Llysereth's 2nd On-Camera Flight

Ista Weyr - Beach

You head down the stairs to the beach.

S'er heads down the stairs to the beach.

Llysereth> Raficoth is resting in the warm sun of the bowl

G'wain pauses a moment, sitting underneath Gremeth's shadow, as sitting under Gremeth might hurt a little. "Distraced by… inventions?" He asks, frowning softly. "Ahreluth doesn't have any inventions… Though he does have an… abmormal liking for the water." But what is abnormal, anyway?

Llysereth> Llysereth is actually fast asleep, upon her ledge - her tail twitching, ever slowly, down over the edge, towards the bowl floor.

Llysereth> Xanath hisses suddenly, wings fluttering open as she /glares/ at Llysereth. The snow-white dragon takes to the skies, rumbling her anger as she heads to her own weyr.

Llysereth> Xanath spreads its mighty wings and leaps into the air, surging upwards.
Llysereth> Xanath has left.

Bri'na sits, back to Gremeth's side, head back, eyes closed. "Yes, by inventions. He always makes me make them, since he can't with his talons. I think most dragons like water, G'wain."

Lydiere wanders relatively aimlessly across the beach, avoiding her usual three-steps-at-a-time waltz to instead dig her toes deep into the dark sand, and profess visibly to an ordinate pleasure at one thing or another. Either that, or she's way drugged out - too much to care.

S'er comes back down to the beach, having aparently solved whatever Raficoth had called him for. He nods to G'wain, and Bri'na again, and gives a wave to tLydiere. "Good day weyrwoman.

Llysereth> Raficoth snorts, and looks up at he hissing green that leaves, thn turns to look toward Llysereth, noting her glowyness, and that she's fast asleep.

G'wain grins a little. "I know that most dragons like water, but Ahreluth drags me out in the middle of the night for a swim. I think he just wants to wake me up and make me feel…" He breaks of into a yawn. "Sleepy." The word is distorted by the way, and he turns around, hand to mouth at S'er's greeting. "Oh, Hello there, Lydiere. How's your bronze doing?" He grins. "Or should I say, bronze flying stomach?

"S'er," says Lydiere - more than a little dazed. "G'wain. Bri'na." She yawns, wandering somewhat lopsidedly down towards the water's edge. "He's - good, I think." Maybe.

Bri'na glances over as she hears G'wain's greeting to the woman. She smiles lightly, looking over her before offering her own, "Afternoon," into the mix. She arches a brow at the lopsidedness. Sending a glance to G'wain, she mouths, "Know what's wrong with her?"

Llysereth> Gremeth takes the southeast passage into the bowl.
Llysereth> Gremeth has arrived.

Llysereth> Raficoth is, er was, relaxing in the bowl, now he's quietly observing Llysereth.

Llysereth> Ahreluth takes the southeast passage into the bowl.

Gremeth looks up towards the bowl, rumbling lightly. He stands, ignoring the fact that Bri'na is still laying against him. With a hmph, Bria shifts forward as Gremeth walks off over the bowl, finally taking flight.

Llysereth> Llysereth's tail twitches again - up and down, up and down. But yes, she's fast asleep, her hide afire with the colours that rarely find their place here; molten golds, autumnal hues, a contrast to the pale moonlight that usually makes up her hide. She's still lying on her ledge, tail outstretched over the bowl.

Llysereth> Raficoth is, er was, relaxing in the bowl, now he's quietly observing Llysereth. He turns to rmbles to to the other dragons, but then it's back to the queen, as he lumbers to his feet.

G'wain stands up and blinks a little as the shade disappears, and he looks at Bri'na. "I don't know… But I have a fair idea. Maybe I should get out of here…" He bites his lip and makes his way over, his concern for the Jr. Weyrwoman winning out. "Lydiere?" He asks, reaching towards her. "Are you alright?"

S'er blinks, and looks to Lydiere, a bit concerned. "Are you alright Weyrwoman?" He asks of her, wondering what's going on wth her.

Llysereth> Ahreluth rumbles into the area from the Weyrling Barracks, and has a look around. There a Gold, and she's… glowing. Interesting, that. Large dragon, with large feet, Ahreluth suprisingly doesn't make all that much noise as he ambles out, careful where he plaves his feet. He doesn't speak to any yet, he'll let the others go first. He'd be … awkward, going first.

