Llysereth x Zymanth Clutching

[Dragon] Gold Llysereth wakes: her mind fluttering with dapples of lavender that spring and coil as > she debates this new sensation; « They push, Lydiere! » Broadcasting her words as she did not mean to, she breaths deeply, calling, « They're coming! I'm not going to be fat any more! »

Lydiere runs through, a lumbering Llysereth nonetheless making some speed towards the hatching ground entrance; Lydiere's expression is almost pained, worried, but the hint of a smile nonetheless parades the overly sunburnt visage.

[DTU/Project] Zymanth senses that Llysereth - exultant - is not quite cured yet. Sharply, « Where are you? You need to be here, to make holes for the eggs! » Now. If you didn't mind, because she's impatient.

Zymanth comes in from Entrance Cavern.

Wincing as sand flies up in aid of her jog, hitting against her sunburnt arms and legs, Lydiere makes a dash onto the sand, worriedly hovering over Llysereth, whose less easy movements ensure she is not quite so fast - regardless of size. Wallowing in the heated black sand, the gold smoothes at it with her talons, hide rippling - a rumble noted towards Zymanth as she attempts to sit, waiting for that first egg.

Zymanth wanders onto the sands, his eyes whirling lightly as he bobs his head slowly to Llysereth, a slight purr emitted.

[DTU/Project] Llysereth senses that Zymanth slips lnto your mind with the softness of snow. »I am here, I come quickly..«

W'yn walks out of Entrance Cavern.

[DTU/Project] Zymanth senses that Llysereth sees this, and although her mind trellises with pain - this hurts! - she nuzzles her mind towards yours. « Thank you! »

Llysereth attempts to warble towards Zymanth, the note interrupted by a heavy pushing, a lunge over a slight depression within the sand - and the laying of her first ever egg, in her first ever clutch.

Ring Egg
A big, long, pink egg ring
Oh boy what a thing
How does one propose
To an egg with a ring?

Zymanth lowers his head as he sees the first egg. He croons deeply in his throat, something or pride rippling.

"Oh, it's - odd," decides Lydiere, moving closer to view the first egg, under Llysereth's intense scrutiny, "She's okay, I think," the lobster-hued Junior Weyrwoman notes to W'yn, savering a half smile as her lifemate moves to another pre-made depression within the sands, readying herself.

Zymanth slowly wuffles the ring egg, his eyes sweeping to the gold then about the galleries. Coming back to his position and job be moves his lumbering self about the sands, keeping close but working, his forepaws aiding to create an indent in the sands. His croon soft. Stepping back the place for the next egg prepared.

Llysereth spreads her wings, crooning towards her first egg - it's special! - as another spasm of labour hits her, and she crouches, eyes fluttering closed, pushing with her pale-hued hindquarters. Lydiere hovers, smoothing her hand over the golden muzzle, murmuring something.

Voom Egg
Not everyone knows,
But the question does loom
What on Pern does it mean
When an egg has got Voom.

W'yn frowns, cocking his head slightly to one side. "Can I get you anything? Water wine?" he asks looking round, he could catch someone walking past and send them off to get liquid if not go himself. It is strange but he does not seem to want to leave the bronzes side.

Lydiere gives an appraising glance towards the second egg, considering - "That's kind of pretty, in a glittery way. What weird eggs you have, Llysereth." Rubbing red hands over red arms, she murmurs, "If I'd known sooner, I might have had to get changed. What luck." Head raises in response to W'yn's query, her smile lifting as she shakes her head. "Better not. You might miss something. I'm fine."

W'yn chuckles and looks to the Bronze who once again is working with the sands, creating the homes for the eggs to rest in. His eyes seem to be going focused and unfocused rather quickly. "With the running commentary I have on each egg? each movement?" He smiles though looking to the red skin. "hope your burn is not going to get adgitated by the hea..ohh, your right, doing well Llysereth.." Zymanth confirms that. Looking about then W'yn scans the galleries, squinting into the gathering darkness, the areas he cannot see.

Lydiere groans good naturedly, "I should have guessed. Llysereth is just preening in my ear, and warning me that if anything happens to the eggs…" She trails off, adding, "It hurts like anything, but I'll be okay." A smile is made to Llysereth, as if attempting to encourage the queen, who gives a low rumble of pain, hindquarters shaking softly as she heaves another egg out from within.

Ham Egg
I wish I were a joint of Ham
Or maybe even Raspberry Jam
Im pink and round, maybe a Leg?
I do not like to be an Egg!

Zymanth turns his maned wedge shaped head to the queen. Stopping his workings to encourage and calm. His faceted eyes still holding the campfires that flicker. His wings opened slightly, revealing the sandstorm while also aiding with ballance. This normally clumbsy bronze putting as much effort into being delcate as he can. Slowly his muzzle turns to his rider, who gives it a quick caress before the bronze continues his manipulation of the sands.

W'yn chuckles. "Zymanth your doing the job ok..yes the other eggs look secure.." A few more words before the rider turns to Lydiere. "For her first clutch Llysereth is holding out well..conforms what we were talking about in the cavern..Instinct and all that.."

[DTU/Project] Llysereth senses that Zymanth touch is cold as ice, but a caress none the less, his thoughs try to take the pain away, cool and sooth. »I am here, I will make your eggs secure, you relax if you can..you do well..they are wonderful eggs! I'm proud!« the latter words rippling with the emotion they speak of.

"Must be," agrees Lydiere, shifting her feet about the hot sands. "Fardles, if it's this hot already. How'm I going to stand sitting with Llys at all?" Her gaze moves ever back to Llysereth, who crouches again, hide rippling in waves of silvery gold as yet another egg appears upon the sand - this is for you, Ysmalath!

Hat Egg
High on a head of sand,
Tinted deep olive - so very grand,
A hat of pride, a hat so true:
Is this the right hat for you?

[DTU/Project] Zymanth senses that Llysereth responds - slightly warmer, heated by that which radiates from the black sands beneath - « Thank you. » Almost curt, she casts a wary eye upon her clutch. « No one must touch them. » They are wonderful, aren't they?

