Spring 2015 - Clutch

Dam: Gold Eulweth
Sire: Bronze Suldith
Number of Eggs: 9
Theme: Unknown

Metal and Masks Egg
Much of the surface of this perfectly ovoid egg is brilliantly, shiningly steely in color with almost no variation to speak of except for, perhaps, a few flecks of an eerie dark red-brown color: dry and flaky. A thin strand of cord winds around the egg, never seeming to begin or end. One side, though, gives an illusion of depth as blacks and dark greys form the rough shape of a face, the metallic surface almost glowing through the rough eyeholes, making it look all the more like that side of the egg is scowling out at the world.
Swathed in Shadows Egg
Pools of darkness cloak the shell of this egg in ebony, all light vanishing as it touches the curved edges, leaving no doubt as to the depth of the shadows. Here and there, it seems a bit of light escapes, and black fades to deep purples and greens, a hint of blue, the colors of twilight visible beyond the cowl. One small portion of the egg, however, seems to be fighting the darkness, as seven small orange dots are settled near the line of the sand - small fires attempting to throw back the shadows - and struggling.
Strange Aeons Egg
A seemingly suppurating, squamous shape squats most sinisterly upon the sands. Its shape is ambiguous; its hue a matter of whispered speculation. Most will conclude that it is a wretched sort of green, nauseating to behold, and twists upon the shell in a terrible image. Behold! For something ancient and primordial crouches upon it, scaled and tentacled and winged. The very nature of the image is impossible to describe in detail; only the peculiarities can be articulated with any eloquence. It is a disgustingly glossy-looking thing, but those that dare to touch it will discover that it's naught but a normal egg - if only in texture alone.
A Crazy Bit of Canvas Egg
This egg has no rhyme or reason to it. It is plastered in vibrant colors, none of which seem to have any real place or purpose. A swirl of orange and violet crowns the top. Here patch of pink polka dots on a bright green background. There a lattice of black and yellow. Cerulean spines cut across a sea of maroon in cross-cross and parallel, and then suddenly shift to purple in a yellow lake. Rows of triangular forest green teeth on a lavender background take up a small patch of the egg on one side. On the other side, amorphous blobs of red and gold and brown and blue patch the surface, sometimes one blending to the other, sometimes the colors shifting abruptly. In the middle of the blobs, a tight spiral of red and white that seems to roll inward as you move your head. Examining the egg closer reveals some colors made up of tiny systems of dots that blend together from a distance, like a splattering of paint on this splattering of an egg.
The Last Stand Egg
A black and gray haze envelopes this egg. Thick, and murky, it swirls around the smooth edges, circling and twisting in monochrome. It suffocates nearly all other color on the majority of the shell, sticking out against the sands like a sore thumb. At the bottom of the egg, the black turns to blue, then purple, then a bright red in quick succession. Spines of this red and orange lick around the grains that keep it firmly seated in the sands. On one side, cutting through the dull grey darkness of the edge, is a bright pale yellow light. Golden and beautiful it blots out the ugliness around it and draws the attention of anyone lucky enough to gaze upon the egg's correct side.
Blistering Bronze Brazier Egg
Such a strange construction, this egg of bronze and gold. Bronze dominates the shell, with charcoal smudges and smears shaping out the particulars of its creation. Ruddy bronze forms the belly of the brazen beast upon the shell, while charcoal swirls in deepening drifts toward the base. Moving up, the great mouth can be seen - a distorted splotch of gold that gapes with unspeakable hunger. Only from a distance does the bullish manifestation truly shine, seated on a throne of ash and char, with its hands full of terrible, fleshy shapes that are being lifted toward that blistering maw.
Soaring Sunlight Egg
The faintest impression of feathers, fluffed and soft, float around this egg, gently texturing the truly smooth shell. Sandy tans and creams layer, shifting, settling, drifting depths growing darker, dunes casting their own long shadows. And yet, here and there, there is a glimpse of something else - something almost hidden away, as flashes of gold and amber glint, glimmering.
Ghoulishly Decorative Egg
Smooth as glass, this delightful egg seems almost to be smiling. The surface is primarily cream, but it's speckled with browns and whites as well in all shades. The shape is subtly oblong, as if resting on a flat, slightly triangular base with a bulbous protrusion out behind it. Smooth rectangles are shaded out above the edge of that pointy places, creating that creepy grin. Above that is two rounded triangles, perfect mirrors side-by-side. To either side of those spread darker areas of lighter shading, broad swaths that give the impression of depth where they sit below two large, yawning pits of darkness that seem to follow wherever the watcher stands.
Reflections In Smoke Egg
Darkness has devoured this egg and left only the shape behind. It's a terrible shade of black, all-consuming and terrible - or so it might seem at first glance. When the light hits it, a silvery sheen makes an appearance, not unlike a scrim of smoke shifting across onyx. Looking closer, one might make out patterns in the twisting whorls of that elusive, silver veil: there, a hand can be spotted, while part of a face manifests along that curve. The visions continue the longer one looks; a wicked blade plummets from the apex while a limp body is half-buried in the sand at the lowest curve. Ah- and here, a terrified eye stretches wide, contrasted on the opposite side with a gaped mouth caught in a soundless scream.
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