Llysereth> Topazth lands and his rider slides down his shoulder. G'em sighs as he sees that his stay in Ista will be a bit longer than he expected. Topazth however croons to the golden lady.

Llysereth> Gremeth soars across the bowl, not bothering to rumble as he circles, gradually lowering down towards the ground. He lands with a light thud, near the other males, his eyes on the gold. His muscles tense lightly, wings flexing as he comments to Ahreluth, « Pretty shade of gold. »

Llysereth> Llysereth stills her tail, letting it rest obligingly down the stone precipice from her ledge. Seductive, encouraging - but still, and unreachable. She's still very much asleep. Or is she?

Lydiere's fine. Really. She smiles ruefully, head shaking. "Headache's gone." At least she's not so far gone as she can't show relief at that. "Fellis. Must remember this." G'wain's reaching arm at least steadies her somewhat, as she blinks a vacuous thanks, even if her mouth doesn't quite manage it's part of the response.

Llysereth> Raficoth snorts, and looks at the others. « Yes, very nice looking gold. » He agrees with Gremeth. He lightly flicks his wings, his instincts starting to take over, eyes tinting with red and violet just a bit, and he looks at the other males.

G'wain notes that he's steadying her, and so, he keeps his arm there. "Are you sure that you didn't take too much fellis?" He asks, of a mind to call for a healer. "And did you take it with wine?" Against instruction, that, too. G'wain looks a little worried as he holds Lydiere still. "Maybe you should just sit down…"

Bri'na stands as well, resting her hands on her hips as she looks towards the bowl. With a scowl, she turns back towards the others, brow arching once more as she sees Lydiere. "Fellis?"

Llysereth> Gremeth lays his eyes on the gold's tail, gaze following its movements. As it stills, he looks towards the others, his eyes getting a tinge of that red as well. He shifts away from the other males before looking back to the ledge, wings flexing once more.

Llysereth> Ahreluth watches on, eyes whirling placidly, but they are pucking up speed, slowly but surely. Carefully, he stretches his wings, not having used them this day, and the translucent sails create shadows for a moment, before they are again dropped to his back. « She glints wonderously in the sun. » Might have been better if it was projected with a little more confidence, surely, but it's there. Weak, but there. Ahreluth's muscles ripple a little in anticipation, and he waits, silent once more.

Llysereth> Llysereth does not. Look good, glint wonderously, or any such thing. She rouses - all of a sudden, without warning, her hide gleaming with some heated flame that bursts bright and brilliant upon filigreed form. She has not even the sanity for words; instead, she rises to the air with a burst of energy, muscles tensed and responding within mere moments.

Llysereth> You spread your mighty wings and leap into the air, surging upwards.

[Dragons move to the corrals]

"Healer - " didn't seem to mind, apparently. Lydiere blinks vacuously once more, attempting to move back towards the weyr. "I think I want to sleep." That much is interrupted, as she stares blankly at the skies above - Llysereth visible for a moment, as her jaw goes slack, and she toddles almost into a fall again. Blinking wildly, she winces. "Llysereth!"

Llysereth> Gremeth lets out a rather loud rumble as he sees the color flash across her hide. It seems the color is what he's after, not only the green. Eyes swirl redder and redder as he takes off after her, soaring towards the corral. Once there, he keeps his eyes on that golden hide, even as he soars over the herd of beasts, darting down land on one with all his weight.

S'er blinks as he listens, he moves to help support Lydiere, and suddenly he notices Raficoth in the air, shortly after the gold, then following her down again. "What on pern…" Then it hits him.

G'wain moves to brace Lydiere, to help to keep her standing. He doens't notice the gold, but his Ahreluth tells him /all/ about what's going on, and he winces as well. He had hoped not to be around, but this was not to be, it seems. "Do we need to get you somewhere?" He asks, his sensibilities intact, at least for the moment. Glancing to S'er, he looks worried, before the man understands. "Help me here…"

Bri'na winces as well as she sees the woman fall. She quickly gathers her clothes, putting them on over her bikini, movements rather fumbling as she looks towards the corrals, then back towards the others. She lifts a hand, running it through her short hair, muttering as she walks over to help, offering a hand.

Lydiere hisses at those who move to help her, now. She's caught between the effects of the fellis, and Llysereth's own emotions, quavering as she attempts to push away, wobbling. "Get away from me!" she cries, stumbling as she attempts to pull herself up the beach, up the stairs. She doesn't, it's true, make it very far at all.

