Umniyath x Nemmenth Hatching

Ista Weyr: Candidate Barracks
Rows and rows of cots fill the length of this room, which is far too big for the amount of candidates that Ista commonly hosts - it's a remnant from turns gone by, when space for up to eighty candidates was necessary. The cots have been pulled further apart, many discarded, which means that there is plenty of space between each of them for a press and even a small table, although it's still not the most spacious of areas - there are far more cots than could ever be needed. Boys and girls have been mostly separated, with a curtain able to be slung down between the two areas, although there's still a communal sense between the two areas.
A tunnel, kept firmly covered by a great door, leads deep into the bowels of the weyr; it's a long walk to the end, wherever it goes, and glow lamps are required for any who walk that way. The barracks themselves are well lit - glow lamps kept filled, as yet another chore for the candidates, both on and off duty. Upon one of the walls, a brilliant mural has been painted, depicting a queen and her mate, and a clutch of eggs (+view mural).

B'relle comes running in the Barracks. "C'mon guys don't you hear the humming, get in your robes now. It's time."

Anvi is already ready. The preparations had been going on all day after all and she was dressed in her robes and ready to go, brushing her hair. As the rider runs in, she looks up "we've been ready for hours, B'relle! We’re ready!" she stands, and puts her sandals on quickly, though there was a hint of anxiety in her jerky movements. Or maybe she just hit the klah extra hard today.

Tilla is freaking out. It's definitely the appropriate word for what she's doing. There's running, shrieking, throwing of clothing. I mean, it's almost a disaster in itself. "Is this my robe? I think this is my robe!" she cries as she tries to squirm into the garment.

Mysarra grabs her robe, slipping it on and looking at B'relle. Finding the shoes she puts them on and puts her firelizard on the bed, giving her green head a small scritch. Pursing her lips expectantly she waits for further instructions.

Jeriah is getting ready herself to one side, already pulling her robe over her head. She looks over, to check on Menea and the others. "Tilla, calm DOWN. We still have a few minutes." she calls over "And yes, that is yours. Stop and wait ten seconds!"

A mumbled, "Mrph, " comes from Vesvesris's cot as the girl rolls over in her sleep. B'relle's voice and the flurry of activity beginning around her soon rouse her to full alertness, and the girl sits up suddenly, gasping in surprise as she dives into the hub-hub. Robes fly everywhere, and she manages to snatch one out of the air, letting it slip easily over her head. Maybe a bit /too/ easily? She's tying on sandals and trying to pull her hair back, all at once. Multitasking for Sves? Not working as the dragons hum.

Tristevan looks up from his playing. He's heard rumors that today might be the day, but he really didn't think it would be. He looks at B'relle and nods, "Okay B'relle." He uses her name in front of everyone else as he starts to undress on the boys’ side of the barracks and puts on the loose white candidate robe. He smiles at Menea, "Thanks for showing me how to sew this." He smiles at Anvi as he looks over to her, "Three deep breathes dear, it will be okay."

Taking up a white ribbon, Anvi ties her hair back, sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth, the ragged bow now holding her hair back. Off goes the jewelry and other such trinkets as the rules demand. She then stares at Tilla "Wow. have you been into my klah, Tilla?"

Menea is ready in her robes, fixing up her sandals and then fixing up her hair. There's a glance at Tilla as she freaks out and a small laugh slips. "It'll be fine, Tilla." She chimes, then, glancing at Jeriah. She gives the other a look, smiling and then settling Noitceffa onto her cot. "Oh, it was no trouble Tristevan." She notes, straightening things up in a calm manner.

Tilla squeaks as she bends awkwardly in what is obviously NOT her robe(too late to correct her now!) to put her sandals on, "OOoh, I just know this is going to end badly!" the normally calm girl wails between her fingers.

B'relle smiles at the sudden bustle, remembering her own turn at this. "Okay, everyone as soon as you are dressed please line up at the door alphabetically.”

Nikai reclines on a cot, robe on and feet in his sandals. He leans forward and puts his elbows on his knees, watching everyone else run around. "It's time then, I take it." With a nod he reaches to his feet, he ties his sandals on, then sits back up and scratches behind his ear. Now he just watches.

Tristevan pulls on his sandal on one foot and hops towards the back of line holding the others, "Anyone who's name starts after T line up behind me."

Rivala has been running around in her candidate robe for the last several days, and it shows - the robe is rumpled and a little damaged around the edges. So she isn't going to be scrambling to get ready. Instead, Riva's busy convincing her firelizards to stay put on the cot she uses and tying on the special sandals she has to wear onto the sands. Once Riva's ready, she straightens up and awaits order.

Anvi quips "Well of course its going to if you don’t slow down Tilla." she notes "Calm down. We have time - go splash water on your face." she advises, standing and nodding. Pausing, she looks over the others then steps to the door easily "I think that means I'm first, then Jeriah, Menea, Nikai, Tilla, Tristevan, and Vesvesris… oh wait, Rivala would go before Tilla." she notes, categorizing everyone mentally to herself, then starts to count everyone nervously, seeing if anyone was missing.

Mysarra looks around, and stands near the back of what will be a line. Quietly tapping her foot she smiles and arranges the younger candidates, telling some where there shoes are or where to stand in line. Rivala is given a smile before Mysa goes back to tapping.

Jeriah finishes getting ready, reaching over to help Menea "Everyone else need a hand with their hair?" she asks aloud, glancing over to ensure everyone was right. She subtly hands Tilla a ribbon to tie around her waist, to help keep the ill fitting robe from showing anything naughty.

Tilla eyes the ribbon with bulging eyes, staring at Jeriah dumbly.

Sighing, Jeriah turns Tilla around and ties it about her waist to keep the folds in and in place.

Menea offers a smile towards Tilla, "As long as no one gets mauled, things will end fine." She notes, which probably won't offer any sort of reassurance. She beams a smile, glancing at Jeriah as she helps out. She blinks then, "Shells, I get horrible with tying my hair back." Her nose wrinkles and then she settles into the line.

Vesvesris ends up near the back of the line, still trying to finish getting everything on her at once. Unfortunately, as she moves into the line, both sandals come untied, and her hair's just barely hanging in the tie. Likewise, her robe seems to be at least three sizes too big; it's just barely holding onto her small frame.

Nikai gets up from the cot and slides in front of Tristevan. "'Scuse me. Just need to…" He stops and nods, assuming the candidate understand the idea.

B'relle looks around at the slightly better organized group. "We'd best get going. No talking on the way to the sands. Finish sorting out your order as we walk. The eggs will not wait."

Tilla hehs nervously.. A ribbon isn't going to help the robe loosen up, it was clearly made for someone who doesn't possess her girth. "You sure it'll be okay?" She whispers to Jeriah.

Tristevan nods a little bit as he back up and hops back a few steps to give room for the other, "No problem Nikai. Good luck, hope your dragon like to surf." He stops and puts on his other sandal. "There all set."

Ista Weyr: Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always oppressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.

B'relle leads the crowd of weyrlings on the sands and begins doing the sands dance due to the heat. She stands to one side and points for them to go on farther. She mutters a word of encouragement here and there as needed and stands to the edge waiting till she'll be needed again.

Anvi strides out onto the sands behind B'relle, the candidates arranged in alphabetical order. She wrinkles her nose at the sands' heat, but doesn’t' dance… after all, in Ista, it's probably just as hot on the beach. That and the sands are hardly unfamiliar to her, her huge toes wriggling in the sandals as she murmurs "Nnf! Sand… tickling." she turns to glance over her shoulder, smiling nervously, but trying to look reassuring, to her friends.

Tilla has scrunched herself in as close as she can to Vesvesris and Rivala by the time she hits the sands. She bows mutely to the ClutchParents and the eggs as she was told to do before mincing towards the outermost ring of candidates.

Jeriah follows Anvi, second in line of the alphabet, and turns to curtsey with the others to the queen dragon and such, before walking along behind the barissta, stretching out a little bit the distance between the two to give everyone a bit more room, and subtly moving back to be nearer to Menea.

Vesvesris is rather busy pulling up her robe as she minces her way onto the sands - she apparently gave up on the sandals, somewhere along the line, and makes her way in bare feet toward the slowly forming semicircle, sketching out a quick bow to Nemmenth and Umniyath as she squeezes into a spot near

Tilla, one hand holding her robe to her chest. It wouldn't do to flash all of Pern, would it?

Masking a Secret Egg gives a tiny little wobble. Wriggle. Ready? Nah. The egg comes back to rest.

Nikai heads out on to the sands, executing a sloppy excuse for a bow to the clutch parents before strolling off into position next to Menea. "Should be pretty quick I think." Pleasantly at ease despite the heat and inherent electricity in the air that coincides with a hatching.

Rivala is mere steps behind Tilla as the candidates enter the sands, and the older woman looks as calm as can be as she executes her bow. Well, excepting her odd gait as she tries to avoid keeping either foot on the sands long enough to get overwarm. Rivala takes a deep breath to center herself as she looks around the cavern, taking note of who is where and positioning herself beside Tilla. The younger woman is given a confident smile. "Good luck," she says warmly, eyes dancing with excitement, before transferring her attention to the eggs.

