Ysmalath x Zippith Hatching

Myia shakes her head then pokes Jessamy again "Jess wake up, come back to Pern."

Lydiere steps out of the Hatching Tunnel with G'wain, shifting uncomfortably as she comes across the group of candidates, her head bobbing quickly towards P'rlan, the visitor. "Ista's duties, and can all you candidates start moving towards the barracks, if you please? It can't be long now, and we'd rather you were ready /before/ they start hatching." She rubs at her right leg, which is covered in black sand, glancing at G'wain with a somewhat quiet smile.

Adareri shakes her head slowly. "No, I haven't heard anything yet Ezemial. But… really if people are arriving, I thought that was a signal that the hatching was going to happen, and happen /soon/. I just wish we knew for sure…" she takes in the appearance of G'wain and Lydiere, and waves. "Hey G'wain, hey Lydiere!" she calls, her wave inviting them over to the group.

Riff glances over to Lyd, and shoves his hands in his pockets. He nods to the others and turns to head towards the northern bowl, rather than into the hatching caverns.

Nelali is watching the skies, looking it appears for someone to join her here and then nodding her head to the other weyrling from Eastern.

Ezemial is grinning until Lydiere says that and then looks almost panicked for a minute, "oh!.. uh.. now.. it's soon.. uh.." He grabs Yiasy and Jessamy by the shoulder and looks at Myia, "come ON" and starts propelling people towards teh barracks unless they resist.

Laelyn looks up at as the leaders emerge , and nods looking around to the other candies, "I guess the wait will soon be over" She follows the other candies and nearly runs down to the barracks

Arinna glances around at the latest dragon to arrive and shrugs. "Gosh, I hope so." She shakes her head and rocks back and forth on her heels. "Ok." Barracks. Right. She glances nervously at the other candidates before starting to follow Eze.

Jessamy smiles at Myia again for her continued persistence in keeping her from dozing off… but yet again, her mind is captured before she can work on distracting herself, as Lydiere and G'wain arrive. Ooh, people she knows! But then Lyd speaks, and true nervousness sets in, and Jess's eyes just go wide. "Oh. Oh. Oh okay," she whispers, allowing herself to be dragged without even thinking about it. Yes, follow Ezzy, he knows what he's doing.

Yiasy nearly squeaks and makes a dash for the barracks with several of the other candidates.

Myia turns to look at G'wain and Lydiere as well, waving, "Oh my it must be getting really close then."

P'rlan gives the Weyrwoman a polite nod in greeting while he waits beside his young brown. As Teerith arrives from above, the weyrling grimaces, muttering towards the brown's head beside him. "She's nah gunna be pleased wi' us, laddy. Dinna think that will get you in with her mate either."

Invariel takes a deep breath, and remains calm… or tries to. Exiting from the living caverns, he hears Lydiere and his lips compress into a thin line. It starts. There's a glance towards Lydiere, and he moves towards the Candidate barracks.

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You stride into the Candidate Barracks.

Ezemial gets to the barracks and oh dears.."uh.. so.. we need robes.. we need robes!" He runs to his trunk and starts rummaging for his robe, which is of course neatly folded on his cot. He acks and sees it finally and starts tugging off his clothes and replacing them with a tunic. He sits on his bed working at his boots and finally replaces those with sandals.

G'wain follows at the back, herding any stray candidates as he goes. Grinning back at Lydiere, he tilts his head to the side and watches the scramble for robes. "Seems only yesterday that I was doing this, and I impressed Ahreluth." He moves to take a hold of Lydiere's hand, and squeeze it in an empathetic fashion.

Lydiere hovers by the doorway, somewhat amused as she watches the candidates in their preperations. "Hurry, hurry," she murmurs, dry amusement in her voice as she leans up against the wall. "The eggs won't wait, but we'd rather you were properly dressed, and at least somewhat composed, if at all possible." She grins at G'wain, squeezing his hand back, and nods, "For me, too. Only yesterday."

Yiasy is hurridly changing into her robe, paying not much of any attention to other folks in the dash to get it on and covered decently enough to be out there on the sands. A struggle then with her hair before that too is bound back to stay out of the way.

Jessamy walks to her bunk in something of a daze, ignoring Homer's agitated chitters, joined with Basho and Dog's complaints from her pillow, and just desposits the little brown on her bed without a second thought. Her robe, only recently finished (by someone else) is right on top in her trunk, and she yanks that out. Modesty? Bah. She's too nervous for modesty, and everyone else is too busy to look. Clothes off, robe on, and sandals slid onto her feet awkwardly. Then she can start working on breathing again.

Adareri comes in shortly ahead of G'wain, and goes instantly to her cot where she changes without fuss. Though her hands are shaking enough to almost tear the robe as she tries to put it on. But the robe is put on without mishap, and she glances around at the other candidates. "I suppose I'm about as ready as I'll ever be. Though I hate to admit it Lydiere, I didn't get the last of that paperwork done you wanted me to do. I can do it after the hatching."

Arinna manages not to run, but she makes her way quickly to her cot. Throwing the chest open she digs down to the bottom, coming up with a robe that's only slightly wrinkled. Considering the state of the other contents of that chest, that's pretty amazing. She quickly changes and starts rummaging around for her sandals. "Oh, come on…" She mutters to herself, leaning down to look under her cot. "Gotcha." Tugging her boots off, she replaces them with the sandals.

Christiana has managed to put on her robe after showing her parents to the galleries. Almost time, almost time. She fidgets a bit, watching her friends get ready as well.

Invariel moves with carefully measured strides to his cot, glancing back to G'wain and Lydiere as they speak. With barely a care for his modesty, he changes into his candidate robe, a white mess of linen and cloth that isn't at all stylish. But then, should it be? Tugging on the sandals that complete the ensemble, he straightens up, and steps towards the weyrmated pair. "I am ready, Wingleader, Weyrwoman." He almost sounds fatalistic.

Ezemial gets himself more or less smoothed out and goes to stand around near… someone. What to do, what to do. He smiles at people as they talk to him, but seems just a wee bit paler than usual. He keeps fidgeting and brushing the robe smooth. What if dragonets don't like wrinkled robes! Never mind he's smoothed this thing out so much the only wrinkles are where it's belted.

Laelyn moves to her bunk and pulls out her robe, keeping an ear for the leaders as they give any last minute instructions, she quickly changes out of her clothes and into the robe, securing it about the waist with a rope. She looks over the G'wain and Lydiere, not the least bit nervous, not at all, only takes her three tries to get a simple knot tied.

Myia nods then follows along with the others and begins pulling on her robe and sandals, "I can't believe it's time already." is whispered. Standing up she presents herself for inspection "I'm ready too sir, ma'am."

"After the hatching is /fine/, Adareri. It isn't a worry," insists Lydiere blithely, striding towards the door in the back of the room - hand still clasping G'wain's - which she unlocks from a key in her belt, swinging it open. "/You/ need to calm a little, Invariel. It's Lydiere, remember? When you're ready, folks, line up and we'll get moving."

Myia loks around for Jessamy "Are you ready Jess?" then she steps into line with those before her.

Ezemial moves into line somewhere and waits. He smiles to friends looking around at everyone before turning back to Lydiere and clearing his throat. He's ready, sure he's ready, see how ready he is?

G'wain frowns a little at Invariel's choice of words, but he's not going to say anything. Guessing that Inve's nervous - heck, they're /all/ nervous - he smiles broadly. "There's nothing to be scared about. Just… try and keep cool out there." Both in temperature and in temperament. "Relax, all of you."

Jessamy somehow manages to work her way over to where Ezemial is, and she manages to keep breathing steadily without hyperventilating. Yet. There's time, but though shaking like a leaf she's at least on her feet. "Ready," she says. To who? Who knows. She doesn't even seem that certain as to whether or not she means it, losing all her usual confidence now that she's actually faced with the situation at hand. Then Lyddie says to line up, and she makes sure that she's in line near Myia. Must be able to cling.

Yiasy moves along then, now that she's dressed and even more importantly, somewhat neat to go stand near Ezemial, watching all the other candidates and then chewing on her lower lip as she nods back in response, to something.

Adareri takes a deep breath, trying to steady herself, and slowly makes her way into line by the door. she grins at G'wain and moves a bit closer to him for a moment. "There's no way to be cool out on the sands, and you know it. It's too hot out there for that." she mutters teasingly, before she gets back into line.

Ezemial looks grateful when he sees both Jessamy and Yiasy, he reaches out and if they don't object takes each one of their hands, "ok.. so remember, if I fall over, kicking will begin"

Arinna finishes tying her sandals and locates a bit of string to use for her hair. Managing to get most of it out of her face, she straightens up and moves towards Yiasy. "Yeah, I'm ready too." She gives everyone a general grin and stops next to Yiasy. "Iana?" Rin nervously chews on her bottom lip as she glances around for her friend.

Christiana moves to find Arinna. "Rin, please tell me this isn't happening. I mean, I know it has to. But.. I don't know if I can go through with this." Iana is definately a bit at a loss, watching others nervously. She nods politely to each command from the weyr's leaders, ready to line up. Now or never.

Invariel bows his head slightly in acquiescence, but he doesn't say anything else. Standing alone for the moment, his back is straight, his head is up… He's the epitomy of a pillar of rock. Waiting to see what's going to happen, he stands there… but if you're watching carefully, you can see a slight swaying from side to side, and his hands clench and unclench.

April has been here the whole time - Really! She's just been really quiet and laid back. She hasn't spoken much. Just put on her robe and sandals, put her hair up in a white ribbon, placed Spizzy - clothed in his own robe - on her cot. "Stay there." She whispers to the flit. "Please." The brown seems to know that this is /important/ and curls up in a little ball, crooning.

Laelyn gets in line near Ezemial as well, being the closest in age to her and all . She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly , yep ready now , she looks around to the other candidates and smiles "Well here we go

Jessamy doesn't object at all to Ezemial taking her hand, and she's going to squeeze his fingers for all that she's worth until they start moving. Maybe that'll help calm her down. "Yes, we all must remember to kick," she agrees solemnly, even the humor in that statement lost in her nervousness. She catches sight of Invariel, and tries to give the man a reassuring smile. Not easy, since she's not assured herself. "It'll be okay. We'll all be okay. Other people have done this and they're all alive. Aren't they?" She looks to G'wain for assurance on that. I mean, you never know.

Arinna chuckles and shrugs. "Ok, I won't tell you. And if you try to back out on me I'll tie you up and drag you out." She grins, which makes her feel just a bit less nervous. "Oh, I don't like waits. And I hate it when my stomach does that weird flopping thing." Too much information? Maybe, but Rin seems to be into babbling at the moment.

Lydiere listens - catching the humming that begins to echo throughout the bowels of the weyr. She nods once, and strides down the tunnel, dragging G'wain after her. "Come on, folks!"

Lydiere strides down the tunnel.

Ezemial walks out onto the sands holding Jessamy and Yiasy's hands. He takes a deep breath and gives a bow to Ysmalath, Zippith, Lymera and R'yn.. and anyone else who looks like they should be bowed to, can never be too careful. He smiles from Jessamy to Yiasy and then looks at the eggs. Ok, calm now, we are calm.

Erubescent Liquid Egg shifts, ever so slightly - almost imperceptibly. And then lies still.

Myia bows in respect to dame and sir as well as their riders before she minces her way across the sand to join the semi-circle of candidates befor the eggs. Moving over to where Jessamy is standing she gie the other a vervous smile.

Invariel emerges onto the sands, a frown clouding his face. Anyone else'd be smiling, he supposes, and tries to neutralise his expression, to no avail. Looking at the hot, black sands, he shuffles forward, bowing low to the sire and dam - Ysmalath and Zippith, then to Lymera and R'yn, and finally, Lydiere and G'wain, although they're not specifically required. Better to be safe, than sorry! Still alone, he glances left, then right… He almost looks lost.

Jessamy walks out onto the sands in swift strides, holding onto Ezemial with one hand. At first glance she might look almost confident, but truth be told she's quaking in her sandals, and fast was the only way she could manage to get herself out on the sands at all. Her fists are already clenching her robe. The parents of this clutch are just stared at for a moment with widened eyes, as though she'd never seen them before, and then she manages to give a slight and shaky bow. Her face is about as pale as her robe as she goes hurrying over to take her place among her fellow candidates - hopefully somewhere that she can hide behind someone bigger than herself.

April lines up, most likely belatedly, but she is here. A quick glance around and a deep breath before she gets ready to face what will most likely be the most important day of her life. Unlike most people, she doesn't take any hands, although a few are probably offered to her. No, that would be a sign of weakness and we can't have weakness. Weakness is bad. Lined up, she tilts her head at Lydiere and gets in line, following with a quiet, sort of.. serene air about her. Not nervous, but more like readiness.

