Llysereth's Maiden Flight

Zymanth glides down and backwings to land nearby.

W'yn takes hold of the straps to leaver himself over to one side, then with arms in the air he slides down the front quaters to land with a 'thud' on the ground, tumbling a step forward before he is steady on his feet.

Zymanth lands lightly as his rider dismounts. He seems to have recovered from his trip to Western and is in high spirits. "Heya all!" he offers smiling.

Lydiere scowls towards Llysereth - the sleeping, glowing giant - as she starts towards the living cavern, looking quite the disheveled sight, even moreso than ever. Pause. "W'yn," she greets, in a glowered tone, shifting her feet unhappily.

Jezzara skips up from the exploring the hatching grounds, a bit of discarded eggshell held within her hand, it's gay colors swirling across it's expanse. "Hiya!" is said, other hand waving to the others.

W'yn chuckles as one reply is light and lively and the other is well, harsh. He smiles to both. "Hood day?" he asks before waving Ly'ette over as he spots her. Zymanth on the other hand is paying attention to nothing but the sleeping gold. "Look you! I told you the other day that if you woke her, on your head be it!" he apologises to Lydiere for the bronzes actions.

Lydiere shakes her head - distracted, very distracted - turning once more towards the living caverns, Jezzara half nodded towards, half ignored; now is just not a good time. The Junior Weyrwoman pauses, biting down upon her lip. "Llys?" A twitch of a tail. Hmm. Pause. "Llysereth!" Someone's waking up - a roar of annoyance. "It's about time!"

Xarenth swoops his bronzen presence down into the bowl, wings held outstrethced as he eyes the slumbering gold and waits for his rider to dismount. K'mar slides down from Xarenths neck and immediately affixes his most alluring leer, slinking over to Lydieres side.

Zymanth is to one side, his mannor one thay W'yn would normally dismiss but as another bronze shows W'yn looks to lydiere and asks lots of questions in one word. "Lydiere?" The bronze croons deeply, his brassy bulge more like the humm of a hatching.

Jezzara blinks at the junior weyrwman, not use to the other's grumpy mood. Shooting a glance to W'yn, she raises an eyebrow. "What's up with her?" it seems to ask, though words aren't spoken. Wouldn't want Lydiere to hear, ya know. So, fosterling steps back, and as dragon's arrive, begins to understand… every so slowly.

[Dragon] Green Vershionath yawns, and grumbles about annoying blues, before tucking her head under her wing, birdlike, and falling asleep.

K'mar's leer widens even more as he reaches Lydieres side, a look being tossed at W'yn, in thanks for supplying the name. "Lydiere eh, such a lovely name for such a lovely girl. such a lovely, lovely girl." His eyes roam up and down her form, taking in every detail.

"I think she's rising," is all Lydiere has time to say, concentrating upon her lifemate as the gold's tipping tail becomes more prominent, more frequent, more defined. Another bellow, as the gold reaches for the air, hurtling towards the feeding grounds. A scowl is made by her distracted rider, towards K'mar, hands sinking into pockets, feet pacing, back and forth, up and down.

Xarenth is up and off like a shot after the departing gold, his huge wings bringing him quickly to rest beside the feeding pens, eyes whirling as he watches.

Piith circles the bowl, his gleaming klah-covered hide shadowing the land below as he comes in for a landing with a loud welcoming bugle to those below. Once down, his rider hops to the ground, B'rad laughing as he gives the brown a pat on the foreleg before stepping away towards the caverns, his business here with the headwoman. That is, till the others are noted, and then the gold takes off for the feeding pens. Blinking in surprise, he shakes his head. "What the shards?!?" Piith bunches muscles and is off, another bugle filling the air as the brown takes off to collor the gold.

Vahlon wanders out from the caverns, hands stuffed in his pockets, eyes cast downward to follow the progression of his feet. At the sudden bellow, he stops and shoots a glance towards the gathered group of people.

K'mar chuckles, his eyes looking first towards the gold and then back to Lydiere. "Not done this often lass?" He winks and steps closer again. "Just stick with me, I'll teach you everything you need to know."

Jezzara just shakes her head, and as the dragons take off, decides that perhaps it's best that she too leaves, deciding to go look for her aunt in the kitchens.

