Marked By Fate Bronze Ytroth

Dewy copper speckles the resolutely carmine inclined base bronze of this dragon, most notably about his bonily protrudant shoulders and haunches. He is lanky, gawky in build despite sizable length, giving an impression that he's been stretched mercilessly past the 'graceful' and into the realm of bizarre. An impressive wingspan is less eye-catching for size than it is for the fire-gold of seemingly ignited metal shavings that patterns his 'sails. Narrow headknobs and neckridges are bare of the copper spots, though the distinctive flecking fades more slowly down somewhat bowed legs. Perhaps in spite of his odd proportions, the majority of his hide glitters in the light, as if dusted with crushed gemstones. A foul spot swathes the left side of his head, curving under the corresponding eye. Crumpled and blackened, the mark that stops short of his sharp muzzle could almost be a scar. But what accident could he have incurred inside the shell?

Egg Name and Description

A World Under a Turnip Egg
A large tuber-like blotch caps the apex of this oddly layered egg. Pasty, yet muddied with grains of dark, earthy chocolate, gives way to a broad belt of tarry blackness, liberally speckled with tiny flecks of shine in all colors imaginable. The more imaginative may be able to mentally connect the dots into shapes, though none are readily apparent. As if the contrast above weren't enough, the lower portion of this egg finds itself home to a blurry, distant mix of greens and browns, even the odd plume of gray wafting from a spot of orange. Tiny copper specks ring each orange spot, figures dancing their emotion under the audience above.

Hatching Message

The glitter of brightly colored shell bits explodes from A World Under a Turnip Egg and rains down on the sands around it. This egg is no match for the frenzy of the one inside seeking escape. The end of the egg, a new beginning for the one that emerges.

Impression Message

And it all goes dark. Silent. Little by little, pinpricks of psychedelic light appear, peppering your lack of vision with a surreal nightscape. A hiss, a hum, a whisper rises in your mind, «J'io.» A voice like your own, and yet somehow different, if only for the strange cast the world seems to hold from the dragon's point of view. «J'io, I have come for you. Ytroth is here now. For always.» In the few moments it takes him to fully settle into your consciousness, and proper vision to return to you, a powerful cramp tears through your midsection. «But I must eat if we are to continue.»


Ytroth, it should be noted, isn't what you could classify as a mature or reasonable individual. Atleast not as a weyrling. He may grow into some sensibility with age, but it will be a long, arduous process to get him there. Quick tempered, huffy, volatile, impatient. He takes each minor failure or set back as a personal insult and unless you're ready with a soothing monologue and the proper balance of patience and humor, he'll stomp off to brood away from others. At the far end of his temper tantrum spectrum, he might take to destroying something. Though the almost immediate, stomach-churning wash of guilt that will over take him afterwards makes for a strong motivation to not do it again. Because even in his unstable youth, he doesn't have it in him to be dangerous. He wants to seem to be that macho loose canon. He wants to be the one every one looks up to. He wants to be the one who gets things done. The problem is that he doesn't know how to achieve this and his frustration will tend to vent in moping spells or fits of temper.

Another by-product of the desire to be something greater than his current state is his unconditional respect for those that rank him. Obviously, they have some key to success that he's not yet discovered and therefore, they have something to teach him. Not to say he's going to fawn after leadership, more likely he'll attach himself peripherally, chiming in after some one or dragon of rank has said something (important or not) with overly hearty agreement. «Yes Sir!» «Absolutely!» «Something I've already been working hard on!» «Sound advice, Sir!» These are his attempts at engendering confidence in himself from those he respects. He craves the chance to prove himself. It may, however, get him labeled as an apple-polisher at lecture time.

When mating flights become an object of consideration, Ytroth will boast over his many catches, even when there aren't any to mention. While he wants to chase «And win!» the fear of failure, made worse by the fact that there will be witnesses to his shortcomings, will make him often think twice. While he'll have his moments of being carried away by bravado, more often than not, you are the swaying vote to the big decisions. «Chase the gold? Chase the green? Don't chase at all? What should I do J'io?»

Because you are the kernel of perspective for Ytroth, the stabilizing force. He's emotional and thoughtless, driven to the wildest conclusions and will chase down a phantom dream in a moment. But he's also unsure, hopeful and naive. He's chosen you to nurture his child-like wonder and rein in his restless ways.

They say with age comes wisdom. This isn't true in Ytroth's case. As he grows older he may settle down a bit, but at his center he's always going to be highly emotional, and easily affronted. The 'knee-jerk' response this dragon holds, is something to be wary of. Not that he's incapable of being more sensible, but it's up to you to keep him centered long enough to see reason, to defuse the bomb that's always apt to go off at the drop of a pin. If you don't keep the rein tight and tempered with understanding, you'll find yourself in the middle of a mess.

I hope you like him. You can always do with him whatever you'd like. It won't hurt my feelings any. And Congratulations :)


In the Egg: Adolescent Disappointments and Inherited Guilt never seems to get it right. Oh sure, it has high hopes. But invariably, those hopes are destroyed like broken glass when reality comes calling. The mental touch of this egg has a strange dichotomy of the pin-pricks of pained disappointment and the intoxicating, enveloping shroud of limitless hope. Metallic purples, greens, and oranges curl about in thick plumes, shimmering with refracted black-light, a landscape not quite of this world.
Out of the Egg: He favors the snow globe effect most often, a swirl of shimmer used to communicate a flicker of contentment, amusement, appreciation or the surge of hope. All the luster dies out when he's upset though, leaving the sting of disappointment and guilt, anger and frustration reverberating through you and the lingering, black-light cast to the peripherary of your vision.


The theme for this clutch was dieties/supernatural figures, with the eggs being a myth related to that entity. I chose Poia, a blackfoot demi-god. The following site has the myth on it that the egg was based on, but as I recall the links are strange. If you can't get it to come up I can email it to you as I have the text on my computer.

As for the name, Ytroth was derived from Yttrium. And here is the page on Yttrium I was looking at.

All of this, Egg, Dragon, Name, was done by Woodrow. So it's no one's fault but mine if you don't like it.


Name Marked By Fate Bronze Ytroth
Dam Gold Teloriith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Woodrow
Impressee J'io (Jurio)
Hatched 2 February 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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