Llysereth x Ahreluth NPC Hatching

[Dragon] Gold Llysereth rouses, tail twitching against the dark sands of Ista, her mind drawing wakefulness in a trellis of silvered light. « They're coming. Stop that, little ones - don't rock so! » Heedless, her hum raises it's sound, gaining in momentum as she broadcasts the immenant hatching of her clutch. « They come! »

[Dragon] Bronze Ahreluth's voice raises in answer to Llysereth's, his hum coming from deep in his throat. « Shall we dig them out, then? » He asks, his hum raising in pitch. « So they will not be buried? » It's up to Llysereth.

Llysereth's tail tip rushes through the dark sand, her eggs - merely mounds, mostly buried beneath the sand - beginning, ever slowly, to wobble. Lydiere's arrival is shortly after this beginning, her clothing indicating an interruption, for she's hardly dressed for a hatching. Breathless, moving towards her lifemate, and the clutch, she eyerolls. "Dig them out, Llysereth. C'mon!"

G'wain clothing is rather crinkled, and he emerges a scant moment after Lydiere, also inappropriately dressed for a hatching. Indeed, and interruption. Running after Lydiere, he looks to Ahreluth, humming away. "It's time…" He mouthes silently, Ahreluth moving to help Llysereth with the eggs, if she'll let him.

Even as Lydiere and G'wain arrive, the Weyrlingmasters begin to lead out the candidates - a long line moving through the tunnel onto the hot, hot sands. There's excitement - and nerves; Llysereth has hardly been a cheerful dam, these past months, and even this arrival earns a hiss, her hum growing louder as her eggs wobble more firmly.

G'wain bites his lip as he watches on, unsure as to what he's meant to do. So, he sticks near Lydiere. "I quite like him. I think he'll impress." G'wain points out a candidate in the line, before looking back to the eggs. "Tell her to hurry?" He asks, a little worried. They're hatching /under/ sand. Can't be good.

Daekallin steps on to the sands and hops a bit, "Hot hot hot." oh, manners. Right. A low bow to the clutch parents and the various riders on the sands. Tugging his slightly crooked rub down farther and he picks a place at the far end of the semi circle around the eggs, hop-walking all the way. "Sharding sandles." not to mention the poorly crafted robe.

Llysereth's talons dig deep into the dark sand, the first wobbling mound broken up to remove the egg from within. Plaintative is her cry - her reluctance to let these eggs go plainly visible. "Go on, Llysereth," says Lydiere, nodding vaguely to G'wain, her eyes rolling. Not amused. Not very tidy, either, to be truthful. Egg is finally revealed, nestled within Llysereth's talons, but not for long. Distracted, Lydiere merely nods again in G'wain's direction: "I'm *trying*."

Taliwika hurriedly steps on the Sands, though the heat burns rapidly through her souls. Wincing, she surveys the Eggs, bowing carefully to the busy Dam and Sire.

Isabet, thirteen turn old from Bitra, blinks nervously at Llysereth, and backs away rapidly, finding a position within the semi-circle of candidates even as she reaches out to grasp at the hand of another. "She's *scary*," complains the young girl, wiping her free hand over her robe. "And it's *hot*."

Aziyal sort of stumbles as he comes out onto the sands, grinning sheepishly up at the sands, and glancing nervously about him. He glances at Llysereth and blinks, she doesn't want to part with her eggs. Sweaty hands slide down a robe which Aziyal obviously made himself, and he bows respectfully to dam and sire.

Kiniki stumbles out, awkward adolescent body attempting to adjust and make well her entrance to the shifting sands. Or at least they seem so to her, crunching underfoot. Did an egg move? … the white clad candidate swallows, eyes wide, and manages a decent bow to the dragons before finding a spot among the candidates, shifting from foot to foot nervously.

The Hills Are Alive Egg wobbles precariously in Llysereth's claw, roiling meadows of green flickering on the outside of the egg as its occupant struggles to be free. A burst of independant strengeth, and the egg releases it's occupant with a melodic crack, small Climb Every Mountain Green Hatcling falling from the opening with little grace.

Taliwika smiles at Isabet. "It's okay, Isabet. She won't get us. And it has to be hot, for the shells to harden. Remember?"

Daekallin gazes about, and waves Aziyal over, "Hey. Um. Is anyone here for you? I can't tell if my parents showed." he peers up at the Galleries, turning just in time to see the green. Eep. They're coming. "Ack!" hop hop hop. Should've got new sandles.

Llysereth emits a bleat of horror, as her egg becomes hatchling before she'd even had time to do something *proper* with it. Lydiere applauds, attempting rapidly to straighten her clothes, her hair, her expression; she looks, if anything, a trifle guilty. Queen greets her daughter with a great thrum, nudging at another egg to free it from its sandy burial. Here, eggy eggy eggy.

Isabet glances over at Taliwika, and smiles hesitantly. "I know, I know. But…" The green hatchling earns a peal of delight - "Ooh, she's pretty!" as the girl attempts to cool her feet, dancing about in the ages old dance of the sands. "Isn't she *perfect*?"

Taliwika smiles at the young green, crooning to it lovingly. "Hello, pet. How are you? You're Lifemate's out here somewhere isn't she?"

Aziyal reaches for his friend's hand, "Look Dirieo, a green" he says, squeezing Dirieo's hand. Dirieo grins at his friend Aziyal, "Bronze first is better" is said with a wink. Appears Dirieo's been to many Hatchings, but then he would, being Weyrbred.

G'wain moves to wrap an arm around Lydiere's waist and watch… The dragons seem to be doing fine, digging up the eggs on their own. Not applauding, rather, just smiling and reminiscing somewhat, his eyes scan the eggs, and he says softly, "A fine start, though not a bronze." He really couldn't care less. They're Ahreluth's dragons… They're all perfect.

Lydiere shifts herself closer to G'wain, her own smile a mimic of his - "Brings back memories, doesn't it?" she comments, adding, "Of course, at this point last time, you were sneaking up on me, as I remember." Her agreement is evident, and she adds, cheerfully, "Green's more likely - perfectly normal, I suppose."

Another bleat sounds from Llysereth - surprised, again, as the Kansas in August Egg slips away from its sandy place, rocking backwards in forwards with something akin to pure delight. It rolls right over her protective talon, twisting out of reach like the cock-eyed optimist it apparently is, collapsing into a pit of shards. But that's not all folks: lucky for it, the That's My Little Honey Bun Brown Hatchling is perfectly unharmed - and ready to roam the sands.

Daekallin peers about nervously. Alturnating which foot he hops on he settles slightly. "Wait. Hey." A tug on his robe again. This is like wearing a dress. And he's not in the habit of wearing dresses, let alone crooked, ill fitting ones. So the boy isn't a weaver.