Lydiere's fist comes out of nowhere, as does, in all likelyhood, the punch that follows for poor K'mar. "Butt out of it. I'm perfectly find." This particular moment of lucidity is followed by a scowl, as her eyes seek out her lifemate's gleaming form, far in the distance.

Llysereth's moonlit hide gleams as if a full harvest moon, rising high over Ista as she soars down towards the feeding grounds, her luxuriously long tail hitting out at any who come so near to her glorious form. A roar of disgust echos throughout the perimeter of the pens, as her craving for lucious meat is denied, her head raging high above the beast that becomes the focus of her anger, decapitated and deadened by the conclusion of her limbs. Delving deep within the beast's bloody carcass, again she attempts to strive for meaty sustenance, again turned away to sanguine's seductation, draining deep the no longer bloodied beast.

B'rad looks to the others, the goldrider spied in the midst of the group as he steps up closer to it. "No Name's duties…" His words are spoken softly, the musical bass surprisingly deep from such a small man. He turns towards the pens, gaze going to the dark hide of his lifemate as the brown follows the group, his strength shown as he takes down a beast, having waited only as long as it takes the moonlit gold to blood first. Bugling a challenge to both the queen, and the males who choose to chase, his head dips downwards, drinking of the lifeblood that pours from the mangled mess that's left of the beast's neck.

Xarenth waits for a moment or two and then pounces, turns of life helping him snare his catch witout struggle, pulling it down, jaws tearing into the flesh so he can drink long and hard, eyes all the time fixed on the glowing gold. Raising his head for a secon, the blood cascades down his bronzen neck as he trumpets in response to Piith before once more drinking from his helpless victim.

K'mar is no helpless victim however. The blow connects and does knock him off balance slightly as it takes him by surprise. However he simply rubs his chin and chuckles. "Ah, a spirited one. I like that in a woman."

Zymanth sweeps, with the stealth of a feline towards the feeding grounds. His perch taken at a distance from the gold. His many added lessons aiding him in accuiring a decent sized beast to render and blood. The warm liquid fortifying his bulk, as his eyes beging to whirl deeping with the coming chanse. Piith and Xarenth duly noted, the calculator working to all.

Lydiere paces some more, just to be absolutely sure of what she's doing. "Hi," B'rad is greeted, without emotion, her eyes seeking out Llysereth once more, as a scowl is made to K'mar. "I'm sure you'll love the fishes in the ocean, too, when you lose this." Charmed, I'm sure.

Golden, gleaming, bloodied: Llysereth delves once more into bloodied beasts, sinking her blood-stained maw into their open bellies, draining with loud, seething noises the succulant sanguine. Raising her head in defiant triumph, she bugles her chalenge to those that *dare* to fill her grounds, tail lashing out once more with uncharacteristic disgust, as she once more lowers her head into a newly captured prize, roaring disgust and anger into Ista's cloudness overview.

B'rad raises an eyebrow as he watches the weyrwoman's fist connect with the man's jaw, chucklign softly as he rubs his on in sympathy.

W'yn has fallen out of the conversation slightly as his vision is overlayed with his dragons thoughts. Shaking his head slightly so he can continue with the congversation it does not work as what he hears is about finishing in the ocean, which does not make sence.

Zymanth echoes his own brassy bulg, a chord against the roar of Llysereth. His wings open for a moment, showing the sunset desert within. His head lowered to the beast before him once more, but eyes intent on all about him. Each muscle in the bulky bronze tensed for the inital pounce.

Xarenth lifts his head for a moment to croon to the gold in an attempt to calm her, his eyes whirling with lust as he once more sinks down to drink from the beast at his feet.

Piith sits, hunched over his kill, maw dripping blood as he turns his gaze turned towards the gold. Eyes whirling magenta pinks, his blood is heated, plans made as Llysereth bugles her challenge.

Llysereth lashes out with talons bared, rumbling angry warnings as, wings outstretched, she leaps for the sky above, braving winds and thermals to gain her freedom - they'll never take her, not in these skies she knows and loves so well.

Piith may not know these skies as well as No Name's, but he's master of the skies, any skies! He answers the gold's bugle with his own, head lifted to the sun above. The beast he'd caught just before is given a second chance at life as he lets it go, legs bunching for the jump upwards, wings flaring and lifting him to the air, and the queen that taunts him.