Llysereth> Above the corrals, a beacon of light gathers: golden-beauty, lady of the skies, she dives festooned in brilliance to announce her presence in this sunset-gilded fray. Llysereth trumpets disdain at her lifemate's choice of meal, attempting to sate her hunger with the tender flesh of a herdbeast's belly, the animal heaving and grunting as rivulets of blood spring to life beneath her talon's raking grasp. Roaring challenge to blooding orders, she lowers her head to drink, forgoing her meaty desires for a taste of metallic blood, marking her ground in a trellis of crimson that springs to being upon her golden hide. Beware: she rises from the ash with her red hair - she eats men, like air.

Bri'na wrinkles her nose slightly as she's hissed at. Clearing her throat, she sends a glance towards G'wain before following Lydiere, hands ready to help if she should fall down the very stairs she's trying to pull herself up.

Llysereth> Raficoth rumbles as he swoops down from the sky, and wings down over the herd of beasts that's starting to panic. He dives down closer to the herd, and snatches up a plump herdbeast right off the ground, before he lands, and quickly kills thje beast, before lowerin his muzzle to the animals neck, and drinking ofthe rich blood that flows into his mouth. His eyes whirling nothing but the red of hunger, and whirling fast at that, tinged with just a bit of purple. He tosses his first kill aside as Llysereth arrives, and he bugles back to her, before he captures, and kills another beast, starting to drain that one like the first, with whirling eyes remaining on Llysereth.

Llysereth> Ahreluth figured that he had to say /something/, since all the others were talking about her shade of gold. But now she really is glowing, and he sees an opportunity, though doesn't take it. Feeling the need to find his own kill to blood, he sinks talons into a large herdbeast, swooping inexpertly. Teeth closing around neck, Ahreluth drinks of the herdbeast with gusto, and two fangs, slightly longer than the others would leave a mark that would be visible, even after draining. Heeding his rider's warning, he only drinks, though age old instinct tells him this much, before long, the beast falls to the ground, only inexperience hindering the young bronze.

S'er glances from Lydiere, to G'wain and Bri'na, is it a glare, no, maybe? Who knows, but he then moves to follow after Lydeiere.

Llysereth> Topazth snags a hapless beast on razor sharp talons. He drags it closer and closer til he can reach out and latch on to it's neck to drain it of blood.

Llysereth> Gremeth latches his mouth onto the beasts neck, still standing on his kill. His eyes close for a moment as he drinks of the blood in one long motion before he walks off, leaving the crushed beast behind. As a frightened heardbeast runs past, his tail lashes out to take its legs from under it, then his mouth crushes its spine as he drinks once more, eyes once again on the golden hide of the female, gaze trailing over where the blood rests.

Llysereth> Llysereth beholds the corrals as her dominion - her kingdom beside the sea, within which she takes what is hers, screeching ungainly at those who attempt to rob her of her wealth. Somewhere in Lydiere there is a moment of sanity, and the queen fails once more to exert her dominance, robbed of the fleshy meat of those beasts she kills with a single flick of rapacious talons. Blood, she drains - sheer blood falls, an alter, a judgement chamber. All this, and more, as she bloods and kills, hurtling insult and injury to those that dare to be present at her glorious feast.

G'wain's eyes glaze over slightly as he sends an instruction to his lifemate, but he finds that his lifemate doesn't need it. Near jumping back from Lydiere, he looks confused, the conflicting emotion inside of him drawing to the fore. G'wain has felt this before… He's not any more prepared for it now, than before.

S'er shivers a bit as he gets the felings frm his dragon, this is his first flight, just like it is his dragons, and his eyes glaze over as he talks with Raficoth, but ten his gaze is back to te stumbling Lydiere.

Lydiere, somehow - and this must be pure instinct - manages to propell herself up the stairs, onto the plateau. Away, away. Out, out, damn spot. Or whatever. She flees, wandering like a drunk, drugged up person, which she quite possibly is.

Llysereth> Raficoth drains the life blood from his second beast, and throws it aside, this may be his first flight, but he's following what the things called instincts are telling him to do. He roars angrily at he herd, and watches as one of the beasts falls over from freight, and he hisses as he snatches it up, that was easy, hmmm. He cuts the beasts throat, and sticks his muzzle to it's neck, starting t drain like the other two beasts.