Menea moves onto the sands, following Jeriah. She comes to a stop to bow to both the clutch parents. Then, she slips beside Jeriah, offering a reassuring smile. Then glances at Tilla, smiling to her as well. Nikai gets a look, "Might be…" She notes, shoulders shrugging a bit.

What a Remarkable Age This Is Egg follows suit, trembling on its bed of sand.

Mysarra bows politely to Nemmenth and Umniyath, then moves off towards Rivala, although not approaching the other girl closely. She idly rocks from one foot to the other, carefully eying the eggs.

Tristevan smiles as he bows to the clutch parents and he moves out of the way so that Vesvesris and Tilla can be next to each other. That puts him at the end of the line, but he doesn't care. He gets a good view of the sands from here and he grins as he sees the eggs starts to move. "Here we go." He moves his feet up and down to try to keep them off the very hot sands.

Anvi turns finally on the sand, to make the rehearsed half-arc she'd seen from the stands on countless occasions. She looks over and gestures Tilla closer "Come on over here. You're so jittery that if a dragon goes after you, I'll shove you out of their way, I promise!" her voice lost in the hum of the dragons and likely ineligible to those in the stands.

Memories of Dawn Egg stirs slightly, sand scuttling away, before it goes back to silent stillness.

Jeriah remains near Menea, meanwhile, offering her a reassuring hand if she wanted to.

A'rtomus stands beside Nemmenth, one hand on his bronze's sturdy shoulder as the pair watches the imminently hatching eggs. On occasion, his eyes move over the candidates, smiling silent encouragement.

Tilla shifts back and forth on the sands, a low whining noise deep in her throat as she watches the eggs.

Menea shifts her feet a bit, almost uneasily glancing towards the other candidates. She looks towards Jeriah, "Now we can see of Tholi was right, hm?" She asks then, glancing towards the eggs and watching. "Wonder what one'll crack." She muses to the two candidates beside her. Moving her hand out, she grabs Jeriah's offered hand.

Vesvesris shuffles closer to Tilla, and in the confusion, manages to catch a glimpse of something - moving? Maybe? "Tilla, I'll be right here with you!" she says loudly, to be heard over the hubhub. She glances at the other candidate's much smaller robe, and then stares down at her own briefly, eyes widening. Oh, shards.

Umniyath warbles to those gathering on the sands, drawing her winged curtain away from the eggs. She nods once to the white robed figures then to Lisle before stepping back. The time is for them not her.

Be Like the Bluebird Egg bounces up and down, ala ship at sea, before it glides to a stop once more.

Something Wonderful Egg starts to shiver in its spot on the sands, the slightest of movements before it stops. There is a pause before yet another shiver runs over the egg, this time a bit more active then the first.
This polished and glassy dark egg seems to shimmer in the movement that runs over its surface before once again it pauses.

Be Like the Bluebird Egg rocks gently back and forth upon the sea of Istan sands, a ship bouncing along the waves.

Oh yeah. Tholi is out there too. Puppeteer forgot about her. She stands, nose in the air, watching the other girls with a dark look, as though daring them to go near the eggs before her.

Mysarra sighs, and shifts her position, idly fanning herself as she watches. She glances over at the other candidates, her expression neutral.

Tristevan smiles as he watches the eggs do there thing with the shaking and the rattling, but no rolling yet, maybe that's what they are waiting for. Tristevan in spite of himself starts to stamp out of beat as he lifts his feet. His attention is immediately drawn towards the Something Wonderful Egg. "Oh that's the one that sings, I think." He continues to stamp his feet to try to keep them cool on the griddle hot sands.

Did the Not Quite An Ordinary Egg just shift? It's hard to tell since both sand and shell are black. Wait, there it is again! A slow, methodical rocking motion coupled with an equally methodical tapping, like the rapping of a fist against a door. Thump thump. Looks like the occupant isn't ready to answer that knocking yet, for it steadies a few moments later.

Be Like the Bluebird Egg cracks suddenly, the rocking motion halting and smaller cracks radiate outwards from the main one, cause and effect.

Rivala looks around and then lifts her chin a bit more, subtlety lifting her feet up and setting them down again.

Anvi counts the eggs, finger pointing to each one in turn quietly as she stands on tiptoes to see. "Hmm. All present, so no surprises from behind us. Tilla, remember to breathe. Menea, look! The bluebird one looks like it got into my klah! That dark one is weird… kind of creepy. Ooh, I think that weird one just moved too. Or maybe its' the light? What do you think Tristevan?" asks the klahffinated woman, taking a breath as though to continue her play-by-play narration of the sands' activities.

Something Wonderful Egg remains still for a short time before it starts to move again. Perhaps the keening in the cavern giving it the confidence to come into the world. Those delicate movements are replaced by more violent tappings from within before finally fine cracks shimmer through the glassy surface.

Menea chuckles as she hears Anvi, "It'd be interesting if it had, Anvi." She calls back to the other candidate. She glances at Tilla to check up on her before she returns her gaze towards the eggs, searching them for which one will be the first one to hatch.

Tilla seems to notice what Vesvesris does at the same time, "Umm… Sves? Is that.. my robe?"

Be Like the Bluebird Egg can withstand it no more, and the cracks collapse like an elaborate ruse, the last pieces falling away before they can be snatched back up to save face. And, as the pieces fall, a dark green hatchling is revealed.

Cheerful Through It All Green Hatchling
Jungle green richly covers this green's small form, like lush forest enveloping open land. Coloration fades and darkens haphazardly over her narrow back, light and shadows dancing in circles around her serpentine neck, and feathering her slender sides and limbs. Teal foliage builds up, spreading along the line of her stomach, lining the inside areas of her limbs, and casting a few stray tendrils around to the top of her tail. Broad wings stretch in either direction, paler sails striped by jungle-hued spars, divided by forest green ridges as they make their way evenly down her back, same smooth hue all the way from the top of her head to the tip of her lean tail. Her long narrow muzzle is speckled with lighter hues, like a mist settled over her face, around large, faceted eyes.

Finally the shell of Something Wonderful egg starts to fall away, one small bit of shell at a time before revealing a delicate looking green dragon covered in goo. As she stands there in the broken bits of marble she looks about the cavern and actually takes a step back with wide eyes. That note of fear is seen by her Golden mother behind her who gives a warble of encouragement. Whistle a Happy Tune Green Hatchling replies with a high pitched keen of her own, akin to a human whistle, before righting herself and facing the sea of candidates before her.

Whatever happened to the Not Quite An Ordinary Egg? It's been much too still. Well, not anymore. The hatchling within raps harder against its prison, making the entire egg hop and shake like a Mexican jumping bean for a few moments. Did the shell even crack after all that? Hard to tell. One last shiver of antici … pation, and the ovoid returns to stillness.

Whistle a Happy Tune Green Hatchling
A rather delicate looking green hatchling, from her fine brow ridges to the tip of her long sensuous tail. There is a long line to her neck and she often carries her head up high, giving the delicate form a regalness that is not often seen in green dragons. Her wings have an almost sheer pale green silky membrane covering the spars. The rest of her hide glistens in the light like a dark green satin coating her form. Despite her delicate features there seems to be a strength lying beneath the surface. Her gaze is direct and unwavering.

"Ee, the blue-birdish one is cracking! Do you see it Tilla? " goes Anvi again, eyes wide and darting back and forth so crazily its' a wonder she's not getting dizzy "That little one there is tapping like a drummer… like that rider… drat, forgot his name. He was going to play at the shop! I never did find out when he wanted to do that… “furrowing her brow she continues "Yes, very interesting. I always wanted to see if a dragon can get caffeine-shakes…" hmm… scheming… she folds her hands, one hand on her chin. Then, a green emerges and she perks up "Ooh, a green's come out of the bluebird egg! Wow… what a chaotic-EEk, another" she nudges Tilla "A whole lot at once… be ready to dodge, Tilla! " she moves to put a hand on Tilla's shoulder jokingly, as though going to shove her right over.

Tristevan wows as he sees all the eggs start to move at once or so it seems. He blinks, "Wow look at them all go." He looks over to Anvi and smiles, "I think that being up in the galleries isn't anything like being down on the sands." He sucks in his breath, "Look at that…a beautiful little lady oh look at that, two beautiful ladies. Wow." He stops his stomping as there are dragons on the sands.

Rest time is over. The Not Quite An Ordinary Egg is ready to do the hatch warp again. It's just a jump to the left… The laquered black shell splits, revealing a hint of hide. And then a roll to the right… With a celophane like crackling sound, the egg falls apart, setting free the dragonette held in its grip for so long. Red eyed and hungry, I'm Just a Sweet Bronze Hatchling makes no bones of moving forward in search of his meal and his mate. Let's hope roast candidate is not on this one's menu.