The hatching grounds stretch endlessly before Christiana as she pauses upon entering. A quick intake of breath, meant to steady her, brings with it the reminder of the sand's heat. A nervous glance scans the assembled crowd in the galleries and a hand searches blindly for Arinna to clutch tightly to her own hand if she finds it. "Rin, I can't do this," she hisses to Arinna. "Not with all of them watching." Spurned forward, she makes the proper greeting to the clutch parents and their riders.

Lydiere winces at the heat of the sands, moving to step over towards R'yn and Lymera, a bob of her head in respect to Ysmalath and Zippith. "I think that's the lot of them," she relates, turning to watch the eggs thoughtfuly, eyes resting upon each in turn. "Fardles, it's about time."

Arinna steps out onto the sands and pauses as that first wave of heat hits her. "Jeeze, do you think they're trying to cook us?" And with that she bows quickly and takes her place in the semicircle next to Yiasy and Christiana. Her ever-present grin is in place, but the tugging on the side of her ill-fitting robe indicates that the nerves haven't faded. "Well. Here we are…And of course you can do this. You probably don't know half of /them/ anyway."

Yiasy is following in right behind Ezemial and when he ducks his head in a bow hers follows more than ovine like behavior but at least she's bowing to the appropriate folks on the sands. She keeps her hand in Ezemial's and her other has Arinna, even somewhat tugging the other girl on.

Adareri follows Lydiere out of the tunnel, taking deep breaths to try to calm herself as she goes out onto the sands. She gives a deep bow to Ysalmath, Zippith, Lymera and R'yn. Then she carefully moves closer towards the eggs, and plants her legs, remembering not to lock her knees, cause that'll make it worse. "The heat isn't as bad really if your robe is looser." she offers as advice.

Fabulously Fruity Oversized Pineapple Egg wobbles gently, dark sand flickering upon it as it shakes within it's careful home.

G'wain nods his head to the Weyrleaders as he moves with Lydiere, nodding to her comment. "It seems like they've been here for far more sevendays than they actually have been." Blinking at what he thought he saw… is the gold egg rocking /already/? "Shards… Not taking their time, are they? Hopefully this'll be a quick one."

R'yn snorts, running one hand through over-long hair, pushing it away from his forehead as he surveys the candidates. "You got that right." Candidate's bows are met with a nod of his head, an encouraging grin here and there. Zippith fairly vibrates as he hums, settles close to Ysmalath, wings unfurled just a little.

Lymera paces in front of the expectant mother, looking a picture of nervousness; the Lady herself, almost glowing in the heat of the sands, is restless. Her head moves from side to side, enough to make someone sea-sick, a cross between a growl and a hum resonating in her throat; for a moment, her mouth opens wide enough to show off her very white, very sharp teeth. "Stop that…" Lymera glances up, before tucking her hands into her pockets. "Good luck candidates!"

Jessamy just can't seem to focus on the eggs. She notices some of them twitching and moving out of the corner of her eye, but for right now she's satisfied with staring… at… her… feet. "These are very nice sandals," she whispers, mostly to herself, then reaches out to try and grab ahold of Myia if the girl will let her. Oh, she's going to cling for all she's worth.

April bows to both the sire and dam, then sighs a little. She's been waiting for this day and yet when it comes, she's unwilling. THe eggs are glanced at, The gold egg in particular, and a slightly wistful expression crosses her face. Then she moves aside from everyone else, not going to take a hand or comfort of any style. The heat's already getting to her, and she starts to change from foot to foot, glancing at the other candidates as they pair up. Weaklings.

Erubescent Liquid Egg shifts once more, rocking wildly for a moment. It manages to tip itself over, and there it lies, still.

Laelyn moves out on the sands and bows to the dame and sire, before making her way any further, she moves her way to the group grasping the hand of whoever is near her. Trying to ignore the heat as it eminates from the sands but gives into to doing the candidate dance of prancing in place to keep each foot off the sands as much as possible. Her eyes widen a bit as the eggs are already a rockin and a rolling. Definatly not waiting for an invitation.

Adareri blinks and starts to take a step back, then stops herself, after she notices the gold egg already rocking. then she notices Jessamy, and moves closer to her. "Hey, Jessamy, go ahead and hold onto me if you need to." she offers, gasping when she sees the egg tip over, but she doesn't move again.

Arinna lets her eyes scan the eggs as she's pulled on by Yiasy. "We aren't really in a hurry, are we?" Her grin wavers as she gets a glimps of the gold's teeth. "Oh boy. What am I doing here?" Glancing over her shoulder at Iana, she shakes her head slightly and nods towards the exit. If you still want to run, Rin'll be right along side you.

Myia reaches out to take Jess's hand as well "I don't feel so well, it's so hot out here." her eyes move over the eggs "They're moving look that one over there just moved.

Ezemial finds himself in the center of a growing line of hand holding candidates, this is good. Safety in numbers, now concentrate, eggs moving. Be calm. He smiles thinly from Jessamy to Yiasy and squeezes both their hands then grins down the line at his other friends. He looks back to the eggs and takes a deep breath. It will be /fine/ /fine/ /fine/.

Ripples wash across claret's smooth surface, creating sudden disturbance where peace reigned so recently. With an audible crack, a section of shell flies through the air, a foot appearing, covered thickly in liquid. With a sort of shiver, the egg crumbles, shell segments falling away to reveal a small, stocky bronze.

Childlike Companion Bronze Hatchling
Playful strings of burnished copper twine their way around sturdy headknobs and muzzle to cascade playfully over cinnamon neckridges, washing whimsically over a small yet stocky torso; the whimsical play of colouring defies a bullish build. Gilded aureate twines with tawny russet in a haphazard mix, enfolding brawny torso, meeting darker chestnut at his belly and running down robust haunches to colour over-large wheaten feet, marked by talons of gaudy brass. Hints of wheat merge with ginger to trace a path down a solid tail, entwining it in childlike designs. A rich swathe of brandy stains uneven wings, striations of champagne and straw tracing merry paths across near translucent sails.

Jessamy would grab Adareri in a second if both her hands weren't occupied, one by Ezemial and the other by Myia. Instead she just has to give Ada a slightly desperate look, as she starts chewing on her lip. "Yeah, I'm not feeling so well either Myia. I don't suppose the dragons would like it much if I vomited though," she says softly, then tries smiling. Doesn't work, oh no. "We'll be fine," she says again, trying to sound very sure of that as she speaks.

Christiana is already rather annoyed by the heat. All the more reason to get out. "Rin, don't tempt me, please. My parents would never forgive me." But at the same time, she swallows the huge lump in her throat and watches the first hatchling emerge. What a…icky.. looking thing? "This is not what I imagined." Not at all.

Yiasy nods her head back to Arinna then. "Do you think we have a chance of making it?" is asked before she is startled by the sudden hatching of an egg. Hands hold on a bit tighter then to the two on either side of her, mainly to keep her from making a move away or at the very least, backwards.

Fabulously Fruity Oversized Pineapple Egg rolls over onto its side - not waiting for anything as it shivers and writhes, short motions increasing in tempo as time passes. Quick, quicker, quickest.

Invariel scans the sands. A /bronze/? That's a good sign, isn't it? Invariel takes an involuntary step backwards as the hatchling emerges. "It's… ugly?!" He's shocked at this, and closes his mouth soon after, looking around to see if anyone at all heard him… only to see Christiana echoing his sentiments. Feeling some sort of 'bond', he sidles a little closer to her, feet shuffling as they heat up quickly.

Myia eeps "Looks the first one is out and it's its a Bronze too. My he's a handsome one." her eyes watch it then glance at the gold egg then back to the hatchling.

Adareri's head turns sharply on her neck when she hears the cracking of an egg, and her eyes widen as she takes in the look of the newly hatched dragonet. "Oh, a bronze! That's great!" even though she doesn't have a chance of impressing… at least not the bronze.

Childlike Companion Bronze Hatchling tumbles free of the ruins of his egg, clambering to his feet with a shake of wet wings. Said shake is more than enough to overbalance him, and he mews as he tumbles down the small dune he hatched atop. Sorting his limbs out, he manages to set himself upright once more, looking back to dam and sire for a quick moment. And then he's off, soaked in liquid, covered in sand, waving his tail from side to side, wings spread for balance.

Ezemial looks almost startled when he sees the first hatchling then grins, "a /dragon/!" Why yes, someone is certainly brilliant today. He grins and then swallows hard watching the eggs wobbling and the dragonet on the sands. He takes a deeep cleansing breath. Think good thoughts, calm. Everything is fine.

April peers at the gold egg and her eyes widen. "Not yet!" She hisses to herself. The bronze is eyed with mild distaste. Maybe because she can't impress it? Hrm. She can't help but make a little 'aww' sound as people say he's ugly though - Dragons are never ugly. Ever. They're unique. Thats her story and she's stickin' to it.

Arinna forgets all her ideas of running as she hears the first egg crack. Her head snapping around, she squeezes Yiasy and Iana's hand. "Oh, look…you know you're right.?" Oh dear, is that bad luck? Or do they all look like that at first? "Interesting." Unfortunately, Rin can't think of anything better to say.

Jessamy takes a minute to latch onto that bronze. It isn't until the others start speaking about it that she seeks it out… and then, goodness. There it is. "It's not ugly," she says shakily, overhearing what the others were saying, then shakes her head. "He's a baby." She pauses. That's supposed to mean something clearly. "All babies are cute." Ah, that's what it means. Ezemial's rather intelligent comment makes her laugh, a nervous giggle, but laughter nonetheless.

Laelyn looks over to the boys in the group, curious to see who this bronze will choose, they have all been good friends during candidacy. This is definately not an impression she would place bets on. But even as the bronze catches her eyes the movement of the gold egg draws some of her attention.

R'yn seems well pleased, moving a step closer to Lymera as the first hatchling takes his first steps. "Someone'll have fun washing that lot off him." The Weyrleader sounds amused, as well he might. After all, he's not going to have to do the washing.

Adareri edges away from the others a bit, moving to stand slightly off away from the group, realizing that it's slightly cooler being seperate, since there's less body-heat around to add to the heat of the sands. She looks over all the eggs, trying not to let her eyes rest too much on the rocking gold egg. she is trying to see who the bronze is going after, after all.

Yiasy nods her head then back toward Ezemial, offering him back a grin before she tilts her head as she considers the bronze hatchling for a moment, and then looking to Arinna to see her opinion of that hatchling, shaking her head as he ends up completely covered in mucky sand. "Oh dear."

Myia tugs on Jess's hand "Thats a good sing right, when a bronze is first to hatch. Your right he is kinda cute." the little bronze gains the girls attention for a moment more before she looks down the line at the rest of the group.

Invariel takes another breath, and blinks towards the bronze. A thinning of his lips occurs once more as he steps from foot, to foot, to foot, the candidate two-step beginning with gusto. Sweat starts to bead on his forehead as he watches the only dragon on the sands, eyes picking at it to the exclusion of all else.

"They're cute. They're cute. They're babies, they're cute," Jessamy says, almost chanting to herself - and she almost sounds convinced too, that they're 'cute' rather than scaryevilminionsenttoreignsdestructiononPern. "Of course it's a good sign. It's good luck, to have a bronze first." She hesitates, glancing over to Ezemial. "Right?" Oh yeah, she's sure of herself. She keeps on ignoring the eggs for now, there's too much to concentrate on at the moment. So she's not going to concentrate on any of it.

Arinna searches out her favorite egg, one that has yet to move. She turns to Iana with a sigh. "Is it just me or has it gotten hotter in here in the last few seconds?" She rocks back and forth on her heels a little as she glances down the long line of candidates. She hears Jessamy, being just a few people down, and grins. "Yeah, ok. They're cute. And gooey."

Childlike Companion Bronze Hatchling is after something in particular… if only he can work out what. Perhaps he'll know it when he sees it. Right up close. He turns his head this way and that, peering at a group of girls with interest. A step or two closer, and he dismisses them, turning his attention to the search for males. How to find the right one, though, among all these white-robed shapes. With wings half-spread for balance, he moves onward, circumnavigating a small sand-dune to sight another group. Perhaps one here?

Ezemial swallows and smiles at the group around him, "I think he's very cute" He squeezes Yiasy and Jessamy's hands again and looks back towards the eggs and the little bronze then back to Jessamy. He nods, like he has a clue anyway, and agrees with Jessamy, "Absolutely, obviously good luck and he's very cute!"

