol' you!" he notes to Jurio with that /look/ on his face.

Bleak as Night Egg cracks suddenly, a sudden scar upon the bleakness, impatience winning over caution, setting into motion a chain reaction, the single crack multiplying as they go.

Mahdemaske blinks at Leslyn when she mentions being sick and moves further away from her, stepping off to Wyoh's other side so that he's on the very end of the line of candidates, folding his arms around his middle and looking past the clustered group that acts as his shield. He pushes his now sweat damp hair out of his eyes, tucking it behind his ears with one freed hand and setting his hips comfortably as his back begins to ache from tension, "This is crazy." He's either talking to Wyoh or just commenting for everyone else's health.

Hiding from the World Brown Hatchling raises his head as high as he can, so that he can attempt to look down at the hatches. Not for superiority, just to get a better look. He takes a few more steps toward the line. His steps are slow and heavy, like he is moving earth. Each step brings him slowly closer to his chosen. He pauses but a few feet from the line. He looks over a young woman and rumbles. Nope not right. He looks over another candidate, this time a young lad. Another deep rumble. No, he is not right either. He finally looks over one more candidate. A young man with long golden streaked hair. Another rumble, but it has a more positive tune to it as he takes steps to the man and extends his head.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Hiding from the World Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Jurio blinks at his friend. "See what? I didn' see nothin'. Don't you be thinkin' 'bout runnin' off, Zhay." Ohh no. Not with Jurio grabbing the other boy's arm. Payback for the earlier clinging, this is. He just grins. "You just gotta keep 'n eye out so that don' happen."

Galloping Echoes of Dawn Egg begins to shake, like the ground as a mighty chariot goes flying past pulled by powerful runners, the colors upon the shell seeming to blur into one. And then, just as suddenly, the wobbling ends, fading into nothingness.

Moonlit Marble Queen of the Hunt Gold Hatchling drops from her statuesque position into something more, apt for moving. Her wings fold back though not as swiftly as possible just yet. With a waggle of her hindquarters, she charges the line of candidates. Or would if she didn't stagger. After all, walking is a new concept when there's gravity involved. There's someone special that she's hunting, but they weren't amongst that first group that was charged. Trying another tactic, she starts to circle around the whole line of candidates. That's in the rules, right? Of course it is, she's making up this game just now, you know.

Nik'i turns his attention too the brown pair shortly there after, waving them towards the alcove as if directing traffic. Interjected with musings of food of course.

Isenian looks from brown to blue with that occasional glance to gold. His interest seems to follow the blue more closely and he lets out a little cheer as the dragon finds a partner in Korastyn. Well, now she'll have something else to keep busy with. It's about just when he swings his gaze away in finding the brown that it too chooses but amid the shuffle of candidates he can't quite tell to whom and he leans whispering to his neighbor if they can see?

Wyoh glances over at Mah and is just about to answer him when that brown starts heading their way and Wyoh lets out a squeak and quickly goes to move out of the way. "Careful, Mah!" Is the only thing that he can manage to say before toppling over into the sand and bouncing back up as hot granuals find their way under his fingernails. Ow.

Zhayne is sorta dragged back in place, however he groans and blinks up at Juri…. "Uh-buh…. and he can't protest. His eyes return to the Sands, "'E tripped 'er!" the lad notes and pouts faintly up at Juri. Then eyes turn to the gold coming up the line… Erm. "Ah don' gots eyes in th' back of me 'ead…" he adds with a grumble.

From the Galleries> "Heh, sounds like you riders have a blast at this." Shyn chuckles a bit and peers over towards the edge. Another one… "Look at that brown."

Galloping Echoes of Dawn Egg was not unaffected by the wobbling, it seems, for a crack works its way along the shell, wrecking the infrastructure, and making the casing as useless as a cracked wagon wheel. This egg's journey is over.

Bleak as Night Egg cannot withstand the chaos within, as the shell seems to pop outwards, shards falling around its previous spot. The night sky upon the egg is gone, but an equally dark spot remains.