Llysereth> Gremeth rumbles low in his throat as he excepts those insults for now, continuing the slow, smooth pulling of the herdbeasts life into his mouth, blood spilling over his muzzle as he lashes out with another hand to pull in another prey. Eyes on that queen, he 'steals' from her once more, digging first his talons, then his muzzle into the beast's stomach, ripping in before sucking and swallowing what is now his.
stuffed brown dragon is owned by Vindian

[Riders move to Lydiere's Weyr]

Llysereth> Ahreluth narrows his eyes slightly, the whirling mass inside speeding to a frenzy. As he searches for his next victim, he makes sure that Llysereth can see his form - muscles, wings, talons, and swooping, he manages to catch another herdbeast in talons, but by the barest margin, any more and it would have gotten free. Dropping his head to the neck of the beast, Ahreluth sucks lifeforce into himself so that he might fly higher, faster and better than the other contendors for the gold. Getting caught up, lusty gaze turns to Llysereth, his mind enfolding that of his rider's.

Bri'na almost stumbles once, at the same time as her eyes go distant. She winces slightly at something, then glances around the cavern before her eyes finally come back to rest on Lydiere. She rubs her lips together, ignoring the men following her in.

S'er stumbles a bit as he follows Lydiere into her weyr, before he puts a hand on the wall of the passage to steady himself. His otherwise unfocused eyes look around the weyr, before He looks to Lydiere, ignoring the other riders that come in.

G'wain's own gaze falls upon Lydiere as he tries to keep control, swaying in his spot. Following after, he hovers around like a dragon after prey, and his teeth clench at the moment that Ahreluth's own maw takes up the bearer of blood. After a moment, the teeth unclench, the blood rushing away from his face, making him seem pale.

Lydiere ends up sitting on her bed, her head lolling back against the wall, as if sleep is calling, but Llysereth's flight has her confused, and unable to follow the call. She stares blankly at those who have ended up in her weyr, although she waves feebly against them. Go away?

Llysereth> Llysereth holds consequence above the grandoise world that is hers, tossing rapacious tail hither and younder as subverted expressions radiate her gainly form. With anger unseen in normal fare, she tears asunder the beefy frame of a second kill, tormenting life to ungainly death with harvest-moon hide; the pale angel catches her sunset, divesting it of its glory as her blood-stained maw rises to meet it, hurtling anger-driven challenge in disparate disdain. Beast holds no portion of attention's span, as she drives her muscles to tension, spiriting her bulk into the liquid sunset of her sky's world.

Bri'na blinks at the wave, tearing her gaze away from Lydiere to look to the others in a bit of confusion. Finally, she just shifts to one side of the bed, quite a bit back from the edge, thumbs tucked into her belt as she rocks back and forth on her feet. Her jaw tenses as well, eyes going upward towards the ceiling before looking back to the woman.

Llysereth> Topazth drops the withered husk and snags a second beast. THis one too becomes a dry husk as the brown steadily drains it of the life giving blood. He raises his muzzle to look at Llysereth, as he does so his tongue flicks out to clean the blood off his muzzle.

Llysereth> Raficoth's eyes whirl pure red, but the more he feeds, the more they seem to turn to the violet color of lust, as he drains the beast in his claws of it's life giving liquid which is blood, the same liquid that will give him the energy, and power to chase down Llysereth, and maybe, just maybe, beat the competeing males that dare challenge him for this lovely gold beauty. <, You are looking quite lovely this day Llysereth, my queen. » He sends toward the gold as he tosses his third beast aside, and snatches up his forth beast, from the panicing herd of beasts, and he quickly dispatches the beast, and bites into the beasts neck, though he drains at the blood, istead of of eating the meat. His wings are half spread as he's ready to drop everything, and take off Llysereth when she takes to the skies.

G'wain will not leave… His eyes focus, - at least for the time being - and they flicker over Lydiere's form. Licking his lips almost hungrily, he watches on, silent as his lifemate, but for the low growl that emits.

S'er won't leave either, a herd of wild runners couldn't leave him right now. His eyes, however unfocused are on Lydiere's form, there's no other riders here in his mind, just him, and Lydiere, and he picks a spot on the wall, near the bed, to lean on.

