Llysereth x Zymanth Hatching

[Dragon] Gold Llysereth hesitates, her warm gaze upon her warm eggs holding tight - but for no longer. « They hatch! Soon! » Less than amused, her voice quavers with silvered moonlight. « Stop moving! » Biology nonetheless takes over, and she begins her thrum, spreading the news across Pern.

[Dragon] Green Vershionath rumbles and begins to hum in answer to this.

[Dragon] Blue Ironith begins to hum as well.

[Dragon] Gold Tabeth thrums happily in response

[Dragon] Brown Kierath bugles loudly, once then lowers his voice to a pulsing thrumming sound.

[Dragon] Bronze Valenth's baritone thrum chimes in, adding a rich bass to the sound of the others.

[Dragon] Bronze Zymanth adds his own humm. «They want to move..they wong stop»

[Dragon] Green Rysith adds in her gruff sounding hum with the others.

[Dragon] Brown Telaroth hums loudly, adding a tenor rumble to the thrum.

[Dragon] Gold Ysmalath's thoughts are filled with an almost smug excitement, the image of the hat egg floating across the surface of her mind. » Soon. Soon. «

[Dragon] Green Eireneth thrums, adding her musical voice to the sounds.

Llysereth, protectively, wraps her tail about the edge of the Hat Egg, her mellifluous hum filling the cavern as dragons all over Pern welcome *her* clutch - how dare they. Lydiere paces, wincing at the heat beneath her boots, and smoothing down her dress, looking darn uncomfortable.

Zymanth begins to thrumm in echo of Llysereth but as W'yn has still to re-appear on the sands so his muzzel swings this way and that as if looking, his eyes whirling lightly.

[Dragon] Gold Ysmalath's hum turns a little… uh… grudging. Almost sulking. It really should be her egg, not Llysereth's, y'know.

[Dragon] Gold Zephyruth's hum joins in perhaps a bit belatedly, but it's rather richly cheerful nonetheless. Well, as cheerful as a Zephy-hum will get.

[Dragon] Green Eireneth continues to hum rather softly.

[Dragon] Blue Bordeauth sounds sleepy, but nonentheless, he begins to humm.

[Dragon] Green Vershionath hums enthusiastically, musically like a giant flute.

[Dragon] Green Ziatath ducks her habitual use of quiet nature, adding in her mellow humm.

[Dragon] Brown Telaroth hums along with his clutch sibling, being more of his quiet self.

Lydiere runs a hand down Llysereth's neckridges, eyes narrowed to watch the eggs with hesitant wary glances; "Do your worst," is her muttered comment, as she leans up against her lifemate, shifting feet in the hot sand. An egg, off to one side, wobbles a little, and a sigh is visible upon her face; "W'yn! You're all on your way, then?"

W'yn walks onto the sands and straight to Zymanths side. The bronze crooning down as his rider finally arrives. Stepping sideways then he bows lightly to Llysereth and rider himself before smiling and nodding. "Fraid so, they should be all following right behind…" he offers and turns to look and watch the arrivals.

Brianna walks along with the front of the group, looking back over her shoulder, then towards the eggs. Finally, she looks towards the dragons and their riders. As the others bow, she does, bending in half. Offering a slight smile, she moves to one side, staying near to the other candidates.

Eleyna stumbles out onto the sands, pushed from behind. "Watch the pushing," she says, twitching at her robe with slightly grubby hands. She looks at the eggs and smiles, spies Llysereth and blinks, then her gaze runs across the debris of the Enormous Pink Dragon. "Oh my, that's not supposed to be here," she comments to no one in particular.

Seran minces his way onto the sands with the other candidates, his eyes roaming over the moving eggs. "Why do they seem larger?" He asks, before he remembers his manners, and gives a respectful bow to the queen, and her mate, before moving into the forming line.

Gerwain slips out onto the sands, bowing to Zymanth and Llysereth as he was told. Moving a little, he then bows to W'yn and Lydiere, one bow apiece. He can't mess this up. Not now. Turning again towards where he was told to line up in the semicircle, Gerwain cracks his knuckles. "Lets get this over with…" He whispers.

Ly'ette follows out at the end of the candidate line, watching them line up as she makes her way over to join to rest of the riders at the side of the sands.

Zabrah meanders along behind the rest of the candidates, chewing on her lip as she looks around her. She blinks toward the eggs and dragons before bowing slightly and pushing some loose hairs behind her ears. A deep sigh, and then she joins the line. "Have any started cracking yet?"

Sky Egg moves lightly on the spot. Its sandy mound holding in place as the occupant inside seeks to leave.

Lydiere responds to W'yn with a distracted nod, still attemptin to smooth down her hatching garb - "I told Ailyne this'd be uncomfortable" she mutters, attempting to focus her attention upon the bowing candidates, respond to each bow with a - half hearted - smile.

Gerwain, whispering to fellow candidate, doesn't notice the egg move, but the candidate he was whispering to /does/. "Look!!" She squeals, pointing to the egg with a jump. "It /moved/!" Gerwain whirls about to check it out, blinking. "It did?" He questions, curiously.

Sky Egg moves softly on its sandy mound. The light shake in someway urgent yet smooth.

The first egg begins to shake - after wobbling for a while, the Sing Egg gives one, final gout of life, bursting in a flurry of shards about the dark sands around it, setting free a tortured metal hued blue, who tumbles head over heals upon his arrival. Bleating, the hatchling rushes towards a group of girls, but, failing to find someone he 'clicks' with, he stumbles onwards, almost missing the young woman of his choice: "Ooh, Necolinth, I see you," murmurs sweet-tempered Alysin.

Eleyna looks around avidly, trying to spot which egg moved. "Ahh, there it is," she says, peering at it. "And - " Whatever she was about to say is lost as the egg cracks and spills forth a blue. "A blue? That's not as good omened as a bronze, you know," she says in an aside to Brianna.

Zymanth 's hum seems to increase as the first hatching sheds their shell. His muzzle moving to wiffle lightly at the new pair as if to confirm this one before he rises his head to croon lightly at Llysereth.

Seran blinks as he watches the hatching eggs start to rock. His hands rubbed absently on his robe, before he places them behind his back, his eyes roaming over the eggs. He grins. "Alysin!" He cheers. "Congrats! Nice blue!" He calls after the girl with a grin.

Brianna hears that squeal too, but she'd already seen it. She grins, looking to the candidates near her, before looking back. Only to see one hatch. Eyes following it as she moves, she spots Alysin impress. Clasping her hands together, she calls her congratulations. Then looking to Eleyna, she shrugs, "I suppose not."

Llysereth emits a great hum as her firstborn delivers itself of its egg, finding its lifemate. "Oh, shards, that was quick!" calls Lydiere, a beaming smile passed towards W'yn, as she moves to rest upon Llysereth's forelimb. "No, dear," she murmurs, n odoubt to her lifemate, "They're not taking them away from you." The queen apparently ignores her rider, warbling softly to Zymanth as her tail twines with his.

Ly'ette blinks as the first egg breaks and the blue finds his lifemate all so suddenly. Stepping forward for her first official job she smiles. "Congratulations Alysin. We've got some food at the side of the sands for your Necolinth, if you'd just come this way?"

Zabrah jumps slightly as the egg shakes, nervous eyes turning quickly toward it. She smiles at the eye, murmuring, "Beautiful." She fidgets more with her robe as she calls congratulations to the Impressed. "I wonder if the others will come just as quickly," she comments as she sends a smile to Alysin.

Sky Egg moves with more urgency, the tapping from within growing audably louder, the wobble noticable from all angles.

Gerwain blinks a little at the suddenness. He has to do it now… Making his way over to Lydiere ever so slowly. Easy does it… He doesn't want to alarm her. Maybe it'll just be seen as normal candidate movement.

W'yn smiles broadly and claps along with all others about the place as he turns to smile broadly at Lydiera. "Knew exactly who that one wanted…" he offers leaning against the bronze and smiling up at the waving muzzle.

Clouds swirl over the surface of the Sky Egg, as a storm begins to brew. The shell bulges in places, threatening rain. As a loud crack echoes round the sands and the purity of the sky begins to break. Zig zagged lightning flashes outwards as the heavens open and the woody form of the Eccentric Inventor Brown Hatchling is blown out into the world.

Eccentric Inventor Brown Dragonet
Deepest antique pine smoothes its way over this chiselled form, honed and planed to perfection as stocky shoulders taper backwards, woody grain following gentle sloping lines down to a long willowed tail. Teak headknobs twist inwards a little, creating ripples down his great head above his eyes like eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration, his muzzle sprinkled with a coating of white, like dust. His well muscled back is likewise dusted with white, encircling a knot-like flaw in his otherwise chiselled perfection, his barrel like chest inlaid with a strip of delicate ivory down its panelled length. Great mahogany wings flare in elegant perfection from his shoulders. Faint traces of a gilded edging shining from his wingspars as do his delicately shaped silvered talons from his feet, adding shine and polish to his forest veneer.