Racing the Starry Sky Blue Hatchling
Dark prussian blue sweeps across the seemingly endless expanse that is this large hatchling's form, like the continuous reaches of space. An overlong body is lean over its entirety - sleek neck flows seamlessly into a chiseled torso, slipping just as perfectly into the long, whip-like tail. Slightly brighter midnight blue brushes along his wing joints, expanding outwards onto each sail, like a nebula tinting the sky. Like his back, his underside isn't the same pure hue - instead it's dappled with pale blue, almost silver, spots, like stars thrown across the night sky, without rhyme or reason. A heavy gathering of the stars are on the each side of each limber leg, all the way to the black talons. The spots fade out as they climb up his neck, all but gone over the long snout and around his nostrils. A handsomely formed head slopes upwards to head knobs that are dusted a lighter powder blue. Ridges are practically ebony, with just enough difference marking them as the darkest navy as they proceed down his back, like hills blocking out the stars that lay close to the horizon.

Mahdemaske looks, for a second, like he's going to fall over backwards, glancing at Wyoh in surprise when he falls down only to stare at the brown that sets itself in front of him. His brow furrows intently and he leans forward a bit, shrugging for whatever reason and quirking a faint grin, "Sure. Uh…" As one long-fingered hand rests on the brown's head, contact for the sake of reality, the young man notes Nik'i and leads his new lifemate in that direction.

Mahdemaske calls to Tuliculath and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Mahdemaske steps off of the sands.

Marian notices her favorite egg wobbling, but she can't tear her eyes away from the gold. Wishful thinking. Very wishful. "Who'd the brown go to?" she asks, eyes flickering around. "Oh, Mahdemaske!" she squeaks out. "Congrats!"

Vioterin watches the brown Impress… to Mahdemaske and cheers at the top of his voice, again, cupping his hands around his mouth. "GO MAHDEMASKE! YEAH!" He's actually bouncing up and down with excitement for his friend now. "That is so great!" And then his eyes turn to the blue and the gold still on the sands. No disappointments, no regrets here.

Jurio snickers just a little bit. "Well they're pretty big, Zhay. Kinda hard ta miss." Yeah. Just gotta keep track of the things, is the problem. Wait a second.. "/Mahde!/ Zhay, that one went 'n took Mahde!"

Kalton offers up a big grin to Mahd, giving him a loud 'congrats!', then settles back his excitement again as he looks over towards the Blue who now hatched. He pulls Leslyn a bit closer. ".. OK, now I'm really nervous." He says, working a grin out across his face, then lets his eyes dance out into the crowd of spectators, searching for a moment.

Galloping Echoes of Dawn Egg may not be able to proceed further, but whatever is within will. As the cracks spread upon the shell, fiery hues set asunder, the egg begins shifting more thoroughly. And then, the colorful shell falls to the ground, and a dragonet rises up from the flames.

Creeeeaaaaaak. A World Under a Turnip Egg lurches slightly, that precariously positioned turnip top showing signs of becoming dislodged. Has someone been digging sand from under this egg?

Sunlight Forest Canopy Green Hatchling
Bright green covers this green's entire body, though the driving force of the bright is a result of the massive amounts of yellow that have been mixed in, creating a lime cocktail, as it were. Wings are only slightly darker, as the light spars are lost amongst the deeper sails. Her entire body is almost runner-like - elongated muzzle, muscled limbs, and broad chest - And all is the same blinding hue.

From the Galleries> Itineranth lifts his head to get a better look at the newest arrival, namely a rather vibrant Green.

Leslyn watches as first brown and then gold eye up the line. "Mah! He's gonna…" but he doesn't actually get eviscerated, "Oh Mah." She moves quite easily as Kalton pulls her towards him. "You're definitely not leaving, right? No bleeding, not sudden pains or anything? Not feeling faint? Cause if you're feeling faint we could leave?"

Sunlight Forest Canopy Green Hatchling tumbles out of the shell to the sands, like a flare shooting outwards from the central body of a star. Wings are draped upon the sands, dragging behind her as she starts to make her way to the candidates. Flinging sand up at the other eggs left, she trills her draconic laughter, and then continues towards the waiting group. After a look at a curly haired boy, she snorts, and goes on. And on. And then she veers suddenly into a rather plain looking boy, with no real distinguishable features. "Heliath!" And Korok, now K'rok, wraps his arms around her neck. "I'll feed you, and then we'll have some fun!"