The twining shades of tarnished gold and citrine that bedeck the Fabulously Fruity Oversized Pineapple Egg shiver against the force of a hidden life - carousing shades of lemon and amber unfurl as the egg responds to the growing movements of the life within. A shuddering rift is torn as a bejewelled talon breaks free, followed by an ear-splitting cry, and a crack that spreads from one end to the other, pieces shattering upon the dark sand beneath. In the egg's wake, an ostentatiously brilliant hatchling reveals herself to the world, remarking upon herself with an echoing croon.

Crystalline Effulgence Gold Dragonet
Fair brilliance and ostentatious overstatedness dance in merry flamboyance upon the hide of this young queen - so bright as to be not just eye-catching, but downright pretentious in bedazzling light. Streams liquid gold cascade down her wedge-shaped head and sharp neckridges, caught by a pale light to become seeringly white as they fling themselves in graceless abandon to the shimmering, crystalline rainbow of her lithe torso. Patterns of pale pink and orange - like the garish reflections of a crystal caught in the rays of the sun - spread bejewelled fingers to sway about the satin-spun splendour that reaches from flanks to the brilliance of pearlescent flames that burn blindingly beneath her belly's curve. Gauzy wingsails, adorned with an overwhelming, somewhat tasteless array of sparkling jewels, unfold like a heaven full of stars twinkling in vainglorious effulgence.

Adareri watches the progress of the bronze, slowly moving further away from the group, so as not to add her own body to the ponderous group that may be hindering the bronze in finding his lifemate. Therefore, she gasps when she looks back towards the eggs and sees the golden dragonet. "She's so beautiful!" she gasps, stopping stock-still as she gazes at the golden dragonet.

April smiles at the bronze. "Go on." She murmurs to him. "Find your one." Then she blinks as the gold egg bursts open. "Gold? Already?" She turns a few shades paler. "Wait. It's supposed to hatch last!" Can we say panic? She stares at the gold for a few moments, then shakes her head. Don't dream. Don't. It's not right. A glance at Christiana and Adareri and all her other friends, and she moves a little closer to them. Maybe there is safety in numbers after all. Although she won't hold hands, or somesuch. It's weak, after all. Ahhem.

Myia gasps loudly "Oh Look the GOld Hatched. Isn't she beautiful." the golden queen is watched with wide eyes, taking in all the differetn colors that color he brilliant hide "Oh Jess she's wonderful don't you think." the hand in hers is squeezed tightly in reaction to the sight before her.

Lymera snorts, before glancing up at the clutchmummy again; luckily, she seems to have settled down as the first egg is hatched, tail twining around the daddy. A sigh escapes the Weyrwoman's lips as she shrugs her shoulders before almost leaping off her feet. "Well, would you look at that - she was quick!" Dragon is examined with narrowed eyes before a grudging nod of approval is given. Ysmalath, however, trumpets a rather loud greeting to her offspring, wings spreading out before closing again.

Invariel intakes air sharply as the Gold dragonet hatches right before his eyes. He caught the motion of of the corner of them, and his attention changed dramatically. "Oh… How… bright." He almost winces as he looks at the dragonet, before turning back to the Bronze, which is easier on the eyes. Only just, however. Standing all alone, he continues his almost-silent vigilance.

Christiana really hates this heat thing, so she does a little dance. But she all but flails for Rin's hand. "Rin! Look. I think it's a little queen." She doesn't have the heart to say it looks a bit icky as well.

Yiasy's head jerks as she hears another egg crack and her hands tighten their hold on the two standing closest to her, even as she bites on her lower lip as yet another egg releases a hatchling out onto the sands then. A tighter grip on Arinna's hand even then as she watches the sands attention now divided between the two to see where they will go.

Ezemial looks startled as the gold arrives and grins,"that is beautiful.. see, Jess is right, babies are cute.. all babies are cute.. and these are not just cute but beautiful." Ok, he's babbling now but the excitement is clear in his eyes as he watches both a bronze and a gold dragonet. Having never seen a hatching he's obviously awestruck. He grins and squeezes Yiasy and Jessamy's hands again.

Arinna watches the bronze make his way around until the gold hatches. "Oh…my. That was…fast." Rin shakes her head a little as if to regain her senses. Distracted by Iana, she jumps a bit. "Yeah! I saw. And I think it is too." Her hands are getting squished, but she just squeezes back. "Oh, come on you guys…let up a bit, will you?" She pulls her sweaty hands away briefly, shaking them a bit before reaching for Yiasy and Iana again.

Laelyn looks over the dragons, well in all her turns, got some impatient metalics today. She looks around at the other candies wishing them silent good lucks, they are all in the game now. She looks back to the hatchlings with interest, of course she has seen little ones before , but somehow this is different , being this close while they are first seeing the world.

Crystalline Effulgence Gold Dragonet emerges from her egg with a dreamy hesitance, her head tilted to the side as she releases another of those echoing croons - only this one is rather louder, and rather less melodic. In fact, it's downright a shriek in the highest of sopranos. Oh dear. Wobbling, the somewhat less than beautiful queen - far too showy, too sparkling, and downright something of an eyesore - steps away from her shards, teetering as she attempts to find something of a balance. Locomation is harder than it seems!

"Well, she didn't waste any time, that's for sure," Jessamy says, in a strangely high-pitched voice. No, this isn't at all good, two dragons out at once. "They ought to just go one at a time. Each waiting for the next. Then you don't have to watch as much," she whispers, closing her eyes for a minute as though that would help her calm her nerves. Then she's back to watching. Not the dragons, but her friends and fellow candidates, since she isn't the least bit scared of them. "Yes, cutecutecute," she says in return to Ezemial, just as her eyes catch on Invariel. Poor Inve, all alone. "Hey Inve, come squinch in over here in you want," she offers. More people to cling to.

Showy Sparkling Chandelier Egg begins to shift, colours seeming to dance across the surface as internal structures tense before relaxing. Not yet.

April rolls her eyes at Jessamy. Thats the /point/ of hatchings - all the dragons HAVE to hatch. Or else, have a few rotton, which would be a Very. Bad. Thing. Very bad. As Invariel is invited over, Ril glances at him - He's not going to offer a hand to his.. uhh.. fling? What would they be? Oh, that doesn't matter - There's dragons on the sands, for Faranth's sake. Eyes are focused on the mound of eggs and she chuckles as the light show sparkles from the Showy Sparkling egg. Perrttyyy.

Invariel doesn't really want to take the offer of a place to squish into, but he does anyway. It's safer, and less scary to be in a group. "That she didn't," He replies to Jessamy, keeping his opinions on the… melodrama of the hatchling to himself. He 'squinches', as she eloquently puts it, somewhere closeby.

Myia watches both dragonettes as well as she can gaze bouncing from on to the others "They don't seem very coordinated do they. I guess it will improve though right?" looking down the line she offers a smile of support to all the others "THis is beginning to look like they'll all hatch out before any of them bond you know that Jess."

Childlike Companion Bronze Hatchling is doing his best to be cute, offering a tiny little sneeze, more a squeak, as he tumbles, burying his nose in the dark Istan sands once more. Coming to his feet, he spots his sister - and takes off in the other direction. Perhaps, perhaps…. There's something over there. Something big and tall, something that has him craning his head back to view it thoughtfully. He seems almost philosophical for a moment, deep in thought. Then spoils it with another sneeze. And he begins a far more purposeful tramp across the sands. This way is the way.

Adareri winces at the shriek of the golden dragonet, but she doesn't head closer to her fellow candidates. no, she figures if she moves now she'll just fall down. "I didn't think she'd hatch so soon. Is it normal for a queen to hatch so early?" she calls, her attention briefly on the riders on the sands.

Arinna winces at the shriek and shakes her head a bit. "Ouch. That takes away from her looks a little, no?" She starts chewing on her lower lip again, glancing from Yiasy to Iana. "You guys aren't going anywhere just yet, are you?" Nerves really start to sink in along with the heat and Rin starts picking her feet up one at a time.

Christiana winces, wanting to cover her ears. "Shards that thing is loud." Piercing would likely be a better word. She wants to look elsewhere, but eyes stay on the gold, of course. Only the shifting of her favorite egg draws away her attention. "Rin.. My egg, it's rocking!" She points happily to the Chandelier egg. Pleeeeease?

Crystalline Effulgence Gold Dragonet seems - sort of - to be getting the hang of this whole motion thing. She teeters once more, but then manages to gain something of grace, head turning so that the remaining eggs can be given a thoughtful glance. Ooh, sparkly! Her eyes whirl red, though, hunger causing a distraction, and to this end, she steps forward, gaining speed as she gallops towards the candidates, in desperate search of the one to whom she will mean everything. Her bronze brother's movement in the other direction draws a huff. He's distracting attention from /her/. She bleats again - louder, even less appealing - and rushes forward again. She'll show him.

Yiasy is watching the other candidates as well then, although her grip does lighten up on Arinna's hand then and a mumbled sorry might be heard. Still she keeps a hold of Ezemial's hand then and fights the temptation to cover her ears up after that noise, but she shakes her head back to Arinna. "No I won't. I think."

Ezemial winces as the gold lets out such a shrill call. He has to laugh, "ok.. so noone has to worry aboub not noticing here.. with that voice and that brilliant hide" He grins at the sneeze from the bronze, eyes back and forth as if he were watching a game of some sort. He grins at Jessamy, gives a nod to invariel and then squeezes feminine hands again. This is fine, just fine, noone is nervous here.

Jessamy can relax a little bit more now, surrounded by lovely people she knows. Ezzy to one side, Myia to the other, and Inve squished in there somewhere for her to lean on. She can even find the strength to watch the dragons now. Between the two that are out, she actually chooses to watch the bronze, perhaps put off by that eye-wateringly shrill yell the goldling gave. "It's all gonna be okay," she murmurs, sounding a little more confident that it's true, as she gives a squeeze to the two hands she's holding.

Myia winces along with the rest "My she's loud, pretty but still loud." the hatchlings on the move are watched though it's hard to pick which on to watch more. "I think that bronze will bond you first you know that, I think he will."

Invariel is nervous here, but he's not really showing it now, is he? His eyes speak a slightly different story as they dart from movement to movement, a glance to the galleries for someone, anyone, and then a flicker to the dragons. The bronze, then the gold… then to the candidates. So much motion, so much rush. "Who, me?" He answers, to Myia, being close to her, now.

Arinna isn't really reassured, but she gives Yiasy a slight smile anyway. "Right. Well…yeah." Deciding that remaining quite is best, she keeps doing the sand dance. Rin watches the pair of dragonets, glancing periodically back towards the other eggs. She stares hard at her couple favorites, as if her gaze alone will make them hatch. Yeah. Maybe the heat's getting to her.

Adareri keeps her eyes on both the bronze and the gold dragonets by simply turning her head slightly to watch one and then the other. "She learned how to move pretty fast. Much more graceful than that bronze fellow there…" she comments to the other candidates, though perhaps just to herself as she watches the two dragonets, wondering who will find a life-mate first.

Childlike Companion Bronze Hatchling picks up speed at the sound of the little gold's shriek. Time to find someone to protect him. Terribly oversized feet fly everywhere as he picks his path among the candidates, bearing down on his chosen one at speed. He manages to slow down, albeit not quite in time, and it's with a triumphant bugle that almost equals his sister's noise that he arrives in front of is lifemate. One huge, bronzen foot stomps down on one human, sandalled one, and as the small bronze collides with a pair of knees, he claims him. Ezemial.

Merav almost wets his pants as he gapes at the hatchlings, only to sigh as the bronze claims a lifemate.

Jessamy tilts her head towards Ezemial for a minute, glancing to the gold of the high voice and shiny hide. "Just think, if all our predictions come true, you could Impress -her-, Ezzy," she whispers, falling back on their running joke for comfort. Of course, right after she says this, the bronze… oh, he's coming in their direction, and then he's there. Right -there-. Jess, on instinct, snatches her hand away from Ezemial's, eyes getting wider than ever.

April looks at each candidate - You can just see the wheels whirling in her head. Already she has a list of who will get what, and who will get nothing. Amusement flickers over her features as she glances at the gold, then at the bronze. She wants the bronze to impress - That would mean that the gold would have one less to choose from. Not that golds could choose-Wait. Ezemial? Bronze? Her hands clasp together behind her back to keep from going over and hugging him. Was he the one who said he wouldn't IMpress? Psh. See. She was right. AHhem.

Myia claps as she drops Jess's hand "Look he picked Ezzy. Wow thats so great. COngratulations Ezemial." her eyes are now focused on the new bronze pair "I knew he would impress, I knew it." is whispered now.