Lydiere misses Gerwain, too busy seeking out eggs, nodding in response to W'yn. "That's always a good thing, I'm sure. We like dragons like that." Pause. "Don't we Llysereth?" She forces these words out, her lips twitching with a smile. "Poor dear. Someone taking her children away. - Ooh, a brown! Nice."

Gerwain edges towards Lydiere, white robe shifting about himself. He's very non-threatening like this, just seems to be shuffing about because of the head. Closer, closer…

Spot Egg shimmies in its little wallow of sand, the spot shaking and glinting in the heat momentarily as the egg shifts then settles.

Seran notices Gerwain's movement, and grins just a bit, before he shakes his head. He then looks back to the eggs, and blinks as he notices the brown that has hatched. "Handsome fellow." He comments toward the other candidates, thought out of the corner of his eyes, he's watching Gerwain.

Brianna glances towards Eleyna, "Isn't that brown cute?" Yes, cute. She looks back to the brown, clasping her hands behind her back, idly rocking back and forth on her sandles as she watches him. She doesn't notice the other egg moving.

Eleyna peers at the little brown as it spills out of its egg. "Hmph, and now a brown. An early bronze is lucky, and we're just getting blues and browns." She studies him critically, noting the flaw in passing. "Well, he's not all that bad," she admits quietly to Brianna.

Eccentric Inventor Brown Dragonet Stands perfectly still for a time, wings dipping and muzzle heald slightly to one side: poised as if to think. Eyes whirling as he thinks about the situation he finds himself in..hmm interesting.

"Oh, he's a handsome one… perfect…" Zabrah mutters with a dreamy sigh as she looks upon the next dragonet. A glance goes toward the next egg as she chuckles. "All these months… and it goes by this quickly?" It's almost a bit too overwhelming.

Lydiere shuffles her feet, scratching Llysereth's forelimb quietly. "I wonder - " she considers, hesitating curiously, her head twisting this way and that as she attempts to catch it all. She draws from her pocket a hide, rapidly writing something down in big letters. "Two down, only another thirteen to note."

Eleyna frowns as she notices Gerwain wandering away. "And where is /he/ going?" she says, her voice carrying partway accross the grounds. "We're suposed to stay here, I'm very sure about that."

Gerwain doesn't want to break into a run, that'd draw much too much attention. He's not concentrating on the eggs at all just yet, more on his mission. He edges forward some more… How to approach? There's big dragons everywhere… But he's not going to wherry out now! Closer. Closer. By not, someone would have noticed this candi is 'out of the loop', so to speak.

Spot Egg rocks once more and tips over at a most awkward angle, threatening to spill itelf out of its warm nest, but once more it settles lopsidedly in its hollow.

W'yn chuckles and nods. "Aye we do but we dont want it to happen too fast.." he stops all speach as another one hatches a shell. "Oh wonderful!" he offers as he goes to caress a mussle that had just been nudged into him. "Ok you were right..a good clutch.." he offers to reasure the seemingly nervius father. Zymanth croons and raises his eyes then to sweep about galleries, sands, eggs, candidates and riders..not wanting to miss a thing.

Seran watches the brown, and cocks his head as he just seems to consider where he's at, and what's going on. But his eyes are soon drawn toward the sneaking Gerwain, to see if he'll /actually/get it done.

Bryce creeps cautiously onto the sands, clutching a bottle of wine in his hands. "Err, 'scuse me, could you point me to the Weyrwoman?" He asks a nearby rider quietly. "Thank you." He circles wide around the people on the sands, headed for Lymera. Don't want to get too close to a dragonet.

Llysereth huffs towards Gerwain, eyeing him warily, but Lydiere, so enwraptured in her egg watching, and brown watching, misses him entirely - almost. "No, we don't," she agrees via W'yn, somewhat absently. "A good clutch - which is why both of them have to let go, and let them live. Because they can be more proud of them." Right?

Ly'ette stands still at the side of the sands, grinning slightly as she watches the movements of the dragonets searching for their lifemates. She remembers it well.

Brianna frowns as well as she hears Eleyna. "Hmm?" She turns her head to spy Gerwain making his way away from them. She shrugs lightly, glancing back to her fellow candidate. "Wherever he's going, it's not our problem, right?" Her gaze goes towards the moving egg, then returns to the brown.

Eccentric Inventor Brown Dragonet A step forward. Wing still dipping in and out of the sands. He begins to go along the line of white robes before him. His mind racing away with him as he wiffles a girl here or a boy there. It has to be perect, the right idea, the right everything. Looking back to gold and bronze he croons before back to the candidates an idea beginning to form.

The spot begins to dribble, finally making its way slowly down the white shell and taking the delicate outer coating with it, evolving all at once from an egg into the Egocentric Feline Green Dragonet.

Lymera is busy making rude comments about all the candidates to R'yn, who is equally busy making bets with people across the gallery-rail about who is going to impress what, and when. Then… wine is spotted. I mean Bryce. Yah. Really. They're not swooning over a whole skinful of good benden. In unison: "OVER HERE!"

Egocentric Feline Green Dragonet
Sleek emerald encrusted stripes circle their way down this lithe verdant form from confidently raised headknobs to twitching tailtip, luxurious bands mellifluously moulding into winsome finish. Malachite muzzle tilts with a haughty air, vitrified by whorls of pea green that solidify rounded headknobs on their effervescent trellis to the sea of her luxurious torso. Sinuous dancers legs, inherently gifted with feline grace, are tipped off with gleaming ebony talons, as if jet jewellery to set off the richness of her form. The curve of her belly gleams a mottled moss, striped as if with ribbons of brilliance amid the darkness that lies, delicious in smooth perfection. Wings arc upwards from her shoulders, their delicate, gauzelike sails adding to her grace, as if carrying her upon their spring-touched finish, where mainsails falter into palest celery about luscious tips.

Eleyna's frown continues for a moment before she draws her attention back to the eggs. "It's just not right," she complains. "I've never read of any Candidate going sneaking around the Sands during the hatching." And of course if she hasn't read it, it obviously hasn't happened." She watches with intellectual curiosity as the brown hatchling wanders its way closer.

Zabrah raises an eyebrow curiously at Gerwain as she stays in her spot, which is, to Zabrah's relief, far from this brown hatchling. She looks toward the rocking Spot Egg nervously and then with wide eyes to the crooning bronze. Bryce gets a raised eyebrow as she shakes her head. She ducks behind a nearby candidate as the brown comes near the group, peeking out from hiding to oooh and aah at the green.

Seran cocks his head as he watches the brown, as it starts it's searching, sniffing at various candidate, before it's back to Gerwain, and his heading for the weyrwoman.

Gerwain, the epitomoe of focus, bites his lip and shifts his feet, not moving and more just yet. Steeling himself, he steps forward once… twice… and this continues until he steps to within a few metres of Lydiere. Deep breath is taken as he tries to blend in… but isn't having much luck, bright white not too good for camoflague.

Eleyna spies Bryce moving accross the Sands. What? "Oh, and now this?" she exclaims - quietly. "First candidates running around, and now strange people on the Sands? What's next…" She mutters something to herself and looks displeased. This hatching isn't being run suitably, and that's that!

Bryce scurries faster. Looks like Mother might have sent in a message beforehand. The pair there do seem rather eager to get at the wine. "Err. Hi there." He greets Lymera and R'yn, proffering the wine. "I was supposed to give this to you before the hatching, but it sort of slipped my mind and the hatching crept up and, well, better now than later. It's from my mother." He shuts his mouth abruptly. Usually he babbles less than this, honest.

Lydiere is distracted once more by Lymera and R'yn's joint cry; "Ye shards, they're worse than me." She hesitates, momentarily, then calls - "Yo, Bryce, any more for me?" A wink; she's enjoying that. Gerwain is promptly noticed. "Oy! Not trying to hide behind Llysereth, are you?" Is he?

Egocentric Feline Green Dragonet stands still looking round her for a moment, before the shiny innards of an egg catches her attention and she looks down at it intently, stretching out a wing and twisting to see as mich of herself as possible in the shinyness.

With all the watching of poeple running about the Sands, Eleyna hasn't noticed the green's hatching - until now. "Oh, another one. And still no bronze!" She seems resigned. "Perhaps there are none, now that would be something for the records."

Zymanth catches motion as he sweeps about in his search of the area. His head tilts to one side as he regards Gerwain for a moment. He blinks once and then his head seems to snap to attention. A message? he croons in a curious way, but is pulled back to the sands as another hatching emerges onto the sands and he trills its welcome. W'yn on the other hand is rather bemused by everything that is going on. "Whats that Lydiera?" he asks in a tone that shows he really did miss something.