Llysereth> Ahreluth's head jerks from the beast, and he rips a small hunk of flesh from the neck that he was feeding on. It is spat to the ground with force as he springs after a third, talons ripping through the skin to draw the juices forth. Lowering muzzle to neck once more (Only the neck, ever), he waits, watching Llysereth out of the corner of his eyes, ready to release, his hindquarters pressed into the ground, a coil ready to spring.

Lydiere wraps her arms about herself, holding tight to her own embrace as she rocks between drugged sleep and an aliveness that can only come during flight. Bleerily, she glances about, gaze mallicious - she stares, she scowls, but she makes no move to talk, nor even to shift her huddled form.

Llysereth> Gremeth doesn't bother with another beast. That hunger has already been sated, only to be replaced by another. He must posess that shade of gold. No artist's rendering could ever do that beauty and anger justice.. Except maybe him. His eyes flicker between the sunset and his queen, sliding his tongue over his muzzle, smearing around the blood that coats it. His muscles wripple in anticipation, wings slowly spreading out as far as they can as his haunches tense, preparing to take off after her.

Llysereth> You spread your mighty wings and leap into the air, surging upwards.

[Dragons move into the air]

G'wain scowls right back at Lydiere, his hair falling into his face as he leans in. He, however isn't malicious… as his dragon springs from the ground, his growl grows, eyes finally glazing over as his mind falls in step with that of Ahreluth. He is in his hands now.

Llysereth> Master of the skies, hero of the seas, the tempestuous beauty gains promenance in her fitting triumph; above the weyr, she is the gleaming orb that outshines the dying sun and rising moon, festooning the wake of day in an anger-driven battle through thermal and dying wind. Higher - it is only higher that she might fly, brazenly flitting from motion to motion as she gains altitude, the gleaming Aten of the skies at her highest point. Above Ista's oceans she soars, swooping amid cloud-made clusters turned to dusk: hers is the undying beauty, the rising star of the world at large, fighting darkness to rise higher, and higher still. « Not yours! I am my own. » she retorts, in a blaze of fury, as emotions rise in time with her flight.

Bri'na keeps her eyes on the woman, her breath comes a bit faster. She continues to slowly rock back and forth on her heels, rubbing her lips together once more. She finally just ignores everything around her but the woman on the bed.

Llysereth> Raficoth drains his forth beast quickly, and then tosses it aside, and he crouches the edge of the corrals, waiting to see what Llysereth does, and he roars a challenge as he sees her take to the skies, and he crouches harder, before he leadps skyward after her. His wings fanning out to full length, to take every advantage of the air currents, to conserve his energy, no point in getting worn out too early, right? That's no fun. At he point of no more wind carrying him, his wings fan further, and starts to beat against the skies, against the air, defying gravity, but to him, this is no joy ride, this is a serious game to, no kidding around, no funny joke, oh no, maybe for a greens flight, but not for a loveliest of golds flights that is Llysereth's, and this is to be aken seriously, his eyes whirling a fast violet as he moves through the skies after the gold.

Llysereth> Hunger drives Gremeth up and after the shining gold. Hunger to posess her, the beauty, passion, and yes, even the anger. He bugles after her, the sound almost beckoning as his wings cut through the air, his course locked on hers. Wings carry him higher and higher after the beauty that bests the moon and sun with its shining glory. He doesn't dare her terrain just yet, staying below and behind with the rest of the back, competing for the lead. His muscles strain and relax with each wingbeat, carrying him closer towards his goal.

Llysereth> Ahreluth pushes from the ground, hindquarters uncoiling with force as translucent wings displace air. Rising up, he follows after the golden form, his eyes locked on his target. No distraction will pull him from the angelic form - Angelic for an Angel, perhaps. He stays silent, wary of disabusing the notion. Wings beat the air, the life that the herdbeasts gave, he will use to gain height and follow his queen… The only queen that he knows. His wings stretch to full span, his intention, placing himself before all others. Golden goddess is sought… but will she be caught?

G'wain's breathing quickens, his pulse racing as he soars to the sky. Well… mentally, anyway. Starting to sweat profusely, he runs a hand through his hair, though it doesn't do anything - His hair falls back in front of his face, giving him a somewhat wild look.

Llysereth> Topazth chases after the golden delight as she flies free in the skies. Her golden hide leads him on with its shimmering beauty, and he finds himself in a pack of male dragons chasing.

