Ysmalath x Zippith Hatching

Ista Weyr - Candidate/Weyrling Barracks
One of the few rooms in this weyr that was actually carved, at least somewhat, by hand. The Weyrling Barracks was once two 'bubble' rooms that were joined when the seperating rock was chiseled away. There are enough cots for 70 weyrlings and 70 couches to go with each cot. Often times, this also serves as the Candidate's barracks as well as the Weyrling barracks. Next to each cot there is a small, bedside table and a press, one on either side. At the foot of each cot there is a footlocker for other personal items. This room, always kept as neat and tidy as possible, reflects the stabalizing force that helps to keep the young riders and their lifemates in line and in control through the trying time of training.

Lydiere steps in from the bowl, gait light as she makes her way towards a certain rumpled cot; her own. Head sticks up, a rueful smile attaching itself, "Hey yourself, all of you. My ship? Oh - all fine and dandy. No storms, no problems - except a certain rather seasick toddler, who screamed."

Wylin grins and smiles. "Please, point him out to me in the GAlleries?" he knows that Lysette, himself and Lydiere had talked about it before but well, wanting to meet the person he has heard about. "Or before if we ever get more rest days…I think i must have used my quota up or something!" Shaking his head he turns to Jeremy and grins. "Im sure he will like them you know..I think they are good designes..oh! and I hear you didnt manage to get your coat back?"

Jeremy wonders aloud "He does not take after his mother?" He shakes his head, glad that he was not on the ship, toddlers are too much work. He therefore does not echo Wylin's request to having the child pointed out to him, he has had enough of children to last him for a while "Thanks Wylin, that is reasuring and no I didn't, I will just have to make myself a new one and give that one up."

Lydiere stiffles a yawn, setting herself up in a lazy position atop of her cot, pulling blankets out of the way to add to it's comfort. "Oh, certainly will, if you don't get to see him before then. He's excited." She, to be different, doesn't appear to be as such. "He takes after me to an extent, but he's not used to the sea, yet, I think."

Wylin smiles lightly as he reaches over to nudge Jeremy. "Not without a fight surley?" He teases lightly. Shuffing himself then so he can sit crosslegged, leaning his elbows onto the corners of his knees he looks over to Lydiere. "I like the yet..You have hopes for him and the craft?" As he goes to shuffle again, bony elbows makes the position he had taken not too comfortable so he sees Lysette walk in. "You look as tired as I feel he offers.."

Jeremy laughs "Well I did say she could borrow it til she stopped feeling so cold, how was I to know that she is always cold?" He shakes his head ruefully "I was thinking of making a new coat eventually and now it will be sooner rather than later." He sits back, the parcel pushed to the bottom of the cot and he waites to hear Lydiere's answer regarding her son and the craft. He also smiles and waves as Lysette enters.

Lysette shuffles into the room, hair all over the place, spinner webs hanging from her shirt which she picks at dropping bits onto the floor without really caring. /This/ cavern she doesnt have to clean today. A hand is waved randomly as she flops onto her cot on her back. "Why did we have to have so much wine stored." she muses before flipping over onto her stomach and propping up her head on her hands with a slightly more cheery, "Hi."

Ruefully, Lyddie nods, "I'd love for him to join me; his father was a seacrafter, too, so it runs in the blood. I don't know yet, of course, where his interests will lie. He's too young, and I won't ever pressure him." She raises a hand towards Lysette, resting her head down upon a pillow. "I know what you mean, Lysette; there's always too much to do."

Saisha mutters from her sketching, "Weyrbred is always good."

Jeremy grins "Because the riders drink so much of it?" He shakes his head enjoying the peaceful moments when chores have been done and new ones not yet assigned and then he glances at Saisha "What do you mean?" he enquires softly

Wylin listens as conversations sprout up and new people join in the group comversation. Shuffling once more he adds to Jeremy. "Something else to take your mind of this waiting game, now you have finished the clothes?" Cocking his head lightly to one side he smiles, running his hand though his hair before turning back to Lydiere. "If it was a new experiece for him, I could imagine it could be unerving..You ever sailed Lys?" he suddenly asks before adding. "I did once…I found it strange looking to the deck and seeing it stay still while your whole body knew you where swaying.."

Saisha shrugs, not even looking up from her pad. "There are enough Weyrs still around… And the youngens seem… less worried."

Lysette nods, "A little Wyn, not much though. My brothers were more into that than I was. I can swim though." Crossing her feet at the ankles she begins to swing them up and down as she listens to snippets of conversations before asking. "What're you drawing Saisha?"

Jeremy grins and nods "True true, that is a good idea." He smiles broadly "I was feeling quite restless." He opens his footlocker and digs out a clean piece of hide and studies it for a moment "Dark green I think, a colour yet servicable." He begins making lines on the hide, happy again, the designing of the commission had meant that he felt less useless and used. He shakes his head "No pools warm enough to swim in or sail on at High Reaches, I cannot do either."

Saisha nods to the sleeping candidate across from her. "Pedain."

Lydiere nods silently towards Wylin, closing her eyes for a few moments with a blissful smile upon her face. They snap open again, watching.

Wylin smiles. "I can flounder in water..but i would not call it swimming.." he offeres in answer to Jeremy and Lys's statments. Rolling his shoulders for a moment he smiles to Lydiere before adding. "Deep green would be nice..Maybe full length, with a collar and a fitted waist line.." Oh was that too much detail?!

Jeremy shakes his head but does not dismiss Wylin's suggestions out of hand "Oh I like something more practical and plain like that, that is a little too fancy for a lowly candidate or apprentice." He makes a few more lines on the hide "Just a short jacket, I just need it to keep me warm, don't need frills or anything." He pauses and looks at Wylin "ever thought of being a weaver?"

Wylin shakes his head smiling. "naw..Im not too inventive me.."though he can picture the jacket he described. Deciding that Straightening his legs is the next most comfotable position. "Boy..have i got the fidguets!!!" He wiggles his legs and then adds to Jeremy. "A short Jacket? Would that keep you warm and such??"

Sinau lays in her cot, realaxing her acking arms from the caverns cleaning of just earlier, which she just finished.

Jeremy is sketching a new design for his coat "Oh it will reach to my upper thigh, any longer than that and it will just be unweildly to wear and manage." He answers Wylin "My leggings are thick enough to keep my legs warm." He sits back and studies his sketch and nods and then places another mark on the hide and glances at the board to see if he has any new duties to undertake.

Saisha nods to Jeremy. "Sounds impressive."

Lileu pads in, hands unfastening her apron behind her back. She looks exausted. And has flour in her hair.

Wylin takes a moment to grasp what Jeremy was talking about, he himself had been staring off into space for a time. Blinking. "Eh?" he asks first before his mind works and he smiles. "Oh I see..the reason for you able to have short Jackets!" Sitting up and streching then he seems relaxed. "I have to say, outload, that I think we are all glad to be off Chores for now.." This being noted with everyone in the Barracks.

Lysette's arms are crossed nder her head and the faint snore that's coming from her pretty much confirms shes asleep, still in her work clothes, still with a few spinner webs stuck to her, but definately asleep.

Farrizah sits on the end of her cot fiddling with something in her hands. She looks over to Jeremy, "Nice." Eyes gleaming she smiles, "Make me one?"

Lileu narrows her eyes pointedly at Wylin, and tosses her apron at him. "Do you think you could design me a new jacket, too?" Lileu questions Jeremy with a smile. "Not that I don't like S'va's old one, but it's a little big on me."

Farrizah says "Why don't you just alter the one you've got? Save some marks."

Jeremy's holding, she smiles, "Ooh, thats nice." Drowsyness luls her something close to sleep, but where she could hear the conversation buzzing around her.

Lydiere is half asleep by this stage; she's reclining, dozing, upon her cot, the blankets all pulled asside, and her hair down her back, flowing freely.

Jeremy glances up at Farrizah and nods "Thank you" He pauses and then continues after hearing their discussion "I would be pleased to if you tell me what your requirements are." He nods and turns over the hide "What would you like?" His question is general and directed at both.

R'mar trots into the cavern, not quite on the heals of Natan, but looking just as out of breath and flushed as the candidate doubtless does, still adjusting his clothing a bit and trying to make himself presentable.

Lileu smiles at Farrizah. "Er, well, it's /his/, and I don't want to ruin it." She nods to Jeremy. "Er… something blue. I love blue, and…" Her voice trails off as Natan and R'mar make a dramattic entrance. She tilts her head, watching them.

R'mar moves deftly out of the way of dashing candidates and moves to stand near the tunnel to the sands.

Jeremy looks up in surprise from his designing "Now?" He looks shocked "But I am not ready, nothings finished, not now?" Still he quickly dives into his foot locker and retrieves his robe and quickly, without thinking who is in the room shucks off his outfit to pull on his robe and sandals.

Lysette snuffles slightly on her cot, not quite awake enough to realise theres something happening intil the word starting, followed by Wylins nudge seeps through the fuzz in her brain. "Huh? Wha? Its? Oh!" and she rolls off her cot onto the floor with a thump and begins rooting around in her footlocker till she comes up with her robe. Sandals are soon found under her cot and put on too

Lileu blinks owlishly at the flurry of activity. She hurries over to Wylin, and leans in to whisper. "What's going on? Is it… time or something?"

Fontuia bounds about, dressing herself carefully, and pulling her hair out of the way. The candidate waits, grinning in excitement - and nerves - as she moves towards the entrance to the sands.

Sinau jumps up at the sudden comotion, "What what? The hatching? Now? Eek!" Jumping up she practicly dives into her chest to retreave the robes she fashioned. She pulls them on and ties them securily about her waist. Heart pounding, she turns to the door, and decides to wait till they could go.

Natan inhales a quick gasp of air as he finds his robe and begins stripping his shirt and pants. The robe slides easily over his head. Fumbling for his sandals, the Candidate puts them on the wrong feet first, then switches them, the excitemyent in no way calming him.

Wylin spins on his heels and leans forward to hear Lileu wisper. Nodding quickly he points to people dressing. As he does so he look and gasps, a foot print on Lysettes robes. Quickly turning back to Lileu he smiles. "You have your robe and things right?" His voice but a whsiper.

Farrizah slips on her robe, shoving her red dress aside for the moment, then rummages around in her clothing press. "I had those sandals only last night. Where are they?" The sandals sit out in plain view just at the end of her cot and, with a slight blush for not noticing them, she slips them on. "there" she says to herself, satisfied.

Jeremy finally gets his robe on and he tugs it into place "Does it have to be so short, I feel so so bare." He sighs as he watches robe flap around mid-thigh and hopes it is not windy outside. He stands straight, to his full height and shakes his head "Ridiculous" He flops down on his bed and pulls on sandals "SO what do we do now?" he asks nervously.

Soft snoring comes from Vearance's cot.

Lysette fiddles with her robe. Pulling it so it bulges slightly over her belt piece, then tugging it back down again to be as flat as possible. Her eyes scan the barracks, a nervous half-smile plastered on her face.

Saisha, in a swift movement kicks open her press, throws off her clothes, and pulls the white robe over her head.

Natan strides quickly over to Vearance's cot, shaking the snoring lump, "Wake up! Get dressed!"

R'mar stiffens at S'va's entrance, is that a guilty blush on his face? but he does appear dressed and ready, if not exactly perfectly groomed and he nods to S'va politely.

Lydiere is ready quickly, and rests a moment, bottom hitting cot as she watches, waiting. "I hope Keid is there already," she murmurs, although she's most definitely calm; no nervous jiggling here. "I suppose we should line up?"