Zymanth bulges his own claws scraping on the grounds edge as he leaps into the air. The lumbering feline grace in the hair but not on land, and this means that a slight stuble happens. He cant get away with it..every time this seems to happen. But he was prepared, those slighly opened wings sweep, with a crack of the elbowjoint he is airborn and rising fast, the enticing gold driving him forth.

Xarenth bunches up his mucles and leps skywards, his bronzen wings powering him up, up, up into the sky, his trumpet of intention echoing off the walls of the bowl as he begins his chase the moonlit gold having the egde on him, for now.

Lydiere tenses, struggling back against the bowl wall as Llysereth bounds for the skies, her eyes opening. Perhaps this isn't the 'fun' experience she had hoped for - not quite. Backing away further, her foot stumbles upon the edge of the ramp leading up to her ledge, and this she grasps upon, clambering up, and away. "Never!" goes that cry, towards K'mar. Ew.

You make your way up the ramp to Llysereth's Ledge.

W'yn moves up the ramp to Llysereth's Ledge.

Llysereth> A golden orb rising through tropical skies, matching thermal and wind stroke by stroke: rising, reigning, reaching. She is no shrinking violet now, her body broaching the sky with innate ability, her grace carrying her away from those who seek to capture her in rapid movements, seamlessly perfect in caress of the sky. Make friends with the sky, Llysereth - and she does: it carries her, as she pushes at it it, gaining in speed as she gains in altitude, leaving behind any unfit, or unready. This is her fight, her chance, and her need.

W'yn stumbles up to the ledge with the other riders. His vision becoming blurred as Zymanths emotions overpower his own. Catching the side of the wall so he slowly approaches Lydiere, his eyes holding the emotions that are building.

Lydiere's safely on the ledge - but can she get further? There's a yelp, then a dash away. Won't they leave her alone?

K'mar is the first up the ramp after the young queenrider, the first to her weyr and the first to grin at her suggestively. "I wouldnt be so sure lass. Seems its not your deicision you see, and Xars had a lot of practice with them golds."

Pushing away the curtain, you stride down the passage towards your weyr.

"Never!" Lydiere assures K'mar, reaching her bed, and sitting there, half huddled.

W'yn strides in from the passageway leading from Llysereth's ledge.

Llysereth> Xarenth powers on after the young queen, his wings bringing him every higher in his pursuit of his ladylove of the moment. Another cry, this one less harsh than when he began following drifts outwards to chasee and fellow chasers, a coaxing cry one of temptation as if that would bring her out of the sky and into his clutches so soon.

Llysereth> Zymanth is aloft and enjoying the thrill of a flight

Llysereth> Zymanth is aloft and enjoying the thrill of a flight. Driven by such a goal and rising on wings beeting with the emergency of the emotion. Claws scrape the sky as if he could pull himself higher, his maned head turning this way and that to hiss, as only a feline could, to others entering the chase.

K'mar flops down into a seat, feet kicked up to rest on the table as he grins at Lydiere. "We'll see lass. We'll see."

W'yn follows all, his eyes intent on Lydiere though he does chuckle at K'mars words. "With you so relaxed.." the rider an old hat at this maybe?

Llysereth> Piith tests the thermals, and finding them to his liking begins to chase the queen, wings flared and dipping with ease as his shadow glides along the ground below, his form dipping behind a cloud for a moment, reappearing there, just off to the queen's left. She is his, and he means to make her understand that with every beat of his heart, every soft croon that falls from his throat.

Llysereth> Llysereth reaches higher with superior size: she's small, for a gold, yet still bigger - big enough to reach higher, stronger, faster, into the great blue beyond that beacons. Above the sea, she moves, using thermals to carry her without need for tumultuous distaste, wingtips nearly touched by the spray that rises, as she dips lower, her rumble of disgust echoing about those that attempt to cut off her glorious freedom. They can never catch her: not Llysereth, the golden, the glorious, the great.

B'rad makes his way into the weyr, having found himself alone after snapping back to reality and finding the others gone. Lucky for him, there was a nice greenrider who pointed the way to him, leaving him to stumble his way up the ramp towards the queen's ledge and the weyr beyond. Hazel eyes dart about curiously, though they find the rider quick enough. She is his goal… and his steps take him towards her.