Zhayne gasps softly and turns. "Yaye! Mahde got took!" he grins then, yes, he's very happy at this turn of events. And then his dark brown eyes turn straight towards the Bleak egg's occupant and gasps again. "Oooooh, look Juri, 'e's so puuuuuurdy." Yeah, thats Zhay's childish wonder coming out a little there. His eyes drift for a moment to the green hatching. "Th' come out so fast…"

With a triumphant cry the Sunlight Forest Canopy Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

A shiver runs up the side of the Falsely Pristine Frosted Egg, the soft tinkling of cracks forming in the shell lost in the bustle of the scene.

Marian blinks as her favorite egg hatches into a BRIGHT green. "Wow, looks like she was proddy from the onset." and she goes right to someone. "So much for favorite." she says, and looks back at the gold hopefully.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Moonlit Marble Queen of the Hunt Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Nik'i nods, "Food's over this way." at the green pair, guiding K'rok and Heliath off the sands with minimal effort. He shifts back to the side, gaze trailing to the gold impression. He waits to hear the name before before he points to the alcove, chanting, "Food's there."

Racing the Starry Sky Blue Hatchling snorts in distaste at the green as sand is flung here and there. That's apparently a sign to move away from the shards of his shells, and so he's off towards the candidate circle. Stretching his neck outwards, he sticks his muzzle in Jurio's face, sniffing at him while a thrashing tail goes flying at the neighboring candidate's feet, ready to knock him over.

Jurio looks as Zhayne draws his attention, and then blinks, nodding a little at the sight of the blue. "Yeah 'e is. You're not thinkin' of runnin' away anymore, are ya?" The boy laughs just a little then, and looks, peering in the gold's direction to see her choice…only to have a blue face /right/ in his. "/Gah!/" Well. Color him surprised. Enough to jump back slightly from the dragonet.

Each of those hairline fractures on the lake surface, each of those fresh stress lines.. one thing is certain, the Falsely Pristine Frosted Egg can't hold much longer.

Leslyn blinks, swaying slightly as if she may well pass out. "Ankhepith?" Another blink and it's she that abandons Kalton, not the other way around. "I… Feast? Um… yes. What?" Elloquent to the last she heads for Nik'i, stunned.

Wyoh watches, one by one, as his friends impress. Eyes drift 'bout the sands once more and he's starting to feel a tad bit lonely, drifting closer to the other candidates, first Leslyn.. but then pausing when the gold starts heading in their direction. Why him? Quickly - without falling this time - he scoots away, inching towards Jurio and Zhayne.

Leslyn calls to Ankhepith and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Isenian catches the name of the chosen one and add his own cheer for mahdemaske. Well, perhaps he'll see them both later and attention drifts back tot he collection of eggs and the cheerfully bright green. It doesn't seem to take her long to make up her mind and he cheers for the new pairing even as yet another makes its choice. So fast these hatchings go, how much he has forgotten. Feet shift as the queen and her rider emerge from the chaos of the sands. The roar from the galleries drowns out anything he would add and so too, he'll perhaps catch up with the pair in the coming months, depending. Gaze goes back to the remaining eggs, rocking, and hatchlings moving and making choices as he stands and waits.

Marian is disappointed. No gold for her. Oh well! And…only two eggs left. And a blue. "Another hatching, no dragon." she mutters to herself. "Congratulations, Leslyn!" she says louder.

Kalton lets go of Leslyn's hand as the Gold comes near, then takes a big step away from her. ".. Congrats.. Leslyn." He says softly as he watches his friend head off, then works his bottom lip as he turns to look back out to the sands.

Leslyn steps off of the sands.

From the Galleries> Menea lets out a loud cheer as she sees Leslyn impress to the gold. "Way to go Leslyn!"

And the heavens shake as A World Under a Turnip Egg moves with more vigor, the rumbling of an angry force inside jarring the brittle shell.

Vioterin peers in surprise as Leslyn Impresses. "Congratulations!" he calls. Nevermind he's never actually met her. He'll congratulate her anyway. And then the blue is right in Jurio's face. "Look out, Jurio! Be careful! Back off!" he shouts. It doesn't look good for Jurio…

Zhayne grunts as the blue sticks his face into Jurio's and the tail comes swinging around and sweeps his feet right out from under him. He flails, squeaks and falls right over on the sands, the hair in his face falling out of it and allowing the bruises to get their presentation. Zhay gasps softly, the breath all knocked out of him. Gasp…Look, saaaaaaaaand! He's running nowhere.