W'yn smiles and as he removes sticky hair from about his face, making it look rather odd where it sticks out out more in places he smiles. "And you know, at this rate im going to have to ask for rides to my Weyr..he aint gunna leave!" Indicating the bronze. A few more egg wallows are made by his hand before he stops, eyes turning to the eggs now lain. His brassy bulge rather load in the chamber before he croons softly, turning to continue his work.

[DTU/Project] Llysereth senses that Zymanth slooths your temper, or aids to. »Nobody will enter. I will not allow, when you feed I will watch..« he offers, it seems he is going to be just as protective of the eggs as he is of the gold. »You do well..« he adds as another glistening egg comes to his view.

Lydiere rolls her eyes good naturedly, shuffling her feet. "We can be stuck here together, I imagine." Fond smile fades into wince of concern, and Llysereth's progress leads her to another burst of egg-laying spasms, and yet another - and then still one more - egg upon the sand.

Spot Egg
Oh dear, theres a spot.
That really wont do.
Wipe it off quick please someone!
Let the eggness shine through.
Daisy Egg
I dare say I shall never see
An egg is yellow and white as thee:
Like a daisy sprouting through,
Bright to the sun, ever true.

W'yn laughs in a light tenor voice. "Youll need someone to bring all that hide work you have to you.." His tone also teasing. As two more eggs alight upon the sands he chuckles. "come on Zymanth..shes gaining on you, step up the pace in your work eh?" this gets a snort from the dragon.

Lydiere groans again, averting her gaze from W'yn to scan the galleries, a smile going out to a small boy high up within them - "D'you think we can forget all that? No, I'll probably need it to occupy myself. Faranth." She misses Llysereth's latest efforts, then glances at them, carefully considering. "Hmm."

[DTU/Project] Zymanth senses that Llysereth huffs almost good naturedly, soothing her mind against yours. « Good. Then they will be okay. » Nonetheless, a worried aura cloaks her mind, as she diligent moves through her eggs.

W'yn also looks up to the galleries, though not much is seen by his eyes. Looking back to Lydiere and catching the smile he tries to look again and frowns. "You spotted Kied?" he asks before he is suddenly drowned with thoughts. Shaking his head clear he smiles. "He likes the last egg, he has described it twice, even if he knows i can see them.." The clutchdaddy working away on the sands stops to look to Llysereth for a moment, a croon as if to ask if all is ok now emitted.

Lydiere nods absently, murmuring, "He's actually here; this *is* a new phenomenon." She gives a good natured smile towards W'yn, rubbing at the raw skin on her elbow. "Curses, the hot sand is not good for this sunburn." Llysereth warbles back to Zymanth, although further movements are stilted by the coming of yet another egg - "Here we go again!"

Sky Egg
This plump egg is rounded and bright,
With light clouds of gleeful chalk white,
That dance on a cheery sky blue:
This shell glows with a heart that's true.

W'yn nods and smiles. "Well, grab him after eh? and tell him that I dont mind giving him a ride with me if im on messanger.." He stops speaking then as another egg graces with its presence. "Oh, nice on Llysereth he offers. He turns then to Zymanth and smiles. The bronze had stoped his digging to extend his arms, as if reaching up to the galleries. Extending his heigh high before curling back down and contiuing his digging. "feel better for that eh Zy?"

"I will," Lydiere promises, zoning in upon her son high in the galleries once more, a meaningful stare given. The boy blinks, and pulls back, but the woman smiles, her attention drawn back towards the growing clutch. "Seven, already!" she murmurs, approvingly, of her lifemate. "He's a very diligent sire, I'm impressed."

W'yn cant see the reaction from the boy but he prosumes from the smile that all is well. Chuckling he nods. "So am I, he has not triped, stumbled, crushed anything.." Shaking his head he smiles. "If i knew he could be this 'stable' I would have been more forcfull when he squashed me..yes I know Zy, you could not help it.." his tone takes on the effection of rider to dragon. Zymanths head and come round and an apologetic wuffle, but now his mind is on importantthings. He really is concentrating on being delicate; his claws sheethed as he works the sand into mounds. he has not stopped yet, does he know something about numbers that nobody esle does, or is he just confidentin the gold. W'yn looks accross the eggs and smiles. "Seven and shes still going.."

Lydiere gives Zymanth an approving smile, "He is. Nice to see." Llysereth's eyes whirl rapidly - as if she'd let anyone who knocked eggs onto *her* sands. Tail stretching out behind her, she lumbers, somewhat less lumpy, across the sands, depositing herself over another depression within the gleaming black sand. With a wiggle, a jiggle, and a long, hard push, she emits a warble, and another egg.

Sing Egg
Song Egg, Sing Egg
Not a boring thing egg
Tone Egg, Tune Egg
Round just like the moon Egg

Zymanth steps to the side, tail catching W'yn but the rider does not mind he just gives it an effectionate tug. Llysereth is watched by both rider and dragon, in something like a freeze framed picture, then both suddenly move and all continues. Dragon to the sands and W'yn turning to Lydiere. "Make that eight, I do like the look of that last one.." he nods to the egg before turning his gaze back to the roasted rider. "hows the skin feeling?"

Llysereth nudges her head into the newest egg, surrounding it with a base of sand, patting it protectively into place. "Eight, indeed. It *is* nice; almost silvery, like Llysereth. If it were goldish, it might look just like her." A huff comes from Llysereth, who is already up and moving, repositioning herself. "Well, not really. - Oh, it hurts. But I'm getting used to it."

W'yn cocks his head this way and that trying to image the egg as Llysereth, or the gold with the same hues as the egg. it makes him chuckle but he continues to look to the eggs for a moment. "At least you wont have to sit out there tomorrow, as she will be back to normal shape.." A good thing considering how toasted the rider looks to W'yn. Zymanth croons once more, encouraging. he watches how she works the egg into its new home and humms lightly.

Lydiere certainly does have a lovely, flaming red hue about her. "True. I'll just have to sit here, I imagine." The lesser of two evils, perhaps? Llysereth presents another egg without fanfare: she's getting good at this! Look, ma, it's a Blue Egg!

Blue Egg
One Egg, Two Egg
This ones a Blue Egg
Good Egg, Bad Egg
Oh what a Sad Egg!

W'yn chuckles lightly and smiles. "At least on here its only your feet that are going to get burnt.." As Zymanth hums so W'yn looks round. "nine! and an egg with a definate blue tinge."