Vearence makes noises like a kicked pig. "Uh? Wha?" Blearily he peers at the face, "Wha?"

Wylin smothes his robe down, though parts still stick to his bony body. His hand running though his hair before he calls to Jeremy. "Looks ok..not Ridiculus.." Positive thoughts!

Natan shakes his head and grunts, "The eggs are hatching! Put on your robe now!"

Lileu pulls her robe over her head, and pushes her arms through. She tugs it into place and winches as the neckline tugs on her hair, reaching back and pulling up and up until the heavy mass spills down her back. She shakes her head and slips feet into sandals, hurring over to Vearence. "Up-se-daddle, sunshine. The eggs are waiting!"

As the dragons begin to thrum, S'va dashes in, at quite a high speed. Far faster than he's usually seen to move around. Pausing, to glance at R'mar's blush with an exasperated look, he grunts, as he heads moves to stand just in the enterance, his lips parting as his young voice rises to a bellow to cut through the commotion. "Alright!" He claps his hands. "Let's get moving! Robes, now! Form a line, everyone standing by your Cots. R'mar and I will inspect you, before you go out there! Make sure all is in order." He gives R'mar, another one of those looks. "I'll take the right side.." He says, and without another word, moves down the line of Candidates, occasionally stopping to nudge an NPC Candidate to fix a belt, or smooth some cloth…..He's buisnesslike, and moving fast.

Jeremy glances at Wylin and sighs "Really?" I feel ridiculous, way too short but I could not do anything about it and no sleeves or leggings I feel all bare." He shivers lightly, he feels cold as well, not usually wearing so little and glances over at Vearence and even though nervous he does not think he would give up this opportunity. He jumps to his feet, sandals on and crosses to the front of his cot and stands straight "Ready."

Better than Klah, that. At Natan's words, Vearance is up and out, hands fumbling in his press, "Where did i put it?" More frantic fumbling, and then the white cloth is noticed hanging up behind the cot. "There!" Snatch, clothes everywhere, robe over head. Sandles on. Whew.

Wylin nods with encouragment to Jeremy before he looks once more to himself and goes to join the line forming. His body swaying as though he was already on the hot sands.

Sinau jumps at the voice, and rushes to be beside her cot. Standing ridged, she awaits inspection, her heart clearly drumming loudly and a wide grin on her face.

Natan steps quickly back to his own cot to fall into line, standing straight and smoothing wrinkles.

Lysette takes her place at the end of her cot as requested, but doesnt stop fidgeting. Hopping from one foot to the other and still tugging at her robe.

R'mar moves rather quickly, scouring each candidate he passes, tugging off a decoration here or there, quelling a candidate with a sticky sweet in his mouth with one look, making him spit it out, and he quickly looks over Natan before moving along.

Saisha stands at the end of her cot, looking around. She seems ridiculously calm.

Vearence moves to the end of his cot, running fingers through his bed-tousled hair.

Lydiere crosses her arms, waiting to be inspected with perfect ease; a glance goes towards Lysette and Wylin, a half nod of questioning, and some mouthed words going out: still standing together?

S'va stops, by Jeremy, his hand reaching out to nudge him in the stomach. "Suck in that stomach! Stand up straight!" He places a hand on his hip, and looks around. For a moment, his eyes meet Lileu's, and there's a strange silence from him, before his gaze moves on, the same gruff look that everyone else gets being bestowed upon her. As he reaches the end of the line, he clears his throat, and sets his voice to a yell, once more. "Alright! Remember, stand up straight, chest out, look proud to be out there, because, you ought to be!" He grins, almost wildly. "Good luck to the lot of you! And yes, if you impress, that's the only free compliment you're getting out of me for the next turn and a half!" He nods to R'mar. "When you're all ready, follow R'mar! Remember to bow to the sire, and the dam! I'll bring up the rear." He pauses, to eye Natan for a moment, and then R'mar, although…he says nothing, rather taking his place at the end of the line.

R'mar finishes his routine check and nods, " all clear here S'va, as far as I can tell " then he strides back down the line and takes up his post near the hatching tunnel again.

Lileu just… stops as S'va stride into the barracks, chin lowering as she watches him, a slow smile spreading across her pretty face. It take a hard nudge from one tall, dark-haired girl, to get her whits back, Lileu blinking, and scurring into line. Breathe. "Um… is anyone else having second thoughts? Because, suddenly… I'm not feeling so well. Yes, I think I feel faint. I need a healer! Can I go home now?"

Farrizah is a little nervous, smoothing out her robe although it doesn't really need it. She smiles a small smile when R'mar says 'all clear'

Lysette catches Lydieres nod out of the side of her eye and relaxes slightly, smiling to her and nodding back her affirmative reply.

Wylin catches the nod intime to see the mouthed question. Smiling and nodding he then looks to Lys and echoes the same question, as he seems to then snap to some sort of nervous attention and get ready to follow R'mar. A quick thumbs up go to Jeremy though, he remembers the last time his friend was shouted at!

Vearence just fidgets quietly, looking at his sandles.

R'mar watches and waits until all eyes are on him… " FOLLOW ME! " he yells out, " one at a time and orderly please! show respect…"

Sinau shakes, still grining, waiting for R'mar to start leading the way. "how exiting! And scary too…eep!"

Mikan straightens and rises to his feet as he glances up at the semblence of order that begins to take shape at this point, finally. Feet shuffle a bit as he himself settles in with it.

Ista Weyr - Hatching Sands
The floor here is gently convex, a bowl to hold the hot sand in which the queens' eggs harden. It is an enormous cavern, easily the Weyr's biggest. An outcropping of stone thrusts itself out from the wall and forms an island in the sand, its surface worn smooth by the bellies of the great queens who have crouched here to guard their clutches. Tiny bits of shell, bright and glittering, litter the sand around the queen's couch and are mixed in with the sand whose surface is dimpled with the depressions of centuries' worth of eggs. The cavern is heated by the Weyr's thermal energy and is oppressively hot, the sand uncomfortable even through boots. Tiers of ledges along the northern wall form spots for a chorus of watching and guarding dragons to perch.

Ring a Ring of Roses Egg shivers some more. Cold, hot - flames crackle beneath the innnocent pink as hairline cracks craze it's shell from bottom to top.

Ysmalath is hovering over the eggs, eyes aswirl with a possesive crimson as she moves her mouth strategically to show off pale teeth (and breathe stale herdbeast breath all over the sands). Her lifemate, however, is not amused, walking up to the relatively enormous gold and crossing her arms, glaring up… and up… at the fury. "Stop acting like a brainless wherry, you runt of a hairless llama. S'not like you liked watching them very much, anyway." Maybe Lymera has a deathwish? However, it does have the benefit of moving Ysmalath's attention to her, and away from the eggs and candidates, and the bows do have the benefit of cooling the ember eyes to a more sedate hue. She's getting /attention/. Woooo.

Lydiere grasps for Lysette and Wylin's hands, moving towards one position in the circle of candidates, eyes moving towards the rocking eggs. She breaths in, then glances up towards the stands, eyes warming - "Look, there he is! My baby."

Farrizah looks at the golden dragon, then bows respectfully. You're supposed to do that right? Well it can't hurt anyway. She looks about and grabs for Saisha's hand, nervousness vieing for excitement.

S'va moves at a brisk pace behind the throng of candidates is the form of Ista's young Weyrlingmaster, his eyes never leaving those in front of him. Taking the time to bow to Ysmalath and Zippith himself, he takes several steps to the side, and to the rear, standing apart from the white-robed throngs, waiting for the first impression. Although he's quite refined to the appearance, it's obvious that his eyes are on the eggs as well. Waiting, and watching.

Wylin feels the grasping hand and happy accepts. Taking the strength where he can. Drawing his eyes away from the eggs and looking to the galleris, Wylin smiles. "Im so glad he could make it.." He speaks in a low whisper. Relaxing a little as the golden Ysmalath calms slightly so the nerves of the event being here beings to hit him.

Lileu bites her lip, just another white sheep in the line of candidates. She jumps at every noise - eyes large with awe at the scene before her.

Saisha blows a lock of hair out of her face, ans smiles to Farrizah, before bowing around. Then attention is on nothing but the eggs.

Fontuia stands patiently, watching the eggs with a hopeful glance, especially the rose-like one, which earns special regard. Her feet shuffle upon the hot, black sands.

Lysette grabs onto Lydieres hand as if her life depended on it, the other fidgeting with her robe, her eyes following the direction of Lyddies gaze up to the sands. "Aw. Hes really sweet Lyddie." she whispers but her attention is still really elsewhere, even though Ysmalath now seems to be calming.

Sinau shuffles into her spot in the half circle, quite evidently distressed at the pressure of it all. Eyes look from the attentive dam and sire, to the clutch, particularily the ones that keep moving just that tad bit. "I'm okay, just breath…". Grinning she stands strait like she was suppost to, the agonizing stress of the wait eating at her exitingly.

Vearence minces quietly, sweaty, pale, strained face looking around.

Lydiere nods ruefully, turning her head towards her companions rather than her son up in the galleries. "Oh, me, too. Very much so." She squeezes her hands, adding, "He is? Oh, I'm glad you think so. No motherly bias, and all."

Jeremy follows everyone on, his face beet red not from the heat but from the embarrasment of appearing in front of so many in such a brief outfit. He looks nervously at the gold dragon and the weyrwoman and then he decides to stand somewhere near Wylin who has been supportive. He keeps his head lowered so he does not have to see who is in the gallaries.

Natan blinks at the incredible heat, wiping sweat from his brow and taking a place near Fontuia.

Giant Marble Egg rocks back and forth, steadily, as if unwillingly to wait much longer.

Ring a Ring of Roses Egg shakes now, rocking steadily back and forth as the inhabitant struggles to free themselves. Cracks, more cracks creep over the shell, little fragments spinning off into the sand in frenzied little twirls.

Fontuia turns her head, nodding towards Natan, composed in her excitement and anticipation. She bites upon her lip, breathing tightly as the Ring a Ring of Roses Egg moves properly.

Mikan seems reasonably calm himself, reasonably that is, shifting with faint nervousness as he assembles, hands playing against eachother uneasily, fingers templing, clasping together, in front of him, behind. He eventually notes this action and clasps them both securely behind his back with some willpower.

With Lydiere once side of him, joined to Lysette and now with Jeremy on his other side, Wylin beings to take confort in this closeness. His nerves showing though the little chattering of teeth and the fact he still sways a little, though now more through the heat than anything. Gasping slightly then he smiles. "Oh, It moved..the..the one I pointed out to you the other day.." this latter comment a general fact as he has pointed out may eggs to many candidates.

Farrizah looks at both eggs, catching her breath, "look" she points to the eggs, as if no-one else saw them but her.

Lileu twists her hands together anxiously, leaning towards Mikan. Hopeful to draw out some of his calmness. "Did you see that! They're… they're…" Moving? Cracking? Oooh, not good. "We didn't cover this in basic training! I mean, we did. But not like this…"

Lysette returns the hand squeeze and nods. "He is, definately." Wylins words tear her suddenly from the galleries to the eggs, "Which one Wy? The.. oh!" as she spots the movement for herself.

Sinau clutches her hands onto her robes, holding her breath as the two eggs rock less and less gently. Avoiding looking at the crowds above her, she locks her gaze onto the eggs. A nother deep breath, there, okay a bit calmer. That persisting smile stays on her face and she in no way regrets being there, sort of. "Its really starting…Look at them!"