Kiniki sighs softly, but as she would speak a few words with the candidate nearest her, Naskon, the crack of a shell pronounces the first arrival, and breath is caught at the site of the green, released from its dam's grasp. No words can escape from throat suddenly constricted.

Climb Every Mountain Green Hatching stretches her wings out to the sides and twirls in a circle before falling over. such grace… Blinking, she looks up at her mother, then figures that she doesn't need guidance to find a lifemate. Tottering towards a clump of white, spotting another clump, she heads towards them this time - fa… a long long way to … stumble.

Isabet positively squeals as the green stumbles, the brown apparently beneath her vision: he's *male* after all. "Poor dear! She might be hurt! Oh, oh, oh!"

Taliwika catches her breath as the Green stumbles hear her. She braces herself, tensing to help the Hatchling, should it fall. Her eyes flicker to thge Brown Hatchling, than back to the green one.

"Hey a brown." Wow. Daekallin sure never thought he'd see any hatchlings this close. The heat eating through his worn sandles forgotten for the moment. Sniff sniff. Do you smell something burning? "Eep." He hops again. Earthen brown locks falling in to his sky blue eyes. "Istan Hatching Sands. Do they get any hotter?" he mutters to himself.

Dirieo points at the brown, "He's a character, even hatching" a chuckle. "Doncha think Azi?" Aziyal merely nods, eyes flicking back anf forth, the green, the brown, the buried eggs, Llysereth, the other candidates. So much is happening.

Public Announcement from Lydiere: Llysereth and Ahreluth's eggs hatch at Ista - and all who are interested in emiting an NPC candidate, or merely watching, are welcome to join us! Come, RP, enjoy the hatching!

That's My Little Honey Bun Brown Hatchling totters easily away from the shards of his egg, galumphing towards the nearest group of white-robed things. His overly rounded form, just a *little* bit overweight, slows him down so that his move is little more than a wobble, but it works. Eh, he's packed with dynamite, anyway.

G'wain nods his head to Lydiere, craning his neck to spot the brown, now. "He looks like he'll end up quite large," G'wain indicates, as if the expert. "They're just wonderful. Might have to watch for over-eating there." Sagely, he looks to the next egg, to see if the one he thinks will hatch, will hatch.

Ceres steps out onto the stands and gracefully smoothes her perfectly done Candidate robe. Though she's fashionately late, it doesn't seem to matter to her. "Show time," she murmurs as she bows to both dragons respectfully. "Now what?" she asks suddenly and joins the others in the Candidate shuffle. Le sigh. How horrible is this? It's soo hot!

Lydiere nods - "He does. Rotund, if ever there was a brown." Delighted, by expression, she leans forward, indicating the green. "And she's just a dear. Even if Llysereth isn't sure. They're too fast for her, I think. And too small."

Taliwika jumps from foot to foot, waiting for the Green to make Impression. She sighs, and mentally projects to the little green, and wishes hard as she watches it move.

Daekallin glances up from his akward hopping dance to watch the hatchlings move about. "Julibena, stop hiding over there." he motions to the small girl. At least he'll have some company in his hopping. The red-headed little sprig of a girl skips over to him and takes his hand, "Too hot Telgar boy?" a giggle and she turns her attentions away from the boy who is now making a face at her. Girls. Pfft.

Naskon shifts from foot to foot, trying not to look to expectant or hopeful. Not his first time one would guess by looks as he swipes a few strands of black hair out of his face. A soft encouraging smile is given to the obviously nervous Kiniki, as well several others around him before focusing upon the two hatchlings, brown and then green.

Climb Every Mountain Green Hatchling looks to the sky, as the hum from Ahreluth intensifies briefly. She's late!! How do you keep a dragonet on the sands? Stumbling as fast as her little legs will carry her, talons scrabble in the black sands as she moves to Aziyal. Gazing up, her mind joins with that of the candidate - Rather than Even if she has a wicked weyrlinghood, there's bound to be something good.

Aziyal practically falls over, but for Dirieo standing right beside him for support. "You want me?" he asks, then, realising Impression, he wraps his arms about her green neck. "Of course I'll feed you" he says.

Taliwika sighs, and straightens her robe carefully, flicking long auburn hair over her shoulders. Oh, well. There will be more Hatchlings. Lifting one foot, she takes off a sandle, and empties the sand, then repeats the process. A little more comfortable, she looks at the brown, her eyes interested. A lovely Hatchling, if fat.

"Impression!" Lydiere's voice catches, briefly, as she clings to G'wain. "The green, and - fardles, I can't remember his name. How awful of me." Llysereth's thrum increases, her egg-uncovering efforts abandoned for the moment, as she congratulates Ista's newest weyrling pair.

Ceres scoffs as the first green impresses, "Well now, that was quick," she says with a tone of malice in her voice. Standing alone, that's what she's doing and what she will always do. "Come now," she says, tapping her foot. She has places to go, people to see!

Daekallin rolls his eyes at the small girl nearly 4 years his junior. Ah well better with a brat than no one at all. All else fails he can shove her out at the hatchlings and make a run for the caverns and a nice cool mug of juice. He blinks over at Aziyal stunned. "But, they just poped out! How can they take someone so quickly." This whole process is rather unnerving. Things bursting from eggs and taking off with former canidates. Crazy. Julibena jumps up and down claping, "Yay Azi! What's her name?" giggle.

G'wain bites his lip as he watches the first impression. Did he look like that when he impressed? "We've come a long way since then…" He gestures, slapping his leg with an open palm, his applause. He's referring to himself and Ahreluth, the latter digging at the eggs still, since Llysereth's stopped.

Lydiere's eyes roll, her face shining in delight. "You better have. I think anyone who has Impressed has come a long way since then. I certainly *hope* that I have."

That's My Little Honey Bun Brown Hatchling wobbles again, finding walking rather difficult in his natural weight, his wings flapping as he attempts to keep himself abalance. Perhaps that's not a good idea, but it works: he toddles forwards, bleats at a group of candidates, and then finds rapture in she who is having so much fun with Honey Bun. Or will, anyway. Hello, Taliwika!

Dirieo slaps his friend on the back, "Way to go Aziy… What /is/ your name now? And hers?" Aziyal stands up, "I am now Az'ya, and this is Yyliath" the names said with pride.

Kiniki looks on as the green chooses Azyial. "Oh, wow." and so fast, breath comes a bit more rapidly, as fingers clench at her robe. She's a little to far for the other to hear, so congratulations will wait til late, when this is all finished, though a quick smile is sent before feet remember they need to keep moving and body shifts trying to remember everything at once. Green gaze follows the brown hatchling to another and then shifts to the eggs, or egg-mounds, or what's left of them once the gold is through.