Llysereth> Xarenth follows, he would follow to the very edges of Pern if necessary to claim this golden prize. As she dips down towards the seas foam he begins to follow but thinks better of it and stays at his current height, flight now horizontal, chase still as furious as he attempts to get above her.

Lydiere wraps her arms about her legs, seated as she is upon her bed's centre, lashing out at any that get too close - too close! "We will see," she agrees, to K'mar, "Or rather, you will."

K'mar chuckles as others enter the weyr, wach one eyed with a mix of disgust and pity. He shakes his head to Lydiere. "Nay lass. You'll see." He winks. "K'mar wants. And what K'mar wants, he gets."

Llysereth> Zymanth sweeps about the sky. He takes the option to stay high, following the dipping gold from above for now. The waves enticing him to play, but his wings, body and mind enthralled with the chase and the feeling of power that ripples though the energy from the flight. Catching a thurmol, he glides for a moment, conserving his energy. His eyes still taking in all, including Xarenths try to get higher. Zymanth turns on a wingtip his bulk catching another thurmol and gliding, the waves and gold fixed by his whirling eyes.

W'yn takes a steb back, he had got to close, he had tried to move as Zymanth isunt but shudders at the reproff. Stumbling about for a chair he slowly slips into it, almost fallinf.

Llysereth> Piith is in his element now, klah wings touching the ocean briefly before he turns upwards, gaining the altitude to watch the gold from above. Gliding, he waits.. watches..

Lydiere scoffs, head shaking, "Not this time." Steeling gaze in front of her, she stares at the wall, crossing hands, twining fingers, attempting to avoid watching those who crowd her. Breathing heavily, the goldrider hesitates, then shuts her eyes, "Llys - "

B'rad leans against the wall nearby, arms crossing over his chest, head tilting so he can keep his eyes on her, and the others here at the same time. A slight quirk of the lips is all her words gain from this quiet man, his frame thrummming with the emotions from his dragon above and beyond in the skies.

Llysereth> Llysereth rises higher once more, wingsails reaching away from the tumultuous waves, to carry her into the blue beyond, away from insignificant things - such as these males. Who dare they, to come so near, and not depart as she commands? Thrashing her tail behind her, wings gather in the sky, making way for her presence as filaments of clouds chase and hold like a cloak of glory about her brilliant hide. Higher: she must reach higher.

Llysereth> Xarenth bugles as the gold rises once more, his trajectory however is just short and she rises past him as he angles sharply up to follow, almost standing on his tail in the sky before once more shootnig after her, calling on all his strength and stamina as he follows the golden beauty through the air.

K'mar chuckles, for once not saying a word, his eyes fixed completely on Lydiere, his lopsided leer back in place as one hand raches up to absently rub at his bruising chin.

Llysereth> Piith dares to challenge the lovely lovely Llysereth, a dark knight highlighting her moonlit beauty as only he cand do. He already hangs there above her, a shadow in the sky. A soft bugle escapes his throat, a coaxing platitude.

Llysereth> Zymanth seem to purr in appreciation for the glowing gold, cloaked and glowing as she rises. His strenth seemed to enhanced by the brilliance of the sigh, and by the warmth still felt from the blooded kill. Opening wings of desertstorms he sweeps, rising now, using thurmols and beathing the rhythm of his wings. His tail keept as still as possible, he must be streamline, he must be the stealthful feline, aboveall he must get hight!

Llysereth> No coaxes and invitations will avert Llysereth's eye: she is the epitome of defiant, rushing to her own defense through skies brilliant in their hue. The golden sneetch, flying hither and yonder, wings fluttering with exertion as higher and beyond she must go, to save her pride, her glory, her self respect. This harvest moon can only rise: there will be no blue moons, tonight.

W'yn 's own eyes are on Lydiere, but as zymanth did before, he takes in each rider, his glances quick and slightly nervous, but they do take in the different reactions.

Llysereth> Rising is good as far as Xarenth is concerned, that will tire his golden princess all the quicker and then she will be in his arms sooner rather than later. He powers after her, his wings a bronzen blur as he attempts to gain not only altitude but speed to match her own.