"This is true, although the heat is going to broil me, nonetheless." Lydiere savors a half smile, raising her hands to rub at Llysereth's headknobs. She looks tired, the young dragon, but nonetheless valiantly shifts herself to lay another egg - "Nine!"

Dark Egg
As dark as can be - like a depressing day,
Tourmaline hides deep beneath indigo spray.
Azure sinks deeper, midnight's hold cursed:
Blue days do happen, so prepare for the worst.

W'yn watches the exchange between dragon and rider and smiles. "how is she fairing?" He himself then pulls hair away from his face, the edges tingged darker where the heat had made him sweat. Zymanth croons down to his rider for a moment, the exchange similar to the weyrwomans yet Zymanth still seems to be just that bit to happy. The exchange making the rider chuckle before the dragon turns back to continue his job.

Lydiere attempts to pull her hair into a more submissive knot on top of her head, tendrils already escaping down her sweaty face; "Not too badly, I think. She's going to be exhausted; there's still some to go." A tilt of her head goes towards Llysereth's belly, the outlines of several eggs still visible within. "Whoops - there she goes again!"

Egg Egg
This little egg is as green as can be,
Malachite, emerald, verdent and pea,
Rippled all over with questioning glee:
Do you like little green eggies like me?

W'yn can imagin the queen would be exaused and offers her an encouraging smile, just what Zymanth is doing with his small croons here and there..

Llysereth warbles towards her mate, then towards W'yn, finally towards Lydiere - weary gesture evident as she shifts her wings, focusing upon the sand, and the push that allows yet another egg to rise to the surface of the sands.

Goo Egg
Gooey goo all sticky gluing
What on Pern is this egg doing?
Slick and Slimy, that wont do sir!
Sure this egg has hardened too sir?

Zymanth continyes is administering. Each motion done with a care the dragon has shown only on a few occasions. His own muzzle looks about the galleries, as if to see who is there who is watching the gold working so hard. He quickly turns back though to scan the eggs. W'yn chuckles. "There all ok..you.." The rider smiling as Llysereth warbles to him. "your doing good Llysereth.." he offers, in a slighly dry voice but it is hardly heard as Zymanth warbles back, his brassy tone echoing about the cavern.

"Can't be many more," decides Lydiere, a glance going towards W'yn. "She is doing good, isn't she?" There's pride within her expression, as Llysereth heaves her weary form across to another depression, settling herself, pushing with all her might - there's not a lot of might left.

Thing Egg
Lumpy, bumpy, clumpy, mess
Not one for wearing Sunday dress
One question answer please I beg
Is that thing really an egg?

Zymanth follows Llysereth, his motion to one side but he keeps close, as if he could aid in some physical way. The wallows made for any other eggs so he now turns his attention between encouraging gold and getting encouragment from his rider. "You have reason to be proud Lydi.." he offers catching the note in his tone, he recognises it from the emotion that ripples in Zymanths mindvoice.

Llysereth emits a curious rumble, her rippling belly nearly empty - is it empty? - of the eggs that she has carried for so more. For a long moment, she relaxes, stretching out upon the sand, protective, but a push from within evidently has her caught unawares, and the final egg of her clutch arrives, without fanfare. "I think so," murmurs Lydiere, smoothing her lifemate's head once more, as this final egg is presented - "I think this is the last one. *She* seems to think so."

Cat Egg
Tabby stripes can't hide this claim:
Trouble is its middle name.
Wiping burnished marks both here and there,
Nothing but trouble in its black sand lair.

Zymanth looks down to the final egg and then to Llysereth. he humms his own approbal while W'yn smiles broadly. "Oh congratulations you two..a fine clutch for your first.." He has a fixed grin as he turns to give Lydiere a quick hug of congratulations. The Bronze looking from eggs to gold to rider, ending his weeving there as W'yn, aplogising for his act which must have hurt the sunburn, now turns to caress the bronzes muzzle. "How you feeling dad?" he asks with a chuckle.

Llysereth builds the sand up about her eggs, inspecting them with carefully whirling eyes - her gaze falling towards the galleries, as she hisses softly. "They won't hurt them," notes Lydiere, soothingly, "They can't get close enough." Responding to W'yn, she agrees, "They've done good. Fifteen eggs!" His hug is returned, although she pulls back, adding, "It's too hot to do that for long." And the sunburn, as always. Llysereth, finally exhausted, moves to rest her head upon the sands, curling her tail about the mound of eggs.

Zymanth turns from his rider for a moment to wuffle Lydiere lightly. His tone rather encouraging, as he had done with the gold but he is soon turning to his rider once and then stepping to one side, he takes the stance of a protective partner. his eyes watching lose leaving for the living cavern and he croons lightly.

Lydiere reaches up her hand to scritch at Zymanth cheerfully, her head twisting towards W'yn; "As long as Zymanth stays, Llys doesn't mind me leaving for a *little* while. Shall we join the others in the Living Cavern."

ISW-LC - Valesa fusses around, chivvying various weyrfolk into laying out all sorts of treats that the kitches have been working on since Llysereth took to the sands. And there is drink as well - water, juice, cider and wine, much of it chilled.

ISW-LC - Ly'ette heads in and straight for the wine. Never let it be said she doesnt pay up on her bets and she did lose afterall, well they all did but that doesnt matter. Looking round she spots her fellow gamblers and takes them their first round of drink. "First rounds on me."

ISW-LC - Jezzara scoots in behind the crowd, eyes shining with glee as she glances about the caverns. Her first urge is to go congratulate the goldrider, but seeing the crowd about her, she heads instead towards the board, a mug of juice taken up.

W'yn turns into communication with the bronze and smiles. "I have a feeling Llysereth might get more annoyed with is presence than anything else..well, if she does not mind i could really do with a drink!" he smiles broadly and seeing most have gone adds. "A wonderful show Lydi..you both did wonderfully.." on that he turns on his heels and slowly heads out.

W'yn walks out to Entrance Foyer.

ISW-LC - W'yn has arrived.