Think of Me Fondly Egg is uncovered by Ahreluth, and as he moves onto another, it seems that his efforts came just in time. Swaying in time to unheard music, this egg isn't going to wait for the night. Tapping at the top of the egg, the hatchling inside creates a large enough hole for a nose, before pushing with all his might. The dark egg falls away from the deep chocolate body, wings folded over his back like a cape. Music of the Night Brown Hatchling is here!

Taliwika sighs, and wraps her arms about the browns neck. "Oh, Finaleth, surely you can't mean that? Of course not. You are the most beautiful brown in to whole world. She hugs him carefully, and begins to scratch his eyeridge as he hums softly to her.

Daekallin winces as Julibena grips his hand much too tightly, "Calm yourself girl." and he tries to wrench his hand from her bony grip. Julibena pays no mind, giigling with delight as she repeats Az'ya's words, "Az'ya and Yyliath." Bah, "Release me woman!" Daekallin calls as he rests his hand from the girls grip and tumbles on to the sands. "Ah! Hot hot hot!" and he's up and hopping again.

Weyrlingmasters move to assist both of the new Impressions, gathering them towards the corner of the sands, where meat is waiting in readyness.

Ceres eyes the rest of these so-called Candidates that she was forced to spend the dreaded thing called Candidacy with. Well now, let's see. "Ooh, congrats," she says sarcastically to the newly impressed as she then turns to the newly hatched. "Brown? Surely there have to be more green," she muses to herself as she stands there, now perfectly still. In her rather ornate sandals, she can hardly feel the heat. Thank Faranth, or she'd be complaining about that.

Llysereth is evidently reminded of her task, as Ahreluth begins the dig, her own efforts rejoining the workforce to uncover the eggs buried deep within the hot, hot sands. Amazing Technicolour Dream Egg is given a nudge, which sends it toppling - and, to Llysereth's somewhat less than surprise, the purple and peach and green and brown and blue egg crushed as if a grape for wine, under the monumental force of the Walkin' Along The Banks of the River Green hatchling within, as she falls to the sands.

Az'ya and Yyliath move over to the waiting meat, Az'ya beaming happily, and Yyliath nuzzling her new rider happily, and hungrily.

Kellah dashes onto the sands a bit late. She gives a bow to Llysereth before she joins the other candidates, before straightening her robe.

The reserved shuffling of feet marks the spot where Naskon waits. There isn't to much to do, though he's hardly relaxed, ready to be out of the way, should one of those think he in the way. The newest brown is eyed and then the arrival of another green caught. Hmm, another such pairing. Head tilts in consideration as his shuffling continues.

A younger boy, Ashewin, grins, and pat Taliwika on the back. "Congrats Tali! He's a fine brown. What's his name?"

Isabet shows a glimmer of disappointment at the Impression of the green, but the newest green is met with approval: her eyes go wide, her expression turns brilliant, and she nods rapidly. "*She* is for me. How absolutely perfect!"

G'wain scratches at his nose lightly, some sunburn peeling on his face. "I'll be glad to get off these sands, finally, I can tell you that much." He nods his head. "Still, I wouldn't trade this experience for all of Pern." He looks over the group and applauds the way he does, again. "A marvellous brown. Most definately."

Taliwika smiles at the young boy, and stands, heading for the Weyrlingmaster. "It's T'wika, and the brown's Finaleth!"

Ceres looks tauntly at the newly hatched green. "Now there's a dragon," she says wryly to herself. She's got class. Well as much as one can. "Oh yes, hoorah for the impressed," she sarcastically as she brushes some of her ebon hair away from her face. "Now really, calm down," she says to Isabet, nonchalauntly rolling her eyes. Look at what she has to put up with!

Julibena eyes the new brown and green and claps for Taliwika. She's just a ball of pre pubescent giggles. Daekallin dusts himself off and slows his hopping, eyeing Julibena warily, "She can't be that daft. Crazy biddy." oh was that out loud? Julibena thwaps him quite stoutely across the back of the head and turns back to clapping. "Ow!" but I suppose he deserved that. hmm. T'wika and Finaleth.

Lydiere's nod is a definite one: "I'm more than ready to be gone, but I agree wholeheartedly. It's - so *exciting*. For them, and, I guess, for us. Llysereth's not really sorry, I don't think, but she puts on a great act." The queen huffs, protectively attempting to coil around her remaining eggs; they're not going anywhere! Well, not yet.

Kellah looks around to see what she missed, and calls congrats to the ones that have impressed, before she looks back to the rocking eggs, and the hatchlings roaming around.

Music of the Night Brown Hatchling pauses before moving, possibly for effect. Ahh! There! He sweeps off towards a block of candidates, haughty movements flowing along the black sands. He almost blends in, his colouring dark. Pausing, he sniffs lightly at the hem of a robe, before turning away from the boy in question in disgust.

Ashwin shuffles forward to take T'wika's place, his eyes shining as he watches the young brown waddle, and then looks out over the Eggs. Another brown! And a Green! both wonderful Hatchlings… But would there be a Blue? Like he'd always wished for?

Walkin' Along The Banks of the River Green hatchling is gonna blow your mind. She ambles with as much dignity as she can muster, a swagger to her hips - if such a thing is possible - and a certain reverence to herself well visible within each movement. When this green's around then you get down on the ground. That is, as far as she's concerned. She's got a lot of crazy…dreams, though, and the candidate who could interpret…Well, that's another story, one to be completed as she makes her dignified rounds.

Isabet sticks out her tongue in response to Ceres, snorting. "I can be as excited as I want to be. *My* lifemate just hatched." Confidence, suddenly, has been gained, and fear of Llysereth abated. All for the better, of course.

Emma, a shy candidate from High Reaches Hold, is hiding behind the knot of candidates remaining. She's short enough to all but hide from the hatchlings, though she's watching the proceedings curiously from between the shoulders of those before her.

Daekallin rubs the back of his head and frowns at the girl, "Didn't have to hit me." he mutters and takes a step away from her. Julibena pays no notice and 'ohhs' at the hatchings. "Dae, they're all so pretty!" she completely ignores the boys comments, bouncing happily at the sights. "Bah." Daekallin mutters again and stops rubbing his head.

Ceres blinks at the green's rather - interesting movements as she eyes the brown as well. "Trying to act so important," she mutters and laughs rather haughtily to herself. Why no one is as perfect as Ceres, who is the ulimate center of Pern. "Oh do be quiet," she retorts to Isabet as she raises a raven eyebrow. Violet eyes peer back at the green again, such elegance.

Kiniki sighs as to much is going on. Hnads shift from clasping the sides of her robe to coming together in front, fingers kneading in and out of each other. "Where do you think they'll go?" its a softly asked question which merely gets an arched eyebrow response from Naskon. Feet shifting from one to the other somehow get tangled, spillign her onto the sands, and the other sighs and offers a hand as Kiniki winces and stands quickly back up, brushing embarressdly at her robe.