Lydiere notes, her expression wry, "Good luck, the lot of you. And please, don't go soppy on me." Expression composed, the Seacrafter candidate shuffles her feet, tossing a stray piece of hair away from her face with a blow of air. "Which first, any bets?"

Ring a Ring of Roses Egg shivers, then shudders, widening cracks running along its shell with a force that cannot be halted, no matter how hard one might try. The inevitable takes place, and flames lick up over the dancing figures to consume them completely, the eggshell crumbling as all is devoured. From destruction, however, new life must always arise, and the last shards fall away to reveal the one within: Haunted Hedonist Green Dragonet.

Haunted Hedonist Green Dragonet
Sheer sage smoulders with hints of sunlight as it enfolds this slender dragon's form in a cloak of forest-stained brilliance, ladylike coquetry meeting a sturdy independence - but behind this graceful, flirtatious faade, however, shadows hint at an ethereal darkness that's quite out of place. Cheeky chartreuse twines itself about vivid fir green, refined hints of creamy alabaster teasing their way through the spectrum to nestle coyly among the tumult of tones - just so, you see. Rich juniper smothers her head, whispering its way around delicate headknobs and elegant muzzle, before plunging down her serpentine neck towards a narrow chest. Hints of tawny hazel mark her underbelly, exotic jade curling around those earthy tones in a refined riot, with whisperings of moonlight faintly touching her sides, fading as the glorious forest shades of her wings begin to dominate. No ladylike coyness can be found here - refinement is forgotten in an abandon of colour, intense ghostgum fighting with frosted topaz for dominance, while powerful jungle tones streak along near translucent wingsails. The magnificence of her splendid wings fades slowly as verdant emerald stains her dainty haunches, ingrained with pale coral swirls, overlaid with richly tinctured moss. Malachite mixes with pale porcelain and insubstantial starlight down the length of her ladylike tail, reminiscent of those glorious wings. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Valesa.

Saisha shifts closer to Farrizah. That cool exterior seem to be wearing off as the eggs go… she gasps as the green hatches.

Fontuia breaths out delight, pointing towards the green - "My egg! It hatched green." This is obvious, but she goes on saying it, bouncing upon her feet. "What a lovely green, too."

Vearence's eyes widen as the green is thrown onto the sands. "Wow."

Farrizah grins, unable to resist, and points to the hatching, "I think that one will be first" she says, unable to resist pointing that out.

Jeremy nods as he glances towards where Wylin is pointing and he wipes his brow with the back of his hand and mentally curses the lack of sleeves again as the heat of the sands combined with his embarrasment is making him overheat. He stares at the green "It hatched Wylin" he breathes and then stands up straight, ready to do his duty and stand on the sands and watch and wait.

R'mar watches the eggs cracking and the candidates as well, his gaze intense as a green emerges and he grins widely, showing obvious approval.

Sinau gasps, letting out her breath slowly…"Wow, we don't get to see that very often…" Awed she stares transfixed on that hatchling, with ocasional glances to the other eggs.

Lysette opens her mouth to answer Lydieres request for best, but her breath catches at the back of her throat as the green tumbles out onto the sands and a squeak is all the sound that comes from her.

Wylin is about to answer and place the bet on the wrong egg. He had been smiling at Lysettes 'ohhhh' but now he practically beams. Nudging Jeremy lightly he smiles. "Look up..your surrounded nobody can see your robe really.." he offers again hoping. Seeing Jeremy then straighten he finds himself doing this. His free hand moving sweat covered hair out of his eyes. "Green!" He adds. "You win that one Lysette.." he adds quickly.

Natan hmmms, "A green. Not a bad sign." he remarks optimistically.

Mikan bites down gently upon his lip, rising to toes a bit as he watches and this starts a bit of nervous feet shuffling, holding his place however as his eyes take in the assorted excitement, catching the choice bits of it to be sure.

Haunted Hedonist Green Dragonet springs lightly into the world, landing on all four paws and shakeing off bits of egg goo. Her small head turns, darting looks all about her with baby eyes barely makeing sense of all that chaos around her. Chaos? Well, we'll see as she picks up one dainty foot and makes an unsteady step towards the wash of white. There's someone there she wants…

Lydiere notes, her head cocked to the side, "Pretty. For a gawky newborn, and all." She straightens, watching carefully, squeezing hands.

Natan blinks and shivers as a chill runs down his spine. "So beautiful!" he whispers to himself, narrowing his deep brown eyes in admiration.

Lileu's shoulders tremble and she lets out a terrified little scream as the first dragon hatches, stepping back from the circle. Shewillnotrun. Shewillnotrun. She will /not/ be holdbred today! No, sir. No. No. No. Girl forces herself to straighten up, and rejoin the line. She lifts her chin bravely. Her lip is trembling. Must. Not. Look. Terrified. But it's so /scary/! If she impresses, she's gonna have to learn how to /fly/. Er, yeah. And that egg goo just isn't right. Yuck.

Jeremy grins at Wylin "Thanks that made me feel a whole lot better, I suppose it is lucky for me that we are all stuck wearing these robes." EYes drift back to hatchling "Who do you think she will pick?"

Sinau remembers to pick up her feet as the green does, before they burn. Wiping of a bit of goo that landed on her hand, she smiles sweetly at the hatchling. "Its the first hatchlin.." Swithcing feet she follows the greens progress with a locked on gaze.

Farrizah looks at the little green, smiling a little, but also a little scared. Her first meeting with green dragons, well in a Weyr anyway, is still fresh in her mind.

Giant Marble Egg seems to pick up the pace a little, almost spinning in place as it's occupant struggles harder to be free.

Fontuia holds her head high, feet moving to alieviate the heat, although her eyes don't move from the green, head shaking. "How perfect." Her words are half whispered, as she straightens, nodding carefully. "Oh, please!"

Wylin accepts the squeeze with his own, Smiling to his friends as he does this. As Jeremy asks the question his frown shows he is thinking he shuffles slightly before shrugging. "She seems positive.." noting the forward motion. Wylin then finds his eyes distracted by another egg wobbling.

Lysette looks over at Wylin and grins, her free hand flapping her robe about her legs in an effort to cool down slightly. "Shame we didnt place any Marks on it Wy." Flap, flap, eyes go to the hatchling again and she smiles, nerves diminishing slightly, but not much.

Lydiere shakes her head, attempting to send hair into submission behind her ears. This isn't exactly a forthcoming thing; she grimaces, then removes her hand from Lysette's to pull it back. Hand reseeks the other candidates'; "Sorry, my hair was in the way. Blasted stuff."

Sinau is distracted from the green to the newly spinning marble egg, but then looks back to the one that already hatched. Sinau's heart beats less dramaticaly, and her nerves calm from the initial rush, but her wide happy smile stays.

Haunted Hedonist Green Dragonet takes another step, swaying to and fro as her sense of balancebegins to assert itself. Then another step and another and she's decided she likes the swaying so she'll keep right on swaying as she makes a beeline for something white. Something blond and male and white and she blinks up at a candidate. Him? Nooooo! Too stringy and short. But the one she wants, they must be here somewhere. Somewhere.

Mikan places one foot upon the other for a moment and this seems to help him still it as he retakes a balanced stance, wetting his lips as he watches, gaze focused upon the green out upon the sands.

Farrizah looks towards her favourite eggs, still not even rocking. Well her dragon may not come from one of those. She might not even find her dragon on these sands today. Oh well, there's always a next time. But she's tired of waiting for next time, she wants it to be her time. She sighs, can't rush these things. Her time /will/ come. /Hopefully/ today.

Lysette lets out a slight eep as she suddenly becomes comforthand-less, her nerves jumping back up to full force as she turns to look at Lydiere. The returning hand is given a squeeze and she lets out a short breath of relief as her eyes drift back to the sands once more.

Lileu pushes her shaking hands firmly into her flat stomach, watching the green dragonet warily. Well… it /is/ the right color.

Natan gasps and watches the hatchling continue her search, studying every movement with admiration.

Jeremy watches the green make her way across the sands, looking and discarding candidates at a turn and he glances at the other eggs to see if there is a hint that any of the others might hatch soon "She seems to know her own mind" he replies to Wylin's comment and then he glances at the other candidates and seeing that they look nervous he feels better, his face still red but he manages to keep still and straight and not act too nervous or anything.

Saisha edges closer to Farrizah, her hand seeking out the other candidate's. Eyes flick from egg to egg, always coming back to rest on the dragonette seeming out her partner. Her mouth opens slightly, as if wanting to say something, but it stays slack.

Sinau pulls up her feet one at the time to keep them from becoming too overly hot on the scorching sands. Orbs stick onto the steps taken by the green, one at the time. "What was she looking at? Oh, nothing probably." Sinau's eyes try to see where the greens eyes land on.

Wylin seems to hold his breath as the Green moves and sways forward. He seems to Sigh as he lets out all his held breath. His hand more gripping Lydieres as he sees the dragon look up and then disregard. He has to suck in alot of air to answer Jeremy so he nods vigoursly. Picking up one foot then he begins the time honored Hot-Foot-Sand-dance.

Vearence smiles at the little green. Poor thing. But his attention moves back to the other eggs.

Lydiere squeezes Lysette's hand once more, an apologetic glance made towards the other candidate as her gaze returns to the eggs, and the lone green. "It feels peculiar, to be here, rather than watching from afar," she notes, feet doing their own dance to mimic Wylin's.

Haunted Hedonist Green Dragonet whirls away and scrambles past another blond, male and white thing. Not that one either but surely she's getting closer. Agitation shows in her steps as she paces to and fro in front of the candidates. The one must be there. Absolutely must and the one is not one of those blond things. Baby eyes scan the haze of white impatiently, singling out figures to sniff someone close to a blond thing. Noooo. That one's a she. What about on the other side?

Giant Marble Egg shakes, spins, and rocks, then promptly slops over on it's side, and the resulting "crack" seems to echo across the cavern in a split second of silence, causing several nearby candidates to gasp!

Saisha blinks at the snuffling green one. "Er," is all she says. But she's passed over. A sigh of relief is given. How strange.

The giant marble egg rolls out of it's carefully won cradle and knocks two of it's closest neighbors off it's access, deftly splitting itself almost in half, dumpy a smeared and slightly mangy looking bronze onto the sands!

Lumbering Leonine Bronze Dragonet
Rippling across the hide of this oddly tawny, muscular bronze dragonet are what look like varying shades of wheat and straw hilights, giving him the appearance of a great lumbering feline! A wild brushing of brunette coloring seems to floating around his neck, giving him quite the "mane". Here and there, patches of darker blackened-bronze give the impression of "matting" in his "fur". Perhaps the poor thing has tripped one too many times? Large for his age is an understatement, as this fellow holds himself barely in check, his over-large wedge-shaped head tilts down and to the side quite often, giving the impression that he is contemplating something quite intently, revealing flashes of pale dusty highlights along his muzzle and eyeridges. Wings too big for his body to handle right now are held by strong shoulders against his body, making him look as if he were bracing for some attack or perhaps it's merely a struggle to keep upright and not trip again? Wingsails like gilded desert sandstorms at sunset, move aside to reveal a broad chest, a tad too lumpy with all the muscle crammed beneath the smoothe hide and a muddy bronze underbelly. Fierce eyes glare out like twin campfires at night, seeming to smolder and flicker as his gaze shifts about, searching for that one who will help him.OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by R'mar.