B'rad pants, a hand raching up to his collar to loosen it abit, flight jacket already tugged off and left on the ground near the entrance. Hazel eyes watch carefully, just as the brown does above.

Llysereth> Zymanth wants to catch this once seen, and always to be followed gold Llysereth. His deep purr like grumble almost lost as it is riped from his throat but the wind. Will she suddenly dissapear once seen and chased. His eyes are intent now, not wanting to loose sight of the enticing, calling harvest moon. His maned head turns slighlty as if to try and judge others against himself but his main focus, to rise hight, to beat his wings with great sweeps to get the hight, he cant weaken, even if a slight shake has appeared in his stroke…

Llysereth> Piith turns on a wing, shadow crossing the ocean's blue below, throat filling with another coaxing call. Ever the gentleman is he, a true knight to any lovely damsel, he pledges to be hers, ever her champion.

Llysereth> Llysereth tires, not that she will ever admit to it. Haphazard wingstrokes loose her her smoothness, aerodynamic form waning a moment or more, as she reaches higher, tiring, tired, but unable to give in. Her bugle, somewhat muted, fills the skies with disgust ever more, rage at this new experience, where her wings won't work, and her best efforts fail. She'll never - fall? Oops.

Llysereth> Xarenth spots his chance and reaches out as he finally pulls alongside the fading harvest moon. He reafches out with everything he has, trying to ensnare her, pull her closer to him and engulf her withing his bronzen presence.

As his dragon does the same, K'mar kicks his feet down off the table and outstretches a hand towards Lydiere. "Give in lass, you know you want to."

Lydiere attempts to slap K'mar's hand away, but she's not quite with it, unfortunately, and simply recoils instead, warily watching those that come near, and those who don't. "Llysereth!" Idiot dragon. "No!"

Llysereth> Piith calls out, a bugle of exclaimation as the queen falls. Tucking his wings, he follows her, only now does the mask he wear slips to show the hardness beneath. He intends to be her master, in this he will not fail. With foreclaws extended, he attempts to ensnare her in his oh-so loving embrace. She will be his!

Llysereth> Zymanth 's wings shakes slightly from his attempts to rise high. Bulging with something of concern at the faltering stroke. But this does not defere him. His wings keep beating for a moment before with a fast motion he turns, neck outstreched to entwine, purr soft. His eyes wirl with a fire blazing as the enticing, glowing gold draws near, but to catch and to hold..he must strive harder.

B'rad glances towards K'mar, giving the other male a slight chuckle before pushing away from the wall, loosening his shirt as he steps towards the bed. Seems Lydiere has already served herself, waiting as she is on the bed like that!

W'yn also clasps his arms about him for a moment, as if echoing the dragonic wings. His eyes are not in this room but he stands slowly, his body inclinging towards Lydiere as if drawn. Faltering with his steps he stops all motion, the effort by Zymanth seeming to draw on his strenth also.

Llysereth> Llysereth didn't mean to do this, honestly she didn't. It's not, well, it isn't proper! Nonetheless, she has no way to stop herself, as she falls, colliding with Zymanth with a squawk of indignation and disgust that turns, rather rapidly, into a mellifluous croon of delight. Zymanth, her hero! Together, twined as one, they fall, downwards, towards the weyr.

Llysereth> Xarenth cries out with rage, with disappointment, with frustration. She chose /him/?? With another strangled cry he heads back down to the sea, seems a cold shower is in order.

Llysereth> With a cry of outrage as the bronze takes the gold, Piith turns, wingstrokes taking him back to the weyr. She should have been his! But, soon, anger will be forgotten as he finds a lovely green to take his mind off the lost.

Lydiere's surprise is held for a long moment, as her gaze turns from the wall, turns towards Zy - W'yn, and her arms unclench. Ohboy.

Llysereth> Zymanth bulges with slight shock at first, a gold tumbling into him, but it turns to one of triumpf and caress as his neck entwins about Llysereths.

K'mar chuckles, the disappointment flashing momentarily in his eyes as he withdraws his hand. "Enjoy yourself with the /boy/ Come find me when you decide to have a /man/." and he stalks out.

B'rad gulps, then gasps as he feels his dragon's disappointment, and after giving Lydiere a wry grin, heads towards the entrance, pausing only long enough to pick up the dropped jacket.

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