The wings of Ista Weyr operate much as they have in ages past, with Threadfighting duties replaced by administration, diplomacy, search & rescue, and transport.

Queen’s Wing: Black Diamond

Black Diamond is Ista's Queen's Wing. It is made up of the weyr's goldriders, as well as many riders on pregnancy or injury leave from their normal duties. It is the smallest of the wings, though usually the most recognizable. Primarily an administrative wing, now that Thread is gone from Pern, it deals with the copious amount of paperwork the weyr produces on a day-to-day basis: stock control, upkeep of records, ordering and inventories of supplies, job assignments of weyrfolk and contracted crafters, vital statistics of its occupants, etc. Working closely with the Headwoman and her score of assistants, it is the job of the Queen's Wing to manage the weyr and ensure everything is running smoothly internally. For the goldriders, the duties also include upper management, some diplomacy when the situation calls for it, social hold and weyr visits abroad, to maintain visibility and political ties, as well as providing the weyr with new blood through flights and clutches. The golds themselves are often given the added duty of maintaining order in the skies above the weyr, as well as using their innate ability to command to calm injured or panicked dragons both in the infirmaries as well as within Ista's coverage areas, often being some of the first to arrive when major catastrophe strikes. And the sheer presence of three massive gold dragons does tend to dissuade trouble when disputes do happen, extremely visible support to lend to the political clout of the Weyrleader's Wing.

Senior Weyrwoman: Angharad
Junior Weyrwomen: Alyane

Diplomacy/Weyrleader’s Wing: Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye is the Weyrleader's Wing, the other half of Ista's leadership, so to speak. It is led by the Weyrleader and his chosen Weyrsecond. Its primary function is diplomacy, maintaining ties with other weyrs, as well as the holds within Ista's coverage areas. Tiger's Eye riders are usually the most frequent visitors to the places beholden to Ista, often sent on official business to negotiate or renew treaties and tithe agreements, as well as settle disputes between both their fellow riders and the holders that the weyr serves. Working closely with the Harpers and other Crafthalls, it is the diplomacy wing which ensures tithes continue to flow in. While the goldriders manage Ista's internal stability, Tiger's Eye manages its external stability, both wings often working in concert to ultimately maintain political ties. They are the weyr's representatives abroad, and as such, members of this wing are expected to act with utmost dignity and care. Additionally, in times of crisis, it is the Weyrleader's Wing which is tasked with leading when the weyr is mobilized as a whole - reminiscent of the days when Thread still fell.

Weyrleader: Zi'on
Weyrsecond: B'haal

Search & Rescue Wing: Sapphire

Sapphire is the Search & Rescue Wing. Trained to respond to nearly any disaster (including, it is sometimes jokingly-rumored, the unlikely return of Thread), this wing mobilizes to give draconic and rider aide during emergencies and answers any and all distress calls sent within Ista's beholden area. Riders fly daily sweeps adragonback to compliment the ground security of the weyr guards, as well as ensure the safety of both sea and land shipping routes and hold borders. The wing is on alert at all times, and may be called to duty whenever there is need. When not performing their S&R duties or taking restdays, wingmembers are assigned to various drills. The work is demanding, but those who are tapped and make it through the initial hurdles are some of the most skilled and highly trained dragonriders on Pern. While most of their everyday work comes in the form of searching for shipwreck and storm victims, and those lost in the Istan jungles, or providing manual labor to clear debris or control-flame away high risk areas of dry vegetation, there is no pretense about the dangers they may one day face. In addition to the basic self-defense they received in weyrlinghood, S&R riders often take shifts with the weyr guards, and have been called upon on more than one occasion to provide some dragon backup to merchant vessels being preyed upon by less than savory sorts. Working with healers and dolphineers, and local authorities of the different holds and crafts under Istan patrol, each rider is taken through training for first aide, learning how to handle and deal with dolphins, as well as jungle navigation and survival. Though Thread no longer falls, threats to Ista and her beholden areas have not disappeared. The core duty of this wing has not changed since dragons first flew the skies of Pern. They embody the spirit of those riders from ages past, serving the weyr and defending the holds and halls that look to Ista for protection, patrolling from Ista Isle to the southern coastline of the Northern continent. Because of the sometimes-dangerous nature of their work, discipline is highly valued in weyrlings tapped to become Sapphire wingriders.