Like snow sliding off a warming roof, the shell of the Falsely Pristine Frosted Egg crashes down around its occupant, freeing the small hatchling to the chaos around it.

Guardian of the Spirit Realm Green Hatchling
A ghostly pale green dragon hatches from the Falsely Pristine Frosted Egg. Her enormous, manic eyes making her head look too heavy for her diminutive frame. Not to say she doesn't have some color amid the pallor, in fact a vibrant stroke of plumy olive winds about her limbs and fans broadly across her wingsails. The illusion of possibly being carried away at the slightest gust or breeze lends the young dragon an inescapable ethereal quality. Delicate shards of gray-green icicle down from her ridges and head knobs at varying lengths, though it seems as though her tail has managed to keep an unmarred frosty coating.

From the Galleries> Moyrel adds to her notes. Brown to Mahdemaske. She nods at this, as if in approval. Blue to - who is that? And a green, Heliath, to - who is /that/? She gestures at this last, with a comment of "She's a pretty one. She's going to be a dazzling sight in the sky." Gold, she noted gold—ah. Ankhepith to Leslyn. Another approving nod.

The glitter of brightly colored shell bits explodes from A World Under a Turnip Egg and rains down on the sands around it. This egg is no match for the frenzy of the one inside seeking escape. The end of the egg, a new beginning for the one that emerges.

Marked By Fate Bronze Hatchling
Dewy copper speckles the resolutely carmine inclined base bronze of this dragon, most notably about his bonily protrudant shoulders and haunches. He is lanky, gawky in build despite sizable length, giving an impression that he's been stretched mercilessly past the 'graceful' and into the realm of bizarre. An impressive wingspan is less eye-catching for size than it is for the fire-gold of seemingly ignited metal shavings that patterns his 'sails. Narrow headknobs and neckridges are bare of the copper spots, though the distinctive flecking fades more slowly down somewhat bowed legs. Perhaps in spite of his odd proportions, the majority of his hide glitters in the light, as if dusted with crushed gemstones. A foul spot swathes the left side of his head, curving under the corresponding eye. Crumpled and blackened, the mark that stops short of his sharp muzzle could almost be a scar. But what accident could he have incurred inside the shell?

From the Galleries> T'vis chuckles as his little Bronze lets out another buggle for the third Green of the Clutch. "Yeah yeah. First you need to catch them though." Itineranth snorts. As if that's in doubt!

Marian flinches just a bit as the Turnip egg explodes, but it's the green from the Pristine egg that catches her attention, since there's no way that bronze would go to her. Green is her last chance.

From the Galleries> Pi pratically jumps in her seat as her cousin is swept off his feet. She can't help it… maybe she is a little nervous, shush. Doesn't want him getting /hurt/ after all. "Get up, 'fore ya burn yerself." Is muttered, though it's tinged with actual, you know, care.

Vioterin looks between the new hatchlings. "Strange ones," he observes. And that's all he says about the matter. "The green's pretty," he adds, almost as an afterthought. But then there's that blue still out there, too. "Do you think that blue will Impress to Jurio?" he asks, dubiously. The blue does seem a little angry.

Racing the Starry Sky Blue Hatchling abandons his attack on Jurio, turning his intention instead to the boy that's now on the ground, and sneaking closer. A draconic trill of laughter and then the blue creeps closer. A muzzle it nudged at the boy, almost as he tries to help him up, crooning impatiently as he doesn't move fast enough.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Racing the Starry Sky Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Nik'i watches the last three hatchling start to mill about, glancing over at the remaining candidates, "Calm. It's almost over." That statement dropped so good naturedly. Zhayne is given a wave, "Lead him over here. The food's just through there."

Jurio lets out a slow breath as that blue apparantly decides to leave him alone…and go for the fallen Zhayne instead? "Hey now ya—Oh. Aheh, alright Zhay!" He does shift though, inching away from the new pair before there's explodey. Yes..that egg over there went /explodey/. And thus, he looks, blinking just a little. "That one's face looks kinda weird." And maybe he's just talking to himself now that Zhayne's…distracted.

From the Galleries> Pi doesn't leap up and yell or nothing, nope, she slumps back in chair with a happy grin. One, her cousin isn't hurt, two, he impressed. "Blue…" Blink. "Aw crud…" Least she's got a couple turns, right?