I'm Just a Sweet Bronze Hatchling
If coloring were the only genetic factor that determined gender in a dragon, this one would be a bit…bisexual? Shimmering in the light, golden tones and bronzen hues intertwine, neither one quite overpowering the other as they both share equal time on this hide. Only the heft and scale of the body beneath that hide point more certainly towards masculine, muscles flexing and rippling over that sizable bone structure like those of some long forgotten Greek god. And then there are his wings. There's no question those wing spars are a deep, dark bronze, the shade of any hard-core sunbather's perfect tan. Stripes of that same glorious hue criss-cross his torso and back like the laces of a corset until reaching his haunches where it becomes a faint, pencil thin crosshatching over hind legs and tail. With sharp, ivory talons to finish off his hands and feet, this androgynous picture is complete.

Jeriah seems a little overwhelmed, standing near Meana as she nudges "Wow… beautiful ladies. " she eyes Tholi, who sniffs and folds her arms, sandal tapping on the sand impatiently, eyes only on one egg, the presumed Gold egg expectantly. She moves back a step though, glaring at the greens as though daring them to go near her.

Vesvesris's eyes lift from her robe to Tilla's face, and she nods, slowly. "Shards, Tilla! Somehow, I ended up with /your/ robe — and that thing you have on — that's /mine/!" Oh, dear. The cracking of eggs and emergence of hatchlings elicits another gasp. "Tilla, look! Here they come!" As she leans forward to point - the robe slips, and she hastily yanks it back toward her.

Cheerful Through It All Green Hatchling falls out of the shell, looking shocked as she finds herself in a totally new situation, crooning loudly as she sits there. But yet, the crooning does nothing to alter her predicament, and so she pushes herself onto her feet, wings covered with sand, and croon starts to stalk towards the candidates. Make the best of the situation, no?

Tilla shushes Anvi with the most absurd look on her face, "Two greens!" She nearly breaks Rivala's and Vesvesris' hands. "Save me!"

Menea watches the two eggs split and her nose wrinkles a bit. "Looks like we were wrong, Tilla." She calls, shifting herself to watch the greens closely and avoid them once they come close. She shifts on her feet a bit. "They are. And look at that bronze." She notes, keeping her eyes forward.

Nikai watches the green hatchlings shed their eggs and nods. "Nice ones, both of them. And the bronze… Now there's a nice flow of color."

Tristevan blinks as there is a flash of metallic out of the egg and he looks over towards the Not Quite an Ordinary Egg hatches and Tristevan jumps up and down a little bit, "A bronze…look at that!" He looks over at Anvi, "Do you see the bronze?" He tries to look at all three dragons at once.

Laughing a little at Tilla, Anvi drops her hands and then looks expectantly at Tristevan "Tristevan! I told you!" she calls over to him over the noise of the sands "Well, I think its' a bronze. Maybe its' a gold? " squint goes the Anvi, knees knocking visibly to vibrate the robe with excitement. "Is it bronze?? Move forwards Tristevan - only boys can have bronzes!"

Whistle a Happy Tune Green Hatchling 'whistles' a bit more, seeming to gain confidence from her odd keening before she steps away from her shell and approaches the candidates finally. She raises her head up high as she pauses in front of a small group of candidates, whistling once again, before letting it die off as her eyes settle on one particular candidate. A young lordling from a hold. It is only then that she lowers her head to look at the young man closely. There is a blink of surprise before he answers, "Of course Annath, we can find you a house of your own to rest and we shall go eat together, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera." And off the sands walks M'kut and Annath.

Mysarra rocks from foot to foot, shifting position again. She eyes the bronze, pushing a strand of damp hair from a sweaty brow, then turns to watch the greens, smiling slightly as the first one chooses.

Rivala gasps with delight as the first eggs are demolished and their occupants enter the world. A sigh escapes her as she watches the greens and she shakes her head, smiling. "I wonder who that one will take to?" she wonders aloud, pausing in her moving of feet to take a good look at the candidates arrayed around the eggs. "At least there is a decent group to choose from," she adds before shuffling her feet about again. A sideways glance toward the wandering dragon and a hopeful look at the eggs, and she waits to see what will happen next.

B'relle waves the new weyrling pair over and helps them off the sands to her assistants who help with the first feeding.

Jeriah applauds a little as the young holder got the bronze and looks to Menea "Feeling better? Its not all bad." she reassures, moving closer, almost in her own worry, or mayhaps for reassurance.

With a triumphant cry the Whistle a Happy Tune Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Cheerful Through It All Green Hatchling continues to make her way towards the candidates, though as she nears, she flops down on the sand, crooning, looking hopefully at the candidates, as if they may come closer. Yet, it has no real effect, and so she gets herself back up, more sandy then before, and sticks her muzzle in the face of a young male, before snorting in mild displeasure and moving on. Not quite right.

I'm Just a Sweet Bronze Hatchling struts from candidate to candidate, proud and assertive as he checks them for freshness. Sniff sniff. No. Sniff sniff. Nuh uh. Sniff sniff. One by one, the androgynous hatchling eliminates the white-robed hopefuls until one particular dark-haired, quiet boy halts him in his tracks. Baraden blinks in surprise as the too-shiny bronze bugles in brazen excitement and bumps him hard, claiming him as his. "He says he's Frankenth!" the newly impressed B'rad cries out, no longer so soft spoken as his face cracks in a wide, bewildered smile. "He says he needs meat! Lots of meat!"

Beautiful Morning Egg wriggles and spins in place a bit. IT rests a moment then wobbles some. Someone wants out.

With a triumphant cry the I'm Just a Sweet Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Tristevan nods a little bit to Anvi, 'Good idea. That way the girls won't get hurt." He looks over at Nikai, "Come on Nikai, let's see who it's going to pick." He holds his breath as he takes a couple step forwards away from the girls. "Come on little bronze." He smiles as he sees the green pair make the first impression and then the bronze makes his impress, "Seems like we are out of this time Nikai." He steps back to his place in line.

B'relle waves the new weyrling pair over and helps them off the sands to her assistants who help with the first feeding.

Rivala didn't happen to be looking toward Brad when the bronze approached him, but the excitement from that direction quickly attracts her attention. A grin appears on her lips and she nods, murmuring to herself, "Good for him. Weyrlinghood will certainly be interesting."

The Masking a Secret Egg laid still for such a long time, motionless and rather listless. So listless, even the subtle twitch couldn't be detected. This is remedied by a sudden jolt to one side, a jerk and then nothing. No actions soon after. This will come later…..

Menea beams at the new pair and gives Jeriah's hand a squeeze. "I'm feeling fine, been fine for a bit." She notes, glancing at the next new pair. "Oh, a nice pair with that one… How are you doing, Jeriah? Not too nervous are you?" She asks, casting a quick glance at the other candidate. And, she shifts her attention back towards the eggs.

Anvi looks dismayed as the bronze impresses to someone else. And then she looks at Tristevan "Don’t worry! I know you'll get one yet! I've marks riding on it!" she declares a little, then back to the eggs, recounting them. Eyes dart from the one green to the other twitching eggs again, before turning to look and make sure Tilla was still breathing.

Forbidden Island Egg rumbles ominously. Are the Gods angry? Did the natives forget an important ceremony? Or did an unbeliever trespass where they were not to be?

Vesvesris can't really see the eggs from where she's standing near Tilla too well, but the shouts of congratulations and joyous cries are enough to tell her that yes, some of the hatchlings have already Impressed. "Tilla, look at them!" she grins, expression turning into a sharp wince as the other clamps down on her hand. Oww.

Jeriah smiles at Menea "A little nervous, and excited. How can one not be? Look out, that green looks to be nearing us!" she notes

Anvi wows, eyeing Forbidden Island "That one sounds Ominous… ominous? Dangerous!" she concludes, uncertain of the proper word as she hops from foot to foot, then stops, standing perfectly still. Then back to the eggs once more, when finally focusing on the green still unimpressed.

Tristevan smiles, "I'm not worried. It's not like I have any control over it. Why worry about what you can't control?" He starts to lift his feet again in a rhythm. "Come on let's watch out for the hatching eggs, there is still a green out there."

Cheerful Through It All Green Hatchling takes advantage of a distracted, dark haired young woman who's paying more attention to the others then the hatchling, sticking her muzzle at her abdomen, crooning a happy sound as she does so. Pay attention to me?

Tholi moves another step back from the dragons, dismissing them all, eyes still stuck on the remaining eggs expectantly, confidence and arrogance in her face.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Cheerful Through It All Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Tilla might be breathing, it's hard to tell since she's all read and puff-cheeked and bulged-eyed anyways. She lets it out with a gasp and shakes her head furiously, "This is scary!"

Forbidden Island Egg rumbles once more, sure enough someone or something is SO not happy. An ominous ca-rack and there is a crack right across the island. Is slowly widens.

Beautiful Morning Egg spins again as the Someone kicks ever more enthusiastically. A few more kicks from within and cracks start appearing all over the shell.

Menea nods, laughing a bit. "Excited here." She notes, peeking over towards the green to keep a strong watch on her. "How are you holding up, Nikai?" She asks, then, the green has found hers. "Oh, who was
that one to?"

Forbidden Island Egg splits asunder. The fury of the one it contained has reduced it to a ring of shard and dust. Its occupant on the sands.

