Ista's tropical climate makes it an almost perfect vacation spot, some would say. And though humid days are as common as cloudless ones, the ample sunshine and cool seabreezes generally make it pleasant for most. The weather, however, can be equally as violent as it is lovely. In the late spring and early summer months especially, when the heat and humidity are at their peak, frequent thunderstorms and the occasional hurricane send many into the safety of the caverns, at least for a few hours during the worst of it, though the threat generally does not last too long and what little damage is done can often easily be repaired. Having so many visitors on a day-to-day basis does mean the guards and the Search & Rescue Wing are called upon sometimes to help a few of the more adventurous ones out of sudden downpours. The cotholds and orchards are mainly the places which suffer the most during these times, not having secure stone above to protect them. But Istans have grown used to somewhat-temperamental skies over the turns, and the weyr has learned to cope with the occasional bout of bad weather, some of the more reckless or daring riders even having made storm-chasing a sort of pastime. Such dangerous behavior is usually frowned upon by the administration, of course.

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