Pale Kaleidoscopic Gold Ysmalath

Chardonnay and sweet champagne layers the youthfully slim frame of this young dragonet in a splendid array of pale hues, washing over her hide in a supple, ever-changing infusion of light. A snortish muzzle peeks out from under wickedly gleaming eyes, the tip powdered with a whitish, volatile light that also meanders about pearled headknobs. Silver-gold weaves in down her necks lissome coil, casting a frosty pallor that dissipates somewhere near the base of her neck, giving way to equally poetic rivulets of citrus and rum that twine together and tumble like laughter down her liquid long tail. Highlights of amber can be found sneaking over her sides and faintly protruding ribs, peaking through the wheat and straw hues that mingle closely, woven in delicate lacey patterns over slender withers and down the length of strong limbs that end with silver-tinted talons. Meanwhile, flax and butter melt down her throat and swath her torso before soaring back upwards to brush over wingspars. The decadent smoothness of rich honey coats the sharp-edged ridges that adorn the curve of her spine, from the top of her wedge shaped head down to the honey-dipped and butter-gilded spaded tip. The great expanse of her flared wings arch over a lithe body, the jagged wingspars giving way to crystalline, translucent sails, the thinly stretched wing-membrane showing fragrant swirls of faint rose and lilac, as if blessed by the warm languor of early summer days. This is her, a kaleidoscope of pale, seraphic brilliance, but in no way does this majestic appearance attenuate the frankly joyous deviltry that glints behind those multifaceted eyes.

Egg Name and Description

Prom Dress Egg
Soft tones wash over the majority of the shell, hinting at a background in pastel yellows and buff. There are splashes of color though, in lines and curves, stripes and dots that break up the monotony of the background. Yet, one side of the egg seems to have a figure, standing before a mirror. The figure's back is to the viewer, rough bits of red and blue make up the folds that represent her clothes, golden hair drawn up, away from her face and neck. In the mirror it's seen that she is a young woman, perhaps a bit unsure of herself. She holds before her a very formal gather dress, white with little ticks of contrasting black. She seems to wonder, could she really be fine enough for the garment?

Hatching Message

Prom Dress Egg gives a sudden twitch and topples over sideways in the sand. Suddenly, a jagged crack breaks the smooth surface, from which start to sprout more cracks, slowly engulfing the soft tones of this egg in a complex spiderweb. After a moment's pause, just enough time for someone to inhale sharply with anticipation, the shell bursts with such violence it nearly explodes, sending shards flying and finally freeing the dragonet inside.

Impression Message

Stillness settles in suddenly, an instant of indefinite silence, like thunder without sound. Time stops. Before you can even take a breath, she explodes into your mind with the suddenness of a tropical storm, tangling herself about your mind in a moment of pure exhilaration. Where the world was once steady and familiar, it is now nothing but an erratic maelstrom of colors, feelings and thoughts, creating a delirious, chaotic world as two souls intertwine. She and you, you and she. And as abruptly, you are drawn back to the eye of the storm, finding yourself staring into the glorious whirling of those multifaceted eyes. In that sole moment of serenity, a voice breaks the silence, resounding with triumph, spiked with humor, swirling with the captivating scent of orchid cactus bloom, « Lymera! » Heart matched with heart. She has found you. « I am Ysmalath, I am here, and I am yours. »


The least we can say about Ysmalath is that she is quite different from most golds, and in more than one fashion. There doesn't seem to be any of that sense of duty or quiet dominance about her at all. Easily distracted, she always has to find something interesting to do, and she has the attention span of a 5 turn old child. Thankfully ( or not, depending on your point of view ) she seems to be endlessly imaginative. When she has nothing to do, she will make up something do to! Whether by tripping innocent people who pass by her with her long tail when she's waiting for you in a courtyard, or snatching up people's hats, or trying to catch fish when you're trying to bathe her, you can be certain that she will only be motionless when sleeping. And even then, she tends to move a lot in her couch, so trying to sleep with her might not be a good idea, unless you want to become a Lymera-pancake… ;) Ysmalath is not vain, but she is certainly self-assured. She believes she can do almost everything, not out of false bragging, but with an unshakable confidence in herself, and in you.

Another thing about Ysmalath is that she doesn't seem to realize that some things don't belong to her. She has this tendency of taking everything she wants without thinking ( or bothering ) to ask for it. She has a preference for hats, too, so many people might suddenly find themselves bare-headed if sporting a hat around Ysmalath.

Ysmalath loves verbal sparring. She's sharp-tongued, quick to retort, witty, and trying to argue with her and actually -win- the argument will be a very rare thing indeed. Tossing out insults seems like one of her favorite pastimes, even if she rarely ever means what she says. And she can get quite inventive in her choice of words, too. « Of course I'm hungry, you ineffective wherry-brained hairless llama! » At least she isn't as bad with others as she can be with you, knowing that others might not understand that she really means no harm. Ysmalath loves to tease, but she is also prone to complaining when something doesn't go her way. « But that's not -fair-! » Four little words that will become only too familiar for you. On top of that, Ysmalath loves to argue with you. Even if she knows that you are right, it doesn't take out the fun of criticizing your every word.

Stubborn. That she is, too. She'll often get whims that she will not accept to be denied. You might find yourself awakened in the middle of the night by your lifemate, « Lymera, we're going to High Reaches tonight. I've decided I want to play in the snow. » And distracting her from those ideas will not be easy, either. Passion often takes over when logic falters, and common sense to Ysmalath is concept she heard of in passing but never really used.