Lymera and R'yn look rather eager, which might suggest that - no, no message… they just assume that anything alcoholic has to be theirs. Afterall, we can hardly let the candidates get drunk… although it could be fun. "Excellent!" Lymera almost leaps towards Bryce, trying to obtain the skin, while R'yn just beams happily. "You'd better stay with us," says the male part of the pair, "Just in case we want to send you out for some more." Anyway, you get a great view down here. "Gooo, uh, you! Whatever your name is!"

Zabrah furrows her forehead at the candidate, shaking her head as she returns to her place, too curious with the goings on. She giggles at the green before looking up at Bryce with a raised eyebrow. She remains quiet, though, just waiting and watching.

Gerwain chuckles a little, shaking his head. "I'm not hiding, I…" And he rushes forward, grabbing up Lydiere for a kiss. And not just /any/ kiss, this one's on the mouth. Tongue and all. Sipping her a little for the crowds, Gerwain lets go of Lydiere and doesn't hang around to see what she thought, rushing away as fast as little legs will carry him.

Brianna frowns towards Eleyna. "Oh, hush." That's all she says, but it's rather loud. Hearing how loud that was, she almost looks sheepish. After eyeing Bryce for a moment, she looks back to the eggs and the hatchlings. She smiles as she sees the green. Sending a glance over her shoulder to see what Gerwain's up to, she just laughs at the sight.

Eleyna spies Jezzara arriving, and shakes her head. Candidates sneaking around, strangers on the Sands, and now Candidates coming in late. This must be the most chaotic Hatching she's heard of since she stood at Eastern those years ago. She blinks at Brianna's outburst. And now shouting…and kissing??

"I don't rightly know," admits Lydiere towards W'yn, hesitating, without taking her gaze away from Gerwain. Nevertheless, his actions are much less expected, and she merely sits there, staring at him. That's when she begins to laugh - "You're an idiot, Gerwain!" she calls, her cheeks faintly pink. "Dear Faranth's blood stained teeth."

Seran can't hold back the laugh that somes from him when Gerwain /actually/ kisses the weyrwoman! Even if is covered by a hand, his eyes sparkling as he watches Gerwain hurry back, the brown having lost his attention for now.

Orianna looks up, her hands reaching downwards to nervously grab at her white tunic. This scene seems familiar, though she knows it is quite different. Azure eyes rapidly scan the audience and candidates, the eggs too are watched carefully, one… in particular. Her features harden as she spies the hatchlings, "Oh…. Faranth…" This naughty candidate watches on with mixed emotions of delight and fear. She may stand near to the others, but in this - she is alone.

Egocentric Feline Green Dragonet catches site of a movement in her mirror and finally looks towards the whiteness on the sands, then back to the egg. White? Green? White? Green? Oooh, white that knows how to wear it. Interesting. Finally she moves forwards towawrds the line of candidates.

Eccentric Inventor Brown Dragonet snuffles here and there, his eyes whirling as he realises that hunger is adding to his emergency. Then it hits! an idea of all ideas..and its a good one! He makes that all important move, his idea needs to be acted out now and as his eyes looks upon the one person who can complete this thought so he croons and nudges at Brianna.

Jezzara skids to a stop on the sands, a hand reaching up to brush her hair out of her face before she performs a picture perfect curtsy to both the queen dragon, and her rider. Eyes are wide as she surveys the scene. It's not her fault that she was way over at Igen Weyr with M'ud on an errand. He at least got her back as quickly as he could. Glancing about, she heads towards a group of candidates nearby, a red-headed girl squealing as soon as Jezz appears in the mist of the group. "You're late Jezz!! They're /hatching/!!"

Bryce hands over the wine with only the slightest hesitation. Yeesh. Those two do seem rather eager to get at it. Hope they aren't going to do anything…ill-advised. "Name's Bryce." He offers helpfully. "I can stay? Really? Gee, thanks! The view's so much better from down here…" He fumbles in a pocket for his notebook and stylus. "I'm, um, taking notes." He explains. "For posterity…oh my." Written: Candidate kisses rider. Frequent occurence? Bears futher investigation.

Widened eyes peer toward Gerwain and Lydiere as Zabrah's jaw drops. After a few moments of surprise, she starts to laugh lightly, attempting to stifle it. Her shoulders drop slightly with relief that Lydiere didn't get upset. As the green creeps nearer, though, she tenses up one more, returning to biting her lip. She grins as the brown finds Brianna, and cheers for the candidate. "Congratulations!"

Eleyna is sweating now - from the heat, not from nerves. She wipes the sweat from her face with the back of one hand, and ends up smearing the trace of ash even further across her face. "My, it's hot," she says, flapping at the front of her robe for circulation. Then blinks with surprise as Brianna is claimed by that moderately omened brown. "Oh! Congratulations, Brianna," she says grudgingly.

Gerwain turns and mock-curtseys in his robe, running to join up with the other candidates. The brown, and the green are watched with equal interest, and as the brown nudges at Brianna, a smile, the first genuine smile (And this one really is winning, not at all tacky) erupts from his features. "Oh, Bri…" He says, "He's.. wonderful."

Lydiere makes a great show of wiping her mouth and face, although her broad grin, eyes full of tears of laughter, might well be mistaken for another reaction, especially as Gerwain curtseys. She almost misses Brianna's Impression - and she would've killed Gerwain, then - but catches it to broad delight. "Oh, Brianna, congratulations!" She quickly jots something more down on her own hide, almost breaking her stylis in the process.

Dark Egg shivers within its mound of sand, listing over onto one side, then rolling onto the other as the hatchling within begins to get into the dance of life. Sand shudders away from it, as if tossed by some bleak, dark storm, black sand revealing dark egg with careful shivers.

Brianna's eyes are on the entering candidates when she finds her feet wrapped up with a brown tail. A grin slowly curves her lips as she looks down to him. Her stomach rumbles rather loudly as she wraps her arms around the brown's neck. "Yes, I'd love to get you food, Gremeth! Much to do?" she asks, not noticing all the congratulations.

Jezzara gives a hoot as she catches the name of the brown hatchling seen hurriedly as she made her way towards her fellow candie, Hannah. A hand waves in congratulations before green eyes peer out from around another taller boy to see what eggs have hatched, and which ones remain. Already she starts that dance of old - the Candidate Two Step.

Seran grins at Gerwain as he rejoins them, before he looks back to the eggs, noticing the greens hatching. "Lovely green." He comments, then looks to the brown to see what he's been up to, and beams when he sees impression. "Brianna! way to go!" He cheers toward the girl, and brown. "Gremeth? Interesting name." He comments softly.

R'yn glares towards Gerwain, and it's almost possible to see a cartoon stormcloud gathering over his head. Leaning in towards Lymera, he speaks, although there's no attempt whatsoever to moderate his tone of voice. "That one, that one there. I never remember his name. Gerbil?" Gerwain. "I swear, we shouldn't have let him on the sands. No idea of how to conduct himself." Someone's not impressed. So to speak. Run now, Gerwain, run now. "Too late now, I'll have to talk to him afterwards." And after all, there's the wineskin. "Of course you can stick around, Bryce." See, he remember's Bryce's name. "Brianna! Oh, well done!" And that's another unison effort. See how well they work as a team?

Haughty Semolira gazes hopefully at the Daisy Egg; so yellow it could *almost* be gold, right? So intent is she upon this occupation, notably, she misses entirely the arrival of a dank forest green, from the EGG, who all but bowls her over in delight. "Sira? Is that me, now?" So surprised, the newly named greenrider bursts into tears. "Oh, Qenzecalth, I'd never give you up for anything!"

W'yn is crying. Not with sadness but with mirth. "hight marks for him Lydiere.." he offers as he holds his side. Wiping the tears away he watches as Brianna impresses and cheers and clasp, getting control of his laughter. Zymanth bulges as he had done with the first hatching. His eyes whirling. W'yn continues to class and adds his congratulations. "Welcome Gremeth, Weyrling Brianna…" he offers his eyes seeking Ly'ettes for a moment and sending her a broad grin.

Gerwain lives, it seems. Watching the green now that the brown, Gremeth, is taken, he wonders if that's the one for him… But that would mean… Moving back a little, he shudders and falls to the back of the group of white-robed freshmeat. He doesn't want to attract the attention of the green.

Bryce scribbles as fast as he can, carefully watching Brianna and noting her reaction. Someone he knows. Though not well. "Congratulations." He calls politely, eyes flickering to the Dark Egg. Buahaha. He doesn't have to wear those sandals. So he's doing all right.

Cat Egg wiggles a little in it's nest of sand, nestling comfortably where it is. Move? Must it? Ah, but it stretches a little, striations marring the tabby stripes.