"Just three left," the Harper comments. "So, who to whom?" Then, noting another impression, adds, "Well, that answers that, part of it at least." She leans aside and addresses Pi, saying, "Do you think he's up for caring for a dragon?"

Zhayne, no… Zh'ae gasps faintly as he struggles to stand up on the sands. However the blue is standing on his robe, and as Zhayne stands, the robe gets ripped halfway off and Zhay is standing there in his half a robe and his loincloth. With a faint squeak of outrage, he shakes his head at theblue. "No, I didn't know you were coming, let's get you food now Zhilinith." And the pair toddle off.

Zh'ae calls to Zhilinith and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Marian shakes her head at Vioterin. "Zhayne it looks like. Congratulations, Zhayne!" she calls over, then returns her attention to the green yearningly. "That bronze might be for you…" she says to Vio. He who doesn't think he'll get a dragon. /She/ probably won't. Back to staring at the green.

Marked By Fate Bronze Hatchling trumpets after his clutchmate before stumbling forward, towards that little cluster punctuated by the smaller blue. Make some room, will ya?

Despite being rather awkward as she departs her shell remains, Guardian of the Spirit Realm Green Hatchling finds reason to hurry when a solid blonde boy falls into sight. Running headlong for the boy, both topple in the collision. Just when the pause is long enough to harbor some doubts as to the state of both parties, the boy sits up, his thick arms clinging to the green neck, "Biaboth! Oh, Biaboth!" It takes some leading to get J'sky and Biaboth off the sands, the boy giggling hysterically.

Zh'ae steps off of the sands.

With a triumphant cry the Guardian of the Spirit Realm Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Wyoh watches the blue as it proves to be a bit indecisive and then pounce on Zhayne. And that bronze and green get a glance as well. He doesn't really have anyone to talk to anymore, and nothing to do except hold his stomach and hope for it to end. Ow.

"ZHAYNE! GO ZHAYNE!" he calls, exuberantly. A blue! And then he peers to the last two hatchlings, curiously. "There's something wrong with that bronze, it looks like," he says thoughtfully. "But the green, she's very pretty." He chews thoughtfully on his lower lip as he watches. And then the green Impresses. "Wow… she was swift." Well… He looks around at the other boys he knows. "Jurio." He says this decisively. "I'm sure that's who he wants." Because, really, who else? Vioterin? Nah.

Marian sighs as the green finds someone else. No dragon for Marian this time around. Again. "Congrats." she says instead to the candidate who got the green.

Isenian shivers as the last of the eggs crumble. The hatchlings left are an interesting pair and he can't help but watch their movements with a hopeful gaze. Joy comes as another of his fellows is chosen and he grins, adding his own congratulations to the mix for Zhayne, and not long after for the newly minted J'sky. Which leaves the interestingly hued bronze to conclude the hatching's events. He keeps an eyes out for the talons but doesn't look overly worried, makign his own silent bets, and encouraging those next to him as he waits for the events to conclude.

Kalton blinks his eyes a few times as the last dragon is shuffled off the sands. He rubs the back of his neck slightly for a moment, then lets his shoulders sag backwards. He lifts up a hand, then adjusts his glasses a bit on the bridge of his nose, then turns, giving a slight bow to the pair of Gold, and Bronze, then begins to head back to gather his stuff at the barracks.

Jurio scoots a little farther in order to get to Wyoh. Hey, seems like a good place to be, over there, right? He just grins though at the other candidate for a moment. "Heh, my buddy got hauled off, apparantly. I'll just stand here if ya don't mind?"

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Marked By Fate Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Nik'i can't help but chuckle a bit at J'sky, but the pair make it to the alcove alright, which leaves Nik looking at the bronze. "Whoever he picks.. just come this way. Everyone else, hang loose for a minute." No need to get too serious. And the quality of Nik's advice is questionably entertaining.

Vioterin stands still, and watches as the bronze also Impresses. Well, it's over. He calls out congratulations to Jurio. Then he turns toward Marian. "Told you I wasn't going to Impress. Now it's time for some booze. You in or out?" He gives his brightest grin. "It'll be great to get my feet back on the trail again." However, he waits on Nik'i, whatever he's going to say.

Wyoh glances down at Jurio, cracking a faint smile. "Yah, I know the feeling, mine got snagged too." Is admitted as another wince is given. Talk about bad timing for hatchings. But the bronze is teh last one so soon he'll be able to sneak off and do his thing!