Dancing Island Blue Hatchling
A bright, medium turquoise flows from an extremely angular muzzle, back over headknobs and deceivingly slender neck. Similarly hued shoulders and torso slide into a lighter hue of the same rich turquoise along his belly. The slender build continues through his hips, and to his tail - which resembles a closely coiled teal whip, ready to whip outwards at a moment's notice. A tropical light reflecting off his hide reveals a contrasting pattern, dark turquoise, like yarn left to loop over and over again. When his wings are extended, the pale turquoise sails are radical in their cut, leaving doubt as to their usefulness, while dark spars crisscross them. Headknobs are a pair blue, a coloring that is mimicked on the ridges down his back, while the talons at the end of each limb are a near ebony turquoise.

As impressions are made, Mysarra takes note quietly. Unconsciously, she dusts off her robes, smoothing the heavily starched fabric out, until her eye is drawn by the newest hatchling, a handsome blue.

Nikai nods as he watches the pairs move off the sands. He looks over to Menea with a grin. "Coasting. Some good looking ones in this group."

Hop, hop, hop -… no hop. What happened? As a green gooey thing steps up to her, Anvi stops moving, utterly, one foot still in the air. It’s like someone hit pause or something. Blink. She looks down. Blink again. Her finger curls in and she crouches, encircling the thin, ungainly neck "A VERY good day! Yes, let's eat! Lots and lots to eat! Herdbeast, Wherry, pastries, klah candy…" she begins, listing off all the things that she supposes a dragonling can eat, standing and carefully holding one wing, to help the stumbling thing along, looking somewhat pale a this. She's going to have to rearrange her ENTIRE schedule now! Alas!

Menea releases a soft oh at the blue, "See that blue, Jeriah? That one's lovely. I thought that egg would be blue." Anvi speaking gets a glance and she grins. "Congrats Anvi!" She calls, "She's a /lovely/ green."

Dancing Island Blue Hatchling sits there a moment then shakes goo everywhere. Then he gazes out over the sands. Slowly he moves out searching among the white robed candidates on the sands

Once again, the motions are brought to the surface of the Masking a Secret Egg. It is no longer a secret that the darkness of the egg is giving way to the life within. The need to open is urgent as a strong rocking motion is adopted by the oval - a virtual seesawing action. Rock, rock, rock. Yet another jolt and a rather loud deafening *CRACK* splits raven canvas open. Light! Light! Then a pause ensues. It isn't easy a task. An egg is a hard thing to break.

Vesvesris awkwardly pats Tilla on the shoulder. "Breathe!" she says excitedly, gesturing toward the newest arrivals on the sands. "Isn't he a lovely blue?" Anvi's Impression causes her eyes to widen, and the girl smiles widely. "Look, Tilla! Anvi! Anvi Impressed!"

Tristevan grins, "Wow go Anvi! I knew you would impress. Now you have a partner!" He spots the blue on the sands, "See you later Anvi." He grins as he looks over to the blue dragon, "Well now all we need is a gold and a brown and we've got a full house." He looks over to Anvi, "Congratulations again Anvi, "What's her name?"

Tilla lets out a wild whoop as Anvi impresses, and then bursts out laughing, "Oh dear, she's going to raise that dragon on Klah."

Beautiful Morning Egg rests for a moment, it has been sorely abused by its occupant but that is ok. There is a sudden flurry of movement and the egg is in pieces surrounding it's former occupant.

Cappuccino Brown Hatchling
His hide is the darkest brown, that of coffee. Strong coffee. Light dances across his hide causing it to shimmer. His head is the classic wedge, his neck sturdy. Shoulders flare out from the neck into a thick torso and slender hips. His tail lies snaked to one side. The ridges that run along his spine are a creamy brown. Wings open revealing sails that are wide and flaring. Their color is a warm rich brown. Black-brown talons tip his paws.

B'relle walks on the sands a little and assists Anvi and the green Narath over to her assistants, so she can get the poor dragonet some food.

Nikai waves to Anvi as she tells her new lifemate about the feast that awaits. "All right, Anvi. Gorgeous girl you got there."

Jeriah smiles broadly, "Well done Anvi!" Then she hrms, murmuring to Menea. "Oh aye, isn't he handsome." She nods

Masking a Secret Egg is still split, the fissure soon widens in the next motion, claws coming out quickly to push at the shell. Eventually the shell fails completely, exposing the hatchling within to the stage that is Pern.

Menea laughs a bit and keeps her attention on the eggs, listening for Jeriah as well. "Oh, what a lovely brown." She notes, glancing at Jeriah and beaming a smile. "He is." Shifting, she peeks back towards the eggs. "Wonder what'll hatch next. What do you think of that brown, Nikai?"

Elusive Shadow of the Sands Brown Hatchling
The creamy richness of molten dark chocolate smothers the smooth expanse of this dragon's hide. His coloration lacks uniformity; the hue of the liquid 'gold' visibly lightening as it spreads upwards, a multitude of wavelets, dancing along the points of this handsome male's form. Finely formed headknobs are tinted by warm toffee shades while eyeridges are delicately enlightened with bronze flames, contrasting the darkened cocoa hues present along the rest of his smooth head. A sudden splash of paler, milky brown drips over a tapered muzzle, blending away into the darkness. Glimmering toffee highlights emphasize his lean and muscular form, melting down his limbs to near black talons, while the same pale hue brushes like carefully laid decoration along his underside. Wings are a chocolate caramel, sails sturdy and braced with dark spars, coloration darkening near his body. Luscious milk cocoa spills a sweet flow along his spine, covering the ridges along his back, silkily pooling at the tip of his lean tail.

Cappuccino Brown Hatchling doesn't take too long to move from his egg, after a surprised rumble he's on his way. Examining the white wring, he then approaches a young lady that is standing off by herself. No rhyme or reason to his choice he just knows that SHE is the one. Marina is not paying much attention to the brown as he approaches. She's a bit of a loner watching the other's as they stand on the sands watching and waiting. Suddenly he is there in front of the dark blonde woman, pushing his muzzle in her stomach. "Chakbarath! You'll never be alone either!" Embracing the brown neck, the one now Mina looks around to find him food.

With a triumphant cry the Cappuccino Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Tristevan smiles, "Well there is a brown, now we just need a gold is there is once. Oh look two browns." He grins, "And there is an impression…that makes what 6 or 7?"

Tilla actually sees the brown Impress, and shifts, looking all the more nervous now than before.

Dancing Island Blue Hatchling moves along, minding his own business. He pauses looks over the candidate in front of him, *sniff* *ponder*, nope not right. He moves further down the line, looking….

Mysarra simply watches, stepping backwards once, then doing what would almost be unthinkable for her, and wiping her forehead on her sleeve.

Rivala watches the blue curiously, glancing over at Tilla, "It's okay."

Elusive Shadow of the Sands Brown Hatchling shivers despite the heat of the sands, almost as if he feels a chill wind upon him. Not exactly a brave soul starting out, he ducks his head beneath one eggwet wing, bugling his distress. Madness! Horror! The white things! I must hide from them!!! But a gentle croon from his golden mother comforts him enough to peak out again…a little.

Tristevan watches the blue move down the line and smiles, "Who do you think the blue is going to try to get?" He asks as he watches the male dragon move down the line of candidate. "Aw look at the brown it's scared of us." He cups his hands, "It's okay little brown dragon, we only want to feed you."

Menea grins at the brown pair as well, giving Jeriah's hand a gentle squeeze before gently pulling her hand away from the other's. "Look, that blue is still wandering." She notes, a glance over at Tilla to check up on her. The brown left gets an odd look, her brow raising just a bit. "My, he's certainly interesting." She notes, laughing a bit.

Vesvesris giggles right along with Tilla. "I think you're right, actually. Either that, or she'll have that one out there helping her to harvest it, long after it's all over with!" As a brown Impresses, she clings more tightly to her friend's arm, glancing over at her to see how she's holding up. The other brown's bugle elicits a small cringe, and the girl instinctively tries to cover her ears - and fails, miserably, as her robe slides alarmingly downwards. She manages to save it in the nick of time, face coloring a little. Hopefully, no one saw that.

Nikai nudges some of his nearby candidates. He points to the Elusive Shadow hatchling. "Poor brown! Don't think he realizes we're just as nervous as he is."

Tilla looks like she's about to dive for cover as the dragonling makes such an alarming noise. Only Ves' grip on her arm and Rivala's comforting hand keep her from streaking off the Sands.

Dancing Island Blue Hatchling pauses again, his head perks up. *There you are* his body language seems to say as he bounds the rest of the way to the one that is for him. His partner.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dancing Island Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ista's got your egg right here, it's name is Oldest Established and there's a dragon queen whose sure that it must hatch. Must hatch, must hatch, this queen thinks the egg must hatch. So it rocks a little in its bed of sand, the creature within testing the shell's tenacity with its own. Sure, it can hatch now, but the baby within doesn't seem to be in any real hurry. Slowly it settles back down.