Ly'ette's grin widens as she steps forwards again. Shes dome this once now and she's got the hang of it, she thinks. "Congratulations Brianna, hes lovely. Gremeth?" She pauses and blinks as another Impression happens and gathers them both up at the same time. "Foods this way."

Orianna claps her hands together, all to well knowing what just happened, "Congratulations Brianna!" She calls out with happiness echoing throughout her words. Attention is not held by the newly pair however, as Orianna continues to switch pressure on her feet rapidly while keeping an eye on the green warily. Then her head turns ever so slightly to watch Dark Egg shiver and shake beneath the sand. She knows this egg… her vision seems almost misted with tears of happiness for others… but no-one else has to know!

"Oh, definitely," agrees Lydiere in response to W'yn. "Although he's going to cop it after the hatching, like you better not believe. The rest of Pern is probably laughing at us right now." She peers up into the galleries and ledges, as if attempting to divine who is laughing, and who is not. Ye of little faith.

Brianna grins, her hand resting on the brown's muzzle. "This way, love." With that, they set off perposefully after Ly'ette, in search of food for the brown. She congratulates the other weyrling on her way.

Eleyna shuffles to one side, closing ranks now that Brianna is gone. "Don't be nervous," she says to young Myka at her side. "It's always the nervous ones that seem to get mauled," she confides matter-of-factly to the boy. His eyes widen even further - looks like she's not precisely comforting him after all…

Zabrah grins toward Brianna before looking around her once more, eager to see who else gets paired. "Oh, congratulations, Sira…" She almost can't keep up with all of the dragons and candidates coming and going. Her eyes turn quickly to the rocking eggs as she bites on her lip and wipes some sweat from her forehead.

Egocentric Feline Green Dragonet pauses for a second to eye the candiates infront of her up and down, then with almost a grin she steps forwards and strikes a pose right infront of Eleyna, eyes making happy contact.

Gerwain moves around at the back of the candidates, pacing. Unable to see all that much, he considers what he's just done. "I'm damn lucky I didn't get thrown off the sands… Or killed, by Llysereth!" He only had considered that /now/, face going pale. Peeking through the cloud puffs, Gerwain remembers to do something. "Naya must be in there, right?" He says, looking to the gallery. "Over here!!" He calls at the top of his lungs, while jumping and waving. "Where are you, Naya!!"

Jezzara finds it hard to watch all the eggs, especially when tall boys decide to get in your way. Not that she minds, for that means it's just another person to be trambled by a hatchling before it got to her! Holding Hannah's hand, she bounces from foot to foot, eyes darting about the sands. "Wonder who the green is going to go for?" A space is left where Brianna stood, and she begins to move towards Eleyna, that is, before she realizes the green is headed straight for that candidate. "Oooooh… lookeeee Hannah!"

Cat Egg stills again, the calm before the storm. Striations darken balefully and it twitches once, twice… thrice.

Eleyna is too busy inadvertantly scaring poor Myka to death to notice that she's been singled out for special notice. "What?" she says absently, turning to face…oh. Oh my.

Seran watches the green make her move, then grins at Eleyna. "Alright Eleyna." He says toward the girl, and the green, before he looks back to the eggs with a grin, and wonders what will hatch next.

Cat Egg wobbles within its mound of sand, shifting up and down as if in time with some tidal drift. A final burst of energy from within, as if coming from nowhere, splits the burnished cream form, ejecting its contents, enveloped in brown, to the dark sands beneath.

Fearless Smuggler Brown Dragonet
Wisps of coco and twists of sandy sienna fall over a lightly lithe form, an arrogant tilt to a dusty muzzle suiting his compact frame. Tumbling blocks of almond are the base hue of his silken hide, rough dun dapples fighting streaks of oak along slim flanks and dapper brushes of rich seal brown wend their way down his slender neck 'n tail. Tidy limbs are lean, his earthy talons are a little stubby and his narrow haunches have a limber look to them with all four paws setting down a stubborn confidence in each graceful line. Supple grace is lent by wings that suit his nimble frame to perfection with neat spars all dusted over ochre and soft velvet sails shaded sepia.

W'yn smile broadly but has calmed down. "I'm sure its more shock than laughter you know.." he offers trying to be helpful but not having too much luck. Looking about he frowns. "Now what is he doing?" over the noise of Zymanth grumbling, and inserting every little comment into his head, as well as creels from hatchlings, shufflings..you get the picture, basically he did not hear what Gerwain was calling out. Zymanth croons lightly again to Llysereth as his eyes once again catch another hatchling, bulging his encouragment and greeting.

Eleyna looks up, an unaccustomed look of wonder on her face. "Her…her name is Estrelath! I'm…yours?" She seems surprised at the idea, despite intellectually having know what would happen.

"Oh, congratulations, Eleyna!" Zabrah calls with a short clap and a smile. "What's her name?" She grins and then turns toward the other eggs, smiling upon the next brown. "Yet another handsome one," she murmurs. "No surprise, though, that the clutch would be so beautiful."

Bryce spots Eleyna on the sands, and starts drifting her way. A fellow intellectual might be able to offer some other insights. Maybe he'll write a book. But his action is forestalled by the arrival of a green dragonet. Err. Never mind plan A. He calls out a brief congratulations as he looks vaguely around for someone he can talk to. Interrogate, perhaps. Gerwain looks to be a likely target. "Err. Hey. You there. Umm…Gerbil?" Influenced by R'yn, he is.

Orianna retains her bouncy actions to just let out a joyful squeal, "Go Eleyna!! Woo!" Excitement bubbles in her voice, "Congratulations!!" The once-fellow-candidate and her green are given a last single look before she refocuses. Hop. Step. Jump. This is what Ori is doing. As an egg cracks nearby, she turns, "'Tis a brown!" Duh Ori. She clasps her hands together in front of her, still not quite knowing what to do.

One minute set tightly in its bed of sand, the next minute toppling head over heals, the Hat Egg breaks into tiny pieces, revealing a stocky, midnight blue hatchling, whose trumpeted arrival draws smiles from these nearby. Appraising these candidates, the blue moves on, finding his match in an equally stocky boy from the Sea Craft. "'course I'd find ye," comments the boy, wrapping arms about his lifemate, "Al'rin'n'Dobrianth forever."

Gerwain looks up towards the gallery, trying to see if he can find that shy girl. She's probably somewhere towards the back, so her goes up on tiptoes, both to minimise the heat coming through his sandals, and to see further, though that has little effect on the latter. "NAYA!!" He calls, drawing attention to her, most likely. He waves and jumps some more, before being distracted by another brown. "Ooooh!"

Lydiere's lips twitch into a smile, broadened as she watches Eleyna's Impression. "That's - oh, wonderful! Congratulations Eleyna, Estrelath." She positively beams, noting to W'yn, "Probably." Llysereth croons towards Zymanth, although only for a moment, her hums taking precedence over a mere male.

Ly'ette is really getting good at this as she steps forwards again, hardly having had time to return from the side of the sands when the next Impression happened. "Eleyna? Estrelath? Lovely name. Foods over here for you."

Seran grins at Eleyna. "Estrelath, nice name, for a nice looking green." He says toward the girl, before he looks back to the sand, and notes the newest brown to hatch. "Oh, nice color on him, rather handsome," He says.

Fearless Smuggler Brown Dragonet lands on his feet, just -so-. Egg shell? Ugh! The last shards are sent flying with a quick shake of his wings and tail and the effort sends more than a little sand flying too. Tilting his head for a moment, regarding the world with a decidedly cocky expression, this brown sets off with a casual swagger to his steps. White things? That's what he's looking for!

Dark Egg gyres and gimbles on the wabe, twisting into mellifluous movements as it pushes from within, attempting to escape the bounds of eggshells, although Llysereth, leaning her head down to nudge it, seems less certain.

Jezzara sighs happily as she spies anothe brown breaking free from it's shell, the other candidate squealing in delight beside her. "He's soooo pretty!" Jezz can only nod her head, her voice not working at the moment. Did she just duck behind that brat of a boy, hiding from view of the brown? Nah.. never, though she won't admit to a touch of the nerves now that she's down here on the sands with eggs exploding all around her.

Ly'ette catches the impression of Al'rin out of the corner of her eye and motions for him to join them as she and Eleyna head for the food.

Gerwain claps his hands, Naya forgotten in the excitement of the impression. Clapping the sea folk lad on the back, he beams at the man. "Congratulations!" And then, he sees Eleyna, now Eleyn, move to the other side of the area. "Well done!" He yells, to be heard.

Seran starts the candidate dance, as his body becomes aware of the sans below his feet, and he shifts to one foot, then the other, stood before ot not, there's no way to get used to this heat. During his shifting he does turn to watch Eleyna, before he looks back to the brown, as it moves in their directions.

Shuddering in revulsion, almost lost amid the dark sand covering Llysereth has placed so carefully, the Dark Egg, as if intaking breath, all but implodes. Dark shell falls into disrepair, marked only by the advent of a stormy sea to take place of a stormy day, as the Tumultuous Shallows Green Hatchling finds her place upon the sands.