Isabet snorts, eyes all but flashing. "Be quiet, yourself!" she retorts, Ceres dismissed as 'rude' within her hold-bred book. "I don't like you, never did." Feet move, up and down, back and forth, as she smoothes down her robe for modesty's sake. Has it gone see-through, with the swea - er, glow, from her body? One can hope not.

A delicate, musical creel comes from the Brown Music of the Night Hatchling, and he turns to the female candidates. One for him there, perhaps? Passing down the row, he turns his head to Isabet… The brown hatchling is there, inside her mind. To love him, is all he asks of her, as he passes the point of no return, 'cape' of wings flicked out as he claims her for his own, and hisses at those around her. Possessive?

Ashewin eye's the girl's egocentrical exclamation. "How can you be sure that's YOUR lifemate?" he asks quietly.

Kellah sends a glance at the other candidates, and she raises a brow at them, particularly Isabet. "How do /you/ know your lifemates out here?" She asks the other girl, then blinks as the brown claims the girl, and grins. "Well, seems she was right."

Isabet, evidently, wasn't sure. At least - she picked the wrong one. Her eyes go wide, as the brown approaches, and then wider still. Yes, the Phantom of the Opera is now her mastermind. "Oh, there will not be a day when I don't think of *you*, Craforth!" Even if he isn't the right colour.

Walkin' Along The Banks of the River Green hatchling swaggers once more. It's all in the hips - perhaps the lip, too, but she doesn't really have that particular ability. Well, in this particular round the bad ones are as bad as they ever, ever were, but there *is* one worthwhile person through her, and her haughtyness, this particular green, approaches her with certainty. Don't tell her the future doesn't look to bright - because it does, with Ceres.

Julibena cheers brightly for Isabet, "Oh another Impression! This is so great isn't it Dae?" giggle. "Stop calling me Dae! My name's Daekallin." he says quite poitedly at the girl before blinking at Isabet. Another on bited the dust. Sigh. He tugs his robe again, a small tear forming near the shoulder, "Shardit."

Isa - she who once was Isabet - misses all congratulations, as she moves off with her lifemate, although Ceres' Impression is caught, with a moue of true disgust. "Don't worry, Craforth, I know we're better than *them*."

Kellah sends a congrats to Isabet and Ceres at their impressions, though she sends a snort toward Isabet at that comment.

Naskon can't quite hold back the whistful sigh as brown and green choose yet again. Fine matches each, he nods his head to the lucky candidates-no-longer, still plenty of eggs out there and that is where his gaze goes, well when it doesn't flick to the one beside him, and somewhere a few soft words are mumured.

Lydiere doesn't applaud the Impressions, although she watches with scrupulous care, attending to every word. "I'm not sure what I think of that Isa-girl. Then again, the other one isn't much better, in my opinion. Congratulations!" The latter word is stressed, the rest a comment made partilaly beneath her breath.

Emma shuffles hot feet, trying to squint sweat out of her eyes as she watches the brown impress. She shakes her head a little, which sends a bead of salty liquid down to dangle from the end of her nose. Hands clenched in the hem of her robe, she stoically ignores it, watching for further action from the eggs.

T'wika, stuffing food carefully down a creeling Finaleth's face, eyes the other new brown rider warily. Finaleth trumpets, and T'wika turns back to him quickly, comfortingly.

Ceres scoffs in Isa's general direction as she looks over at the pair. "Come now Pleiath, we'll show them, won't we?" she asks the green who just happens to be near her. "Well, I don't really seem to care what she thinks," she says back to the hungry green. "Yes, let's get you something good, shall we?" she asks and meanders - with her own hipswing - towards the Weyrlingmasters.

Julibena can't help but be happy for everyone, "Yay!" giggle. Her cheery display horrifying Daekallin, "Are you mad girl? Stop eating the sweetener out of the jar." he rolls his eyes and looks over at the eggs, "Funny, no blues or bronzes yet." he frons over at Julibena again before fingering the tear in his robe. "I told you to let me sew it Dae." Julibena giggles.

Ashewin sighs as the Green and Brown Impress. They weren't for him, anyways. He yells a congrats at Ceres, and scowls at Isa. "Bratty girl. She'll ruin a perfectly good brown. Good for you, Ceres!"

Prepare Ye the Way of the Egg has been uncovered this whole time, wobbling away to itself. Muzzle peeks from a newly created hole, the blue snout trumpeting loudly. He comes! Muzzle retreats, and the egg is pushed on with might. There! The egg splits right down the centre, leaving Learn Your Lessons Well Blue Hatchling sitting in the centre of the halves, alone.

G'wain chuckles a little. "What can you do, though? It's the dragon's choice, not the rider, or the Dam or Sire. I think, if it was up to R'yn… I wouldn't have impressed at all." He shrugs. "You never know what'll happen, do you. Congratulations!"

Ashewin gasps suddenly as a blue Hatchling rolls out of his Egg. A BLUE! Just like he'd ALWAYS wanted! Holding his breath, he vainly tries to coerce the little blue towards him, even though the little thing hasn't even gotten up yet. «Come on, little one. You can do it!»

Kellah shifts her feet as she watches, and waits. She grins at Ashewin. "It would seem that way, wouldn't it?" She asks, then looks back to the eggs as another hatches. "Look, a blue!"

American Dream Egg isn't even uncovered in time: Llysereth's pause to warble in delight at the Impressions of her children ensures that it all but jumps within the sand, collapsing with still a layer atop it. It therefore takes several moments for the hatchling within to extract itself, and find the clearer air above, but it's definitely time that all entertain *this* American dream. Confused, and yet reverent, the American Dream Egg sends now A Night Like This Blue Hatchling.

Emma brightens at the sight of the blue, and dares to crane her neck around the side of the tall boy ahead of her. She digs her toes into the sand in suppressed anxiety, then quickly wiggles them free again, hissing under her breath. "Ow ow ow." She looks around quickly to make sure nobody's looking.

Ceres certainly hopes that beloved Ashwin boy impresses, such good taste - that one. "Come now, you'll do it!" she calls to him loudly and winks. Whoa, she's being nice, but only because he likes her better. "Pleiath," she says reverently to the hip-swinging green, "we'll have to make him one of our targets," she says with a knowing nod to the green. Mwhahaha.

Julibena stops giggling to point and coo at both blues. Grasping a shoulder on Daekallin's robe she tugs…and another rip sounds. "Look it Dae!" The boy swats at her and sighs, "I'm gonna be naked out here if you don't stop it." He jerks away from her and blinks at the pair, "Well…I'll be." blinking and dumbfounded he forget to keep hoping.

Kellah ohs. "Another blue, interesting pair. She wipes her hands on her robes as she shifts.

Ashewin gasps again. Another blue Hatchling! Both equally handsome in shade. He smiles to Ceres quietly, knowing flirting when he sees it. Well, a blue for him, and he'll fly her little green, and they'd both be happy. He smiles knowingly, then turns back to hoping and praying at both blues.

