There is a place for nearly every craft at Ista, from mining to weaving, and everything on between. With a large resort population, there is always someone to sell wares to, places to demonstrate skill, and conventions to meet with fellow crafters from all around Pern. For those that live at Ista, there are several options for living quarters, either with the residents in the dorms or a room in the adjacent craft caverns.

Resident Master: Moyrel (still listed as Ista's official Weyrharper, despite being craftsmaster!)
Central Work Area: music rooms and auditorium in the Crafter's Cavern, stage and performance hall in Ista Hall's community center

Resident Master: Teryn (NPC)
Central Work Area: workspace set aside in the Crafter's Cavern

Resident Master: Sivek (NPC)
Central Work Area: Mining Barracks near the forest mines, outside the weyr

Resident Master: Denna
Central Work Area: weyr Kitchens as well as work and storage areas in the Crafter's Cavern

Craft Type
Resident Master:
Central Work Area:

Craft Type
Resident Master:
Central Work Area:

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