Lydiere regards the Giant Marble Egg in wordless anticipation, venturing, as it continues to rock, "I touched that one, only a few days ago. Bronze. Isn't it lovely - for a newborn." It's her mantra; they're newborn, so they're not entirely beautiful yet?

Lymera seems to have found a skin of wine somewhere - probably donated by R'yn, whose lifemate Zippith is watching with an almost glowing fatherly pride, especially at that pretty green. Ysmalath, meanwhile, is viewing it all with annoyance evident in the lilac swirl of her eyes. Those candidates get all the attention.

Vearence eyes the Giant Marble Egg as it shatters. He nods, "Might not have been the first hatched, but a Bronze in any order is good." He tries not to oggle the little one, but he fails. Eyes are stuck on the little one.

Wylin 's eyes seem to be stuck on the green as it paces. So much so that he fails to see the egg he has longed to know the contents off crack. Only when Lydiere speaks does he suck in more air and nearly chocke. Paceing slighly he nudges Jeremy. "I dont think she is so sure a the moment…"

Sinau jumps at the explosion that seemed to be the hatching of the marble egg, "A bronze!Thats good, but not for me." Eyes return to the green that seems to have mastered walking, sort of.

Saisha tries not to flinch as another egg opens. Closing her eyes she mumbles to herself, clutching the fellow candidate's hand for dear life.

Jeremy jumps slightly, his attention taken from the green with the noise of another egg hatching and he eyes the bronze and nods to Wylin's statment "Too much to choose from, too much noise and sensations maybe." He shakes his head "Would you look at that one?" He admires the bronze "Very proud that one."

Mikan watches the green with a smile, growing oddly more relaxed as things begin to actually take place around him, lips are moistened again as he sways a touch, eyes sweeping the remaining unhatched eggs and noting the new dragon out, which take a portion of his attention shared with the young green.

Lysette winces at the crack of the marbled egg falling over, but her eyes grow wide as it splits fully and the bronze appears. Leaning over towards Lydiere she whispers. "Hes a bit out of proportion isnt he."

Farrizah turns her head towards Lydiere briefly, "I think babies are cute." ok, maybe not newborns, but babies. She turns back to the green, then the eggs. "Ooh, a bronze" she says, her eyes mainly on the green and her favourite three eggs.

Fontuia notes the bronze with a careful eye, her attention maintained upon the green above all else. She breathes carefully, feet moving about in an almost automatic motion.

Vearence mutters to Lysette, "Yeh, i bet you were beautiful when you were born, too."

Lumbering Leonine Bronze Dragonet rolls to one side, acquiring a generous dusting of hot sand before he finally manages to put hind feet under his mass and heave it up to a semi-standing position. Giving a half-squeaky bawl of frustration, that was probably supposed to be a bugle, he lurches forward, oh so eager but he tramples gooey shards and winds up hop-skip-tripping towards the nearest white robed candidates, careening about almost dangerously!

Haunted Hedonist Green Dragonet stops. Is it? Could it be? Self assurance slips away as she edges forward, gaze locked on a dark haired thing. Dark hair, tall… a bit lanky but he'll grow out of that and dark eyes so deep for her to lose herself in. She wants him. She needs him. Another step and she presses up against her choice, her love, her lifemate. And that bronze can go hang, Jeremy's attention is for her - and her alone!

"Girls can't impress bronzes," Lileu murmurs to herself. "Er.. that /is/ a bronze, right?" She shakes her head at Lydiere. "They're certainly not beautiful… not with all that goo on them." Farrizah is eyed increadously. Some how the word /cute/ doesn't work for Lileu, in describing these awakward, gooey, dangerous, little soon-to-be-flying things.

Fontuia gulps, disappointed, but not desperate, as the green moves elsewhere. The other eggs are given a long glance, slightly disappointed. "Congratulations, Jeremy."

Wylin follows Jeremys statment as he turns his eyes to look to the Bronze. "He looks, well poised for something.." Noting the odd angle of the head and then way the wings are held. He eeps slightly as he totters but suddenly His eyes go to his friend. "Congratulations Jeremy.." Wylin does not shout though he does nealy hug his friend. He simply watches the miricle of Impression and smiles. His feet still making him look as though he is swaying.

Vearence's head jerks over to Jeremy. "Jeremy! Way to go!" But the attention is back to the Bronze.

Sinau follows the greens final gaze to where she seems to have chosen a lifemate. "Congrats Jeremy!" She calls out, "Whats her name?" Just had to ask.

J'ey looks stunned with disbelief "Tiregeth?" He manages to stammer out, everything seeming to come at an echo, as he hears new thoughts and he shakes his head trying to clear his mind and work out what is happening "You are mine?" He smiles broadly "Of course I love you." He is probably going to pay for that comment later but it slips out while his attention is all taken over by the green in front of him.

Saisha opens her eyes at Jeremy's call. Eyes flicker his way, and a bitterly happy smile is given. But no congratulations are given. That will be saved for later.

Farrizah shrugs, smiling as she notices the green seems to have chosen her lifemate. She looks about at the other eggs, but offers congratulations to Jeremy first.

Lydiere gives the bronze a long glance, then finally nods. "I think so, yes. So he won't come towards us, unless he goes towards Wylin." She issues a brilliant smile towards J'ey, bobbing her head in delight. "Oh, well done, Jeremy!"

Mikan follows the green's closing upon Jeremy and he grins as the impression is forged but then returns to the eggs and the free-roaming dragonet there, hands unclasping and falling to his side as he watches the slightly haphazzard movement there.

Lysette either ignores or didnt hear Vearences mutter as she smiles and calls "Congratulations" over to Jeremy. Lifting one foot off the ground to cool it a little she resumes her watching and waiting.

Natan gasps at the resounding crack, eyes quickly moving toward the source. Silent approval shines forth from his face as he watches and admires the bronze hatchling. Breathing heavily he respectfully distances himself from the careening bronze a bit. As the green stops its searching, he turns his head in time to see the hatchling impress, "Congratulations!" he calls to the new Weyrling and his lifemate.

S'va had been standing quietly, his face seeming to register several degrees of emotion, each carefully subdued, as the first egg cracks open. A look of surprise registers upon his face for a moment, as he realizes the color of the first - green. Pausing, he follows her every moment with his eyes, all the way to her chosen. Another slight start, and then a slight grin on his face as he sees who she has paired herself with. A quick look to R'mar. "Always said that lad had potential.." He states, before he makes his way towards the new pair. "If you and Tiregeth will follow me Jer…" He pauses, and corrects himself. "J'ey, we'll get you some food. Come along." And with that, he heads off towards the far side of the sands.

J'ey shakes his head again and nods and follows S'va's direction, unable to speak much or acknowledge the words that the others send him.

Lumbering Leonine Bronze Dragonet stumbles into a young lad of about 15 turns with blackish hair, knocking him down with only his tail, but he doesn't seem to really take notice. Stalking like a wobbling lion cub, determined to get it down right, he wobbles onward, wings slipping and shifting where they rest folded on his back, acting as a counter balance to his bulky, awkward form.

Lileu blinkityblinkblinks as she witnisses the impression of J'ey to that little green. Wow. That was kind of… neat. She offers the new pair a bright smile, "That wasn't so bad," before turning back to the overwhelming eggs, and the bronze. "Er… maybe not."

J'ey calls to Tiregeth and she bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

J'ey moves off to an area near to the sands, followed by their new lifemate.

R'mar tenses and then darts out to help the boy back to his feet, moving behind the ungangly bronze so as not to distract him or impede his progress.." there lad, no harm done, you'll be fine" he reassures and then trots back around to where he was standing.

Mikan's smile fades as he watches the bronze deal out a bit of destruction among the other candidates, standing a bit more warily but remaining relatively still, simply ready. Eyes grace the unhatched eggs on occasion, but quickly return to the active hatchling.

Wylin seems to be crushing Lydieres hand so looks down to his hand and then back, apologising. His attention then goes to the bronze. His eyes widening as he stubles into a lad. "Ohh Lys..can you see..is the lad ok?" he asks quickly, though his eyes are stuck to the lumbering form.

Sinau backs away uncertainly at the violent antics of the bronze. Knowing she can't impress him, she tries to not get hurt by him as he rampages about for his lifemat. Eyes gaze lovingly to the eggs, then cautiosly at the bronze.

Lydiere squeezes her hand against Wylin, a grin following, "No worries about squeezing; my hands are made of stern stuff." She attempts to peer towards the young man stumbled into by the bronze, but shakes her head. "Can't see. Can anyone else?"

S'va returns after a few moments, peering at Lymera's wineskin with something that looks like envy in his eyes, only to blink quietly at the bronze upon the sands. Eyes following R'mar, to make sure that the fellow is alright, he draws a quick breath, booted feet carrying him back to his original position, attentive, and wating.

Lysette bobs about, her foot making contact with the warm sand once more as she looks. "Not sure." she ducks down and has a look through some legs. "Noone on the sand now that I can see. I think he must be alright." The other foot lifts this time, its turn to cool down.

Lymera notices S'va's peering, and with subtle curving of her lips, offers the skin in his direction. "Want some?" Well, it's not like she hasn't had her fill, already. We don't want any drunken Weyrwoman trying to impress another dragon.

Lumbering Leonine Bronze Dragonet starts to bawl and creel again, this really isn't working out, this walking thing. He trips over his own large feet, catching talons in shards and his eyes whirl erratically as he becomes desperate, he just knows someone is out there… but where!? "Perhaps ..yes if I hurry!" seems to be the next thought in his large head as he pours on a bit of speed just as that certain someone evokes worry with spoken words! He waddle runs, kicking up sand as his creel rises with elation, barging right up to Wylin, skidding as he tries to not bury to poor lad!

Quite suddenly, the Magic Fairytale Egg shatters under the strong blow of a draconian nose, a shard of shell flying several feet before it comes to rest in the sand. The flash of green skin is seen, as the rest of the egg splits, and the hatchling tumbles ungracefully onto the sands!

Royal Shimmering Crystal Green Hatchling
A veritable storm of liquid crystal green, the dragonet before you seems to never stop moving. But, she hardly seems to be like many of her sibilings, who charge about with reckless abandon. Nay, this young lady's movements are smooth and refined, as though she were savoring just how the light gleams off of her resplendant hide, taking care to catch the ambient light of her surroundings in just such a manner as to make herself seem even more attractive, if that is at all possible. A dominant forest green in color, at least in shade, it becomes rather difficult to ascertain specific patterns of any lighter color within her hide, due to an almost reflective, or glistening quality that it somehow bears. Forever appearing as though wet, it makes her stand out like a gleaming shard of crystal, eye catching in the extreme. Nonetheless, careful glances reveal spicular patterns of a lighter, emerald greens that wave through her back and across her muscular hind limbs in jagged, sweeping patterns, themselves backlit and underscored by more subtle lines of the very lighest of greens. Her face is perhaps the most distinctive part of her, the forest colored green slowly fading into a lighter, emerald color around her lips and below her eyes, themselves standing out like crystal beacons, alert, and intelligent, not seeming to miss a thing.OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lymera.

Lydiere steps back, drawing her hand away from Wylin's, bronze caught within her gaze for a moment, delight ringing her face. "Oh, Wylin! W'lin? Congratulations, he's going to be lovely." She catches a glimpse of the newest green, noting with admiration, "She's going to be lovely, too."

Fontuia offers a grin of congratulations to Wylin, eyes catching upon the newest green - more delight. "Oh, she's beautiful."