Melyna shuffles her feet and glares obstinantly at each dragon that hatches. Green, brown…Nothing worthy of *her*. "Look at them," she scoffs, waving her hand in an expression of dismissal. "Stupid little…*things*." Not even worthy of a true name, those…She tosses her head up, nose pointed towards the sky. "Only a *gold* deserves *me*." Ain't she going to be disappointed if she doesn't impress one?

Learn Your Lessons Well Blue Hatchling stirs to movement. Can't sit on the hot sands too long. That, and he's hungry. Anyone got Bread and Wine? He can see a swath of sinner settin' yonder! And they're actin' like a pack of fools! Heading over towards them, he'll teach them. Yes he will. If he finds one worth. Sending a sniff at a male, he shivers. Turn back, Oh Man!

A Night Like This Blue Hatchling is all through here - at this egg - on his way. There's nothing left here that *he'd* miss, so send him now a night like this. Even so, he's lost. Why, Llysereth, why this place? He's so *far* from the candidates, and he knows that there's a face there, for him. Wobbling forward, pensive and not entirely sure, he bleats, sounding for a moment much like his dam, before toppling head over talons into the sand. Righting himself, he forces onwards, attempting to find that one person for him.

Kiniki wimpers and then nibbles at her lower lip, it seems jsut waiting for this to end. The flush of her cheeks from the heat perhaps, as she watches quietly now to blues emerge. The initial excitements have worn off, and now there is somethign else, though a word she can't quite put to it. Next to her Naskon watches, shuffling with ease from one foot to the other as if a pro, as if he'd been there for a million years and is unperturbed.

Emma scowls at the displays of, well, /attitude/ from some of the candidates. Noisy ones get all the attention, even from hatchlings. She stands a little straighter, sidestepping slowly until she's out from behind the others. "Gotta at least try.." she mumbles to herself hopelessly, and bites her lip as she watches the sad little blue.

Daekallin's robe is rather tattered looking. Sand stuck to it, a large rip across the right shoulder and the hem is crooked. Doesn't he look smart. Heh. Not. He frowns down at himself. "How am I supposed to get a dragon like this." he says rather defeatistly. Julibena smiles brightly at him, "They picjk you for you not what you look like." as if that was the biggest known fact ever. She turns back to watching the blues. Daekallin makes another face at her and watches as well.

Kellah shakes her head at some of the comments that reach her ears from other candidates as she shifts back and forth from one foot to the other…

Lydiere gives a tight-lipped smile towards the galleries, her son waving his arms over the edge in an attempt to get her attention. "How sweet," she murmurs, although her attention is rapidly pulled back to the unfolding events: she's delighted by both of the blues, watching them in pure fascination. "Hard to imagine that either of our dragons was even close to that small."

Ashewin crosses his fingers, hard, and closes his eyes. He can't even watch. Hoping, praying to Faranth one of these will come to their senses, and choose him.

Melyna kicks at the sand beneath her feet, which only causes her more pain as the hot grainules slip into the cracks of her sandles. "Oh shards!" She exclaims, holding onto her 'injured' foot and hopping about on the other. *ahem* Quite the interesting scene, considering her former disposition. When one candidate *dares* to look at her, he quickly recieves an irate glare. Better not to mess with Melyna…she's tough stuff. Except - perhaps - for her feet.

Learn Your Lessons Well Blue Hatchling looks left, looks right… And to the right, he sees! Gazing back left, he shakes his head briefly. Alas, Alas for you! Blind Fools! But there really is a blind 'fool' to the right, one with his eyes closed. Ashewin is approached at a bounding leap - These two will live Day by Day, for the rest of their lives. Starting with, 'To see thee more clearly', then moving to, 'Love thee more nearly…' and finally, 'Follow thee more nearly' - day by day.

Ashewin's head flies up as the Learn Your Lessons Well Blue Hatchling pounces at him, staring him right in the eye. "N..N…Nazareth?" His voice is shaky, and he reaches up to scratch one eye ridge carefully, as if afraid of hurting the young dragonet. "Nazareth! Yes, dearest, I'm sorry. You -Are- the lovliest blue out here, and made just for me." He becomes more confident, but then looks startled. "Hunger? Food? Why, of course!" His voice is still stunned.

Naskon licks his lips, a hand straying to wipe the beads of sweat which have formed across his forehead. Did anyone mention it was hot out here? Not that the hatchlings seem to mind and there goes one blue, even as the candidate looks intently to see where the other will go.

A Night Like This Blue Hatchling scuttles towards another group of candidates, and then towards one that isn't particularly close to anyone. His eyes brighten, red turning to bluey-green in pure mesmeration. He liked his memories as they were, but now he'll leave, - remembering, and being, with her. Emma is nudged, head smoothing against her; she's here like a mystery, and in one night, they've come so far - and now, together. Emma is his, at last.

"Dae, aren't they great! Oh! Yay, Ashewin!" Julibena cheers, turning back to bouncing and clapping. She's just thrilled to be..well..in the front row so to speak. Daekallin, "Stop calling my Dae! You're just like my little sister!" Yeech. Siblings. He squirms a bit and nods at the other blue that claimed Emma. "What to do?" hop hop, "I could go for something to drink right now." he murmurs to himself.

Kellah grins, and cheers softly to Emma and Ashewin as they're chosen by the two blues.

As'win carefully helps to wobbily dragonet, steadying him. "Nazareth, there now.It's okay. Only a few steps more, and we'll be able to get that food." He grins at Ceres, and then at Emma, and scowls at Isa, and grins at T'wika.

Lydiere doesn't quite bounce, but she's enthusiastic. "Congratulations, Ashewin, and Emma! Ooh, such lovely dragons, pretty names." Llysereth warbles, loudly, as she uncovers yet another egg, finding it wobbling in front of her. Silly thing. She prods it once, and it wobbles more forcefully - not long, indeed, for the Be Our Guest Egg.

Over the Moon Egg rocks delicately, shuddering as a light ripple flows down the black and white 'cow' coloured egg. Was that a Moo from the innards of the egg? Perhaps. But that is of no matter at the moment - This little hatchling breaks free with a creel! I wanna go… oooUUU-(Creel!)-UUUuuut, Tonight! And out he shall, a dripping Bronze Light My Candle Hatchling emerging from the egg as it melts away from him, and his radiance, his form glinting.

Emma smiles slightly at the first blue's decisive impression, and glances around for his clutchmate. Where did - something nudges her knees, and she instinctively reaches out, eyes locking with the hatchling's. "Yes, Galbraith, I'm yours, we'll never be lost again!" she cries jubilantly.