Elusive Shadow of the Sands Brown Hatchling does begin to move now, once a gentle nudge from Umniyath sets him on his path. And so he makes his way, still hiding half his face behind one wing, to a group of candidates. Sniff sniff. You mean /this/ is what I have to work with? Can't I just go back into my safe egg? It was so beautiful in there. Like a dream. A masquerade. Sadly, he knows dreams must be woken from, just like masquerades must end, and so he steps back. On to another group.

T'ev stops his stomping as the blue stops before him and there is just the briefest of moments before T'ev throws his arms around the blue's muzzle, "Ruanath! You love to drum and so do I…oh right food…yes you don't have to say please." He grins as he feels the love of the dragon as he moves off to the sidelines.

B'relle steps on the sands and gently assists Ruanath and Tristevan, now T’ev, off of the sands and in the direction of the yummy food.

Elusive Shadow of the Sands Brown Hatchling steps slowly, inexorably to a new grouping. With his face still partially covered, the brown stares with one whirling eye at the gathered candidates. A quick sniff. More of the same!!! Useless!!! Crealing his anger and frustration, he turns away again, his front claws digging up great handfuls of the black sand and tossing it about furiously. Why? Why can't I find what I need?!? But wait…a sound from across the way. Dulcet tones? He turns, one eye widening. That…auburn haired beauty! That pale goddess! Yes! YES!!! Leaping forward, he charges to the girl of his dreams, finally letting his wing fall from his muzzle to gaze with both eyes in wonder and pleasure.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Elusive Shadow of the Sands Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Menea shifts her attention once more, between the eggs and the blue. "Oh, wow." She says, grinning. "Look at that…" She notes, glancing at Jeriah. A glance back towards the brown and she watches it for a moment. "I hope it finds the one he's looking for soon…" She trails, "Oh! He did." She exclaims and then quickly shifts her attention to the eggs.

Eyesight to the Blind Egg's shell seems to hiss and smoke, a noxious perfumy smell drifts about for a moment then dissipate.

What's in the daily news? Ista's black sands will tell you what's in the daily news. The Oldest Established Egg is rocking again, more energetically now. Maybe the heat rising from below is becoming uncomfortable. Or maybe it simply wants to join the other hatchlings in finding a lifemate. A spider web of cracks spread over the colorful shell just as it settles once again. It's decided to wait for one more song before emerging.

Nikai compliments the other candidates as they move away in their new pairings. "Good job to all." His eyes scan the remaining eggs and candidates. "Wow. Still some more to go, ya?"

The hull of What a Remarkable Age This Is Egg begins to shudder violently as pressure from within becomes unbearable.

Mysarra takes a breath as she watches, eyes riveted on What A Remarkable Age This Is Egg as it suddenly starts to rock. She starts to move forward, but hesitates, waiting to see what happens.

Where's the action? Where's the game? The Oldest Established Egg is now ready to answer that. The game has been in this shell all along. From complete stillness, the ovoid suddenly leaps into action, rocking and reeling until the cracks on its surface become fissures. Fissures then become gaping holes and gaping holes become nothing at all. Luck Be a Lady Gold Hatchling rolls out of the remnants and to its feet like a weighted dice from the hand of an expert crapshooter.

Vesvesris tightens her grip reassuringly. "It'll be okay, Tilla, " she manages to get out, turning to give the other girl a tremulous smile. "He's just - not happy about being dumped onto the sands like that, I think." Her brow contracts, slightly, as the dragon persists in keeping half of his face hidden - how curious! "Tilla, why d'you think he's … " There's a pause as her voice trails off. "Hiding, " she murmurs, dark eyes widening as she drops Tilla's arm, moving toward the equally rapturous hatchling. "You … you could, " she breathes, reaching up to tenderly touch the brown's face. "Oh, Odeleth, I'll do all I can, " she whispers, eyes suspiciously bright. "Food. Yes. Somewhere - this way, I think."

Luck Be a Lady Gold Hatchling
Some women are born beautiful, take this lucky lady for example. Broad faced with wide eyes and highly arched brow ridges, this dragon's expression has an air of the feline, haughty, sweet or disinterested as her mood dictates. Over her delicate frame lays a hide of rich, dark gold, the color of honey in a jar, mottled here and there with swirls and fingers of amber and orangy russet delving into bronze range. This mixture of hues is particularly intense over her chiseled muzzle and graceful neck, so intense that it seems as if the areas had been set alight with golden flames, only to be tamped into coals of deep, molten bronze at the expanse of her shoulders. Rising from those shoulders are tawny ailerons supporting wingsails that look like a patchwork quilt of orange-gold, copper bronze and dark brown, each tint feathering only slightly into the next with little real blending in between. These splotches lighten considerably to spread all across her back and down her muscular haunches in a faint calico pattern, ending in a series of barely visible rings around her tail with a final tip of mahogany at its tailspade. Talons of antique ivory add the perfect finishing touch to this exquisite queen.

Tilla yelps in alarm as there's suddenly a big brown blur flying at her friend. She practically throws herself into Rivala's arms. "GAAH! Not you too!!"

B'relle hurries back on to the sands to assist Odeleth and Vesvesris off towards the food as well.

Rivala squeaks as she sees the flash of gold on the sands, blinking to clear her eyes of sweat. "Oh!" she breathes, nudging Tilla and pointing. "Look, a gold!" Her tone is a mixture of delight and hope, but she doesn't say anything more, simply watching the gold for a few moments. Then she's back to watching the sands as a whole, glancing here and there to see where different dragons are headed.

Jeriah nods, as Menea lets go her hand, she takes a closer interest in what's going on over there with her. She misses the Oldest Established eggy moving at all, distracted by the creel of a blue, and then a brown dragon. She beams another smile and dips a curtsey to Ruanath and his T'ev, nodding at the pairing. "A good match there. Ach-ai, they're going so fast now!"

Horrific pops are heard as fissures begin to spider out from the weakest points of What a Remarkable Age This Is Egg's hull.

Mysarra is still watching the egg, only to be startled by the sudden appearance of the gold hatchling elsewhere on the sands, turning her attention towards it. She gasps. "Oh…

Menea ohs and waves towards Vesvesris, "Congrats Ves!" She calls, beaming a smile and then quieting as she notices the gold. "Shells, Tholi was right Jeriah." She notes, shifting herself a bit. "Wonder who she'll go to." She notes, shifting her feet and then watching the rest of the eggs.

Nikai says "There's our beauty of a-" but is cut off by Vesvesris being impressed not far away. "Congrats, Vesvesris!" He smiled and watches the two depart."

Tilla watches Vesvesris and the brown leave the Sands with a little look, "I knew she'd Impress." She says glumly to Rivala. She shuffles closer to Jeriah and Menea now, eyeing the gold. "Gah, look at Tholi out there, she's going to mow the poor thing down."

Luck Be a Lady Gold Hatchling takes a moment to shake off the goo from her egg, using her muzzle to wipe off any particularly sticky bits before having a look at those in the cavern. Hmm. How very interesting. Who will she bring luck to tonight. She stands there for a time just watching before she lowers down and starts stalking toward the line like a wild feline through the grasses of the plains. Even at this age her movements are graceful.

Eyesight to the Blind Egg's contents spill forth on to the sand revealing the most sultry of greens perhaps ever seen on the sands.

Jeriah hrms again, and turns to see the young queenling. "Oh my stars and garters…..Have you ever seen anything so regal in all your turns?" Even with her eyes still wide she drifts her gaze to the Bitran girl, out in front of them all. "Tholi!" she hisses. "Step back, please. She's on the move now!

The Acid Queen Hatchling
Elth's snout, as is the rest of her is an acidic green, solidly in colour until the colour seems to fade to a lighter shade that nearly seems imperceptible in tone from the rest of her. The lines of her snout break out elegantly to draw a harmonious balance along the line of her jaw. Eyes are set proportionately apart and luxurious eye ridges, what structure they have to them while symmetrical headknobs spring out from her head in a most handsome manner. The acidic green colour marbles along opulent neck which then spreads out amidst the torso. Long, resplendent wings flow out from her body ever so neatly. The hide that flows over the spars is a deep emerald green that breaks in to pellucid sails of a more gentler nature of sea foam green. Fore and hind limbs ooze from her body libidinously, ending in deep black nails (or claws if you like). Then gracefully extruding out from her hind quarters as the very provocative tale that seems to demand a lot of attention.

Alicia grins as she watches to goldling move along the sands.

Menea glances at Tilla, wrinkling her nose. "Poor thing indeed…" She trails, shifting her arms behind her back idly and shifting her feet. "Tilla, which one do you think'll hatch next?" Can't hurt to ask, the candidate rolls her shoulders a bit and starts preparing to be out of the way. As Jeriah snaps at Tholi, she takes a step away from the other candidate.

The Acid Queen Hatchling is green! and immediately sets herself up to look for her destiny upon exiting from her shell. The cyprian green struts out to find congress. Past Quenaill, with a haughty snort (much too small), and past Riyanalt with scoffing glare (way too small), for a moment though she seems to focus on Nikai and his sleek boyish figure, like a piece of meat. Her nose inches towards the candidate's crotch but then something draws her away as if the thing had hissed at her like some tunnel snake… The wanton dragon kicks a bit of sand at the candidate then promptly bounces over to a young girl, Thommi, who at the moment just gawks at the green until she says, "Her name is Elth!" Off the pair go, each with a sway in their hips.

