In the past, Ista Weyr relied exclusively on tithes from its beholden areas. In modern times, with the eradication of Thread, Ista has found new ways to support itself. In return for transport and aide, holds still send much-needed goods to the Weyr, continuing the system of tithes that once existed. The dragonmen (and women) of Ista still uphold a duty to the holds, to serve and protect, though without the menace from the Red Star, that duty has shifted to more mundane things. The Search & Rescue Wing has replaced the old threadfighting wings, now safeguarding Ista's beholden areas and providing quick assistance when called upon; every turn, hurricane damage and other natural disasters threaten the island, along with the less savory sort of violence which endangers merchant vessels. Sweeps are maintained daily, both overland and offshore, while Ista's Cargo & Transport wing ensures safe trading for those with the marks to spare. Ferrying people and goods across Pern, dragonwings are a welcome asset to any hold, and a faster method of transport than either land or sea vehicles, though there are limits to what can be taken between - many plasticraft items and some more perishable foods, certainly. The crafters of Ista, likewise, lend their services, with a percentage of profit from sold goods going to both Halls and weyr. Both the orchard and mine, likewise, supply Ista with goods for export, and along with aerial surveys, security sweeps, emergency response, transportation, and other general dragonriding-affiliated duties, tourism has allowed Istans to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle than many other weyrs, dragonwing tours of the island and similar services bringing in many additional marks.

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