Sinau hops from one foot to the other as the heat moves up her legs, and wipes her sweaty hands on her robes that are amazingly still somewhat white. Seeing where the clumsy bronze skids to a stop, she congradulates her friend Wylin, but has to turn her attention to what just hatched, "A nother green! How lovely!" She grins once more as she watches it wander around.

Lysette gasps as the bronze tumbles into Wylin. "Wynnie! Oh Wylin, congratulations."

Mikan continues to stand ready, a grin again forming as he watches Wylin and the bronze, briefly concerned, but this fades equally quickly. Apart from the handful of noises in exclaimation he doesn't speak up.

W'yn smiles and nods. Awaiting answer about the other Candidates wellbeing. The next thing he knows is he is flat out!! Gasping and 'OHH!' emitted he then looks up into the eyes that he cant draw himself away from. "Zymanth! No no..Shoe's are not edable..well get you some food we will…" Standing up then and helping the wobbly bronze be seems to freeze for a moment before remembering training.

S'va is careful, his eye upon the dragonet, sidestepping to stand a pace off of Lymera's shoulder. The skin is taken, and quickly, tilts it to his lips, almost wincing as the cool liquid contrasts with the burning of his throat. However, as the bronze finds his lifemate, S'va thrusts the skin into Lymera's hands, and jogs around the edge of the throng of Candidates, pausing for a quick second to admire the newly hatched green, before he makes his way up to the new pair, grinning. "Well done.." He says, quietly. "Now, if you and Zymanth will just fllow me.." He says, offering a hand to W'yn to help him up. "We'll get you some food."

W'yn calls to Zymanth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Royal Shimmering Crystal Green Hatchling turns her attention, firstly, to herself. All this goo! Lifemates can wait, but crystaline brilliance needs to be cleaned of goo. Wings flare as they are shaken, goo catching the light as it splatters away from her. One would look like a fool if one walked around covered in wet-stuff, you know. Goo dealt with, a careful, almost theatrical look is taken around her, the hatchling moving slowly as if to show off all sides to her body.

W'yn takes the hand thankfully, as with now free hand he wipes tears away. He smiles so much he thinks it will hurt as he follows S'va helping Zymanth as he does so.

Vearence nods to W'yn. "Good." He turns stiffly to watch the other eggs.

W'yn moves off to an area near to the sands, followed by their new lifemate.

Lileu is doing a lot of blinking and staring and gawking tonight. Did that bronze just toddle up to Wylin? Well, at least it picked the right gender! She smiles with the rest of the candidates towards him, lowering her eyes briefly before turning back to the sands, and squinting at the new crystal-colored green, out there. She bites her lip, hiding a smile. Well, at least that one knows that goo is a bad thing. But there are so many things to watch! Like that egg over there.

Saisha smiles wanely at the little green, her eyes beginning to water some. "Oh, how beautiful."

Sinau once again wipes of splatters of goo from her arms and cheeks, giggling all the while. "Ooh, what a character that one has!" Chuckling she goes onto her endless shifting of feet and gazing at the hatcling, awed.

Farrizah points at the little green, "Oh look! She's showing off!"

Lydiere lets her hand drop by her side, then raises it to wipe at her hair, pulling it away from her face once more - it's binding seems to have escaped. "Wow, Wylin on bronze." She squeezes at Lysette's hand; "Now don't you go off and leave me, kay, Lysette?"

Lysette's eyes follow W'yn and his new lifemate off to the side of the sands and as her sand hopping becoming more rapid as neither foot seems to cool down she gets a few grain onto one foot which she shakes off quickly before gazing at the green, than smiling to Lydiere. "I'll try if you will."

Lydiere grins, shifting her feet again, shaking black sand from her feet. "Deal." A touch of mirth hints at her tone, as she continues to move, eyes resting against green, and the other eggs.

Mikan rises to his toes again though its hardly nessisary for him to see, attention going upon the newest comer to the sands here. He looks rather ammused as he takes in the green, for whatever reason that might be.

S'va returns, a moment later, jogging back slowly, so that he can watch the antics of this Green that seems to like to be on display so much. He actually grins, at her elegance, as he regains his place, reaching it swiftly. He's silent, just passing the back of his hand across his brow to mop the sweat away, as he stretches slightly, eyes glued to her.

Fontuia shifts her feet about, attempting to keep her eyes upon the green at all times - and failing, as other eggs catch her glance from time to time. She breaths steadily, not entirely nervous, but not relaxed, either.

Royal Shimmering Crystal Green Hatchling carefully moves forward, each step taken with an almost elegant care to avoid stumbles, the dragonet coincidently keeping in the sunlight so that her hide almost glows with vivid colour. Wings are spread, still drying, so that it almost seems that she's gliding, if not for the sand under her hind legs. But a glimpse of moonlight catches her eye, and she slowly comes to an halt, pausing so that all attention may be on her, eyes swirling with excited opal.

Saisha raises an eyebrow. "Showoff," she mutters, smiling this time in happiness.

Sinau pays great attention to the green who seems to have wanted so much attention, by positioning herself in the light like she did. "Ooh, what a purty dragonet that one is! And she certainly seems to know it." Once again she sets of giggling, switching the feet on which she stands.

Lydiere's lips twitch into a smile, head inclined towards the green. "A definite show off. Ego, already. I pity the candidate that has to put up with that, even if it ends up being myself." She sounds vaguely dubious at that idea, and goes back to silence, shifting her feet.

Warm Cuddly Blanket Egg shivers in it's hot sandy cradle, twitching almost as the dragonet within starts to fight it's way out!

Natan exhales deeply, his eyes trying to take in the hatchling's beauty all at once. His hands tremble slightly as he smiles and leans forward imperceptibly toward the green.

Lysette chuckles lightly at the posing green. "She certainly knows how to hold a crowd doesnt she. Pretty though, very pretty."

Farrizah gasps as her favourite egg shudders. Grabbing Saisha's arm she points, "Look! Look! It's trying to get out!"

Mikan settles back again, if less easily, the shuddering egg caught in the periphery of his vision, briefly attaining his attention and then to the lovely green again.

Saisha blinks suddenly as her attention is ripped from the green dragonette, her gaze following the pointing of Farrizah's finger. "Oh!" But the attention is back to the green.

Sinau looks for a bit from the green to the newly shaking egg, wondering what that will be? As long as it still shakes, her attention will be on the green hatching that, well, get the attention she wants with her showing off. Grin.

Lileu sighs gustily, blowing up at her honey-gold hair. She bites her lip and glances away from the eggs, to her fellow candidates. All of them seem to have hands to hold… not that she needs it, of course. Her trembling hands are just fine folded against her stomach, thank you. She tosses back her glimmering hair and squints at the stands, murmuring to herself. "I wonder if my father came…"

Lydiere nods, noting, "Pretty is as pretty does, though." Her eyes move back up to the sands, seeking out familiar faces, who earn a cheerful grin from the candidate, whose nerves seem all but nonexistant. "It's awful hot, and I like the heat."

Fontuia again shifts her stance, attempting to keep her feet moving to alieviate the heat of the hot sand beneath them. Even with full shoes on, the heat is impressive. Candidate eyes the green, then the eggs in their rolling state, before returning once more to the green.

Vearence seems to be lookign very brave and calm today. Exchanging the odd comment with the candidate next to him once in a while, he watches the proceedings quietly.

Royal Shimmering Crystal Green Hatchling suddenly, with all the theatricality of a harper (no offense), dashes forward - Lileu is the goal, the purpose, the answer, and is greeted with an almost musical cry of joy. There's no doubt about it - no one else is glanced at, or even acknowledged, and she nearly walks through one poor candidate in the process of getting to her lifemate and soulmate.

Saisha grins broadly, but she stays quiet. Nodding to Lileu, she looks out to the eggs again.

Farrizah says "Oh Lileu!" she cries, "Well done!""

The Warm Cuddly Blanket Egg begins to grow, fuzz stretching as an internal stress begins to push. Small shakes begin to rock the egg, growing, and gradually small clumps of baby blue begin to crack and fall, tumbling to the ground. One massive shake, and it's over the comfort of a child's blanket shattered, falling to the ground to reveal: Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Dragonet

Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Dragonet
Antique hues glimmer as they tumble over this dragon's bulky body in wild abandon. Tawny bronze, silver-tinged walnut, and rich nutmeg rippling in wisps of colour that hide glistening droplets of a dangerous crimson in their midst. Hints of thyme and other herbs entwine over his head, misty vines in a veil-like lattice of growth that fades to a single strand over his neck, leading towards the underbelly like a forgotten trail lost within the wilderness of bronze and brown. In a ragged, uneven row over his thick neck, aged ivory gleams: neckridges, as sharp as canine teeth, and dripping with hints of copper that seem bright against the pale hue. Ginger flickers over his hulking shoulder muscles, almost a whisper of a golden memory, gathering at the roots of his wingbones before lifting in a joyful, elaborate pattern. As it nears his wingtips, the brilliance is so strong that it seeps into the wings and sails only to be tossed away by a storm of murky colours, as sinuous bright veins, venerable beauty scattered amongst the shaded darkness of anger. Equally serpentine is the long length of his tail, the tumultuous tangling of tints giving it a life of its own. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by R'mar.

Fontuia allows a smile to cross her face at Lileu's Impression of the green, settling back into her monotonous movements of feet and hands, eyeing hte bronze, and then the rest of the eggs in hopeful expectation.

Farrizah blinks as a Bronze comes out of the egg she's been so loving to, "Oh." She seems dissapointed, since everyone knows girls don't impress bronzes.

"Lileu!" Lyddie greets the other girl's Impression with genuine delight. "Oh, congratulations, Lileu, she'll be a handful, but no doubt worth it." The bronze is given a cocked head, a musing consideration, "He'll be handsome, eventually, I imagine."

Sinau fearfully takes a glance at the crowds, but is taken with fear at the many uknown faces and looks back to where she should. "Congrats Lileu!" She happily looks to her friend that impressed the seemingly odd green. At the back o fher eye is seen the bronze that fell out of its egg? "Ooh, he's adorable for a bronze!"

Vearence's eyes snap over to the Bronze, his chest swelling. "See? Now he's a perfect one." He nods his approval.

Natan cocks his head in the direction of the newly hatched egg, taking delight in the intricate patterns on his hide.

Lysette resists the urge to clap as Lileu Impresses but does call over her congratulations before she scans the eggs once more, wondering which will be the next to hatch and smiling as one does. The bronze is looked over quickly with a smile before she goes back to egg watching.

Lileu was just reaching up to scratch the odd itch in her nose, when she is suddenly head-butted by that crystal green hatchling. The girl isn't given any time to react - as, being a beauty herself, knows what it's like to be stared at, and has as such been trying not to look too much. Might give her an ego. "OH!" The girl exclaims, upon impact. "Ow, gosh… now, that wasn't nice, Lyrinth. And I'm very glad you're hungry, because you're supposed to be. And why are you poking around in my mind, like that? And how do I know your name, suddenly? And why do I suddenly feel so entirely…" Lileu can't stop smiling. Her shoulders and chest swell with a pride and joy she is unable to voice. The cries of congratulations are barely heard by the poor girl - she's too busy staring, no, gawking, at her new lifemate.

Mikan nods faintly as he watches another impression, giving no vocalization for the gesture and watching the new pair a time and looking back to the freshly hatched, studying the second bronze as intently as he's taken in any of them so far.

Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Dragonet almost seems to skulk around the crumbled remains of his now destroyed home, glaring at the ruins momentarily before flipping out bronzen wings to dry quickly in the pungent heat of the hatching sands. Rocking back on his haunches as he unbalances himself he lurches forward, not quite sinister, but there is something about him… something that says lightly "watch out!"

S'va blinks sharply, as the Shimmering Crystal one seems to have found her lifemate. No, it couldn't be, right? T'lass had potential, he knows, but…ahem. His mouth opens, a rather uncharacteristic half whoop of…triumph…coming from him, as Lileu impresses. He glance around him, reddening slightly in the cheeks, looking at R'mar apologetically. Odd, to see a Weyrlingmaster suddenly shrink on the sands. Either way, he ahems, and almost slinks around behind the mass of Candidates, to make his way to the new pair. He grins wryly at her face, but manages not to say anything, just quietly beams at her. "Well, then, if you and Lyrinth will come along, we'll get you some food?" He pauses, to add one thing. "Your father is in the stands, by the way. He's incredibly proud of you." And with that, off to the place where he led the others, he goes.

Lileu calls to Lyrinth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

R'mar tries to hide a mild chuckle as the Weyrlingmaster is surprised by the young green's choice but then he just gives in and grins broadly, enjoying the moment with hands clasped behind his back, though he does dart a look over as another bronze emerges!

Lileu turns her head and just blinks dumbly at S'va. She opens her mouth to speak, but no sound comes out. So… making sure Lyrinth is following, follows him off to join the other new bonds. Before she faints.

Lileu moves off to an area near to the sands, followed by their new lifemate.

Lydiere beams in obvious delight, noting, "That's going to be a good pairing, that one. Not that I know anything about these things." Her nose wrinkles in thought, eyes narrowing in upon the bronze, and then the other eggs, which are watched without hesitation for signs of movement. "No gold, yet, nor any blues or browns."

Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Dragonet turns towards a cluster of candidates as he picks up on something, what's that!? Someone is watching him! Quick! His eagerness is only dimmed when he plunges, muzzle first, into the hot hatching sands. *oof* Well, perhaps that'll take some work, to be sure. Righting himself and shaking it off like a pro, he promptly gives an awkward sneeze which makes him wobble before he launches himself forward again, hunting down that one he knew was there a moment ago, ever diligent, he pursues his target.

S'va returns this time, his face restored to it's normaly somewhat impassive expression, stained with a considerable amount of sweat, at this point. He reaches for Lymera's wineskin quietly, his eyes roving to hers, as he watches the next young bronze making his way across the sands. "Mind?" he asks, quickly.

Sinau agrees, there haven't been any of those colors yet. "There havent been any of those colors, its true. Probably will be soon though." She jumps back carefully to not get run over by an overly anxious bronze hatchling.

Dance of the Bees Egg abruptly shakes and cracks and finally, pops, spilling a Icy Mountain Blue onto the sands. A moment later and the blue plunges headlong towards the nearest candidate. "My Everath!" shreiks Himalas.

Natan stifles his laughter, covering his mouth with one hand and cocking an eyebrow at the bronze hatchling.

Fontuia straightens, indicating what's left of the Dance of the Bees Egg. "Finally, a blue. Awful cute one. Congrats, Himalas!"

Vearence eyes the bronze dragonette with a quirked eyebrow. He doesn't move an inch.

Mikan coughs softly, a hand lifting to stifle the noise politely. momentarily distracted from the general excitement of the goings on, looking up to see bronze and watch the new blue make a swift impression.

Sinau rubs her eyes at the quickness of the blue. It just hatched and impressed,"Well he knew what he wanted. Congrats Himalas!" Giggling she turns back to the pile of eggs still remaining.

Lysette grins as a blue hatches and Impresses. "Had a blue now, strike that colour off the list. Congratulations Himalas." Her feet still shuffle to and fro on the sands, eyes fixed on the remaining eggs.

Protective Motherly Hug Egg moves suddenly. Just a little twich. Only a tiny bit. And then again, wriggling back and forth with violent energy as the one inside struggles to break free! It rolls down the mound ungracefully, coming to rest some distance from it's fellows, pausing a moment. The one inside is either disorientated, or taking a breather….

Lydiere grins. "So now we need a brown, and - I suppose, a gold?" She scans the remaining eggs, watching, as if waiting for the eggs to spill their secrets. "Don't you find this exciting? Not really nerve wracking, I suppose, but definitely fun."

Farrizah smiles broadly at the Motherly Hug Egg, "Oh, you can do it!"

Comforting Fuzzy Bear Egg gives a little, tenative wiggle. Almost time. Almost.

Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Dragonet slows to a stealth-crawl sort of move as he slinks up to consider those immediately in front of him. With a bugling creel that probably makes more than a few eardrums tingle, he announces that the hunt is over and he has found his target!! With a quick burst of speed he closes the final distance seperating him from Vearence!

Lysette glances at Lydiere and shakes her head. "Terrifying would cover it best really. You're really not nervous?"

Natan blinks and takes a startled breath, "Is it okay?" his heart races for a moment causing his hands to tremble a little more noticeably.

Fontuia peers towards her companion. "You're really nervous?

Sinau smiles happily as the egg wiggles, then stops, and then a nother one wiggles slightly. "Theyre all coming in at once!" Seeing the bronze has found someone, she calls out a congrats to Vearance , "Congratulations! Whats his name? And yours?" Again, that curiosity gets the better of her, sort of. Back to the quavering eggs goes her attention.

Vearence steps back in shock. "He says his name is Lledrith!"

Lydiere peers towards her companion. "You're really nervous? Terrified? Whoa." She tilts her head towards the bronze, beaming towards Vearence, before noting, "I feel fine. I mean - I've not got a huge amount set in store on this. If I don't Impress, I don't."

Moving quickly now, like a well oiled machine, S'va moves to the latest pair, noting with satisfaction that one of those he considered to have potential appears to be a bronzerider. Quickly, he grins. "Now, if you and and Lledrith would come with me?" He gestures towards the place he took the others.

Mikan watches yet another, relaxing still more as the proceedings continue and another impression is made, hands clutching lightly at his robe upon either side, a slight smile taking him most of the time at this point, gaze back upon the eggs now.

R'mar looks over quickly and grins, nodding apparent approval, " well done.. V'ren? and Lledrith! "

Protective Motherly Hug Egg jerks again with energy restored, after the silence. Quivering for a moment, everything seems to happen in a flash..

V'rence calls to Lledrith and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Quite suddenly, the Protective Motherly Hug egg cracks open under a swift blow, and a second later, the entire thing seems to explode outwards in a shower of shards, the dragonet within tottering awkwardly onto the sands.

Lysette nods. "Really." She turns her gaze back to the sand only to find she's lost complete track of where the bronze was. "Looking along the line she finally spots him with Vearence. "Oh. Congratulations V'rence."

Regal Armored Knight Brown Hatchling
A great expanse of shifting, sun-washed brown is before you, melded to the regal shape that is as finely crafted as anything one could have imagined. Musculature that can only be called perfect ripples beneath that exquisite hide, highlighted by strange patterns of an almost tan color that rove just where every fold of musculature should be. The effect is to give him the look of being beyond fit, a compact, regal bundle of power. Regal he is, for it is impossible to think of him as otherwise. His oaken-colored head is held high, his face almost always wearing an expression of rapt concentration, or a literal beam of interest. Wings, touched with ocher, are resplendant to the eye, the ocher itself touched with washes of a bold sienna, giving him almost the look of wearing some sort of fanciful barding, or armor. Above these armored wings, the ridges of his back seem diamond-hard, making their bold, dashing sweep up his graceful neck. All of him seems to have a brilliant look, as though sun were reflecting off of him, the clouds above creating the distinctive patterns of darker and lighter colors that are found across his elegant hindquarters, and tail. Crowning it all are his eyes, two whirling, reflective orbs, brimming with many different colors at once, themselves punctuated by the way he holds his great head aloft. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by S'va.

V'rence moves off to an area near to the sands, followed by their new lifemate.

Lydiere indicates the brown with some delight - "There we go, Lysette. Beautiful brown." The candidate shifts her feet again, wincing at the heat of the sands. "Really. Well."

Sinau seeing one of the eggs she's wathcing break open into a brown. "Well, now the gold's all thats left for the colors!" Happily she sets of to follow the brown about as he slowly leaves his shell. Again being reminded by the scorching heat, she shifts her feet, one at the time for a cooling breather.

Mikan gives another nod as a brown finally makes a show of himself in the midst of all this as it would be about time. With only one unimpressed hatchling out at the moment his attentionis of course upon it, admiring the marks of the brown's form.

Regal Armored Knight Brown Hatchling seems to be a tiny bit disorientated by the tumble his egg took, to the bottom of the sands. However, he rights himself quickly and manages to stand with a surprising amount of courage. Wings spreading to clear them of that icky goo, he lifts his head to send his voice forth with a strident call! Erm, or a squeak. Yes, a sort of wet sounding squawk, that might someday be a mighty roar. Ah well. Best get on to the buisness of finding which one of those white-robed figures is his! He moves forwards, tenatively, finding his legs wobbly…but, move he does….

Lysette catches the brown hatching with a smile. "Another one off the list, and a handsome one at that." Sinaus comment receives a grin. "Yep. Only a gold till we've got a full set."

Natan squints to get a better look at the regal brown, appreciatively nodding his head and grinning encouragement.

Comforting Fuzzy Bear Egg does another wiggle. Someone called? But no. It stills.

Sinau nods and smiles encouragingly to the brown as he wanders on towards the crowd she's in made up of white figures. "Seems very buisness like in character, he does." Sighing, she rubs off a bit of the goo on her sleeve, which is now more grayish than clean/white.

Farrizah claps her hands in glee as V'rence impresses. "Yay!" Ooohh, another egg hatches! She grabs Saisha's arm, "Look! Look! A brown!" She's nearly bouncing. But then another of her wonderful eggs starts it's wiggling, and Sai is grabbed again, "Look! That one's moving!" Forget the fact that they're all moving, of course.

Mikan's smile forms itself into a fully-fledged grin as watches the brown, head cocking a little as his hands clasp before him. He glances over the number of candidates which seems to be rapidly thinning at this point.

Regal Armored Knight Brown Hatchling steps forwards once more. Oh, these things called legs seem to work well enough. Parting his lips for another one of those rather inspiring squawks, he lifts his head high, and totters forwards, right into the crowd of Candidates, which parts quickly for him. Managing not to bump into anyone, he moves along towards a mixed group of boys and girls, seeming to sort of know where he's going. Or, does he? He stops, and looks up towards Ysmalath quickly, crooning. Why does this have to be so hard?! There's so many to choose from! He pause again then, and suddenly heads back in the opposite direction he came..

Ysmalath hopes they're moving. She'd be worried if they weren't.

Flittering Fireflies Egg starts up an almost musical overture as it shifts in the sand like brushes on a drum, then tiny hairline cracks spread over it like the whisper of fingers on harp strings.

Sinau giggles silently to herself at the retreating brown. "He had a sudden change of plans, it seems." Taking a step forward, she sees a second egg begin to shake. "They just keep popping out! What confusion for them!"

Lysette tracks the brown across the sands with her eyes, chuckling lightly at he squeaks hes emitting as he searches. "Oh, thats so sweet. Poor little guy, cant be good for his throat."

