Here is a place to put a list of things that people would like to see added to the Wiki or the Weyr.



We're currently looking for someone familiar with CSS, to help tweak the look of the wiki. ~
Is there a way for include tags to show a specific part of a page? If you have a way to do it, please let us know! ^.^

Pictures! Anyone willing to make pictures or color in already-made templates for dragons, etc, is free to do so to give the individual dragon pages a bit more color. ~
Feel like mapping? New areas mean additions to existing maps, if anyone's feeling particularly artistic.~
Logs! Wikibeast is hungry for your delicious logfiles. If you have logs, feel free to post them. :D
What do you want to see on the wikipage? What kind of information are you looking for? Clothing? Climate? Let us know! @mail staff on PW :)



craft rooms! Descriptions for workshops, forges, and various crafty areas~
Tunnels! Any interesting tunnel rooms, lower caverns nooks, etc.
businesses, vendor stalls for the boardwalk, and/or a klah shop
any +view objects that could possibly be in various rooms

Most Wanted~

description-switcher for rooms, possibly
coded caravan? ohmai

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