What a Remarkable Age This Is Egg's contents lament over the loss of its hull. But I can breath! I am Free! A deep gulp of air is taken. Let the rescue commence.

Board the Life Rafts Hatchling
Draped in flawless blue hide, Winsleth seems the epitome of his ilk. Regal snout is overseen by a pair of energetic eyes with strong masculine eye ridges. Two strong headknobs rise from his head in the most graceful of ways. Long stalwart neck flows like the fine lines of a well bread runner. Even his torso seems proportionate for his size. Limbs, strong and stout support his nearly hefty frame. Wings look strong and ready for anything. His tail flows with equal lines and tapers off to a nice rounded end.

Memories of Dawn Egg has lain still, like a piece of forgotten refuse, but now it stirs as if a gentle wind is blowing away the old, ready to bring in the new.

Tilla tilts her head, the question releaving some nervousness, "That one that just hatched." She replies with a little giggle, pointing to the Remarkable Egg. "And they said it wouldn't hatch, too."

Mysarra's attention is completely drawn towards the gold, the newly hatched green hardly noticed, the comments from other candidates not acknowledged. She simply watches, unconsciously rocking from foot to
foot now.

Nikai stands very still at the Acid Queen's sniffing, but chuckles as she moves away. "That's the closest inspection I've gotten outside the infirmary," he chuckles as he watches the green head for Thommi.

Luck Be a Lady Gold Hatchling comes finally to a smaller group of candidates. Her head cants slightly as she looks each one over. She sniffs one of the men and steps back with a hiss and grumble before she moves along the line to the next one, this time a girl. Oddly she gives the same reaction. These just are not for her! They can get their luck somewhere else.

Menea releases a soft oh and both the green and blue hatchlings. Though, the green is quickly gone and the blue is left. "A lovely blue." She notes, shifting herself a bit. "I hope that one hatches soon." She notes, pointing towards the Stages Sunrise egg. She shifts herself back a bit, just incase an hatchling decides to come close.

Board the Life Rafts Hatchling , after breaking the shell, shakes off the rest of his shell and waddles about like some lumbering blue hulk until he happens upon a nice young man who seems to keep watch on him. For one timeless moment, they stare at each other as if love struck. And finally "Winsleth!" Proclaims the lad, and the pair march off the sands.

Memories of Dawn Egg starts to shudder, small cracks spreading across the shell, as new life attempts to take over the dull area.

Tilla watches the Gold, ready to step back should the hissy little thing get a little more huffy.

With a triumphant cry the Board the Life Rafts Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Jeriah flushes a brilliant red due to the heat, she sucks in a deep break, though it does nothing to cool her. One eye is proverbially on the queenling, the other on the ever so stubborn, desperate, delusional Tholi. Since the girl didn't, of course listen, Jeriah moves up a few feet closer to the girl, ready and quite willing to moving the girl out of the way of the Lucky Lady, if need be. And knowing Tholi, that's a sure bet.

Memories of Dawn Egg is now a memory of its own, as the rust colored shell falls to the sands, a result of a final lively jerk splitting it in two. Yet, with its demise, there is a new beginning, and a large, dark blue hatchlings sits amongst the pieces.

Ushering in the Dawn Blue Hatchling
Midnight blue enshrouds his massive form, the dark hues of the night sky sweeping from one large wingsail, across his arched back, to the other - wing spars like dark clouds obscuring the sky's true color. Depth is lost as hues tumble down, over wide haunches, around his tail, and brushing over his muscled limbs, seamlessly meeting ebony talons. His belly lightens, a slight hint of pale blue-violet sliding from beneath his triangular head, along serpentine neck, to the tip of his tail, like dawn breaking on the horizon. The ridges that run opposite his pale stripe blend in with the rest of his dark body, like a distant goal just out of sight, between prominent headknobs.

Nikai eyes the midnight blue. "Now, there's a sky I could surf under."

The Halfway Through The Wood Egg tilts, first right, then left, rocking once in its bed of sand. Is it time? I wish…more than anything… But alas, the wish isn't ready to be fulfilled. Yet. Maybe next verse.

Menea watches Jeriah and Tholi, raising both her brows and continues to slink away from the two and a step back as well. She does release a soft oh, "What a lovely blue." She says, beaming a smile over towards Nikai. Her attention goes back towards the eggs, her gaze shifting between the blue and the eggs.

Rivala shakes her head at Tholi, "She's going to get herself killed." She murmurs to Tilla.

Luck Be a Lady Gold Hatchling moves along the line a bit more, rejecting several more candidates in the same manner before she stands in front of one. She sniffs the candidate then bobs her head and settles to sit in front of the pale headed candidate. This one definitely seems right. No hissing or growling her and she lowers her gaze to look into the woman's eyes.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Luck Be a Lady Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ushering in the Dawn Blue Hatchling creels loudly as he is dropped upon the sands, singing a sad song to all who will listen. Yet, the song has to come to an end, and so he gets slowly to his feet, padding towards the white-clad candidates.

All of a sudden Staged Sunrise starts to wobble in its hollow on the sands. A movement so violent it tips over on its side and rolls a bit of a ways before stopping. The wobbling stops for but a moment before the jerky movement causes it to roll some more on its side before it settles against another unhatched egg.

Rivala watches the gold Impress, stepping away with Tilla in tow.

Jeriah stops mid step and turns, facing the Luck Be a Lady Hatchling. "Yes. Though I could use more of a drink than a bite….but you're right well starving, my Teloriith." She turns to the Bitran girl, "Learn from this, you cannot fix all of the odds, all of the time." And with that she moves to be instep with her new lifemate.

Nikai watches the last two eggs patiently. He shifts his feet now, the sand finally getting too warm even for him.

We may have fallen over, but the show must go and on it goes as another violent shake causes cracks to start to form over the shells surface. The cracks start slowly before it finally encompasses the entire egg as it shakes and shimmers on the ground.

Menea looks over towards the gold as she impresses and then, relaxes a bit. She does shift herself along the sand into some other spot. The other hatchlings get her attention and she watches them carefully.

B'relle hurries back on to the sands to assist Teloriith and Jeriah off towards the food as well.

Mysarra can't help shaking her head either, although she doesn't say anything. Instead, she simply continues to watch the gold as she makes her choice, going to Jeriah. She sighs, and turns back to the other eggs.

For the second time the Halfway Through The Wood Egg shifts, rocking forcefully enough to deepen the indentation around it. I WISH…more than ANYTHING…More than LIFE! Of course you know what they say about wishes. Think about horses and beggars and riding. But that's another story, never mind, anyway. Not yet. The egg comes back to rest. Next verse coming soon.

Ushering in the Dawn Blue Hatchling continues slinking towards the candidates, pale stomach close to the ground as he goes, crooning now and then as he goes. Tail flicking back and forth, he pauses at Menea, looking up at her with a croon, before snorting and going on. And then he's pausing staring at a clinging pair.

Finally the shards of the Staged Sunset Egg crumple away leaving a gooey sticky dragon. A pale blue hatchling steps out of the shell and promptly trips over his overly long damp wings, doing a tumble before righting himself with a shake of his head. He looks around himself with blinking eyes and what looks like a grin on his face before trying for another step, where he unceremoniously trips over his other wing.

Make Them Laugh Blue Hatchling
This blue hatchling has a cuteness that could only be referred as comical. His hide is a pale sky blue from browline to the tip of his tail with a dark blue bowl of colour about the top of his head. His eye ridges are rather large for his face, as well as his dark whirling orbs. His prominent cheekbones makes it look like he is always smiling. His wing spars are overly large for his small frame, which will no doubt trip him up on occasion. While his features sometimes run to the oversized his tail may be considered stubby for his species.

THWOCK! Whatever is inside the Halfway Through The Wood Egg has had enough. It's the last rocking. It's the last verse. It wants out. Now. I WISH…more than ANYTHING…More than LIFE! The eggs must hatch on the sands today!! I wish to hatch on the sands today!!! And now the creature gets its wish. Another loud THWOCK from within and the shell cracks, several seams developing on its dark surface. One more THWOCK and the seams push apart, setting the young green dragon free to wander as it longed to. But not yet. For the moment she'll sit in contemplation of the chaos around her, eyes whirling fiercely red as she glares at the gathered candidates.

Wood Witch Which Would Bewitch Green Hatchling
The woods have eyes. Multifaceted eyes. This green's hide, from the hooked curve of her muzzle to the tip of her long tail, is a deep, vibrant, hunter green the color of fresh pine needles in a primeval forest. An even darker green, almost black, settles over wide, heavy browridges, imparting to the expression beneath a brooding quality while a light blue, silvery hue outlines the thickness of both headknobs like shafts of moonlight. More silvery blue moonlight dapples over the length of her neck, down to a pair of massive shoulders, so weighty with muscle as to make her seem hunch-backed. And upon that sizable expanse are a pair of enormous wings, sturdy ailerons the yellow green of budding leaves, holding firm against the tumultuous skyscraper of swirling, storm green mist and lightning flashes that are actually wingsails. The tempest continues to swirl and eddy about her blunt spine ridges, finally dispersing like the memory of a nightmare as the vapor reaches her sinewy haunches. Or does it, for her talons are as dark and thunderous as the promise of a violent squall and sharper than the most cutting wind gust.