As for eating habits, Ysmalath can get rather picky. She'll take her time choosing the perfect herdbeast, and once she's finally killed it, she will go about to opening up the body and eating only the parts she likes. You'll probably need a very strong stomach to watch Ysmalath feed. She doesn't like livers. Icky. In a rare gesture of thoughtfulness, she just might offer them to you, « Lymera, do you want this liver? I don't like livers. » She is careful not to make too much of a mess, either. She doesn't like to be all splattered with blood.

One proddy Ysmalath equals mood swings! Perhaps only during that period will you truly grasp the meaning of the word 'unpredictable'. One minute she'll be flirting and strutting to get attention, a moment after she'll be shrieking at any males that get near her. Sometimes she will be enjoying the sun in a very un-Ysmalath quiet way, other times she'll be pacing around and growling like a caged feline. She will be very sensitive, too, and you might not want to fight with her when she is proddy, or else find yourself with a despaired dragon, « But Lymera, don't you love me anymore? You don't love me anymore! And I'm all alone with those leery males!» We can imagine that neither of you will enjoy proddiness very much. She will love flights, though. FunFunFun! She will taunt her suitors until the very last minute, and refuse to be caught until she has no energy left to escape the males. As soon as she wakes up the morning after, she will return to her normal self and immediately start harassing you to come feed her, whether you are still in bed or not.

Ysmalath is of two minds over the matter of brooding. She loves it when people come and gawk at her 'babies', and enjoys taking on a motherly, protective attitude by growling at any onlookers quite menacingly. But when no one's around to watch her, she'll think of brooding as immensely boring, and will keep complaining to you and offering desperate suggestions, « Maybe I can get a green to watch over my eggs? I want to go swimming at Nerat! » Not that she would allow a green to get anywhere close to her eggs, but the idea is still tempting.

From the moment she hatches to the moment she matures, Ysmalath will grow rather unevenly. One day her feet will seem huge, a few days after, it will be her head that'll look out of proportion. Consequently, this dragon of yours is going to be quite clumsy throughout WeyrlingHood. Unlike her green sisters Ceillyth or Dywalgith, Ysmalath on the ground is not quite a graceful sight. And watch out for that long tail of hers. It is sure to trip you often, whether voluntarily or not.

Itchyspots… Oh dear. Ysmalath has a lot of those. And the only one that seems constant would be around her headknobs. Other than that, they will vary with time. One day her chin will make her suffer, the day after it will be her knees. Lymera will surely have to learn hard work with Ysmalath whether she wants it or not, since Ysmalath's skin, among other things, will demand a lot of work. You see, on top of her ever-changing itching spots, she has a high risk for flaking skin, more so that any of her siblings. She will need to be oiled quite often when she grows up, until it might seem to Lymera that she will spend the rest of her life with a paddle in hand. Thankfully enough, this need for oiling will diminish considerably once she reaches maturity.

While perhaps not the biggest gold on Pern, Ysmalath will quickly outgrow clutchmates, as well as her own dam, who has always been considered quite small for a gold. Her pale coloring she inherits from Nanaith, though, but she has also Kandaroth's blood to counterbalance it, so she is not quite as pale as her dam.%RYsmalath has a very short attention span, especially as a youth. Too bad there isn't a Pernese form of Ritalin, right? She will easily be distracted from classes, oh yes, and will also do her best to drag you in with her dropout- attitude, « This class is so boring! Why don't we go swimming instead? You can learn how to make straps some other time. » We're sure that this is going to be a daily struggle with her. She asks tons of questions too, but often times will not even listen to the answer, her attention already directed elsewhere.

WHY: « Who knows why I picked you? I think I was probably too dizzy from starvation to think straight. » Well, thats what Ysmalath would be likely to answer if you were ever to ask her why she picked you. But both of you know well enough that she knew perfectly well what she was doing at the moment of Impression. She knew that only you would suit as her partner in crime. Who better than Lymera to pull out pranks during Weyrlinghood? No one else had the quick mind and sharp-tongue necessary to counter her own. You and she are kindred spirits. How could she possibly have chosen anyone else?


The sound of your lifemate's voice, the sound that will resound daily in your mind for as long as the two of you shall live, is nothing short of captivating. The tone is a rich alto, a vibrant, full tone that lacks nothing in depth or clarity. Her tone is also very expressive, the way she pitches her voice ever-morphing depending on her mood of the moment, from smug to teasing to sharp, it always perfectly conveys her feelings, especially when she is engaging in a war of words, when her tone holds a mild carelessness that just enough to enflame her interlocutor. Perhaps even more captivating is the scent that swirls with her thoughts, the predominant scent being that of exotic orchid cactus bloom. Citrus and vanilla can be detected in the background, both in flavor and scent, making that special Ysmalath-smell easy to recognize among others.


The Prom Dress Egg was inspired by a painting by Norman Rockwell, named ' The Prom Dress' which was painted for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, March 19, 1949. Ysmalath herself is based on what I thought ( and hoped!) you'd like in a dragon, mostly. She is yours now, and we're sure you'll have as much fun playing her as I had creating her! The name Ysmalath, by the way, is derived from the Welsh word 'ysmala', which means droll or amusing. And Ysmalath can certainly be that, whether or not she wants to be. Sorta like Lymera, hunh? ^.^


Name Pale Kaleidoscopic Gold Ysmalath
Dam Gold Nanaith
Sire Bronze Kandaroth
Created By B'rel, egg by Yanna
Impressee Lymera
Hatched 31 March 2000
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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