Melyna snorts, barely heeding as the two blues impress. After all, they're *blue*. As in that icky ocean water color. "Ugh." She states, simply glaring at Emma. "A *girl* on a *blue*…what *was* that stupid creature thinking?" She shakes her head, disdain plain in her every motion. She's better than that. "Ooh, bronze." At least that gets her attention - the color that will be catching her perfect gold lifemate. Riiiiight…

Kellah looks back to the eggs, and gasps. "A bronze!" She says softly, and in amazment.

Daekallin ponders carefully and resumes a few hops, "Oh! a bronze! What an attitude on that one." blink blink and he pushes his hair out of his eyes. Julibena giggles again and shoves Daekallin out in front of her, "Come and get him! He's to scared to go himself!" giggle. Daekallin peers over his shoulder at her, struggling a tad. She's stronger than she looks, "Hey! Hands to yourself girl!" too late, he's already a good 3 paces in front of her. Little amazon.

Be Our Guest Egg wiggles away from dear mama towards its sire - Ahreluth, the eccentric one? Maybe that's an exageration. Listing through the dark sand, dark cracks begin to appear through it, falling as if petals of a rose - counting down to the point of no return, too late to be saved. A forceful crunch destroys all hope, the Something there that wasn't there before Brown no longer putting service to the test.

Head dips again as the other blue chooses, iiinteresting, but not he, Naskon, so gaze goes back eggwards. Only to see the emergence of one which stills his feet a breath, ker-blink, well a bronze within this clutch, not bad. Feet take up their shuffle again, gaze flicking to the other candidates, well this should be interetsing, all the pairings so far, what still remains. Kiniki sighs, at least about that one she doesn't have to worry about.

G'wain watches, and as the bronze practically falls from the egg, he gasps. "I didn't think there would be…" He mutters in amazement, and Ahreluth looks a little smug. And rightly so. Making sure all the eggs are unvocered, he croons to Llysereth. Come back… let them choose.

Frelyn stands to the sides, keeping a distance from the rest of the candidates. His blue eyes dart from corner to corner, taking in each dragon as it hatches. "Oh, wow." He murmurs, staring in surprise at everything. It's so…amazing.

Kellah ohs as a brown hatches after the bronze. "Handsome pair." She comments toward the other candidates.

Llysereth huffs impatiently, although a loud hum is made at the arrival of her bronzen son. "One never knows - and it *was* a good clutch, if no gold. Not that we need a gold, of course." The queen moves back from the eggs, resting atop the sand now, to nuzzle - if briefly - at her mate, the hum radiating from deep within her.

The Bronze Light My Candle Hatchling looks somewhat confused, and raising saddened eyes to the candidates, he croons back towards his father, otherwise occupied. Not finding any help there, he steps forward. Will I lose my dignoty? Will someone care? Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare? Seeking a mate, he takes another step forward, reluctant. Looking to the candidates, he searched for the one… those eyes.

Something That Wasn't There Before Brown Hatchling barks out a sound at a candidate that seems to come too close, a softer croon following as the petrified candidate falls headoverheals. Oh dear. Mean, and coarse and unrefined - but he's obviously saddened at his mistake, wandering listlessly across the sands, his bulky form brushing here and there. Well, he's no Prince Charming, but…

Daekallin swallows, blinking at the brown and bronze hatchlings. "Well that covers it. Seen 'em all." and he turns and tries to head back to his spot next to Julibena. "Oh no you don't you scaredy feline." and Julibena gives him another shove. She is woman her her roar. Daekallin stumbles backwards to the for spot, "Hey! I'm not!" much…azure orbs darting about as he stumbles.

Ahreluth nuzzles Llysereth, but in front of all these people, it's more brief than even hers. « I think it's all worth it… » He indicates, watching the Bronze expectantly. G'wain's gaze is the replica of his lifemate as he stares. This one… but for who? G'wain turns his attention for a moment to the candidate's falling, and to the Brown, but attention is soon recaptured by the Bronze one.

Kellah hmms at the brown and bronze that grace the sands now, more focusing on the brown, since girls can't impress bronze, but she does give the bronze a glance everyonce in a while.

Kiniki does have to keep in mind that brown though, however unlikely. She shuffles awkwardly from foot to foot, brushing a bit of sand which still sticks to her sweat damped robe. A peek goes to the bronze, curious more than anything, but mostly she watches the brown. Naskon divides his attention evenly between the two hatchlings.

Llysereth, perhaps, agrees with her mate, her great eyes whirling as she regards her offspring - well, *their* offspring. "You're transfixed, I can see that." She's amused.

Frelyn doesn't seem to notice the bronze. Or, if he does, that color hide is of no interest to the shy young man. The brown on the other hand…"A bit alarming," he murmurs, responding the hatchling's less-than-refined mannerisms. True, Frelyn isn't a Prince Charming, but there's something more in him that people never stop to see.

Light My Candle Bronze Hatchling tilts his head. Which one to choose? Don't got much baggage to lay at your feet… Today for the Candidate, Tommorrow for the little Bronze. Narrowing his search, he peeks at this section of candidates. Croon. One song, before he impresses, perhaps? Serching gaze picks out the eyes within the group. He's looking for something.

Melyna snorts - a rather unladylike sound - at the rude brown. "Well mannered, hah!" She nearly shouts this out, so gleeful is she at this *horrid* behavior. "That just proves that you're not worthy of wonderful me." And so humble, isn't she? Tucking a strand of her luxiorious hair behind one ear, she proceeds to study the eggs for one which might contain a gold. "That one." She quips, mentally noting the one she has chosen.

Something That Wasn't There Before Brown Hatchling hesitates in front of a candidate, white robed thing gazed at in expectance, as his forelimb reaches out to touch incredulously. When he touched, he didn't shudder at his paw - surely no one has ever looked at him that way before. Frelyn, subjected to something new - and perhaps a little alarming - is now his own. Evidently *he* is less picky than his sibling.

Daekallin regains his balance before falling yet again onto the sands. "Don't need to be pushing so hard Julibena!" he cries as he leaps up from the burning sands once more. Hop hop. Azure peering about. Yeah, go ahead and laugh at the guy being over power by a /little/ girl. Julibena just rolls her eyes, "Get it together or you'll be left on the sands." grr. She's trying to be scary see? Daekallin pays no mind, catching the sight of the brown's impression. Swallow. Another one down.

Kiniki nibbles again at her lip, watchign teh brown quickly choose and then nudging naskon, for the bronze still roaming. naskon takes the nudge with a patient smile, but there's several unhatched eggs yet as well and to that he nudges back Kiniki playfully, but lightly, careful not to nudge to hard and send her toppling again into the sands. Then he flicks back, watching the bronze, expectant that a choice will be soon made, and curious of whom that will be, which of his fellows shall he get to congratulate when this is all done.

