Regal Armored Knight Brown Xaeloth

A great expanse of shifting, sun-washed brown is before you, melded to the regal shape that is as finely crafted as anything one could have imagined. Musculature that can only be called perfect ripples beneath that exquisite hide, highlighted by strange patterns of an almost tan color that rove just where every fold of musculature should be. The effect is to give him the look of being beyond fit, a compact, regal bundle of power. Regal he is, for it is impossible to think of him as otherwise. His oaken-colored head is held high, his face almost always wearing an expression of rapt concentration, or a literal beam of interest. Wings, touched with ocher, are resplendant to the eye, the ocher itself touched with washes of a bold sienna, giving him almost the look of wearing some sort of fanciful barding, or armor. Above these armored wings, the ridges of his back seem diamond-hard, making their bold, dashing sweep up his graceful neck. All of him seems to have a brilliant look, as though sun were reflecting off of him, the clouds above creating the distinctive patterns of darker and lighter colors that are found across his elegant hindquarters, and tail. Crowning it all are his eyes, two whirling, reflective orbs, brimming with many different colors at once, themselves punctuated by the way he holds his great head aloft.

Egg Name and Description

Protective Motherly Hug Egg
The ovoid before you is at once simple and sweet to the eye, yet thoroughly difficult to describe as well, due to the quietly intricate swaths of color that it possesses, not obvious unless one actually takes the time to study it. Indeed, although it is the base white of the standard shell in bulk, curious, curving whisps of color bank around each of the sides, predominantly darker blues, and browns, at once reminding you of a pair of arms protectively encircling the frail shell. Further observance reveals extremely subtle and tiny lines of color around the rest of the shell as though the egg where flushing, exaulting in the protective embrace of one fond to it.

Hatching Message

Quite suddenly, the Protective Motherly Hug egg cracks open under a swift blow, and a second later, the entire thing seems to explode outwards in a shower of shards, the dragonet within tottering awkwardly onto the sands.

Impression Message

Quite suddenly, the regal gaze of the brown upon the sands meets your own. For a moment, nothing seems to happen. Just long enough for you to wonder if it's someone else he's staring so lovingly at. And then, the most impossible feeling strikes you. A sudden smashing of…raw joy? Joy? Not your own, but the dragonets before you! The impact of his mind against yours is felt, and the rooting of it within your own, as his becomes yours, and yours becomes his, forever binding you two togeather. Admist all of this, your stomach suddenly growls, letting out a pang of sympathy for the raging hunger that your lifemate — and now you feels! His voice, so like the voice that you use to think to yourself with suddenly echoes within your mind. « Can we eat now? I am so very, very hungry.. » He adds, as an afterthought, as you suddenly wonder who he is. « I am your Xaeloth! »


Xaeloth will not let anyone step on his rider's toes, speak against his friend, or push his lifemate to the limit. Often, you will find that you needn't stand up for yourself, because before you do, Xaeloth will already be there, defending you with utmost vigor. The beast is a natural leader; no one or nothing can stand in his way, because he feels that if he doesn't stand up for whatever is necessary, no other dragon will. However, he understands when to step aside, when enough is enough. In weyr life, he acknowledges that certain dragons and their lifemates make the rules, and he bows to these rules whether or not he agrees, although he might hint or make a suggestion, in hopes to alter events to be suitable for everyone-not just the two of you. Xaeloth does not just speak or defend on a whim, however. Beneath the darkened hide lurks a well-toned mind. While most dragons cannot remember things for more than a few days, you will be surprised to find that events linger in Xaeloth's mind for longer. Names, especially, are seemingly recorded for later use, and if he doesn't recall a person's name, he finds a quality that will connect the two.

«Rudin. I remember him. He is the one who likes to make strange noises in public.» Gentlemanly, this dragon: he regards life with an upturned muzzle of sophistication. He enjoys the finer aspects of Pern-well-rounded beasts, softened pallets in weyrs, light, warm breezes in flight And he likes to share these things with those around him, you as well as others. «Come rest in this spot, Zippith. The heat of Rukbat shines splendidly on these leaves, and there is no need to waste it in the recesses of the weyr's shadows, right?» He is a dragon's dragon. Because of his train of thought, he is able and willing to help others whenever needed-as long as his lifemate comes first, of course. Distinct in thought, distinct in action. That is Xaeloth.

From the beginning, you will see that Xaeloth's main concern is you. He will hover around you like a shield, supporting your actions and coaxing you through downfalls. The first sevendays may be difficult, for, as a dragonet, Xael is more worried about /you/ than the rumbles in his stomach or the itches of his hide. «My stomach can wait, but have you eaten? You can have this first bite of herdbeast. I am sure you won't mind the blood too much.» will be a constant comment, along with «I am itching slightly, but I can oil your hide, first, if you would like. I am sure you must be needing it, too.» During lessons, Xael becomes more of a coach for you and the other weyrlings and their lifemates than a participant. He will encourage each dragonet through whatever lesson, attempting to soothe worried minds or cheer on honest successes. He prefers to be the last to move or speak, since this will give him time to think deeply about each aspect, deciding on the best course of action. During mating flights, others may wonder why the brown lags behind, but after observing the other males, Xael will find a maneuver or pathway that, other dragons willing, will lead him to catch. That will be his trend throughout his life. In tasks, he will seem to take a while, and others may feel he's dallying on the job. This is not true. Xael is just etching out a plan, and when he gets to work, he does it quickly and accurately, often finishing before the others, and with greater means at the end.

Why does Xaeloth love you, and why did he choose you? That's a question that he would be quick to respond to — with a question. He would be so concerned for you, worrying that you're somehow doubting your magnificent self to ask! All sorts of adjectives would quickly follow. Because you're so handsome, so intelligent, so…..just because you're you! He couldn't dream of being paired to anyone else!


Into your mind, a mellow baritone seeps like a languid river on a summer's day. Succinct in words, the voice often seems to reverberate in your chest, swallowing your being and guarding you like a devoted slave would his master. Long pauses often interrupt a line of smoothness, returning quickly with a hint of encouragement, both in word and sound. Always polite, and smooth he is. Always protective of you, always careful. And above all, he is always your Xaeloth.



Name Regal Armored Knight Brown Xaeloth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By S'va
Impressee M'kan (Mikan)
Hatched 21 April 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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