ISW-LC - Lymera is int he process of putting a large plate of foodstuffs on the table when the first person walks in - bright beam lights her face as she dumps the plate with less care than she should and almost prances towards the Weyrleader's table. Backside is plonked into the Weyrwoman's seat - the seat that she usually avoids, perfering a rather more comfortable one with a nice purple cushion. In fact, that seat gets a bit of a sorrowful glance as the hardness of her current seat is noted, but all that is forgotten in her glee as she waves a hand - almost over-enthusiastically - towards W'yn. "Hello there, daddy!"

ISW-LC - Maisy bounds into the cavern, immediately heading for a table, looking for some sweetrolls.. But ohmygoodness, lookit all those new treats? How would she /ever/ taste them all? No small matter. Sy has an incorrigible sweet tooth. Never shall she run out of room for pastries and frosted things.. And those sweetrolls!

ISW-LC - W'yn wanders in, running hands though sweated hair. he heads straight for the hearth and smiles. "Ahh wine.." he offers lightly, looking back to see if Lydiere is following. Zymanth confirming this. With wine in hand he looks about for a seat, at this moment as he scans so he catches Lymersa wave. Chuckling he waves back and calls over. "Hello Grandma.." His tone light and cheery if not a little tired. Suddenly he adds. "Please, just dont mention that 'dad' thing to Zymanth..hes rather well happy at the moment.." if not protective and tired.

ISW-LC - The scent of food brings in another visitor who saw the Clutching. Titia wanders into the room. The food is the first thing spotted. Considering the fact that her food supplies, the pouch of snacks she brought with her, is empty. That's no good for the trip home! Yup time to restock.

ISW-LC - Ly'ette waves a hand as W'yn comes in, but as he's caught by Lymeras wave she returns to her hard won wine, well her lost bet wine but it counts. She takes a long drink and smiles, at least none of the others won either.

ISW-LC - Lymera's nose wrinkles, as she complains: "Don't make me feel old!" Then, attention turns to observing the crowd with an almost bursting beam. Oh dear.

ISW-LC - J'ey follows the crowds in, eyes scanning the crowd, looking almost fearfully for a certain brownrider. He smiles slightly as he doesn't see her and enters fully and is about to walk up to W'yn and congratulate him but seeing who he is talking to he ducks and hides behind some people, not really wanting the Weyrwoman to spot him. He smiles at Ly'ette and wanders over to her, glad of a familar face "Hello Ly'ette, lose many marks?"

ISW-LC - Jezzara scoots into a chair off to the side, nodding to Ly'ette as she sips her juice. Let the greenrider believe it's wine for now. A wave goes to W'yn as the bronzer enters, the motion lost behind a brownrider as M'ud moves in front of her. Oh well. As a drudge passes by, she grabs a sweetroll from the plate, watching out for her aunt who'd surely grab her to help in the kitchen if the old lady found her.

ISW-LC - Ly'ette chuckles and looks up from toasting Jezzara to grin at J'ey. "Not many. Well sort of. Noone won though so Im not sure if it counts." Another drink is taken. "Join us?"

ISW-LC - W'yn seems to turn round in circles as he thanks people, a grin just as much fixed on his face, even if a few lines about his face show his fatigue from the heat. chuckling lightly he looks to Lymera. "Ahh, would I do such a thing?" His comment dies away though as she turns to the bustling croud. W'yn had not failed to hear J'eys thanks so quickly goes over to them, not that far from the table with Lymera even, he can still call comments and jests. His hand seaks to clasp Ly'ettes quickly before he smiles. "Thanks J'ey..Jezzara, heya!" he had even managed to catch that motion in his dazed wake. Looking to Ly'ette then he winces. "You lost? what was your figure?"

You walk out to Entrance Foyer.

You walk out to Living Cavern.

Valesa sees that the food at least is under control and works her way over to the wine table - swiping several hapless weyrfolk along the way to act as guardians of it. And once there, she deftly extracts a particular skin that she knows as a better wine than most and takes it up to the Weyrleaders table.

Jezzara grins as W'yn approaches the gamblers table, smiling as he speaks with the greenrider. Casting her eyes about, she notices the other goldrider enter, and lifting her mug of juice, toasts her lifemate's clutch. It may go unnoticed in the crowd, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Maisy finally looks up from her now full-to-brimming plate of pastries, sweetrolls, and other sweet things. Trundling to get herself some juice, she notices Jezzara and waves, balancing the plate while trying to make it to her kinda friend without tossing the plate. Ooo. Is that W'yn? She remembers him. "You were the clutchdaddy, weren'tcha?" Ooh, dense, isn't she? Wellllll…

"I do believe I'm going to expire from the heat," declares Lydiere, as she strides into the living caverns, attempting to soothe her sunburn with a salve from a small pot in her hand. Beaming smiles throughout the caverns, she serves herself with a glass of wine, leaning up against the serving table as she catches her breath.

Ly'ette clasps hands with W'yn quickly. "Lost a mark and a half on a bet of 11. But noone won so we're drinking the bets, it seemed like a good idea at the time." Lydiere is tossed a quick salute with Lys's wine glass.

W'yn Catches Lydieres comment as she heads for the hearth and raises his glass, in a similar style to jezzera. "Know what you mean!" His hands running though his soaked hairline once more. A question about the clutchdaddy catches his ear and he looks round. "Maisy isnert it? yeah, thats right..Zymanth is still on the sands now.." Shaking his head at this he sips his wine for a moment. "11..yee of little faith?!" he teases for lightly.

Seran jogs up into the cavern, a bright smile on his face at the recent clutching. He nods a greeting to the others that are in the cavern, before he heads toward the good tables, to get himself a mug of cool juice, and some food.

J'ey smiles at W'yn "You of course knew there was going to be more W'yn?" he asks lightly and shakes his head "Drinking the profits sounds good, I am glad I did not lay a bet as I would have been wrong as well."

Ly'ette chuckles, aiming a playful swat at W'yn. "I could've gone lower you know. Jezzara was closest though, 13 wasn't it Jezzara?"

"I bet 13." is admitted from Jezzara as she sips on her juice. Let the greenrider continue to think she too enjoys the wine she's pouring freely from a skin. Fosterling knows the trouble she'd get into if Auntie were to find her drinking, and she'd much rather /not/ have to handle the old lady's anger!

