Joining Ista Weyr

We are in a rebuild phase of the weyr! We will be accepting characters of any type or background (provided they have sufficient IC reason and background to be at the weyr.) We are especially looking for dragonriders of any sort, be it transfers, instas or recreates. Ista is currently going through a technological revival period, and as such smith and techcrafters are in high demand, as are traders and seafaring folk to help bring in the needed items for the upgrades.

Non-riders wishing to transfer to the weyr should contact any of those listed under 'isw .who/admins' to be added to the knot. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to page or @mail Ista staff.

Dragonriders wishing to move to Ista should @mail staff (isw.who/admins) with the wing they're hoping to join and any relevant IC and OOC info. Also, be sure to speak with your current area leaders before you request transfer, to avoid misunderstandings! Once a transfer request is received, we may then proceed to vote, and will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Please understand that this process could take several days, and we ask that you be patient in the meantime, and take the opportunity to explore the island and meet some of the locals.

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