Rivala watches the blue head down the line and presses her lips together, taking a step back.

Menea blinks as the blue croons at her and then snorts. She laughs a bit and then keeps herself still, looking to the next blue and grinning. "Those are some nice blues." She states, glancing over at the rest of the candidates, offering smiles to them all. And, the green hatches then. "Oh, a lovely green, too."

Make Them Laugh Blue Hatching manages to right itself yet again before looking over the candidates arrayed before it. After two tumbles he settles on inspecting them from a distance. With his oversized brow ridges and silly 'grin' it would be hard not to get a smile on your face as he looks at you.

Ushering in the Dawn Blue Hatchling looks from one to the other in the pair, and then as one steps back, he follows her, keeping her from getting away. And then he gives her a nudge to keep her attention, sitting down on the sands and curling his tail around him side.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Ushering in the Dawn Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Finally Make Them Laugh Blue Hatchling spots a group that draws his attention and he takes one step. Two steps. Three…well almost. Again he tumbles forward tripping on one of his oversized wings before landing on his rump before a serious man from minecraft. One that until now has kept a straight face. His eyes blink before his frown readjusts itself to a goofy grin, Of course Cosmoth you can make me laugh anytime and food? Let us go find you some. And so walks Don and Cosmoth off the sands.

Nikai watches the clumsy blue trip over his own two wings with a smile. He looks over to see the other blue impress and nods, then turns his attention to the newly arrived green.

With a triumphant cry the Make them Laugh Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Rivala wasn't paying all that much attention to the blue dragon that came toward her aside from keeping out of it's way, at least not at first. But she ended up paying quite a bit of attention to him. "Iolath?" she breaths, staring at the dragon in wonder. "We wear white because they tell us to." She pauses and takes a deep breath as tears of joy trickle down her cheeks before nodding firmly. "Okay, let's get you fed?"

Wood Witch Which Would Bewitch Green Hatchling is much too impatient to sit and stare for long. With a deep rumble in her throat, the green rises to her feet. Step by step she creeps to a grouping of candidates, arching her neck and curving her back in such a way that her hunching shoulders looks even more like a hump. Her forked tongue whips out of her muzzle, flickering in a vaguely threatening way. No, no, these aren't right. Another deep throated rumble as she turns away from them in frustration.

B'relle grins as she strides confidently out to meet the newly impressed pair. "Come along now Rivala and Iolath. I know where the food is." She speaks soothingly as she assists them off the sands.

Wood Witch Which Would Bewitch Green Hatchling makes her way to another group, lurching slowly, almost painfully for such a young dragon. Her eyes whirl a little more quickly as her muzzle comes close to a young boy, only to slow and dull. No. Wrong. All wrong! Again she turns away, disappointment and frustration written in every muscle as she creels a brassy plea to all gathered. Give me my rider!

Tilla slides closer to Menea, "Wow.. "

Nikai shifts on his feet again, watching the final hatchling move along the sands. "She's a pretty one too. There's been a lot of nice ones today."

Menea glances at Tilla, nodding. "Yeah, they've some lovely hatchlings." She notes, grinning. "Now we just gotta see who those last ones will go to…" Her gaze shift between the two greens, watching them carefully.

Wood Witch Which Would Bewitch Green Hatchling limps toward a new line of white robed figures, her whirling red eyes and flicking forked tongue making her out to be quite the menacing creature. The green is tired of this search, annoyed by the seeming futility of it. What's the point of continuing through these ivory woods? No one here is right! A moment later she stiffens, head tilting. Wait…that…scent… And…that…voice! Her neck whips to the right, catching sight of a boy. THE boy. Suddenly the green is no longer hunched over and angry looking, she's blossomed into the picture of youthful loveliness as she bounds up to the young blonde. You!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Wood Witch Which Would Bewitch Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Mysarra sighs, watching as one after another, the hatchlings choose other candidates. She can't hide a slight slump, obviously disappointed as she's left standing once again. Still, she's used to it by now, and there are no tears, at least none that can be seen amidst the drops of sweat covering her face.

Nikai seems to be awestruck for a moment at the green at his feet. It only takes a second or two for that surprise to shift into a broad grin, the surfer bum mumbling something as he strokes the small green's eyeridges. Sure, this would be where he should say her name and be with the changing of his own… but he's lost in the reverie for the moment.

Tilla actually chuckles as the last Impressions are made, drooping in relief, "Toldja dragons don't pick ugly fishergirls like me, eh Menea?"

B'relle slips in quickly besides Nikai and Nakueath and assists them off the sands. "Come along Nikai. Your dragon needs feeding"

Nikai nods after a moment, taking to hint that it's time to move away now and feed his ravenous little lifemate. "Nakueath." His grin broadening again as he coos her name and they head off the sands in search of her meal.

Menea grins towards Nikai, "Congrats." She notes, glancing at Tilla, laughing. "You'll get your chance, Tilla…" She says, shrugging. "It just wasn't time, there'll be others." She shrugs, offering a grin to the other. "It's been fun." A glance towards Mysarra and she offers her a smile as well.

As the last pair prepares to leave the sands, Lisle steps forward and looks over those left standing with a sympathy in her gaze. "I am sorry your lifemate was not on the sands this day, but perhaps out there he or she still waits. I encourage you all to seek out the path that is right for you, whether it is to remain at Ista till next cycle or to seek another path. We welcome you all to remain should you wish to."

Ista Weyr: Weyrling Barracks(#9055RAJ)
The weyrling barracks are absolutely monumental in size, large enough for some eighty weyrlings in theory, although it is set up for perhaps fourty to fifty, ranging from newly Impressed to close to graduation. Depressions into the stone floor make couches that range along both walls, ranging in size from large enough for a queen, to large enough for a green, with a cot and press beside each for the dragon's weyrling.
The middle of the room is set aside for training - there is seating, and also plenty of room for the weyrlings to spread out with their lifemates. Several large oil bins are spread about, strategically, as well as some bins for meat, and knives to cut it up with. A passage leads in from the bowl, another to the weyrlingmaster's office, and a third deep into the bowels of the weyr - following around to the hatching sands.

People: B'relle Tellus Rivala Jeriah Vesvesris T'ev Nikai Anvi Franses
Dragons: Teloriith Iolath Narath Odeleth Ruanath
Objects: Weyrling Notice Board Dragon Setup

From the Sands, Menea grins over towards Tilla and nods to Lisle. "I'll see you later, Tilla…" She says, and waves to the other before she strides off of the sands.

B'relle smiles around at the group after following the last pair off the sands. "Welcome to Weyrlinghood. I'm Weyrlingmaster B'relle. Franses here is my Assistant. Andy could not be here, but will also be assisting me. The rules are on the weyrling notice board. Once your lifemates have fallen asleep and you've read the rules you may go to the party."

From the Sands, Tilla mms and bows to the queen and bronze and then ambles off the Sands.

Anvi is busy already feeding her beloved green, not minding the blood or anything on the once-white robe. She moves constantly… fetching more food, and making sure the greenling chews exactly the right amount of times "Why? Because you'll choke!" as the half-satiated green munches down the meaty chunks. Anvi dances almost about, even daring to waver to one side to help T'ev once or twice, mostly fetching meat, then back again, her sandals clacking loudly on the bare stone. Then she pauses and glances over, then back to the green "She wants to go too though. May she, if she's not asleep?" she asks hopefully.

Vesvesris glances up from where she's busily counseling a ravenous Odeleth, "Odeleth, /chew/. Move your maw, use your teeth. You have to grind the meat, so you don't choke on it." There's an exasperated pause. "I know, it's blissful, but try to slow down, won't you?" She gives a nod to B'relle, after a moment. "Thanks, ma'am." She's still clutching at her robe to keep it on, but she doesn't seem to be minding her toasted feet at the moment. Not when there's another being to tend to.

Lisle has arrived.

B'relle smiles and chuckles. "If you feed her enough, she'll be asleep." She turns to the rest of the group. "Please be aware that you /will/ be up early tomorrow. Don't party too late, and pay special attention to rules 2 and 3. We'll go over the reasons for the rules tomorrow."

Franses offers a friendly wave to the gathered when her name is mentioned, standing behind and beside B'relle. "We do hope she'll sleep, Anvi. She'll need the rest after this wearing day."

Narath looks at B'relle and gleeps disappointedly, and Anvi states "We have to listen to her… yes. Well, because runners have flat feet. That's why! Oh, they're like herdbeasts without the horns. No you can't eat them." she darts back to get more meat "Come on, eat up! So you can grow big! Oh, yes, getting up early - how early, B'relle? The same as when we were candidates?" she asks.