Fontuia runs her fingers through her hair, then again, lifting her left foot to hold it away from the heat, hopping on one foot for a moment. She lets it rest once more, watching.

Mikan grows restless yet again as the brown goes to Ysmalath and then back and while he's a decent ways away at the moment he takes a chance to try and guess which egg might be the next to hatch.

Saisha looks at the Flittering Fireflys egg. "Oh! I do so love that one." She nods to Lysette. "It's a wonder they don't fall over eachother!"

Natan gasps and practically glows. His heart begins to race and without noticing, a tiny whimper of excitement escapes his lips breaking through his solemnity. "Did anyone else hear that?" he watches the egg in astonishment.

Lydiere gives the brown a thoughtful glance, twisting her lips into a grin. "Oh, he's cute quite, really, yes." She grins, lifting one foot, then the other as she attempts to cool down. "I'd be perfectly comfortable, if it wasn't quite so warm. Say - do you think that that one," she indicates the flittering fireflys egg, "will be next?"

Ysmalath takes the opportunity to look motherly and wise, crooning towards the little one. You think this is hard, you try being stuck with a mistake for the rest of your life.

Regal Armored Knight Brown Hatchling most defenatly has a good idea of where he's going, that much is obvious. Gaining speed, he manuvers through an entire crowd, reaching his chosen quite quickly, grinding to a halt in front of him in a spray of sand. Carefully, as not to injure the fellow, he lowers his head, butting it into a certian lad's chest! His lips part, crooning happily as he looks up into the eyes of his chosen - Mikan!

Ysmalath takes the opportunity to look motherly and wise, crooning towards the little one. You think this is hard, you try being stuck with a mistake for the rest of your life.

The Flittering Fireflies Egg is suddenly spiderwebbed with what appears to be hundreds of tiny lines as the dragonet inside struggles! The shell moves, heaving as it is battered from within and finally shatters, tinkling fragments of shell all around the sands as it disintegrates, leaving a tiny damp green dragonet in it's rubble!

Chiming Emerald Green Prisms Dragonet
Precision cut prisms of pure, emerald green, crystaline perfection seem to have been honed and shaped to form this entrancing, dainty lady. What passes for the sharp edges of a crystal are in fact the rippling muscles already present beneath her silky, damp, green hide. Her form is elegant and lithe, not thin or frail, and most certainly not bulky. Sweet agility is already clear and will no doubt increase as she matures. Darker whirls of green underneath her forearms and down her downy belly, lurk where the light cannot touch adding an intoxicating depth to her shape. The light seems to rise up from the depths and sparkle as it bursts forth, skipping down her neckridges to finally play a merry little dance around her headknobs and ornate, whirling garnet eyes! Birthsoft talons burnished with a hint of irridescence crush shards and dig into the sand beneath her feet, giving her balance as she spreads her wings to dry, revealing the gausy, pale green wingsails, misted with softer hues that are almost golden. The rustle and shuffle of her pinions suggest an almost musical rhythm as she moves, following her wherever she turns, a constant pleasant accompaniment. Light catches in her gemlike eyes as they whirl, mixing now to shades of ruby and topaz, as her search for the one that is her's alone begins! OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by R'mar.

Comforting Fuzzy Bear Egg picks up the rocking pace, for all the world looking like its going to hatch - only to be piqued at the post by that upstart green. With another shake it subsides sulkily.

Saisha smiles broadly. "She's perfect!"

"Mikan! M'kan!" Lyddie beams, watching Mikan and the brown with evident delight. "Oh, such good pairings, don't you think Lysette? I would've thought bronze - but maybe not. Who'm I to say." The green is given a glance of admiration, "She is, isn't she, Saisha. Beautiful."

Sinau smiles as the brown finally changes his mind, "Way to go Mikan! Congrats!" There, a nother one! The new green is scrutinized, yet looked on with the same careing eyes and the same smile. Shifting her position, Sinau moves a bit, her eyes everglued on the hatchling and presently rocking egg.

M'kan lifts his arms and releases a soft noise of surprise as the brown closes upon him. He quickly relaxes from the shock, head shaking a little as if to clear it. He promptly steps forward to embrace the brown with a nod, automatically responding, "Yes! Lets go find something, Xaeloth." He looks around him, blushing a little as he realizes he's been distracted in this a touch longer than perhaps he should, absently lookign for guidance.

Natan finds himself suddenly breathless as he becomes absorbed in the hatchling's enchanting rhythm. For several minutes he completely forgets the necessity of breathing, the only sound or action coming from him is the rythm of his heart.

Lysette grins as the squeaking brown finds Mikan. "Congratulations." is called over before she agrees with Lydiere, "Definately." a quick "oh." follows as the green hatchling and the dwindling number of remaining eggs claims her attention once more.

S'va is starting to look a little bit weary, what with all the running around. Either way, he manages to work his way around the thinning group of Candidates, towards the new pair, pausing once more to run his fingers through sweat-dampened hair, before he approaches the duo, grinning. It seems the miracle of impressions are not lost to him, even his is obviously hot, sweaty, and fatigued state. "If you'd just come with me?" He asks, to them. "We'll get you your food."

M'kan calls to Xaeloth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

M'kan nods as his eyes continue to stray towards Xaeloth as the two half-bound in the direction indicated.

Chiming Emerald Green Prisms Dragonet pauses almost coquettishly and fans her wings a few more times, almost seeming to enjoy the way her wingsails ripple before she turns her gemlike eyes upon the crowd of white that waits for her performance with bated breath. Testing her voice she releases a heart-rending plea in the form of a soprano creel and moves forward, wings still open, like a performing diva upon the stage.

M'kan moves off to an area near to the sands, followed by their new lifemate.

Natan clutches his chest feeling the pounding of his heart as he suddenly revives his breathing. His eyes close for what seems like an eternity, a smile crisply spreading across his lips as he listens to the music of the emerald diva on the sands.

Farrizah watches the green dragonette with an open mouth. "Oh, she's sooo pretty!"

Fontuia watches the green with some fascination. "She *is* lovely." Her feet are swapped again, as she balances precariously, eventually letting her foot go down again.

Sinau watches with glimering eyes to the /singing/ dragonet. "Well, I've never heard of this before. A beautiful voice though." Soft eyes follow the wanderings of the green, wondering where she will go.

Lysette listens to the little green and nods, "A lovely voice. A lovely hatchling. A good combination really."

Lydiere tilts her head towards the remaining eggs, no hesitance as she notes, "Not long now, I suppose. I can't imagine how long these eggs would take if there was still thread." She nods back to Lysette, agreeing quietly.

Comforting Fuzzy Bear Egg does… well… what it was doing before. The shake thing. Again. But this time it seems more determined. Nothing is going to put it off! Not even chocolate!

Farrizah eyes the shaking egg, "Come on… you can do it!"

Sinau looks behind the outstreached wings of the diva green, to the rocking egg that seems quite determined at hatching. "Wonder what that one'll be, wonder wonder." Back again she sways from the heat on her feet.

Chiming Emerald Green Prisms Dragonet cocks her dainty head to one side, perhaps listening for that all important cue as she… it's there, but faint, seems to be the impression as she moves forward with eerie grace, pinions rustling softly. Another tenative creel of piercing quality is sent out, calling for more direction.

Coffee seems to grow even darker as the Comforting Fuzzy Bear Egg begins to shake, dark golds veined with even darker shadows as cracks wiggle through the round shell. For a moment, the shell almost seems like it might stick together despite the cracks - then, an extra large shake sends pieces flying, revealling the golden life within.

Pale Moonlit Angel Gold Hatchling
Ethereal moonlight bathes this dragon with shimmering silvery-gold, surrounding her with a sonorous brilliance that refines her form to a delicate platinum montage of trembling, insubstantial hues. A hint of morning light escapes from within, it's intangible life hiding along the curves of her body like a timid beast. Glimpses of shy beauty elusively flicker over her dainty muzzle before darting down her neck, glimmering lemon burrowing at the base of each neckridge as it slips towards the safety of her tail. Pale ivory fleetingly caresses the underside of her head, icy fingers smoothing; the touch of the sea mist is frosty as it tentatively creeps towards her underbelly where it settles in cool comfort. Bolder primrose gold whisks up the misty wingbones to the sweep of her wings, stroking across its length like the daring glare of a lighthouse that tips the pearly curls of the iridescent citron sea that is her membrane with a brilliant gleam that defines and brightens each demure twirl. Talons are caked with a speckling of bleached sand that sharpens their length to a bright point, a pinprick of pure gold echoed at the blushing point of her snaking tail. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lymera.

Mouth agape, Natan opens his his eyes again, basking in the green hatchling's crystalline glow. "She's incredible." he states as though it were not an exclamation, but a plainly obvious remark that should be expected from anyone in her presence.

Saisha would, if she was in any other situation, be sitting back with a nice glass of wine in a comfy couch with this sort of body posture. No, she's not bored, she's just done this too many… uh, ye gads. It's a gold! There goes that comfort.

Farrizah steps back a bit at the gold's entrance to the world. But that stunned silence is not long lived. She grabs Sai's arm. "Look! Look!" she points exitedly. "It's a gold!"

Lydiere nudges towards Lysette, eyes for a moment upon the gold - "Tally complete, I guess. She's - pretty, I suppose." Her eyes move on, towards the green, and the last two eggs.

Sinau lets her mouth fall open as the gold hatchling tumbles from the egg which was its confine. "Wow, she's so beautiful!" Sinau's eyes are still drawn to the green, for the moment anyways, till she impresses, then to the gold dragonet.

Lysette's grip on Lydieres hand tightens. "Its a… its…" what is it. "Full set." Her eyes flick between boh hatchlings now, but her dancing feet seem to be stilling.

Chiming Emerald Green Prisms Dragonet sniffs as the gold emerges, flicking a glance towards her clutch sister who upstages her at the last moment before she returns to gaze at her adoring audience. There is is again! Yes yes, you there! She seems to say as she traipses across the sands to bow her head and accept her accolades from her most adoring fan… Natan!

Fontuia watches the green go to Natan, lips pulling into a smile for the young man, although her concentration moves on to the gold, whose presence has her stock still for a long moment. "Beautiful."

Pale Moonlit Angel Gold Hatchling is incredible, isn't she? Oh. He was talking about the green. Gently, carefully, the gold nudges away renements of shards, delicately nosing them into more appropriate positions. She didn't /mean/ to send them all flying. Really. Egg goo glimmers over her body, giving it an extra silvery sheen, so that she almost seems wrapped in moonshine as the slight dragonet moves forward, clumsily aiming for a patch of open space free of the bustling white robes.

Saisha's eyes are torn from Natan's impressing to the Gold. She just stares. No movement. No movement at all.

N'tan gasps, tears rolling down his cheeks, "Her name is Jeraeth!" he lovingly throws his arms around his lifemate's neck, "We need to feed you, my love!"

Lysette smiles, calling over a congratulations to Natan thats perhaps more breif than those that had gone before. Her attention fully trained on the golden hatchling now as it begins its search.

Sinau now sets her eyes on the gold, seeing that the diva has impressed to Natan, "Congrats Natan!" Wiping her moist hands down her robes, she starts to find the heat of the sands unbearable. "That gold is really pretty, seems wraped in shine and moonlight."

Jeraeth has left.

N'tan calls to Jeraeth and she bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

R'mar turns his head and gaze as someone gasps about an impression and stares in wide-eyed amazement as the beautiful young green has claimed Natan.. " well done indeed lad! " And seeing that S'va is rather exhausted, he moves quickly to escort the pair, " and a lovely name she has too N'tan .. this way and we'll get you two taken care of " Pride veritably leaks from his stance.