Maisy giggles and nods at W'yn. "Yeah, yeah, Maisy the little Harper. I scritched Zymanth.. But he'd better not hope I'll scritch him while he's on the sands. I don't like hot things. Not too much, anyway." she grins, then turns and looks for a place to sit, toddling through the mess of crowded tables. Now why didn't she spend more time getting to know people?

Lydiere returns Ly'ette's salute with one of her own, draining her wine like the unappreciative she is - it's all of a piece to her. "Eleven sounded like a good bet to me," she puts in, adding, "I went for twelve, so I've lost, too." A smile is returned to Jezzara, as she notes the girl's toast, shoulders relaxing as she leans up against one of the tables.

W'yn nudges Ly'ette. "True you could have done..15!" he admits with a proud smile. Nodding to Maisys comments he then chuckles. "Dont think ill be scritching him in the sands either..he can come out of there..just too hot!" Turning to J'ey then he smiles. "I had no idea, but well..he thought he had done well." the he being Zymanth,

Ly'ette chuckles. "So toss your marks this way Lyddie and join the party. We're drinking the bets." She winks at Jezzara, yep she'd noticed.

J'ey smiles at Lydiere "So how are you going to survive the heat on the sands Lydiere? I do not envy you or W'yn. Are you expected to stay on the sands as well W'yn, you must congratulate Zymanth for me." He snatches a glass of juice from a tray held by a passing drudge, not wanting to join the others in drinking wine, knowing that is a sure way to lose control.

Seran blinks as he listens. "Drinking off the bets?" He asked, amazed, and curious at this bunch. "Interesting thing to do." He comments.

Lydiere gives a rueful grin, noting, "Actually, it's only fourteen. I miscounted." If she's blushing, it's hard to tell: her face is red enough as it is. "Honestly, J'ey? I don't think I'm going to!" She gives a wink, as she quaffs at a second glass of wine, droplets spilling out over her clothes. "My marks are going in, I promise, Ly'ette."

Jezzara gives Ly'ette a wry grin, "Well.. Auntie wouldn't like it." And since she is here on the old lady's good graces, she might wish to stay there as long as she can. The old lady was already upsat earlier when she couldn't fiind her newly mended sock… seems Shadow had decided to hide it under the bed. Sweetroll is enjoyed, especially since she wasn't the one who had to cook them that morning. Lucky for her, she'd escaped the kitchen before Auntie had tried to onc emore teach her how to cook.

W'yn nods to J'ey raising his glass lightly. "I will pass that on for you with pleasure.." His eyes scan the room and he listens then to the conversation swirling about him. "Well, any excuse for betting is nealy as good as any exuse for drinking.." he offers in context of the conversation about the 'betting drinking' table.

Ly'ette would come out with the age old line of 'what she doesnt know wont hurt her' but thinks better of it. "uice is just as good Jezz." "Not as costly either." she adds with a grin.

Lymera gets up from her chair - still looking enormously pleased with herself - and wades through the crowd towards Lydiere. Hands slip unobtrustively into her pockets as she arrives; face becomes serious as her head dips, nodding towards the sands. "We've got a problem, Lydiere. Fourteen or so problems, in fact."

"A problem?" responds Lydiere to Lymera, her hand depositing wine glass upon the table, posture straightening to attention. "What's wrong with the eggs?" No doubt the heat is getting to her mental capacities.

W'yn also spins round, he could not help on hearing that. "their ok arnt they? theres no problems?" His eyes glancing from Senior to junior before wine is downed.

Ly'ette's head jumps up. Problems, what problems. They clutched alright didnt they. Its wrong to listen but the weyrwomens conversation has caught her attention.

Lymera's seriousness fights with an urge to chuckle, lips quirking. "Oh, nothing with the eggs - excepting the fact that Ysmalath is amazingly jelous and considering plots to steal a couple of them. One in fact - anyway, that's besides the point. The problem is with what's going to come out of the eggs." A sigh escapes. "We don't have a WeyrlingMaster."

Jezzara smiles, then nods her head. Truth be known, she's never tried wine. It'd be her luck a little bit would go straight to her head. Juice is sipped slowly, savoring the coolness before the others comments catch her attention. "Something's wrong?"

Maisy finds a seat neat the most of the activity and plops down to munch on a frosted fruit pastry. A problem? Fourteen or so? Ooh. No WeyrlingMaster. That could definately be a problem.. or a plus. N'andi was nice but she was such a slave driver, Maisy'd heard from her old fellow candidates, now all weyrlings.

Lydiere's lips flicker with relief, Lymera's words giving the hint of a smile upon her curved frown. "Poor Ysmalath," she murmurs, consolingly. "A weyrlingmaster. Yes, that would be a *slight* problem." She glances around, as if attempting to search out a weyrlingmaster within the crowd.

J'ey notes Lymera and glances for an easy exit, seeing she is discussing the weyrlingmaster problem, he slips out.

W'yn chuckles as he looks away from Lymera, the thought of Ysmalath attempting to get on the sands, the way Llysereth was hissing about and Zymanth for that matter. On catching the words though he frowns. "You mean Lys and I are gunna get a boss?" he smiles, looking about then for the closest wineskin he can find.

J'ey walks out to Bowl.

Ly'ette has to agree, that would be a bit of a problem. They have two assistants, but no leader. But as for a solution, she doesnt have one until W'yn answers and she chuckles. "Oh now that would just scare them W'yn."

Seran blinks as he hears something about problems, problem with the eggs? "Something wrong with the eggs?" He asks, they lookedfine to him. He then seems to sigh in relief when it's a problem about a weyrling master.

Lymera nods to W'yn, before she follows Lydiere's gaze, glancing out, before fixing her eyes on one poor, poor, poor victim. Aha! A finger points towards Jezzara. "How'd you feel about becoming a WeyrlingMaster?" Uh. R'yn really needs to discuss the relative qualifications needed for the post with Lymera.

[Interlude: My net collapses, and both W'yn and Ly'ette are tapped]

Jezzara giggles more as understanding is gained. First greenrider is bronzer's boss, now it's the other way around. *cackle*

Lymera beams at Ly'ette. "I would! Isn't it a good idea? A great idea!" Aren't you proud of her? She managed to pick people with dragons, this time.

