Energetic Sidekick Bronze Zreth

Burnished clouds spread in heavy dissonance, colouring the world in musky hues of rich salmon, ashen grey, and gilded gold. Like a thundercloud, the sky darkens about his angular head, yet a flash of illuminated cinnamon breaks the dull, oppressive hue as it forms a forked pattern that makes a sharp path down the left side of his muzzle, originating from just below a russet headknob. The veil of soot that shrouds his head flows into gentle brass, the tint continuing into mainsails - cromcoal dusts his wings liberally when unfurled, and this adds to a sense of muted grandeur. The cinnabar becomes subtler as it passes over flanks and reaches the hindquarters, only to flow into shadowy bronze, capped by obsidian talons that look vicious in any light.

Egg Name and Description

Frosted Elegance egg

Hatching Message

The white of the Frosted Elegance egg seems to glow from within for a moment, bubbles on the surface rising to break. A more furious pace ensues before a black encrusted talon slices through, pushing until the egg breaks. Shards ripple and flow away from Energetic Sidekick Bronze Dragonet, leaving him covered in goo, the fire within, without.

Impression Message

Tendrils of smoke curl around your mind, filling your senses with their musky, heady scent. The heat in your feet seems to fade away as the smoke gives way to colour, a flash of golden yellow that gives way to a pastel orange that’s clouded by greys and highlighted by that original yellow. A voice springs forth from the being that shares the mind link with you, a fiery tenor that drowns out all other noise, just this once. « Invariel, you are mine. I am Zreth… now can we dine? » Descending into an empty place in your soul that you never knew you had, Zreth settles himself for all of eternity.


Overconfident, outspoken and impulsive. Most probably the worst combination of traits that you can have in a person, let alone a dragon, but there you have it. This particular blend of traits makes for a dragon who speaks before he thinks, in the most confident and sure-of-himself tone of voice. Often he won’t realise he’s said the wrong thing for a while, and when he does, the topic of conversation will be long past, and it’d just be embarrassing to bring it up again. Well, that’s what he’ll tell you – he’s just a little too proud to go back and say that he was wrong. If he ever does say that he was wrong in anything, it’ll be begrudging. « You… Youwereright. » Three seconds later, he’ll be taking to focus off the fact that he was wrong, with some sort of activity or distraction. « My, look at the way the firelizards are playing! »

One thing you’ll learn early on, is to never, ever, call Zreth small. He’ll end up being rather small for a Bronze, and is very sensitive about it. Anyone who dares to call him a wherry-wuss will end up head-butted, or thrown in the lake… whichever is easiest. With stores of energy that never seem to end, either of these things are possible… and both are probable.

Zreth just keeps going, and going, and going… if whatever he'd doing is novel. « Sweeps?! I /hate/ sweeps. » To him, sweeps are boring and repetitive, though when something goes wrong - there's a fire, or the like, he'll have renewed vigour… for about two days. Flights, he will take great delight in, especially if he hasn’t caught that particular Green or Gold before. He doesn’t really care which he catches, but what better way to show off your prowess than with a gold – you even get Zreth-spawn afterwards. He’s not small… He’s just travel sized for your convenience!

Due to the fact that he does often speak before he thinks – and he is an outspoken dragon – he often comes across as unintelligent. You’ll soon learn that this isn’t the case, for he’ll come up with the oddest bits of knowledge at the strangest times. If he’s in the mood to sit down and think about something, he’ll show his true colours, but since this won’t happen all that often, you’ll just have to know this in yourself. Planning and thinking are boring, aren’t they? If you can make them not so boring, you might have a chance. There’s one situation where you won’t have to ask Zreth to do anything, for he’ll just do it without qualm. If he feels that a wrong has been done, or an injustice has occurred, he’ll do whatever is needed to right it. The only thing is, he’s rather… gullible, as far as that’s concerned. « What was that? A friend told a friend, told your clutchsib’s weyrmate, told your clutchsib, told your weyrmate, told you that Ahreluth was being bullied?! This is an outrage!! INVE!! » Since he’ll be willing to run into ‘battle’ without thinking, you’ll be his sense of caution, and you’ll have to explain that he should believe everything he hears. No matter how hard you try to clarify, he’ll never understand that he should wait, and not take everything that’s said as truth… But if you manage to get him to, results will be far better. Big ‘if’, there. « Oh. Llysereth was only teasing? So that lecture that I just gave her on bullying… Uhh. Sorry Llysereth. »

Speaking of other dragons, Zreth would feel that he had the right to give Llysereth – in fact, any dragon – a lecture on anything. His sense of formality is non-existent. Be the dragon (or person) older, younger, metallic, chromatic, higher in the command chain, lower in the command chain… he won’t see a difference. They’re all Pernese, after all. « Ahreluth! Come and play with me! I’m going down to the beach! » He’ll probably have you cringing with some of the things that he says, but it’ll be a perpetual learning curve. Explain all you like, he won’t understand. « But… we’re all the same. I’m a dragon. He’s a dragon. Why /do/ you bow and scrape so? » He’ll try so hard to understand, but the concept of formality is beyond him.