Rainbows shift, prisms shatter one by one as crystal surrenders to the pressure. Sparkles fade, winking out as the shell upon which they rest crumbles and sifts downwards towards the sands. Slowly, tentatively, a pale headknob appears through the hole, then vanishes before an azure talon appears on the side. For a moment, all is still. Frozen. And then the loneliness all becomes too much to bear and the Showy Sparkling Chandelier Egg shatters into a million infinitesimally small fragments.

Courageous Fiery Blue Dragonet
Fantastic flames of white-blue heat ripple in an endless inferno over a slight, lanky form, his frame possessed of a rawly unfinished edge. Narrow shoulders slope to a smoothly curved back, his belly taut and slender while his tail is a whip of fire, 'ridges dusted with tiny stars that are echoed on his thin neck. His head is keenly chiseled, refined to the point of delicacy but imbued with a touch of gentle courage in the set of his eyes and the angle of his headknobs. Softly flowing wings are a wide mantle, sleek wingspars marked with pattern like concentric dapples while 'sails glow subtly as sheer sweeps of translucent sky. The only touch of deeper shades is a lingering hint of twilight's azure on tapering and sharp talons, the final touch on square paws and too-long limbs.

Ezemial wasn't looking in that direction when the bronze came close and was almost knocked over by the impact to his knees. He doesn't breath for a moment looking down at the little bronze in shock. His hands slip from Jessamy and Yiasy's hands and they go to the wedge shaped head in front of him. Stroking the dragon's head softly. Then the smile comes back, bigger than ever as he let's the sensations wash over him. He finally fins his voice and laughs, "Of course we can get some food, Petryth.. all the food you want.. of course!"

Yiasy only holds on now to Arinna's hand, her other dropping to her side in her haste to step back and give more room if she can, even though she keeps a watch then on her former hand holder. She tries to smile then a bit, between nerves as she hears the sound of another egg cracking out.

Invariel's hand instantly seeks Jessamy's as she lets go of Ezemial, but he's not really conscious of it. Blinking, he watches the Bronze bear down on the candidates… to sop with Ezemial. His voice hoarse - the dragon sure scared the bejeezes out of him - he shivers, despite the heat. "Congratulations…" It's offered slowly, as he continues to scan the eggs. "Petryth…" Is that disappointment there?

Arinna hears the bronze and jerks forward a little so that she can see him better. "Eze! Whooo-hoo!" She cheers, having forgotten her decision to keep quiet for a little while. Jumping up and down as much as she can while anchored to two other people, Rin tries to get a better look at what's happening down there. "Way to go! Look you guys, Eze got 'em." She squeezes Yiasy and Iana's hands briefly. "I knew he would, of course. Petryth. That's good." She's just reassuring herself again as she continues chewing on her lip. "Ok, one down…There's a blue!"

Laelyn eyes are averted from the gold as she notices the bronze going in for the…impression. She cant help but smile as the it heads for the youngest amoungst them. As he calls out the dragons name she calls out to them "Congratulation Eze and Petryth!"

Adareri looks over towards the bronze dragonet just in time to see him stumble into Ezemial, and she grins broadly. "Oh Ezemial, Congratulations!" she calls, eyes bright with excitement now instead of nerves as she turns her attention back towards the gold… and is arrested by the sight of another newly hatched dragonet. "OH, a blue! how lovely!" but really, her eyes just… head straight back to the gold.

Crystalline Effulgence Gold Dragonet narrows in upon a group of girls, and lunges towards them. Perhaps she's not the most dignified of dragons - yet - but she's not exactly easy to miss. Voice ever loud in excitement, she kicks up the sand as she moves, scattering her brilliant hide with dark granules. Hunger drives her, and that loneliness that cannot be assuaged by anything but The One, wherever that One might be. The One must be found!

Christiana gasps as she watches the Chandelier Egg hatch, then frowns. "No! You're supposed to be green!" She could even whine at this point. But she's all smiles for Ezemial. "Well done, Ez, well done!" And she simply continues to watch, eyes shifting from the blue to the gold, each demading a bit of attention. "Rin, I'm scared." Her stomachs doing that flip-flop thing.

Jessamy looks like she's about to start tearing up any minute at Ezemial speaks the dragon's name. So it's true. They're here to impress, it's not some elaborate trick to set up a buffet for the hatchlings. "Congratulations dear dear Ezzy," she says breathlessly, her hand now grabbing Invariel's automatically, just to have something to squeeze and hold on to. "Pe… Petryth?" she repeats, and just shakes her head. All of a sudden it actually seems real.

An assistant weyrlingmaster moves forward immediately, face creased with the smiles that accompany every new pairing. "Now lad, bring him off to the side here, away from all the fuss. Petryth, you say? Fine little thing he is." Big feet, though. "Come over here, now."

Myia turns her head away from the new pair to look at the new blue "Look at him isn't he nice looking, look at those colors on him too." her gaze quickly scans around for the gold then looks back to the blue.

Ez'ial takes a few moments before he comes to his senses. He ohs and nods to the weyrlingmaster. He grins at Petryth, "yeah.. foods over here.. come on" He shepards the clumsy little hatchling over towards teh weyrlingmaster. The bronze of course is all to eager to follow with the mention of food.

Yiasy blinks and then smiles as she gets a better look at the blue hatchling, even now using her free hand to point him out to someone standing near her. "Look." is all that is said before she gives Ezemial another grin and her own whispered congratulations now that he's impressed.

Invariel squeezes Jessamy's hand in something of a vicelike grip, but it's not really painful. Just tight. He looks awestruck… or would dumbstruck be a better term? Shuffling as he tries to avoid feeling the pain through the soles of his sandals, his robe begins to show signs of sweat, patches of wetness appearing as he cooks.

Arinna nods and moves closer to Iana, but keeps her other hand in Yiasy's. "Yeah, me too. I'm glad I'm not the only one. This is getting to be a bit much." Gooey dragons, heat, shrieking. More than she bargained for anyway. Rin glances at the blue and shakes her head a little. "No, Iana. He's blue not green." A sympathetic smile is flashed before she looks towards her own favorite. "I think I've got a thing for the slow ones. None of mine have really moved much yet…"

R'yn is grinning broadly, one arm going around Lymera's shoulders in celebration, pulling the Weyrwoman against him in a manner that would usually result in threats to life and limb. But this is a hatching, and impression has been made. "We've done well this time, I think. Very well, Ly."

Courageous Fiery Blue Dragonet glances down at the shattered rainbow, a small little squeak escaping from his muzzle. For a moment, he examines the remains before glancing up, wings wobbling as he slowly looks around before, awkwardly, he begins to make his way over the Istan sands, leaving a trail of egg goo in his wake.

April smiles. "Good job, Eze." She murmurs, to herself, but anyone really close could hear it, or at least make out parts of it. A glance is glanced around, like glances are normally used, and she kinda frowns. Only three eggs have hatched - For some reason that doesn't bode well with her. But then, she's never been to a hatching - who knows how fast they hatch? First impression, a bronze. Isn't that good luck or something? The blue is glanced at, but not dismissed, although it may seem like it. He's pretty, but.. she just.. doesn't like blues.

"He's very nice looking," Jessamy agrees with Myia, in a voice that's a little bit choked up. It's a good thing Inve's hand is there, otherwise Jess may well be collapsed in a puddle on the sands, after losing her initial support system. She takes a deep breath, finally actually examining the new creature on the sands. "He is handsome. Very handsome. Nice and blue," is what she murmurs, albeit distantly. She's distracted. She better just stick to squeezing people's hands, and breathing, that's about all she can handle right now.

Laelyn eyes move between the gold and the blue. Not that she is partial or anything with her father being a blue rider, and a magnificant blue it is. She smiles a bit as it takes inventory of its shattered shell, and nods at Jess and Myia "Yes he is a rather handsome fellow"

Veined Lactescence Egg shudders delicately, sliding a little in the black, sandy confines. It almost seems to be melting, such is the heat around it, but for the moment, it doesn't seem to care.

Myia nods "Look I think the gold might be getting ready to make her move, she's moving pretty fast now." the gold is watched with smiling eyes "She's very pretty, then again so are her siblings." the girls smiling gazy then turns back to the blue watching him intently.

Crystalline Effulgence Gold Dragonet stamps her foot, impatiently, as if about to break into a raging tantrum - because the one she wants isn't where she wants her to be! But - what's that? She turns, and tha angry sound turns into a soft croon, nearly melodious, delight ranging through her every motion as she races towards the one who has caught her eye, and will hold it forever. Oooh, it's /Jessamy/!

Yiasy curls her fingers up, from her free hand now as she watches the two hatchlings, keeping carefull note of where they move on the sands. She swings one hand then, nerves finally getting the better of her to get her moving at least something while she stands out there before she turns to watch the candidates again.

Adareri keeps her eyes on the gold dragonet, noting the speed at which she's moving. she must be really hungry or something. however, noticing more movement from the corner of her eye, she turns and smiles to see the blue on the sands. "He is a pretty blue…" then she looks back towards the gold just in time to see her get so close to Jessamy… and she grins, calling out congratulations again.

Myia drops Jess's hands and moves back a few steps grinning "Congrat.s Jess I knew you'd get her." all she can do is watch her friend and wait.

Veined Lactescence Egg can't help but react to the world around it, and as there's a cheer from the crowd, it wiggles some more, the surface seeming to ripple with the effort that the dragonet within exerts. But not yet…

Jessamy's breath catches again, and she find herself with her mouth hanging open in utter shock as she stares at the little creature in front of her. A moment passes, though it may well be an hour for all Jess cares, and finally she disentangles her hand from Invariel to reach out a hand to stroke over that lovely golden head. "Of course, Vaerlanth," she gasps out at long last, her wonder clear in her voice as she uses her other hand to wipe at the few tears that escaped her eyes. "Of course I will."

Invariel watches the Gold carefully, his eyes not breaking from it. The blue is afforded little curiosity, what he feels within himself echoes Myia. Ready to make a move… There's a blink as yet another dragon heads towards him. This one /can't/ impress to him, can it? He's just the regular dragon magnet. But… what ho? It's Jessamy?! Voice still hoarse, as if he's never used it before, he drops her hand. "Oh, congratulations, Jessamy!" He means it, too, if you couldn't tell.

Ez'ial looks up in time to see the gold move towards Jessamy, at the girl's confirmation and naming of the little queen his grin widens even more, "Congratulations Jess!! She's gorgeous!" He looks back to Petryth when a bunt is the response for his attention being torn from his new lifemate. He could never have known and now everything is so.. different.

Arinna glances from Iana to Yiasy to the blue. "Hey, what do you guys think of the blue?" She moves her feet a bit more as the heat sinks back in. "Oh boy." She watches watches the gold race around and gapes, pulling her hands away from Yiasy and Iana. Clapping, she jumps up a bit more, managing to keep the yelling to a decent level. "Yeah! Way to go Jess!" Grinning, she shakes her head a little and wipes her sweaty hands off on her robe. "Did you guys see that? Jessamy and Vaerlanth!"

April glances around and if one was looking one could see her face fall. Only if you're looking for it, of course. She woudln't let that much emotion show. "Good job, Jessamy!" She calls out, but her voice chokes a little on the name. Then she glances away, at the eggs.

Laelyn looks over at Jessamy and smiles as if a wish had been granted, looking rather happy that her new found friend, has found a companion worthy of her. She gives Jess a pat on the back , "Congrats Jess amd Vaerlanth" tears are in her eyes now, definatly sappy happy ones.

Christiana glances around, almost tearful at each impression. "Oh, wow." That's all she can manage. The heat nipping at her thoughts, she shifts uncomfortably. "Vaerlanth. Yes, I do believe I like that name. Poetic, in it's own right." She's about to get lost in her own thoughts if she's not careful.

Once more the weyrlingmaster's staff step forward, voices raised to be heard above the din of the hatching grounds. "Come now, bring her off to the side. Away from all that fuss. Jessamy, over here now." Messages are repeated as new pairs are instructed - more often than not several repetitions are required before the request registers.

Yiasy nods her head once more, although her congratulations are called out to the newest impressing pair and she then tilts her head to whisper something softly to Arinna. Still, it's a quick something that is said before she's back to watching the eggs then, and the hatchlings moving among them.

Laelyn looks back to the blue and smiles a bit as it wiggles for the cheering crowd, is this one gonna be a showman, she closes the slowly empty circle clasping the hand of the person near her , giving it a squeeze.