Lydiere, who has simply been standing there grinning, positively beams: "A great idea, I'm sure." Piping up with this comment, she promptly lowers lips towards wine glass again - which has been picked up, in the meantime.

Ly'ette gapes, shes happy but shes still gaping. "W'yn! Wynnie youre…" Ooops theres that squeak again.

W'yn holds out a little bit of a trembling hand, a grin growing on his face as he looks to Ly'ette. "now that sure helps with the behaviour problem, a bonus I cant refuse.." he offers chuckling and looking back to Lymera. "Who's ever idea, your stuck with me now..Id gladly accept.." he offers, his ears tinged the same colour as Lydieres skin. He grins evily. "Thankyou so much.." he then adds after. "Im honored and flattered.."

Seran chuckles at all this as he listens. "Congrats to you W'yn!" He cheers toward the rider, with a grin, before he takes a sip of his juice. He then finds a seat that's open, and promptly sits there.

Ly'ette eeps, there goes the knot. Now hes really her boss. She raises her glass in salute though. "Congratulations W'yn!"

"Congratulations, both of you!" announces Lydiere, raising her glass - Should the weyr fear, now?

Jezzara grins towards Maisy and accepts a pastry, giggling softly as seh watches the riders. Strange riders, yes. A soft word of congratulations is offered to W'yn as he too gets a new knot, mug raised in toast.

Lymera beams almost proprietly at W'yn. If she could spell it, that is. "You are!" Knot is almost shoved towards W'yn - as if she's afraid that he'll change his mind before she gets the knot into his posession. "Here you go - you know where it goes. Oh, and R'yn asked me to give you both a message: Good luck." Oh dear. "Now, where's the wine?" That's what she's been waiting for. "I'd like to toast them too, y'know."

Ly'ette has wine, and shes glad of it. Her glass still raised in shocked toast she smiles and looks down at her knot again. "Both of us. Wow!"

Seran smiles, and raises his mug of juice, ok so it's not wine, does anyone really care, in a toast to the riders with new position. "Shall you do well in your new positions." He says toward W'yn, and Ly'ette.

W'yn raises his own glass to ly'ette and then to all those congratulating him. "Thanks.." he offers in a loudish voice to all. Turning to Lymera then he grins rather broadly.

Jezzara raises her mug in the toasting that goes around the caverns for Ly'ette and W'yn. Wiggling in her seat, she can't help the boundless energy that makes itself known. *wiggle dance wiggle* She ducks behind Maisy as her Auntie shows up to restock the serving board, hiding from the old lady for a moment. "eep… hmm.. 'cuse me."

Lymera suddenly doesn't look quite as pleased with herself as before. In fact, she's looking like she's had a mouthful of bad wherry. "Ysma - no - don't - I don't care - it's not /yours/… uh…" A frantic look is sent about. "I've got to go - have extra toasts for me.." With that said, Lymera half-runs towards the bowl. Oh, the problems of having a lifemate who can't live without attention.

Maisy blinks as Jezzara ducks behind her, Sy's own energy getting lower. Blinkblink.. Then she turns her head and murmurs, "Whatcha doing back there?" she giggles and pops another sweetroll into her mouth while she waits for an answer.

W'yn finally sits down, something that is good idea as today kas kinda spun a few times. Looking quickly to Lymera, his eyes unfocusing to see what is going on Zymanths end he snaps back to the conversation. "Is that hattish egg im telling you.." he offers chuckling.

"Hiding from Auntie." A finger is poked out from behind the other girl towards the white-haired kitchen help that's restocking the serving board. "If she sees me, she'll drag me into the kitchen." And trust her, if Maisey enjoys her sweets, she'll /not/ want Jezz there!

Seran takes a sip of his juice. He then looks up at Lymera as she heads for the door. "Have a good day weyrwoman!" He calls after her, before he looks to the others. He smiles at W'yn. "Congrats again with your new position."

Lydiere pauses in her toast, Lymera's dash watched with narrowed eyes: "Hmm." Yes, a very intelligent comment, there. "The hattish egg? Oh, I *think* I know which one you mean."

W'yn turns on hearing someone congrat him after speaking to Lymera. "Oh Seran right? thanks.." he appreciates it and grins broadly before looking to Ly'ette. "What a day!!" Shaking hishead before sipping..no gulping the last of his wine he looks to Lydiere. "Ill point it out next time were both on the sands.."

Maisy ooohs quietly and nods at Jezz. "Gotcha," then she peers at the woman 'Auntie'. Then she grins in W'yn's direction. "The hattish egg? I remember that one.. I like the Cat one and the Dark one best, though." and presently she takes another bite of a pastry and ponders what to say.

Ly'ette is still in a state of stunned silence, the knot turned and turned in her hand. "The egg reference stirring her from her thinking. "Now you come to mention it one was sort of hattish."

Lydiere drains her glass once more, noting, "I don't know how people manage to name 'em. They look egg-ish, too me, except for that one that people think looks like a hat, which I can *sort of* see."

Jezzara comes out of hiding once the old lady gomes back into the kitchen. "Ok.. I'm safe, at least for a little bit." Mug is refreshed with juice as the toasting continues, laughing as M'ud stumbles by on his way to his wingtable. "I think there's gonna be a lot of people who get drunk tonight.." this is said to Maisey as she motions towards the riders who keep toasting.

Seran nods to W'yn. "Welcome." He replies, before he takes a sip of his juice as he listens to the conversation. "The hat egg?" He asks. "Is that that egg with the interesting markings on it?"

Ly'ette tries to describe the hattish one with hand gestures and fails miserably. "It just looks kindof hattish. Im not sure why, maybe it is the colours." She nods agreeing with Seran.

W'yn is silent, seems the day has slowly been catching up with him. The worrie for Ly'ettes helth solved, his dragon going clucky as eggs are about and now a knot. He is here, a dazed happy look on his face. Shaking his head to Ly'ette he chuckles. "And I said things could not get much better.."

Maisy hrms at the conversation. "I guess it did look hattish. Like there was that pink one.. then one that looked cattish," and then a dreamy looks crosses her face, thinking about Shasta, still back at Eastern. She had to finda dragonride back to Eastern to get the little feline sometime soon.