Tumultuous Shallows Green Dragonet
A wash of grey and green rhapsodises upon rounded curves, whorls of sea-shaded colour braising to a mellifluous finish in the tumultuous ocean of smooth hide. Tentacles of darkened absinth twist in caliginous trellises from the watered emerald of her angular head, down neckridges buttressed in hapless strains of blue-green. Salty washes of brine collect in gleaming pools about flanks, silvered spray leaping from the stormy hold to gather flecks of brilliance down tail's forked tip. A flash of midnight, like a tropical fish, carouses pinions, bursting to aqueous seafoam by mainsail's form, galvanised into the darker stretches holding to tips, in conjunction with her sets of deepest green talons, unflecked by starlight above this billowy sea.

Zabrah offers another congratulations, this time to Al'rin and the blue. She fidgets in the line, scratching her arms and then sighing against the heat. More sweat is removed from her forehead before the green hatches, and she gulps. "I just can't keep up with all of this…."

Fearless Smuggler Brown Dragonet hops round a piece of shell, looming in front of a pack of girls. Giggling white things. No-oo! Not them! He backpedals hastily and tangles up tail and wings and four feet and why do they all not go where he wants? But he has a mission, one he's contracted to do, so he goes hunting near some more white things. Male white things? Ones that don't giggle?

Zymanth seems to blinks as Llysereth croons, his own voice adding to the noisy chorus going on. Suddenly his eyes spot something. He seems to lowerhimself down to all fours and take one step forwards. A clawed par reaching out and clasping about something as he retracts his steps and goes back to his position. For a moment he is not looking at the hatchings but at the egg shell he holds. Only with that tell tell noise does he look up, intime to bulge welcome to the newly shelled green.

Jezzara only thought she was speechless before, but as the new green is spied, her mouth just hangs open. Hannah may squeal all she likes over that brown, but the green is all that Jezz can see. "She's absolutely beautiful…"

Ly'ette returns almost at a run this time and finally gets to watch for a moment, standing next to W'yn and chuckling. "They're coming out quick. Well if nothing else I'll be fit by the end of this."

Tumultuous Shallows Green Dragonet forces her way from the remainders of her egg with a pushy force epitomised within her strong movements. She hesitates, as if not quite sure of herself, before moving once more - heaving one limb in front of the other as she gets used to this walking thing. It's not as easy as it looks, let me tell you! Shaking herself dry, egg goo slipping down dark green curves, she emits a low bugle to mama - and Llysereth, in return, lowers her muzzle to nudge her. Shying away, the green moves onwards: sorry mum, I'd rather do it on my own.

Gerwain looks over to Lydiere to see what she and W'yn are doing about him, and creases his brow as he tries to work out what exacly Zymanth is doing. "What under the Red Star is he doing?" He whispers to the candidate beside him. The response comes quickly. "What is who doing?" It seems this one is all for the eggs. As Gerwain should be.

Seran looks back to the eggs, and notices the green that hatches. "Lovely green." He comments toward the other candidates that are nearby, before the movement of the brown tumbling over catches his eyes, and he winces a bit, before he smiles as the brown stands again. His eyes roam between the two hatchlings, to see what they do.

W'yn frowns up to the Bronze for a moment before looking across to Lydiera. "Should have thought to bring a wineskin or something you know.." he offers with a grin. His ears finally catching what Gerwain was shouting and his eyes go to also scan the galleries. As he looks back he notices Ly'ette troting up beside him. "Fast and furious! hows they holding up?" he asks curiously, his face flushed.

Orianna keeps an eye on the other eggs, gasping audibly when one cracks to reveal a green, "Oh… She is so… lovely.." The green gets her attention with ease, Ori yelping quietly as she remembers that she must bounce up and down to make she her don't go red.. Owwweee. To late. Oh well. Sweat begins to trickle down her forehead, mingling with other trickles to form a tiny splash that falls off her face and dissapears to the ground. A wide grin, though, breaks on her face as she watches the green assert her independance noisily.

Bryce isn't a white thing. Don't look at him. He's wearing his drab greys. A piece of egg shard lands near him and he picks it up. Hrm. Intriguing. Wonder if anybody minds if he keeps it. A quick, slightly guilty glance is shot left-right before he just places it on the page, trusting to the goo to keep it there. Blink. Momentary fascination with egg-shard is abandoned in favor of staring at Zymanth. What odd behavior.

Llysereth bugles brightly at Zymanth's movement; sneaky crafty mate, there *had* to be a reason she let him catch her, after all. Lydiere rolls her eyes, head shaking. "He's having a mad influence on her, W'yn, I tell you. Very bad!" She nods, more ruefully, "Should've. Although the heat is enough to make a person light headed as it is."

Jezzara sighs softly, fingers tightening around those of her candie partner, the hyper and bouncy fosterling now quiet and almost shy. Lips move in words too silent to be heard by any one else above the rucus of the hatching and pairings that are going on all over the place.

Fearless Smuggler Brown Dragonet stops in his tracks, surveying the scene. Something's not right, something's *there*. Spinning round so fast his muzzle bumps his tail-tip, he saunters the last few steps to his lifetime partner. Found you! Seran is looked up at with that cocky expression in whirling eyes, the arrogant tilt to his head proclaiming his confidence.

Gerwain shuffles, his own sweat falling to the ground. Clapping, the only one on the sands doing so, he looks right out of place. And then… Seran! Or is that S'ran now!? "Congratulations!!" He calls, too loud for his own good. "See that, Naya!" He practically screams, his voice taking a few octaves up as he does so. Hands go to mouth, and he blinks. Oops!

Tumultuous Shallows Green Dragonet gives a soprano rendition of some kind of call - is she flirting? - as she wiggles her wings, drying them, whilst perusing the sands with a certain grace of her very own. Sidling onwards, green flutes yet another comment, the effect spoilt by her misstep, as she crashes down onto the sands. Dark green, dark sands, pieces of dark egg. Such a pretty picture.

Goo Egg wiggles, all gooey-like, mini-earthquakes fluttering over the thick shell's surface. Eeeeew.

One after another, the Ham and Thing Eggs collapse into pieces, their contents revealed as a misty meadow green and a resplendently dark bronze. The pair have no hesitation in discovering a matched set: brother and sister, from Ista Hold, Anyae and Riomarn, whose cries are but echoes of each other. "Alyrieth, I'm yours!" "R'marn? I like that, yes, Virnaeth, but I like yours better."

Zymanth returns his glance to the egg shell he holds. His hand turning it over slowly as if to regard every inch of it. Tilting his head curiously he shakes it a moment before blinking and placing it inbetween Llysereth and himself. Before anyone could say anything else, a few more pieces are collected with smooth swift movements. After a short time a little mound of discarded shells lays in a mound imbetween the two. He croons lightly looking back up to the gold. Only the /high/ pitched voice brings him back to the hatching and he bulges, welcomeing the newly impressed as well as in some sort of answer to Gerwain.

Jezzara calls out a loud congratulations towards Seran, a smile flashed across her face as the brown claims him for a lifemate. "Wohoo.. Seran!" *hop hop hop* A motion captures her attention, and a gasp escapes her mouth as the green goes down. "Oh no.. hope she's not hurt!"

[DTU/Project] Zymanth senses that Llysereth positively beams in delight. « You are very clever, » she decides, voice sweet and quiet. « *Our* eggs. *They* can keep the silly hatchling things. » She doesn't want them. Nasty.

S'er blinks as the brown saunters up to him, and looks up at him. "R-Raficoth?" He asks the brown, as he reaches out a hand to touch hislifemate as if expecting him to vanish. "Oh course we'll be good partners." He says to the brown before him.

Goo Egg shudders at the highly pitched scream, cracks oozing through the shell…

Bubbles burst over the sticky shell as it stretches out in every direction as the life within struggles to unglue itself from its protective coating of goo. Finally theres a break and the stickyness begins to peel away slowly, pooling on the ground as it leaves a rather gunky Dark Angel Bronze Dragonet dripping on the sands.

Dark Angel Bronze Dragonet
Age worn wheat-gold and amber dribble down this bulky dragon like forlorn rain, weaving their way over crimson stained bronze to cleanse the angry hue with sorrowful purity. Deep, mournful eyes are sunk deep into his head, seemingly gripped by glowing blood stains but for the silver-gold tears that streak towards his muzzle. As the fire-bright ember oozes down his neck, shadows gather to darken it to an almost-night draped in unravelling amber that curls to highlight each bulking muscle of his shoulders and hind. Wings outspread seem to be deepen the darkness, their smokey form hiding what lurks behind, for through the smoke shines sun-warmed honey, a promise of hope and light. Talons seem rust-tipped, long and sharp and dangerous.

