Ista was the fifth Weyr opened (although clutching queens were being sent to the then-named Big Island long before then) and it is named after the Island it is on. The name 'Ista' is an acronym for the four families of colonists who settled the island and is in the tropical zone of Pern. One of the children of Joel Lilienkamp helped establish the Weyr in the forty-second turn. The names of the four founders were Akmai Ishima, Georgiou Savros, Ramla Tamalaki and Joel Aldridge.

Situated on the bay at the southwest corner of Ista Island, the black half-volcano pushes four fingers and a thumb into the tropical sky. The mountain was formed by an eruption that knocked the bay half of the volcano into the sea, the constant waves forming a plateau. Ista Weyr is the smallest Weyr on Pern, able to house about 250 rider pairs at full strength. Because of the Bowl's narrow size, additional Weyrs are found on the southern side of the outer Bowl wall. These 'forest weyrs' house about a quarter of Ista's dragon population. For such a small Weyr, Ista has a dizzying amount of tunnels that double back and run into one another. Underground streams supply the Weyr with fresh water, and seeing as Ista is a volcano, albeit a dormant one, there are even hot springs for relaxation.

Not really a technological Weyr, Ista never caught on with that fad, though they do use radios to keep in touch with the different holds throughout the area. Seemingly too laid back in the sun to bother, Ista has made do with a more traditional lifestyle.

  • Colors: orange & black
  • Emblem : on a bright orange field, a smoking mountain in black
Date Event News
January 02, 2014 Eulweth Rises It's not long after her most recent clutch has been tapped into wings that Eulweth rises for the second time at Ista Weyr. She's caught by Zi'on's Suldith to confirm Angharad and Zi'on as the Weyrleading pair.
December 23, 2014 Tangled Knots After a lengthy diplomatic intervention, Angharad now bears the Senior knot. Eulweth, however, has yet to rise to confirm them as the new Senior pair, leaving matters in a state of confusion.
September 30, 2014 Esameth Rises Esameth rises for the second time at Ista Weyr, and is again caught by Zi'on's bronze Suldith. Thus confirming Alyane and Zi'on as Ista's leading duo.
July 19, 2014 Festival of Lights Enough of the large undertaking to modernize Ista has been completed to show off! Ista holds a Festival of Lights to celebrate the progress and show off the electric lighting that is available throughout the weyr.
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