The Fun is in the Risk Brown Zemesuth

A wash of bold, heat-scorched brown winds about the well-built proportions of this dragon. Charred earth come animate, he has little in the way of variation as far as shading goes but for the exception of his wings. Sturdy spars are touched with subtle accents of sand, the bay tone being predominant in the main bulk of his wingsails while the trailing edges turn crisply dark once again. Broad shouldered and barrel-chested, his muscular magnitude and hulking limbs are needed to support the sizeable wings he sports. Each talon holds the odd distinction of having some pale russet marbling in it, though by far the main hue is the most predominant. A large head is home to portly head knobs and heavy eye ridges, his muzzle somewhat rounded. Neck and tail share similar distribution of lean, working muscle, leaving the majority of his mass in his body. His faceted eyes hold a subtle knowing of some numinous secret.

Egg Name and Description

A Tale of Eons Past Egg
Is that an errant rock that's found its way into the hatching grounds? Despite its craggy, dusty appearance, it is indeed an egg of distinctly dumpy proportions. A complete palette's worth of dirty browns, dry reds, crisp oranges and dingy yellows, this earthy little ovoid holds flecks of grays and black in its layers as well, each lower band having a decidedly more decrepit look to it. Though it may not be particularly flashy, the shell's surface is smooth to the touch and only upon closer inspection is one rewarded with the sight of a glassy sheen off the blacks and some of the darker browns.

Hatching Message

A Tale of Eons Past Egg breaks open at last… few structures can hold up to the fury of shuddering earth, even eggs that try so hard to imitate it. It bursts open in several places as fresh draconic limbs protrude, eventually loosing The Fun is in the Risk Brown Hatchling totally.

Impression Message

Rolling, enveloping heat laced with heavy humidity seeps into your every muscle, suffocating and yet comforting in the same inexplicable moment. «Milowyn.» A wry male tenor rises from seemingly everywhere, «Milowyn, I am Zemesuth. Are you ready to take the risk?» The heat dissipates into soothing quiet, the relaxing sounds of an underground waterfall trickling through your mind paired with tendrils of milk white mist. «First I must eat. Feed me so we can begin our foray into possibility.»


As a hatchling, Zemesuth will view things in rather black and white terms. He wants the facts. And he wants them without opinion or embellishment. When he asks questions of others, he quite boldly interrupts and ask them to be more specific, «And do cut the flowery explanation. There's a finite amount of time in one's life.» Once he feels he has a strong foundation to build off is when he starts to become a bit of a handful. Tradition and time old practice are good. To be respected even. But Zemesuth is always going to be that voice in your head telling you, «Surely there's a better way. Let's discover it. Together.» He's on a never ending pursuit to innovate and streamline whatever he's doing. «There's always another way.» He reminds at the inopportune of times. He'll listen to his lessons, be attentive even. But as soon as the Weyrlingmaster is done that's when his mind starts whirling with the possibilities. «Wing exercises? Flapping alone? Nonsense. I should rotate my wings a bit as I flap for more complete muscle control in the future.» He has an ever burning fire of creativity. Whatever anyone says, he's sure there's a better way to do it. Not because he believes them to be stupid, though it may come off that way on frequent occasion, but because he believes in all the things that haven't been tried and discovered yet. «The risk, Milowyn. The fun is in the risk.» Failure? Catastrophe? Bumps in the road. The bigger the risk, the bigger the payoff. Which of course may make him the most irritating thorn in J'cob's side… but it's a job someone has to do.

He doesn't tend to socialize very often. Not because he dislikes other dragons, but because he's usually busily plotting some extravagantly simply way to do something better… and probably get you into trouble if you get caught. The beauty of the way his mind works, though, is that in the end… he's usually right. It is a better way to do the task than the instructions given. For him, at least. And he doesn't take criticism well at all, often retorting with his not so pleasant dissection of the other dragon's flaws on the subject. When he does get drawn in to social situations with his own kind he likes to keep his responses as short as possible. The less time he spends in conversation with others the less chance he has of accidentally spilling his latest plot to the local gossip machine. «Or incriminating myself for some past misdeed.» If you want to do something and not get caught it's best that no one find out until it's already done. «And enough time has passed that the punishment will be lax.»This line of thinking turns him into a rather secretive sort. Everything he says to others is laced with hidden meaning, a joke that often only you will get and even then, not always. Sometimes he seeks out trivial conversation with others, asking subtly leading questions to gain some insight into the other dragon and there by find a new springboard and pool of innovations to explore.

As he grows up, mating flights will become one of his favorite treats. A proving ground for the maneuvers he's been secretly devising and practicing with you. He's unlikely to have a favorite green to chase. To him, they're all special in their own way. Each one is beautiful and worthy of his attention… for a while, anyway. Then he's swept back up in the vortex of creative energy that pulses through him, dragging you along for the ride.

Only you will know the true buzz of unbridled enthusiasm that Zemesuth holds. Because to others, he is a coolly reserved, polite acquaintance that turns into a daredevil as soon as their backs are turned. His thirst for the path less traveled even in the most mundane will never be quenched no matter how many successes he achieves or dampened by any number of failures.

Why Milowyn? He sees in her a dreamer. A nexus of possibility in each passing second he spends with you. «A crafter? Hm. Perhaps you could join two crafts and we could find a way to merge them into something new and unique. Something just for us. And then share it with the world so we'll never be forgotten. Or perhaps we should try for that open Wingleader position, Milowyn. I have some fantastic ideas about wing formations that could use a solid test group to work with.»


Zemesuth's mindvoice may seem to be relatively passive on the surface, but like so many things about him, there's more going on than you might be aware of. When he speaks his voice seems to rise from everywhere at once, laced with a subtle echo. The sound of trickling water is never far behind, building to a nearly deafening cascade of water the more strongly he feels about something. Warmth, for you Zemesuth always has an embracing warmth. Others will likely never feel it, but you will always have that blanket of his love to surround and protect you, making even the most dangerous of his endeavors seem like just another minor risk to take on the road to greatness.


Egg and dragon were both crafted by P'aolo. The theme for the eggs was science, A Tale of Eons Past being Geology. The hatchling theme was scientists, Zemesuth's personality based on Keiiti Aki, the world renown Japanese seismologist. His name (Zeh-Meh-sooth) was derived from the Japanese word zenmetsu, or annihilation, which is the aftermath of many a large earthquake. I hope you like him and remember, you can play him however you wish. Here's a link about Keiiti Aki:


Name The Fun is in the Risk Brown Zemesuth
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Bronze Knephyth
Created By P'aolo
Impressee Milowyn
Hatched August 6, 2006
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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