Zabrah grins toward Seran, clapping. "Congratulations to you, Saren!" she calls with a grin before rearranging herself in her sandles, mumbling, "Sharding… sandals…" She looks up back toward the Hatchlings, sighing softly as she looks toward the remaining eggs. Not too much left.

Righting herself, her high opinion of her very own soul not diminished, the Tumultuous Shallows Green Dragonet moves onwards, seeking out some kind of friendlier sky, since this, in itself, is not entirely approveable. She nearly slips once more, her green hide splattered with dark sand, but instead finds herself heading towards another, smaller group of candidates. Hm.

Ly'ette blinks. 3 all at once. "Oh well here we go again she chuckles and leaves W'yns side once more collecting Impressees and dragonets as she goes, finishing with Seran. "Seran? Raficoth was it? Right this way for food."

[DTU/Project] Llysereth senses that Zymanth croons with pride, for both his actions and that you like them. «We shall keep our eggs! your eggs were beautiful and still are!!»

Gerwain ooohs, and hears some sort of noise come from the crowd gathered as a Bronze appears. And there's an.. answer from the dragon? Zymanth is regarded with a grin. S'er. That's it. A bronze is a good sign, everyone knows! At least there's one now! And then… Another! Muscles stretched across his face like they're fit to strain, or something, He watches as the now smaller groups of candidates are… herded?

[DTU/Project] Llysereth projects to Zymanth « We did well. » She says this firmly, with pride. « Very beautiful. I shall put some in my ledge, and remember them forever. »

S'er nods to Ly'ettw, though his attention never leavess the form of the brown, as their herded for where food is.

Orianna grins at Seran, "Yay! Woo! Congratulations!!!!" The blonde girl turns to face the other hatchlings /again/! The green is watched closely with a look of almost wonder, "You are a darling, aren't you?" She whispers quietly to the green, eyes only unlocking from her stare to spy a bronze, "He's a handsome fellow…"

Jezzara can't help but smile with a touch of pride as the lovely green gathers herself together to set off again. Shouts are called out to other candidates as they're claimed one by one by hatchlings, the crowd of white growing ever smaller as time goes by. Bottom lip is worried, chewed on as dark green eyes flick from one scene to another, trying to capture it all to go over it later in slow motion.

W'yn smiles and calls after Ly'ette. "All at once it would seem..ohh a bronze!" he adds for if she had not seen this. Turning to look up to Zymanth he frowns. "What are you doing you great lump!" His eyes go to touch the pile of egg shells that has been growing rather rapidly. He soon stops though as Zymanth snorts. "Ok Lydiera, we can remove them after.." he offers in a rather hushed voice.

Bryce swivels his head left-right-left-right in an effort to try and keep up with the events. Stylus is poised above the paper, trying to decide which part he's recording. Ack! "Three together? Hrmm…wonder if that's happened before…" he mutters to himself, making a note to himself. A bronze! Eyes scan the crowd of candidates, wondering which out of the lot is going to Impress.

"They're insane. It's the heat." Lydiere has come to this conclusion with a firm nod of her head. "We will. Have to try and straighten these two out." Her eyes roll - although congratulations continue to be passed out, as they wont, the green and bronze currently upon the sands eyed carefully. "That's the second bronze. I'm impressed, dearling." Llysereth's smug, and croons.

Dark Angel Bronze Dragonet slinks… well… darkly off his mound of sand, crouching as if to minimise all that bulk of wings and muscles. There's a patch of candidates nearby, but unlike most dragonets might, this hatchling veers off away from the crowd, into the wide open space of black sand. So many people. Argh.

Jezzara bounces more, the heat really starting to get to her it seems. Yet, there's a constant song, a soft murmuring of words when she's not shouting words of congratulations to a friend. "They're soo pretty.. they're so pretty.. wow!"

Tumultuous Shallows Green Dragonet hesitates once, then raises her head to greet the one she believes in and knows so well. Orianna's dear face is met with her own, green finding greenrider to have and to hold. And, with a delighted warble, two become one. Impression is a certainty.

Gerwain takes a deep breath, his heart racing both from excitement and from the heat. Sweat practically rolls down him, his robe getting patches of wet. Wunnerful. And the wet is heating up, making him hotter than before. "Whoever said that white doesn't get as hot, I am going to kill." He crosses his arms, and then is aware that this would make him hotter, and so uncrosses them, shuffling about. Bronze is eyes warily… What's he doing way out there? Then the green is watched as it reaches Orianna… "Oh, go Ori!! She looks just like that pink dragon we made…" That was too loud.

Zabrah smiles toward Orianna, eyes twinkling. "Congratulations to you," she offers before looking toward the bronze with a chuckle. There are four or so eggs… Maybe this candidate will get to return to her normal life. She looks over each of the male candidates, forehead furrowed, as if trying to decide which of these men will Impress the bronze.

Orianna drops down on her knees to link her arms around the green's head with longing and imminent adoration, "Oh.. Lynaeth… Yes.. We will." With that, she stands. Eyes of azure not leaving the green's whirling orbs, "Food. Now? Of course." He head only turns to look at Gerwain, "Shh." And then she turns to Ly'ette.

Dark Angel Bronze Dragonet bunches his shoulders, wings falling behind him like a dark, crimson-glowing cape. Eyes catch the light, glowing with a hint of amber, ancient hue bright as his head turns urgently. What's that? Liquidly, he moves, all grace - until he stumbles over a lump in the sands. Ow. Who put that there? Everyone else might know what's going on, but this bronze seems apart, and somewhat… confused.

Lydiere writes something more down on her hide, commenting, mostly to herself, "Green, from that Darkish egg, to Orianna. Oh, wonderful!" Name, too, is apparently jotted down, as Orianna announces it, Weyrwoman beaming in delight as she glances about the sands once more. "Gerwain!" Uh-oh. Boy is in trouble. Llysereth emits a hiss, Lydiere looks worried, and then silence. "I'm watching you," she mutters, eyes firmly placed upon Gerwain.

As if broken over a heated pan, the Egg Egg disappates as if it were never there, spreading out into a lanky blue hatchling - the colour of a tumultuous sea - that lisps merrily this way and that. Discovering a single girl - Giani - whose hands are not clasped in anyone elses, he emits a bugle of triumph, to her laughing response. "Ooh, Jhanyth, of course I want you. Couldn't not want you!"

Ly'ette smiles as green meets her mate. "Congratulations Orianna, shes lovely. Over here and join the others and the food." once more she makes the steps forward to collect the new pairing.

Voom Egg suddenly comes alive, with a wiggle and a giggle and an excited little bounce.

Voom egg shakes, and voom egg quakes.
And with that warning Voom Egg breaks!!
Egg goo covers everything
as out he tumbles, the Pirate King!

Dashing Pirate King Brown Dragonet
The golden-brown glory of sunset is shattered by the stormy waves incarnated in this bulky dragon, scattering across a sea of hind in a riot of boasting brightness. Floating above the flashing dabs of cream, blonde and pine that smudge over his head with its rather uniquely eccentric features, birch and hay twist to encompass his headknobs in a clumsily woven crown. Flecks of ember fall over the neck, floating towards the brassy brown that flares on the underside of a thick neck, swelling proudly as it twists and leaps towards his sharply spiked back's neckridges. Darker wingbones span upwards like a ship's sturdy twin masts from which fall the membranes as intricately woven rope netting floating over an undercurrent of brandy. Dashing muscle-bound limbs are tipped with talons, of which hint of blue glances off with a dangerous hint of steel - somewhat undermined by a belly that seems somewhat padded under its armour of chaotic shades.

Jezzara giggles at Gerwain, having found that little gift to the gold and rider before it made it to the sands. Oops, looks like the feline is outta the bag! Then, as shouts are directed to Orianna, she turns and sees the green following behind to the sidelines. "Awww… oh well. " And then louder, "Congratulations Orianna!!"

Zymanth 's eyes is also fixed on the candidate who announces openly what he had done. That 'pink' dragon had caused Zymanth worries as he had not understood how it could get past his vigilance while Llysereth had been feeding. What he hopes nobody sees, is with this action of glaring at Gerwain, he also sweeps up a few egg shells and sneeks them to the pile.

Gerwain hushes down. He really /didn't/ mean to say that. Hunching over, he tries to hide, for the first time in his life. Bronze the only one on the sands currently, he watches the egg that he felt the most affinity for hatch and impress. Smile dips a little, but doesn't fade entirely, the Bronze again watched. "Poor thing," he mutters as he watches the little one fall on the black sands, but he soon turns his attention to the rest of the eggs. Which one next?