Shivering beneath the frenzied efforts of the hatchling within, the Veined Lactescence Egg rolls over onto its side, a few hairline cracks matching the veining upon the pale orb. As it rolls more steadily, back and furth as if being churned into butter, cracks grow larger, spreading across the egg's entire surface before they take over entirely - shattering the shell. In its wake, covered in the tiny shards of what was once her home, lies a dark green hatchling.

Arboreal Summer Green Dragonet
A warmly gilt sun turns brilliant the deep greens of this sleek dragon's hide, like a crisp summer fruit beaded with condensation. Stipples of pale sage mull down the smooth length of her neckridges, dappling the caliginous emerald that bathes her lithe torso in softly mottled colours reminiscent of a watermelon's smooth rind. Meanwhile, beneath the cool shelter of her rounded belly, streams of light bedeck the deep hues to turn flecks of silver to a radiant finish, like beads of moisture creeping down the base of her neck. Saturated in viridian is her tail, the virescent hues gleaming against ripples of a darker shade, as if a sweet juice dried to a stain upon the slender tip, echoed within her talons of soft ivory. Wingsails flair, as pale as summer grapes, turning darker towards the tips of her trailing edges, where earthy ripples rest like discarded seeds, touched in the watermelon red that dusts the firm lines of radiant pinions.

Jessamy nods absently, only half-hearing the command given to her - but she responds anyway, slowly making her way across the sand with Vaerlanth at her side to join Ez'ial and his bronze. At least she's with friends. The expression on her face says she's not really thinking yet, still too shocked, but she's able to give Ezzy a smile. Now, to figure out what to do with this dragonlet.

Courageous Firey Blue Dragonet's head shifts, suddenly glancing with swirling eyes towards Jessamy - an uncertain noise wobbles in his throat before dying, and his head ducks, looking intently at the hot sands as he starts moving quicker. Not looking where he's going, he's almost directionless, and likely to run into a white-robed, fine featured candidate if he's not careful.

Adareri moves closer to the group of candidates again, watching the blue, then grinning when she sees the green hatch out of her shell. "oooh, look at that green! she's gorgeous!"

Myia reaches out for the nearest hand as she turns to watch the dragonetts on the sands "Look a green has hatched, she's so dark." this one captures the girls gaze more then they others. "She's elegant, my so pretty."

Marine Fossil Egg shifts, looking almost as though it might creak, as the shell moves here and there. Almost as if someone's trying to break their way out. Could it be soon?

Invariel looks over towards the green that comes out of her shell, but doesn't play her very much mind. He's not like that, and so he won't impress. At least, he thinks that. Looking towards the blue, he bites his lip, and almost draws blood. There's a glance to G'wain and Lydiere over there on the sidelines, and he almost starts to make his way over, his feet shuffling just a little… but in the end, he stops himself.

Lydiere's gaze follows Jessamy, somewhat hesitantly satisfied - as though she's pleased, even if she says nothing. The eggs are given wary glances, as she watches for motion, the newest green considered with a firm nod of her head. "Pretty," she says, to G'wain, nudging him with her elbow, grinning as they exchange further, muted commentary.

Laelyn watches the blue move around, sending him hopeful thoughts that he doesnt fall down since he isnt watching where he is going, but knowing enough to stay in line even if he does. Her eyes move toward other eggs as they hatch spilling their contents, the Dark green hatchling catching her eyes before moving back to the blue.

Arinna moves her gaze back to the sands. "Ok, two down." She can't help but count. "Oh, a green! Look!" She tries to keep one eye on the newly hatched green, and another on the wandering blue, but it doesn't quite work and so she gives the green her attention. "There's the green, Iana. What do you guys think of /her/?" She grins and reaches out for her friends' hands again. "Now that's a pretty one."

Finally! Green! Split somewhere between elation and uncertainty, Christiana watches intently. "Rin, they're not pretty. They're sticky and gross. But I guess they'll *grow* to be elegant. Isn't that how it works?" Iana is rather fond of the colouring, however.

Arboreal Summer Green Dragonet views the world with wide, whirling eyes, her dappled form shaking as it tries to remove the egg goo from its back. Elegant? Maybe just sitting there, but the moment that she moves, she topples to the ground, tripping over some of the eggshell that she just emerged from. Bleating in a soft alto, she pauses once more. Perhaps not moving would be a good idea? Hunger drives her onwards, as she stumbles towards candidates.

Courageous Fiery Blue Dragonet suddenly halts, mere milimetres away from bowling over Laelyn, wobbling awkwardly in his attempt to stop. Suddenly, a chiseled nose pokes the hand that she has clasped with another. Imprudently, the nose nudges again. Ahem. Ahem. Head lifts, gaze fixing demandingly - hopefully - on Laelyn's face.

Yiasy is bobbing her head as she continues to nod along, gaze flitting from one hatchling to another as she watches the two out on the sands now before her hand tries to swing Arinna's arm once more, more fidgety as time goes on and then a quick glance toward on candidate and then back to the blue.

Like the sound of breaking glass, shards shiver and break away. The sea has withdrawn, and life can not exist without water but it seems that there is life here. Hidden within death is life and where once an egg lay, now stands the Desert Poet Brown Hatchling.

Desert Poet Brown Dragon
Dry peaks ripple down fine neck, dusted red by a dry desert wind. Spilt honey oozes over to mask blunt muzzle and continues down to smooth and caress over sleek chest and elegant forepaws. Honey deepens and darkens to a molasses dipped tail and fineboned haunches reflect the sculptured form of this dragon, accentuating each curve with golden-brown richness. His undercarriage is dusted with red, almost as if has been slinking along the ground. Copper wings drape over fineboned body, shined and buffed to perfection. His body reflects that around him, mirroring and hiding.

Myia looks down the line as she sees the blue has chosen "Look the blue he's gone to…to Laelyn I think." craning her head even more she looks with a grin on her face "COngrat.s Laelyn." shifting around with he feet growing hotter by the moment she looks back to see where the green has moved to.

Invariel watches the Marine Fossil egg with some interest as shifts. His lips pursed, still, they must be cramping by now. Balancing precariously, he tries to rub at his sore foot, and billow his robe, but almost falls over. Still dancing from foot to foot, he tries to cool himself down anyway he can.

Laelyn releases the hands of the candies either side of her and kneels in front of the blue, tears slowly falling down her face. The look of disbelief quickly replaced by a look of someone who has finally met their soulmate after so much searching, She nods at the dragon responding to an unspoken thought, "Of course we can get you something to eat, Liraeth" she looks up to the weyrlingmaster hopefully as she moves to the edge of the sands.

Adareri instinctively moves towards the green when she sees the little dragonet topple, but then she steps back among the candidates. hearing the congrats to Laelyn, she then notices the blue close to her and beams. "Oh, congrats Laelyn! a nd Liraeth." she grins.

Desert Poet Brown Dragon emerges from the ruined shards of his egg, finding his feet with relative ease. Turning, he ignores the rest of the sands, shunning the noise and confusion for an inspection of his egg shards. Ooooh. He pushes at one with his nose for a moment, shakes his head, after he finds it stuck to his muzzle, and retreats. Perhaps time to examine the sands. All in the interests of science, of course. He sets off towards the nearest bunch of candidates, head tilted back to examine each one. One couldn't make an uninformed choice!

Arinna shrugs. "I still think this one is looking better than the others have. Not that I'd actually want to touch them or anything." She's not usually one to be overly concerned with goop, but who knows how long it takes that stuff to come off. "The blue- Liraeth. And Laelyn!" She can't clap this time, but she can yell. "Whooo-hooo!" Jumping a bit, she manages to shake her hair back into her face. With no hand available to shove it back into its binding, she tilts her head so that it's at least out of her face. "Oh, and a brown! Anybody else think this is happening too fast?"

Dappled Greens Egg begins rock, a rolling, hypnotic movement shifting from side to side.

Jessamy catches the sound of Laelyn's name being called out, and she looks up from her tender caring for little Vaeranth. "Oh Ezzy, look," she murmurs, a smile now permanently affixed to her face. "A blue, with 'Lyn." Then she pauses, turning her eyes back on the dragon in front of her. "Of course he's not as pretty as you. Now eat some more, you must be starved… oh please, just a little more." Such reluctance.

R'yn is busy cheering and applauding each new pairing, Zippith adding the odd trumpet as well. The pair are thoroughly involved, calling out congratulations and pointing out impressions to the riders nearby, as though they might not notice.

Arboreal Summer Green Dragonet has Hungry Eyes(tm), seeking candidates as she staggers forwards. Almost falling once more she stops in the middle of the hatching sands, drawing herself away from the galleries, away from the larger clumps of candidates. Bumping into Maver, she sits down hard, on her backside, a croon emitting as she searches for the one to call her own. After resting, she starts to make a move again, something, or someone withing the candidates spurring her.

Ez'ial looks up just in time to give a grin and a congratulations to Laelyn, "Congrats!" He grins over at Jessamy where he's standing scratching between Petryth's wings diligently. He nods to Jessamy,"and another lovely one too.. and yes.. very fast, too fast!" He grins and picks a few shards of ruby shell off of Petryth's back as he's trying to brush off sand and such. He keeps these in his hand though, and grins.. and grins.

Myia looks at the brown for a moment then looks back to the green "Shes very beautiful, look at her colors, so dark." she winces noticablly "I hope shes okay and that she didn't hurt herself."

Invariel blinks. What's that? A Brown? Invariel clutches at anyone's hand, purely unconsciously. He wouldn't admit that he needs the reassurance to anyone, but the simple clasping of a hand is more comforting than anything else, than even words. "Congratualtions," he says again, eyes focused on the Desert Poet.

Yiasy is grinning as she watches Laelyn move off with the blue that claimed her, her congratulations called out softly as she watches them walk away toward the other pairs and her gaze then goes back to the hatchlings on the sands, still seeking out their lifemates and she frowns as she considers the brown and then the green.

Adareri gives a concerned look to the green as she falters again, but this time she just quivers it seems, as she holds herself back from trying to go help the dragonet, knowing her help probably isn't wanted. then she seems to realize the others have mentioned a brown, and she looks around. "He's a fine fellow. Looks rather… diligent." is her comment on the brown.

Laelyn moves to the side with the others , going strait to the offered meat and giving it to her new lifemate, "There ya go now, dont eat too fast" her voice is the tone of sisterly affection mixed with maternal worry. She looks up to Ez'ial and Jessamy once she has started feeding Liraeth "Thank you "

Christiana is holding her breath and only Rin is reminding her to breathe. There's a dull ache in her belly, the nervousness getting to her. Her heart aches for the little green, still searching for her 'mate. There are real tears now, after Laelyn's impression. "I'm just so proud of everyone!" So she's getting a bit cheesy, but she can't help it.

April is just kinda standing now. Shifting foot to foot, trying to keep her feet from burning off or searing off of whatnot. Each dragon that hatches is glanced at, but not really paid attention to. A hand goes to her head as if she has a headache, which, by all means, would be bad. The candidates - Or the ones left, at least - Are glanced at as well, still pegged for whatever colour she thinks they're going to impress. She's been right so far. Or almost at least.

Arinna eyes Iana for a moment before grinning. "Yeah." She starts chewing on her lower lip again as she periodically has to shake hair back from her face. The nerves fade a bit, but Rin keeps rocking back and forth on her heels. "At least you two haven't left me yet." It is a bit selfish but everything can be blamed on the heat.

Desert Poet Brown Dragon continues his inspection, poking his nose up close to each candidate as he nears them, making a full examination. One must compare, contrast, evaluate. Only perfection will do! This little dragon knows what he wants, and he's prepared to search for it. With a toss of his honeyed head, he too has a look at Maver, the poor candidate yelping as he backs away in surprise. But he's not the one, and the little brown treks on!

Arboreal Summer Green Dragonet, spurred by the promise of food and someone to call her own, takes three steps at a time, and tumbles head over tail towards a brown-haired candidate. Sprawling to a halt, muzzle between the candidate's feet, she raises lidded eyes towards a beacon of light in her world… Adareri.

The Dappled Greens Egg shudders as hairline cracks ripple through the swirls of emeralds and forest. Yet it is the fuzzy green blanket that gives way first, parting to reveal an egg goo covered, dark hatchling: Enchanted Starlit Midnight Dragonet

Enchanted Moonlit Midnight Blue Dragonet
Whimsical whirls of starlight bloom over serene midnight dragonhide, the scattered pastel flourishes a radiant contrast to the deep, tranquil night. Chalky sky blue kisses this petite dragon's head, blooming between the twin headknobs to extend soft rays to caress the darkness around each eye. Fragile form is highlighted by the lingering twilight, soft shade dwelling on the dragon's underbelly and echoed with hints of lavender to marble each neckridge. Darkest blue is the delicate wingbones, elegantly arching, draping an enchanted wingmembrane pulsing waves of icy crystal catching comets of moonlight in its midst.