Lydiere, already on her third or fourth glass of wine, is likely to be one of those drunkards. "I'm dehydrated, I think," she mutters, as if excusing herself, a grin going towards Ly'ette. "I think you better point it out, rather than describe it. It's hard. - There's always ways for things to get better, W'yn. And worse."

Seran nods. "I agree, it did look kind of hattish." He agrees with Ly'ette, and Maisy. "Maybe that's why it looks so interesting." He adds. He chuckles at W'yn's comment. "It probably can't get too much better now." He replies in agreement.

Jezzara can't remember a hattish looking egg, but, the whole clutching is now a blur. She'll have to go and take another look of the eggs later, perhaps when the party dies down between caverns and hatching grounds.

Ly'ette chuckles. "Better than this? I doubt it, although I think I might run off before they try to peg me down to watching the sands too."

Ly'ette thinks for a second then /does/ make that break for the door. Best not to hang around too long.

Ly'ette walks out to Bowl.

Jezzara watches greenrider take off for the door, and giggles a bit.

W'yn watches Ly'ette go and with a sheepish grin looks about and gulps down his wine. "Im um, going to follow.." Looking to Lydiere then he smiles. "cant believe it..Weyrsecond!" He shakes his head then adding. "And clutch father.." Adding to Lydiere then. "She went to the healers, a stomach infection!" Shaking his head he adds. "Be glad when it clears up now, at least we both know.." he winks slightly before looking round the group. "thanks for a great evening guys!" and he means it, he is over the moon and happy.

Lydiere rolls her eyes; "I'll have to stick her on the sands, eventually. Maybe once the eggs are hard enough to be touched…" Pause. "No, Llysereth, I won't let anyone hurt them." Head turns to allow face to watch W'yn, an 'ah' sound coming from between her lips. "Ah - okay, bye, W'yn!" She gives a long sigh, sinking into a chair. "So, what do you all think of the eggs?" she queries, of those who were in the galleries.

Seran chuckles as he watches Ly'ette take off out the door. "I don't know about watching the sands, but I could probably bring food and drink to the riders there." He says with a grin, yes, that's about as close to the sands as Seran wants to get. He looks at Lydiere as she asks a question. "I think it's a nice clutch weyrwoman, nice colors on the eggs."

Jezzara waves to W'yn as the bronzerider gets ready to leave the group, chuckling softly. Goldrider is given a grin as she glances to the women, a soft smile on her lips. "They're all quite lovely.. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite if made too." Surely the gold must be beyond happy with her clutch. "Though, I lost on my bet…." Only by one though!

"Good." Lydiere, evidently, deems this satisfactory, murmuring, "I guess we'll start getting candidates now, huh?" Her gaze falls towards Seran; "That could be good. Who're you, by the way? I don't think we've met."

Llysereth> Zymanth turns to look at Llysereth, a soft expression on his face. All is safe and all is well. »Sleep..I am here..« his eyes unfocus as W'yn speaks of going home, a rider giving him a ride. The Bronze curls up beside the gold but his eyes intent on the extit, nobody she hurt these eggs.

Maisy yawns and peers after the same way Jezz does, then smiles. "Was a nice evening," then toward the Weyrwoman, she shrugs. "They were really nice.. Haven't seen them, but then, I'm biased to Eastern's last clutch, since I was a candidate, got to get up close and personal, then…," she trails off, eyes getting a bit misty, and abruptly she stands, upsetting the plate of pastries.. Uh-oh. Over a dozen frosted pastries go flying into the air…

Llysereth> Llysereth lifts her head from its watch to gaze at Zymanth, warbling slowly, as she does, indeed, slip off to sleep.

Seran nods, and shrugs. "Guess you will." He replies. "I know we were a pretty handy bunch of candidates when I was a candidate at Western, though there was some pranks." He adds. He then smiles at Lydiere. "I'm sorry, where's my manners, I'm Seran,and the blue and green curled up on my shoulders are Periwinkle, and Regina." He introduces himself, and his small fair. He blinks and looks at Maisy as she abruptly stands. "You alright?"

Lydiere's gaze shoots towards Maisy, the pastry dropping given a long peer. "I guess you would be; I was pretty biased towards Ysmalath's clutch, when I Impressed." Seran's introduction is greeted with a smile, "Well met, Seran. Do you live around here, or are you just visiting?"

Maisy blushes rather vividly and gets zonked on the head by one of the flying pastries. "Oh.. Don't you remember me? Probably not, I suppose, we only met once.. I'm Maisy.. harper for the pipes," she grins, then leans back when a drudge rushes over to clean up the pastries.

Jezzara jumps just a bit as Maisy jumps up. With eyes wide, she glances about, ducking in case any pastries come her way. Nodding to Seran, she offers him a smile before giggling softly. "I'm Jezzara." That's thrown in just in cause no one knows who she is. "Just a fosterling here."

Seran smiles at Maisy, and Jezzara. "Well met to you both." He says toward the two as they introduce them selves. He then looks to Lydiere. "I don't live here, but I did come here looking for work." He replies to her question.

"Well met to you all," declares Lydiere, being sociable, although her wine consumption is growing rapidly. "What kind of work, Seran?" she asks, thoughtfully.

Seran nods to Lydiere. "Well met to you as well." He then pauses as she asks him what kind of work he is looking for. "I don'tknow, probably stables, I work well with runners."

Maisy grins and nods enthusiastically. "Well met indeed," she finds herself a fresh sweetroll and starts munching, then pauses to add her two cents, "I'm here 'cos it's a place to be. Magi brought me here after Eastern's hatching, J'ran took me to Western, and I can't remember who brought me back here again."

Jezzara offers well wishes, but gets quiet once the weyrwoman questions Seran. Sweetroll is nibbled on, juice sipped as she glnaces from one to the other. With her feet swinging beneath her, she bounces in her seat.

Lydiere, measuredly, notes, "If you want, I can make you a resident, here, Seran. A stablehand?" She pushes her glass away, as if attempting to moderate her consumption, her eyes flickering towards Maisy. "Oh? All these new people around. I'm impressed."