The serching gaze from the Bronze hatchling falls on Daekallin, finally, his whirling eyes seeing something there. He won't be able to get those eyes out of his mind for a long time… In moonlight, you see his eyes. Take me or leave me. So be kind… but don't lose your mind.

Fr'lyn blinks, staring wide-eyed at the brown before him. More than a bit alarming…"Sylventh?" The young man slowly reaches for Sylventh, and the brown remarks something about 'not shuddering'. "Of course I didn't!" Fr'lyn insists, now beginning to lead Sylventh from the sands. "I love you!" Who'd have ever thought that this could be?

Lydiere expells breath, a nod of her head going out to Ista's newest bronzerider, smile broad. "Not so many left?" she queries, glancing towards the pile - just three, waiting. Head shakes. "Congratulations!"

Kellah cheers toward Fr'lyn and Daekallin, clapping her hands in happiness for them.

Daekallin blinks and wipes the sweat from his brow. A drop sliding down his temple, "Wh-wh-what?" oddly arrayed locks stuck with sweat, "Tyjalanth? Tyjalanth!" The burning sands no longer have any effect on him as Dae'ln wraps his arms around his life line. His Bronze Tyjalanth. Julibena breaks into a new fit of gi9ggles, "Told you!" she cries.

Bring on Tomorrow Egg is given a nudge by Ahreluth, as he considers that it's ripe for the hatching, and time for it to break free of the bonds that have held it so long. Does it fit in? With whirling ripples of yellow, probably not. Who is it? Ahh… A crack echoes about the sands, and Lets Play a Love Scene Green Hatchling spills from the opening, tumbling over itself. Raising delicate muzzle, she looks for a sibling.

Naskon hides the flash of dissapointment, another one down indeed. Bronze and brown gone he considers the three remaining eggs, "What nexzt you think?" is asked of Kiniki who starts "Uh, uh, green?" she stammers, well the odds would be in favor that way, and the lad's eyes roll a bit, though he admits "Prolly, lets see" and back to watching it is, amid cheers for the newly impressed, and there it is, wouldn't you know, a smile break the line of his lips. "Green."

Kellah looks back to the eggs with a grin as she hears another cracking open, and looks back to them in time to notice the newly hatched green. "Oh, isn't she lovely." She comments softly as she shifts from one of her feet to the other.

There's no word in the vernacular to describe the Spectacular Spectacular Egg's great event. Sure, it rolls, and it wobbles - but there's a lot more to it than that. Are you dumb with wonderment? So exciting, so delighting, so…blue. Indeed, it's a blue hatchling - the Nature Boy Blue Hatchling, in fact - that collapses from within, an authorative creel announcing as he pushes forward, a moue of pure fancy dedicating his movements.

Kellah looks back to the eggs with a grin as she hears another cracking open, and looks back to them in time to notice the newly hatched green. "Oh, isn't she lovely." She comments softly as she shifts from one of her feet to the other. She then notices the blue that hatches as well. "Handsome little fellow." She adds,

G'wain watches the impression of the Bronze with interest. "Not who I would have thought, of course…" He shrugs a little. "But the dragons know best, right?" He nods his head, convincing himself. "They're all so perfect… And look at that blue…" G'wain's just in wonder. His dragon helped to create this…?

"Incredible, isn't it?" Lydiere's in awe, still, and she's done it before. "They know, yes. No doubts, there." Blue and green are measured up in her gaze, a silent comment to Llysereth retorted by the queen's huffed breath towards her. "Hey, dearest, I'm messed up enough as it is. You need to give a person more warning!"

Dae'ln pushes up from the sands, leading Tyjalanth over to the food, "Come now. Good lad. We'll do it together from now on." Julibena cheers wildly, but that green and blue catches her eye. "More!" does the joy never end?!? She giggles brightly. Entralled, though now standing alone.

"Shoulda put a mark on that." Kiniki finds her voice, though amoment before she wouldn't have dared. Not so much the risk, eyes catch the emergence of the blue. Naskon nods in agreement "Beautiful both.' and shuffles a bit more, not thinking of any chatter to bring up, more focused upon the event, and all its happenings.

Melyna juts out her lower lip in a full-fledged pout. "Green. And blue." This, of course, is unacceptable. She sighs, and resumes her angry shuffling, occasionally throwing glares to her fellow candidates. *They're* not worthy of the honor that she will *certainly* recieve. With that smug thought, she turns her attention to the unhatched egg, the one she had chosen to contain her one and only golden lifemate. "Darling, I know you need to be fashionably late," Melyna says, shaking her head, "But you ought to hurry up."

Lets Play a Love Scene Green Hatchling sniffs the air. She doesn't need the violins to play out her love scene. Brother is eyed carefully and she pads carefully. Without him… She whuffs softly and looks to her mother briefly. Why can't we try? She nudges at the blue. Learn to play the part? A perfect scene from a play unknown.

Nature Boy Blue Hatchling finds - simply by chance - his dam. Hello. She's - ah yes, she's fine, and she's his. Makes him strong, yes she makes him bold. Llysereth, obligingly, huffs down on him. Go play, little one. She's not his to command. With slimy movements, he shuffles onwards, head in the air. He'll get her, anyway - because that's the way he is. Understand? He's certainly no strange, enchanted boy. He nudges back at his green sister, pushing her away. No, she won't do for *him*.

Kellah watches the blue and green pair with a smile, but she does raise a brow as the blue pushes the green away. "He doesn't seem to like her too much." She comments to the others. "That green seems nice though.

Julibena has no one to cheer for so she watches the hatchlings, a soft giggle ever present. Ah, the ball of energy she is. She blinks over at the remaining canidates, "Isn't this great!" wow. Maybe she did get into the sweetner beforehand.

She's pushed away, Lets Play a Love Scene Green is, and disappointed, she looks for another to play out her imtimate and caring needs. Something more that she knows, but never could show grows, and she heads towards the candidates. Melyna is found, and she gazes to the girl's eyes. A perfect scene - A love scene of her own, she can now play with her lifemate.

Nature Boy Blue Hatchling could *own* this place. In fact, he will, as soon as he gets things sorted out. It's a pity he doesn't know the truth - the greatest thing he could ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return. Almost a little sad, really. Pushing his weight about, this particular blue finds himself toppling right over Naskon, grasping at him like a virgin, touched for the very first time. Or is that - at any rate, his gift is this song, and suddenly the world is such a perfect place. Come what may, because he has Naskon. *His* Naskon.

Kellah watches the green, and smiles to Melyna, "Congrats Melyna!" She calls, then notices the blie has chosen as well. "Alright Naskon!"

Naskon goes down in a tangle, the blue taking him truely. "Ack…Qweddieth!" it hits N'kon then as he stares into those depthless eyes, the rest of the world forgottten in shocked awe and then he laughs, reaching out to stroke his dragon's eyeridge, yes HIS dragon, a day he never thought to see, what potential lie within, and yet here he is. Pure happiness.