Lydiere grins brightly, tilting her head towards N'tan and his green with pure delight: "That's two guys on green, which is always nice. Slightly different, I suppose." She shifts her left foot, wiggling it in the air for a moment, then squeezes Lysette's hand. "Oh, good luck. I hate to see both of us left here."

S'va is about to step forwards, when R'mar beats him to it. He grins, quietly, his eyes turning to the assistant weyrlingmaster with a look that resembles a knowing one, an unhidden smile on his face. As though something had dawned on him. He just shakes his head, and turns his eyes back to the Gold, hand passing through his sweat dampened hair, once more.

N'tan beams at his lifemate, one hand holding his stomach and the other gently stroking her soft green hide. "I love you Jeraeth." he grins.

Saisha flinches slightly as she heads Lydiere's comment. Left here. Again. No. Her cheeks start to blush and her eyes tear somewhat.

N'tan moves off to an area near to the sands, followed by their new lifemate.

Lydiere honestly didn't mean to do that to Saisha - but she hasn't noticed the other girl, either, so makes no move to comfort. Her eyes move, here and there, about the few remaining eggs and hatchlings.

Lysette returns the squeeze. "You too." mumbled out as her bottom lip finds its way into her mouth and she begins to chew on it nervously.

Farrizah just eyes the Gold, a look of suprise on her face. "Now, i've never seen a dragonette pick off shards from itself…" A little headshake is given before her mouth is closed, and her eyes return to following the little gold's progress around the sands.

Pale Moonlit Angel Gold Hatchling pauses in the gap, head twisting to glance around at all those white things. One can't truely think without space, you know. But words waft on the wind, and a voice is heard - a low cry ripples in a shimmering throat and the hatchling turns in that direction, a question curling as a whisp of pale lilac around the curve of her eyes.

Lydiere watches, hesitant in her step as she continues to move, waving her free hand in front of her in attempt to cool her sweat-filled face. At least, for the moment, her hair has managed to stay out of her face.

Messy Mud Pie Egg starts to move at last, slow as it appears…mud, but it's moving now!

Saisha flinches as the dragonette looks to the group of girls she is standing in. "Oh no," she whispers. "Don't look this way… don't give me hope…" but like a deer in the headlights, she's trapped. Body doesn't move, and the eyes are trapped, staring at the gold.

Sinau sees the angel gold stops suddenly, and turn a different direction, to whom she might impressed. Still waiting for the gold to make her final pick , she waits patiently for the gold to pick one of the group.

Lysette flinches slightly at the cry, her hand squeezing Lydieres once more as her lip is chewed and chewed. "She knows." she suddenly says, then goes back to chewing.

Pale Moonlit Angel Gold Hatchling approaches her target softly, adoration already gleaming as she tentatively lifts her head towards the movement. Another noise curls from her, almost plaintative, as she brings her wings up, waiting in front of Lydiere for judgement - and acceptance? - having found the one to be her's for life, the one to show her the wide open spaces, the one to love, and comfort and scold for as long as they both stand upon this earth.

Little Forgetful Thief Green Hatchling
Dark moss has been smudged, streaked with rich loam through a smooth cover of cedar green that sweeps and swirls about a robust little form. She's stocky and sturdy in build, not lacking in mass when actual proportions are measured and yet her stance somehow creates an illusion of smaller than usual size. Trailing out behind her is her tail, vibrant hues of pine mottled with ultramarine and silver flecks that sparkle with the endless fidgeting. Limbs are darker still, fir green with ochreous dapples across narrow paws, lengthy toes and talons suggesting much more dexterity than average while aquamarine surfaces on the tips of flattened neckridges. Brushstrokes of bronze highlight her face and give her expression a mischievous edge while the slightly blocky head counters with a common, domestic appearance. Yet as a crowning glory, soft wings eclipse the rest of her - shamrock stained spars arching gracefully to support swathes of iridescent silk, every shade of her hide combined and blended to color the gauzy sails. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by R'mar.

Sinau claps for the new goldrider, "Congrats Lydiere! Whats her name?" A grin spreads on her face as she watches the new pair come together. Now to that egg that was shaking…which one was it?

Saisha's eyes drop to the ground, and she starts breathing again. "Okay, okay." She takes a few deep breaths and looks up, smiling to Lyddie before looking to the lonesom green.

Lydiere, her eyes opening wide, her mouth caught without words, stares for the longest moment, caught within the rapture of a gaze met just once - once of many times. "Llysereth," she repeats, voice almost in monotone, as if repeating something without meaning. "I love you, too, Llysereth."

Quietly, as that other egg hatches, another begins it's spasmodic wriggling. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Jerk….CRACK! The top suddenly splits wide open, under the blow of a draconian muzzle. Another solid crack, and a hind limb appears…and then another hind limb. Then almost comically, both forelimbs, and one almost has the impression of an egg with legs, of the most beautiful blue color struggling on the sands. It's the extension of wings that does it, the egg falling away, as the creature, a royal blue in color, moves with lightning speed towards the Candidates, butting his head into the chest of a lad hard enough to knock him over. Seeming apologetic, he waits, as the lad stands. "Slokith!" He calls, happily, now T'yal from Reaches. "His name is Slokith!" He's promptly led away, by S'va, at that point.

Lysette steps back as the gold approaches, her hand dropping away from Lydieres. "She stole my hand." Then realising exactly what has just happened to her 'hand' she smiles. "Oh! congratulations Lyddie!"

Fontuia's gaze does show disappointment at the gold's Impression, but the green is given a hopeful glance, eyes wavering upon it as she continues to shift, regarding the slowly emptying sands.

Lydiere calls to Llysereth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Little Forgetful Thief Green Hatchling looks at her shards as she sneaks out, almost getting away with being totally unnoticed. Did I do that? Her gaze is almost apologetic as she slips away a tad guiltily from her shards.

Farrizah gasps as Lyddie impresses, "Lyddie! Wow!" She grins like an idiot. But it's not long until she looks at nothing but the green.

R'mar steps up carefully to the young queen and her new weyrwoman,.." Lyddie? she's very lovely, lets get her taken care of alright? and you too " and he motions for the pair to move over to where the other weyrlings have been taken off the sands.

Sinau watches a nother blue get away and calls out a congrats once again. Newly aroused for the newly hatched dragonet, she smiles at the sweet green. "Seems sort of embarassed, sweet." Loving eyes gaze to the green, with only the intense scorching heat to distract her. "Shes cute…"

Lydiere blinks, her gaze moving - albiet very briefly - from Llysereth to R'mar, a short nod made as she follows his motion.

Lysette is a bit dumbstruck, and now has a spare hand she doesnt know what to do with. Fingers entwine, then twist and release. Then entwine once more, twisting round and round in front of her.

Lydiere moves off to an area near to the sands, followed by their new lifemate.

Little Forgetful Thief Green Hatchling quietly slips across the sands, darting furtively between collapsed shells and almost follows in the path that the gold took only moments ago, perhaps concealing her tracks? A twisting and turning motion catches her eye and like a thief in the night she creeps ever closer to inspect it, as it is just too tempting to not sneak a peek at…

Fontuia shakes some sand off of one boot, shuffling her feet with eyes focused upon the green without pause.

Farrizah looks from the green, to Lysette. Then to the green again. Oh my.

Sinau looks closely where the little green is wandering, and finds the path familiar, like the one of her gold sister? Giggling she adors the way the dragonet wanders about, half hidden. "Come on, you can do it." Meticulously she wipes her hands and pulls back her hair in a fresh ponytail. "Now to await your descision." Kindly she follows the green's motions about.

Lysette's lip is beginning to get sore and now she's finally found a use for that spare hand she had, well the nails of it anyway. One by one they get chewed on, until she pauses, finger still in mouth as the green gets closer.

Little Forgetful Thief Green Hatchling seems to veritably tip-toe up to this curious girl, so quiet, so lost, and eating herself!? Oh no, not before she can get to her she won't! She finally exerts her presence with a quick creel and darts forward, claiming the prize, and at the same time, looking like she'd love to run away and hide her Lysette!

Soft tendrils of light splash into you mind, petal soft caresses welcoming you heart, mind and soul into partnership. Irridescence sneaks in 'round the edges, dancing with humor and pure joy as she whispers wordlessly. Emotions - colors - scents: all is shared and while you are plumbed to the depths for your essence, rainbows and the cloyingly sweet scent of overripe strawberries invade your vision, your sense of smell - and sparkling laughter rings in your ears. » Oh Lysette. I am Ayath and did not you know, I have been looking for you? «

Farrizah smiles boradly. "Oh Lysette! She's wonderful!"

Sinau sees the green finally run towards Lysette, not that shy anymore. "Congrats Lysette!" Still hopping from foot to foot, she wonders when she could get off the sands?

In Ly'ette's Mind, Raindrops on Roses says, » We will always be together, I promise I will not leave you! «

Ly'ette steps back slightly. "No. Ayath. You cant mean me. Can you?" Wrapping her arms as far as possible around the green she hugs her to her. "Oh Ayath."

Fontuia's disappointment is visible, but she straightens her posture, nodding slowly. "Next time."

In Ly'ette's Mind, Raindrops on Roses says, » Of course I do! You are wonderful! «

S'va seems almost relieved, as he finds the last dragon having found her lifemate, and all things done and said. Passing his hand once more through his hair, and frowning as it actually drips, he shakes his head, glancing to R'mar quickly, and nodding to him. Lymera is glanced to, as well, and a congradulations offered. Leaving her to tidy things up, so to speak, he makes his way to the new pair, smiling. "Now, if you'll just come with me? You and Your Ayath?" He says, meaning to lead her where the other impresses are. And this time, he goes with her all the way, dissapearing into the area, presumably to give some sort of a talk.

Sinau sighs, "Well, I guess next time." Her feet go on in their rythmic motion of evading the hot temperature to fry her feet.

Saisha looks around, and says blankly, "Can i go home now, please?"

Ayath bounds to your side, and falls into step behind you as you move.

Ly'ette is overcome, completely but her head clears enough to nod to S'va. "Ayath, yes. We're coming."
Far side of the Sands

A place off to the far side of the sands, where you can feed your new lifemates, and watch your fellow Candidates upon the sands.

N'tan squints and bites his lower lip, deep brown eyes probing the room for a supply of oil. Eyebrows leap and a smile breaks across his face as he spots several jars of oil a couple feet behind W'yn. "W'yn! There's some oil just behind you there." he nods his head in that direction.

On the Sands> Farrizah nods to herself, "Okay." She looks around, rather confused at all the mess on the sands.

On the Sands> R'mar looks around and speaks quietly to the remaining candidates as the last of the eggs hatches and an impression is made. He tries to smile a reassuring smile, offering a few wise words to those who seem a bit in despair.

On the Sands> Lymera walks towards the candiates left on the sands with a soft - for her - expression. "I didn't impress three times, I think it was, before Ysmalath found me. She's itching to be fed, and since I'd perfer she didn't munch on one of you, I have to go and feed her, but in the meantime feel free to stay with us as long as you want - the resident barracks are probably more comfortable."

On the Sands> Saisha nods to Lymera, "Thankyou for your hospitality, Weyrwoman. But ir eally want to go home now."

On the Sands> R'mar excuses himself to help out S'va with the new weyrlings.

On the Sands> Saisha bows stiffly, and leave the sands.

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