Myia watches with a soft smile as the green moves to and bonds with Adareri "Oh congrat.s Aareri, she's beautiful." is all the girl can really think to say. Turning away her gaze moves across the sands to look at the new blue and the traviling brown.

Adareri gasps as she looks down into the green's eyes, and her grin widens as she kneels down on the sands to hug her new life-mate. "OH Merenth, you're wonderful!" she feels like shouting, but she carefully keeps her voice controlled so as not to overburden her precious lifemate. "Let's get you something to eat, shall we?"

Ez'ial looks up when he hears Adareri's voice name a dragon and gives a cheer, "yeah Adareri! Congratulations!"

Arinna leans forward so that she can get a glimps of the green. "Adareri and Merenth. I like that. Way to go!" She grins and spares a glance for the two other dragonets on the sands. "Ok, a blue and a brown." Rin squeezes Yiasy and Iana's hands as if to reassure her that they're both still there.

Stained Viridian Egg suddenly cracks - in two, no less - producing a rather rounded, plump green. The little creature begins moving almost before the eggshards settle on the ground, waddling its way towards Merav. "Idioth!" cries M'av with joy, tears glittering in his eyes.

Yiasy turns then to watch the newest hatchling, before she turns back to Adareri as she is claimed by the green. "She's lovely," is called out and then a quick glance to the brown, to note where he is at and then her gaze drifts once more back towards the newest blue hatchling. She squeezes Arinna's hand back then, nodding along.

Invariel twists his head to the left as he hears another congratulations. It's all happening so fast, all around him. "Congratulations," he mumbles, mentally counting the number of eggs. Not many left. Depression starts to creep up on him from behind, the first whispers evident in a slumping of the shoulders.

Jessamy doesn't catch on until Ez'ial speaks, so caught up is she in the -fascinating- task of… feeding Vaeranth. "C'mon, just eat a -little- more. No, your brother's not a hog, he's just hungry, and so are - " She cuts off, and looks up. Ada… Ada? "Adareri! Merenth…" Oh, it's going too fast now. She can't keep track. M'av is missed entirely.

Adareri beams down at Merenth and carefully helps her off to the side, to accept the food that's given to her which she then carefully helps the little green to eat. "Don't eat so fast, dear. the food isn't going anywhere." she chastises quietly, her eyes brimming with new love down at her lifemate, though she does spare a large grin for the other newly impressed pairs.

Lyn looks over at her dragon eyes unfocusing the way riders do when they are speaking to their lifemate, "I like it to, Lyn it is" she smiles and gives her dragon some more meat. She looks up as Adareri impresses, "Congratulations" she calls out before her dragon calls her attention again.

Christiana frowns a bit as the green goes elsewhere, but it's soon erased by the moment. Too many emotions! Each impression gets a congratulations and a bright smile and Iana is content, trying to forget about the heat. She moves her arms back and forth just a tiny bit, trying to cool off.

"Good job, M'av." Is murmured to the new greenrider. April glances at the stack of eggs, glances at the pile of candidates and then stares at the ones who have impressed already. She debates flopping on the sand, but decides, no, that would be really hot. Instead she shifts feet again and rests her weight on the other leg.

Arinna frowns as her favorite egg produces a green. A green that goes to M'av. "Idioth. Interesting one. Good Job!" She shrugs her shoulders a little and looks back at the other two hatchlings. "Oh well. What else have we got here…" She pauses to shake hair back from her face before glancing from Yiasy to Iana.

Myia looks up as M'av and Idioth find each other "Thats a good match to be sure."

Enchanted Moonlit Midnight Dragonet does a good impression of a cannon ball as he races down the sand mound, heading at full-speed in direction. It looks like that thin, pimple-prone teenager who keeps on trying to chat up the Weyrwomen is the target. Wait! No! He changes direction again, wings flapping uselessly as he darts off on a tangent, heading directly for Zippith. Maybe Pa will find himself Impressed?

Desert Poet Brown Dragon treks on, perhaps tiring a little - he's drooping, peering more desparately into faces as he tries to find his one. And then he spots one, off, in the distance. Is that the one? Is /she/ the one? A sheet of ebony hair catching his eye. This one's beginning to droop, just like him. But surely a solution might be found? A scientific solution? He shoulders aside a miner lad as he begins to make his way towards the prospect.

R'yn laughs aloud, stepping back as Zippith lowers his head, his low, bass rumble amused. With the gentlest of movements, he noses the little one back towards the sands, guiding him carefully. Thattaway, son. They're all out there. The contrast between the great bronze's head and that of his tiny offspring is remarkable.

April doesn't seem to notice the brown. Or anything for that matter. She's off in her own little world, digging a toe in the sand and finding it, yet again, too hot to sit on. Shoulders droop a little as she looks at the impressed pairs again, in particular the gold and her new lifemate. Then she takes a deep breath and starts looking other places, spotting the brown and raising a brow at it. Hello?

Yiasy fights back a nervous giggle as she points out the now charging blue to Arinna, who probably already saw it of course. Her fidgeting has grown less now, as more and more of the eggs hatch and becomes more caught up in watching who they head to on the sands.

Arinna laughs as the blue finds Zippith and she grins at Yiasy. "Oh, that'd be great. Not possible I don't think, but great." She lets go of Yiasy and Iana so that she can wipe her hands off on her robe again, but quickly reaches back for her friends. "Ok, well." And that's all Rin has to say. She starts rocking on her heels again, more for something to do now than because of the heat.

Myia shifts from foot to foot, shaking a few grains of sand from her sandals "My they keeping hatching and impressing so fast." the blue and the brown are watched carefully "I wonder which will bond next."

Invariel rubs at his eyes with a hand, from one second to the next, the eggs seem to be diminishing in number. There are… What? Three left? Perhaps less? Invariel takes a deep breath as the already slumped shoulders are joined by the slightest of droops of the head, an echo of the movements of April.

Desert Poet Brown Dragon lifts his head. Hello indeed! With a small trumpet - it produces a sound which seems to surprise him - he picks up speed. He's investigated, he's examined, he's evaluated. This one is the one! This one combines all the necessary qualities. This one is perfect. And this one will be all his. Gazing up into a face he'll watch forever, he croons in bliss. She's his! His April!

Enchanted Moonlit Midnight Dragonet never skips a beat, smoothly continue in his lopping progress, speeding out back towards The White Robed Ones. He is so direct, in fact, that he nearly has a head-on collision with an egg. Luckily, he just misses - Ysmalath crooning a warning from behind - and continues towards the pack, when suddenly tail gets in the way of legs, which get in the way of wings, and looking rather too much like a yoga experiment gone wrong, he goes head over heels, landing almost at the feet of a certain long, ash haired young lady with green-brown eyes.

Frosted Elegance Egg rocks to and fro, the dragon within struggling to break free of its icy prison but unable to… yet.

April blinks a few times. Then.. She gasps. A very audible, loud gasp. Then she starts to shake her head a little. Denial? She takes a step back. Denial. It's a joke! It's not happening. It's just them trying to fool her into thinking she has this thing. But then.. that voice in her mind.. She stumbles and fall straight on her backside, starting to sob. "You're real? You're really mine?" Is asked hesitantly, wistfully to the brown. Then.. "Griffith!" A cry of shock and amazement and just pure love as she throws herself foward and throws her arms around the little brown's neck. "Griffith!"

Ez'ial peers at Petryth, "no, it does /not/ taste better if you eat it faster.. chewing makes it taste better.. I am not making that up.. chew it /first/" He looks up when he hears April's voice and cheers, "Congratulations April! Griffith is a fine dragon!" He gets bunted and eyes Petryth, "you will not starve if you take time to chew.."

Yiasy is grinning back to Arinna then, her attention caught first by the sight of the brown as he carefully evaluates across the group of candidates, and she nervously fusses with one hand at her robe, wiping it off before grins even wider. "Congratulations April. He's lovely."

Myia looks arouns as the brown moves to April "Congratulations April he's very handsome." with a tiring gaze she looks back at the remaning eggs and the blue hatchling.

Arinna turns her gaze from the blue to the brown. "April? April! Way to go! Griffith. Neat!" She pulls a bit on Yiasy and Iana's hands as leans forward to see better. Straightening back up, Rin sighs. "I don't know how much longer I can do this." She starts picking her feet up one at a time again, glancing down at the sandals. She's just been in here far too long.

Jessamy finally gives an exasperated sigh at the stubborn queen in front of her, and gives up. "Fine, you can stop eating now, if you really want to… but later I'm going to make you eat more," she murmurs, trying to sound stern but ending up just stroking that shimmery hide with all the love in the world. "What?" she asks, blinking as people start yelling again. "Oh, April!" she says, sounding delighted. How marvelous.

April calls to Griffith and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Christiana squeals at April's impression. "She did it!" The tears of joy pour again. The brown is given a nod of approval. "We shouldn't have that much longer to worry about it, Rin. This is going fast enough, I hope." Not much of a sands conversationalist at the moment.

April leads the brown, HER brown over to the feeding station and starts to feed him. She's lost in her own world, not listening or answering at the moment. Don't try. :) (BRB)

Enchanted Moonlit Midnight Dragonet tries to untangle himself, but to no avail. Tail goes here, legs go here, right? Or do legs go here, and tail goes here? The nearby candidate is looked up, the dragonet's expression almost pathetic. He's got great dreams, but he needs a little help untangling before they can get anywhere with them.

Soft, delicate swathes of lace ripple from sides, the opalescent shards of the Luxurious Lingerie Egg shimmering in the light, as they lie sparkling upon the sands. Ruffle after ruffle gives way to reveal a Pompous Mediterranean Brown Hatchling, caught within the undulating folds.

Pompous Mediterranean Brown Hatchling
Beneath the rays of a swollen sun, streaming trails of crisp, golden brown drape in luxurious stipples upon the sculpted torso of this nimble brown. Rich, orange-touched terracotta patterns his neck, stretching out to the mosaic-patterned expanse of his flanks, where soft striations of green and blue match the warm browns that envelop him from head to tail. Meanwhile, his belly is curved in near-gold shades, like a deep pool of olive-oil that spreads in its liquid caress towards the gentle fork of his precisely formed tail, coating his talons in a thick layer of darker brown. His pinions blaze with the richness of near-black loam, the colour caressing towards the very tips of those fluttering wingsails, where summer's growth of wheat and oats grow warm and tall in rich, golden yellow.

Invariel catches the impression of the Desert Poet Brown, and droops even more. April's impressed. That means certain things. Mingled with the sweat of his face, his eyes start to cloud a little. He will not cry. No. He will /not/. A gasp as another brown emerges… Perhaps he does have a chance, afterall?

Myia looks at the brown the they new brown "Another brown,.." she's not getting tired really, nor is getting disapointed either looking at Invariel "Not to worry Inve, if not today then maybe another, right?."

Pompous Mediterranean Brown Hatchling wobbles, somewhat gracelessly, as he steps out of his egg, immediately rushing into the world with a pompous trumpet. His wings are pushed down beside him, nestled against his taut body as he treads through the sand, sending it flying about himself.

Arinna laughs at the blue, then looks towards the brown. "Well, we've got one that needs help right here. And there's another brown." She knows Yiasy and Iana can see, but talking helps take her mind off of the heat. Shaking her now slightly damp hair back from her face, she shifts closer to Iana. "Well, here's another…interesting one." She grins and tilts her head towards the brown.

Yiasy holds a bit tighter to Arinna's hand, shaking the other hand for a moment or two and then glancing from one hatchling to the other. She nibbles on her lower lip for a moment or two as she glances toward the blue hatchling, nodding slightly and then telling Rin something again.

Liraeth looks impatiently up at Yiasy, a trumpeting complaint loud on his lips. There is, however, one thing he can do to force her hand. His eyes look up into hers, eyes awhirl with everything from lilac to the deepest midnight

Christiana remembers to breath a few more times. This heat is more than conducive to passing out and her parents would just die if she did that. So instead, she forces the butterflies in her stomach to chill out for a little while. "Not too much longer." She's still making the cooling down motion with her arms, though she knows it's useless.

Enchanted Moonlit Midnight Dragonet looks impatiently up at Yiasy, a trumpeting complaint loud on his lips. There is, however, one thing he can do to force her hand. His eyes look up into hers, eyes awhirl with everything from lilac to the deepest midnight

Pompous Mediterranean Brown Hatchling has style - really. Sort of. His tail snakes out behind him, as if it is doing the balancing for him, and the brown - large, to say the least - races forward. There's not enough time to waste, because he's got an agenda: he /knows/ what needs to be done. Head held high, stride almost swaggering, he peers at a few of the candidates, as if considering them cautiously, and then moves on.