Julibena has someone to cheer for again. Huzzah! She errupts in to a fit of clapping, "Oh wow. Good for you Melyna and Naskon!" hop hop bounce clap. The un quenchable energy of Julibena. Better hide the hatchlings! She skips over to Kellah, "What do you think! Isn't this so fun!" Nope. Heat's not effecting her at all. Cept to maybe energize her more. Be afraid.

Everything's Alright Egg seems to flow from the top down, oils, and if you're close enough, a smell, not all that unpleasant, slipping from the outside of the egg as it breaks into millions of pieces. Everything's fine. She must move while she still sees the others. It's cool, and the sand is sweet, for the fire of the candidates. I Don't Know How to Love Him Green Hatchling trips over her tail, landing face first in the black sand. Everything's alright, yes, everything's fine.

Llysereth croons in welcome as her last hatchling arrives upon the sands, her tail slinking through the sand in delight - and probably relief - as her lifemate echoes the sentiment. "Almost through. Thank Faranth - I never want to see another patch of black sand again." Stretching, she smiles in congratulations to the newest weyrlings, and then shifts her gaze back to the final hatchling. Here goes nothing.

Isa's plaintative cry, as her hands dig into the oil provided for her lifemate's itchy skin, sinks into silence, at length. "Of *course* I love you, Craforth. I just don't like this oily stuff! And the meat was even worse. Nasty."

Melyna glares, simply glares, at the green who dares to move in her direction. Presumptious of her. Suddenly Melyna's mind is filled with a blazing green, and a love such as the girl has never known before. "Hskaereth?" At first it is a whisper, born from the voice that whirlings through her mind. Then she repeats it, louder and more confidently than before. "Oh Hskaereth! How could I have ever wanted a stupid gold?"

Kellah looks to the last egg that remains, and is moving about, and she smiles at the green that hatches. "Pretty green." She comments to the remaining candidates, pausing in her shift to watch the newly hatched green, but then her feet remind her of the heat under her, and she starts to shift again.

Kiniki squeeks as her fellow goes down, surely the dragon is eating him as she's heard such horror stories about in teh dark nights of the barracks, and she nearly bolts. Only instead of painful screams there is delighted laughter and the pronouncement. "Oh, nas." she watches wide-eyed as the pair untangles, the new rider with only a few scratches to stain his robe. If he limps a bit as he heads to where there is food to meet the needs of his new mate, his smile doesn't show it. Kiniki is left alone there, puzzled, and suddenly vulnerable. Only one, just that one green there to worry about. Thoughts sway to the last.

Julibena catches sight of the last hatchling, "Oh look! Another green!" she tugs on Kellah's sleeve, "Try for her! you can do it!" giggle as gray orbs dance back to the hatchling. Brilliant red curls dripping with sweat still manage to bounce will lively wile. "Oh this is the best day ever." Gee you'd thing she impressed a hundred dragons the way she acts. Wired. Heal this child! Remove the sweetener from her body!

Lydiere wipes lank hair away from her face, sweat sliding down the contours, towards her neck. "Faranth's nasal passages," she murmurs, attempting to keep a broadly smiling face for the world to see, especially as she regards the green.

I Don't Know How To Love Him Green Hatchling looks to her clutchsiblings over on the other side of the area. Should she scream and shout? Should she speak of love? Let her feelings out? Perhaps not, but she creels anyway. What's it all about!? Isn't it rather funny that she should be in this position? She's the one who's been so calm… In control. Gazing over at the men, she shivers. They scare her so.

Kellah eeps a bit as Julibena tugs on the sleeve of her robe, and she grins softly. "She's a lovely green!" She grins. "Oh, I wish, she's probably got someone she likes already." She answers the girl, though she does watch the green with a bit of a wistful look, if only, maybe, such a lovely green that one.

Julibena rolls her eyes. Not another Dae! "Come now. No fear. Up and forward and onwards and all." giggle, "Don't make me get you moving!" and really she's go enough energy for all. She turns back to beam at the green before busting into another fit of giggles, "Hello Hello little one! Oh, wow." Thrilled. Exstatic. Squeal even. Julibena releases Kellah to start clapping again. Bounce hop Bounce,

Kiniki swallows and shifts, her feet won't let her forget the real atmosphere though the candidate looks nearly drained. Such an event, it seems a mix of emotions. here it is nearly over, and yet here she is yet unclaimed. That last is watched wantedly, she can't help it, admiring the lovely green as she moves, and so many yet left unchosen. Lip is nibbled nervously, what little left she can feel.

The green hatchling looks up into Kellah's eyes, and tilting her head, she seems like someone else. Who is the hatchling? What has she sacrificed to be with this paticular candidate? Creeling, minds meet and meld. She never thought she'd come to this. You are mine, no matter what that others should say.

"Congratulations," calls Lydiere - although it's relief upon her face. "Thank Faranth, we can escape, now." She pauses, however, as respectability warrants.

Squeak! Julibena blinks as the last hatchling chooses. A triumphan cry, "I was right again! I'm so smart!" giggle. That's it They're all gone. Oh no! She doesn't get to see any more! Dispair! Woe! Misery! Julibena freezes a moment before breaking once more in to cheers and stepping away from Kellah. "Told you." giggle.

Kiniki slumps, the last gone and only shells left. Well, really not bad for her first standing and towards the exit she edges, feet ready to be off these grounds, and body in need of a good bath, or two, or so.

Kellah laughs softly at Julibena, and shrugs. "I'm not afraid, just unsure." She replies as she watches the green, before she glances to the girl. "She'd make a nice lifemate for someone though probably." She comments, then looks back to the green, and blinks as it's right in front of her, looking up at her. "Magdaleneth?" She asks in amazment. "Yes, of course I'm gkad you found me, and not another.

G'wain closes his eyes, and releases that breath that he had been holding with the last candidate. "Yes, Congratulations, all of you!" He nods to Lydiere, relieved that she feels the same way. He doesn't paticularly want to socialise. Maybe, get back to what he was doing earlier. "All of this, for a scant few minutes." Well, more than that.

Julibena dances in a circle before skipping off the sands a waves to the new riders as she goes. Dum dee dum dee dum. Yeah! Off to home she goes!

Weyrlingmasters lead the newest weyrlings through the tunnel to the weyrling barracks, and Lydiere, yanking at G'wain's hand, murmurs, "Let's *go*. Now." Llysereth is already on her way: she takes a flying leap up into the air, leaving the caverns with a burst of energy. Time for a *real* meal.

Ahreluth moves along the sands, sweeping them with his tail to flatten them down - egg shards the only remnants of the hatching. Well, that and the goo. G'wain chuckles a little at Lydiere, and allows himself to be dragged away, Ahreluth leaping after Llysereth. He hasn't eaten, either.

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