Bryce swings his head around, watching the bronze. It looks…befuddled. Certainly not what he expected from a bronze dragon. Hrm. Eyes flicker over to the growing pile of egg shards that's accumulating in front of Zymanth. Hrmm…wonder if he could take a few more samples? A few of the larger shards. He starts sidling over towards the pile. Just a few. Can't hurt…

Zabrah glances up toward the galleries and then back to the eggs and dragons before her, smiling upon the new one as she totters where she stands, rocking back and forth on her heels. The visitor on the Sands gets another odd look before she returns to her quiet surveyal.

Dark Angel Bronze Dragonet stirs, the hunted becoming the hunter as he suddenly lurches forward, pulled by the promise of predestined love, legs moving of their own accord as he is driven towards the one who has got into quite enough trouble already this hatching.

Jezzara hop-hops from foot to foot, green eyes watching the hurried steps of the Dark bronze, wondering who he shall pick in the end. Up on tip-toes, she tries to see over someone's shoulders, then crouches down low to try to see around white clad bodies. Sometimes, it's a pain being so little.

Gerwain peers out from behind another candidate as he watches the bronze come towards the pair. A grin is offered to the candidate and a clap on the back is hard. This is all followed by a chuckle. "He's coming for you!"

Dashing Pirate King Brown Dragonet strikes a pose, tilting his head just-so to catch the light at the most flattering angle. Here's to adventure! Here's to the pirate king! Hurrah for the pirate king! And it is, it is, a glorious thing to be a pirate king. But wait! What is that there? Treasure! Ahoy! Drawn by some nice, shiney, strange little things, he prances in the direction between sire and dam. What're you hiding there, and do you happen to have any pirate sherry to go with it?

Dark Angel Bronze Dragonet pauses before Gerwain, looking up with an almost wistful glint of honey curling over his swirling eyes, a look that's completely at odds with his loomingly large appearence. A soft cry wiggles out of his muzzle, as he chooses the one to be his own.

Lydiere wipes her sweaty hair away from her face, surveying the hatching with wary eyes. So far, so good. Except for Zymanth, and Llysereth. "Dear fardles, it's hot," she mutters, used to it though she is. " - Hey, where is that bronze going?" She boggles, if such a word is possible, staring after the bronze. "Oh dear shards." Llysereth huffs towards her brown son, protectively hovering over Zymanth's pretty shards. She's no longer interested in hatchlings - eggs're better. They don't go away.

At first you would think Zymanth had not noticed Bryce as his eyes and croons encouragment to Brown and Bronze. His tail is what shows he had seen it. twitching slightly at the edge it shows his attentative ness. Suddenly Zymanth head sweeps round and blocks Bryces way, his faceted eye blinking once as he seems to growl slightly. "Zymanth!" Is all W'yn calls and tries to calm the bronze, with no luck.

Cool waters run still - and for the longest time, the Blue Egg has been just as still, as if waiting for some important moment of truth, before escaping into its broken and battered form. As if on cue, as the last few eggs break away, it, too, follows - revealing a plump, well rounded green, whose only attempt at searching ends up in a tangled mess with Kiesti of Keroon. "We'll get food," she announces, confidently, leading her lifemate of her own accord towards the further corner of the sands. "Come, Sieryth."

Zabrah claps once more, grinning. "Oh, congratulations, Gerwain! What shall we call you now?" she calls to him with a chuckle.That one has a dragon now, eh? That could mean trouble. She turns quickly to look toward the clutchsire, biting her lip. "Is he going to be okay?" she murmurs in a whisper to another candidate. She calls another congratulations to Kiesti before sighing and biting her lip.

Jezzara does a happy dance on the sands as she sees the bronze claim Gerwain, laughing aloud from the shear fun of it. "Go Gerwain!! Bronze!! Wohoo!" A hand is waved in the air, before she turns to watch the rest of the eggs.

Bryce isn't quite a visitor. He was planning on going back up to the galleries, but he got an invitation to stay. Hooray for very nice people (who also happen to like wine very much). "EEP!" Bryce squawks, leaping backwards as Zymanth's head comes down in front of him. "Sosorry, sosorry…" Backpedal, boy, backpedal. Fast. Hide behind something. Like a group of Candidates.

Lydiere stares at Gerwain, at his lifemate, at the pair of them, shutting her eyes and sighing. "There goes my chance to discipline him, partially. Must talk to Ly'ette." This muttered, she catches Kiesti's impression, from the corner of her eyes, and beams, "Congratulations!" Llysereth hisses, as the Pirate King Brown, and Bryce as well, attempt to steal from Zymanth's hoarde. Hatchlings, yes, eggs, no way.

C'uff had been quite thoughout the hatching, allowing his boss Ly'ette to do most of the work. Seeing her occupied though he watches and notes the Bronzes forwards steps. Stepping onto the sands he waits for a moment, allowing the impression to sink in. His eyes showing he thinks of his own impression for a moment.

G'wain's jaw just drops as the Bronze stops in front of him, his face going though emotions like no tomorrow. There's suprise, wonder, question, and finally, some form of acceptance. "G'wain… I suppose." Kneeling in the sands, he neglects to tell the whole world the dragon's name! Knees a burning, he hugs the bronze, head next to muzzle. "I feel like I know you already."

C'uff steps forward then and smiles broadly. "Kiesti, G'wain..if you and your lifemates would like to follow?" his stride broad and he closes the distance between the wall and the hatchlings in short time. "This way please, Ly'ette will give you instructions..food this way.." He offers and with mych slower steps heads to the side of the sands..

Dashing Pirate King Brown Dragonet ahas! The quest for treasure is momentarily abandoned as a maidenly cry for help is heard… well, not maidenly, /technically/, but beggers can't be choosers. It's a cry for help, but have no fear, the Pirate King is here! With a baby bugle that sounds more like a squark (but try telling him that) he leaps to the defence of visitor-one. Sure, he's shouting at something that's enormous, and he just hatched, but he really doesn't seem to notice the size-difference. A raspberry is blown towards sire as he leaps off, onto more adventures. Tata!

G'wain is prodded by another candidate, a hiss for a reminder. Oh, the name!! Clutching his stomach, he calls out, "His name is /Ahreluth!/ And he's /my/ lifemate!"

G'wain calls to Ahreluth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Jezzara giggles, and shouts, "What's his name, Gerwain??" Curious is she, you can't help it. Laughing, she bounces from burnt foot to burnt foot in attempts to keep them from cooking all the way through as she glances quickly to the last of the eggs, wondering if one out there is for her or not. In the end, she really didn't think so anyway.

Lydiere's eyes roll, as she repeats, "Ahreluth. Mph. Llysereth, your babies have bad taste." There's a wink that follows, for the queen's benefit, but the queen huffs instead, hoarding about those egg shards, although a warble of delight is made at the impressions of her babies. She's free of them! "The brown," comments Lydiere, mostly to herself, watching the hatchling in question. "Where's he headed?"

Zymanth watches the backpedaling boy and begins to relax slightly, though his eyes never leave Bryces. Suddenly the bronze holds an expression of sheer surprice (if you can imagin that on a dragon). He seems to do something like a cheep as he blinks down at the hatchling. Looking across to Llysereth before once again to Bryce he just cant beleve someone blew a raspberry at him!!! Zymanth goes to step and follow after the bounding yongling but stops as a rather large egg shell is placed perfectly in the path, this distracting him he takes it up and places it on the pile. W'yn on the other hand is laughing once more. "Can you believe it.. his son alreay managing to make him speechless for the first time tonight!" Slapping at the twarny hide W'yn also watches. "What is he doing? I do believe he is defending who Zymanth challanged.." he offers with a frown. His eyes turning to look to the candidates still ringed before back to the brown.

Bryce wasn't going to /steal/. He was going to…permanently borrow! You know how that works. What's he going to do with all those egg shards anyway? Red-faced, Bryce slinks behind a few giggling candidates, note-taking temporarily forgotten. One wary eye is kept on Zymanth, and a more curious one at the Pirate King. No, he isn't going cross-eyed, he's just switching back and forth a lot. A rather rediculous sight, the brown thppting his sire. Wow. Wonder if that happens often? A brief mental image of an entire clutch of dragons raspberrying the clutchdaddy causes a slight smile on his face as the thought galvanizes him back into note-taking.

"It's amazing," agrees Lydiere, grinning towards W'yn, as she watches Zymanth and Llysereth. "I almost think they're almost more concerned with *eggs* than *hatchlings*." Head shaken, eyes rolled, Lydiere resumes her watching. "I think he's learnt a lesson, though, that non-candidate one."

Dashing Pirate King Brown Dragonet looks quite put out as he peers at his rescue-ee from behind the candidate crowd. I mean, really. Hello! You're being rescued here! You /should/ be crying, or at least, looking somewhat distressed. Not… taking notes. Of all the insults! Brown gathers his wings and begins to charge forward, gathering momentum as he somehow manages to steer through the crowd without hurting anyone. Much. A couple of bruises, and he'd stop to appologise if he wasn't The Pirate King with someone who desperately needed rescuing. Here he comes! *thump!* And just in case Bryce didn't realise that he needed rescuing, he headbutts the not-candidate in the knees. Pay attention, y'hear? Are you an orphan? Well. I guess it doesn't matter, because this brown has got his heart set on you, Bryce. So there. Nyah, nyah, nyah.