Maisy shrugs at the Goldrider. "I'll probably be on my way in a couple days. Might head to Igen, see if I can watch the hatching. Or Western, it's always nice there, even if my family lives 'round that place. Or Eastern.. I gotta get my feline from there, I miss her something awful by now.. Or High Reaches.. haven't been there in many turns. Same with Xanadu." Oh wait, she should be quiet, shouldn't she? This was a weyrwoman she was talking to, not Raeyne or Fia or Gwen or one of her former fellow candidates.

Seran looks at Lydiere, and nods. "Sounds good to me." He says, before he listens to Maisy. He nods. "I've been wandering a while, looking for work. I've been here a while to give myself and my runner a rest." He adds. "And had a;most planned to pack up and go looking elsewhere."

Lydiere, relaxing into her seat, and lobster-red with sunburn, grins cheerfully. "Wow; you've been around, haven't you, Maisy?" Impressed, the woman nods. "Sounds like fun, though. Moving around, all the time. - You sure, Seran? I'll make sure you get a knot, then. Welcome to Ista."

Seran looks at Lydiere, and nods. "Sounds good to me." He says, before he listens to Maisy. He nods. "I've been wandering a while, looking for work. I've been here a while to give myself and my runner a rest." He adds. "And had a;most planned to pack up and go looking elsewhere."

Jezzara is just a fosterling, and since she's here to stay with her aunt, hasn't done much traveling, though that's changed here lately. She's visited a few other places, those rider friends of hers coming in handy these days. Grinning from ear to ear, she smiles at Seran, congratulating him on his new position in the weyr.

Seran nods to Lydiere. "Yes, I only stayed because the eggs were laid, then came in here." He says. He then smiles to Lydiere, and to Jezzara. "Thank you."He replies.

Maisy smiles faintly. "Yeah, I've been around. Spent four turns of my life traveling. Been all over. Southern Boll, Ruatha, all sorts of places. It was fun.. never settled down till I got to Eastern.. then there was the candidacy, the hatching.. I'm kind of glad I didn't Impress, though.. because the dragons didn't pick me out, and then they didn't chose me on the sands. but it was disa - I'm sorry, I have a tendency to blather on, I do apolize," she mumbles, and finds a sweetstick, promptly popping it into her mouth.

Lydiere's eyebrows raise at Maisy's comment. "I'm very impressed. I travelled, but by sea. - No, don't apologise. I don't mind hearing, not at all." Seran is given a bright smile: "Just go to the stables in the morning, and you'll get something to do. And if you decide to move on, just let us know, and that'll be cool, of course." Jezzara is given a grin: "You still liking Ista, Jezzara?"

Jezzara listens to the girl's ramblings with wide eyes. "I've not gone to all those places.. just High Reaches and Western.. " But that's all been after her arrival to Ista. She bounces a bit more, the last of the sweetroll popped into her mouth. Of course, this is just as the goldrider asks her a question! "Yes ma'am… " A smile, and a napkin is raised to wipe at her mouth, sweetroll topping on her lips. "I've made several new friends.. and know both W'yn and Ly'ette." And of course, the weyrwoman herself. So, this afternoon has been a lot of fun for her.

Maisy shrugs and chuckles faintly. "Travelings not all it's thought out to be. And I foolishly went out at only 14 turns. Wasted good years that I could've spent in the Harper Hall. But then, it was probably for the best.. I got so much more inspiration out the wilds than not. And there were more people who appreciated a haunting, gentle song on the pipes out in lesser-known areas than in the places with their own harpers…" trailing off, Maisy pulls out her pipes and turns away, fingering the old pair with loving caresses.

"A musician!" Lydiere leans forward, wincing slightly as her sunburn stretches; "Have you ever met the Craftmaster, Mairean? She's my Aunt." The Junior Weyrwoman twists her lips into a smile as she notes, "Glad to hear it, Jezzara. Wouldn't want you to be lonely, or anything."

Maisy's eyes widen. "Ooh. No, I haven't met her.. I wasn't at the Hall very long before getting apprenticed out to Eastern.. I'm glad I went there, though. I'd only been to Eastern once before then, and it is so nice out there," she grins, turning back toward the group, setting the pipes on her lap carefully.

Jezzara peers at the pipes curiously for a moment before nodding to the goldrider. Noticing her wince, she questions. "Have you put more salve on your burn? If you need help…" Well, fosterling would object to helping Lydiere out in her time of need.

Lydiere tilts her head into a nod, shifting her fingers to rebuild the knot of hair on her head; "Ah-hah." Responding to Jezzara with a well timed frown, "I have, although I'll probably have to do it again, fairly soon. It feels *strange*, all tingly. I'd appreciate your help - I'll let you know."

Jezzara nods, and goes back to drinking her juice, thankful now that the greenrider didn't push wine off on her. Her aunt appears once more from the kitchen, blue-eyes lighting on her niece. "Jezzz… you staying out of the weyrwoman's way?" If anything, the old lady has impressed that more than anything upon her young hyper neice.

Maisy hmms, shrugging at whatever it is they're talking about. She doesn't know, nope. Harpergirl stands and yawns, moving to find herself another sweetroll and some klah.

Lydiere presents a charming smile towards Jezzara's aunt, as she hears the woman: "She's being very helpful, I assure you. A lovely young woman." Emphasising those words, she then winks towards Jezzara, hands resting upon the edge of the table. "How can you drink klah, Maisy, in weather like this?"

Auntie nods her head, and turns to head back into the kitchen. See, the weyrwoman said her neice was a fine young lady. Just wait till the rest of her buddies hear about that! Jezzara merely blushes lightly, silently thanking Lydiere for her words. Sighing softly, she snags a meatroll from a passng tray, nibbling on it as her gaze travels over those here.

Lydiere stiffles a sigh, rising within her seat, eyes glazed - "I'm coming, Llys." An apologetic glance flickers towards her companions, explanation made without fanfare: "Llysereth woke up, and wants me there. I'm afraid, I'll have to comply. It's been a pleasure talking to you all - feel free to visit the galleries, any of you. Any time." Please.

Maisy giggles at the Weyrwoman and takes a sip of the klah. "Weather like this? Well. I dunno. I just do. Klah's good anytime, I think." she smiles and finds herself another sweetroll, nodding to Lydiere. "Bye then.."

You walk out to Bowl.

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