Wingleader: NPC
Wingsecond: NPC

Transport Wing: Pearl

Pearl is Ista Weyr's Transport Wing, its riders trained in the safe delivery of all manner of cargo, especially fragile items, such as glass or healer herbs, through the rigors of dragon flight and most importantly - Between. While some fresh food items and plasticraft equipment cannot be taken Between without suffering damage, most other things can, and Ista's transport riders have found an incredibly lucrative niche, their services in high demand, especially given that Ista is a sea port, and land travel, even through the island's own jungle, is difficult at best. Near-instantaneous transport and diplomatic training to ensure professionalism means dragonwings are by far the preferred method of delivery for most goods in Ista's beholden area. This wing helps keep the financial backbone of the weyr running smoothly, and is the main service the weyr provides in return for monthly tithes. As such, good transport riders tend to be highly valued. They are also the weyr's taxis, ferrying residents and crafters from place to place when they are on duty. Additionally, it is Pearl Wing which is primarily responsible for the island's dragonback tours, and they often work closely with Tiger's Eye riders to ensure that trade agreements are maintained.

Wingleader: NPC
Wingsecond: NPC

Craft Wing: Ruby

Ruby is the Weyr's Craft Wing. The duties in this wing vary with the craft that the rider had been involved in before impression, or for any riders interested in a future craft. However, whatever craft they are affiliated with, their responsibility to their dragons and to the weyr comes first and foremost. No candidate would likely be allowed to stand, after all, if they weren't interested in being /riders/. Craftriders who produce goods (such as woodcraft, smith, weaver, vinter, and glasscrafters) usually help supplement the weyr's income through trade, with a major percentage of profits going both to Ista and possibly to their particular Crafthall. Others serve the weyr through services, such as beastcrafters maintaining the weyr's stock, tanners and smiths providing straps and dragon-related items for the weyr's residents, bakers in the kitchens, healers serving in the infirmary or weyrharpers teaching and performing, or farmcrafters managing the grounds and upkeep of the orchards. Generally, riders find some way to include their lifemates in their duties, though not always. These may include, along with personal craftwork and lessons, helping to continue good relations between Ista Weyr and the Crafthalls, making items for export or needed supplies for the weyr, providing specialized knowledge to sometimes assist the various wings, even serving as a guides from time to time for visiting crafters. While crafters posted to the weyr are handled by their assigned master or journeyman, craftriders are organized and assigned by their wingleader and wingsecond, who work closely with the Headwoman and non-rider crafters. While some level of autonomy is afforded by not joining one of the more traditional wings, the weyr's communal nature means every resident contributes, in some way. In return for their service, craftriders enjoy the usual rider benefits of a private ledge, ample food and shelter provided for both themselves and their lifemates, use of supplies from the craft and storage caverns, security and immediate medical care should they need it, not to mention the backing of their home weyr in any outside disputes. Ista takes care of its own, after all.

Wingleader: N'talya
Wingsecond: NPC

Weyrling Wing: Opal

Opal is the Weyrling Wing, and thus, its population changes every few months, as new weyrlings arrive and old weyrlings graduate. The task of Weyrlingmaster is a difficult one, and there are usually several Wingseconds - Assistant Weyrlingmasters - to assist at all times. Often, experienced riders will volunteer into this wing for particularly large clutches, to help ease the burden. Thankfully, with the threat of Threadfall no longer present, clutches are not likely to be more than sixteen in number, and more often are far less. However, the loss of a gold weyrling some turns back has cast a slight shadow over the job, and it is taken -very- seriously by those in charge. When there are no clutches on the sands, the Weyrlingmasters generally work with the Headwoman to educate prospective candidates, or with the other wings, running drills and preserving the old traditions. While Threadfighting formations are no longer required, they have been put to other uses, transport and S&R especially finding some of them helpful in coordinating large cargo transport and sweeps. Additionally, flaming is seen as a necessary skill for all Istan-born dragons, having found more than a few new uses of its own as well. When there are young dragons in the barracks, they form the bulk of this wing, sometimes choosing their own wingname or insignia to designate their particular weyrling class.

Weyrlingmaster: NPC
Assistant Weyrlingmasters: Rene

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