In these post-thread days, 'riding leathers', as such, are becoming increasingly unpopular, usually only worn when necessary, especially thanks to the tropical climate in which Ista exists. Instead, light, gauzy fabrics such as silk (although silk is expensive, and thus only for those with some marks to spare) are popular, as is anything loose and comfortable. Shell jewelry is another popular item, as are hats, woven from various tropical materials found in and around Ista's shores.

Dress tends to be relaxed at Ista; the tropical heat ensures that clothing is not exactly a necessity, and thus, it's not uncommon to find people wandering about the bowl or beach wearing as little as possible, even if it's just some kind of swimming wear, and a sarong. However, outright nudity is generally frowned upon, especially given the number of tourists who pass through the weyr. While the occasional streaker isn't terribly unusual, the guards have been known to give repeat offenders a less than cozy stay in Ista's prison cells.

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