Music is something that’ll almost always excite Zreth. No two pieces of music will ever be the same, since we have human imperfection to deal with. He’s got a nice deep croon, and will often join in, if he thinks he can get away with it, and he’ll probably join in even if he can’t. He likes making new instruments – the washing line makes a nice bass twang, he might realise. And if that means tossing all the washing off the line so that the note is clearer… there are sacrifices that have to be made. « Your underwear was inhibiting my creativity, so I ate it. »

With a heart as big as Pern, he’s yours – your Zreth.

Growing Up
Taking after his older nephew (my, watch the dragon lineage!), Ahreluth, Zreth will be a small dragon, actually ending up a little smaller than that bronze… and even smaller than Aesiveth. Don’t let that fool you though, his ego is larger than all the Istan queens put together (except perhaps Vaerlanth - hers is probably just about equal to his, which may well cause a good share of argument between them). He’ll be constantly telling the others what to do, and this will probably put him at odds with Aesiveth. If it wasn’t enough that that particular Brown was larger than him, and then it’s even worse that he seems to think that he can tell Zreth what to do!

When moving – from walking to flying, to swimming – Zreth will never be graceful. He might learn to be less clumsy, but graceful? Never. He’s got too much energy, and like a small child, will probably bounce around. « So, *bounce* what are we *bounce* going to do *bounce* today? » That is, until he grows a little more and the energy that he has inherently balances with the energy he uses in day-to-day life. Zreth likes his food a little too much, and will eat a lot, though he won’t get large because of it. He’s far too active to gain weight due to food alone. He won’t overeat, but he will get a little chubbier in the early days. This liking of food is shared by Petryth and the two of them will have a little in common as food connoisseurs. Once he grows into himself a little more and starts using all that energy that he has, his appetite will decrease, and he'll end up feeding only every fourth day or so, and in moderation even then. Faranth forbid if he finds anything resembling a hotdog…

When he finally learns to fly, he won’t be one to turn on a wingtip, as much as he’d like to. He’ll envy Merenth’s grace in the air, and when there’s no-one looking, he’ll try to copy it. And it’s probably not going to end well. Suited to more of a slow and powerful sweeps of wing, he’ll think they’re far too boring, and try to liven them up. How he’ll manage this without falling from the sky is anyone’s guess. He will be a little late to mature – later than the others, at least sexually. Where Aesiveth will rise in a flight at about a turn, it might be a turn and a quarter before Zreth even begins to notice the females in that way. They, however, might notice him, and he mightn’t realise their advances for what they are. When he does rise to chase, his spontaneity will work to his advantage – he won’t be predictable in the least.

As a beacon of justice and righteousness on the sands, he was drawn to you of all. Your sense of what is right in the world complements his, and he saw this first. The traits that you have that are in opposition to his – formality, reservedness and precaution – piqued his curiosity. Zreth is the trusty, talkative sidekick to the taciturn hero. You’ll explain things to him when he doesn’t understand, and you’ll hold him back when he wants to run off and champion causes based on a rumour. You’re his ground – you’ll keep him centred.


Energetic and bubbly is the way you’d describe Zreth’s mindvoice in a couple of words, but it is so much more than that. The rustling of leaves in autumn when he whispers, the force of a raging fire when he yells, and normally, a tenor that tends to border on something higher, and that squeaks like an adolescent when he gets excited. His mental touch is that of the pink sunset, bordering on grey, hints of the stars that long to appear settled behind. The remembrance of musky incense is left in the mind when Zreth touches, and it remains there, only dissipating once the contact ceases.


The egg theme for this clutch was 'Big Things' and the biggest Snowman ever made inspired the Frosted Elegance egg. Zreth's personality was inspired by the character Zell, from Final Fantasy VIII, and the description was inspired by a combination of a couple of things - the dollet sky, as well as the tattoo on Zell’s face. The name of Zreth doesn't mean anything at all - I just liked the way that it sounded when I said it, and that's that! Pronounce ‘Zreth’ by making the 'zzzzzz' sound, and adding a 'reth', all in one syllable.


Name Energetic Sidekick Bronze Zreth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By G'wain
Impressee In've (Invariel)
Hatched 08 September 2002
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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