Myia would have nearly missed Yiasy's impression is a bit of movement hadn't caught her eye "Congrat.s Yiasy." is called out across the bit of sand, the brown is turned to and watched with mild interest.

Yiasy is helping then, where she didn't want to before as only now she reaches out toward the midnight shaded blue that is so close. "Well, I wasn't supposed to help you before Serwynth." And then, all pretense of composure is gone as she tries to help that blue, her blue get righted on the sands then.

Invariel squeezes the hand he's holding, almost subconsciously, and lets a regretful smile come to his lips. His friends, dragonriders. That's all of them now. Still, he will /not/ let a tear touch his face. Not one. He watches the next hatchling with apprehension. And, a tinge of fear. What if … it was a waste of time? Except for the friendships that he has forged, and the work he would otherwise not have done. No. Not a waste. A learning experience.

Arinna jerks back away from Yiasy, stepping even closer to Iana. Hesitating, she debates whether to grab her friend back or start clapping. The clapping seems to be the best option, but with only one hand? Cheering then. "Yeah! Congrats Yiasy!" She glances at Iana and points towards. "Look! Yiasy and Serwynth!" She uses her spare hand to finally push the hair back from her face as she looks towards the brown.

Meanwhile, Deliquiated Ocean Egg decides to join in the fun; the ocean parts, to reveal a slight little brown with little splotches all over him. Poor Halari finds herself in the ugly creature's path and H'ari thus impresses Hogwarth. "Wow! It's like magic!"

Jessamy sees this one, she's actually looking at the right place, at the right time, and sees it, despite Vaeranth's insistance on being the sole receiver of the girl's attention. "Oh, Yiasy!" she says, just smiling, without any other way to express all the various emotions floating around. "Yiasy just impressed that blue," she murmurs, just in case it weren't obvious enough, before she's called back to stroke her hands over Vaeranth's hide. She must, after all, dote accordingly.

Ez'ial is almost eye to eye with Petryth trying to teach him to chew despite the bronze's insistance that things taste beter when not chewed. He hears Yiasy and gives a cheer, "Yeah Yiasy and Serwynth!" Petryth is so startled he sits right down on his behind rather awkwardly. Ez'ial grins and shakes his head, helping the little guy up again before letting him have more meat.

Frosted Elegance Egg shivers in the heat of the sands, its outer covering being tested and forced away from itself. Soon. Soon.

Yiasy calls to Serwynth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

April finally seems to snap out of her 'trace' when Griffith nips her fingers. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She apologizes. "I won't. I'm sorry." She falls to her knees again and hugs the brown so tightly he squeaks. "I'm sorry." Girl bursts back into tears once again. Luckily, Griffith is full enough that he can comfort his new lifemate enough to calm her.

Pompous Mediterranean Brown Hatchling shows impatient in the length of his stride, the whirl of his eyes. He lunges forward, but finds nothing - his search continuing as he steps this way and that, desperate to find the other piece of his heart, as yet seeing no sign.

A'reri calls to Merenth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Yiasy is still working on getting Serwynth straightened out so they can both walk on over to the edge of the sands, at least one hand staying on that dark hide as they make slow progress towards the others standing there and she's back to mumbling again softly, although at least this time it's to someone.

Starlit Majesty has been quiet for most of the hatching, but it's not dead. No. It's just been waiting. Meanwhile, Leord, the almost youngest candidate on the sands, has been in tears. Not only has his rather hairy feet been cooked, but he hasn't found the thing he's been searching for. Suddenly, a little blue pops out of the Majesty of Starlight, and heads straight towards him. "My quest is complete! I'm L'ord of the Ringith!"

Lyn is finished feeding Liraeth..for now.. and stands near him one hand on his neck, she looks over him with pride and adoration before looking over at the sands and the remaining candidates and eggs.

Myia shakes her head "It's going so fast to fast." is just barely whispered out as she watches the blues bond then looking to the brown thats still searching.

Arinna doesn't notice H'ari or L'ord, but she does watch the brown. "Look at the brown, Iana." She points towards him, still shifting from foot to foot. She grins as Yiasy and Serwynth draws her attention and she watches them walk away. "Isn't it great? Just us now, huh?"

Ez'ial grins as the next hatching occurs and a name is cried out. He calls out congratulations before being bunted and peers at the very full bronze belly, "you are /not/ hungry… I can tell.. you won't starve and there will be more later" Ez rolls his eyes, "no you can't have a snack to tide you over"

Invariel smiles at the new Impressions and riders, and a tear does trickle down his cheek. Just one. And then, a matching tear on the other cheek. He blinks a couple of times, overcome with happiness and pride for being here, for being able to watch all of this. And yet, sadness and shame at the same time. It's not so bad. He thinks to himself, 'It's not so bad at all. I can be a guard again.' Not so bad. Another tear rolls down his cheek. He swears to blame it on the heat.

"The Impressions are quite beautiful." That's apparent by the tears on Christiana's face. "It must be nice, to find a bond like that." She feels awfully alone as well, gripping Rin's hand even tighter.

The white of the Frosted Elegance egg seems to glow from within for a moment, bubbles on the surface rising to break. A more furious pace ensues before a black encrusted talon slices through, pushing until the egg breaks. Shards ripple and flow away from Energetic Sidekick Bronze Dragonet, leaving him covered in goo, the fire within, without.

Energetic Sidekick Bronze Dragonet
Burnished clouds spread in heavy dissonance, colouring the world in musky hues of rich salmon, ashen grey, and gilded gold. Like a thundercloud, the sky darkens about his angular head, yet a flash of illuminated cinnamon breaks the dull, oppressive hue as it forms a forked pattern that makes a sharp path down the left side of his muzzle, originating from just below a russet headknob. The veil of soot that shrouds his head flows into gentle brass, the tint continuing into mainsails - cromcoal dusts his wings liberally when unfurled, and this adds to a sense of muted grandeur. The cinnabar becomes subtler as it passes over flanks and reaches the hindquarters, only to flow into shadowy bronze, capped by obsidian talons that look vicious in any light.

A'reri just stands quietly on the sidelines, making sure Merenth has enough to eat, and pretty much just spending all her time wrapped up in conversation with her new lifemate. Though she does call out appropriate congratulations at times, when she occasionally becomes aware of externals again.

Pompous Mediterranean Brown Hatchling hesitates, wavering beside a certain candidate as his eyes grow wide - whirling fast - and he /leans/… Oh! Arinna, there you are. Thank goodness for that. Eyes meet eyes, heart meets heart, and two souls are bound forever as one.

Arinna nods, but not as enthusiastically as before. "Yeah, I guess." She sniffs a bit and lets her bangs fall forward into her face. Rin does not cry. Ever. Her attention is drawn as another egg cracks, though, and Rin looks the bronze over. "Wow, look at that one…more gooeyness." Her head snaps up as she finds herself looking into the brown's eyes. "Aesiveth? Oh, yeah. Forever." She kneels down, letting her hand slip out of Iana's. She laughs a little, putting her hand out to brush against his hide. "Aesiveth."

Energetic Sidekick Bronze Dragonet is a bundle of energy, if you hadn't guessed already. One moment he's out of his egg, the next, he's over bounding at a dead run towards a clump of candidates. Has Pern invented bowling yet? If not, then here it is, right now. Strike! Candidates dive out of the way as a spray of sand flies up at them, the Bronze halting just short. Almost comically, he delicately sniffs at a hem, before shouldering that particular lad aside.

Christiana moves herself quickly out of the way, predicting the intentions of the incoming brown. "Rin!! You did it, too!!" The fact that she's now standing alone is lost to her at the moment, as she's wrapped up in elation for her best friend. "Wow.." Eyes span the rest of the caverns. What now? Cry for Rin! "Oh! Rin and Aesiveth! Just, wow!"

Ez'ial loks up in time to give another cheer for Arinna, "Congratulations!" He calls then is promptly pressed into service as a back scratcher once more. Though by the look on his face you can easily surmise that he's not at all opposed to this particular occupation.

Myia sighs loudly as the brown goes to Arinna "Oh Arinna Congratulations. Arinna and Aesiveth, thats just perfect." eyes turn and she looks back to the newly emerged bronze "Look at him, he knows where he's going."

Jessamy almost misses this one too, but yet again - yells catch her ear, and she tears herself away from her own lifemate to look and see who has been chosen this time. "Oh, Arinna!" she says, sounding almost overwhelmed. The day has been so long, every new bit of delight is almost too much. "I can't believe this is all happening."

Lydiere's eyes follow Impression, and rest upon the new weyrlings; she smiles, warmly, to any that catch her eyes, as she clutches on G'wain's arm, far too excited for her own good.

Invariel finishes blinking back his tears, and looks up again, noticing the candidates diving out of the way of the incoming dragonet. He tenses himself, releasing the hand of the candidate he was holding, and prepares to jump, should the dragonet attempt to barrel through him. Noting that another pair has been formed, that smile touches his lips again. He hopes that they are as happy for each other as he is for them all.

The pimple-studded candidate's complexion matches his robe as he points towards the bronze. "Him! He's going to be mine!" It's a royal declaration on high from The One Who Has Spent Most Of His Candidacy Cleaning Out Ick Things In Punishment. The dragons are never wrong. But in a couple of cases, they do seem to pick certain people just to tease their riders. He spares a moment to leer in the direction of the goldriders. "Can't wait for the next 'flight."

G'wain's expression mirror's Lydiere's, a broad grin. There's a glance to the candidates that have so far been left, but it's only fleeting. They'll have other changed, perhaps.

Arinna giggles and stands back up, moving off towards the other candidates. "Come on." She rests a hand on his shoulder, not willing to break contact as they make their way over towards the others. That grin is back in place as she glances quickly up at the people calling her name, but she returns her gaze even quicker to the brown beside her. "Food. Right."

April has been silent a long while. Griffith looks at her and lets out a croon of worry. It seems the girl is fast asleep in her dragonet's, uh, arms? Her own arms are still wrapped around the brown's, and she's even snoring a little. How can someone fall asleep at a hatching? It's just so wrong!

Yiasy glances up, a quick darting wave given in Arinna's direction before she is back to feeding Serwynth, holding back somewhat as she tries to get him to at least chew once in the eating before wanting the next.

Arinna calls to Aesiveth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Energetic Sidekick Bronze Dragonet seems to consider something, head tilted to the side. The Pimple faced boy - otherwise known as Daft, is headbutted out of the way, with a shoulder for good measure. Leaving the group open to more scrutiny, the dragonet takes his time, with each new candidate being examined - male and female alike - with equal fervor.

The Pimple Studded one lands on his behind, a strange stink escaping from suddenly damp robes as he covers his face. "Help! I'ts going to get me! It's going to get me!"

Myia laughs at Daft "You wherry head he's just not impressed by you. he has better taste then that I think."

Christiana eeps at the nosy bronze. She'd shoo it away, but has a feeling that it will pass in time. At least that's one thing she knows about dragons. Almost over. Hot. Can she leave now? But even a laugh escapes her lips, watching Daft. Serves the boy right.

Invariel blinks, and turns his gaze to the lad. Walking over slowly, he offers a hand to the boy, while keeping his attention on the dragonet. A bronze! But… No. It couldn't happen. His gaze flicks back between Daft and the bronze, warily.

Lymera points and laughs, as any good Weyrwoman would do. "Serves him right!" She's apparently not swept off her feet by Daft. Surprisingly enough. "He's not going to claw you, kid!" Nose wrinkles, and Lymera makes a face. "You might want to go and change out of those robes."

Arinna and Aesiveth reach their destination, but as she reaches for the meat she hears Daft. "Oh boy." She shakes her head and laughs as she turns her attention back to feeding her brown. "Yeah, I think he is too." Aesiveth starts chomping on the meat while Rin gazes down at him. Could he be any more perfect? Of course not.

What couldn't happen? The Energetic Sidekick Bronze sniffs along the row, and stops at Myia. Who're you calling Wherry-wuss? As long as it's not him, he passes her by. But wait… There's one. Slowly, surely he advances on the one with brown hair, hiding amongst other candidates. You. Realising that this one is indeed his, he bounces towards Invariel, crashing into his legs, though thankfully not at full speed. Looking up, two souls weave together, and become one.

Myia watches with a grin as the bronze goes to Invariel "I Knew he was yours Inve." watching the two carefully she waits for the name of the hatchling to be said for all to hear.