From the Sands, A'rtomus calls to Nemmenth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

And boy does T'ev need some help. « Why can't I share the meat with you T'ev? Don't you like the meat? » T'ev nods, "Yes I like the meat, but I like it cooked." «Why do you like it cooked? What is cooked? How come I can't have my meat cooked. Why does it drip red stuff? What is that red stuff? » T'ev cuts a piece of meat that's just the right size, "It's blood." « What is blood? » Ruanath asks as he carefully chews on the meat, « Why do I have to chew so much? » "You'll hurt your tongue and blood is the fluid inside your body." « Why is it red? Why do we have to go to sleep? What happens when we sleep.» T'ev continues to cut up the meat and he answers each and every questions.

Teloriith chews slowly and thoughtfully as she regards her siblings, one and all. Likewise 'farsighted', Jeriah slowly offers up another chunk of herdbeast, "No love, that's me as well there. Yes, those are my fingers." She says with patience and gentleness. With likewise respect, the golding opens her mouth back up so that Jeri can pull out her fingers. "Thank you.' A little scritch with the top of the now slobbered hand is given under the hatchlings chin. Teloriith all but purrs.

B'relle grins at the young blue's questions and starts answering a few of her own. "Anvi, you will wake up with Narath gets hungry enough to wake you, probably a little earlier than you did as candidates. Ruanath, you don't have to sleep, but I've never yet seen a hatchling who didn't." She turns and finally spots the Weyrwoman. "Weyrwoman Lisle, do you have anything you want to say to your newest dragonriders?"

Anvi jumps at the added voice, then squawls "T'ev! Your dragon is talking to me! I can't make out what mine is saying!" she chides, tossing some meat underhanded to him to feed. "Fill his mouth." Then she listens to B'relle and hmmms "I'll have to time her then, to see when she wakes up. That way I can be ready." she concludes, nodding as she goes over her schedule mentally.

B'relle grins. "Anvi, don't worry he'll get better at controlling it as he gets over. and that's one lesson we'll be working on. Same as you would not expect a 3 turn old to know the difference between and inside voice and an outside voice, the dragonets don't either."

Ruanath turns his head to regard B'relle, « That doesn't answer my question? Why do I have to sleep? » He turns his head to look at T'ev again, « Why do I have to sleep. » T'ev catches the meat and puts it into Ruanath's mouth, but apparently this dragon was born being able to speak and eat at the same time. "So you can rest your body and mind and not be tired in the morning. That is why we sleep when we feel tired." He pats the muzzle of the blue dragon and looks at Anvi, "I've asked him nicely to only talk to me, but he's afraid that the others will have questions and be afraid to ask them." Ruanath looks to Anvi, « Why can't I talk to you? Don't you like me?" T'ev moves to put himself in front of the dragon, "Everyone loves you Ruanath, but Anvi and the others want to talk to their own dragons too, so just from now on talk to me." T'ev moves back around and starts to move his lips silently an instinctive reaction to talking with your mind.

Anvi shakes her head at that and nods at B’relle "It just startles me. I can hear it coming with Nar." she explains and then looks at the blue "Well, You can, but not as loud. You're drowning my dragon out." the green turns to snort at Ruanath at that, blood dripping off her chin.

B'relle looks around the room. "Everyone managing okay? Anyone need help?"

Anvi uhms "I have a question… is someone bringing our stuff here from the barracks? Or will we have to walk over there in bloody robes to get our things?" she asks curiously, fetching more meat for her and T'ev.

The snort from the green brings a new round of loud questions. « Why did you snort at me? Why did she snort at me T'ev?" "Cause you are drowning her voice out…it's like when you sing…you don't want to sing the loudest or you will lose the melody, you want to sing harmoniously so that you can create beautiful music." That quiets up the blue for the moment, although T'ev is getting a barrage of them about music. "I promise I'll show you my drum." He goes over to get more meet with Anvi as Ruanath looks over at the green with a little more curiosity then is polite. In fact he gets his snout right in her face, « Why are you green? »

Rivala has been feeding Iolath in a rather bewildered fashion, not quite with it all just yet. She's managing to handle her Iolath, but she's having to talk very quickly as the blue bombards her with questions. « What is this stuff? » "Meat. Herdbeast, probably." « Why does it make me not hungry? » "Because it is filling the space inside your stomach. Once that space is all filled, you stop being hungry." And so on and so forth.

B'relle grins. "You'll have to go get them. However, keep in mind everyone will know those in bloody robes are the ones who impressed, so it's a badge of honor." B'relle pauses a moment then crosses to a small desk in one corner. She grabs something out of the drawer, and begin handing them out. "These are your new knots."

Anvi hrms "They'll stink up fast." she admits at that, finally finishing with Narath, who looks quite happy as she trundles over to the nearest couch and hereby claims it in the name of all that is Narath. "But okay. I'm glad I had wheels put on my trunk ages ago."

Jeriah yawns in unison with her lifemate. "Yes, I think a nap is just the thing. You go and lay down, and I'm going to get cleaned up a bit. I haven't much of a care as to where, no. You decide, I trust you. No I haven't slept in any of the couches. Why don't you find the one you think is most comfortable?" With a nod and another yawn, the young queen does just that, laying down on no less than five before deciding that the sixth one will do. Jeriah chuckles to herself, shaking her head and following along. The Stream that is her life has certainly taken an interesting bend.

T'ev comes back with the bloody meat in a bucket only to find that his dragon has moved without him. Ruanath has picked a couch by Narath and he sighs as a new question comes in, "You are blue because that is the color you are supposed to be. It's in your DNA. DNA is the stuff everyone is made of and that is just the way things are now eat." He feeds the blue dragon more meat and the blue dragon chews thoughtfully. "I might have missed it, but can they come with us to the party?"

Anvi shakes her head "No. It sucks. They should hold the party the day after so the dragons CAN attend." she notes "Oh well, we can have another party then perhaps." she finishes with Narath and sits on the bunk with a sigh, smiling widely, looking a little tired. Her hair had halfway escaped from the bow and her entire dress was pink and red.

Nik'i has been here, paying attention the whole time! Or more likely he's been here, serenely feeding Nakueath meat bit after meat bit not paying one lick of attention to anyone or anything outside his teeny little forest green. The couch selected by the pair? One as close as possible to the exit. Once he has some shred of awareness outside his 'mate.. the first thing he does is take off his shoes.

Jeriah calls back over her shoulder, "I'm sure they'll honour us with a graduation party, Anvi, to which the Dragons can attend, if it's held on the beach, or in the bowl."

T'ev nods in agreement with Anvi, 'Well let's have a picnic for them tomorrow if that's okay with our teachers. We can invite those that didn't impress to meet our dragons. It could be a very nice event, don't you think Jeriah?"

Anvi nods "If we have time." She notes to T'ev. "We DO have to take care of them. I watched the last group - they'

Jeriah nods, her posture growing slack as Teloriith fades off into sleep. "Aye….we….Sorry. We could arrange it all tonight."

Anvi nods "If we have time." She notes to T'ev. "We DO have to take care of them. I watched the last group - they'll eat, sleep and do other stuff… a picnic may be tricky till they feed themselves." she notes "There'll be time I'm sure! I do want to see Menea again - I was hoping she'll help with the shop too." she frowns "I hate other people touching my stuff, but well, Narath needs my attention fully!"

"Better?" Sves finally prompts, as Odeleth lifts his head from the bucket before him. The brown blinks heavily, and Vesvesris exhales. "Sleep … must find … bed." Or a couch, more appropriately. Somehow, she gets him over to one of the ones not far from Iolath, and the sleepy dragonet settles down wearily, vainly struggling to keep his eyes upon her as he rumbles. "Yes, Odeleth, I love you, too, " she says softly. "Rest, now." And he does. Although it's somewhat of a struggle to keep her own eyes open, she makes her way to the doorway, and, rather dazed, heads for the bowl. Maybe to grab a change in clothing?

B'relle listens quietly for a while, before finally answering. "Guys, you can plan a party for them later. For now they are still very young. In general, if they are not eating, they will be sleeping. that's true for the first sevenday or so. Believe me, they may be envious now, but they'll enjoy it much more if you wait until they are older."

T'ev nods a little bit, "Well at least we'll have something to plan while they are asleep." He looks to B'relle, "Am I still allowed to practice my drums or make my drums here?" He asks as he continues to eat and the blue dragons starts to happily thump his tail.

B'relle nods to T'ev. "As long as you do it in your free time and don't wake anyone or prevent them from sleeping. Stop if they ask you to for a good reason. In general, as long as you are polite about it."

Anvi listens, then stands "I'm going to get my things. She's asleep… T'ev, are you coming once Ruanath is asleep?"

B'relle looks around the room at the sleeping dragonets. "Well, members of Rhinestone Wing, I'd say it's time to get your stuff, get cleaned up, and go party. I'll see you all there." So saying she turns and strides out of the room.

T'ev nods a little bit as he feeds Ruanath a piece of meat. After it is carefully chewed and swallows the dragon yawns. "I think it would be a good idea if you got to sleep too." He smiles at Anvi, "Wait for me Anvi." Ruanath yawns again and snuggles up to go to sleep.

Jeriah smiles softly and slowly she glides away from her newly bonded one and joins her fellow weyrlings.

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