Lydiere pauses. Stares. Blinks. Burbles something unintelligent…"The brown…Bryce…What?" Glib comments are, apparently, not the go. "But he's not a candidate!" she wails, momentarily at a loss as to what to say.

Jezzara blinks, brows furrowing just a bit. "Who did that brown just pick? I don't remember him being a candidate…" Finally, she just shrugs. "The dragons know best." At least that's what she's been hearing from the day Ly'ette's green choose her to stand on these sharding hot sands!

Llysereth, smug, simply hums louder than ever - her son knew what to do.

W'yn chuckles and nods to Lydiera. "Last thing Zymanth decided to keep..the bush on the ledge.. well it's still there.." there is a message somewhere in that little storry but it got lost. "He has secretly managed to..ho ho!" the sentence about the large collection of shells is lost as W'yn watches the Pirate king charge, knock people out of the way and headbut Bryce. "Oh boy.." (said in the syle of Quantumleap) is muttered as W'yn begins to leave Zymanths side. "Lets go see eh?" he asks Lydiera steppind onto the sands, not stopping long though as that hot-foot-sand-dance can soon set in.

Zabrah raises her eyebrow toward the brown, chuckling as she gives a congratulations to the visitor-turned-weyrling. Interesting goings-on. She wipes sweat from the back of her neck and kicks sand out of her sandals. "Some interesting dragons," she remarks before looking toward the exit. Are they free to leave?

Lymera and R'yn are shocked. Horrified. Guilty. Can they run? Now? Um. That wasn't meant to happen. He was meant to /watch/, not participate. "Well, at least he gave us wine first." Lymera's one to look at the bright side of things (so long as the bright side of things doesn't involve pregnancy). "And it seems he's got connections - maybe there's more wine to come?" R'yn looks rather hopeful as he shakes the empty skin. Nope. No wine left. "Darn. I hope his relations come to the party later." You never know. "Shall we round up those left behind?" With that, the two valiantly stride forward. Lymera speaks up first: "Anyone got wine - I mean, follow me, y'all, and don't worry. I can't tell you /how/ many times I was left on the sands before Ysmalath found me." And under her breath: "And then I wished she hadn't." Ahem. R'yn: "Come and drink off the pain. We've got Benden!" Oh, such sensitive Weyrleaders.

Zymanth adds his own croon to Llysereths, but it has an odd note to it, something of confusion, pride and annoyance. A Raspberry!!

Br'ce twitches slightly, flat on his back in the sand. "Erf. Stop that, Trellazoth." he mutters, pushing at the brown's head as it pokes him in odde areas. His eyes widen as the full implication of what's happened crashes on him. "I-I…" Blink. "Nono, of course I'll be your, err, buddy." Struggling back to his feet, the bewildered boy wanders off the sands with his new lifemate.

"I guess so," agrees Lydiere via W'yn, as she slips down from Llysereth's forelimb, shifting towards the egg shells, the remaining candidates, Bryce and his lifemate. "Oh dear, that's the last of them. C'mon, we'll go and see the weyrlings, shall we? Leave Lymera and R'yn," the drunken sots? "to talk to the others."

Jezzara realizes as Lymera and R'yn step forward, that she is in that small group of candidates that were left behind on the sands. The usual hyperness is quieted as she turns to walk out, following behind the riders. Hey, does that mean she can get drunk then?? In that case, the gloom disappears, and she eagerly watches R'yn's cute rear in the tight leathers lead the way off the sands. Just don't let her auntie find out she's drinking, and everything will be ok!

C'uff heads out to pick up the last Weyrling. Surprise open on his face. "Trellazoth? nice name..congratulations." He offers and smiles. "Theres food this way, your going to have to help him to eat but dont let him over feed.." a first lesson for the non candidate…

Lydiere offers a half-smile to those left behind, mournful in her expression, as she slips off to the barracks, weyrling-bound.

You walk out to Weyrling's Tunnel.

W'yn walks out of Hatching Sands.

Lydiere nods quickly to Ly'ette, as she slips through, shaking out her sweat-dank hair with a wrinkle of her nose. "It's hot out there. - Weyrlings!" Even weyrlings-that-shouldn't-be-weyrlings. "Congratulations, from all of us."

W'yn nods and walks to Ly'ettes side also but calls over to C'uff. "Thanks for your help.. if you dont mind checking on other candidates for me?" C'uff nods and smiles broadly and heads out. Turning to Lydiera then he smiles broadly. "well.. new Weyrlings and dragons all safe..no major injuries.."

Brianna hmphs as she sits on her cot. As Gremeth tries to follow her up, she shakes her head, "No, it can't support you." She laughs, shaking her head gain. "No, you can't make it sturdy enough to support you. There's no way." As the brow stares at the cot, Brianna just frowns.

G'wain moves over to his cot, Ahreluth in tow. "You've been fed, and oiled… There anything else that you need right now?" He asks the little one, not got the 'mindtalk' down pat just yet. Smiling as he gets the response, he sits crosslegged on the couch. As Ahreluth tries to climb up with him, he blinks. "Y… y can't come up here, and for the same reason as Brianna's dragon!" He says, but the Bronze takes little notice, the bed creaking as not-so-little one clambers up.

Lydiere positively beams towards Ista's newest weyrlings, digging out a pouch from *somewhere* on her body. Let's not go there. "Because you're all going to be cool." Pause. "Well, most of you, anyway, I bought you presents." There's another big grin; she's obviously enjoying this. "So - G'wain, and bronze Ahreluth." She outstretches her hand, a ring within it. "Congratulations."

W'yn leans against a wall watching the new weyrlings with a broad smiles on his face. He claps for G'wain and adds his little own welcome to it.

G'wain takes the ring from Lydiere, and makes a little kissy motion to her. "C'mon…" He says, winking to her. "One for the road?"

Lydiere turns her head to grin at W'yn, reaching in to pick up another small form from her back - "Not while you're a weyrling! Raincheck. After you've been punished." There's a wink, as she adds, "You're awful." Bronzerider through and through. "S'er, brown Raficoth."

Ahreluth whuffs softly and the cot creaks once more, his head shaking as he tries to work out exactly wha's going on.

Br'ce picks out a cot for himself, Trellazoth following close behind and giving 'helpful' nudges with his head. "Stop that." Br'ce mutters, stumbling. "I can walk on my own. And no, it would /not/ be appropriate to climb up on the bunk. No, not because it's forbidden, because you won't fit!" His irritated complaining is threaded through with a note of affection, however.

Lydiere notes, by-they-by, "I had them commissioned, based on the eggs. I hope they fit, but if they don't, give them back and I'll resize them." She waits until S'er has accepted his ring, then continues. "Br'ce, brown Trellazoth. Our surprise Impression." A wink follows. "Congratulations.

S'er blinks, and looks at the ring as he takes it from Lydiere's hand,and looks it over. "So lovely." He says, then looks at Lydiere. "Thank you weyrwoman." He says to her, before he places the ring on his finger, whiles Raficoth sniffs at the curious thing.

W'yn smiles back to Lydiere and then turns to scan the schene. Loud rasping bulges are suddenly heard from the cavern and W'yn winces. "Mind if I leave you a moment Lydiere? Seems someone is trying to remove the hoard of shells.." he openly winces and then with a light bow he heads to leave stopping he turns back and plants a kiss on her cheek. "Congratulations,a wonderful hatching.." After that he is gone and the creeling from the sands begins to diminish.

W'yn takes the southeast passage into the bowl.

W'yn has left.

Lydiere glances back at W'yn, nodding after him. "Sure - " Then, back to the weyrlings. "Oh, it's my pleasure, S'er. - Brianna, brown Gremeth!"

Br'ce gives Trellazoth a reassuring scratch on the eyeridges as he stumbles down to Lydiere. "I didn't mean to. Honest." He just wanted to watch. "Err. Thanks. It's wonderful…" he replies, giving a dubious look at the ring.

G'wain fits the ring onto his finger, and it fits perfectly. Showing it to Ahreluth, his eyes glaze over as he explains what exactly is going on. And from Ahreluth, whirling green and blue eyes seem to understand, a little.

Lydiere then continues, giving the rings out to the rest of the weyrlings - as she can.

Gremeth, still staring at the cot thoughtfully, doesn't notice his name being called. Brianna does, though, and moves to accept the ring. She eyes it for a moment before slipping it on, finding that it doesn't fit. Gremeth finally looks up and eyes the ring as well. With a frown, Brianna says, "No, you can't try and fix it.."

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