Llysereth> Llysereth's soaring rise is caught by a change of motion, an exuberant dive through airy delights towards the ocean below, her interest caught and captured in almost winsome delight over wave-driven expanses beyond her reach. Those males that chase might catch a glimpse, but she spares not a glance for them: this is her flight, and her delight - their challenges are only within themselves, outside the square in which she performs to her own, altruistic plummet. Swing low, sweet Llysereth - coming forth to carry herself home, above the billowing ocean to which she finds her joy.

Lydiere breathes deeply, licking her lips as consciousness returns - sort of - and she sits up, glaring about with more venom than ever. Her legs are clutched tighter to her, as if she's hiding her body, not to mention her mind - her hair falling loose, and giving her the appearance of a mad-woman. Perhaps she is.

S'er crosses his arms as he leans on the wall, hmmm, his eyes completely unfocused as he's not in this room anymore, phsycally, yes, but not mentally, no, mentaly he's up in the sky after Llysereth with his dragon.

Llysereth> Gremeth spreads his wings as well, moving to the top of the group before diving in motion with Llysereth, though not as low. He doesn't bother to watch the others to make sure he doesn't touch them on his descent. His gaze is locked up in the sight of the white capped waves forming a background that counters the brilliant color to her hide. A masterpiece is all that comes to his lust-filled mind. He has to have this masterpiece, so he steadily follows her form.

Llysereth> Raficoth rumbles as he watches Llysereth dive, oh! Something he /actually/ likes to do! Ask S'er. After some more gained altitude, he half folds his wings to his sides, and dives down after her, going so low as to skim the waves with his belly when he tilts his wings to even out for now, but if you think he'll let the water try and slow him down, you've got another thing coming. His wings starting to fan out to his sides again, but not quit to their full width, no, hardly, he doesn't start to rise back up off the water any time soon, he's stays almost even with her as they fly out over the water, and he rumbles to her again. « You may not be mine, but you are still very lovely. » He says inresponse to Llysereth's defiance.

Llysereth> Ahreluth bugles, and for the first time he is vocal, though only the bugle is there. There are no words to accentuate the challenge in his trill, only the melodic strain itself speaking of his claim. Ahreluth dives after Llysereth, longing to pierce the water and feel it around him, though there are more important things at present, lust stirring him onwards. Wingtips touching the water briefly during a downstroke, he makes sure to rise slightly, lest there be an unexpected wave. That /could/ hurt. Heading towards the primary once more, Ahreluth knows that the queen will rise again - She must! - And so slow, graceful downsweeps propel him to the clouds.

Bri'na seems to be watching Lydiere, but her gaze have that glassy look about them that shows her communication with her lifemate in the sky. Muttering comes to her lips. The word 'masterpiece' can be heard among others before she falls silent, breath still coming faster and faster, even though the rocking stays at that same slow pace.

The weyr is full of heavy breathing - not least from Lydiere, whose breath slides even towards the impossible sensation of tears. She clutches at the blankets upon her bed, wrapping them about her as she stares blindly into the wall. Beneath her breath, words spill out with great rapidity, making no sense in their form: "Up…no…yes…but…No!"

G'wain sighs softly, his dragon's want of the water causing it to slip from his lips, before he presses them together once more, so that no sound will escape, the strong, silent dragon having its effect on him in the flight, if nowhere else. G'wain's eyes narrow to slits as he stares at the gold… no, Lydiere, panting at the exertion that shares with lifemate.

Llysereth> Topazth watches as the golden one dives down. He is an old hand though and maintains his altitude, most like she will regain altitude and he will wait if not he can dive down to case again. For now though he shall enjoy the view of the setting sun glinting along her glimmering hide.

Llysereth> Caught out, Llysereth will never be. Hers is the sweeping change, within one wingbeat and the next, and a rising star once more she is - affirming Ahreluth's premise - her glowing reflection plastered upon the bluest seas beneath her climb. Once more, she sidles far from those who attempt to chase, their suites unanswered as her willfull attentions fall from sea to sky, true loves found in their embrace. Trailing edges gather momentum, her mainsails setting to push her with unrivaled speed: there is none that can intercede with her spirited flight, none that should even try. « No! Not lovely. Don't look. »

Llysereth> Gremeth can't help but look. His gaze is torn away from the reflection of her shine on the surface of the turbulant water as his body follows the aim of his vivid, scarlet gaze. His wings tense as they steadily allow him to gain altitude at an angle, watching as he goes. He attempts to stay under her, ignoring the flight of waring males around her, bugling lightly at her, calling her. Trying to persuade her to be the model for his final masterpiece. What better way to become a master artist than to hold life's true beauty?

