Alcohol @ Ista

Following an accident resulting from some children getting into a still just outside the weyr, the Istan Temperance League was formed with the initial aim of curbing alcohol consumption. They protested outside the Sable Sands for a time, though were eventually talked into changing their wishes from complete teetotalism to moderation.

Members are required to take a pledge stating they they themselves will never drink alcohol, and use every opportunity to encourage other people to moderate their alcohol consumption or to join the organization themselves. Members are easily recognized by the red button that they wear on their collars. Currently, they are lead by Juval.

Because of the influence of the Istan Temperance League, Ista has a 'legal' alcohol drinking limit of 16 turns and over. The limit was set as part of the agreement which ended the blockade of the Sable Sands restaurant at the weyr.

Notable Members:
Name Occupation PC/NPC
Juval weyrfolk NPC
Sorayah Journeyman Harper PC

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