April is nudged awake by someone, and blearily looks over the sands to see Invariel with a bronze. Slowly she crawls to her feet, biting her lip in hope. "C'mon Inve." Griffi gives his own little squawk of encouragement.

Arinna glances up from the meat she's holding long enough to cheer. "Way to go, Inve! " She shakes her head, but Rin's attention is, of course, quickly drawn back to the hungry Aesiveth.

Invariel finally breaks. His emotional floodgate decides that it's not standing to take any more punishment, and tears of happiness stream down his cheeks as he wraps his arms around the bronze. "Zreth, now we can dine." So long as his lifemate isn't picky about somewhat slimy food. Letting go, he stands, tries to regain his composure, fails miserably, and leads his bronze to the food.

Humidity brings forth the frizz in Christiana's dark kinky hair and coaxes a thin sheen of perspiration to her skin, but she doesn't seem to care how she looks just now. She's staring at Invariel as he makes Impression, relief showing in the way her shoulders slump slightly. Finally, it might all be over.

Lydiere's eyes shift around the sands - she catches Invariel's Impression, smiling - seeking for eggs left amid the shards; evidently, she finds none. Her head is shaken, somewhat regretfully, as she watches the candidates left over, dismal. "That's the lot, then."

Ez'ial is laughing about something, one can only guess he's either lost his mind or he's laughing at something Petryth has said. He looks up upon hearing Invariel's voice and gives another raucous cheer, "Congratulations Inve and Zreth!"

Jessamy watches Daft the second she hears the boy yell, and tries to keep an appropriately sympathetic look on her face. Of course it doesn't work, and she has to clap a hand to her mouth to avoid giggling and the poor boy's predicament… no one really likes him. Even Vaeranth is radiating amusement at the stinky one's plight. But then Inve comes into the picture. Inve, Inve and… Zreth. That's just the final straw, and the tears come again. "Congratulations Invariel," she says, though it doesn't come out the yell that she intended, but just a whisper. It's perfect.

Myia smiles with relief as it's all over, looking over at Iana "It' all over huh? Time to look toward other things now." she's not upset in the least, turning her gaze to the riders she waits for further instuctions.

G'wain can't help but beam as Invariel impresses the bronze on the sands. "YEAH! GO INVARIEL!" And now that that outburst has occured, (he probably meant it as a whisper - he's compensating for Jessamy, of course) he sees that there are no more eggs left. "I suppose it's time to give out our presents. Well, when they're a little more settled, that is."

Lymera sighs, leaving behind R'yn with a slight frown, before heading towards the non-impressed Candidates. "That's the last of the eggs." State the obvious. "Which doesn't mean you guys won't find your lifemates - Ysmalath found me the /fourth/ time I stood." She grins over her shoulder at the gold, before nodding at them. "You know you're welcome to stay at Ista, and for tonight, feel free to try any of my special wines. No one else is allowed them, but you."

Myia nods then heads off the sands.

Lydiere nods towards G'wain, noting, "Once we've got them in the barracks, we will. Settle them in, and all." waits several moments, then clears her throat, stepping towards the group of weyrlings with a most brilliant smile upon her face. "Congratulations, the lot of you. If you'll follow me, we'll get you settled in your new home." She gives a nod towards the Weyrlingmasters, who smile at her in turn, as she turns to lead towards the weyrling tunnel. As she leaves, a glance is made towards the leftover candidates, somewhat regretfully.

[Scene changes to the weyrling barracks]

Lydiere leads the march into the weyrling barracks, absolutely delighted by her expression. "Pick your couches," she comments, brightly, "Get your lifemate settled, and then come back here. We've something to give to you all."

Ez'ial looks exhausted and is fairly dripping with sweat, but he's also got a smile so bright it's blinding right now. A little half conversation going on with Petryth that may make someone wonder, but he's not too loud at the moment. He shepards the little bronze to his couch and has to help him rearrange uncooperative wings before the little guy finally sighs contented. He gives him one long lovingly caress before he reluctantly walks back over to where Lydiere stands.

G'wain nods his head, and stands with Lydiere, up the front. "It's just something to remember this day by, and we hope that you'll wear them - I've still got mine from my impression, though it was a ring, last time." He doesn't give much away, does he?

Lyn heads off to a nearby couch , looking to Liraeth "Will this do?" she dragon gives her a mental affirmation and walks onto the couch still a bit of a clumbsy hatchling, she helps get him settled them moves back to the Leaders.

A'reri glances curiously at Lydiere, then moves with Merenth to settle her onto a nearby couch, though she leaves the closest ones to the door for Ez'ial and Jessamy. Then once she's got Merenth settled, she goes back towards Lydiere and G'wain.

April is sleepy. She actually fell asleep at a hatching - Who can boast /that/? Sleepy eyes rest on her brown and a contained smile passes over her lips. Then, as Griffith settles on his couch, already gathering pebbles - Wait. Why is he gathering pebbles? "Griffi? Oh, no." Ril giggles, then turns to G'wain, letting her brown collect his rocks.

"A couch," Jessamy says distantly, the word not sinking in for a minute since she's so busy beaming at the little gold at her side, following her with such graceful and precise movements. It seems such a miracle. "Which one do you want, then, Vaerlanth? You have your pick…" Oh, and it's almost dangerous to say such a thing, as each of the couches must be given careful perusal. One is discarded for being too small, as well as that one, and that one… oh goodness, that one's -far- too big, and she's insulted that anyone would even suggest she needs such a huge couch. She's petite, goshdarnit. At last she picks one that's Just Right, and stretches out on it with a big (dainty) yawn. "I'll be right back," Jess murmurs reassuringly, trying not to yawn herself, as she hurries to go back to Lydiere.

Arinna grabs a couch, plopping onto it as Aesiveth follows her. "Yeah, I think this one'll work too." She watches him settle himself before looking back to the leaders. Her hair is pushed back out of her face, and finally stays there.

Invariel watches Zreth. 'You heard Lydiere.' he whispers, and Zreth takes a quick inspection of the room before deciding that, yes, that couch right there will do just fine. In fact, it's even facing the door, so he'll be able to see his lifemate walk in. It's marvelous.

Lydiere admits, "We had a little trouble deciding what we wanted to give you. Something that would be a reminder of your Impression, and your lifemate, but something that we could have made in advance that would suit regardless of what hatched out of each egg." She smiles somewhat keenly at all of the weyrlings, calling out, "Arinna. Brown - Aesiveth, was it?" Her hand is outstretched, a small pouch offered. "Congratulations."

Yiasy settles down on a couch, practically the first one she sees which has a bit of a huff from the blue following her although he's distracted away from that soon enough to settle down and watch for the moment.

Ez'ial looks down to realize he's still holding shards of Petryth's shell and this only brings his gaze back to the contentedly whirling eyes of his dragon. He looks very distant as he gazes at him, so perfect isn't he?

G'wain looks about the room, and fixes his gaze on April. "Griffi, you say? Is that Griffith? Congratulations, from the both of us. This is just a little something to remember the day by… the pendant is based on the egg that hatched your dragon." Holding out the pendant to April, he waits for her to take it.

Arinna stretches her hand out and nods. "Aesiveth, yes." She grins and takes the pendant. "Thank you…" She stares down at it before holding it out in front of her brown. "Yeah, I think it's great." She grins back up at Lydiere again before pausing to study the pendant.

Lydiere smiles brightly. "Jessamy? I don't envy you. Not at all. Congratulations, though." She grins at Arinna, also, as the weyrling accepts the pendant.

April nods. "Griffi." She affirms, beaming. The pendent is accepted, and she half-bows at G'wain. "Thank you." She says softly, after all, he did search her, and bring her here. Then she steps back and leans against the - HER - brown Griffin.

Jessamy just laughs shakily as she accepts her pendant. "Thank you Lydiere, I think. I…" she stops there, to look around at all her fellows, and says it again, sounding all misty. "Thank all of you." That's all she has to say, then she slowly backs away to go to her Vaerlanth again, so that she might curl up with her and just… discover her.

Ez'ial ends up drifting back towards Petryth, not too far away, but he can't help but want to be near the little bronze. He grins back over at everyone, a hand going protectively to Petryth's wedge shaped head. That same head rubbing a cheek against Ez'ial in return.

G'wain grins as he takes the next pendant out of the bag, holding it in his hands. Studying the work on it, he nods his head. "Ezemial, this one's for you. I'm here if you ever need advice, and that goes for all of you. About anything."

Invariel looks back to Zreth, and then walks over to G'wain. He smiles at the man, and says, "I probably wouldn't be here, were it not for you." He smiles a bit, wiping the last of the tears from his eyes and cheeks. "Thank you."

Ez'ial reaches out to accpet the pendant and grins at G'wain, "thanks.. I'll remember that.. definitely" he looks at the pendant and back to Petryth. His smile even more brilliant.

Lydiere clears her throat, and then smiles. "Yiasy? Congratulations."

G'wain passes the pendant to Ez'ial, and turns to Invariel, letting Lyduere fo with the next. "Don't mention it. You got yourself here, and Zreth… it was Zreth, wasn't it? He chose you. Not me. I'm always here if you need me, remember." And with that, G'wain moves to enfold Invariel in a huge hug. As if he wasn't emotional enough!

Ez'ial grins as suddenly the little blue pops in over his head, "Sniffles!" The little blue lands on his shoulder and croons down to the bronze who returns the greeting in his deeper voice. He grins and sits down next to Petryth.

Lydiere extends her hand once more, smiling, "Laelyn. Your mother is going to be /so/ proud, I can just see it."

Invariel completes G'wain's hug, and whispers, 'It was much more than that. I wouldn't have been here for Zreth to choose without your assistance, and guidance. And, I know you're here. You always are. Friend."

Lyn takes the pendent and smiles "Always told her I would ride a blie one day like my father, though cant believe that childhood statement came true" she looks over at her lifemate and smiles

G'wain extricates himself so he can present another of the pendants. "A'reri? I believe that this one is yours."

Lydiere gives out pendants to several other weyrlings, before finally, smiling brilliantly, turns to G'wain. "Last one. We'll give this one together, shall we? Invariel?"

A'reri grins broadly as she accepts the pendant. "Thank you G'wain! Oh, it's lovely!" she murmers as she looks over the pendant.

Hang on… is that a tear in G'wain's eye? Nah. Maybe? Yeah. "Invariel." He says it slowly, carefully, in an almost rehearsed unison with Lydiere. "We might be accused of favouritism for this, but my heart lept in my chest when you impressed. I couldn't think of a better person. Except perhaps me." There's a wink there.

"Sap," mutters Lydiere, half-glaring at G'wain, though her grin is broad. "Congratulations, all of you. There's food in the bins, oil in the barrel, and weyrlingmasters on call at all times! You might want to get some sleep, too, when you get the chance."

G'wain chuckles a little, and turns his eyes back to Lydiere. "And you love me for it, hmm?" That's in response to the 'sap' comment.

Lydiere's eyes roll. "But of course. Now, if you'll excuse me all," she says, somewhat regretfully, "I've half a million things to do. I'll no doubt stop around soon enough."

Invariel looks at the pendant in his hands, and smiles. "Thank you both." he says, as he attaches it around his neck. "Thank you all." He releases G'wain, and then walks slowly to Zreth, showing him the pendant. "This is ours."

April barely stuffles a yawn as she unclasps the pendent and immediately clips it around her neck. "Thank you." She says again, moving to her brown, who is basically asleep already, a pile of rocks by his tail. Ril climbs up the brown and stretches out across his back. It seems it would be really uncomfortable, and perhaps painful, but.. she doesn't seem to mind.

Petryth yaaanws and blinks licking his muzzle he gives a deep rumbling as the little blue firelizard on Ez'ial's shoulders moves to his and begins scratching that /really/ itchy place between his wings!

[Dragon/Ista] Bronze Petryth warbles a sleepy greeting to everyone

[Dragon/Ista] Gold Llysereth's touch is dappled with moonlit silver and the palest of icy caresses; her voice is clear and soft, « How small and lovely! Hello there, little ones. »

[Dragon/Ista] Bronze Petryth puffs up « But I'm big!»

Ez'ial finally thinks to change out of his robe, drying himself off from the heat of the sands before putting on a pair of trousers and a tunic. He settles back down next to Petryth's head and strokes a bronze cheek affectionately.

Lyn yawns , as all the excitement of the day hits her and heads over to Liraeth's couch, ignorning her own cot inorder to be closer lifemate as she cuddles near him to take a well earnd nap for both.

Zreth lounges on his couch, curled up in a tight circle of pleasant, well-fed happiness. And his lifemate is nearby to boot. He's brimming with joy.

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