Llysereth> Raficoth spreads his winngs to full length, as far as they'll go, why? Because he's taking advantage of the breezes that are blowing in over the ocean, the very ocean they're skimming, so why shouldn't he take advantage of them? He briefly lets his tail skim the water, before he flicks it, too much drag, way too much drag. Hesuddenly titlts his wings, still using the currents, to rise back up into the sky after Llysereth, the lovely Llysereth. His wings finally taking up their rhythmic beating of the air again as he seems to get too high for the ocean breezes to manage. « I can not help but look at your lovely form though. » He says mentally, and it's the truth, he'd find it very hard right now to look away from Llysereth, and with a gold like her, who would want to? And he beats his wings just a little harder against the air as he tries to keep up with the speedy queen.

Bri'na furrows her brow as her eyes unglaze, hearing those words coming from Lydiere's mouth and sees those blankets. Gaze rests on that mouth before they go distant once more.

Llysereth> Ahreluth keeps steady in the sky, his wings pushing the air away from himself as he speeds to his desination. His constantly changing destination. Bronze seeking Gold in the air, Ahreluth beats his wings faster to try to match Llysereth, for it is she who rules the sky, and sets the pace. Seeking her embrace, and the ecstasy for both dragon and rider, Ahreluth closes his eyes for the briefest of instants before they flick all the way open, obeying the command, if technically. He stays silent in the air, though his advance is not one of stealth. It's just his nature.

Llysereth> Topazth warbles as Llysereth once again arises in the skies, his wings beat strong bringing him ever closer to the glimmering gold. Nowhere near close enough yet but the gap it shortens slightly.

Llysereth> Up above the world so high, Llysereth is all but invisible to those within the bowl below. Nor does she care for their wary consideration: hers is a world within male nor onlooker, a delighted escape from the restraints of day; this is the in between time, when sun is gone to dusky night, yet moon refrains from destroying Llysereth's flight. Cushioned by billowing sails that gather speed, she hurtles higher within the breeze - full of air, her wingsails glide, skipping past browns and bronzes in her stride. Silently, the senses abandon their defenses - Llysereth's form mesmerising in it's height, creating her own music of the night.

G'wain closes his eyes, not looking at the woman curled in the bed for a long moment. Ahreluth's mind forces his eyes open, to see, and G'wain mumbles out, "But one cannot take his eyes away, for thy beauty is undeniable." How he managed to get that out is anyone's guess.
Lydiere's eyes narrow in upon G'wain, and she snorts, scoffing without words as her head is turned away. Foolish idiot.

Llysereth> Gremeth keeps his pace steady and sure, his wings catching the beat of his heart and keeping it. Up and down, up and down they go, keeping his gaze locked on the beauty above. He takes deep breaths, his chest expanding. As her breath blows out, his wings go down, catching a thermal and bringing him up. A bit closer to his goal. His queen.

Llysereth> Ahreluth climbs in the sky, seeing the gold for the diamond that she is, his rider spouting the words meant for the dragon, for surely they would not be welcome to one so pure. Dare you trust his embrace? Ahreluth's own music shall caress, intermingle with hers, and the would touch… sense… the feeling tremulous and tender. Following the sparkle of white-gold, he grunts lightly as he pushes himself further… closer… nearer the ecstacy.

Llysereth> Raficoth snaps his tail angrily at another male that gets too close, too close for comfort, for him anyway, he does /not/ like males when they crowd him, even if this is his first fligh, he has his standards that he will /not/ let down, even for a flight, no way, no how, you're nuts if you think he will. He fans his wings, and stills them as he catches the feel of a breeze that has reached thje tips of his wings, and luckily it's a rising thermal, not something that might push him back and away, and so he takes full advantage of this thermal, using it to save the energy that he gets from the hot blood running through his systems, from those herdbeasts he killed and drained not all that long ago, the beasts giving up their lives so he may do this, have this energy to chase, and keep up, and only Faranth knows if it will bring him victory, but that is unknown at this point.

Llysereth> Topazth deftly avoids the tail flick not having paid much attention to how close he was until the tail flicked and he caught the motion with peripheral vision. He rumbles an apology then blithely continues on after Llysereth, his violet eyes seemingly glued to her.