From the Galleries> Moyrel sighs and wraps up her notes. She'll tie up the loose ends another time. It was a good hatching, all in all. She stands up, and without preamble, heads out. Exit stage down.

Marian takes note of the bronze impressing. "Congrats, Jurio!" she calls out, then looks out over the empty eggshells wistfully. Maybe next time, if she's not too old. Ok, time to go pay attention to Jeriah. "Sure, why not." she says to Vioterin. "I wasn't going to get a dragon anyway, didn't the last few times I've stood." so she'll try again! Big deal!

From the Galleries> With slumping shoulders, Dynome watches Kalton be left once more, her eyes following him as he walks off the sands. A faint tear for him can be seen in her eye before she furiously wipes it away, letting out a breath as she rises to follow Kalton's family out.

Jurio just..stops and blinks. Well he /would/ be going to stay with Wyoh..but..there seems to be something else that's a little more pressing. And that happens to be the bronze niggling at his mind. "Wha? Huh?" Oh. There it is. "Ytroth…oh../oh/ Yeah. Yeah food. Gotcha.." Yes. Off they go, with J'io looking rather..dazed.

J'io calls to Ytroth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

From the Galleries> Denna smiles, and glances over to Niva

Jeriah takes a deep breath as J'io and his new lifemate trundle off to their new barracks. And now will come the hard part. Can she really comfort them in anyway?

Wyoh gets ditched again. Perhaps he should find friends who don't look like such choice bits of dragon-bait. A face is made before finally a smile creeps up. "Grats Jurio!" Is offered and the empty sands are taken in with a deep breath. Ahh. Freedom.

Isenian lets out a sigh as the bronze chooses. It's hard to tell if he'd have won his wager or not but the congratualtions are just as cheerful and genuine for jurio as they have been for all the others. Of course the sands fall quiet after that and he turns to the dam and sire and their riders, listening.

Vergil smiles a congrulation to the canidates who impress, and takes a step away from the shattered eggs, the smile fading to one of disappointment. Looking at the ground as he moves to Nik'i

Nik'i turns his attention to Jeriah. As much as he can focus, that is, waiting for her words. Or maybe he's just forgotten what comes next and is fishing for a hint.

Lisle nearly moves to step forward to give condolences, but steps back and looks to Jeriah. This is her stage, for better and for worse. There is a sadness in her gaze as she looks both at her Junior and the remaining candidates.

Marian has heard the same speech many times, but hey, why not another? Jeriah is given her full attention.

Vioterin doesn't look disappointed at all. In fact he looks downright gleeful. "My parents weren't here, but they sent me ship fare and I can rent a runnerbeast and get caught up to them! Yeah!" Someone couldn't be happier to get out of here, ironically enough. Matter of fact, he's probably the only one who isn't that disappointed. After all, what happens, happens. Nevertheless, he silences and looks toward the people in charge. It won't do to look too eager to get going while they're all standing around. Nope.

Wyoh shifts, holding his stomach. "May I please go? I don't mean to be rude but.." Hand is shifted and he presses into his midsection. "I really need to use the restroom." Oi.. and hot sands don't agree!

Jeriah impressedwith Nik, and so she's not really any more practiced with this kind of thing than he is,is she? She's never been one to have stage fright, but then again, she's never really had such an ominous spotlight. "Thank you all so much for coming to stand for these eggs. I'm sorry that your dragons weren't on the sands this time. You are all welcome to stay if you like, and welcome to visit if you choose to return to your lives prior to being Searched. And if there is anything I can do for any of you, please do not hesistate to let me know." She wasn't exactly there for Lisle's speach the last time she was on the sands, nor any of Hassaleah's for when she was in High Reaches Weyr. To Wyoh, she nods. "Aye, I wish no further discomfort on any of you, again I'm sorry there weren't more eggs."

Isenian bows politely upon exit as he did upon entrance. He does look a long moment at Dhonzayth before making his own exit.

Isenian strides through the wide entrance to the foyer.

Wyoh dips his head and makes a quick dash for the exit. Owowow…

Wyoh goes home.

Marian smiles weakly at Jeriah, then makes her escape as soon as possible to move all her stuff out of the candidate barracks.

Marian goes home.

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