Llysereth> Llysereth's attention turns, for the first time throughout flight, to those who have pursued her for so far a length: her surprise might be evident, save that she attempts with a flurry of ill-performed movements to double back, surprise them all - seek freedom in the sea's loving embrace. Back through her suitors she flies, unravelling the stitches by night that she promises by, by day, sunset's rosy fingers disappeared into darkness as her flumoxed fall manifests in terror driven panic. Out, out, damn spot - disappear, for what dreams may come, they bring terror in their gaze.

Lydiere's mouth opens into a silent scream - she pulls back, drawing herself away from everyone with as much speed as her drugged-out mind can muster. "No!" she cries, finding a voice somewhere. "Llysereth, go back, it won't work!"

Llysereth> Gremeth gumbles, startled, but doesn't show it. He's right there with the rest of them, below and a bit to the side of her, but just barely. He keeps moving, muscles wrippling under the hide as he makes his way upwards, closer. Wings outstretched, tail and neck extended, he offers her support should she want to fall. In his embrace. He rumbles, the sound coming out as a croon as his red-tinged gaze slides over her golden form, waiting for /his/ masterpiece to accept him.

Bri'na finally closes her eyes, leaning forward towards Lydiere even as her head tilts back, almost as if she's searching for a glimpse of the scene above. Her hands slide down, clenching at her sides, even as her jaw does the same.

Llysereth> Topazth watches Llysereth maneuver and as she tries to escape he reaches out with talon neck and tail seeking to join with this lovely creature and guide her, a croon emits from his throat as he nears her.

Llysereth> Raficoth continues to take full advantage of that thermal, still holding his wings out to his sides, no flapping, no anything, conserve enrgy, that's the key to this if you want to win this, stamina, energy, and speed, that's all that it takes, though the hot blood running in their systems, supplied by the long dead beasts, don't hirt either, does it, nope, it doesn't, it only adds, and helps what they already have, and fuels it on, making the energy grow in leaps and bounds. As he watches Llysereth turn back toward them, perhaps in an attempt to scatter them to get away free byt making them scatter, but this brown won't be scattered, no way in heck will he be scattered, and so he starts to beat his wings hard against the sky, almost seeming to head straight on at her. His talons extending out on forelimbs, his neck and tail extending to the point of almost straining, but it's al in an attempt to get his grip around this gold lovely that has been trying to elude them all this time, but she won't get away, he, and probably none of the other males would let her get away, they're too close, and have come to far.

Llysereth> The Gold herself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of G'wain under her battlements. Come spirits, who tend on mortal thoughs, unsex her here, and fill her from the crown to the toe, top-full of direst cruelty. Heading directly for the gold at speed, he extends to catch Llysereth, reaching with sails, neck and tail for the twining that would fill her with the seed of desire and lust, rather that cruelty. He has no desire to be cruel, but he will do to her what she does to him… he longs to fall to the ocean with her, though she will not fall to her death… but rather, spring new life.

Llysereth> Alas: where are the simple joys of maidenhood? Llysereth's climb is caught out, her wingsails foiled in capture by another. Inadvertantly, her best attempts are also her last - as flailing wingbeats only tangle her closer to that whose form finds solace betwixt her own. Together, they fall, this pale angel gold, her dark angel mate - Llysereth and Ahreluth, caught in an irresolute delight, as disdain dies to incredulous joy, angel's touch in their embrace.

S'er pushes past the curtain to move onto Llysereth's ledge.

Llysereth> Gremeth rumbles his disapointment. Another master won his masterpiece. He lets out his breath as he angles to one side, drifting back towards the bowl without a look behind him.

Bri'na lets out a sigh that echoes Gremeth's disapointment. She looks between the two before shaking her head and heading out.

Bri'na pushes past the curtain to move onto Llysereth's ledge.
Bri'na has left.

Llysereth> Ahreluth falls with Llysereth, her tail twined within his own. He finally breaks his silence, rature is audible in the bugle that he sounds as he drops from the sky with the one he sought, not letting her fall to crazed death, rather saving her, so that she may bring about life.

Lydiere's eyes go wide, and then flat - she's almost out like a light, except that G'wain's there, and there's a bed, and…Well, that's another story altogether.

G'wain staggers forward, dragon in his mind as he falls onto the bed, at one with the dragons falling from the sky. Most definately another story.

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